49ers @ Rams live blog

This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 8 road game against the St. Louis Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

8:32 Here are the Niners’ inactives:
DeAndrew White
Carlos Hyde
Brandon Thomas
Ian Silberman
Mike Purcell
Anquan Boldin
Blake Bell

8:33 How many points do you expect the offense to score without Hyde and Boldin?

8:41 Do you think the Niners are making Boldin inactive today because they have a trade lined up, contingent upon Boldin being healthy and passing the physical, and don’t want to risk him going down today to nullify the trade?

9:10 Jason La Canfora tweeted this an hour ago: “Lot of need for OL out there. Another top lineman who could go before the deadline – 49ers LT Joe Staley. Vernon Davis could go as well.”

9:11 Here are the Rams’ inactives:
Sean Mannion
Christian Bryant
Trey Watts
Justice Cunningham
Cody Wichmann
Chris Long
Doug Worthington

10:02 Rams win the toss and defer.

10:09 Phil Dawson makes a 54-yard field goal, and the score is 3-0 Niners.

10:10 On third-and-3 from the Rams’ 36-yard line, Colin Kaepernick threw an incomplete pass over the middle to Quinton Patton, who was covered. Behind Patton, Torrey Smith was wide open.

10:16 On third-and-four, Kenny Britt beats Kenneth Acker deep but drops a perfect pass, and the Rams go three-and-out. Niners’ ball at their 21 after the punt.

10:21 Niners go three-and-out after Kaepernick throws a pass over Reggie Bush’s head on third-and-1.

10:27 Reggie Bush just injured his left knee slipping out of bounds after a punt return. That was his first touch of the game. Shocked.

10:31 They’re carting Bush off the field.

10:32 Niners start from their 3-yard line.

10:33 Mike Davis loses one yard on first down, one yard on second down and one yard on third down.  The final loss results in a safety. 3-2 Niners. The Rams are bullying Marcus Martin. He got pushed back into the end zone on the safety.

10:37 Nick Foles completes a deep pass to Tavon Austin, but Jaquiski Tartt strips him and the Niners recover. The play is being reviewed to see if the play was an incomplete pass.

10:41 Call stands.

10:43 On first-and-15, Kaepernick sails a simple swing pass over Ellington’s head. The Rams are challenging the play to see if it was a backward pass.

10:44 Call stands.

10:46 Kaepernick goes 0-for-3 on that drive as the Niners go three-and-out once again.

10:50 Now the Rams go three-and-out after Foles overthrows tight end Jared Cook. Good grief. Niners’ ball at their 11 after the punt.

10:52 Kaepernick scrambles for six yards on third-and-eight. Kaepernick has thrown five-straight incomplete passes. Niners punt when the second quarter begins.

10:56 L.J. McCray is injured.

11:03 Rams commit two penalties and go three-and-out. Both teams are one-downing each other.

11:09 Rams commit two more penalties and the Niners still can’t score. Jerome Simpson drops a deep pass on third-and-6, and the Niners punt.

11:11 The Niners are still winning. It’s true.

11:12 Check that — Gurley runs through the middle of the 49ers’ defense untouched for a 71-yard touchdown on first-and-10.

11:13 Foles completes a pass to Cook in the end zone, and the two-point conversion is good. Keith Reaser gave up that catch. The score is 10-3 Rams.

11:19 Kaepernick throws a two-yard pass to Vernon Davis on third-and-13, and the Niners go three-and-out. They may have quit already.

11:23 Tramaine Brock breaks up a pass intended for Kenny Britt in the end zone on third-and-9. Rams make a field goal and lead 13-3.

11:24 Niners have gained 51 yards in this game.

11:32 Third-and-goal from the 6 after the two-minute warning. Vernon Davis has made four catches on this drive.

11:35 Kaepernick didn’t see Patton wide open in the end zone on first and goal.

11:35 Bruce Miller drops a pass on third-and-goal. Dawson makes the 26-yard field goal. 13-6 Rams with 1:53 left in the half.

11:44 On second-and-17, Foles completes a pass over the middle to a wide open Jared Cook for a gain of 49. There’s that famous Eric-Mangini zone defense. Kenneth Acker was injured on the play.

11:46 Ahmad Brooks flagged for a facemask penalty on first-and-goal. Quinton Dial was injured on the play.

11:47 Austin scores on a jet sweep from two yards out. 20-6 Rams.

11:50 Colin Kaepernick takes a knee and, miraculously, no flags are thrown. Halftime. The Niners were flagged 10 times in the first half. This team won’t play for Jim Tomsula.

12:03 To recap: Bruce Miller had three special teams penalties and a drop in the red zone during the first half.

