49ers rank No.10 in advanced power rankings

The 49ers rank No.10 in AdvancedNFLstats.com’s Week 12 Team Efficiency Rankings.

The top-10:

1. Saints
2. Seahawks
3. Broncos
4. Eagles
5. Bengals
6. Packers
7. Panthers
8. Cardinals
9. Lions
10. 49ers

Here is an excerpt from the article: “Kaepernick has not taken a decisive step in his development as a passer, and the 49ers have not maximized his chances for success by asking for traditional reads from the pocket while not surrounding him with adequate weapons.”

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    1. Agreed. Probably about right.

      Lot of angst on this site, but 49ers are still a dangerous team. Both the Saints and the Panthers came close to losing and if one or two things went the other way, those would have been wins. The only team in the NFC that looks to be a clear notch ahead of the 49ers are the Seahawks right now.

      1. Grant hate is a strong word but i bet if i gave you a list of 100 nfl coaches or front office people and told you to list them in order of who you would most like to vacation with to least Harbaugh would be in the bottom 10.

  1. They aren’t going to make the play offs this year and I’m not a hater. It’s just how I see it… YMMV and that’s fine.

    1. Yup. NFL is fixed the same as the NBA. Niners style is boring compard to the Saints, heck most all of the temas mentioned above. No one wants a Super Bowl featuring three yards and a cloud of dust — make that snow this year…

    2. I think Brooks should contact Ray Lewis who has publicly offered to pay half of his fine. These two could make the rounds together speaking out against the injustice of league calls protecting celebrity quarterbacks, but allowing dangerous chop blocks against defenders to go unpunished. Then they can SUE the league when it attempts to stifle their free speech.

    3. Follow the money. The NFL was sued for over $100,000,000.00 by former players. They will do anything to protect the owners golden goose. This ain’t about safety this is about bucks, big bucks.

  2. I don’t see how the Lions are efficient. They are the Cowboys with a slightly better record. They invent new ways to lose. How efficient is that – well, I guess efficient in a negative way. Lions coaches gifted the Steelers last week.

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  4. Jack, I read several of your posts on Grant’s post yesterday. Are you souring on Colin’s long-term future in SF? How much time do you think we fans and the 49ers coaches should give him before we start seriously thinking about moving on?

    1. Adusoron,

      Souring on Kaepernick’s long-term future? Yeah, a little bit. I’m not seeing any growth in his game. He struggles when asked to make even basic reads, and like I said in my post over on 49erswebzone today, this is magnified with the loss of Crabtree who was a guy he could hone in on to get open without having to really read the defense.

      If I were the 49ers there is no way that I extend him this offseason. Instead I go into the draft and get the best QB available on day 2 that I can develop, so that if the level of play doesn’t improve I can move on before being on the hook for big $.

      We’ll see how it goes. The physical tools are there, but there have been some great QB’s who weren’t great physical specimens.

      1. Ok fair enough. I think you’re giving up on him a little too early (just 17 games as a starter). I think CK7 compares favorably to Favre and Elway, and to a lesser extent Marino in terms of career arc and abilities. All of these QBs had/have strong arms and in Elway and CK7′s cases, terrific mobility.

        John Elway (3rd Season 1985, 38th starting game)
        Context: 2nd OT loss to division winning Raiders
        18-36 (50% cmp), 158 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT

        John Elway (3rd Season 1985, 28th staring game)
        Context: loss to Marino’s Dolphins
        18-37 (49% cmp), 250 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

        Dan Marino (3rd Season 1985, 26th starting game)
        Contest: loss to Houston Oilers
        13-24 (54% cpm), 159 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT

        Dan Marino (3rd Season, 1985, 31st starting game)
        Context: loss to NY Jets
        13-23 (57% cmp), 136 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

        Dan Marino (3rd Season, 1985, 34th starting game)
        Context: loss to eventual AFC champ NE Patriots
        15-33 (45% cmp), 171 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT

        Brett Favre (3rd Season, 1993, 15th starting game)
        Context: loss to Philadelphia Eagles
        12-24 (50% cmp), 111 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs

        Brett Favre (3rd Season, 1993, 16th starting game)
        Context: loss to the division champ Vikings
        20-31 (65% cmp), 150 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs

        Brett Favre (3rd Season, 1993, 17th starting game)
        Context: loss to the SB Champ Cowboys
        21-37 (57% cmp), 174 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs

        Brett Favre (3rd Season, 1993, 29th starting game)
        Context: loss to the division champ Vikings
        23-37 (62% cmp), 190 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs

      2. Also Jack, Greg Cosell was very hopeful for CK7 in his murph and mac interview today. He said:

        1). Colin is a victim of the 2012 overhype.
        2). The problems are systemic (Colin + bad WR corps + poor offensive gameplanning).
        3). Cosell is unsurprised Colin is going through this and it is very normal for QBs to experience it.
        4). Cosell also said sometimes it can just take 1 game to get in rhythm and suddenly you start seeing your reads and playing with confidence.

        Don’t give up the ship, in summary.

      3. Jack, sorry I wasn’t meaning to be accusatory. Just advancing the discussion. I did some digging as noted by my statistical comparisons above and it was encouraging. CK7 has a ton of talent like the guys listed above and is not a headcase like the other 1st round talented bust QBs (Jeff George comes to mind). Looking at these comparisons really shows you how the greats struggled in their 3rd seasons with sometimes twice as many starts as CK7.

