49ers’ salvation might be waiting for a phone call

Dear Denise and John,

These are the five steps you need to take to save your 49ers, the worst franchise in American sports. I’m making this as easy for you as possible.

Step 1: Fire your son.

You allowed Jed to run your franchise for almost nine years. Enough already. He is a national disgrace. No one credible will work under him ever again because he’s meddlesome, and he thinks he knows football. But he has no clue. Take back your franchise and save your son from further embarrassment.

Step 2: Fire Chip Kelly.

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      1. The last time the 49ers fired a winning coach, Mariucci, we were terrible for a decade. Then after almost Super Bowl, Super Bowl, and not terrible, the front office essentially ran him out of town. Dallas ran Jimmy Johnson out of town and had Switzer do well with Jimmy’s team. Then . . . until now. The Chargers fired Schottenheimer after a 14 – 2 season when they lost in their playoff first game. We are in a slot that is similar to the Curse of the Bambino. Harbaugh will be playing for a national championship . . . and we . . . well, what will we be playing for?

      2. After a succession of the embarrassing losses that culminated with the discouraging, and relentlessly disheartening loss to Tampa Bay, I took a couple weeks away from the toxic fumes emanating from Marie P Debartolo Way, Santa Clara.

        This is the first column of yours I’ve read since my time away Grant, and I think your prescription for my 49ers blues is just what the doctor ordered.

        Great column Grant!

      3. Grant,

        I agree with you up to 4 however, I am not sold on Shaw and Saban. Jed not going anywhere, the York don’t care that much about winning, and no way are they going to eat Chocolate Chip salary if he decides to stay and they still have a chunk of Italian sausage left on the Butcher contract.

              1. That may be true but Carrol came from the NFL so he wasn’t as unproven as Saban. In terms of the NFL the only thing known about saban is his team got worse and he essentially quit on them mid season.

        1. C’mon, Grant………that may very well be whats best for the 49ers, but would the Yorks do that????

          There is no chance of any kind, whatsoever.
          Do not the Yorks make a boatload of money regardless of the product they put out? That is their insulation from the real world…………………..

        2. Saban’s a terrific college head coach…he tried to be a HC in the NFL and it was a disaster. Firing Kelly without providing him with the players he needs to succeed is just plain stupid. Fire Trent Baalke, hire a well-rounded GM who understands how to build a competitive team. I agree, Jed has to go. That’s the one thing you said that makes sense.

      1. Is that comment your view of the effect of Marathe’s Indian heritage on this competence to draw up and negotiate contracts, or is it just a random racist comment to get in the right mood for the Presidential election?

        1. I’m going to hope this is more a case of being to lazy to look up the name and there by choosing to identify Paraag by his heritage.

    1. I would ask the Press Democrat to fire Daddy and Son. Maybe the Democrat sports page would get some real sports reporters that would no think they are experts to everthing re sports

    1. Neither Saban nor Shaw may do well in the NFL. I’d prefer Saban over Shaw because the former has been more open to changing offensive approach.

      1. True he only got 8 wins with a roster that had J. Smith, P. Willis, A. Davis, M. Iupatti, A. Boldin, F. Gore. and on and on.

        1. But he had to contend with the front office undercutting his authority with the players. Jon, Baalke and their stooge Tomsula set him up for failure.

          1. That’s true but that was not the argument. The point was that the team Tomsula coached had far less talent than last years… and possibly even less than this years team.
            I’m not arguing Tomsula was good, I’m arguing that I don’t see any coach in the NFL getting 8 wins with his roster.

          2. U and Grant act like this is the same team/roster Harbaugh took to 3 NFCCGs SMH Trust me it’s FAR from it anybody that thinks otherwise is obviously delusional

    1. Yea, I was thinking the same thing and almost wrote as much 30 minutes ago. It’s a great analogy, Grant! Like Scooter, I’d be on board with Saban, but I’d definitely take McDaniels over Shaw, and pair him with Caserio. Why won’t they listen to reason, Grant? It’s an embarrassment!!