12:08 Austin catches a pass out of bounds on third-and-7, and the Rams punt. St. Louis is 0-for-7 on third down. The Niners are getting blown out by a team with terrible offense.

12:15 Kaepernick throws a beautiful pass on third-and-9 to Jerome Simpson, who runs a comeback route and catches the ball past the first-down marker, but his momentum carries him back and the 49ers have to punt.

12:21 Foles throws the ball away, and the Rams fail to convert on third down yet again. But the punt pins the Niners at their 2.

12:25 Kaepernick stares down Torrey Smith running a comeback route on the left side of the field on third-and-5. Robert Quinn jumps and bats the pass to the ground. If he hadn’t batted the pass, it probably would have been intercepted and returned for a touchdown. A break for the Niners.

12:30 Brooks recovers a fumble and returns it for a touchdown, but the touchdown doesn’t count because Brooks grabbed the running back by the facemask. Rams’ ball.

12:33 Tomsula thinks the 49ers should have the ball even though the fumble happened before Brooks recovered the ball.

12:38 Quinton Dial blocks a 40-yard field goal attempt. The Niners are still in the game. Can the offense do anything?

12:42 Kaepernick completes a 16-yard pass to Simpson on second-and-15. Great throw. Second-and-10 from the Niners’ 41 when the fourth quarter begins.

12:43 Simpson is a good receiver. He’s big, and he’s a threat downfield. He should start the rest of the season. Expect Boldin to get traded in the next couple of days.

12:46 Kaepernick bounces a pass five feet in front of Simpson on third-and-4, and the Niners go three-and-out near midfield. Brutal. The Rams keep inviting the Niners back into the game and the Niners keep refusing.

12:51 Rams go three-and-out and punt, and Eli Harold is flagged for holding during the return. That’s penalty No. 12 for the Niners. It’s almost like they’re trying to lose.

12:59 Torrey Smith drops a pass on third-and-12. The Niners are 3-for-15 on third down.

1:00 As soon as the Niners put Kaepernick in the shotgun on that drive, he got sacked. They need to keep him under center. Not that it matters. This game is over.

1:03 On third-and-3, Foles throws a screen pass to Austin, who runs 66 yards through the middle of the Niners’ defense for a touchdown. 27-7 Rams. I told you this game wouldn’t be a blowout.

1:10 Phil Dawson punts on fourth-and-3.

1:15 First and 10 at the Rams’ 49 after Ellington returns the punt 28 yards.

1:19 The Niners turn it over on downs after Janoris Jenkins breaks up Kaepernick’s pass to Simpson on fourth-and-2.

1:23 Foles takes the victory knee. Rams win 27-6. Stay tuned for grades.

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      1. yea i think we will see the beginning of the rebuilding process over the next two weeks. they’ll trade away the staleys, boldins, smiths, etc. try to lose the rest of their games, and go for the top qb in the draft

    1. 8:41 Do you think the Niners are making Boldin inactive today because they have a trade lined up, contingent upon Boldin being healthy and passing the physical, and don’t want to risk him going down today to nullify the trade?
      I do. :)

  1. 8:33 How many points do you expect the offense to score without Hyde and Boldin?
    The two combined don’t even equal a single TD per game average so the score will probably be the same as if they were playing.

  2. Which teams in the league are actually worse then us:

    Vikings?(would we beat them a second time or if we didn’t meat them first game of season?)
    Bears(Even Kaepernick could throw a TD against that defense)
    Titans? That’s an offense that can score points, not sure we would beat them.

    I didn’t think there would be that many, might not be so easy to get a top 10 pick this year. ;)

  3. Stafford is 19/32 with 2 picks and they’re down 38-3 and he’s still in the game. Kaepernick is never getting benched if this is how the modern NFL deals with poor QB performance.

        1. Jed YorktheDorkAKAmid

          In any way you wish to compare, add to, or depreciate….Kaep showed up at the pay window with nothing…keep defending this cluck…it gives me small joy where I used to get it from the niners play….

  4. Is it delusional to imagine that Jerome Simpson will have a plausible game, given his deep speed, quickness, agility, plus wide catching radius? Assuming the ball is delivered, of course.

  5. I think you could be on to something in regards to Boldin Grant. I expect him to be in a Panthers uniform soon.

  6. Looks like Alex Smith is done for the day after a fantastic start. Good fantasy pickup Razor.

  7. What good is it to stockpile more draft picks if baalke is going to be the one doing the drafting. How many times in a row will he be allowed to F things up.

  8. I hope a fire sale means this team is going to be active in free agency. We need a #1 WR and CB, some help on the OL and DL, and a ROLB.