        The thing that sucks is CK7 will probably figure it out. It just may not be until 2014 which dooms this season. We’ll see what happens.

      4. Adusoron, those QBs you referenced delivered a grand total of 3 championships over a combined 52 seasons (including two at the very tail end of Elway’s 16 year career). The Niners would be very patient team indeed waiting around for Kaep to develop such “success”.

      5. I think CK’s struggles this year are actually pretty fortunate for the team as a whole. He won’t get the huge contract that cripples the team in terms of retaining/acquiring other players. Same is true of Aldon.

        Giving up on him entirely is crazy. Alex Smith is coming into his own and he looked terrible for years. Another team with an offense better suited to him would grab him instantly.

      6. I know that you asked Jack, but can I get involved in the discussion? I think the team should go after either Brett Hundley or Tajh Boyd on Day Two. If it was my choice, I would do my best to get Hundley.

      7. Ribco SB victories are’nt the only measure of a QB’s value. Sure we all want to win multiple SB’s but i still say the greatest QB i ever saw play the game had zero SB championships and played in zero SB’s. I believe Dan Fouts would have won more SB’s than Bradshaw or Montana if he had played with the 70′s Steelers or the 80′s 9ers.

      8. He may not Grant, but the team should snag him if he does fall that far. At worse it would give the team a strong QB corps once again.

      9. Grant i’m not sold that the 9ers will wait till day 2. If CK is’nt showing improvement by the end of the season, I believe that the 9ers may use one of their many day one picks to aquire a QB. They say this will be the year of the QB.

      10. Hundley will be gone in the top 15. Thomas is more like Newton at 6-6 262lbs and could probably be had in round 3 or 4……

      11. I wouldn’t be so sure Razor. There’s still plenty of time left for various things to happen that can affect where he goes in 2014.

      12. I can only go by what is happening right now, and right now Hundley is projected off the board at pick 4 to Tampa Bay. Taking into consideration your point, I do not see him sliding out of the top 20……

      13. I think that it will depend on what QBs prospects are still available. The team that would probably snatch him up if he falls is Arizona.

      14. Grant Cohn says:
        November 20, 2013 at 1:58 pm
        Which QB would you want to draft and develop on Day 2 if you were the 49ers’ offensive coordinator/QB coach?
        Zach Mettenberger

      15. McCarron seems to have benefitted from a strong receiving corps (something that continues to elude the Niners) and Murray’s awareness is questionable.

      16. All these possible Qb replacements are premature..Lets say u replace Kap next yr..you’ll be back in the same situation as u are now..A young Qb with limited experience..Then when he’s not progressing Fast enough..or Fast enough for you..You’ll be calling for his head..And this whole process starts all over again..Looking for a Qb..to learn this overcomplicated system that Harbaugh wants to run..

      17. Adusoron,

        “The problems are systemic (Colin + bad WR corps + poor offensive gameplanning).”

        I disagree. I think it is more (Colin – Crabtree + having to read defenses).

      18. They cannot replace Kaepernick, they have decided to live and die by him. Problem is the team will have to endure his growing pains which may take a couple years. By that time this great defense will have missed its window to win. With free agency, cap implications, and by the time CK gets up to speed, we will be young at key positions again, established vets will have to be let go and will be in another rebuild.
        But hey, at least we have that “franchise” QB who by then should threaten all areas of the field, take the top off defenses, and rush at will. So exited, call me when it’s 2016!

      19. I disagree jack..Ya top two threats can be blanketed or double covered..This is not a Qb friendly or Wr system.. thus..they dont care about getting those deep threats and/or a game break receiver..It is a bad offensive gameplan when u do the same thing every week and expect different results.All the shifting and motion aint fooling no one.They did all that last two yrs..Predictable.Theyre not using lamichael or Kendall right.Seems like they always are asked to run up in boxes or sweeps that go nowhere..Won’t change their offense plan..or tweak it..Nope not these coaches.That screams “bad offensive gameplan” to me..If i know the past two yrs..I been plagued wit wr issues…Wouldnt I try to upgrade? No..not them..Let’s get another tight end,running back and a undersized receiver..Better yet..let’s wait on our injured receivers to come back.. No…Better yet..Let’s cut the receiver’s Kap has been working with in the offseason,training camps and preseason..Disrupting continuity is good for a young qb..

      20. The way yall are talking about all these qb’s we need to draft..and the problem is Kap..U must want him replaced..Like i said..You can get a replacement..But You’ll be in the same boat we are in now..Getting up to speed..learning the nfl at a pro level

      21. Deezy,

        “Ya top two threats can be blanketed or double covered..” That isn’t happening.

        “This is not a Qb friendly or Wr system.. thus..they dont care about getting those deep threats and/or a game break receiver..” Andrew Luck didn’t seem to struggle in it, and Alex Smith resurrected his career in it.

        “It is a bad offensive gameplan when u do the same thing every week and expect different results.All the shifting and motion aint fooling no one.They did all that last two yrs..Predictable.” It’s even worse when your QB can’t get the defense from stacking 8-10 men in the box because the defense doesn’t think he can beat them.

        “Theyre not using lamichael or Kendall right.Seems like they always are asked to run up in boxes or sweeps that go nowhere..” So James and Hunter can’t run inside, and when they run them outside it doesn’t work either. Maybe you should look at the running back.

        “Won’t change their offense plan..or tweak it..Nope not these coaches.That screams “bad offensive gameplan” to me..” Yet they had their best drive of the entire game on Sunday after the half.