        1. You know better that me but the Yorks will never give control of anything. They like money and they like to meddle! Could be a good start but they will never let anybody take control or tell them what to do!

        2. Not sure, but his Super Bowl game plan against the Seahawks was fantastic. In this league, you have to have an aptitude for innovation, establish continuation and the willingness to adapt, if you want to be a perennial contender. Does Shaw possess those traits? I’M not so sure…..

            1. His design of offenses and quarterback development is some of the best in the league. Tired of unproven college coaches. Saban I’m alright with, Shaw I’m not. I’d rather have Petersen from the Huskies over Shaw, if we’re talking college coaches in the second tier….

              1. Chris Peterson would definitely be of interest to me. He did a great job with Boise State and is doing a great job with the Huskies.

              2. If you’re looking for the right “temperament”, Petersen has plenty, that’s for sure. But where I think Petersen might be the perfect coach at the perfect time for this team, is in the fundamentals of playing the quarterback position….

              3. I do not believe there is a right temperament needed to be a head coach. It just depends on if the players buy into what the coach is selling them, and if the players feel that the coach actually believes in his own message.

              4. Petersen runs a gimmick college offense.

                I disagree. Unlike Oregon, Petersen requires multiple players to read the defense and act accordingly. It’s a much more complex offense than what Sark ran there. The Huskies offense was significantly dumbed down a year ago and you’re seeing it being opened up with the emergence of Browning….

              5. Razor, I agree with Peterson.

                I would value his defensive prowess more. They play smart and disciplined.

            2. McDaniels is also the one who thought Tim Tebow was worth a first round pick. It is no coincidence that the Broncos became a true contender after McDaniels was let go.

              1. But must it be an offensive minded coach? The name I would throw out is vic fangio. With an established OC from college or the nfl. Vic is a defensive guru and he would turn this team around by reestablishing the defense. With either myles garret or jarad davis (or both?) This defense would see a rapid turnaround

              2. I’m dying to see what Fangio does against Chip’s slow huddle offense this year. I know Kelly put up some numbers in his first two years but when Philly played us in his second year their offense was thoroughly stuffed. If it wasn’t for Kaep throwing a pick six and a ST breakdown on a punt return it would have been a lions vs. the Christians kinda thing. Deja vu all over again.

        3. I’m not 100% sure what the right temperament is for a head coach, to be honest. There is likely a range of differing temperaments that can be successful.

          This is a good read about McDaniels and what he’s learned.


          Its easy to forget he was only 33 when he was named HC of the Broncos. Maybe he doesn’t have the right temperament/ attitude to be a HC or maybe he does, but one thing is certain – he didn’t previously. The question is whether what he has learned since being fired from the Broncos will make him a good HC in the future. I have a feeling it will.

          1. Same here. Things happen for a reason and they shape people in their lives. BB wouldn’t be the coach he is today had he not served as the Browns HC….

              1. C’mon Grant, you and I both know McDaniels is a game changer as a offensive coordinator. Who’s to say he can’t be one as a HC?

            1. He’d be either #2 or #3 to my choice of Goodwin. It’s interesting that he didn’t get plucked from the Panther’s after last season. Similar to Goodwin, likely to be one of the top candidates next season it’ll be a long shot to get him to come here.

              1. Just read that he declined to interview until after the SB. Probably the only reason he isn’t a HC this season.

              2. Yeah, that’s what I had heard too. Thought is that by waiting until after the SB to interview he basically took himself out of the running for jobs last year.

              1. Bingo. I like Shanahan too. He seems to have grown up in Atlanta.

                Not big on Saban or Shaw as NFL head coaches. Saban’s talent is being a tyrant and running a sweat shop for coaches. He is not a scheme or X’s and O’s guy. He’s going to be as talented as his OC and DC allow him to be in the NFL. Shaw runs a more prototypical NFL style game but I don’t like his coaching style. I think he’s a perfect fit for Stanford and the type of student athletes they attract. Not so sure his act plays well to NFL athletes.