    1. I should add that I don’t expect every fix to come from the free agent market. We need a strong draft as well.

      1. We could sign track, rugby, and soccer stars from around the world–maybe a Russian weight lifter or two. At least a few of these hopefuls need recent ACL injuries…

    2. I just glanced at a mock draft that had SF picking #8 and taking a CB. Dunno, for me it’s the trenches first, although you’re not wrong about any of the needs. Not being a Gabbert fan and being exasperated with CK/offense, they’ve got to upgrade QB too.
      Another subject, but how did Stephen A Smith get elevated to a regular spot in ESPN’s Countdown show? What did we do to deserve that?

      1. Although CB will be a need it certainly won’t be the primary one so the likelihood of the 49ers selecting one at #8 is all but certain.

  9. Offensive points…13 (no pun intended)
    Style points…0

    Go ahead and trade some of the better players to teams gearing up for a playoff run. Hope like *ell we have a better grounded, no-nonsense GM by February–and a coach and staff to match.

    Jed and Dad (yes, John York’s fingerprints are in this…) should be abducted by aliens, never to been seen again.

    1. Like Ira Miller back in the glory Raider days…won’t let him on the team plane. Press-Democrat too stingy to pay for a commercial flight.

      1. I’d like a chance to see my team play in something than a MNF game even if they are playing crappy.

  10. If the team does in fact go on a fire sale then does that not suggest that the team has in fact thrown in the towel on this season. They would be admitting that effectively the season is over since they are assuming they are no longer in contention for the tournament. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be time for Jed to start the splaining? He said he wouldn’t speak until the season is over and with the team trading away starters it’s over so get talking.

    If the team does make some big trades I hope the media see it for what it means and calls York out on it. I’m not being silly and thinking he’s going to actually answer the questions but I’d love to hear how he does respond to the suggestion that he should.

  11. I don’t understand why an illegal formation, regardless of when the refs call it, doesn’t always result in a 5 yard penalty and replay. Normally, it’s called before the snap, but why do they let the play stand, with the option for the defense to decline the penalty, if the refs are late throwing the flag.

  12. Non-football question for any transplanted Midwesterners who might know?
    The Fox broadcast did one of those “cutaways” transitioning from the game to the ads and showed a scenic view of the Gateway Arch, sort of over the shoulder of a bronze (?) statue of a man wearing glasses gazing in the direction of the Arch. Who is the man?

  13. Lose a yard on two straight runs, and can’t afford to lose any more? Do it again! It’s sure to work this time! What could go wrong?

  14. Sigh…

    Did anyone not see the Bush injury coming from a mile away (wonder who could could come in and actually run the ball forward for positive gains)?

    Hey, and that play calling in the end zone-great coaching.

  15. So you though NFL referees couldn’t get anymore annoying than “Big Guns Guy” or “First Dayyyuauuun! Guy”,

    well guess again !

  16. Who’s worse?
    These bong smoking refs?
    The 49ers offense?
    The Rams offense?
    My goodness I’ve been in and seen better officiated and played high school games.
    Rams will wake up! Ck will still suck, and the running game will have a total of 16 yards

  17. I’m reminded of a story Frank Gifford told from his playing days. The Giants offense was being smothered in a defensive battle of 3 & Outs by both teams. He said as he passed the defensive guys running off the field one said to him “OK you guys, hold them!”

  18. Perfect example on how Davis has mailed it in. Bad throw but doesn’t even try to go for it. He was watching it come the whole time. It hits the back of the defender right in front of him. He’s a joke!

  19. Todd gurleu against the dork girly operation, man how would it be to have an offensive weapon like him. I am so tired of the crappy balke pacel method. I ant offensive minded people. The red and gold are dull and not fun. I was at the hardware store with my niner shirt on and two people smirked at me. Reminds me of the 70’s. I am friggin smirking at my self. Sucks to be faithful!

  20. I cannot believe I defended Baalke’s Bradley Pinion draft pick. I assumed he was, at least, the top punter in his draft class. You spend a 5th round pick on a punter, he better at least be the best punter in his class. This guy is kicking the football straight up in the air. Unbelievable.

    1. Kap was late throwing that ball to Vernon and by then the Ram defenders were able to close the window for a TD. But with all that time Kap spent, he should have seen Patton wide open in the end zone. No field vision.

  21. Is it that no one can catch or is there something about the way Kap is throwing the ball that is making it unduly hard for any of our receivers to catch the ball.

    1. Dude,
      What have I been telling you for 2+ years. I’ve listened to your taunts, your insults well the heck with that!

