49ers release Bruce Miller

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have released fullback Bruce Miller, who was arrested early Monday morning for assaulting a 70-year-old man and his son.

Good move by the team to cut Miller. Stay tuned for more information.

UPDATE. According to Matt Maiocco, the San Francisco Sheriff’s department charged Miller with elder abuse, battery, threats, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Miller allegedly tried to enter a hotel room that wasn’t his, then punched the 70-year-old guest of that room in his face and broke some of his bones.

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  1. Another season, another lawbreaking distraction.

    JeRon Hamm looked like a better TE to me during camp and preseason, so this isn’t a big loss in terms of talent, IMO.

    By the way, welcome back to the team DuJuan Harris! Suddenly I feel much better about or RB depth.

  2. For those who haven’t heard, CB Will Redmond has been placed on IR, and RB DuJuan Harris has been signed to take his place on the roster.

  3. Of course beating up a 70 year old and his son is bad, but the story of how Miller ended up at that hotel room is kinda funny.

        1. So far there is no indication that he ever booked a room, but if he did that would say even more about the level of his impairment. I also wonder who he was with at Fisherman’s Wharf and how it came that no one tried to get him into a safe place.

        2. Jack,
          It very likely could be both. Players with CTE tend to heavily self medicate. As to CTE being the new scapegoat it is far to prevalent and tragic to make guesses either way. imho

          1. Erratic, violent behavior has been associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) for a while now.:
            CTE is an example of illnesses associated with TBI. One doesn’t have to show concussion symptoms after a TBI event. And the effects of TBI are cumulative.

            Miller would do himself a favor by consulting a neurosurgeon for a comprehensive check up.

              1. Finally, for those who are interested, here’s a paper on recent review by the military on research on TBI and violence:

              2. Mood is putting out some good info here. Don’t dismiss it just because I take a different, irreverent tack for silliness reasons:
                (WARNING- Off Topic)

                (Verbal) Violence averted:
                Cool resteraunt in Santa Rosa, Monti’s Rotisserie has week night specials. Monday is goat tacos. They’re fab. We went up tonight, cuz MNF starts next week. We’re seated in the outdoor patio. I see a guy I know walking bye and jump up to say hello. Our dinner is delivered, so I head back to the table, where my wife has a smirkey look as I return. She doesn’t offer an explanation and we enjoyed a nice dinner. On the way home she tells me that when the goat tacos were delivered some officious snobs at the next table were opining loudly that it is inappropriate to eat goat.
                1st/’What?Their 4 top was having beef, lamb, and chicken.
                2nd/ Your life is so barren that you’re worried about what I order at a restaurant? That thar’s sad.
                3rd/ Bite me.
                So my 40 year angel tells me too late for me to do anything about it and laughs her patoot off as I drive home in thermonuclear meltdown.

          2. I hate it when you hit a good one!
            Not really so much.
            U make my eyes bug out.
            Keep it more grounded and , you know, ..
            But that was a good one
            Cuz clearly
            He got my goat

          1. CTE is an interesting question Grant. For whatever reason, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

            Random acts of violent outbursts?

            Hopefully medical advancements will allow us to detect CTE in living human beings.

        1. MWNiner
          You know very well that I’m not learned on this, but I think that Miller bears personal liability for his actions in this one. Maybe if he’d gone up into the stands during a game to fight a fan the team could be accused of not providing a safe environment for customers.
          Please take with a tablespoon (not a grain) of salt as I’m guessing.

      1. Grant. This is obviously a PED infused rage that was only aggravated with too much alcohol. This guy was a ticking time bomb. This is just another instance of upper management not knowing what they are doing and bringing in the wrong players.
        I blame York & Baalke for these things continuing to happen.

    1. What is the funny part? Haven’t seen how he spent the time from Sunday night to Monday morning, in his vehicle? Who was he expecting to find in the room?

    2. It sounds like a rampage. Maybe a blind rage. What’s “kinda funny” about that? I assume you mean strange.

      It sounds like Miller has some serious personal problems if he was pounding on a random door (elderly couple) and then attacked someone for telling him he had the wrong room. Especially after he tried to get a room there earlier and was told they were full.

      1. I said beating up the guys wasn’t funny.

        Apparently he tried to get a room at hotel A but it was booked so he got a room at hotel B. Then after a night of drinking with his boys he went back to hotel A because he was drunk off his @ss.