        “If i know the past two yrs..I been plagued wit wr issues…Wouldnt I try to upgrade? No..not them..” They did by bringing in Boldin and drafting Patton. Crabtree getting injured after the draft was a tough break because it limited their options.

        Check this out if you don’t think Kaepernick had open receivers on Sunday.


      22. Alex did struggle Jack. thats why Aker’s was the leading scorer on the team in 2011 and why Alex is no longer here.. Luck is a very good Qb..But it didnt win Stanford a title and it still hasnt today..Predictability of this offense wouldnt strike any fear onto any defense..lol..Hunter and James need to be in space..A 2yrd dump off here..and there..Just them bein in on plays..kinda tips the hand for opposing defenses. making it less sucessful..They have some sucessful drives every now and then..But third down conversions has always plagued this team..A 33yr old possession receiver and a undersized rookie wr is not gonna be enough firepower jack..im sorry.. 3ys straight they try and patchwork the core wit a veteran receiver..Braylon edwards,Randy moss,and Now boldin..Didnt develop any receivers in that timespan either..

      23. we’re not gonna fire Harbaugh and Baalke Jack..Im just saying..3yrs in and we lost a championship game,,Lost a superbowl..and im seeing the same things outta this team..I dont want Harbaugh to be Marty schottenheimer,Andy reid,Dan reeves,Bud Grant,Norv turner type coaches…field all these good teams year after year..win all these games..And come up short every year.I dont think this offense is right for this team..And kinda hurts me to say that.As far as. Baalke goes..He doesnt value receivers ..And cornerbacks to an extent..He values having a load of picks..If youre not trying to make your team better in areas that seem to be a problem year after year..Then you’re putting your team in a position to fail..It’s that simple

      24. Grant Cohn says:
        November 20, 2013 at 3:25 pm
        … over Mettenberger, McCarron and Murray.
        Who would you take if you had to take one of the three?

        1. Yup, McCarron, but I think he’ll end up getting picked in the first round. Physically, he seems like a more mobile Eli Manning. And McCarron is a terrific game manager.

          I think Aaron Murray or David Fales are more realistic options for the 49ers in the middle rounds.

      25. Grant where do Kiper and McShay rank McCarron. I’m a little mystified regarding the lack of hype surrounding him. I just wonder if he is’nt the next Ken Dorsey?

  5. Saints the BEST? GB without Rogers no 6? Sure, and I’m the mayor of Toronto.
    And I do think there is a correlation to KAP the smiling rookie and the surly new Kap with major attitude.
    Some of Harbaughs attitude can also be counterproductive on young players.

    1. Stan, it’s hard to smile when you stop having fun. And that seems the biggest change (besides play) in Kaepernick this season vs last season. Last season, even after making a bad play you could see him smiling at himself over the mistake. Now he broods on the sidelines rarely talking to teammates. Even though the NFL is a business and players are paid well, it is still a game and there needs to be an element of fun involved.

  6. Not that Grant needs any help, but how many think if Alex Smith was still on the team, we would be having a major QB controversy on our hands right now? With Colt, no controversy. But with Smith…..

    Here is my answer. Hell to the yeah, there would be controversy, but I think Harbs should/would stay the course with Kaep. In the two recent games lost, I just don’t think there was a time where Harbs would have put Alex in the game. The games were close and I think Harbs would want Kaep to get the experience of being in these situations.

    1. Harbaugh would /could not change QBs , Harbaugh has tied his wagon to Kaepernick. Kaepernick fails ,Harbaugh fails. Thats it!

  7. I know that the Eagles have been picking up steam, but N0. 4? And the Cardinals two spots ahead of the Niners? This is a terrible list to say the least.

  8. The Redskins stacked the box against the Vikings two weeks ago and held Adrian Peterson to 75 yards on 20 carries. One was an 18-yard run. Take that out, and he gained 57 rushing yards on 19 carries – 3 yards per carry.

    Last week, the Redskins held LeSean McCoy to 77 yards on 20 caries. Take away his 16 yard run, and he had 61 rushing yards on 19 carries – 3.2 yards per carry.

    We know the Redskins will stack the box against the 49ers. And we know Adam Snyder will be the 49ers’ starting left guard.

    Will Frank Gore average more or fewer than 4 yards per carry in D.C. on Monday night? He averaged 2 yards per carry against the Saints if you take away his one long run.

    1. I think he will. Washington has the worst secondary in the league so both Kaep and the offense should capitalize on it.

      1. After watching Jack break down the all-22, it’s not the quality of the secondary, it doesn’t matter. It’s if Colin can make a good pre-snap/post snap read. People were open against the Saints but Colin was impatient.
        If the Redskins shut down the run, then it’s up to Colin to make the proper reads in the passing game. So far this whole entire season, he hasn’t been able to do it consistently, especially to anyone not named Boldin or VD.
        So the nationally televisioned game can be a good stage for him to show what he can do.
        The Niners could still win if he plays mediocre, but now the name of the game is for him to get better, make teams think twice about stacking the box.

    2. “Take that out, Take away, take away, take away…” what is it with you and run stats? “Take away all of Gores good runs and it’s evident he has lost his legs.” That’s the kind of stuff you say and I find it really irritating. Maybe it’s just me.

