49ers @ Saints live blog: Second quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 11 game against the Saints. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:09 It’s third-and-4 for the 49ers, who have no first downs in this game. The Saints are winning the time of possession, 11 minutes to 4. The 49ers have 18 yards and the Saints have 118.

2:11 Kaepernick converts with a 6-yard pass to Boldin in the slot. Boldin’s CB was playing way off him. Not smart.

2:14 On third-and-2, Roman calls a James run up the middle. Surprise, he gains no yards. Terrible play call by Roman. The 49ers punt.

2:16. Lance Moore fumbles the punt and the 49ers recover at the Saints’ 11.

2:17 Kaepernick completes a pass to Baldwin in the end zone and the refs rule it incomplete. Harbaugh challenges the play. This is his second challenge of the game.

2:20 The refs confirm their ruling. Baldwin bobbled the ball when he hit the ground. The 49ers are out of challenges and it’s still early in the second quarter.

2:21 Next play, Kaepernick throws a fade to Boldin and he catches it for a touchdown. 7-7 game.

2:26 The Saints call timeout to avoid a delay penalty. Third-and-5 at the Saints’ 25.

2:28 The Saints go three-and-out. Reid breaks up a pass to Colston on third down. James returns the punt 10 yards to the 49ers’ 26.

2:35 Kaepernick throws an interception to Corey White. White appears to fumble the ball through the back of the end zone. The refs are reviewing the pay.

2:38 It seems White was down by contact when he intercepted it – Manningham knocked him over. We’ll see what the refs say.

2:40 The ruling on the field stands – touchback. 49ers’ ball at their 20.

2:42 The refs call defensive pass interference on a pass in the turf. Another break for the 49ers.

2:45 Phil Dawson nails a 55-yard field goal. 10-7 49ers with 3:34 left in the first half.

2:47 Travaris Cadet returns the kick 82 yards to the 49ers’ 21. Brock ran him down.

2:49 Brees completes a 10-yard pass to Thomas and on the next play Thomas runs up the middle for 10 yards. First and goal from the 1. Tarell Brown is down on the field.

2:52 Brown is getting carted off the field. It seems like he got concussed.

2:55 Jed Collins runs up the middle for a 1-yd TD run. 14-10 Saints with 1:58 left in the first half.

3:01 The 49ers go five-and-out because they don’t have any timeouts left in this half.

3:02 Lance Moore catches the punt and gets tackled with 2 seconds left.

3:03 Brees takes a knee. 14-10 Saints at halftime.

3:03 Tarell Brown has a rib contusion and is questionable to return.

3:08 The 49ers are averaging a puny 3.3 yards per play and the Saints are averaging 5.5.

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