49ers-Rams tickets currently cheaper than tickets to the Grand National Rodeo

If you want to go to Levi’s Stadium and watch the 49ers play the Rams Thursday night, you can buy two tickets for $20 each right now on StubHub.

That’s cheaper than the cheapest tickets to see Cal play USC at Memorial Stadium this Saturday.

Cheaper than the cheapest tickets to see Comedian Jeff Dunham and his puppets perform at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga on September 29.

Cheaper than the cheapest tickets to the see the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace on October 14.

Cheaper than the cheapest tickets to see rapper Andre Nickatina perform at Strummer’s in Fresno on October 20.

Cheaper than the cheapest tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Oracle Arena on January 13.

Bad look for the 49ers.

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  1. What’s your point? This relentless putting down of the team is getting old. How about some team news. Here Is an idea why not interview some players?

  2. Back when I was Knicks season ticket holder I couldn’t give them away back in the 2000s. And that was when the team was playing better than they are now. Grant, are you trying to inform us fans are a fickle bunch? Now there’s some news at 11.

    Yet the Knicks are the #1 valued team in the NBA, Niners #5 in the NFL. And that’s a good look for the teams.

    1. Exactly Rib. People want to support a winning product. It also doesn’t help that Levi stadium is a sauna and so far from San Fran.

      When I was there the home opener I talked to a few season ticket holders and they think pro football is dying in California.

      1. Its not just pro football. Football is dying in general. Even in football crazy Texas, participation in youth football is down in some places by 40%. This is common knowledge among high school coaches. I was talking to a coach at one of the largest high schools in Texas and he was telling me 10 years ago his program regularly had 130-150 freshman who came out for football. Nowadays he gets 80-90 freshman coming out for football and his student body size has actually increased. The #1 reason given is Mom’s just aren’t letting their boys play football due to injury concerns. It’s just a fact of life. The glory days of football are in their sunset hours.

      2. But the people who believe football is dying are the same people who believe their cat talks to them and that Elvis is alive and working at El Pollo Loco.

      3. News flash…it is currently 70 degrees here in Santa Clara (10 min walk, a view out of the window from Levis). The temperature at game time will be 67 (and dropping). Not a sauna at all (nor was it for MNF last year vs LA week 1 when it was like 60 degrees and dropping at game time, froze my A and Bs off with the windchill…who would of thought wearing shorts in early Sept was a bad idea?).

        Its just because you have two lousy teams out there, two teams who have been lousy for coming up on 5 years now at least (longer for LA). Even when the Niners were good and playing at the stick you could get tickets to some games for well under face value.

        The October 22nd game vs the Cowboys, lowest ticket price right now is $134.

        Just like with all of football, its situational.

  3. From ProFootballTalk.com – The NFL has been struggling to sell tickets in California so far this season, and when two California teams meet tonight, empty seats will abound.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that tonight’s game could draw the worst crowd in the four-season history of Levi’s Stadium, based on data from ticket resale sites.

    The cheapest face value ticket for a 49ers game is $85, but tickets are going for just $14 on StubHub for tonight’s game. Fans will take any price they can get to unload tickets to a game they don’t want to see.

    It’s not just San Francisco where the NFL is struggling to sell tickets. Both Los Angeles teams, the Rams and Chargers, played in front of small crowds on Sunday. The Chargers couldn’t even fill up their tiny soccer stadium, while the Rams played in front of a half-full L.A. Coliseum the day after the USC-Texas game packed the house. Oakland is off to a hot start that has Raiders fans excited, but plenty of fans have been turned off by the team’s decision to move to Las Vegas.

    The 49ers aren’t playing well enough to get the local fans excited, and Thursday night games are often a tough sell. Expect tens of thousands of empty seats in Santa Clara tonight.

  4. Good: Small footprint, loud, close to downtown as possible, near loyal multi-generational fans.

    Bad: Multi-venue, “open air”, noise escapes, farthest stadium from namesake city in NFL, most 35-35 yard line seats owned by corporations.

    Some of the “Bad”: was unavoidable. There are lots of fanatic 49er fans at Levis being loud as they can be. Hats off to them.