  9. Adam Snyder is the worst lineman in the league. He was terrible with us the first time around and he was cut by Arizona. Why he is playing is beyond me…

    1. He’s playing because you wouldn’t man up in the weight room and beat him out for the #3 OG spot on the roster. Until you get your sh*# together he’s the best SF has got. Seriously though, for all the talk of Kilgore’s development, Snyder is the first guy off the bench.

  10. #10 ranking probably maps to the 6-4 record.

    what’s painful is see the Cards and Lions ranked above us. yikes.

    we’ll end the season ranked higher, but right now #1 looks a bit out of reach.

    1. Grant,

      A couple of things on that play. First, I didn’t like the formation with Davis and Boldin being so close to start with. It allowed the CB to come off Davis too easily. Instead get Davis out wide and create more space.

      Second, the running back (Hunter) was to get a chip on the DE and get out into the flat to give them 3 layers, but he gets too much of the DE and takes himself out of the route.

  11. That play call on first and 10 with 2:06 left in the game was a head-scratcher, to put it mildly.

    Shotgun formation. Roman puts five eligible receivers into the pattern. Staley and Snyder block the defensive tackle on the stunt and Junior Gallette strolls through the middle of the 49ers’ line untouched and easily sacks Kaepernick.

    Of course Rob Ryan was going to go after Snyder on a stunt in a passing situation. Roman telegraphed pass with the formation.

    The play should have been a run.

    1. Roman is terrible. He puts Kaep in situations where he is bound to fail. We run the pistol worse than any team I have seen utilizing it. Also, why aren’t we rolling out Kaep more. The one time we do it all season and he throws a strike. Just terrible.

    2. Yeah it was a bad play but the thing you don’t see is Kap throwing the ball away. He took a seven step drop, find a WR and just throw it at his feet.
      The more traditional the passing set-up, the worse he’s going to be. My question now is what was he doing all off-season? Didn’t he say he was taking a week off and then he was going to get back to work? He’s not lazy.
      Jack’s right. This offense was fine for Andrew Luck, and Alex revived his career.
      If it all clicks for Colin, look out. but right now it’s an ugly brand of offense.

      1. Fan this is not the right offense for CK. He needs to be in a run and shoot offense with 5 WR set. Spread the field and let we rip. I’m not sure that’s what Harbaugh will ever do. It’s gonna take a lot of work to get CK to become a traditional drop back/read QB.
        As for the offseason, too much media appearances, not enough film, IPad study. What did Shanahan say? Being an NFL QB is 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

      2. He might do really well in the Chip Kelly offense. Right now all the issues I had with how he led the last SB drive are coming true. He just locked in on Crabtree the whole time. And now he’s doing the same thing with Boldin and Vernon regardless of coverage.
        All QBs miss reads, but now it’s become obvious that this is remedial passing like Dilfer says. Although was so on Colin’s jock last year.
        When Crabs come back it might even be worse. All the defenses know he’s just going to look at Crabtree, so they’ll bump and run underneath and have a safety over the top. They play Boldin One on One, Double Davis deep. No other WR matters. It’s like playing 11 on 8 or 9.

      3. “When Crabtree comes back it might be worse??” You have to be DS! Your football knowledge is ZERO! How in hell could this offense be worse with Crabtree??? You are dense!

      4. I don’t have a ton of faith that Crabs is going to come back and instantly recharge this offense. But to suggest that it won’t help at all is insane.
        CK only throws regularly to guys he trusts (AQ and VD, and MC when healthy). He is very capable of making tough throws to guys who are covered, so even if he is still locking onto one or two guys presnap, he will still have more options, making it harder to defend.

  12. I’d like to be Romans’ son on that special day where dad goes to school, and son goes to work. I would come out in the hurry up offense with VD & VMac running quick seam routes, and have Kaepernick under center delivering the goods to the open man in 2 seconds. I’d do this until they stopped it….

  13. Niners may be 10, but the Cardinal being higher is a joke. Seriously, that team has played no one and beaten no one this year. You cannot take a poll seriously that puts them @ 8. In fact, the Giants are playing better than many teams on that list right now. Dangerous if they make playoffs.

  14. Im gonna go out on a limb here and say..I think Shanahan would be a better Coach for kap then Harbaugh and vice versa..I think harbaugh would be a better coach for Rg3..Shanahan as we all know has ties to the 49er yesteryears that we treasure.He’s stern and kinda strict.But he Knows offense..Always had great runningbacks..So lamichael and kendall would damn sure be used more than they are..I think he could turn us into the 97-98 Broncos..They had a great o-line,great tight end-Shannon Sharpe,great back-terrell davis,great receivers..Mcaffrey and Rod smith, And a qb with legs and a strong arm-Elway.. Harbaugh would be loose and a players coach with RG3 who he wanted at Stanford actually.he would make that team very successful..

  15. Help me out with this;
    Ray Lewis backs Ahmad Brooks so thoroughly
    that he offered to pay half of his $15,000 fine?
    Is Ray also willing to send a check to the family
    of the man who was stabbed in that limousine
    a few years ago? Seems to me that Mr. Lewis
    has experienced enough violence for one lifetime
    and should be ready to stop amping up over pain,
    whether it is inflicted on or off the field? Hmm?

  16. my money says the Cardinals (#8)
    are gonna end the Niners’ season
    on a sour note. Unless Colin decides to
    ditch the earphones and the funky hats
    and focus on football rather than fashion.
    This much is certain: he will not be
    kissing any biceps in the Super Bowl this year.
    Somebody buy him a laser for Christmas so he
    can remove some of that hodge podge of ink.
    Either that or find a way to get locked up and
    finish off your upper torso via “single needle.”
    I’m just sayin’…….