                I much prefer going the NFL OC route to find a head coach. If you think Chip Kelly is failing because his college style attack has been figured out by NFL DC’s then what makes you think other college coaches are going to be the answer. I MUCH prefer pulling in a coach with a great deal of NFL experience. Having said that, I’m still not ready to write Chip Kelly off. He’s been saddled with some of the worst talent in the NFL. I don’t think many coaches could be successful with this group of skill position players. Get rid of Baalke and see what Kelly can do if the 49ers can hire a competent GM.

          1. I would not look to Shaw for offense. He has not hired good coaches on offense at Stanford (except Bloomgren as OL coach, all his good coaches are on defense). His offense completely relies on a dominating O line and stops functioning when half the line graduates. His receivers and QBs are poorly coached. He has a huge playbook but not very good on which ones to pull out for a specific game. Shaw has the best college player in the country in his offense whose last year has been wasted.
            Shaw is solid recruiter and a very good college coach.

      1. They dont listen to reason because they have set things up so that they don’t have to. That stadium rakes in the bucks, regardless of the 9ers.

  1. Grant,

    I like your plan but I don’t see the Yorks firing Jed. They have to sell the team and that is unlikely. It doesn’t look like anything will happen with regards to the audit so we have to embarrass Denise with banners and poor attendance.

    1. She and John York will not care #80. As I have said before, the entire fan base could boycott the games and the purchase of any 49ers merchandise, but the Yorks would still reader in the money from the events they host at the stadium and those who purchase season tickets with zero interest in actually showing up for a game. Sadly, this is where the 49ers are, and the organization will continue to be in that until the York family sells the team or passes on. Until then, this team will continue forge a path towards infamy as a Raiders/Browns combo.

    2. Very, very poor attendance-the league’s worst. Other NFL teams wont like that. Drop in revenue for all concerned. Then the NFL MIGHT do something with the Yorks i.e. gross incompetence, malfeasance, etc.
      If the Yorks wont leave, than we must. Otherwise, it will basically be the same thing-year after year, with cosmetic changes at the very most.

  2. None of that will happen Grant. The Yorks have never once truly cared about the franchise, and they will continue to do so. They acted like they cared in order to get their shiny new stadium. They used Harbaugh to get it, then tossed him and the mass majority of a well oiled coaching staff machine aside once they had it. The Yorks are only about the money and will be sent until they need to convince the first base to help them with another business venue.
    Brace yourselves for another decade of sickening poor play and coaching 49er fans, because the Yorks do not care about seeing a smile on your faces.

    1. They did not just hire Harbaugh to get their stadium. They would have no reason to fire him if that were the reason. Harbaugh got fired because he could not co-exist with a dysfunctional Baalke who had his lips glued to the behind of Jed. Baalke while very controlling and dictatorial with his underlings exhibits a much different personality with his superiors. He won the PR battle and against Harbaugh that was no contest. They then hitched their wagon to Baalke and this is what resulted.

      Grant: Your suggestions are on the mark. I just don’t think they are going to go full bore with all of them. If the fire Baalke as a start I would be happy. They could live with Jed but they would have to think about not giving Praag so much power. He is a business guy and has too much power in respect to football operations. I think Jed tries and means well . He just does not have either the experience or the savey to recognize sound judgement from someone manipulating him.

      1. Well that and Jim told Jed the locker room was for men only when kicking him… I don’t even see Eddie putting up with that.

  3. Rod Serlings’ voice:
    “Imagine if you will, a scenario so horrifying, so epochal, so cataclysmic, that it could possibly be worse than what the 49ers have now….”
    Oh NO!
    Yep. Grant Cohn in charge of this org.
    Grant/Jed = Donald Trump Jr/his brother.
    Sorry, but it’s comical the spitballs he’s throwing.
    (See ya. I’ll probably get banned again for that one.)
    ; >)

      1. I’m sorry, that wasn’t out of the blue from me on purpose; my context:
        To agree with your (and others’) criticisms of these bozos is not the same for me as buying into you (or I, necessarily) claiming we could do it better. Yeah, someone could; no doubt, but a serious leap to suppose that we, despite our wonderful, marvelous observations have it firgured. First, there’s knowing, understanding the patterns. Then there’s teaching. I’ve done some coaching, have you? I’ve done some youth refereeing too. And then there’s adjustments.
        I don’t have a track record there (it’s all the same in peewee), do you?
        So, my critical comment was pushing back on a bit of perceived arrogance on your part. Just because The Malificent 6 (Jed/Parag/Baalke’s/Kelly/Modkins/ ONeil) are wrong doesn’t make any of their critics right. I seem to detect a “piling on”, “kick me while they’re down” theme. That’s My take; continue your march.

