49ers @ Saints live blog: First quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers Week 12 game against the Saints in the Superdome. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:23 Frank Gore calls tails, and the coin lands on heads. The Saints elect to receive.

1:25 After the return, the Saints start at their 26 yard line.

1:28 The Saints gain two yards on their first drive. They go three and out. They called a shot play on first down. Ray McDonald almost sacked Brees.

1:29 The 49ers start at their 29 yard line.

1:30 Gore gains two yards up the middle on first down, Hunter gains for yards around the left side on second down, and Kaepernick completes a three yard pass to Manningham on third and four. Three conservative play calls from Greg Roman to start the game. Andy Lee punts and Darren Sproles calls a fair catch at the Saints 10 yard line.

1:35 The Saints go three and out again. They lined up Sproles in the slot as a receiver on second and third down. Brees threw it to Sproles both times, and he couldn’t make anyone miss.

1:36 The 49ers will start their second drive from their 38 yard line. They’re winning the field position battle early on.

1:38 Kaepernick audibles to a run on first down and Gore gains two yards up the middle. On second down, Gore does not line up in the right place so Kaepernick calls a timeout.

1:41 Manningham turns Jabari Greer around in the slot, catches the pass and gains 40 yards.

1:42 Next play, Kaepernick throws a perfect out pass to Manningham for 13 yards. First and goal at the 7.

1:42 Kaepernick keeps the ball on the read option and runs into the end zone untouched. That was too easy. 7-0 Niners.

1:46 Jason Cole tweets: “Kaepernick just made two plays on that TD drive that QB Alex Smith just can’t make. Out throw and option read run.”

1:48 On second and seven, Marques Colston loses Rogers in the slot and catches a 13-yard pass for a first down.

1:49 Brees play fakes and hits Joseph Morgan deep down the middle of the field for 33 yards. Tarell Brown had the coverage.

1:52 The Saints backup right tackle, Bryce Harris, just got carted off the field. The Saints will have to turn to their third string right tackle.

1:53 On second and eight, Lance Moore beats Rogers in the slot for a first down. Third and one at the eight.

1:54 Ingram gains two up the middle. First and goal at the six. The 49ers call their second timeout.

1:56 The 49ers rushed Brees well on the first play of the game, but the pass rush has been M.I.A. since then.

1:58 Brees play fakes a throws a short touchdown pass to backup tight end David Thomas, who slipped and fell at the one yard line and rolled into the end zone. Dashon Goldson was right there and watched him roll in. Terrible play by Goldson. 7-7 with 1:45 left in the first quarter.

2:03 Kaepernick completes a first down pass to Davis but Goodwin is flagged for holding. Next play, Kaep extends the play and hits Bruce Miller for a long first down. 26 yard gain. Brilliant play.


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