      1. Ok, MWN,
        I’ll expose the elephant in the room. Speaking of the Chiefs, why aren’t they in the top ten in the power rankings this week? I find their absence puzzling.

        A 9-1 record should merit a top ten especially when teams like the Cards, Eagles, and Lions make the list.

        The Chiefs defense is still a very formidable group and Alex runs a tight (albeit conservative) offense to the tune of 9-1.

        I know that coming off a 2-14 record the previous season gave them a favorable 2013 campaign hence their record, but to not be considered a top ten team speaks volumes to the many doubters around the league.

        This conspicuous lack of acknowledgment could become the “us against the world” war cry that carries this team through the playoffs.
        Very interesting absence here.

      2. ‘There are Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics’- M.Twain
        Stats are tools that are useful in analyzing tactics and performances. The stats must be relevant and conclusions are drawn by knowing how to interpret the stats, not just by crunching numbers. The criteria for analyses should be consistent. Some of what we see here on the blog is based on shifting premises preselected to make a point; not the kind of quantitative analysis you’d see from an Accountant or Statistician.
        And that leads us to ———-> a 9-1 team, one of only three in the League with 9 wins, not being in the Top One Third of The League. It is, of course, preposterous.

  17. Well the thing that sucks is we all love our team and want them to win but we also want to be entertained. .Right now our team is losing and they are extremely boring while doing it?

    How long till vets like Boldin and Gore lose their patience with Kaep and infighting begins?
    How long till the defense cant take theyre great performances and create a locker room rift?

    How in the hell did this offence get so bad?

    Never thought Id see this from a Harbaugh oached team…Well back to square one I guess..How ironic that a franchise known for offense for so long cant seem to find one since 2001…

    1. I really think Lee has the chance to be the next aj green/calvin johnson type reciever..Hopefully Baalke does to..Like someone said earlier Im sick of drafting projects or personel that doesnt even find a place on this team..I like L James but we dont even use him right..I wouldnt mind seeing 4 rounds of offensive skill players in this draft.

  18. The more i watch, read and hear about Frank Gore, i am so impressed with his leadership and professionalism. Despite all the negative ranting, crying and pointing fingers across the league, the fan base and the media, here is Mr. Gore taking ownership for missed plays! We need more players to take ownership and encourage their teammates to do whatever it takes to get to the playoffs.

    Gore, I am a fan and i wish you a great game on next Monday nighty. GO NINERS

  19. @ Razor
    Honestly, I haven’t done my homework for the draft, and I don’t watch that much college ball during the season, so I haven’t formed much opinion yet. I need to save something for those rainy days in February and March!
    I think the team may want to upgrade from McCoy but not sure what they’ll be willing to invest in terms of cap space or draft position. There will be some veteran QB movement around the NFL during the off season, but mostly cast-offs looking for another chance. Baalke may go that route though so that the staff isn’t all young and developing. If draft, maybe 3/4 round? Guessing.

    1. He has one more year of eligibility at Baylor. If he were to come out, it will be interesting to see where he projects…

  20. ‘For Kaepernick, there’s only one predicament. And it’s a big one. Goes like this: Kaepernick suddenly stinks.

    Against green bay Kaepernick threw for 412 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

    In the nine games since then, he’s averaging a measly 154.4 passing yards per game, with eight touchdowns and seven picks. And the 49ers have won five games and lost four.’

    Even shaun hill was not this bad.

    1. One Chief,

      But we’re 6-4 and primed for a playoff spot and we dont have Crabtree. We’ve lost 2 games to 2 of tge top 7 teams in the league by 4 points and could’ve easily won both games. Crabtree comes back and the numbers wont change much but the offense will be more efficient. We will be able to spread tge field a bit better.

      Im with you. Im still broken over Alex. Maybe we can get him back after tge Chiefs dont resign him next year. :)

      1. 6-4 and primed for a playoff spot, but who have we played and beaten that’s playoff calibre? Even with Crabtree back, do you really think he will be in week 13 shape and be able to physically go out and make big plays? That’s a lot to ask from a guy who was never a game changer. Great possession reciever, but now after an Achilles injury we are to expect a savior performance. Get serious!

      1. Razor i’m not sure he got it wrong yet. We need to give CK more time with a better receiving crew….but he does have to start showing improvement.

      2. It was a tongue in cheek comment for old oneniner. I have not given up on Kaepernick, because there is still a lot of football to be played. Should prove interesting down the stretch. Seahawks look unstoppable. We’ll see…

      3. i have not given up on krap either……i am depressed tho…….

        i just find it interesting how the haters are still on alex d…k and now live in a fantasy world….


  21. Has anybody noticed that Kap does not appear to have a hot receiver for a quick throw in case of an all out blitz. His only option seems to be a high lob hoping someone will run under it. I wonder if it is by design.

    The last play of the Super Bowl is a prime example. Baltimore came on an all out blitz, and the only think CK could come up with was a low percentage fade to Crabtree. In the Saints game, the high soft pass to Baldwin (who did not even look for the ball) was also on an all out Blitz.

    On an all out blitz, the number should be in favor of the Offense. Someone has to be open. The only issue is time. You have to get the ball out quickly.

