49ers @ Saints live blog: Second quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers Week 12 game against the Saints in the Superdome. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box

2:08 Kaepernick audibles to a QB sweep on first down and picks up one. Gore drops a pass on second down.

2:08 The Saints show blitz, Kaepernick tries to re-mike the blocking but the linemen can’t hear him. Delay of game. Third and 14.

2:09 Kaepernick rolls left, throws against his body to Crabtree who drops the first down pass. Andy Lee punts it into the end zone. The 49ers didn’t hand the ball off once on that drive.

2:11 Kaepernick is 4-for-6 and both incompletions were drops.

2:14 On third and three, Aldon Smith is flagged for a neutral zone infraction. First and 10 at the Saints 32.

2:16 On third and seven, Jimmy Graham beats Patrick Willis for a 12-yard catch. First down Saints.

2:18 On second and three, Brees has six seconds in the pocket and completes a pass to David Thomas for seven yards.

2:20 On third and 10, Bowman blitzes up the middle and forces Brees to commit intentional grounding.

2:21 The Saints punt. Gunner Tramaine Brock lets his man blow by him down the field. Ted Ginn does not call a fair catch as he should. He’s hit and he fumbles. The Saints recover at the SF 11 yard line.

2:21 On second and nine, no one covers Marques Colston in the slot. Colston blows by Whitner in the end zone and catches a touchdown. 14-7 Saints with 7:53 left in the second quarter. The 49ers defense is getting zero pressure, and they can cover receivers in the slot. None of this would have happened if Aldon Smith hadn’t jumped on third down a few minutes ago. The defense is losing its poise.

2:25 The jumbotron is urging Saints fans to “get crunk.” They’re all crunked up.

2:29 Gore gains four yards up the middle on a first down trap play. On second down, Vernon Davis drops a first down pass. Third and six.

2:30 Kaepernick easily scrambles up the middle for 15 yards. First and 10 at the 39.

2:32 Two plays later, Kaepernick extends the play and hits Crabtree for 35 yards, but Anthony Davis is flagged for holding. First and 20.

2:34 Hunter gains one yard on first down, Kaepernick’s arm is hit on second down and Gore can only gain 12 yards on a third down check down pass. Anthony Davis’ penalty killed that drive. Andy Lee punts. Fair catch at the Saints 11 yard line.

2:39 On third and 1, Ingram runs up the middle for half a yard.


2:41 The Saints are challenging the spot of the ball.

2:44 The Saints lose the challenge. They punt. Kyle Williams, not Ted Ginn Jr., is back there, and he calls for a fair catch. We may never see Ginn again.

2:47 Goodwin snaps the ball low to Kaepernick. He picks it up and throws a deep interception to Patrick Robinson. Kaepernick didn’t see him dropping into the open window.

2:48 Two plays later, Brees throws an interception right to Ahmad Brooks, who sprints 50 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. He’s fast. What a game! 14-14.


Frank Gore has 4 carries for 12 yards. Greg Roman has abandoned him. That’s not the way the 49ers win.

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