49ers @ Redskins matchup: Boldin v. Hall

WR Anquan Boldin: 6’1″, 220, 33 years old.
CB DeAngelo Hall: 5’10″, 193 pounds, 30 years old.

Hall tends to gamble on routes, jump the receiver’s first move to try to intercept the pass. Colin Kaepernick has been throwing a lot of slants and shorts routes to Boldin recently, so  you can bet that Hall will try to jump Boldin’s routes tonight.

Greg Roman should call a “sluggo” — a slant-and-go double move — to take advantage of Hall’s aggressiveness.

Hall usually stays on the outside, so it will be interesting to see if Redskins’ defensive coordinator Jim Haslett makes Hall follow Boldin to the slot. If Haslett doesn’t make Hall follow Boldin to the slot, Josh Wilson will cover him. Wilson is the Redskins’ slot cornerback, and he stinks.

The common-sense move is to double-cover Boldin wherever he lines up, double-cover him with Hall and free safety Brandon Merriweather.

Advantage: Redskins

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  1. Either way, the common-sense move is to double-cover Boldin wherever he lines up, double-cover him with Hall or Thomas and free safety Brandon Merriweather.
    Who does that leave on Vernon and Mario? Will they still double Boldin with Mario back in the linebup?

      1. 1. That leaves a linebacker and the strong safety on Vernon Davis

        If they are putting 8,9 in the box to stop the run how is the SS covering Davis? I’ll take the Davis-Doughty match up any day, he cant keep up with him.

      2. The defense isn’t going to double Boldin AND Vernon Davis. Just not going to happen. Typically this season, the only time Boldin has gotten double teamed is when VD has been out of the game with an injury. With VD in the game, why would a free safety need to be over the top of Boldin – when Boldin can’t even stretch the field? Makes no sense.

      3. Sometimes. Not saying that to be stubborn but is that the only time they’ll bring up 8? Seems a bit specific and limiting for an NFL defensive scheme.

        I still believe that bringing up the safety should only give us the advantage. If it’s one on one then Doughty wont be able to keep up with Davis and the FS according to Grant will be over covering Boldin so there wont be anybody behind him to help out. If they use good play action then again, having everyone up in the box will only backfire. I agree thats overly simplistic but so is putting 8 in the box on only one formation.

      4. Grant Cohn says:
        November 25, 2013 at 9:51 am
        If he’s bumped at the line and bracketed down field, that isn’t easy pickings.
        Yes of course on the bump but who is going to bracket him?

      5. If they are in a nickle or dime I can see them getting someone on him but I’m mostly speaking, although I never said so, of when they aren’t facing extra DB’s.

        1. If Roughty can’t get it done, Haslett will try Bacarri Rambo or E.J. Biggers on Davis on passing downs. The point is to make the young, struggling Colin Kaepernick throw into double coverage to get the ball to either of his two favorite targets. Dare Kaepernick to throw to Manningham one-on-one against Amerson.

      6. Dare Kaepernick to throw it to ‘anybody’ other then Boldin or Davis is all it seems to have taken so far this season. If it could all work out like it does on paper.

      7. I wasn’t disputing it Jack, I had already read that breakdown with the images, I was calling out that it’s not likely the only time they’re going to put 8 in the box.

      8. They will also bring it against the 21 personnel, and it will be to the TE side.

        We talk like this is a new problem. Running against an 8 man box is nothing new for the 49ers. They do it every week. If they block it right, and win their individual matchups they will be successful.

      9. No we’re just talking Jack. If it’s old hat then I wont be hurt if you’re bored and don’t respond. The Sunday to Monday stretch almost feels like a bye week even though it’s only been one extra day.

    1. No Grant the skins will most likely use EJ Biggers on Davis over the top. Biggers has 4.3 speed to run with the big Terp.. They bring in Doughty for run support only.

