49ers @ Saints live blog: Third quarter

This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 10 road game against the Saints. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

11:48 Carlos Hyde returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 22-yard line.

11:53 Colin Kaepernick sprints to his right and throws a rocket to Boldin running a three-yard out route on third-and-three from the 49ers’ 49. The pass is high and away from Boldin. He lunges for it and but can’t catch it. The 49ers punt. Saints’ ball at their 16.

11:59 Perrish Cox tackles Jimmy Graham two yards short of the first down marker on third-and-9 from the Saints’ 40. 49ers’ ball at their 20 after the touchback.

12:04 Boldin drops a deep pass down the middle of the field on third-and-15 from the Niners’ 15. Andy Lee punts. Colin Kaepernick took a sack on first down. Roman called a play-action deep shot. Brandon Lloyd and Vernon Davis were the only receivers in the pass pattern and they were covered. Instead of throwing the ball away, Kaepernick tried to scramble and took a 10-yard loss.

12:10 Eric Reid is down holding his right ankle. He misses one play.

12:16 Reid and Michael Wilhoite blitz on third-and-6 from the 49ers’ 11. Drew Brees spins and makes both of them miss. Then he throws a touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham. Unbelievable. 21-17 Niners.

12:21 Boldin runs a slant on third-and-5. Kaepernick throws it to him and Keenan Lewis knocks the pass away. Niners go three and out.

12:24 Quinton Dial and Chris Borland stop Mark Ingram for no gain on third-and-1 from the Saints’ 33, and the third quarter ends.

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  1. Grant what’s the injury report from the first half? Did Ian Williams go out? Who was on the cart with Ellington? Any snaps for Dial or Carridine?

  2. Let’s keep the pressure on in the second half. I hope Roman makes the right adjustments in the second half. Continue to pound the meat and use play action.

    1. Maybe if the qb had some touch and location on his passes they wouldn’t be put in situations having to make ridiculous catches. Open your eyes.

  3. That’s on Kaep. He’s got to either run or throw the ball away. Or run to the side of the field with space.

    Next series, GET HYDE IN

  4. Not sure what Bay’s deal is, but on that last one he is right – Boldin has to make that play. He won’t have many easier ones. Could have been a big play. Hopefully won’t cost the team.

  5. with three minutes left in the third period,

    time to “bring it” … Kapurnicus..!!!
    (if you got it to bring, that is….)

    Now you know why that fumble
    late in the second period was so crucial, huh?

    ‘cuz 11 points is/was not enuf of a lead against
    this Saints team, okay?

  6. Saints have made defensive adjustments on short passes across the middle and on the edge, too. Niners better have an answer. Third quarter was awful execution.

    1. Yep, no sustained offense in the second half. They need to run the ball off tackle more. Too many dropped balls especially the long one by Bolden. That would have been a TD

    1. Big Niner. That’s a he’ll of a point. Roman didn’t make any like he never does. He’s getting out coached again like always.

  7. somebody check in with ” Colin ” …
    ask him if he is nervous…?

    ARE YOU NERVOUS, Colin…?

    ”” colin ”’ … he of flat brim (snap back) fame.
    So cool. So terse with the press. So lost out there.

  8. Dial has to get more of a forward lean in his 3point stance. He looks like he’s on his heels, similar to a offensive lineman about to block on a pass

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