    But dang, what a missed opportunity to even the home field advantage with Seattle.

    1. Brodie, Levis reminds me a lot of Gillette (I’ve been to both). Big erector set cookie cutter of a stadium, miles from nowhere, difficult to get to, hell to get out of. Yet packed every game. Now what do the Pats currently have that the Niners currently don’t?

        1. Thats one thing. Yet when the Niners were winning despite sub-Brady-Esque play from Alex and Kaep you’d be hard pressed to find fans bailing.

      1. – A consistently better team
        – Pats are in New England. 49ers are not in San Francisco.
        – Levis is not in the middle of nowhere. Its in another city (San Jose) with an (officially) larger population.

        Are the 35-35 YL seats in Gillette mostly corporate reserved?
        How’s the public transpo between Gillette and Boston?

        The Yorks must be happy. The multi-venue stadium is raking in huge bucks.

        1. Levis is not in the middle of nowhere. Its in another city (San Jose) with an (officially) larger population.

          Yeah it can be argued the move to Santa Clara ripped the team away from it’s historical fan-base. But I’d also argue probably as many butts in the Candlestick seats came from the peninsula and south bay as SF and points north. How about a rebranding? The Bay Area 49ers? The Golden State Niners? (f those other socal imposters).

          Are the 35-35 YL seats in Gillette mostly corporate reserved?

          Good question. Though every franchise wants to maximize its goodwill and exposure in return for those tax deducted dollars from corporations.

          How’s the public transpo between Gillette and Boston?

          Zilch. There’s a light rail line from Foxboro only (about 40 miles from Boston, about the same between SF and Santa Clara)

          A consistently better team

          Yes! The very obvious point is that if you win it, they will come.

  5. Kyle Shanahan – Thursday night games don’t come down to scheme very much…… As the NFL prepares to stage its second short-week game of the 2017 season, it’s important to consider the perspective shared by new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan regarding what it takes to win on Thursday after playing on Sunday.

    “[T]hese Thursday night games, [it] doesn’t come down to scheme very much,” Shanahan said earlier this week. “It comes down to how fresh the players are, who recovers more from the Sunday before that, and who feels less sorry for themselves for how they are feeling and really goes out there and competes the hardest.”

    While it’s hard to know how quickly players are recovering given the limited value of the injury report and there’s no way of knowing who will be motivated in the moment to compete harder, there’s a chance the Rams will be feeling more sorry for themselves than the 49ers, since L.A. lost a home game to Washington and the 49ers fought an elite Seattle franchise tooth and nail in their own building.

    Of course, that may have left the 49ers more worn out than the Rams. We’ll find out on Thursday night, when a franchise with a 3-19 record over the last 22 games but a 3-0 mark in that same stretch against the Rams gets what could be a rare crack at a W.

  6. Well, if that was the case that would be awesome. But no ticket on those sites is sold without a $20-25 fee. So your $20 ticket is actually like $45.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah… And when the 49ers resurge the ****ing bandwagon will be full again.

    In old days there were still black-outs if a stadium didn’t sell-out by Friday. Which meant you didn’t see home games. Something that 49er fans were well used to since the team, basically, rarely sold out.

    Ol’ Wayne Walker used to even give ticket updates.. Need to sell 5,000… 3,500… Yada, yada, yada… And businesses would buy tickets in bulk to give them away. Go to the Ford dealership and get two tickets with a test drive… That sort of thing.

    So move along to 1981. The 49ers had ****ed for years.

    The first home game: 49ers are 0-1 coming into it — blacked out.
    The second home game: 49ers are 1-2 coming into it — blacked out.
    The third home game: 49ers are 3-2 coming into it — it’s against the Cowboys. The Cowboys fans tipped it and it sold out.

    The next home game was against the Rams and the 49ers were 5-2. From that point on the team sold out.

    But lets not pretend we had some sort of ‘faithful’ fans. That was a marketing campaign back in the late 1970s. I even had a bumper-sticker — 49er Faithful — on my piece of crap Pinto. The truth is, a hard lesson learned in the 1970s, 49er fans are about as fairweather as you can get.

