49ers @ Saints live blog: Overtime

This is the live blog for overtime of the 49ers’ Week 10 road game against the Saints. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

1:17 The 49ers call heads. It’s tails, and the Saints choose to receive.

1:20 Touchback.

1:24 Aaron Lynch and Ahmad Brooks are flagged for neutral zone infractions on third-and-3 from the Saints’ 43. Five-yard penalty, first down.

1:25 Mark Ingram gains 3 yards up the middle on second down. Third-and-2 from the 49ers’ 42.

1:26 Chris Borland and Eric Reid knock away a short pass for Kenny Still. Fourth-and-2. The Saints take a timeout.

1:27 The Saints take another timeout.

1:28 The Saints punt. Touchback.

1:32 Kaepernick avoids a sack on second-and-10 from the 49ers’ 47. Third-and-10.

1:33 Rob Ryan calls an all-out blitz. Ramon Humber sacks Kaepernick for a 7-yard loss. Cooks calls a fair catch at their 9 yard line. Cooks should have let that punt bounce.

1:35 Brees throws the ball away on second-and-6 from the Saints’ 13.

1:37 Brees hits Graham for 7 yards on third-and-6. Next play, Brees play fakes and wants to throw deep to Still but he’s covered. Dial sacks Brees at the 15.

1:37 Next play, Ahmad Brooks sacks Brees and forces him to fumble. Chris Borland recovers. The officials are reviewing the play.

1:40 It’s a fumble. Niners’ ball at their 17. Here’s Phil Dawson for the win. A 35-yarder.

1:41 Dawson kicks a knuckle ball through the uprights and the 49ers win 27-24. Stay tuned for grades.

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    1. They should be double teaming graham. It’s unexcusable to have only one man on him. It’s not a knock on our DB’s, it just says a lot about the talent he is, and what Davis used to be

    1. He has to do something. But a playaction pass off of all those run would have been beneficial. Especially after Hyde’s 9 yd run

  1. There is no way that the sack was on the offensive line. Kap has no pocket awareness. He wants entirely too late to get out of there. Last year he left too early. Now he leaves too late.

    1. Big Niner, I don’t think we’ve advance that far. I wonder why receivers weren’t cutting off their routes last weekend.

    2. The noise in the Superdome makes it sort of impossible to do so. You notice that Boone was tapping Martin to let him know when Kaep was ready for the snap. If his own center can not even hear him for the snap how do you expect the wideouts to hear an audible?

        1. “Aldon fulfilled all of his obligations to be considered to return from his suspension early. The NFL chose not to make that decision,” spokesman George Atallah said in a release.

          Bit of double talk in this report. Think ed warder should stick to the Cowboys and brett farve teet suckling

    1. Just shut up. You don’t trade away in their prime all pro hall of fame bound linebackers for a guy who has player well in a few games.

      And what’s the value of a MLB? Absolutely nothing.

        1. Yeah… Consider it like considering eating a fresh dog turd. Stop thinking this is Madden. There is no money ball in the NFL

    1. No one saw the tweet that Dawson was watching D2, mighty ducks last night on Netflix? Knucklepuck… As opposed to knucklehead at qb.

  2. I’m not blaming the drops on Kaepernick but I do have a question, is he capable of throwing a pass where the receiver doesn’t have to go to the ground to try and catch it?

    1. Sure he is, don’t forget the ones where they have to leap really high or far to the side. He seems almost completely incapable of throwing an accurate short pass. His lack of touch is kind of mind blowing.

    2. Yeah, sometimes he can be very accurate, other times — like last week’s goal line pass to Crabtree — he’s the opposite.

    3. I’ll answer that question with a question. Do you think it has to do with his pitching releases? Meaning he’s trying to throw it so hard that he unconsiously reverts back to his pitching days?

      1. Passes low to the ground are often thrown so the receiver and no one else has a play on the ball. Not every low pass falls into this category but which do usually depends on the down and game situation.

    4. Shut up C of C. Surprised you posted with your avatar instead of mine. People come on a blog to post. When someone begins saving other posters personal pictures that they utilize as an avatar and they post with it, it makes it personal. I leave you alone pretty much. So why be a douche bag to me?