          1. He was drunk and has already shown this tendency. Then goes to a hotel room he thinks is his and finds someone else in there.

            I’m not a detective but that’s my guess.

  4. In all fairness we need to give Baalke some kudos for managing the Harris / Redmons situation perfectly. If they has put Redmond on the IR before the 53 man cut, he would have been out for the year. They probably told Harris not to sign with another team and he would be back on the roster in a couple of days.

    This way, we are back to four running backs and still have a shot at bringing back Redmond if he recovers before the end of the season.

    Miller is not much of a loss. Hamm played better in the preseason.

    1. How does Redmond have a shot to return? I didn’t see the IR Designation For Return anywhere. You can only use 1 of those per season

    2. +1 Rick

      DuJuan is my dude! I was a bit upset Saturday. The only mistake IMO was losing Garrison Smith to Seattle. That one hurts.

      1. The problem is the team has a lot of depth in the DL. Who you going to waive in the numbers game?

        It’s not going to be Armstead, Buckner, Dorsey, Dial or Purcell. That’s the core and they’re going nowhere.

        So then who? TJE? Blair? Those are your choices.

        TJE has a higher floor than Smith and greater skills. He also has greater flexibility as he can play both ends and even move into the NT role. Smith is just a small NT.

        Blair is definitely more talented than Smith.

        And it’s not like Smith had some great pedigree. He made his ‘reputation’ while beating up 3rd & 4th stringers in pre-season.

        Plus he has bounced around — Dolphins, Saints, 49ers — so 10% of the NFL has not seen enough value in him to keep him.

        So I don’t see the ‘mistake.’ I see a guy with little or no chance of any NFL career past the practice squad.

  5. First assaults his girlfriend and then beats up a 70 year old. Much like Aldon he loves his alcohol… Bruce obvious needs help and stepping away from football may the best thing that ever happens to him.

    1. Miller did not assault his girl friend. He smashed her phone in public which is bad enough. Why embellish the story which is already bad enough?

        1. He did not touch his fiance. He smashed her phone after seeing what was on it. I possibly would gave done same. He pleaded nolo to misd disturbing the peace. New case is altogether different and quite serious.

        2. Were you there? No? Okay then. Disorderly conduct for smashing a phone. That’s the rap. All else is arguing over monkey points.

      1. You’re right ht, but when it comes to discipline later, the phone destruction will be considered in light of domestic violence because there’s a law that taking or destroying a phone that was to be used to call 911 in a dispute falls under that category. I have a tenuous memory of those details from the original charges Bruce faced, but that’s the gist of it.

  6. Actually feel better about our roster after amidst this whole fiasco. Redmond to IR, Harris is back. That gives us 6 CBS and 4 RBs. I think 4 TEs is excessive so I think Bruce was more of a STs keeper, so whoever takes his spot will be more of a ST add, Imo.

    I know Miller didn’t look great as a TE I still liked the potential he brought to the run game, as far as blocking. I’m sure that’s something Kellys liked as well.

    1. Yeah, Redmond to IR was a bit of a no-brainer. They weren’t likely to carry 7 CBs. They did the moves the way they did because they wanted the chance to bring Redmond back later if they need him.

      Will be curious to see how long McCray is back on the 49ers roster. Miller would have been kept primarily for STs, so its possible they just keep McCray as his replacement. Though they may want someone with a little more heft to replace Miller’s role on STs.

  7. See, told you Miller would be a surprise release. :-P

    All kidding aside, they had to make this move. People do stupid things when drunk, but starting fights with the public isn’t excusable.

  8. And then there were 2…

    1. Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri
    2. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
    3. Chris Culliver, CB, South Carolina
    4. Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State
    5. Daniel Kilgore, OL, Appalachian State
    6. Ronald Johnson, WR, USC
    7. Colin Jones, S, TCU
    8. Bruce Miller, DL/FB, Central Florida
    9. Michael Person, OL, Montana State
    10. Curtis Holcomb, CB, Florida A&M

      1. That always happens. Let’s look at the 1980 draft.

        1 Earl Cooper — tremendously talented. His team mates said he had a heart the size of a pea. Good rookie year. Bad player due to his lack of toughness and heart.. Failed as a FB. Failed as a TE. Sad too. He had great hands. But he couldn’t take a hit and would shy away from contact.

        1. Jim Stuckey — All America DL from Clemson. In the NFL he was a below-average to out-right mediocre player who played as part of a rotation. Lost his job to Dwayne Board as LDE and was a part-time-starter/depth player at RDE until released in 1986. Of his 7 years, only his first 3 were as a starter.

