49ers @ Saints live blog: Fourth quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 11 game against the Saints. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:53 Kaepernick completes a back shoulder pass to Boldin on third-and-7. Gain of 14.

3:55 Davis drops a pass in the end zone on third-and-9. Dawson is on the field to attempt a 29 yard field goal. It’s good. 20-14 49ers with 13:22 left.

4:04 The Saints move the ball all the way to the 49ers’ three yard line but cannot score a touchdown. 20-17 49ers with 7:50 left in regulation.

4:11 The 49ers use their second timeout to avoid a Delay penalty. Third-and-9 at the 49ers’ 21. Frank Gore just dropped a first-down pass on second down. He was wide open.

4:12 The Saints bring the house and Kaepernick throws it up to no one. Andy Lee punts. Sproles makes the fair catch at the Saints’ 28. 6:48 left in regulation.

4:21 Brooks hits Brees on third-and-2 and the 49ers recover, but Brooks is flagged for unnecessary roughness.

4:26 Brees is flagged for intentional grounding and that kills the drive,  but Hartley makes a 42-yard field goal. 20-20 game with 2:06 left.

4:27 49ers start from their 20.

4:29 Kap is sacked for a 9 yard loss on first down and the Saints call timeout with 2:01 left.

4:30 Kaepernick almost gets sacked in the end zone on second down but he throws the ball away. It’s the two-minute warning. Third-and-19.

4:33 Kaepernick scrambles for 16 on third down. Andy Lee punts. Sproles makes the fair catch by Kassim Osgood tackles him anyway. 15 yard penalty. Saints’ ball at their 40 yard line.

4:37 Brees completes a 9-yard pass to Graham, then a 20-yard pass to Colston and then a 12-yard pass to Graham. 10 seconds left. The Saints will attempt a 31-yard field goal.

4:38 It’s good. The Saints win 23-20. Back at you shortly.

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