      You shouldn’t blame Kaep for the drops. His receivers let the offense down today. I’ve always had the opinion of you that you were a bit racist. Today I extend that to being a dbag as well for copying my avatar, posting with it and defending it by saying its a free country….

        1. How to cut and paste your way to relevance by Clod…… I don’ t dialogue with many on here. Interestingly many like you trail my nuts. If you are gay Clod it’s ok, but I am not interested….

          1. Waaanh! Grant, Coffee’s for Closers stole my avatar! That’s not fair! Waaanh! Make him stop! Waaaanh!

            It’s funny that the guy who posted a comment about how studly Kaepernick looks with a beard calls out other commenters for being gay. Your closet is not as deep as you think it is.

            1. Claude,
              I have your picture. You are a little man. Little facial hair to make you feel manlier but you still look like Nathan Lane…. And you still ride my nuts…. Cut paste, cut paste. No football opinion ever…. Cut paste. You lonely bro?

              1. intheclosetfanatic:

                bayareafanatic November 9, 2014 at 12:01 pm

                Our stud QB looks good with the beard look. He should keep it.

                You can stop projecting now. Your secret is out.

              2. >>Read his comments in the live blog threads.

                Claude, I’m no fan of the fanatic, but those postings were obviously not from him.

      1. Some criticisms of Kaep are valid enough to seem within the ball park for being reasonable. Unfortunately there is also a group on this site that makes it their agenda to look for any possible way to create negative posts in respect to Kaep’s play. Some of them to the point that their minds are so sick and twisted on this subject that reason has no effect on them what so ever.

  3. Whewwwww!
    Rib put it best, Redemption for Brooks.
    Great “heart and soul” type victory. Just like a loss would have potentially shut the door on any playoff chances, the win here could potentially put us back on track.

    Too many drops, and banged up players today made for a tight game, but a win is a win no matter how they come these days.
    D–nm the (style points) torpedo’s, full speed ahead!

  4. A W is a W, and Aldon Smith returns next week, but you have to wonder how many more times the defense can offset Roman. He’s can be great in the first half, but has a history of being out-schemed in the second. Boldin’s drops hurt too. Also Kaep’s fumble (again).

        1. Not really, the 49ers came out of it with an INT to end the half.

          The drops on 3rd downs that kept giving the Saints the ball gave them life.

        1. George: Really stupid statement. So every QB or other player for that matter, who fumbles hasn’t outgrown that either. Seems Drew Bree’s hasn’t outgrown it either. Although Kaeps fumble in this case was more on him due to a lack of protecting the ball where as Bree’s was a blindside strip. QB’s are going to be more apt to fumble in the back field because they are in the process of making plays. Rodger Craig fumbled in the NFC championship game against the Giants and cost the Niners a Superbowl win. I guess he didn’t out grow that either. Perhaps someday you might outgrow your stupid statements as well.

            1. Well dumb me took my clue from one of the announcers. That’s the explanation he gave. So then I did what I often accuse others of doing. Taking announcers statements for facts. I do realize that Boones signal is just to be ready for the silent count.

  5. It’s was a must win game and the boys did just that! I think Vernon Davis is still hurt as is BROCK. When guys don’t make that 2nd effort you know they are afraid of re-injury. Just sit both guys for another week because it’s embarassing seeing them lack that extra gear needed.

    1. A win is a win! The danger is that some of the problems with the Offense are still there! They need to run Hyde more and Kaep struggles against the blitz. There were some drops but there was also some tough catches.

      Sometime a win like this is better then a blow-out. Niners had one foot in the grave!

    2. Prime–My sentiments exactly! They should sit players who do not give all their effort. Although I kind of doubt that Davis is giving it his all as he claimed. Graham is also supposed to be playing hurt and a lot of other NFL players will play hurt. Brock is coming off an injury that had him out of action for quite sometime. So I would give him the benefit of the doubt for now as to his effort. Davis is just soft.

  6. The season was kept alive today, but that second half showed there is still plenty of work to be done on offense if they want to make the playoffs, let alone think about winning a SB. Won’t win many games having that many dropped passes, in particular on key 3rd down plays. Boldin’s drop when he was wide open almost lost that. That should have been a big gainer. Saints scored on the next drive.