      Kaep needs to play this out! He doesn’t have an O-lIne, he doesn’t have Boldin out there to catch his wayward passes. It’s Bruce Miller’s fault even though Kaep really didn’t give him a catchable ball.

      It’s not fair that there’s a play clock, and there are 11 defensive players who are just as fast as he is.

      Other teams are cheating that’s why Kaep can’t complete no passes.

      The game is rigged y’all.

  22. This game is unwatchable with flags on every play and the announcers are really bad. The ‘color’ guy sounds like a beer vendor they took out of the stands and put in the booth.

  23. This team looks like they’ve given up on the season and on their coaches. Cant remember the last time I saw a 49er team give up. Not even with Singletary did they.

    1. Dropping like flies. I’m hoping its just rotation. I think it was Tank that got shoved out of the way on that 71 yard TD.

      1. Hey had both wrs open if he had just changed the play. The Rams know he can’t throw and is down to one read.

        I’m kinda tired of talking about how bad he is, to be honest, but you some insist and giving him a free pass for his suck-i-ness.

        1. Shut up you red neck. This whole team sucks. Your have to type your pathetic rants online because nobody in your life listens to you. Nobody likes a broken record. Was your KKK costume a hit on Halloween?

              1. You’re a rascist loser. It has nothing to do with Kaep, it has to do with this team. I don’t care if Kaep is here or not, I want the team to win. You are actively rooting for his failure solely because you are threatened by a black guy leading this team. That’s why you do your stereotypical hip hop/ghetto nonsense when referencing Kaep, even though he doesn’t talk like that. You’re either too stupid to realize how much of a redneck you really are or you are such a coward that you try to hide your rascist tendencies behind fake humor. I think it’s a bit of both.

              2. You called me racist and I have not written anything derogatory about Kaep’s race. I may not think he’s very good, but you’re the one that made remarks that assumed I’m critical of him because of his ethnicity.

              3. Fan,
                Wrong. Several people have called you out on your pathetic posts. You have a problem. “You call me racist and I have not written anything derogatory about Kaep’s race.” Of course you don’t write anything directly derogatory about his race, that would expose you as a flat out rascist! Like I said, you’re too much of a coward to own up to that.

                “Big P be all sensitive, over Kaep yo! For real.”

                “Yo playa!
                Kaep be ballin’!

                Ain’t!” (I’m assuming you meant to type ‘Aight’, as that is probably one of your closet rascist staples. Copied and pasted from Jerry Maguire, I’m sure you find it funny. Everybody you know cringes every time you say it.)

                Why are you talking like you’re from the ghetto only when referencing Kaepernick? You don’t do that for any other players. The guy has a B.A. in business management and was an excellent student in high school and college. He also doesn’t talk like that.

                Stupid is as stupid does.

          1. Here’s what you wrote:

            Shut up you red neck. This whole team sucks. Your have to type your pathetic rants online because nobody in your life listens to you. Nobody likes a broken record. Was your KKK costume a hit on Halloween?

            Red Neck is a racist remark. Why do you assume I’m White, and why am I red neck?

            I wrote Ain’t for a reason.

            How do you know I’m not pretending I’m Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad?

            The people that are calling me out on my posts are the ones who claimed Kaep was great!

            They don’t like the fact that I’m reminding them they were wrong, and they were not very nice and respectful in their comments to me.

            Much like you are doing right now.

            It’s losers like you who can’t admit that the other side was right, so I’m here to remind you, Big P, and I think the P stands for Polygamy.

            1. You still didn’t answer my question. I never said Kaep was great. I think he has played terribly. I’m not wrong about anything. You’re not fooling anybody, especially me. You try to manipulate the conversation and avoid answering tough questions because that’s all you have. You’re a coward. I roasted you because you’re a one note closet rascist. I know I hit a nerve because you finally resorted to calling me a loser instead of making some stupid passive aggressive parting comment.

              1. Three hours later you come back with a drop of pee, good job. I expected nothing less. Stupid is as stupid does.

              2. Big P

                I think that your issues go a bit deeper than football…fortunately there are plenty of clinics that can help….good luck….

    1. He’s playing in a box but still doesn’t have that natural ability to make or spot plays for the taking… Look at the redzone plays to VD and Miller before the half. He’s looking 3-5 yards out vs spotting a wide open Patton in the endzone. Playing scared will get him and this team nowhere yet the coaching staff seems to encourage it. What a colossal F up this team has become. Thanks Jed!

  24. Jed York has slapped every Niners fan in the face… Gets his shiny new stadium built and immediately goes back to being cheap. Cheap coaching staff, cheap FAs and yet we’re still well under the cap. His family is laughing all the way to the bank off those PSLs… I feel for those who gave up all that money to watch this high school team play. F U York.