  2. My memory is that Haslett has very aggressive tendencies. I think he’ll bring some pressure on Colin part of the time, maybe zone blitzes to guard against CK’s feet. Is it an advantage to need two players to stop Boldin? It stops him, yes, but allocates resources. Just quibbling on that, I guess.

      1. I’m really disappointed in Roman’s inability to find a role of James as a receiver. If LMJ can’t be our Sproles, at least he can be our Danny Woodhead…

      2. @Houston

        You have beaten me to the punch….It would warm my soul to see #23 operate from the slot for about 12 to14 yard patterns in the flat and crossing patterns. Break up the box!…spread their ‘backers;then see what double-teams they can afford…Manningham goes big tonight! Niners 38…Skins13

      3. Mood,
        that lack of creativity is killing all of us. LMJ was the leading rusher in the nation two years ago. And he ran effectively for us in the playoffs. ( except for the fumble in the SB )

      4. mood, Kaep can’t throw short passes. every time he’s run one, he’s missed the target badly. i assume that’s what happens in practices.

        as a dl playing vs Kaep, i would never worry about a screen.

    1. Despite what Grant says, the defense isn’t going to double cover Boldin much at all. Mainly because they don’t need to. He’s not going to beat you deep, and doesn’t have the speed to create separation consistently. Like you said, it would be a waste of resources. I think from time to time, they’ll drop a LB into a middle zone to prevent crossing routes to Boldin, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that a “double team”.

      1. you can have the safety play a rainbow technique over the top of Boldin which in essence gives you a double on him. press him and bang him around at the line with the comfort of knowing that the CB has help deep. play a hard inside technique and make him beat you with outside routes where the CB can undercut the route with the security of help over the top.

  3. Kaepernick has trouble seeing underneath coverage, especially to his left. This goes back to his first preseason game.

    Agree with Brotha Tuna. I’m expecting blitzes. The last two games I saw the hot read WR with is back turned to Kaepernick during a blitz.

  4. Too put it bluntly: The Redskins are playing really poor defense. If the Niners can’t get untracked against this team they really are in bigger trouble than we think.

  5. Sorry folks whoever posted this needs to know a little more about the team they are going to play… No Josh Thomas in the Redskin secondary or even on there roster.. Come On Dude!!!

  6. I was watching Washington’s game last week and #39 was absolutely pathetic. He couldn’t cover and couldn’t tackle. That’s the guy we better exploit tonight.

      1. Grant, if they can’t/won’t take advantage with a veteran receiver like MM on Amerson I’ll be very disappointed 49er fan.

      2. Grant, I think Manningham is healthy enough to take advantage of a struggling rookie. It’s a matchup the 49ers shouldn’t ignore.

        1. I don’t think they’ll ignore it. I think they’ll go after it early. I just don’t think Manningham will win it, but that’s why they play the game.

      3. FDM, Manningham has been limited in practice, but did participate all week. Reports I’ve read say he is expected to play tonight.

      4. Thanks Space. The last game he did not look right but this was to be expected comin off that type injury.
        I hope the Niners are equally cautious with Michael Crabtree.

    1. A 632? Really, LOL. I was the Mike in a 632, back in 5th Grade, when some of our opponents still ran a Single Wing! Watch out for the Triple Option and the Statue of Liberty plays. : >)

    1. Jack, great write-up as always. You’re right about the 49ers needing to win this game because of right now they are the 7th seed behind AZ. After getting help by the NFC North yesterday, the 49ers are now facing competition for a wild-card within their own division. Who would have thought that a couple of weeks ago?

      1. Thanks Space.

        I actually said that Arizona would be the key game after the loss to Carolina. The Cardinals have been pretty good at home this season, and fortunately they have 3 of their last 5 on the road including a trip to Seattle.

        It all really comes down to the 49ers just handling their own business. If they can do that everything will work out.

    2. Jack:

      Nice write up, as always.

      One stat caught my eye.

