49ers release RB Mike Davis

The San Francisco 49ers have released former fourth-round draft pick Mike Davis, according to Ian Rapoport.

This move shouldn’t come as a surprise. Davis had no chance to make the final roster after the 49ers spent a fourth-round pick Utah running back Joe Williams and traded a fourth-round pick in 2018 for former Denver Broncos running back Kapri Bibbs.

Here is the 49ers’ current running-back depth chart:

  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. Joe Williams
  3. Kapri Bibbs
  4. Tim Hightower
  5. Matt Breida

Which running backs do you think will make the 49ers final roster?

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      1. Williams does not come across as a polished pass blocker. He will probably be used as a change of pace back, at least for his first season.

  1. I think they ride Hyde like the one eyed fat man rode Little Blackie in True Grit, and next year he garners Lynch a comp pick….

    1. Good for him. He already had the hat.
      (Ditch the t-shirt)
      I don’t hate, maybe it will work out.
      Maybe now someone will snuff out the candle in the window

    1. I suspect they keep 4, plus a fullback, and we know who that is.

      Two bigger backs and 2 speedy backs. The problems with Bibbs is he’s slow.

      Hyde, Hightower are the big backs,

      Williams, and either Harris, Breida, Mostert, are the speedy backs.

      A note on Williams … he’s the complete package if his mind is right.
      So is Hyde if he can stay healthy.

    2. Bibbs? Really? What does Bibbs do well? He’s slow for a short man, (4.67) not a good receiver, not elusive, and he’s got average power and tackle-breaking ability.

      He’s got NFL experience, so he’ll be a good camp body, but I can’t see him making the final 53.

  2. I don’t think they’ll ditch Hightower — big unknowns about Williams — so I think it’s Hyde, Hightower, Williams. The question is where do Harris and Bibbs come in. There’s little on youtube about Bibbs. What there is, though, shows him to be a good cutter with good vision, IMO. He’s not as fast as Harris, and Harris can juke, but Bibbs might be better for the Shanahan zone. Will they carry a fourth RB? The nice thing about Harris last year was that he always seemed to be available? Baalke too advantage of that. If they cut Bibbs, would he be available? And is that the right way to treat a player? That’s about as far as I can go on this.

        1. If he gets hurt again(likely). If not he will have a very good year. Harris will get cut and Hightower is a 2nd back at best. Williams has talent but who knows he might retire again. Either way we need two talented backs. Harris and Hightower are not that. Hyde is a beast when he is out there. Considering how trash our O line has been and the QB play being inconsistent.

  3. I hope that Mike Davis showed up to the recent workouts fat and out of shape or otherwise clueless to the new O. He’s definitely worth having around in training camp. I hope Shanahan isn’t making too quick of a judgment on some of the roster. Wanting to trade McDonald so quickly seems like a misguided judgment. Not too many TEs in the league can score 60 and 70 yard catch and run touchdowns. His hands are a little shaky but his speed alone can open up so much.

  4. Dion Caputi on King Solomon: He’s not a tweener, he’s versatile. Hand in the dirt on 4-3 looks or rushing off the edge in a two-point stance on 3-4 downs, he can change the complexion of games.

    1. Wow, all 3rd day picks already signed. Is it just me or is that faster than what usually happens?

  5. “he’ll draw real interest.” Yeah, so long as no one notices his 1.4 YPC average. Williams will overtake Hyde as the starter by week 4 – too injured too often

  6. Just another one of Baalkes losing picks out the window . Only thing Baalke will be remembered for is messing up a good thing

  7. The team will keep the best rusher, someone who plays well in the passing game, perhaps play some special teams, and stay healthy- not necessarily Hyde.

  8. Hightower has a resume but never a great player. Hyde has the chance to be a great back. Truth is because of injury he has less wear and tear.

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