  25. It still amazes me how quickly Jed and Baalke destroyed the momentum of this franchise. These players look like they just don’t want to play. This is not a motivated team. It’s not a team. It looks like a bunch of guys who hung on long enough to get their vested season.

  26. I am not able to watch the game today, but in checking in on the score and the comments it does appear that I am only missing a pathetic display of football.
    It appears clear our offense is well; offensive. The Niner’s need a head coach from the offensive side of the game who will install a passing offense based on the current rules in the NFL, and not from the 80’s and 90’s. The team needs a new Oline, at least one receiver who scares the other team, a new tight end and a new QB.
    In all honestly I doubt any of these things will come to pass and next yea’sr draft will focus on defensive players in the first 3 rounds and the offense will continue to be pathetic.

  27. I now know why they released Hayne.

    The 49ers wanted to spare Australia from viewing the ugliness of this absurdly long, penalty riddled mess. It would have killed interest in the NFL for the next 25 years.

  28. So far 8 first downs. 6 punts. But at least no trainer has been hit with a football.

    Better bring in Gabbert to protect that guy!

          1. What they said is that the 49ers had not recovered the ball when the penalty occurred. Under that scenario, it seems like the right call.

    1. I miss offense too! But we are winning with class, huh? Oh we are running the ball! Whoops but we are all about Super Bowls! Ok o for 3! I am sad! And jerry rice is in a cowboy jersey on a McDonald’s commercial! Can this get worse? I need to shut up!

    1. Yeah, I’m not agreeing with the lackadaisical critique. A number of guys on Defense are playing hard. Bow, Dial, Williams, Brock and Acker come to mind.

  29. Seriously, if the FO and coaching staff are still pretending they are trying to save the season, it is time to pull Kaep. He is once again getting nothing done, and is getting worse as the game continues.

    1. I’d like to see what Gabbert can do. Again, at least we could learn what we have with him, IF we get to see him play. We already know what we have in Kap.

  30. i am so tired of hearing play by play guys say Kap didnt see the wide open receiver.He cant throw and he doesnt see the field.

  31. How many games 49ers want to lose before they bench CK7, just horrible, no more excuses, forget his confident, they beating a dead horse….TomSula bench him now….

  32. I like Gaskins running style and can see why they went with him over Hayne. Why bother trying to run around the pile when you can just run right into it! Brilliant, loser Hayne would have cut around that and headed for the huge hole but that’s not how we run the offense around here buddy. To the practice squad for you until you learn the 49er way.

  33. I hate you Fangio. Up by 7 points with 2 minutes left and his defense gives up 10 points. That pick was going to make me look good today.

  34. Colin: your stats are pathetic.
    three sacks (so far…)
    a whopping 22 yards rushing
    (impress me some more, why doncha)
    oh yeah, and 47% completion ratio passing
    And finally: ZERO TOUCHDOWNS.
    Only eight minutes remaining;
    time to get your butt in gear, Colin.

  35. Dumbsula is as stubborn as Nolan and Singetary with keeping garbage in and not benching them, a huge difference with Harbaugh this says a lot about this amateurs

  36. This reminds me of the rich McKay era of the buccaneers in the 80’s when a reporter asked him about the execution of his team? He replied he was all for it! This is not fun!

  37. Down 27-6 with 8 minutes left, so you run, try a WR screen, and have a short dump off on 3rd down short of the sticks. Makes sense.

      1. Eli Harold? Meh, he’s had a couple of good plays on runs to his side, and was the beneficiary of Tartt’s forced fumble. That’s about it.

  38. Why Thomas and silberman(and those clowns on the right side are still in) have not played a down is beyond reasonable thinking

  39. Tomsula needs to pull Kap or the message to the team is failure is acceptable. Every player needs to know it is their performance that counts and Kap is simply not performing.

  40. Baalke needs to get fired asap because he and Jed dismissed Harbaugh what was a big mistake because Harbaugh is light years better than Dumbsula, and Harbaugh could hide some weaknesses of our team and still got dat in the postseason

  41. Grant …

    should you have the wherewithall and/or the
    resources, (not to mention,… the inclination)
    I’d really appreciate it, if you
    could send the following along to the Big Guy ..
    ya know … Eddie D (himself)

    Eddie …
    I’m wondering if you’re aware of the disaster your
    nephew has made out of the proud franchise ..
    You Built ! .. ??

    Please come back …. ?

    And then turn your nephew over your knee ..

    And take his job …

    And demote him to be your gofer ..
    (hey … just maybe he could actually
    handle that one ….?)