    I think Harbaugh needs to adjust the playbook and design short quick outlet options in case of all out blitzes.

    1. Both reads are on the QB to make the adjustment. Colin is showing the world he’s wearing diapers as a QB. Both audible are all low risk. Jack and Matt Maoicco do a good job on breaking down what’s wrong with the Niner Offense and it all boils down to QB decision making. Colin only does well when it’s a define looks. The rest of the time he’s lost.
      I think they should find ways to make the pistol/read option more unpredictable and explosive. That’s his strength.

  22. Looking ahead on QBs. Vick or Foles might be available at a hefty price, but they’ll want to start. Shaub will expect to start. Freeman will expect to if Min doesn’t keep him, but won’t get any guarantees. Same for Sanchez. Ponder would get some looks as a back-up if he were available. Maybe somebody would give Gabbert a TC look. Other than Shaub (who would be too expensive as a #2), who would unseat McCoy?
    In the draft Jacksonville, Houston, Minnesota (possibly, depending on what they decide on Ponder & Freeman), Tampa, Cleveland, and Arizona all could be willing to spend a 1st Round choice on a QB. That would be six on Day#1 if it falls that way. Are the top 6 first round talents?

      1. Think they’re ready to make that move? Do they keep Bradford a year of overlap? I considered that but wasn’t sure.
        I guess conceivably Chicago let’s Cutler walk, but I seriously doubt it.

        1. If St. Louis wants to keep Bradford around for next season, they’d have to pay him $14 million. I’d cut him if I were them.

    1. The best backup would be a veteran with smarts. That pretty much eliminates all those listed except maybe Schaub, although I’m a fan of Freeman.

      1. @ Sean
        In the dust-up when Freeman left Tampa a few of his statements made me wonder about his head; accountability and coach-ability/adaptability. Nobody looks good in a break-up and TB’s coach has his ways, but still……
        Yeah, that contract is a burden at this point.

      2. Sean, the best backup is who we have now – a replacement so scary to contemplate it removes all possibility of a QB controversy.

  23. Fansince 77 says:
    November 21, 2013 at 9:44 am
    ‘We lost those four games because the QB sucked in those games.”

    CK has not had very good outings of late. OK, in your words, he has “sucked.”

    I views are that CK has looked bad, but I also reserve the right to add that there have been circumstantial reasons for his bad play.
    But I ask you Fan77 (I lean on your keen football knowledge), what do you suggest the 49ers do immediately to try to remedy his issues?

    1. AES he has “sucked”. There is no denying that. Yes the loss of Crabtree makes it even worse. But all teams experience injury to major players.
      What is most upsetting to 49er fans is the hype and expectation surrounding Colin Kaepernick in that he would bring another dimension to the offense that would put less pressure on the run game, get more people involved in the passing game and be explosive.
      The coaches tried that, he could not handle it. He is struggling reading defenses and getting the ball to 2nd, 3rd, 4th read options.
      The solution is time. Wait for him to develop.
      As for the blog, a lot of people pencilled him as a top 5 QB in the NFL after a magical run last year. Now its looking like he is a flash in the pan.
      No more excuses for the young man. He didn’t do enough this offseason to improve his game. He has not made other players around him better. He is not demonstrating any leadership. I see a frustrated, almost pouting type of demeanor on the field.
      The coaches have to help him but it all starts with players making plays on the field, regardless of who is and who isn’t in the lineup.

    2. AES,
      I’m not saying I’m that smart or know a lot of football. Just a fan here. But he’s the reason we lost those games, his play was not that stellar. He won the GB game for sure, but he “managed” the wins against the bad teams. Last year at times he was the best player on the field.
      This year he looks lost. I don’t think there is a lot to be done, just hope he continues to learn and pick up the duties of being an NFL QB. When Jack Hammer posted the all-22 from the Saints game, it’s obvious he can’t see the field, and the game is too fast for him when he has to drop back and make progression reads.

    3. As bad as he played last week, Kap still managed to keep the team in the game, and at a critical point managed to put ball in the hands of Frank Gore which would have effectively put the game away if Gore made a simple catch. After 10 game the team is 6-4, and still in contention for the playoffs. What more do you want from a QB who is in his first full year as a starter.

      No Quarterback plays a perfect game. Even in the seven touchdown game by Peyton Manning earlier in the year, I can probably find a couple of plays where Manning did not make the right decision. The key is did the QB make more good plays than bad and was the team in a position to win in the 4th quarter. On balance, Kap has made more good plays than bad this year. Unfortunately his detractors only seem to have eyes for the bad plays.

      Kap will be fine. We don’t need a change at the QB position.

      I can feel it in my bones. We will beat the Skins and the Rams, Seattle will lose to the Saints, and we will be tied with Seattle at about 4:30 PM Sunday Dec 8 after we thrash Cheating Pete at the stick one more time. Book it.

      1. Kap has played pretty bad. He had a chance to win the game and didn’t do it on both occasions. He needs to get better.
        Even if the Seattle loses to the Saints, and the Niners beat them, they are still one game behind Seattle.

      2. @ Rick,
        you are correct Rick. Great outlook. And you are also correct, the goat in this game was not Kaepernick, it was Gore. Gore did nothing on the ground. Had he made the one catch, we would have won. Had Baldwin made his TD Catch. Or we could look at last game, had VMac made his one critical catch.
        Kaepernick is not the picture of efficiency at the moment. And he is missing his number one target. What that means to me especially in a team sport is that others around him need to step up. Crabtree is out, the other guys have to step up. Right now McDonald has three drops in the last two games. One was critical as it would have helped win the game against Carolina.
        Right now VMac is filling Walkers role. While Walker didn’t contribute in volume, he did contribute with quality quality contribution. Right now VMac isn’t contributing in volume and isn’t providing quality either.

