49ers @ Saints live blog: First quarter

This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 10 road game against the Saints. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:02 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

10:04 Cadet returns the kickoff to the Saints’ 24.

10:06 Jim Harbaugh calls the first timeout on the third play of the game. The Niners had 12 men on the field.

10:07 Third play of the game — third-and-8 — Brees floats a pass to Marques Colston who was running a corner route. Antoine Bethea undercuts the pass, picks it off and runs it to the Saints’ 20.

10:08 The 49ers’ first play is a run.

10:09 Greg Roman calls three straight Frank-Gore runs and the 49ers score a touchdown. 7-0 Niners. Good going, Greg.

10:13 Cadet returns the kickoff to the Saints’ 23.

10:15 Brandin Cooks drops a short pass on third-and-3 and the Saints go three and out. Bruce Ellington gets tackled right away on the punt return at the 49ers’ 21.

10:27 Carlos Hyde scores easily on a crack toss to the left from the Saints’ 9 yard line. 14-0 Niners. Gore gained 18 yards on three counter runs during that 13-play drive. Kaepernick converted a third-and-10 by stepping up in the pocket and throwing a rope to Anquan Boldin for 12  yards. And Kaepernick converted a third-and-5. The Saints blitzed and Kaepernick scrambled for 19.

10:31 Cadet returns the kickoff to the Saints’ 24.

10:31 Roman has called 11 runs and 5 passes — about 2 to 1. Good going, Greg. The past weeks, the run-pass ratio was 2 to 1 the other way.

10:35 Brandin Cooks beats Tramaine Brock on a double move for a 35-yard catch on third-and-12.

10:40 Perrish Cox misses a tackle on third-and-7 gives up a 12-yard gain to Marques Colston. Chris Borland ends the Saints’ drive with back-to-back tackles on second down and third down near the 49ers’ red zone. The Saints make a 40-yard field goal and the score is 14-3 Niners.

10:42 The Saints tackle Ellington at the 49ers’ 15 on the kick return and the first quarter ends.

  1. The radio broadcast is behind the TV. So I can’t sync the broadcasts by delaying the radio. So today i have to listen to the TV guys.

    1. He just looked pissed in general. i think BL and others were just talking him down. not sure why he was upset. maybe a saint punched him in the nuts?

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