    So, yeah, we start winning and the bandwagon will be full. And all the hoppers will pretend they were there during the bad times. Just like they always do…

  8. Joking…. As in the days of the USFL, collapse some some teams. Have two California NFL franchises, one with a stadium in metro San Francisco, the other in metro LA–both in state-of-the art facilities seating 60-65K each, positional roofs/domes, etc.

    Or, in the spirit of really stupid compromise, have a single team located in Paso Robles–the California Vintners; wags would call them the Winos. If a coastal setting is preferred, locate in Cambria as the California Elephant Seals.

    1. Cassie, only 5 NFL teams are worth less than $2 billion each. Which of those stakeholders are you going to convince to crack their golden egg for this multi-team frittata?

      1. Just playing the old USFL fiddle. As noted, I was joking. Those teams not remaining in CA would have the option of going just about anywhere–London, St. Louis, Tokyo, Seoul, Rome, Reno, Mexico City…

        1. Ah yes, the USFL. We complain about the Yorks destroying a franchise. How about a certain NYC based so-called billionaire destroying not only his franchise but the entire league. It takes helluva art to that deal.

  9. We ticket holders got a survey last week addressing why we weren’t attending the game (we couldn’t attend and I sold my tickets at 1/2 price)……………. the 49ers have actually treated us well for the 13 years as a ticket holder- there is now a 2 year cap on ticket prices and there was also one for the last two years at The Stick. This would be a non-story if the fans were actually “faithful” and supported the team…….. I have grown to accept Jed now knowing that it was Baalke who F’d up the Gase/Fangio tandem………. SF wasn’t going to build them a stadium and the ticket holders were only maybe 10% from SF anyhow (Willie Brown would have gotten it done though and I have disdain fro Newsom as a result), and my drive from Novato is only slightly longer. Would I prefer to go to SF, yes, of course……… but is anyone harping on the Giants fans not going to games? Winning solves everything………. but Spanos should have stayed in SD and who can fault Davis for putting $500 million in his pocket when the teams valuation presumably skyrockets after the move……….

    1. With all due respect to my hometown reporting and reporters, the flaw in his argument is that 31 other teams, including some with worse QBs than Hoyer, would prefer to not have the Kaepernick edge either. Apparently no other team wants to redo their scheme to accommodate him.

  10. In light of the current political climate, I find no choice but to dub this game the first ever “Sanctuary State Bowl”. As a former resident and longtime fan of this team – 35 years now – your state government is so F_CKED-UP.

    1. It is bent to the left and won’t ever return to the middle on the political spectrum, which is why the Central Valley and northern counties in CA want to secede and create the State of Jefferson (won’t happen). That said, the economy here in CA is pretty hot and CA would have the 6th largest GNP if an independent nation………..so, not all bad here, especially if you own property to retire off of.

        1. Hey… Colorado has some nice targets for nukes… Military command (NORTHCOM) in Colorado Springs, NORAD, Ft Carson. California has nice targets, so does Colorado. Rocky Mountain high!

  11. Somewhere Seb mentioned being a Rams fan. Wish I could find that quote.

    He’ll take advantage of the Cheap tickets and wear the Flush Ram Uni. tonight.

    No one could be a Niner fan and wish harm on them the way he does with his roster of flops.

    What’s it now, I’ve lost count, his 159 different mock drafts….None of the other ones worked.

  12. Only been once. That was enough. It’s not so much the 49’ers but the utterly awful stadium. Nowhere to park and then it’s insanely expensive, no easy transit, awful flow to the concessions, a day game is awful with almost everyone seared to a crisp in full sun, plus it’s nothing really special anyway. There’s no way I’m dragging myself down there to deal with all that nonsense,

    1. Niners 17 — Rams 10.
      I think Shanalynch will briefly interrupt their focus on youth development to focus on winning this game….

        1. Here’s an interesting imagery from Joe Thomas: Offensive linemen are “mushrooms” on which “poop” is thrown …..
          What sort of mushroom is zany Zane?