          1. I’m late
            1/ almost wasted comment. Not incorrect, but unreasonable. Would Lowell fire you? No. And that’s ok. John & Denise won’t fire Jed.
            2/ Sure; this sucks
            3/ Yes
            4/ Saban or Shaw are not problems, but not the only
            decent, long term choices.
            5/ yes, but he did that with Kelly. Baalke saved Jed with Tomsula by insisting on interfering.

            Having a good critique (you & maybe me) doesn’t mean we have a winning solution.

          2. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing it’s about it won’t happen so what part of that you don’t understand Grant LOL

  4. With the exception of the Harbaugh years, the Niners have been bad since Mooch. Why is Denise going to change her MO now? The franchise is now worth a record high and, I assume, runs a nice profit. It also keeps her schmuck son out of trouble. If that changes, yes, she’ll have to do something, but how long do things like that take? It’s got to get painful. I’d guess not next year or the year after that. Maybe in three years? Maybe never?

    1. Well George, I sense over the years that you’re a business man. Whatever this SF franchise is worth (Lot$!), it’s about plateaued right now, not a Growth Stock.
      I’m not just an angry hater, but the Yorks could’ve made this a more valuable franchise than it is. John York’s profitability/accountability cultural revolution has resulted in sub-mediocrity complacency.

      1. Hi BT. I’m a business channel junkie. I’ve also been selling health insurance for over 25 years to business owners, who are obviously in business for themselves, not their customers. I don’t blame Denise for being pure business. I’m sure she learned that from her father. Eddie was different, an owner who cared as much as the fans as he did himself. But we have what we have. Has the franchise plateaued in value? I’m in-between on that one. The League is growing, but TV viewership is down. This is something very new and might be just a blip. If it’s not, all the franchises will decline in value to an extent. If that starts to happen, is that when she’ll sell? It depends on a lot of things we don’t know about. But it hasn’t happened and may never will. I know Grant has to write about something, and the guys here are really into it. Good for them. We’re still stuck with a bad team. If fans lose interest, she’ll have to do something, but I doubt it will be dramatic. Dramatic is giving the guy after Baalke the keys to the kingdom, like what Grant proposes. That will cost a lot of money and meaning relinquishing control. Does she seem like an owner willing to do that? Thus far it’s been hands on, through her husband and son.

          1. Been reading reports that NFL revenues are down big time. Unfortunately I can’t recall the sources. Could be they’re close to snuffing the goose so to speak.

            1. I’ve heard the talking heads say it’s due to the election and/or the kneel-downs. But I haven’t seen a poll of the fans. I bet the League does its own polling and knows why. It may just be a blip.

              1. Viewership is down I large part to the product on the field not being very good. Add to that over/saturation of the market and folks are finding other things to do.

              2. Jack, your second reason suggests people are getting tired of it. That would be the worst reason for the owners. I think, though, it’s too early to draw conclusions, unless there’s poll data.

              3. I’ve thought that myself but don’t think the average person cares about the players’ well-being. For example, most people have known for years that artificial grass causes knee injuries, yet interest in NFL football continued to grow. More likely reasons, I think, are the kneel-downs and the economy. Maybe some of the viewers they’re losing are gamblers, and they’ve given it up by necessity. But I wouldn’t bet money on that. Get it?

              4. George,

                There reaches a point when it becomes too much of a good thing. There’s a game on almost all the time now it seems and that has taken away from the “specialness” of NFL Sunday’s.

                I can only speak for myself but I barely sit down to watch any games other than the 49ers for the NFL.

