49ers @ Redskins matchup: Boldin v. Hall

WR Anquan Boldin: 6’1″, 220, 33 years old.
CB DeAngelo Hall: 5’10”, 193 pounds, 30 years old.

Hall tends to gamble on routes, jump the receiver’s first move to try to intercept the pass. Colin Kaepernick has been throwing a lot of slants and shorts routes to Boldin recently, so  you can bet that Hall will try to jump Boldin’s routes tonight.

Greg Roman should call a “sluggo” — a slant-and-go double move — to take advantage of Hall’s aggressiveness.

Hall usually stays on the outside, so it will be interesting to see if Redskins’ defensive coordinator Jim Haslett makes Hall follow Boldin to the slot. If Haslett doesn’t make Hall follow Boldin to the slot, Josh Wilson will cover him. Wilson is the Redskins’ slot cornerback, and he stinks.

The common-sense move is to double-cover Boldin wherever he lines up, double-cover him with Hall and free safety Brandon Merriweather.

Advantage: Redskins

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