      Over the last 2 weeks, both losses, the 49ers have run the ball on 3% of its snaps.

      I didn’t realize the offense had been so lopsided. I hope we see more balance tonight.

      1. Claude,

        Ha! Thanks for catching that. It should have read, “Over the last 2 weeks, both losses, the 49ers have run the ball on 37% of its snaps.”

      2. @Jack
        Ha! That’s better; 37%. Whew. I was scratching my head trying to figure out a metric that could register as 3%; my lying eyes again! : >)

    3. Monday night magic? More like Monday night fluke a thon!
      Jon Gruden just called it. The league has caught up to the pistol offense but CK and RGIII have not found another way to beat defenses.

      1. Prime I put a lot of it on Kaepernick but also on Harbaugh and Roman for not having a plan B. Whenever they stick to the run it works and is effective. Like anything in the NFL, if you can run the ball, you can win.
        Why Kaepernick has not been able to adjust and use that superior skill set is troubling.

      2. FDM,
        There have been a lot of athletes with superior skill sets who never develop into a pocket QB. Demarcus Russell, Michael Vick, Vince Young. Heck look at Tebow! The Denver Broncos were smart enough to get rid of him and he was a very popular player!
        I don’t think we should get rid of Kap but right now it’s 50/50 on how he develop. He’s on a very good team, so there’s more pressure on him to develop.
        RG3 was on a bad team , and he led them to the playoffs last year. This year teams caught up to him and Shanahan didn’t adjust either.
        I think Harbaugh and Roman expect Colin to make the reads. He may do it in practice but isn’t doing it during the game, during live bullets.

      3. Fan I think he has the ability to become a pocket passer. The problem right now is it looks like he is afraid to get hit in the pocket, or he thinks his escapability is so good that he can make plays on the run. He has but not enough plays.
        Also, the fear of the turnover as well has plagued him. It just seems he is afraid to make mistakes, no confidence. That can change or it can get extremely worse if he does not get some success rolling soon.

      4. I think he misses Walker but those are all excuses. He looks scared back there. He lacks confidence. When Jack broke down the all-22, it was clear as day he was missing open receivers because he was too locked in on his first read.
        When you watch Peyton, Brady and Brees, they really know how to go through the progression and make that check down pass and then the WR takes off with some YAC yards.
        Alex was never that accurate consistently to hit the WR in stride like those guys.

      5. The offensive line has been the best unit interms of productivity all year. It’s CK’s inability to stay in, make a read and step up into the pocket and deliver the ball.
        All teams lose their weapons in one form or the other. Bay dork, you make too many excuses for a guy who was suppose to be the next best thing. It’s looking more an more like a flash in the plan. Bring back your Harbaugh avatar!

      6. Ds77esever,

        Teams didn’t catch up to RGIII , he cme into the 1st game still injured from last season. He was nowhere near 100%. He has a fraction of his escapability and his speed. He was Leary of getting hit and wasn’t stepping into his throws.

        Why do you post here. You know absolutely nothing about what you speak. Go back to bashing Kap. It’s what you love. You know nothing about RGIII. Ask anyone on thi blog what was wrong with RGIII this year. You are clueless once again!

      7. 23 Jordan,
        I used to think u chose that name because u want to be like mike but clearly 23 is ur iQ. U can disagree with me but u never state anything to refute that Colin is a one read qb. Teams took away the pistol read option and now he’s lost.
        He will start to play better and the offense play better when he learns to go thru his progressions. If u don’t think he needs to do that. They give me an example. Instead of ur stupid remarks about why I post here. Why don’t u take capeman up on his bet?
        Because u know will welch on it!

      8. DS77eversx,

        Didn’t I just educate you about RGIII? You never said thank you. I correct your dumb assertions on this blog often DS. I’ve been doing it for years. Don’t you remember.