                The NFL has transitioned too far towards big business, the product isn’t that good due in part to the current CBA rules.

              5. The NFL is boring to watch. When I stream games the commercials are blacked out. There is just an NFL logo in the middle and silence. You don’t realize how many commercials there are until you’re looking at a blank screen for a minute or two every four minutes or so. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

                I used to love buying the SF papers to get Niner tidbits when I was younger. It was exciting. Now, you have show after show of taking heads and ex players manufacturing arguments to fill air time. You have a million websites doing the same thing. It’s completely overexposed and no longer a must watch event. The games aren’t even entertaining.

                The league has gone out of its way to gouge customers. Parking, tickets, food and concession prices have become absolutely outrageous. When you make it prohibitively expensive to take a family to a game you are severely limiting your ability to procure future fans. It’s so expensive that people who purchased seat licenses and season tickets are taking a loss to avoid another $300 in parking, food and whatever else. The NFL has alienated a large portion of their fan base while chasing the $. Jed is the embodiment of that mindset.

              6. BigP is testifying, LOL!
                I pretty much agree with all that, and I think some other factors chip away as well.
                I haven’t seen any numbers to support this guess, but anecdotally I’ve seen women viewers opting out. Some are turned off by the injuries, some perhaps by the bumbling of the domestic abuse cases, some are Moms worried for their kids, some are fair weather fans. But they’re gone.
                Here’s another one. The rule changes have made the game “A QB driven league,” but there aren’t enough QBs to go around, and the D CoOrds have little choice but to hammer the QB as a means of pass defense. And in this WhamBam High Scoring era the most competitive teams play good D. ( Huh?) In the video game era, D may not be enough of a hook.

              7. Time to dust off my tin foil hat. I’m not saying this is the main reason but Cam threw the SB. IMO it was blatant that the game was rigged for the retiring Manning, think Ray Lewis.

                Another reason could be the fan duel scandal. People invested thousands of dollars while having no chance at winning. That is hurting fantasy football which like gambling brings more viewers.

  5. Great article Grant..Spot on..The only thing that ducks about this article is the Yorks could never be this smart..and they are cheap!

  6. The fact that Baalke was out scouting at a college game last night tells me he will return in 2017 as G.M. because his job was never really in any danger, or the Yorks intend to have Gamble continue where Baalke will leave left off.

    1. Bet he was looking at dbs and more defensive players..I bet he has the full injury report of every team as well drooling over it.

  7. Famous words from Jed that haunt me…”my family owned this team before I was born and they will own it when I’m gone”….uuugh

    1. @Speed kills…

      That means that Jed’s Son, Jaxxon York will be running the team in the ground when Jed is long gone…ugh?!

      Idk…But I sort of believe that Jed wants to out do Eddie in Running the team. As we all know Eddie made the 49ers a Dynasty. And Eddie gets all the honor & respect for making the 49ers a winner. Jed believes that if Uncle Eddie can do it, he can do it better….In Jed’s mind he feels like….Just look, I got the Stadium built by fooling the small town of Santa Clara!!! So I, Jed York can will my team to win 5 moremSuper Bowls! Jed will never ever fill Eddie’s shoes…Smdh

      1. Koetter was already in Tampa. The Bucs hired him from within. The 49ers blew it with him prior to 2015. Pretty sure Grant was all over him being the 49ers choice.

        1. I had forgotten his year there as an OC first. Allow me to edit:

          The 49ers had a chance to hire the right coach but let Koetter go to Tampa.

        2. I think they blew it when they fired Harbaugh. Set a very bad precedent for all to see. The guy was a character but is very highly respected. Any good person is going to say, hey, if the are that crazy why would anybody except a putz want to work for them. And to prove my point who have they hired subsequently who wasn’t (or isn’t ) a putz? Saban is the King of Tuscaloosa and to think for a minute that he would quit that job and move all the way to Silicon Valley to work for the crazy Yorks is really too silly to contemplate.

