49ers rank No.6 in Week 14 advanced power rankings

Here is the top-10 of the advancedNFLstats.com’s Week 14 team efficiency ratings:

1. The Seattle Seahawks

2. The New Orleans Saints

3. The Denver Broncos

4. The Cincinnati Bengals

5. The Philadelphia Eagles

6. The San Francisco 49ers (8-1 odds to win the Super Bowl according to this article)

7. The Arizona Cardinals

8. The Detroit Lions

9. The New England Patriots

10. The Green Bay Packers

If any of these rankings do not make sense, this graph will help explain the reasoning behind them

    1. The conventional wisdom is the Seahawks are the #1 team in these sorts of meaningless rankings. It would be surprising if they had any other team at #1.
      And we are way, way better than the Eagles. Also, if Rodgers doesn’t immediately return to the Pack, I have them ranked around 23.

  1. The seahawks may be #1 at home but not on the rd and it will take at least one rd win to be SB champs. Grant where are the cowboys?

      1. I dislike the Cowboys quite a bit, however, I will say this… Romo is definately not the problem over there. I know Romo has become a scapegoat over there. But I thing one thing that has really been shown this season is that Romo may be the only thing keeping them alive in the playoff race.

        How is Romo the problem??? Is he supposed to keep the other team from scoring 45 pts a game. Come on guys.

      2. Thanks for the link. That warmed me up this morning.
        As to Pokes, I wouldn’t put the blame on Romo. As to JJ, do you think he signs McFadden in FA; Arkansas guy? Seems like a JJ move. Then he’d have two super talented but fragile RBs. He could hope they’d be hurt at different times.

    1. I remember Grant started the year with a crazy post about how the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl! hahahahaha

      Worst team in the NFC, by far. How runs a Niners blog and picks the Cowboys? Grant does…

      1. Cowboys had a slew of injuries even before training camp and lost several more defensive players to season-long injuries in the early days of training camp.

        Cannot prognosticate the health of teams.

      2. So what is your point! If the injuries is the reason for the production of the cowboys then what do you have to say for the past 6 years where they had a roster full of talent on both sides!

        Injuries will impact the performance of any team so if we are going to use injuries as a reason for the lack of production then lets use the same factor for judging all the teams around the NFL.

      3. The Cowboys have been disproportionately undone by injuries, in particular to the defensive line. They’ve done rather well considering.
        Some teams have the unfortunate luck to have to deal with more significant injury issues than other teams. To pretend otherwise is silly.

      4. Ditto, injuries were a huge factor, but let’s not forget that Romo is living up to his rep as anti-clutch. He is now 13 – 20 in games played in December.

      5. I believe its silly to use injuries as an excuse for Dallas Cowboys failure in the past several years. If that is the case then my questions is what happened in 2012, 2011, 2010?

    2. Old Coach,

      Who do they have to beat on the road?
      The only so called away game they will have will be at a neutral site in NY played against an AFC team… I dont see any AFC team beating them in NY.

  2. This is exactly why I for the most part try to ignore power rankings, all they do is angry up the blood and for what? Someone’s arbitrary meaningless list of how THEY view the teams. As if their opinion on this subject is supposed to carry value in some way. No thanks.

      1. Thanks but I’m not sure I earned much congrats, your team had a bad day at the wrong time. Truly sorry to be the one to cause you an early exit my friend. I’m already looking forward to next years league and thanks again for running this one.

      2. No problem. I have learned a lot this season and hope to utilize that knowledge next year. In the meantime, I will just sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the GMs go at it. ;-)

    1. CfC:

      If only there was some way the teams could settle who is best on the field.

      The power ranking are there to do exactly what you said – stir up fans who don’t have the patience to let the season play out.

    1. Bloody brilliant piece of game planning wouldn’t you say Hammer? Weren’t you one of the ones that said Fangios’ defenses regress?

      1. What Jack? You were wrong? A Blogmaster? Hahaha.
        Please don’t misunderstand my tease, you’ve never been afraid to take ownership of your comments. I’m just doing some ‘compare & contrast’ for the sole purpose of being a smart alec.