      3. Rick Kaepernick has turtled against every good potential playoff team he has faced. He’s been average against under .500 teams but the good teams with good defenses have confused the heck out of him? Why do you suppose that is?
        We have not beaten anyone this year and we are 6-4. This thinking that Crabtree will come in to save Kaepernick is a joke. Maybe next year when he is fully healthy but for this year, that’s a lot to expect from a guy comin off serious injury. Look at MM, he’s done nothing in 2 games.

      4. @ Jack,
        these are all starters that are part of a team. And when given the opportunity either come through or they do not.

        Instead of being a douche piling on Kaepernick, I throw it back to you. What did Gore do to win the game this last week? What has Baldwin done when given the chance and lastly, what has VMac done in the last two game or the full season for that matter.

        The Niners will pull out of this and Kaepernick will be a top tier QB. When he does, please don’t try to jump in and pretend you were Niner faithful all along. Cause you are not. And if you are not, I don’t know what you are doing in this room. The lack of patients and fandom are wearing thin in this room.

      5. For me one big difference between the Niners and the Seahawks is that when given opportunities their receivers have made plays.
        How many $hitty stat games has Wilson had only to chuck one up and win the game? They beat the Panthers that way, they beat the Rams that way and they beat the Texans that way. Just chucking it up. And everyone gives Wilson credit for it. The only receiver we have that does that when he gets open is Boldin. So no Jack, I’m not throwing anyone under the bus, I’m just saying in the big moments Gore, Baldwin and VMac let the team down. Do you disagree?

      6. Come on Bay Jack is just as much a 49er faithful as those who were far more critical of Alex Smith than Jack is of CK. We are all 9er faithful here for god sakes how much time do we all spend here discussing our common passion….9er football

      7. It’s patience, but some may be patients. Kaepernick will pull out of it when he has a healthy Crabtree.

        Gore had a tough day. It’s tough to run when the defense stacks 9 & 10 in the box and your QB can’t make them pay by finding open receivers.

        Regarding McDonald, it would have been nice if the ball would have been thrown to him when he was wide open on Sunday.

        I’ve already said I expect them to finish 11-5 so put you’re not a real fan BS away.

      8. Bay,
        The difference between Seattle and SF is when Russell Wilson needed to make a play, he made it. Outside of the one lost to Indy, where he was hammered when he threw the pick at the end.
        Two times Colin had a chance to lead the team in the 2 minute drill and two times he failed, epically. Blame all the WRs who dropped the ball all you want, but the fact is he had a chance to do something, and did nothing. The sad part is during both moments in those games, I had no faith he would do anything. He has struggled in the passing game this entire season. He’s not seeing the field and he needs to start ASAP.
        Calling me a douchebag won’t change the fact that he’s the primary reason the team is at 6-4, with all the signs of a One and Done playoff season. It can all change when he starts to see the entire field, not lock onto one WR.
        Otherwise this is a wasted season.

      9. >> The lack of patients and fandom are wearing thin in this room.

        More hilarious words never came out of Bay’s mouth.

        I take that back, plenty more hilarious words have come out of Bay’s mouth.

      10. >>The sad part is during both moments in those games, I had no faith he would do anything.

        I’m with you. With an offense seemingly incapable of barely getting the snap off before the clock expires and timeouts wasted in the odd numbered quarters, the idea of a successful 2 minute drill is a cruel joke.

  24. How many of the following QBs will be drafted in the first round in 2014?

    T. Bridgewater
    M. Mariota
    B. Hundley
    J. Manziel
    Z. Mettenberger
    A. McCarron
    T. Boyd
    B. Miller
    D. Carr
    A. Murray

    1. Hundley, Mariota, Brigdewater, Manziel, Mettenberger, Carr. Boyd has a shot at going in the first as well, and McCarron will definitely go in the second.

    2. As a UCLA fan, I want Hundley to stay another year. Yes, I’m selfish. It’s not like he’s going to the 49ers, so I’d rather him win games for the Bruins than an NFL team for at least one more year.

    3. From ’03 thru ’13 there were on average 13(12.73) QB’s taken overall in the draft and on average 3(2.82) were drafted in the first round. Even in ’04 when 17 were taken overall(most in that time frame) there were still only 4 taken in the first round.

      With that said, given the glut of QB needy teams and the new CBA making first round QB’s much more affordable plus the projection of first round talent I’m thinking we will see 6 QB’s in the first round which will easily be the most in quite awhile. I went back through 20 years of drafts and the most QB’s taken in the first round in that time frame was 5 in ’99.

    1. I think these are safe bets at this early point. Boyd, Murray, and McCarron are possibilities too because they’re pretty good AND because teams can reach for QBs.

    2. Mariota to me is a question mark. Most Oregon QBs do not do well in the NFL. Harrington, Dixon, Musgrave, Akili Smith , Kellen Clemons, did not work out for their NFL teams. However when an Oregon QB is successful they are very successful Norm Van Brocklin and Dan Fouts fit that bill. Mariota would do fine as an Eagle or a Chief maybe a Viking or a Bengal. Other then those teams I do think Mariota will fail as a NFL QB.