    1. Scooter, I know this topic has been debated and exhausted around here for the past few weeks, why do you think the Niners offense lacks production and rhythm in the second half? That tells me that it is more of the lack of adjustment by the Niners coaches in the second half.

      1. I’m not sure what happened today, would want to have another look at it before passing judgement. At first blush it appeared they moved to a more pass heavy approach, limiting the effectiveness of play action, and key drops kept stalling drives. But that’s just first impression.

        1. I hear you. It’s just so frustrating to see this offense all year in the second half. Today was a perfect example. The offense came out of the gate hot. The running game was working and CK making the throws he needed to move the chain and I believe 3 for 3 in the redzone. And then, the second half came, and it looks like another team came out onto the field. Really frustrating to say the least :(

        2. My observation is that during halftime the Saints adjusted to stop the run on the left side. You could see that right away. We responded by running less, which played into their hands, especially with Boldin’s drops I think it’s impossible to project how our H2 scoring would have been without the drops. Maybe I’m being too hard on Roman. However, in other games we’ve seen an almost complete fall-off in H2 scoring too, which points at the coordinator.

          1. You might be right George and that’s the problem, the opposing team makes their second half adjustment and for the most part we don’t have an answer :(

  7. Can’t believe we won that game, my heart is still racing. Still absurd how bad the 49ers are in the 4th Q on offense but I’ll take the luck that was that play to Crabtree all day. Man, we needed that. Now I get to walk around all day tomorrow in NOLA in my 49er gear.

      1. yeah, tkam.. go get ’em !

        My three observations from this game ..

        1) I was prayin’ Jack was off on his prediction ..
        (To Jack … I say .. “Whew !” )

        2) Phil Dawson just may have just ended
        all playoff hopes for the NFC South

        3) Chris Boreland got beat out for ROW (last week) .. but
        I think he gets it this week

      1. Partly. But Kaepernick and Roman needed to start anticipating the blitzes and designing some outlet passes. A lot of the sacks were avoidable. But yeah Boldin was dreadful in the second half. Almost lost us the game really.

      2. weren’t 3 of the 6 drops on the 1st 3 downs before the 51 yard bomb (which was a great catch by Crabtree on a sinking line drive throw).

        there was Boldin’s drop where it looked like he had some room to run.

        what were the other two?

  8. I was out walking off my high BP the second half but it seems that C Borland is a hell of a player. Wasn’t there a few here who thought he was a wasted draft pick? He sure looked good when I was in front of the tube… hate this BP thing, thought I had it licked.

    1. You’re right on Borland. The everywhere man. I think he has 35 official tackles the past 2 games, more based on coaches review. Also has had some very good stops for a loss, no gain or short yardage.

      He has to keep his starting spot when Willis returns.

        1. No way. He’s a keeper. Besides, won’t know until next season how well Bowman comes back from injury.

          Hate to say it, but Willis may be a goner by end of next season.

      1. I loved his tape. I knew he was more than capable. Good call on OBJ Scooter. He’s looking like one of the best WR’s in the group….

        1. Yeah, he sure is looking the goods. And to think he’s doing this as a rookie after pretty much no pre-season or training camp due to injury.

          So much for not being capable of making plays against the Seahawks corners…

          1. Seatte’s corners are good but when they don’t get any pressure to the QB, they look average. I will argue that the Niners secondary is playing better even though we’re not getting that much pressure to the QB either.

      2. Willis is starting to make a habit of missing games, and he will be 30 next year. Also, lets see how Bowman actually plays. Things sound great with Bowman’s rehab, but only game play matters. We need to keep Borland and Lynch around to fill in for and maybe replace the guys we have.

    2. Ghost, I most definitely thought he was a wasted pick. Mainly because I listened to what every one on this blog had to say about his size. As an individual who played LB in college, who was VERY undersized, there’s only one thing you say about Borland, that f’er has heart. He’s a ball hawk. I don’t care about anything else. Size, speed, anything. He has heart and a desire to find the ball. He’s every where. I personally say we draft Willis’ replacement( or attemp to) next draft. I told my girlfriend after Borland and Reid made a tackle, There’s our future.