        For your information, it’s better to formulate your own opinions instead of reporting opinions offered by Jack Hammer. What would you know about Kap not having the ability to go to multiple reads? Did he say that in a press conference. Did he forget how to look to a second read since last year? Or he didn’t have a second read last year? He lacks weapons, just like you lack football savvy! Nobody is on here attacking you, why attack him ? Oh because he took your boyfriends job! I forgot.

      9. 23welcher says “What would you know about Kap not having the ability to go to multiple reads? Did he say that in a press conference”
        Ummm, excuse me but the entire NFL media covering the sport says the exact same thing whenever the Niners/Kaepernick are discussed. Throw on top of that anyone with half a football brain can see he is bailing after his 1st read, it does not take a genius or Jack Hammer to see that.

      10. 23 IQ,
        Did u school me on RG3? Um. No.
        U automatically lose any argument because u think I’m DS and u deflect everything back to Alex. You are more obsessed with that qb then anyone here. Right now it’s Colin front and center and he sucks. Ranked in the bottom 3rd. Hasn’t passed over 200 yards since mid October.
        Jack and other pro writers, along with Trent differ and Steve young are all saying the sAme thing. But the your numb nuts brain looked at the same all-22 and all you can see is the line didn’t block. Even in posts that have nothing to do with me, you said kap’s play in unacceptable so you’re just a hypocrite.
        Why don’t u bet capeman? You can get that troll out of here. Oh right, you’re a welcher anyway.
        And frankly, anyone who needs to make a bet to prove a point clearly lacks the intellectual capability to win an argument,

      11. Ds77exever,

        Why is RGIII having a bad season? BwHahahaha. Your assertion was hilarious. Also, the word is “THAN”, not THEN. Please learn how to spell and use proper grammar before you decide to insult someone. You dumb geniuses kill me! You’re a poser and an imposter DS! Good to have yo back though. I’ve always loved backslapping you!

      12. @bayareahypocrite
        The 49ers offensive line is the 14th best rated by PFF, not exactly lighting the world on fire but good enough to not put up the pathetic numbers our offense has put up through the air this season. For a bit of comparison, Seattle has the 4th worst pass block grade on the year.

      13. Tkamb,

        Our numbers may look better this year overall with this offensive line. Question, what are the grades in our 4 losses? I bet you they are pathetic. Just curious. Thanks.

      14. They have 4 losses jack. I’m interested in all of them. Any reason you only mentioned 1? To further your rant against Kap missing open receivers. You never answered my question about passing lanes. I think you left that part out. We all know the all-22 doesn’t tell the complete story. A shot from behind the QB would be nice.

      15. 23 IQ,
        Russell Wilson is 5-11. Drew Brees barely 6-1.

        Colin is 6-4. So you’re going to use the excuse he can’t see over the line and the passing lanes? What about the Rams game when he was rolling right, had a wide open VD and ran the ball, which caused Trent Baalke to scream, “Throw the ball!”
        Oh right, that was not his first read.

      16. Actually I did answer you. They were there, and if you don’t think so all you had to do was watch David Fales from SJSU throw the ball on the last possession of regulation when he brought them down to tie the game up with a throw as time expired, or his TD throw in the first OT.

        Forget about good NFL QB’s, those were missed throws that good college kids are making.

      17. Against the Panthers they combined for -2.2
        the Colts -1.1
        the Seahawks -7.2
        and as Jack said +2.7 against the Saints

        So only one really bad game, and the rest were around average.

      18. Kaepernick has been the worst graded player on offense in 2/4 losses, and second worst graded in one game(Seattle) which was actually his worst graded performance on the season.

  7. If DeAngelo Hall is related to Dana Hall, Boldin will have a career year. Remember when they drafted Dana and sent Ronnie packing, talking about lousy draft picks.

  8. I rarely make perdictions because I do not have a clue what is going to happen. The thing about sport is no one knows what going to happen, how many times has the overwhelming favorite just been beatin into the ground. That said, I do not believe this team is as good as many here feel nor as bad as others feel. But the 9ers kick Washington to the curb tonight. The 9ers go back to playing power football just as they did during their win streak. They are just a better team than Washington.