  25. Kap is a fool and will be a backup qb in two years. Harnut will be the coach of a college football team and tge niners will be in LA.

  26. WTF haters [ninermd, gay-bay, jordan welcher, retard-neal]….when did we change the goal to just making the PLAYOFFS…….i thought the goal was a SUPER BOWL…….

      1. oneniner says:
        November 21, 2013 at 11:31 am
        what did i say that was offensive…….i have gay friends……i even have a gay girlfriend….

        Typical moron. Does this sound familiar.

        “I can’t stand Ni**ers!

        Hey onelame why do you have to use that word when talking about black people?

        Onelame- what I have tons of black friends. I’m not a racist.

        What a joke. You don’t have a girlfriend and if you did I’m sure she’s of to some bikini modeling gig in the Bahamas.

    1. One lame…. Why do you care so much for my opinion on the chiefs?
      If you knew anything you’d know I’ve been saying the 49ers will win the superbowl. And Alex smith is not gay. And he’s not your girlfriend. I think you might want to get a new shrink. Your obsession is getting scary again. You’re a joke! Like the chiefs and Alex smith are. Just deal with it!

  27. Jack Hammer says:
    November 21, 2013 at 11:04 am
    “The defense kept them in the game.”

    Fair enough. No argument there. But last I looked the defense wears the the red&gold just like the offense.
    Also, the football talking heads have ranked the 6-4 49ers in the top ten for reason. Perhaps like me, they know that this team could have easily been 8-2 sans a couple of dropped passes and a bad penalty call.

    The reason I posed the question to Fan77, is because I’ve noticed that there has been no shortage in finger-pointing all of CK’ problems.
    Heck, I could throw in a few of my own for that matter.

    Does anyone have a sensible solution to Kap’ issues is what I’m interested in knowing.
    Grant’s idea of moving the pocket was a great one.
    Swing passes to the RB’ could provide CK with less pressure from the defensive pass rush has been bandied around as well.

    Personally, my opinion (just an opinion) is that CK is being harnessed by design because if he is allowed to free-lance or play to his strengths he subjects himself to injury thereby completely nullifying the season.

    If we make the playoffs, I expect Harbaugh/Roman to free CK to play to his strengths.
    But obviously, this needs to happen much sooner than later.

      1. Since many here like to play the comparison game I’ll take my stab, the Chiefs can echo the same thing Hammer, why are they not in the top ten?

      2. They are AES, I already gave you a link showing it. This ranking is all about stats so their exclusion does not surprise me.

    1. Hey AES.
      I’m a Niner fan first, so I want Colin to play well and be great. He had two chances to lead the team to victory at the end of the game. That’s when you put the ball in your QB’s hands and hope he can lead the team. In both instances Colin failed in very dramatic fashion. In the Carolina game he was sacked and then threw a pick. In the Saints game, he was sacked, was almost sacked for a safety, had a check down in Frank Gore but doesn’t throw it, then scrambles for the first down and then runs out of bounds. If that QB was Alex Smith, this blog would be lynching him.
      Right now the team is competitive in spite of the QB play. In 2011, Alex was efficient, he eliminated mistakes and people forget he led a few comebacks when asked. In 2012 he played one of his best games, went 18-19, and then was benched.
      But that’s last year. This year it’s a hard hill to climb. When you read the articles about Kapernick’s regression, there are no excuses, he’s not playing the position well. Granted it may be the wrong system for him, but none the less, he’s the reason the passing offense is so lame.

      1. I agree Fan77, yes CK failed on those games.

        But so has Montana, Marino, Kelly, Tarkenton, Fouts, Young, Romo, and both Manning brothers just to name some notables.

        The fact that this team is still in the playoff hunt even with CK playing out of sorts gives me reason to believe that with Crabtree and Mario playing healthy down the stretch run we could be the team other playoff teams are afraid to face.

      2. AES,
        Those losses are the past. I agree he has the potential to change it around. I think it starts with him though, not the WRs. He needs to improve.

  28. The 49ers have perhaps the most talented roster in football… but an offense that can’t throw against 9 in the box is in big trouble. 10th sounds about right. Even lower if defenses successfully employ the Saints 3-5-3 aliment.

    It all hinges on how well Crabtree (and Manningham) play. If the Crustacean Sensation is 90% or better in December I’d rank the 49ers near the top.

  29. Last year’s pattern was win 2, lose 1. This year’s pattern appears like lose 2, win 5, lose 2, win ??

    If the team goes on a winning streak – which is likely given the schedule and past history – they’ll make the playoffs. How deep they’ll go is another question.

  30. If Adam “Screendoor” Snyder is on the field the Niners lose every time, pure and simple. He is the worst lineman in the league hands down. Nice guy but cannot block worth beans…

    1. I’m liking Snyder as an extra blocker in Jumbo formations. He has the experience to adapt his blocking in ways converted NTs can’t. As a fill in for Iupati I’m not so enthusiastic.

      The absence of Kilgore or Looney has me concerned about O-line depth. If Looney never develops, the 2012 draft could become a complete wash.

      1. Kilgore replacing Goodwin makes sense.

        2012 was the “speed draft” when the 49ers diverted from their usual “physical, natural football instincts, preparation maniacs” player mold.

        The 49ers will certainly draft a WR in the first three rounds, but have they developed the scouting expertise? Maybe they should hire a consultant to bolster this front office weak spot.

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