    And bring us back our ..

    proud franchise…


  42. Lets see, the owner wants his Million dollar QB , the guy who can run 90 yds for a TD, to be the ticket to the SB. He guts the coaching staff, the players smell the stench from the Million dollar QB, you know the one who chocked during the SB, and they start to leave the team any way they can, it’s time to retire. The fans start to call for the benching of the Million Dollar QB but the new coaching staff is under orders to build a offense for the Millon Dollar QB but it has to be simple , the MDQB can not go beyound the first read, so it must be paired down even more. Now the only way for the players to make the FO take notice that the MDQB sucks is to stop playing. And folks is what we are seeing today

  43. Stay tuned for grades.
    You’re going to have to expense a new ‘F’ key for your laptop by the end of the season.

  44. Baalke and his major failures: 1:Letting Iupati go.
    2: setting the offense up to ball control power running.
    3:got a lot of d-line(not much stoutness) but the other parts of our D like some man covering CB’s he ignored?
    4: QB CK had chances enough but still big problels with multiple reads,touch, and awareness so another fail by Baalke for not upgrading
    5: putting such a clown in charge as HC Come on serious?!!!

    1. Baalke is a muckin’ GENIUS to cut Hayne, then watch his replacement struggle. Baalke deserves to lose when he makes those kinds of decisions.

      1. To be fair to Gaskins, he was the best looking RB for the 49ers today. :-P

        For those wondering what Hayne has done to deserve a spot on the roster, he’s at least averaged over 3 ypc.

        1. When the coaches run the RB into the teeth of the defense, they deserve to lose.
          Saying Gaskins was an improvement speaks volumes about how putrid the other RBs were.

      1. Gabbert is like Kaep with the added ability to curl up into the fetal position when sacked. Putting Gabbert behind that line would be like one of those war movies where the retired combat veteran freaks out at the sudden sound of popcorn popping. He was broken in Jacksonville. He may ultimately have potential, but putting him out there with this team is doing him a disservice. I say let the chips fall and force Jed out of hiding. This organization needs to be rebuilt from the sod up.

        1. Why do you hate on Gabbert? Is it because he’s a privileged White Guy with a white guy name like Blaine and a last name like Gabbert?

          1. I wasn’t hating on Gabbert. He isn’t very good and he is less mobile and tough than Kaepernick. The team has a bad O-line. You were a J.T. O’Sullivan fan though, so… I bet his last name alone got your vote. The organization needs to be rebuilt. You stay the course with Kaepernick and start rebuilding after the season, with a new HC who has his own successful offensive system and who can pick and develop his own QB.

        2. BigP I know you’re a savvy guy and many agree with you about Gabbert but what I see in Kaep is a great athlete who cannot make the simple passes. The staff has made the offense so basic that almost any thrower could make those simple throws. Kaep missed Simpson twice in a row on the same play. Even with a Mulligan he turned the ball over in downs. Kurt Warner said the focus on Kaep’s work with them was to teach him to make the easy ones. Kaep threw many bad balls today that were solely his doing. He also sprinted left near the goal line and missed Patton wide open in the end zone. If Gabbert just makes a couple of the easy throws Kaep missed it’s a W and not a L.

          1. Whine Country,
            He probably would make a few more of the easy passes. I feel like he would also get battered behind this line and he doesn’t respond well to pressure. I don’t really care who the QB is at this point, they just aren’t a good team. I’m not disagreeing with you about Kaepernick at all. He’s not the only problem, but he’s not going to be the QB when the team is competitive again. They are terrible. Gabbert won’t change that, his flaws would be quickly exposed with this group, just like Kaepernick’s have. Gabbert may have potential, but I don’t think putting him in there at this point would be giving him a fair chance to succeed. Read Rick’s post below, it breaks down why I don’t think it will happen.

      2. Well, I’m one of the louder non-fans of Gabbert. I don’t think he’ll fix anything, but at this point for locker room cred, I can see trying it. If he fails, at least CK got a few games out of the line of fire. If he does better, then JT should “go with the hot hand.” But BG would be playing with the same OL, the same depleted RBs, and the same OC. Stay tuned.

        1. Jacksonville was over two years ago. Gabbert showed year-over-year improvement in the preseason. Kap missed seeing a wide open Patton in the endzone and a totally uncovered T. Smith at the LOS. I’m done with him. Take him out so he doesn’t get injured and cost us $16 million in cap space next year. Gabbert is a football player; let him play.

        2. i don’t think it’ll fix anything either. but at this point I’m starting to feel bad about yelling at Kaepernick on TV. It’s starting to feel like I’m kicking a guy while he’s down. Like your picking on the disabled kid in school.