        2 Keena Turner — First good player of the draft. Actually, ONLY good player of the draft.

        3 Jim Miller — One of the many bad punters Walsh drafted. It’s like he had a knack for drafting bad punters. Lasted 3 years with 49ers then 3 with the Cowboys.

        3. Craig Puki — 3 years and done. 2 with the 49ers. 1 with the Cardinals. Was never any good and was not a starter on a team desperate for another ILB.

        4. Ricky Churchman — First year starter (was bad), 2nd year dime back. 2 years and done.

        4 David Hodge — Didn’t make it. Bad DB was bad DB.

        5 Kenneth Times — 5 game career over two years.

        6. Herb Williams — 2 years as special teamer. Don’t think he ever got on the field as a DB. Could be wrong.

        8 Bobby Leopold — My favorite player in this draft. He wasn’t the best. I just liked him. 5-year special teamer. 1 career start.

        9 Dan Hartwig — Never played a down in the NFL.

        So that’s the tally of Walsh’s second draft. His first draft was Montana and Clarke and nothing worth writing home about. If he didn’t hit in in 1981, he’d have probably been fired.

        But in 1981, we were all thinking he’d done a great job in 1980. Cooper was going to become a 1,000 yard back. Stuckey was going to improve in his second year. Turner was already excellent and could only get better. Etc., etc., etc.

        Didn’t happen that way. Never does. The draft is a trainwreck of failed expectations.

        1. MosesZD – I enjoy your input because you bring facts to the discussion. Just a couple of bones to pick. Earl Cooper did not live up to his rep for sure, but in 1981 when we first won the big one, he caught 51 passes for just under 1,000 yards (9.4 average) and when you consider that Walsh used passing to his backs as an extension of the passing game that ain’t too bad. Jim Stuckey was a solid DT who held his own for 7 years and two SBs, and in the “Catch” game against the Cowboys he recovered Danny White’s fumble to end the Cowboy’s day and get even for the previous three times that they had stopped us on our way to a championship. Walsh was the GM and, like all of us he was not perfect. But he could find a way to get individuals to make the team better. You are correct that the draft is a train wreck of failed expectations, but I’m sorry to disagree with you. The issue is not who is drafted and DOES NOT contribute but only who is and DOES contribute. Last year our third leading receiver (like Earl Cooper) was Vance McDonald who had 30 receptions for 326 yards. In 1981 the two receivers ahead of Cooper had 144 receptions for 2,074 yards. Our two leading receivers last year had 102 receptions for 1,452 yards. Baalke built our offense. It was HIS QBs throwing to HIS receivers, with blocking by HIS offensive line. I say again, it does not matter who goes bust, It only matters what those who are here do, and Baalke has not delivered the players. He won the argument that it was Harbaugh’s fault and poor Jim the Plumber didn’t have a chance. I could be wrong but….. either Chip or Baalke should be thinking of where they are headed next. Others can handicap that horse race, but I’m rooting for Chip right now.

          1. WC,

            Earl Cooper had just under 1000 yards receiving in 1981?

            Um, I guess, if “just under 1000” means 523 yards under (Cooper had 477 yards).

            I just don’t see any other way to describe Cooper than as a bust, or at best, near bust.

    1. 6 seasons on, to still have 2 guys on the roster and have gotten pretty good contributions from a number of others, that still goes down as a pretty good draft.

          1. Scooter – Since I first saw your avatar, I’ve wanted to ask you what might seem like a very silly question, but are you familiar with the story of Phar Lap? I saw the movie in 1983 and so my memory of it is fading but I can’t help seeing the similarities to what we have with the 49ers. Sometimes things occur because of once in a lifetime events and replicating success is nowhere near assured. I’m old and maybe I’m just seeing ghosts.

            1. Indeed I am. Phar Lap was an incredible horse.

              I’m not really seeing the comparison to the 49ers though. Basically Phar Lap was a champion and died a champion. His death occurred while he was still at his peak.

              I guess you could try and make an analogy with Harbaugh, but unfortunately Harbaugh’s 49ers were never Super Bowl champions. And his team was already fading before he left.

              1. I was struck by the fact that his trainer thought that his skills played a large role in making the horse a champion and foolishly believed he could repeat his success. He never again came close. I see a parallel with the Jed York. He got lucky once. He better not think that luck is going to be enough again. Call me fool if you want but it’s a lesson I told my kids many times.