            1. I was not referring to the impact that JH’s firing had on the team’s performance. I was referring to the fact that no really good HC or GM will have anything to do with the 49ers on any terms. No matter what, another reset will leave any possible candidate with the clear impression that he is next to fall from grace. Grant is smoking some wacky stuff if he really believes Saban or anyone close to his stature will work for the York’s for any amount of money. Clearly they sign contracts and then break them when they want. The AZ Cardinals are now the franchise with the longest stretch between championships (1947 – almost 70 years). They’ve been under the continuous ownership of the Bidwell family and are now run by the founder’s two sons. That is the model that the 49ers are looking like to me. Good luck with that.

            2. Well Jack – I guess a lot of the guys posting are waiting your YOU to say because they’re still talking about hiring a quality GM/HC out of an empty pool. Kelly is damaged goods and I’m happy to wait it out until he hits the road to prove it. I doubt I have long to wait.

  8. Your five steps are sound.

    Your underlying assumption is fatally flawed.

    The 49ers are nothing more than a cash generator for Denise’s other interests.

    Her revenues and net worth figures are the same whether they win or lose.

    Her cash flow suffers if they win because she’d need to spend the $50 million in cap room and another $20,000,000 on Coaches and front office talent.

    She will NEVER spend that money when she’s loving it in her pocket today.

    And Jed? She’d rather have him out here being a laughingstock than meddling with the real business in Youngstown.

    1. They wonder why the NFL is losing viewers. They blame Kaep, but CTE and the new data show the human sacrifice the sport exacts on its players.

      No wonder parents are not letting their kids play, The dangers are all too real.

      Less people playing, the less the interest…..

      1. Parents take their kids out of football but put them into sports like soccer or lacrosse or hockey which all have about the same amount of head trauma.

        Educated parents just need to work to teach their kids the proper techniques for tackling to be honest.

        1. Jack, please. Football has way more concussions than all those sports combined.

          In fact, one could argue that the offensive and defensive lines have concussive effects every snap of the ball. Helmets exacerbate the problem, because it gives a false sense of security that they are adequate protection. It is even more troubling when helmets are used to create concussive blows.

          While I like football, the history of what happens to players make me question if it is not a blood sport. The problem with gladiatorial combat is that there are winners, and the losers do not fare well.

          1. Those who think the helmet protects anything are uneducated.

            Teaching proper techniques greatly reduces the possibility of head injuries.

            My opinion is based on 7 years as a player and 5 years in coaching. I was fortunate as a player to have been around some coaches who were ahead of the curve on this stuff and carried that onto my teams.

            Sorry if that comes off as me being a know it all.

            1. I’ve always thought the outside of the helmet should be padded as well. If they were, Kaaya might still have all of his teeth. I would rather get hit by a hard plastic helmet with some cushion rather than just a hard plastic helmet.

          2. I played it at the HS level and loved it. I wasn’t good enough to get to the next level, but I absolutely loved it.

            I’ve been on the losing side plenty of times, Seb, and in plenty of different endeavors. So has everybody else, so what? But it teaches you how to compete, and that is worthwhile.

  9. No decent GM would want to come here and work under Jed, because his petulant behavior drove away JH. No decent HC would want to come here and destroy his career.

    Saben is like a God at Bama. Why would he leave a cush gig, where it has the reputation of being an NFL factory?

    Why would he leave that to come to this cluster fudge?

    Jed should hold himself accountable, make am honest assessment, and do the honorable thing.

    Let him stay on as president, but allow another family member to run the franchise.

    Maybe Tony York. I do not know of any black marks against him, but his best mark is that he is not Jed York. he should assemble a committee of HOF Niners, and let Eddie preside. They should collectively make recommendations. First big decision will be to see who they recommend for GM. Maybe the best move is to promote Gamble and keep Chip. That would provide continuity, at least.

              1. During the York’s ownership the 49ers have been to the playoffs 4 times and the Giants 7. The 49ers have been 14 games under .500 and the Giants 15 games over .500 (1 tie). But what is more important is the fact that the 2 HCs of all York playoff games, who compiled a combined record of 72-23-1 WERE FIRED BY THE YORKS. Even you are not a talented enough wordsmith to spin the disaster that is the York family ownership into a silk purse. There is no amount of money Nick Saben would accept to agree to work for them, short of giving him controlling interest in the company.