  13. I have the 49ers winning in a blowout. Carlos hyde, and Goodwin go off tonight. Garcon,breida, and kittle will move the sticks on 3rd down. 49ers defense is top 10 this year. Any bets? Lol

  14. Thirty years ago today the 9ers were 1-1 — a 13 point loss to the Steelers and a one point win over the Bengals.

    In the Steelers game, Joe went 34 for 49, 2 TDs and 3 picks (oh my…)

    Vs. the Bengals, Joe went 21 for 37, 3 TDs, no picks

  15. I agree the cost is reasonable when you consider an overall unappealing venue and stackable hassles not to mention a product that isn’t watchable. Call it an inconvenience discount. I would couple the inconvenience reduction with a hot dog giveaway. If the 49ers beat the spread everyone at the game gets a chit for a free vegan hot dog with the works. The chants would be simply magnificent! If you can’t win you can have fun.

    1. 49ers-Rams tickets reselling for the price of two stadium pretzels
      By Bill Disbrow Updated 7:59 am, Thursday, September 21, 2017

      As of Wednesday, resale tickets were being offered on StubHub for as low as $14 to see the team host the Los Angeles Rams at 7 p.m. That price is just cheaper than buying a pair of $7.50 pretzels through the Levi’s Stadium app

  16. Linebacker Eli Harold added to 49ers injury report

    If Harold were unable to play, Dekoda Watson would fill in at strong-side linebacker and rookie Pita Taumoepenu,

  17. Go look at the cost of tickets vs the Cowboys in October. Can’t find anything for less than $125.


    Once you understand this Grant, and stop painting everything with a huge brush, you’ll be much better off in life.

  18. TomD’s Take : Jed and 49er brass managing to Pi$$ off even the Club Members in search of a buck.

    49ers’ ticket prices matching the product
    By Ann KillionSeptember 20, 2017 Updated: September 20, 2017 4:32pm

    “We won’t be able to blame the heat Thursday night.

    We probably will have to blame the product.

    Get prepared for more swaths of empty seats for the Rams and 49ers. As of Wednesday morning, there were thousands of tickets available for sale, some for as low as $14.”

    I’ve heard plenty from the faithful upset about other things: club areas opened to non-club members seeking relief from the heat, meaning the amenity the club owners paid for is no longer as valuable because the space is overcrowded…


  19. Grant’s Small improvement column.

    The good

    Grant has dialed back his arrogance.

    The bad

    Grant continues to misrepresent what Kyle said.

    ““We had a couple shots early and the protection didn’t hold up.”

    1. Kyle never said he quit calling deep balls he said we had a coulple of shots early.
    2. Kyle had to explain to Grant that you just don’t call plays that say go deep or go short. The deep pass might be the first read, but if it’s covered you go to the next read. Basic football.
    3. Kyle also said we didn’t think going deep all the time was the best way to do that. Kyle said all the time. He clearly took a shot at Grant’s go deep because we can’t sustain long drives strategy. Once again, the HC schooled the non-football guy.

      1. Thanks George. They actually looked at the route combinations. Unlike Grant, who made a snap judgement without doing any research. With that said, The long ball was in the gameplan, but Seattle took it away. Should Kyle have kept trying to go deep or did he make the correct adjustment?

        1. I don’t think you try to go deep against a defense like that. They’re too good. It’s run and short/intermediate passing to wear out their dline and linebackers.

          1. Agreed. Nothing wrong with trying to stretch the field. But Seattle, with Earl Thomas and a good pass rush (and our interior OL) isn’t the team to do it against.

  20. Kyle is serving Shanahan’s purpose. That is, implementing his offensive philosophy .

    Kap or another QB wouldn’t work for Shanny, who needs his offense installed year one.

    Once it soaks in, Shannahn has the luxury in 2018 to pursue a talented QB in a QB draft if he chooses. But in the real world, a foundation needs to be laid for building stability.

    No other QB that I’m aware of can teach Shanahan’s philosophy and lay the foundation for the future, but Hoyer.

    If Hoyer needs to be replaced, it will be because of lack of consistency from his O-Linemen and WR core and that won’t happen. Shanny will give Hoyer every tool he needs, even if that means benching Goodwin for Boldin Jr or Bourne.

    1. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 11 seconds ago

      49ers inactives:

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