49ers @ Redskins live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 12 Monday Night game in Washington. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:56 James fumbles the punt but recovers it at the 49ers’ 45.

8:01 Kaepernick calls timeout No.2 as the 49ers face fourth-and-2 from the Redskins’ 35.

8:06 Kaepernick converts the fourth down by scrambling for 5 yards, but the 49ers cannot score a touchdown. Dawson makes a 49-yard field goal to make the score 27-6 Niners.

8:13 Brock gives up a 10-yard first-down pass to Garcon on the second play of the drive, and then the Redskins go three-and-out. Griffin gets sacked by Aldon Smith on second down, and by Ahmad Brooks on third down. Griffin is truly horrible. The Redskins need to replace him and their coaching staff.

8:15 49ers’ ball at their own 37.

8:20 Dixon runs three times for 10 yards and a first down. Hunter runs twice for five yards and the 49ers punt. Redskins’ ball at their 15.

8:29 Griffin slides down after an 8-yard gain on fourth-and-10 and he loses. The 49ers win 27-6. I’ll post my grades shortly.

  1. 2 burned timeouts AGAIN with guys NOT KNOWING WHERE TO LINE UP. It’s WEEK TWELVE. TWELVE! and year 3 of this offense. i don’t understand

  2. dammit. colin. i mean, really? should have been worse than a 5 yd penalty. just give the ball to the ref and act like you’ve been there.

      1. i just hope he doesn’t do something stupid like that in a critical moment in a critical game. i applaud the energy, but he needs to be smarter with his emotions. put the ball down and yell like a normal person.

  3. Safe to say our defense is still the big chief on this team.
    And I’m sick of seeing the game the nfl hyped up by ripping us off’ commercial. Bree’s is gonna have a field day with their fill in at browners position.

  4. Wish me luck guys. I’m trying out for the Seahawks starting cornerback job tomorrow! Their secondary has a huge hole at cornerback and nickel back now!

  5. With all the crying & whining by some turds in these game threads you would think we are getting blown out.

    now with 8 minutes to go in the 4th quarter here are the stats….

    Colin Kaepernick:
    15 of 24 passes for 235 yards & 3 TD’s for a 134.6 QB Rating
    6 rushes for 23 yards

    Robert Griffin III:
    12 of 22 for 97 yards & 0 TD’s with 1 INT for a 47.0 QB Rating

    1. in defense of said turds, the frustration expressed is driven from inconsistent execution and questionable, head-scratching plays from G-Ro not capitalizing on the talent we have.

      1. Bullsh!t ….we got the same gutless no passion agenda driven spinless whiner turds that were crying in every gameday thread last year as Kap was leading us to the Super Bowl. Some are not really even watching the game or line play its so comical.

  6. Aldon looks back, Kaepernick bounces back, I’m officially excited for the rest of the season again. I guess playing the Redskins can do that.

  7. vic fangio meanwhile is absolutely killing it week in and week out. 9 pts to the panthers, 23 points to the saints, and now 6 to the skins who can’t keep RG3 upright. just get to the tournament and we can take on all comers with this D.

    1. Manningham has been targeted tonight. And forget about Baldwin because he won’t get another chance with Crabtree getting ready to come back.

  8. I know the Redskins D is horrible but their Offense was averaging over 400 a game over 150 rushing a game our D is for real they have only given up 160 yards total tonight.

  9. We should be replacing as many players as we can on defense. Get Reid out of there! Replace everyone if you can! We’ve had too much bad luck with injuries!

    1. Hahahaha! That thing is going to be awesome by the time the playoffs hit. I hope he grows the stache into a full blown handlebar. So trashy but so awesome.

  10. We only have until tomorrow to add Crabtree to the 53 man roster right? Must be the plan to wait until tomorrow morning. Smart move.

    1. you must not be watching espn. they were still laying into him (steve young and ray lewis in particular; trent dilfer is trying to be nice, but he’s still laying into him).

      1. It was a B. There, I fixed it for you. 15-24 -235 and 3 TD’s and ran for a 1st down and got most of his receivers involved. Changed the plays and made better reads in the 2nd half. Got rid of the ball and got out of trouble from the pass rush. You can go through your progressions when your pass protection holds up.