              2. There is no amount of money Nick Saben would accept to agree to work for them

                Oh yes there is. Get real.

              3. Grant – I don’t recall you posting this much for some time. Is this what you guys call a slow news day? I guarantee you if Saban wants more money the Tide supporters will pass the hat and he will be making more money than God. Not everyone can be bought.

              4. What’s all this… “they can’t get anyone to come here” talk?
                They certainly can, the problem is they can’t get them at cost. They will need to overpay to get who they want. Money tends to solve most issues when it comes to these things.

              1. If the 49ers fire Baalke, why would Saban say no? He’d have the richest contract among football coaches, total control, a top pick and a ton of cap space the 49ers have to use.

              2. Grant-

                Would you like to be the highest paid at what your doing, if you knew you were going to work for the worst franchise in all of sports news….petulant, meddlesome, notoriously cheap, they spy on you, etc etc
                No way you would do that………………

        1. Same here, but the team cannot mess around with any free agent that Saban wants. That is what happened with Drew Brees back when Saban coached the Dolphins.

      1. Not sure ’bout Saban, but you surely NAILED everything else!

        I’ve been hoping for Shaw, but maybe you’re right about Saban… either one brings to mind an old Darrel Royal quote, (no, NOT “wouldn’t say s**t if he had a mouthful”)

        “Potential is just a fancy way of sayin’ he ain’t done it yet.”

  10. I think the proposed committee will recommend they hire Holmgren, since he was a successful HC and GM, and comes from the Bill Walsh coaching tree. Holmgren then should either hire Anthony Lynn or Kyle Shanahan as HC.

  11. I don’t see Jed getting rid of Baalke and Kelly. Either Chip will go back to college or Trent will be fired. Jed needs a scapegoat, it will be Baalke or Chip this year and whichever stays will be the scapegoat next year.

    1. Grant ..

      Love the darts you threw with this column..and..
      you even hit a few bulls eyes, as well … but ..
      I’m thinkin’ … if you want this to reaqch the right
      ears … send the link to this piece .. to
      @Lisa Debartalo …

      (Hey … its a thought ..)

  12. Grant, I mostly agree with your article. Like many posters on here, I don’t think the Yorks will listen to you or make the necessary painful moves needed to fix the organization and start winning again.

    Do you think the Yorks will get to the point of embarrassment that they will sell the team? Did you put any stock in the Scott Ostler article from last year (December 2015) hinting about the team possibly going up for sale? (http://www.sfchronicle.com/49ers/ostler/article/Are-the-49ers-heading-for-the-auction-block-6700876.php)

    Also from a simple business standpoint, maybe now is the time to sell? If the NFL is about to start declining slowly over time, why not sell to someone like Larry Ellison for max value?

  13. Hey Grant did you know the Raiders still haven’t beaten a team with a winning record. The bay area media made a big deal about the Raiders beating a bad Bucs team in overtime and now the Falcons are killing the Bucs lol

        1. After 14 straight years of losing you sure should hope they would get a winning record by now also having a soft schedule helps

      1. Didn’t say they had problems I’m saying they have one of the softest schedules in the NFL the only two teams they played with a winning record crushed them especially the Chiefs

  14. This is not intended to be passive aggressive right now, just honest curiosity… How many people have actually succeeded at being both head coach and GM? It seems like many have tried, but my sense is that most have failed. Again, not that I’m right, but it seems like many of those offers have been made by desperate teams (which the Niners are) trying to make a splash, and have not generated much success in the long run.

