49ers @ Saints live blog: Third quarter

NEW ORLEANS — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers Week 12 game against the Saints in the Superdome. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box

3:06 Kaepernick is still the QB. He hands off to Gore on first down. Gore gains 4 up the middle.

3:07 Gore gains another four yards on second down, and on third and two Kaepernick throws a rope to Delanie Walker for a 45-yard gain. First and 10 at the 27.

3:09 Hunter gains 21 on a sweep to the left. First and goal at the six.

3:10 Kaepernick play fakes, rolls right and hits Frank Gore for an easy touchdown. 21-14 49ers. That was a good series of play calls by Greg Roman.

3:13 Cadet jukes Bruce Miller at the 20 yard line and returns the kick to the 30 before Perrish Cox makes the tackle.

3:14 On first down, Justin Smith pushes Ben Grubbs back into Brees and sacks him for a loss of 8.

3:15 Next play, Brees throws high to Colston over the middle. Goldson takes out his legs and flips him. Whitner picks the pass off and returns the pass 42 yards for a touchdown. 28-14. The 49ers were down 14-7 about five minutes ago.

3:23 Brees has all day and completes a deep pass to Lance Moore, who was being covered by Tarell Brown. Gain of 43. First and goal at the 10. Brees is picking on Brown.

3:26 Culliver is flagged for defensive holding, setting up first and goal from the 3 for the Saints.

3:26 Next play, Brees play fakes and hits fullback Jed Collins out of the backfield for a touchdown. Bowman got beat on the play. 28-21 Niners with 7:19 left in the third quarter.

3:33 Jacobs gets his first carry of the season and gains five yards on second and four, but Leonard Davis is flagged for holding. Second and 17.

3:35 Hunter drops a pass, and then on third down Kaepernick is flagged for delay of game. Third and 19 from the SF 11.

3:35 Kaepernick hands off to Gore on a read option and Gore gains 11. Andy Lee punts it just 40 yards. Saints ball at their 41 yard line. Jonathan Goodwin keeps snapping the ball at Kaepernick’s feet when he’s in the shotgun.

3:37 The 49ers have been called for seven penalties and the Saints have been called for just one.

3:40 On third and four, Brees hits an uncovered Sproles for 11 yards.

3:42 On second and ten, Brees throws deep to Morgan. Morgan grabs Rogers arm and is flagged for offensive pass interference. That looked like it should have been a no-call. Second and 20 at the Saints 48.

3:44 On third and 20, Aldon Smith beats the right tackle and sacks Brees. Aldon Smith has 16 sacks this season. He’s tied with Derrick Thomas and one behind Reggie White for the most sacks in the first two seasons.

3:45 Kyle Williams call for a fair catch at the six yard line.

3:46 On second and eight, Kaepernick drops back and fires a missile to Crabtree for a 15 yard gain.

3:49 Kyle Williams has a left knee injury.

3:50 Kaepernick hits Manningham for a six-yard gain. He could have gotten the first down if he had dove forward instead of cutting back. Third and 2 at the SF 31 yard line.

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