    1. Adam707,

      Have you seen Kap quoted as saying that he has to play better or that WE have to play better. All the presses I’ve heard, he always says WE.

      1. You’re consistently good with musical references, Razor. Frequently ahead of me. You and Boomer on Countdown keep me on my toes.

  9. Brandon Browner for Seattle faces another suspension for PED use per Bleacher report. The Seahawks are trying to drug their way to a Super Bowl on defense. No wonder why they play sooo much faster than any team in football on defnse. These guys are druggies!

    1. Add to that they’re bringing in Mr. Cox for a tryout, and a couple of others off the street….Something to keep an eye on going into the Saints game.

    2. This browner news is huge. He is suspended for a year. This is his 2nd violation. Their nickel back Thurmond just got suspended for 4 games. This is great Niner news. Bad Seahawks news.

      1. And their lame a$$ backup is suspended also.
        Like coach like players. Where’s capeman? How does it feel to root for known cheaters. Their goes your defense. The other cheater on the other side will have his hands full. He’s been getting torched anyways. Wheeeeeew! Who’s gonna corner Crabtree when we smack you on the 8th and in the playoffs?

    3. 23….. Most are juiced up in this game. They’re just not smart enough to get away with it. So until any 49er gets caught. Full on assault on these 2010 est cheathawk fans. Where you at capeman?

  10. This game makes me uneasy … back-to-back East Coast games are never easy. I hope the Niners don’t play down to the competition tonight. I’m looking for CK and the offense to come out firing.

    31-17 Niners …

    1. I have all the respect in the world for Steve Young, but I still can’t for the life of me figure out how opposing defenses figuring out the read-option has anything to do with Colin’s lack of going through his progressions, finding open guys, and pocket presence. For example, I don’t remember a lot of read option last year in New England, but I do remember a lot of passing.

      1. He was running read option play fakes in New England? Or against Chicago? Atlanta and Baltimore stopped him running in the playoffs but he passed pretty well in those games. Plus you are on record as saying that the problem is not open receivers, so why did Kap find the open receivers last year. Again his biggest problems seem to be pocket presence and finding open guys neither of which has anything to do with the read-option.

      2. Also enjoy the game, but I think Kap’s issues passing have very little to do with defenses figuring out the read-option.

  11. okay guys, ante up;
    which is it?
    Do the Niners score a TD on their first series
    or do they go 3 and out?
    or do they pick up a few first downs and then
    cough it up via a fumble or an interception?

    Write your own first chapter on this one.
    My guess/prediction? …. 3 points maximum.
    No TDs at all in the first quarter.

  12. @3jordan, you haven’t answered my question yet. Let’s bet cash on the Seahawks vs. 49ers if you think the 49ers are going to win. Anyway, your boy Kap had a good game against the slumping Redskins who are about to fire their Head coach Shanahan and his son the offensive coordinator for the skins and probably the rest of their dysfunctional coaching staff next season.

    Jordan the way the Redskins are playing right now, even a crappy team like the Jaguars can blow them out. What so funny is, kap and 49ers only know how to beat lowly teams with less talent players.

  13. Razor eater,
    I’m not worried about the Saints game; you might be thinking that without Browner and Thurmond the Seahawks are in trouble in their passing game. You know what the Seahawks have Quality backups in Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane who are big and good pass coverage defenders. The Seahawks are deep with good young talents.

    Browner and Thurmond mostly likely won’t be on the Hawks roster comes next season, both this two aren’t very smart using PEDS, their NFL career is tarnished forever and this two young players need to discipline themselves and clean up their act or their career in NFL will be short.

    The Seahawks have Bolster their Pass defense Marcus Trufant is already practicing with the Seahawks team and trying to resigned veteran CB Antonio Winfield from retirement.

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