    2. That Gamble… er, Baalke…. er, McCloughan…. Deserves all the credit…. er, blame…. So hard to keep track of lately.

  9. After week 4 if When Lynch returns & if Gabbert plays well there may only be 1 Leo!

    Isn’t this the draft that got Baalke Exec. Of the Year award?

    Just like the Cohan Warriors-all we need is a coach choking….

  10. I’m all about the 49365 podcast and I’ll help you with your question.

    Kaepernick would not have pulled this if Harbaugh was still here because Kaep’s situation with the team would not have devolved to the point it did. Kaep and Harbaugh are similar and I think Kaep holds the same animosity towards the organization that Harbaugh has shown. I think this started out as a form of self destructive rebellion that morphed into a fad after Kaep started to realize he might actually make the team.

    Keep an eye on how quickly he puts the weight back on after dragging his feet during the offseason. A significant gain of muscle mass within a four to six week span would signal to me that he was previously trying to get cut, as I said weeks ago. It would be the football equivalent of the dance someone does after surviving a near death experience without a scratch.

  11. That is absolutely pathetic of Miller. He is a good talent, but I am glad the team chose to release him.

  12. Hi Mom, this is Bruce
    Hey, uh, can I stay at you & Dad’s place for a while? I don’t think I can afford Santa Clara County real estate any more……….

  13. Well I am testing out this bozo avatar since I lost the bet with George. Seems the like the FO has less tolerance than in previous years. Pretty good move if they want to keep the standard high.

    1. I believe George has forgiven all penalties and there is a stay of “execution of the clown avatar”. Check a couple of threads back where George stated so.

      1. w73, thanks for honoring the bet, but I suggested last night that since CK had been held back at the beginning and later had dead arm, it was only fair to declare the contest a draw. I like your selection, though. Very colorful and clownlike.

      2. I just got back from a 10 day trip and have missed a lot of dialogue on the blog. CK didn’t win the job. Thanks for being upstanding about all of this.

    2. This situation has some different aspects than those in the past. Although gun fire or hitting a team mate in the head with a beer bottle because he wouldn’t give up the car keys are both pretty heavy.

      Miller attacked two men (one seventy) who told him he had the wrong room. It wasn’t a fight. It was an attack. Oh, and Miller was a bubble player this year too. The rookie hit with the beer bottle was cut too. It all balances out.

      Then there is the possibility that repeated blows to the head and/or some performance enhancing products can cause rage.

      I don’t think there are any new “high” standards in place.

      Like your new avatar.

  14. 49ers have claimed DL Taylor Hart off waivers and let McCray go.

    Hart is an ex Oregon player, and he was a guy Baalke scouted heavily in the 2014 draft.

    Carrying 8 DL seems excessive. I expect there will be more roster moves to come.

    1. Quick reads, Taylor is a 5T and Eagles went Wide 9 4-3 with Schwartz arriving as DC. Eagles roster has big trolls at DT and smaller guys at DE. He doesn’t have a good first step but uses hands well. Was a co-captain at Oregon and a “good soldier.”
      Trent & Chip worried about Arik? Dorsey not close enough? Should TJE be worried?

      1. Yeah, he’s a guy that both Chip and Trent obviously liked, and didn’t fit the new D at the Eagles.

        I think TJE should be worried, but perhaps not right away. If they keep 8 DL for the next few days then its likely a sign that Armstead and/ or Dial might not be right to go this weekend.

        I don’t expect Dorsey to be playing this week regardless. But I don’t see Hart impacting on him. They play different roles (Hart 5T, Dorsey NT).

  15. Also, Smelter has been waived with an injury settlement. He is not on IR.

    He will be eligible for the 49ers PS once the term of his injury payout is complete, + 3 weeks.

    1. I’m surprized a little by the comparison, similar weight but Hart is 6-6, and Jones is 6-4 and just got switched to OLB.

      1. Yeah, I’ll be honest, I’m not really seeing the comparison either. Hart always seemed to me to be more of a traditional 5T DE, capable of doing the dirty work of taking on blockers. Jones has always been considered more of an explosive edge player – more of your traditional 4-3 strongside DE.

