49ers @ Saints live blog: Fourth quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 12 game against the Saints in the Superdome. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:52 On third and two, Kaepernick hits Crabtree for a five-yard gain.

3:54 On third and 10, Kaepernick throws a 24-yard rope to Walker. Alex Smith does not do that.

3:56 Kyle Williams is out for the rest of the game with a knee injury. Hunter has an ankle injury and he’s questionable to return.

3:59 On third and three, Kaepernick play fakes to go and hits Bruce Miller for a nine yard gain. Great play design by Roman.

4:00 Frank Gore picks up 14 yards on the next play. On first and goal from the 10, Alex Boone is flagged for a false start.

4:02 Gore gains 10 yards on first and goal. On second and goal from the five, Kaepernick tries to throw a fade to Moss in the end zone but the pass is almost picked off. On third down, Gore loses four yards on a read option. Three extremely conservative play call in a row by Roman. That was a nine-minute, 15-play drive. David Akers makes the 27-yard field goal. 31-21 Niners with 7:50 left in the fourth quarter.

4:08 Aldon and Justin Smith sack Brees on first down for an eight-yard loss.

4:09 Brees hits Devery Henderson for about 10 yards, but the refs call the pass incomplete. The Saints are challenging.

4:12 The refs reverse their ruling and call it a pass. Third and 12 at the Saints 21.

4:13 Whitner is flagged for defensive holding. That’s an automatic first down. That’s a huge play.

4:15 Brees completes a slant to Moore and Goldson trucks him, knocking the ball loose and recovering it. The refs rule down by contact. It looked like the ball was coming out.

4:16 Harbaugh is challenging the play, as he should. Moore runs to the locker room.

4:19 The refs confirm their ruling. Gain of 11 and a first down.

4:21 On third and two, Willis blitzes and splits a sack with Ahmad Brooks. They overwhelmed the third string right tackle. I’ve been waiting for Fangio to call that all game.

4:21 The Saints for in fourth and 11 from their own 25. Tarell Brown breaks up the pass intended for Morgan. 5:06 left in the game.

4:24 Gore runs twice and the Saints call two timeouts. Third and six from the Saints 32.

4:25 Kaepernick play fakes, rolls right and no one is open. He stiff arms a defensive lineman and throws the ball out of bounds before he’s pushed out of bounds. Akers is on the field to attempt a 50-yard field goal.

4:26 Akers doesn’t even come close. He misses wide left by about five yards. The Saints have the ball at their 40 yard line with 4:42 left and one timeout.

4:26 On first down, Brooks lines up at middle linebackers, blitzes and sacks Brees for a loss of seven. Brilliant play call.

4:28 Brees hits Sproles for seven yards on second down and six yards on third down. Fourth and four at the Saints 46.

4:28 Brees overthrows Moore down the middle of the field. Rogers had good coverage. I’m going down to the locker room. Back at you shortly.

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