49ers @ Saints live blog: Second quarter

This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 10 road game against the Saints. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:44 The 49ers start drive No.3 at their 15-yard line.

10:46 Frank Gore gains 9 yards on a counter run to the left on first down.

10:49 Colin Kaepernick gains 1 yard on a read-option run to the left on third-and-17 and the Niners have to punt from their 21. Andy Lee Shanks it. It goes out of bounds at the Saints’ 40. Roman killed that drive when he called a play-action pass on first-and-10 from the 49ers’ 28. Anquan Boldin was flagged for pass interference on that play. Just run the ball, Greg. You just gained 9 yards running the ball on first-and-10 from the 15.

10:55 Brandin Cooks smokes Jimmie Ward down the seam and catches a 31-yard touchdown pass on first-and-10. 14-10 Niners. Five-play, 60-yard drive.

11:03 Kaepernick burns the 49ers’ second timeout the first time Roman calls an empty-formation play. It was second-and-12 at the Saints’ 48. On first down, Roman telegraphed a counter run by putting Vance McDonald in motion to the weakside, and the Saints stopped the run for a 2-yard loss.

11:07 Kaepernick throws a dart down the seam to Boldin on second-and-12 for a 23-yard gain. Next play, Gore gains 10 yards on a counter to the left. Next play, Boldin catches a jump ball over Keenan Lewis in the end zone. 21-10 Niners.

11:12 Frank Gore has 14 carries for 59 yards. Seven of those carries have been counters, and he has gained 39 yards on those runs. He’s averaging 5.6 yards per carry on counters and 2.9 yards per carry on other runs.

11:15 Ian Williams is down.

11:17 Marques Colston drops a deep pass in 49ers’ territory on third-and-4 and the Saints go three and out. Ellington gets tackled at the 49ers’ 29 and he is down.

11:23 Kaepernick completes a 25-yard deep pass to Boldin on first down. He beat Corey White easily. Next play, Roman calls a fake counter play-action deep pass to Vernon Davis. It’s incomplete. Keenan Lewis is down.

11:24 Roman calls a read-option play on second-and-10 and Gore gains 1 yard. Third-and-9 at the Saints’ 45 after the two-minute warning.

11:27 Kaepernick throws to Michael Crabtree on third down. Incomplete. Crabtree turned his head late. Why not throw to Boldin or Stevie Johnson?

11:28 Kassim Osgood downs Andy Lee’s punt at the Saints’ 3-yard line.

11:30 Drew Brees throws the ball away on third-and-6 from the Saints’ 7 and the Saints go three and out for the third time. Perrish Cox makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 46.

11:31 Roman calls a pass on first down. Kaepernick gets hit and fumbles and the Saints recover at the 49ers’ 42.

11:34 Brees forces a pass to Jimmy Graham in the end zone and Chris Culliver picks it off. Niners’ ball at their 31 with 4 seconds left. The Saints were at the 49ers’ 22 yard line with 2 timeouts left.

11:35 Halftime.

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  1. Regardless to what happens in the pocket, no QB in the league throws better on the run than Kap does. Vernon is as soft as cotton!

  2. I don’t know what you all think but VD has shown nothing this year. He’s acting like he’s pouting if he is not the center of the universe. Also acts like he doesn’t like to get hit as well.

  3. Oh my god. a fade pass to the end zone. That worked! This is like a play off game. except that boldin makes the catch. not inc to crabs

  4. We have to get rid of Crabtree and Davis. Yes davis plays an important role in the blacking schemes but he’s just not producing. He’s not the same threat.

  5. Kap has made some pretty throws today…the last pass to Q plus the fade for the touchdown…beautiful…Vernon Davis on the other hand…terrible…

    1. Fan open up your eyes and shut your mouth, just keep the loser comments to yourself. Shouldn’t you be watching the Chiefs game.

      1. Typical Bay response, if you don’t agree with me your I will tell you to shut up and go. You need to look in the mirror little man.

    1. Its a dilemma for Kap. Run with it and the chance to create yds or throw it away. Seems like he should throw it away more.

  6. No matter how bad Brees feels
    about the interception (and failure to score)
    Colin/Harbaw feel worse.
    Kaep’s fumble (and failure to score) will loom larger
    in the end than Drew’s miscue.
    Everybody knows that leading the Saints by 11 pts
    at halftime is not enuf. Ya got two full halves yet to play.
    Pin yr ears back, baby.! They will be comin’ at ya again.

  7. The replay was unclear, but its sure looked like intentional grounding be Breese… thus a safety.

    Good job Cully getting that pick.

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