          Maybe it’s time to put in Gabbert just for mercy’s sake on Kaepernick’s behalf?

          Or is that like substituting another disabled kid to pick on?

          1. Jeff Garcia kept his head and survived a benching to return as a starter, maybe CK could too. By now the pressure he’s feeling and putting on himself must be pretty intense.

        3. BT, at this point, the Niners have scored 9 points in their last 2 games, so Kaep should be a leader, accept responsibility, and allow Gabbert to play since his play is hurting the team.
          I would not bench him, but just let Kaep start until he does not lead to a score, then let Gabbert in until he fails to score. It would not bench Kaep, but it would make it competitive and rewards success.

          1. I’m only guessing here, but I suspect that the rest of the offense would be uncomfortable with that arrangement. The old saying is if you have two QBs, you have no QB.
            It complicates practice reps, team rhythm, and ‘chemistry’ with receivers.

            1. Well, right now, we have a bad QB and an unknown factor, so rolling the dice may be the best course of action.
              A little competition would be helpful IMO.

        4. ….But not with the same DISqualifiers than Kaep…can’t see the field, ,can’t follow through his progressions, terrible footwork, no touch on passes,telegraphs his snap count, and keeps running into sacks….I guess we’ll never know unless JT puts him into the game…FAT CHANCE !!

  45. Mr. Boldun: be advised –
    if you are inactive, fella,
    then we do not need to have you
    shovin’ folks from the sideline,and
    causing the Niners to get hit with
    personal foul penalties, understand?
    If you need to shove somethin’………

  46. The reason Kap should sit is he is not playing well at all. So, should he continue to play just because he is the “Staring QB”, or should he be held accountable for his performance? If he isn’t held accountable, then no one else on the team should be either.
    It is time for Tomsula to give the team a clear message one way or the other.

  47. Did anyone expect a different outcome? Ineptitude all around.

    Bush looks like he may be gone for the season – what a bonanza to the offense this acquisition has been?

    VD – a truly offensive marvel a red zone threat (though had that ball been delivered earlier he might have ran it into the end zone)

    Brooks – which team was he playing for exactly? It was hard to tell.

    Davis – good thing the Aussie was let go in favor of this firecracker and his backup. Granted Hayne can’t block but that never stopped us when we started Pears or Devey.

  48. Kaep let one slip away. He still acted like he had all the time in the world, wasting precious seconds while BEHIND in the score. They pay him 12.8 mil, and he cannot get a play off without wasting 12 to 15 seconds every play?
    Then when he does get a play off with 2 seconds on the play clock, he throws it into the ground or misses seeing a wide open Patton in the end zone hopping around trying to get his attention because no defender was within 12 yards of him.
    Kaep is beyond regression. He is flat out bad, and his play is hurting the team.
    I used to be one of his biggest supporters, but if he fails basic competency, he needs to step down and let some one else be the leader.

  49. They wont put in Gabbert because Jed and Baalke need a scapegoat and they have decided to blame this season’s failure on Kap. If they put in Gabbert and he sucks worse than Kap (although it is hard to see how anyone can play worse than Kap right now), they won’t be able to appease the fans by saying “it was all Kap’s fault and we have got rid of him so give us your money and trust us to get things right in 2016.”

    I’d rather not destroy whatever confidence Gabbert has by putting him behind this line. Kap is as good as gone next year, so let him get beaten up this year. Hopefully we get a real head coach next year, draft a franchise QB, rebuild the O line, and let Gabbert play until the new QB learns the system.

    This year is down the tubes anyway. Why bother.

    1. Rick, Gabbert does not need his ego to be stroked, and at this time, he may be the best QB on the roster.
      Heck, if Gabbert is so fragile, I would hope they put in Dylan Thompson, since he made sweet touch passes during TC and the preseason.

      1. Did you see Martin get shoved back four yards into the end zone on the safety. Did you see Davey and Pears get manhandled play after play? What game did you watch today?

        This line is not NFL quality. They have destroyed the confidence of one QB. I’d hate to sacrifice another QB at the hands if these stiffs.

        I’d rather bench Martin, Davey, and Pears and see if the backups can do a better job. Then I would put un Gabbert.

        At any rate, we don’t want Gabbert in the Atlanta game. I expect Ryan and Julio Jones to put up close to 50 points on us. Gabbert will be a sitting duck with the Falcon D pining their ears back and coming at him all day long.

        Maybe the Browns or Lions would be the right game to put in Gabbert.