      2. All I know is I remember him demolishing offensive lines for a couple years at Oregon. You’re right, he’s a 5T but he moves well and played every position along the line, even some OLB. Yea, he broke his foot and that set back his development, just like Jones in 2010. 2011 wasn’t that great for Jones either with only 3 sacks. Hart’s career high sacks was 8, Jones 6.5. Jones is more explosive but the Packers didn’t pick up his option and to be honest, he hasn’t been very impressive. I think in time, Hart could arrive on the scene similar to Derek Wolfe, if like I said he has refined his technique and can be consistent with it….

        1. I think he’s another in the line of Frankenstein 5Ts coming out of the factory in Eugene. Can you imagine? When you have to give your Frankenstein a breather, his replacement is Frankenstein.what’s not to like?

    1. Eh, I’d still take Andy Lee over Bradley Pinion… Another draft whiff by Baalke.

      How about team ACL, Trent? Can’t wait till they can his a**… Addition by subtraction.

        1. Averaging 42.9 yards which is ranked 30th this preseason… Hopefully he finds his leg starting Monday. I have a feeling he’ll be needed a lot.

  16. Question? If Chip Kelly’s offense is leading 17, 21, 24 to zip at end of the first quarter knowing Kelly’s team is will put up more points as the game proceeds, what approach does the opposing offense use starting the 2nd quarter? More passing? More Running? Balanced attack? or continue the game plan that they started the game with?

    My initial thought was more passing. Any takers?

    1. Show me a 17 point first quarter lead then I’ll tell you. If it’s in the cards this season, you’ve got a great deck of cards there.

      1. I was hoping to illustrate a point when evaluating defensive players from Oregon. Those scores were very common at Oregon. The defense for the most part played pass defense as the other team had to play catch up. They also played somewhat soft keeping the ball in front of them. Just a little thing to keep in mind. I also remember Hart at Oregon, was solid, few mistakes, nothing dominating that I remember.

        1. Yeah. I remember the “prevent defense” that meant prevent us from closing out a win. Anyone remember Person Riley who was on the “hands team”?

    2. I think a well run team would stick to its core competency. A clock chewing run oriented team would try to settle down, move the sticks, rest their D a d come within 2 scores by halftime. A passing team would just do what they normally do also.

      1. Was not implying that it was going to happen in Niner lore. Just a little tip to understand how defensive players from Oregon play most of the game. Guess I was not clear enough.

        1. Well, any time another team is down 3 scores, its a passing situation. Cant afford to waste time grinding it out with running plays, and if it is an incompletion, it stops the clock.

          Conversely, on defense, the objective is to make a stop on third down so they can get the ball back. If it gets to the 4th Quarter, they should attack the football to try and dislodge it for a turnover.

  17. And I thought kaepernick would be the biggest dirtbag this season. Man was I wrong. A 70 year old man? What a waste of flesh! You’re officially on Michael Vicks level now Miller. Hit the road and go get your life together.

  18. Smelter released..How the hell does Baalke have a job?God how could I hate a team I love so much…?Smh
    Baalke is the problem with this team!

  19. Great BS quotes in modern history:

    “I am not a crook.”

    “Read my lips, no new taxes!”

    “He will be healthy and he will be ready to go.”

        1. ‘I hope you hold me responsible’. ‘Kaep and I had a GOOD conversation’. ‘Redmond will be ready to play at the start of training camp’.’ ACL picks are good value’.

    1. Of course you forgot “I did not have sex with that woman” and “Garsh, I just don’t recall that “C” stood for confidential and I’m not responsible for anything I can’t remember being told I’m responsible for.” Yeah, we know “BS” when we see it. .

      1. “I can’t recall”” – Alberto Gonzales

        “I have a secret plan to end the war.” – u know who

        “We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.” – Wm Westmoreland, 1/68

        “Trickle down economic theory” – too many

  20. George bush wasn’t lying. He said “Know new taxes.” I bet Bruce Miller assumed he said “No new taxes.” Freakin’ idiot.

  21. After being a 49er fan from 1967-2014, with each passing week I become more convinced that football should be abolished. It’s simply on balance no good for individuals or for the society in general.

      1. The brain injuries (Seau, Favre, etc), the other body injuries (Jim Otto, Joe Montana are only two famous locals who suffered for decades after their retirement) and the criminal brutality that surfaces regularly with football players, probably as a result of the combination of PEDs and the overall brutality of the sport. (yeah, and I’m a guy who cheered every hit from Ronnie Lott, but I’ve changed my mind)

        1. I agree the brain injuries are a major cause for concern.

          As for the other injuries, while I agree they are a bad thing for a person to have to go through, the players are pretty well compensated.