      1. Claude,

        They played a higher percentage of base defense than they did in week 2, and Ahmad Brooks spent most of the game as a spy instead of rushing the QB. I don’t remember seeing that before.

      2. Jack:

        Interesting. I noticed Brooks hanging back and spying, but I didn’t pick up on the increased use of the base defense. Did you think he did that so that they would have 4 pass rushers even with Brooks hanging back?

        Did Brooks also spy when they were in nickel? If so , did they just rush 3? How often did Seattle go with 3 or more WRs?

        Sorry for all the questions, but you have piqued my interest.

      3. Jack why do you think Pat Willis was out of position to cover the rookie te! How come they did not plan to cover him after the first big completion. Also if you take a look at the sea hawks games you will find they have the tendency to throw to a wr on the right sideline or to the RB in the middle of the zone so what is the best way to protect against that play?

      4. Claude,

        I haven’t charted the defense so I can’t speak to the personnel groups of the Seahawks offense.

        Brooks was rushing in Nickle.

      5. Chicago,

        Almost any linebacker will struggle in man coverage against a TE running across the field, especially after a free release.

      6. Jack, I understand but Pat is not just any Linebacker with his speed and Quickness. In the past few years Pat was excellent in covering TE and held his own! I wonder if Pat is ok or still suffering from a groin!

      7. PW just got caught with his eyes in the backfield and the back end of the zone didn’t pick up the ‘handoff’ from PW’s middle zone. It wasn’t so much that the TE burned him, they were focusing on Lynch on that play, the safety has to come and pinch off the soft spot in the middle if they are looking to crash in on Lynch.

    1. MWN – No love for Bengals? My next door neighbors kid is on Bengals (Tony Dye) so I’m hoping for Niners/Bengals Super Bowl. I met Tony before training camp, he gave me autographed football and Bengals t-shirt….cool dude….went to UCLA too :) He got cut before season started but was brought back up from practice squad 4 weeks ago. He is a safety/special teams player and he scored TD on a blocked punt 2 weeks ago. His dad is Mark Dye (former Houston Astro big league player). I could hear the family screaming for joy next door when Tony scored that TD. Sorry to ramble on.

    2. I’m on board the Bengal train, but getting off after the 1st round of the playoffs.
      If they didn’t perennially lose in the 1st round, I might expect them to make some noise. As far as Mid’s power rankings go, I’d slot them in after the Chiefs, and then drop the Eagles down to right after them.

      1. I have the Bengals at 11 Crab. The reason why I have the Bears at 10 is because of the fact that they have remained in the playoff hunt despite Cutler being injured. They also are developing a strong offense that can offset an average D.

  3. This list was used to generate conversation. It’s not a valid ranking. The Bengals and the Eagles occupying slot 4 and 5? Really? Where is Carolina? Carolina should be ranked five or six. Where are the Chiefs? They should at least occupy the 8, 9 or 10 slot.

    The Packers, Lions and Cards shouldn’t even be mentioned….. I can question the integrity of the list, but more importantly, why did you use it?

  4. 1. Broncos ( consistently the best )
    2. Seahawks ( very beatable. Biggest obstacle is that loud box they play in )
    3. New Orleans ( see above. In fact Niners had them beat with no Crabs and the ref )
    4. San Francisco ( Yes we lost to Carolina, but our defense is better now, we have Crabs back and our loss to the Saints was by 3 Carolina lost by 18 )
    5. Carolina ( strong defense, haven’t shown enough offense to get it done )
    6. New England ( Lost Gronk. Occupying the six slot on Brady’s reputation )
    7. Kansas City ( Defense is getting healthy again )
    8. Cinncinati
    9. Philadelphia
    10. Cards

      1. My initial thought was that your list was pretty on target, Bay. Then I started wondering, why should the 49ers be ranked below the Saints? I couldn’t come up with an answer.

    1. I like your rankings too Bay. I might be tempted to (shudder) put the ‘Hawks ahead of the Broncos (zero defense), and you’re right, Gronkless NE is ranked strictly on the “Tom Brady can do anything” factor.