        1. Well, I whole heartedly agree that they should replace Devey and Pears with Tiller and Brown, but maybe you missed those plays where Kaep had wide open receivers and either ignored them or threw the ball at their feet. At least Gabbert has shown competent QB play in the preseason. Kaep is not a God, and deserves to be a starter when he is playing at a third string level.
          Put in Dylan Thompson then, and make it competitive. Rewarding failure just means more failures.

          1. You missed my point. Kap is finished. done. toast. His confidence is shot. He may or may not win somewhere else, but for sure he won’t win here. There is no way he is on the team next year.

            Let him be the ginuea pig against Atlanta to see if the backups will be any better than Martin, Devey, and Pears. We will be slaughtered by Atlanta any way so what’s the difference.

            If the O line replacements are any good, then Gabbert can come in. I want Gabbert to succeed. Not get destroyed like Kap.

            I may be wrong, but I don’t think Dylan Thompson is on the roster.

            1. Dylan Thompson is on the practice squad. Everyone oohed and awwwed over some of his passes in TC.
              My point is that Kaep is shell shocked. Tunnel vision is one of those symptoms. He did not see Patton jumping up and down in the end zone and Torrey waving like mad because he was UNCOVERED.
              I want the Niners to win. Kaep is hurting the team. He is not only losing, he is losing ugly. Keeping Kaep in just to protect Gabbert is counter productive.
              I just want basic competency. I want a QB who can complete a short easy pass, and does not waste time while behind. If Dylan or Blaine are given a chance, the Niners might win. Kaep has shown me that his confidence is destroyed and he is befuddled. Let him sit and learn from his mistakes, or make it a competition.

  50. I felt that the OL did a good job given they faced one of the best front 7′ in the league. Kaep just flat out does not see the entire field. He is playing with tunnel vision and this shuts down any opportunity of finding an open player and of course stimies that offense.

    I cannot put any blame on the OL when the QB can’t see a wide open WR.
    Kaep did not do anything to garner much support from even his most ardent fans today.

    1. AES

      …Thank you… I’ve been waiting to hear that comment….best comment of the day…Rick and bigP have got money on Kaep…but I haven’t figured out how….

      1. Oregon,
        Where did I support Kaep? He has been horrible. I’ve said that many times and I have also said I don’t think he’s part of the future. You’re too busy hanging from Alex Smith’s undercarriage to pay attention. You never have a well thought out comment. You like to piggyback other Smither’s comments. Smith sucks. Go champion his mediocrity somewhere else. He was replaced by a guy that accomplished more in three seasons than he ever has. This whole team needs to be rebuilt. Kaep won’t be part of that process. I said that. Rick said that. You get so lathered up about Kaep that you make comments that prove you didn’t even read the posts that you’re responding to, through a third party that Rick and I agree with. Measure twice and cut once next time. Judging by your comments, your blades need sharpening as well.

        1. BigP,

          Welcome to my world. Oregon and fan can’t focus on anything else and unless you agree Kap sucks and always has sucked, they believe you are a blinded supporter. Good times.

          1. Rocket,
            You’ve always been one of my favorites. You have conviction in your beliefs and you always present a well thought out viewpoint. We have a very similar mindset when it comes to football. I had to get the carving knife out for a few of these clowns. Oregon just piggybacks other people’s comments, pay no attention to him. He has conversations with his own hand shadow puppets.

            1. BigP,

              Thanks and right back at ya.

              The irony when it comes to Oregon, is that he used to be the biggest defender of Alex when he played poorly or was struggling, but has been as bad or worse as Bay and Jordan were to Smith in regards to Kap.

              1. Rocket,
                I know, it’s ridiculous. It transitioned from ‘All he does is win’ to ‘He’s #10 in passing yards!” in direct correlation to the Chiefs team record, which is now 3-5 after beating the Lions. Fan just compared Smith’s 6-2-1 record in 2012 to Kaep’s 2-6 record this year. It was a DS94 level of attempted manipulation.

            1. How is it possible to not have controversy at the QB position as a 49ers fan? This issue will never be put to bed. We can thank 2 great QB’s in Montana and Young for that. The expectation will never be lowered because once you’ve had the best, nothing else will do.
              Stupid, unrealistic, far fetched? All the above.

              1. Maybe the next guy the 49ers draft will be the bridge to reunite 49ers fans. A lot of people didn’t like the fact Kaepernick took over the way he did. Alex Smith wasn’t great but he won a lot of games with a good team.
                The best thing to happen in my opinion is blow this all up and start from scratch. That way everyone can grow together. Kinda what the Cowboys did with the triplets.

  51. Clean house thats the solution and look for a GM candidate who wants to get to a pass philosophy of this decade and further.
    Rather now than lose more time.

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