      1. Borland’s short arms might have been an advantage on his fumble recovery. Short arms work better in tight places. lol.

  9. While the defense is playing very well, Reid cost the 49ers two TD’s. On a blitz he had Brees for a sack and didn’t wrap up which resulted in a td. On another he let Cook get over the top and left Ward out to dry.
    Reid would have been beaten two more times but both passes were overthrows….

  10. Hell yeah!! Helluva win! Defense showed incredible grit & resolve! Kaep was accurate the entire game and saw the field beautifully. Just wish Roman would let kaep operate from under center more often and establish a rhythm attack with -2, -3, 5, 7 step drop backs to curtail the opposing sides kamikaze blitz’..a shotgun snap requires the lagged delivery, footwork adjustment combined with the protracted throwing motion renders the play dead from the outset. A heads up hot route wouldn’t hurt either. The defense hung in there for us today!

  11. Niners need to get their receivers involved sooner with some simple short routes just to instill collective juju and make everyone feel they have skin in the game ala gs warriors

  12. This Seattle’s defense is ordinary when they cannot put pressure in the QB. Niners with all the missing players on D is better at this point.

    1. That 4th down throw saved the day. Guess it constitutes a 4th quarter comeback. I actually that Kaep had a bigger arm than that though. He under threw a 50 yard pass.

      Crabtree continues to drop passes. Boldin’s drops are what made this game tight. He’ll clean it up.

      My only wish is that Hyde would have received more carries and that Stevie would have received more opportunities….

      1. Bay,

        That pass was longer than 50yrds. It traveled easy to west or vice versa. Not just straight down the field. The kid has a rocket.

    1. You know. I see your point of view but I believe(and hope) he sees he has a debt to pay. And comes out CRAZY. I’m a dreamer so that could be. But I think he wants to back on the field. Not being on that field, your church, catherdral, comfort zone does somethings to you.

    1. I’m going out on a limb. I have a friend from Florida. He’s mixed. White dad with red hair and a black mom. He doesn’t look like Jimmy Graham, but the red hair and skin complexion are similar. Its different.

  13. Palmer us out for Arizona with an ankle or knee. Might be an achilles. Nobody touched him. He looked like he was in some pain.

      1. You and I thought the same thing. I work with a Cardinals fan. He doesn’t think they should give the Stanton the starting job. I told him he’s craxy.

  14. Palmer has some type of left knee injury. Look like one of those ligament injuries where you just turn your foot the wrong way. He wasn’t even touched.

    1. I’m at the park with the kids. Wow, close game between AZ and the Rams. I hope the Rams pull it off.

      I’m sticking with my assertion that the Cardinals are pretenders. They’ll finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs again.

  15. Two guys that likely wouldn’t have been in SF had Baalke traded up were responsible for putting the game away today. Baalke sure blew it.

    1. Trading up is the mindset of the raider fan, enamored by the big name but not realizing that those high draft picks are more often than not a net negative.

        1. I like Ward but he is getting picked on by teams with tall bodied WR. It’s a matchup that has hurt us. He definitely needs help over the top.

          1. He has had some struggles, but overall he’s been better than people give him credit for.

            The TD today looked ugly, and I haven’t had a chance to review it yet. But at first look it appeared he got his feet tangled with Cooks which is why he fell over. Not sure he would have stopped the TD anyway, but certainly prevented him from having any play on the ball.

            1. Scooter,

              Reid was supposed to be over the top of that play. He really struggled today. Guys were getting behind him repeatedly.

              1. Yeah, I saw him struggling a few times, including on Cooks’ first big reception of the day. Wasn’t aware he was supposed to be providing help over the top on Cooks’ TD though. If so, that is the 2nd time he’s stiffed Ward in a similar situation (John Brown’s TD for the Cards).

    2. In 2013 it only cost picks 31, 74 to move up to 18 (Reid).

      In 2014 teams were demanding much. I’ve heard figures like the 49ers 30+57 to move up to around 18 pick… or the 49ers 30+a 3rd+2015 first to move above 15. Baalke stayed put.

