49ers @ Rams live blog: Third quarter

This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 6 road game against the Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:05 Gore gains eight yards the middle on second and five. Next play, Kaepernick completes a long pass down the left sideline to Gore. Jeff Fisher is challenging the ruling that it was a catch.

7:08 The officials reverse their ruling. Gore’s fingers landed out of bounds before his knee landed in bounds. Second and 10¬†from the 49ers’ 32.

7:09 Kaepernick scrambles to the left for 23 yards.

7:13 Kaepernick completes a 16-yard pass to Boldin on third-and-12. First and 10 from the Rams’ 20.

7:19 On third and 1 from the 11, Kaepernick scrambles to his left and throws off his back foot to Boldin in the end zone for a touchdown. 17-14 Niners.

7:20 Touchback. Rams start at their 20.

7:28 The Rams go three and out. Patrick Willis is out for the rest of the game with a toe injury.

7:29 The 49ers go three and out. Hyde lost four yards on first down.

7:32 Chris Cook knocks away a pass on third-and-5 from the Rams’ 28 and the Rams punt. Ellington is tackled at the 49ers’ 22.

7:33 The Rams gave it their best shot, but the inexperience and lack of talent has caught up with them.

7:37 Gore gains 7 yards on second and 13. Third and 6. Mike Iupati is injured. Jimmie Ward has a quad injury and he’s questionable.

7:40 Kaepernick completes an 11-yard pass to Boldin on third and six.

7:41 On second and 8 from the 32, Kaepernick hits a wide open Crabtree for a touchdown. A triple move — post, corner, post. 24-14 Niners.

7:44 Tre Mason gains 7 yards on first down and the third quarter ends.

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  1. we play clean football (mistake free) and dont forget about Gore and Hyde and mix in some throws we have this. I know we have the talent my only worry is Greg Roman play calling.

    1. Technically speaking, finding another receiver on a broken play is not going to the 2nd read.

      Technically, that wasn’t a short throw (where Kaep struggles in terms of touch). Even if it were, every so often Peyton makes a throw with bad touch. every so often Kaep makes a throw with great touch.

      Kaep’s progressing though. Some plays he regresses back.

      The thing he needs to work on the most (b/c it leads to interceptions) stares down receivers (which is deadly for a tall QB, b/c it’s easier to see their eyes as a DB vs a short QB).

    1. He looked frustrated that time. He really wasn’t open there, but Kap has missed him a couple times earlier when he was more open.

  2. Guys, I told you that we need to keep throwing it cuz they are keying to stop the run. KAP will throw for 400 tonite if he wants to.

  3. Refs are giving it to the 49ers. Missed holding calls. Disrespectful move by Crabtree after the touchdown, could’ve hit a fan. I hope the Broncos put up 42 points next week. I hope Peyton carves that secondary. CK makes me puke.

  4. Time to bore the audience, Run Gore and Hyde. Too bad, Rams did everything to give the 49ers the game. I would fire Fisher at the end of the season. What a phony coach.

  5. Wow it’s been three different wrs with touchdowns. Vernon Davis must be pissed, the best thing about drive is you can see that. Go to wrs are boldin and Johnson, with Lloyd emerging as a deep option. At the same time, it’s the rams.

    1. I feel bad for Davis. He’s being ignored next to Gore. Rams are 29th in stopping the run, 29th, but anytime the 49ers are on Sunday and Monday Night games, CK impersonates a QB, or tries to impersonate a QB. I am not impressed at all.

  6. That move by Crabtree looks prettier every time I see it. He showed fantastic agility on that.

    That puts Kap at 301 yards and three TD passes to three different receivers in three quarters. Now let’s finish it out strong.

    1. Refs are a joke. game should’ve been on Sunday. I’m sick of the 49ers on Sunday and Monday TV. I hope this game gets beat by Monday Night Raw.

  7. Denver is the last chance to bring decency back to our division. It’ll help Seattle tremendously if Denver can beat the 49ers and I believe they can. A team with no Qb has no chance as I knew the Rams were going to give the game away. The 49ers are such phonies.

  8. I’m glad at my job nobody talks 49er football. Everybody focuses on work. I never want to talk about how much CK sucks out there. Well, time for the Bore and Hyde show it looks like.

  9. Fisher should just resign right now from the Rams. Worse coach ever in the NFL to allow the 49ers this. To be 29th vs. the run and you let the 49ers pass like this is an insult. Denver better not let me down next week. I will not have the 49ers taking this division unchallenged. These 3 games are a joke!

  10. Kaep went over 300 today, that’s good. I know it’s he rams, it’s obvious we have wrs on this team.
    Can’t play the rams every week though.

    1. Know what you mean. But I still want Harbaugh out of there. Can’t even enjoy a good game knowing Harbaugh is still around and CK wears his glasses and hoodie.

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