          Criminal brutality is not something that can be strictly classified as resulting from football. Some of it I am sure is partially due to head injuries, etc. But criminal activities are fairly prevalent outside of football too. We have no way of really knowing how much of an impact playing football has on this.

          Considering how many football players come from underprivileged backgrounds, where crime rates are typically higher, one could argue football as a means of securing income and a way out is actually of benefit.

        2. KM, this is a football blog. Why are you here? You should start playing bocce ball or something else.

          Maybe you should go to a Trump site, they LOVE haters over there.

  22. The company man just published an article regarding Baalke’s misfires with ACL picks. Could Matt Maiocco be forecasting the firing of Baalke? Let the 49ers start 0-3 and I think you see SF fire him.

    1. Nope, Baalke gets another year regardless of the win/loss total this year. He should have been fired a year ago but York is not a good decision maker when it comes to building a winning organization.

        1. BT,

          It might be a point of view that isn’t shared by the majority now, but if the Niners go out and put up another 5 win season I’m guessing that will change. I doubt many would have been angry if Baalke had been fired this year, but the protectionist instinct comes into play for some when the team is criticized in any way.

          1. Rocket,

            “…but the protectionist instinct comes into play for some, when the team is criticized in EVERY way.”

            ^^^^^^Speaking only for myself.^^^^^^

            I would’ve been / would be fine if Baalke had been / is let go and someone better was / is hired (it’s that second bit that might be a little trickier than some think, though).

  23. If we get to see Millers’ BAL I suspect we will know if all this CTE “potential” is possible as a basis for his actions. Erratic and violent behavior can come from being drunk off one’s A$$ and for that reason alone….throw in pre-disposition to anger based coping and that is a bad combo….

  24. My God, the CTE comments on here are absurd. The most likely scenario here is Miller got drunk and he’s a huge a$$hat when he’s drunk. Jumping to the brain damage defense right out of the box is idiotic.

    1. Two words: Angry drunk!!

      Not enough blows to the head to stop them! I am a loving drunk everyone becomes my best friend but I can still do some stupid things which is why I don’t drink as much anymore.

  25. OLB Tank Carradine, 2013, second round – Still on the team, just extended contract
    RB Marcus Lattimore, 2013, fourth round – Retired
    OG Brandon Thomas, 2014, third round – Traded for a starting WR
    CB Keith Reaser, 2014, fifth round – still on the team
    FB Trey Millard, 2014, seventh round – released
    WR DeAndre Smelter, 2015, fourth round – released, possibly could return to PS
    CB Will Redmond, 2016, third round – still on the team

    not sure where you baalke haters are getting your faux news, I see a return in the ACL investments…..

        1. Not really. Reaser is a terrible backup at best, Carradine has not done anything during games that matter to show that he was worth a contract extension, and Smelter appears to be too injury-prone. Claiming that a trade for possibly a one year rental on a WR for Thomas is a return investment is stretching it. Finally, Redmond should be excluded from the conversation until we see how he looks on the field or in 2017 when he is injury free.

          1. Firstly, I think Rocket was agreeing with you.

            Secondly, if you’re going to lay down the ground rules like that, then, yes, I agree with you, Baalke should be executed.

    1. Imagine if he had selected healthy players….not only would they could have been more productive, the Niners would not have had to waste more than a year to to let them heal.

      1. When he drafted most of them, the roster was deep and they probably wouldn’t have made the team…….. this was an approach to grab valuable players at a discount- a plan I endorsed and while some haven’t panned out, some may…….. the only pick I didn’t like was Lattimore due to the extent of his injuries and the overvaluation of RB’s.

    1. Maybe, get him now cheap rather than have to pay him more if he plays well. I know some people hate PFF but that article had him rated as the second highest in the preseason, take it with a grain of salt, its not costing us much and if he crashes and burns they’ll cut him or trade him.

        1. It still would have been better to wait and see if he could carry that production into the regular season.

          1. Do you even know how much the extension is costing the 49ers? They have the cap space, why not extend a still young player who the coaches and FO feels is developing into a usable OLB (less than one year at the position)? TC has looked good in PS games and the reports from practices have generally been impressive.

            It seems like a smart move to sign him to a reasonably priced extension.

  26. I know it doesn’t mean much (except those Rush lovers-apologies to Geddy Lee and company), but he did very well in the pre-season.

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