      2. What did they say? Kap played well. Made some nice throws. Also made some really bad throws into coverage. Forcing the ball into his first read when he had time to can the field and look for another WR.
        Defense was great. They’re only played one bad game this year, and that was against Andrew Luck, even without a consistent pass rush.

      3. DS77exever,

        Really bad THROW into coverage when he missed the CHECKDOWN. There I fixed that for you DS. 3 touchdown passes and no turnovers son. Keep hatin! It’s who you are! Yep, that is DS!

  11. “The offensive line did a great job in protection. Gave the Qb time to go through his progressions!” A quote from Anquan Boldin. Protect the QB offensive live. Give him a chance to find his receivers!

  12. We sure do look pretty against crappy teams. Too bad we can’t look like this against good teams. Only issue with this game was the miserable running game, 2.3 ypc is unacceptable. Why did Roman call what seemed to be every run for the left where the weak link of Snyder is? At least we saw a professional passing attack after how many weeks of 1950′s level passing. Good win!

    1. You’re not being a negative nelly, its just a honest observation. Bottom line: we really have to beat STL, Seattle, and @Arizona to keep the current wild card slot. Kap & the “O” needs to be playing their best ball in December. Crabtree will add depth & help but his production will not mirror last year…but i hope i’m wrong. Crabs just needs to be a another reliable target for Kap-Boldin & the crew.

      1. Ninernation,

        The division is not out of reach. Watch Seattle these next several weeks. If we beat them, we win this division. Remember this post!

      2. I don’t think it’s Crabs, but Colin’s faith in his WR. He played a little more fearless today at times.

        It’s really in his head. he made some nice first read throws to Mannigham on some slants, but we really don’t see a lot of check down progressions.

        The only time it looked like he through to a 2nd read was the pass to McDonald on a wheel route.

        He doesn’t check down well at all right now, unless it’s a panic situation where the rush is getting to him.
        Redskins really are mess, but the D had a lot to do with it. They just smack RG3 around.
        Now he looks really lost!

    2. C4C,
      No argument there. But I’ve been saying for the last three weeks that we will get better with the emergence of Manningham and the eventual return of Crabtree.

      The games against the Panthers and Saints might have had a different result with those two players.

      This team is ascending imo. Our defense has been playing lights out and once the offense catches up, we are going to the team that nobody wants to face in the playoffs.

      1. True AES, this team will not be a easy out in the postseason. I expect the offense & team play as a whole to accend from here once we are at full strength. The 49ers are not going to be your normal 6th seed in the playoffs. However ……we still need a true deep threat, Kap to hit those check downs, & also the WR’s to win their one-on-one matchups on a more consistent basis as well.

    1. B is about right, some great plays and some not-so-great plays. Improvement is key though, now just needs to keep it going against the Rams and keep improving and we’ll be good. Hopefully Crabtree is back to 100% by the Seahawks game and we can take advantage of them losing Browner and Thurmond.

      1. What is Crabtree looking like in practice? It worries me that we haven’t heard much about his progress. How close can we assume he is to 100%?

  13. With just over one minute left in the third period
    … the Niners have a whopping 17 points on the board
    (playing against the Redskins…???)

    Please explain our lack of success on third down, willya?

  14. Didn’t get to watch the game today but sounds like a marked improvement from the past couple of weeks. Needed to right the ship, and they did so. Good to see Aldon Smith with a couple of sacks too. Alson in full flight will be a big bonus to this team down the stretch. Also good to see Manningham with a few catches – if he can become a factor that will also go a long way to helping this team down the stretch.

    1. The one big difference tonight vs the previous two weeks…
      - The offense finally completed passes over the 8-9 in the box alignments. They even completed a few vs the blitz in the 2nd half.
      - The defense pressured the QB at key moments toward the end of the game. Aldon is rounding into form.

      Otherwise most other aspects of the game were the same.

  15. NFC Outlook
    The Cardinals are pretenders.
    Carolina will stumble, but will make the playoffs as the 6th seed.
    Phili will win the NFC Least.
    SeaHags will lose next Monday and to SF in a few weeks.
    New Orleans will be the #1 seed.
    Niners – as the 5th seed – will play the Saints in the NFCCG

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