      I heard in both 2013-14 Baalke wanted to package day three picks to move up, but “the phones weren’t ringing.” Takes two to tango.

    1. I think both Lynch and Brooks start with Smith and Skuta rotatating in. We should be fresh down the stretch and I’m predicting we lead the league in sacks the last 6 games!

  16. “I’m a third-down receiver,” Crabtree told reporters afterward. “I mean, I’m like the third option. So I come in and do my job. . . . Fourth down, I guess when they need me. I guess that’s when I play. When you count stats, look that up.”

    I HATE this comment by Crabtree. Does he really think he deserves to be the #1 option?

    1. This is why he can pack his bags at seasons end and go play for the Texans or Cowboys. The guy thinks he is better than he is. He is clearly not watching his own tape!

      1. Prime ..

        Considering what he said way back at “Camp Alex” …
        I’m thinking … it would be ironic ..
        if Crabs ends up in Kansas City

  17. Guess Brees cost his team the win. 2 Ints and a fumble.
    Bet there is a part of their fan base that is uneducated and filled with hatred just pushing for his replacement. Oh wait, that only happens here.

    1. Drew Bree’s is proven. Year after year, SB champion. When your hero can string together some games with consistency maybe he will get the accolades he deserves.
      In the meantime Estrada, be quiet, you are an embarrassment with your lack of football IQ.

        1. I don’t like the use of “redemption” when talking about Brooks’ strip sack of Brees. It implies that he did something wrong on the play for which he was penalized in last year’s game. He didn’t.

          When Brooks made the play yesterday, I immediately started looking for a flag. Did anyone else have that same fear?

          1. No flag Claude but thought we would get screwed by the replay where Bree’s hand was moving forward in a throwing motion. The NFL officiating has gone that way this year. Thankfully, justice and karma happened in our favour.

          2. Claude ..

            I take it the other way ..
            Brooks was wrongfully accused of roughing the passer ..
            (last year)
            … and his redemption came when he happened to be the one who
            stripped the ball from Breese’s right hand …
            (this time around)

            In other words .. the way “redemption” is used, here..
            it’s a synonym for “Karma” …
            ya know ..
            “..What goes around .. comes around to bite you
            in the butt … !!”

            1. also remember, too …

              last year.. it was a lousy call which changed the balance
              of power in the NFC West …
              Had they reviewed the call…
              the NFC Champ Game woulda (certainly) been played
              at The Stick ..
              and the SeaChickens never win there ..

              Heck.. even Alex beat them there !

          3. Have to disagree with your take on redemption too, Claude. Tim Robbins’ character didn’t do anything wrong either, but he was Shawshank Redempted.

        2. Brees: “I tried to throw again as he started to get up. There was nobody around him, he could have run forever.” Umm… no, Drew. Video shows Wilhoite right on him.

    2. Hey dumb dumb!
      Even drew Bree’s admitted he cost the game for the saints! So yeah if he kept messing up the fans would have an issue. And the bug difference between Bree’s and kale is that kaep hasn’t done anything yet! No passing titles , no running titles, no rings. He got such a long way to go you should just accept it.

      1. Those passing and rushing titles are nice things to make a HOF case and showcase someone is elite talent. I don’t think the 49ers D is getting enough credit for causing some of those mistakes. Again you are comparing a 12 year veteran to a 4th year pro and second year starter. Lets look at Bree’s first three seasons compared to Kaps for a better and fairer comparison.

        Brees (first season he threw 1 pass)
        2002 3284 yds 17 tds 16 ints 60.8% compl
        2003 2108 yds 11 tds 15 ints 57.6%
        2004 3159 yds 27 tds 7 ints 65.5%
        Wasn’t till his 6th season that his #’s jumped

        2012 1814yds 10tds 3ints 62.4%
        2013 3197yds 21tds 8ints 58.4%
        2014 2166yds 13tds 5ints 61.9% (Through 9 games see projections below)

        I think you need to be more patient with his development. Bree’s wasn’t great in the beginning and got hurt and traded and now he’s a great QB but after 6 seasons.

        Fan did you read this? http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/2014/11/06/kaepernick-on-pace-to-produce-historic-season/

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