    1. Montana man I’m looking at CBS sports college football and i do’nt see Harbaughs name any where. Where are you reading these Harbaugh rumors?

      1. Some of this came from one guy’s (Herbstreet) speculation. He admitted he hadn’t heard a thing about Harbaugh, he (a full time college ball analyst) just thought it would be a good fit. This isn’t news yet, and seems unlikely to me. The other mention is from some guy on a UT boosters blog talking Harbaugh and Tomlin, but ask yourself, if the AD actually is thinking of approaching those guys, would he let that out in public? Leverage against Saban? Possibly, but conspiracy theories are endless.

      2. OK, now Mortensen on ESPN says he’s confirming Harbaugh is on UT’s list, but he isn’t sure Texas is on Harbaugh’s list. ESPN also credited Cam Inman as having asked the question and supposedly Harbaugh answered that he never comments on any job other than his current one.

      3. If Harbaugh goes to Texas, that is one way to get rid of Roman, I doubt that Jed would consider him. How about David Shaw to the Niners.

      4. Ya Brotha, that was the question, would Harbaugh do it. I doubt it but I do think he needs a new deal. 3 rd highest paid coach in NFC west.

  5. The only thing sillier than these weekly NFL rankings are the job approval numbers of a second term President with two years to go.

    Neither set of numbers mean a damned thing. The only thing they are good for is to give a bunch of journalists a chance to meet the deadlines for their weekly columns which nobody reads.

  6. Props on your poll of the day. Here’s an interesting article idea for you: other than the Niners, who in the NFC has the tools to defeat Seattle? Only 1 team, The Eagles. Why? Running prowess and visual playcalling, both if which cancel out the Seahawks’ advantage at home.

  7. There are only two teams that really scare me, the Seahawks at home and the Eagles anywhere. I think we can beat any other team at any field at any time. Are the Eagles better then the Niners? Going to have to play the game to find out. The irony of these three teams they are all ex Pac 12 coaches that have had some battles in college.

  8. “Are the 49ers currently better than the Eagles?”

    I can tell you who the 4 “NO” votes are:
    1. Grant Cohn
    2. Grant’s daddy
    3. Alex Smith (blah blah blah)
    4. Capeman

      1. The niners are better then the eagles but they have a better qB.
        Niners d is one of the top units that keep the inconsistent kaep in the game.

      2. Fan we will see if the Eagles QB is the better player in a few years. Also, how do you know that CK would not be a better player if he played in the eagles offense! I am just posing this question and for sure do not have the answer at this point.

      3. The eagles in that mighty NFC east. Who has that qb played? Philly would get rolled. To bad we will get the 5th seed and play detroit or Chicago

  9. Grant, next time you see Frank, suggest a smaller mouthpiece. The one he’s using is too big, forcing him to breathe through his nose only. I maintain a smaller one will allow him to get more air, and thereby reduce the amount of times he needs on the sideline to catch his breath…..

  10. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    “former” Texas coach Mack Brown made $5 million annually.
    That’s five times what you bring home.
    If you had already (a) won a Super Bowl or (b) clinched the Conference championship for this year,
    then you might be able to feign interest in the job at U of Texas and thereby
    extract some sort of raise out of the Niners.
    At this point in time, your resume feels a little light when compared to the front runner, Urban Meyer.
    So there is a chance that your current employer will give you a green light to “shop around.”
    The question then becomes: do you feel lucky?

  11. Dude…… you are the man.!!
    (proofreading for fun and profit)

    Is he a beancounter by trade or
    did he just pass his high school math classes?
    Either way, he is a hero in my book.

    So who would Coach Harbaw rather face?
    Pete Carroll or Johnny Manziel?

    1. Actually my math isn’t hazzy, I’m an engineer by trade, we don’t count beans anymore, and I teach college math on the side. What do you do?

      I also don’t want to be nit picky but if Harbaugh wanted to face Johnny Manziel he should stay put, since Manziel will be going pro.

  12. Cincy and Philly before the 49ers. Lmao! Idk about Denver, but we are better than NO already showed that and tied with Seattle. These are always funny.
    Where’s the mighty Chefs at?

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