          1. Ok, well he is obviously 1 good example. Any others? Anyone in the salary cap ara? Honestly, I would curious to see a list and their corresponding success…

  15. Wishful thanking grant. .but 2 players l like on my draft board that baalke would never draft are Bakerfield Mayfield and De de Westbrook. Mayfield listed at 6’1″ or 6’2″ ,but looks shorter. He accurate mid range and might throw best deep ball in college. Has chip on shoulder. Feel pressure and throws his receivers open . De de check his stats last 5 gms. I think we should draft 2 Qbs 2017 and 2 or 3 receivers . Which baakle will never do . As long as your and he are there 49ers will suck a long time

  16. If they just do number 3 from the article, that in itself is a big step. Trent Baalke is the one who has ruined this franchise and it is Jed’s fault for putting trust in him to manage and put this roster together. Honestly I think even Tom Gamble is a big upgrade to Baalke. He has way more front office experience than Trent Baalke did before Baalke took over as GM. Gamble probably isnt arrogant and a “Mr I know it all” like Baalke either.

    Grant, what are your thoughts on Tom Gamble? Is he qualified? Upgrade to Baalke?

    1. Gamble is qualified and would be an upgrade, but he is part of the problem. Can’t promote from within this dumpster fire.

      1. Thanks for the reply Grant.

        In all likelihood I think Baalke will probably get fired, and Jed will promote Gamble. Gamble/Chip would probably get a chance to build the team their way. I cant see Jed firing Chip because he is already paying Tomsula and his staff, so hard for me to see the Yorks paying a 3rd coaching staff with Tomsula and Chip on payroll.

        If Jed does promote Gamble/Chip, I think he should just do it on an interim basis for 2017 at least. The tricky part about Gamble/Chip is they are buddies. If Chip craps the bed again, I dont see him firing Chip. May not have the courage. If it is more/less the same as 2016, then they need new mgmt+new coaches for sure. But if they show a decent amount of improvement in 2017, then maybe consider them longer term.

        If Gamble did become GM, would you see Chip having any roster control like he did in his last year in Philly? (Chip the Dictator is scarier than Baalke the incompetent GM)

  17. Hopefully they’ll go bankrupt and have to sell team. If not ,I no longer have interest in miners. If baalke had any talent he could have started to fix team last year

  18. Smh….Saban hasn’t done anything at the pro level to earn control over personnel. He did nothing in Miami to warrant total power. I don’t care how many NCAA championship he’s won. The NFL is not college. He won’t have the luxury of having a roster full of 4 & 5 star recruits. He won’t have better talent than everyone else like he has now. He needs to prove himself on the pro level before he’s granted any kind of power over the roster, period. He has no clue about offense so that would be a big decision as who he would find to run his offense.

    The new GM needs to be hired first and foremost. Then he should be the one to hire the new head coach.

  19. The only thing that would impress the Yorks to make major moves is an empty stadium. Warrior fans couldn’t bring themselves to boycott almost two decades of Cohan’s horror show. Can 49er fans? If there is an empty stadium, you’ll see action. (Sports fans have really become bad customers)

  20. Grant, thank you for the article and your dialog in the thread. The dialog / wishful thinking makes the exchanges far more expansive and engaging a marked improvement over the typical post game redundancy. The 49ers have nothing left of interest to discuss but hopeful speculation. However, I am waiting with interest for the city of Santa Clara to expand the investigation into the fiduciary irregularity allegation against the organization- the worst franchise in sports might become a bit worse.

  21. Pipe dreams. The only way Chip Kelly is not the HC of SF next season is if he leaves to go back to college. The organization will not let him go, he must go on his own. This team was stripped of any talent and it wouldn’t have mattered who was at the helm. That is why no real names took this job. The organization is not paying for 4 coaches. That’s as ludicrous as it comes.
    I’d really expect a little more maturity and thoughtfulness from the senior members of this blog. Nick Saban is a quitter. He wouldn’t be able to hold the respect of any NFL player due to the way he left Miami with a note. How fast everyone forgets that he left a piece of paper on the door saying goodbye- much like a jaded teenage girl.
    David Shaw is loyal to Harbaugh. Taking the SF job would undermine that loyalty. For an NFL start, there are far better choices than SF. Shaw is not desperate or willing to compromise his morals.
    Meyers could join the NFL, but he would be much more interested in teams like Miami or Buffalo who have some talent on their roster. He’d be more likely to take a job at Santa Rosa High School before choosing SF.
    The reality is that much like the election, there just aren’t any options right now. The organization is making money. That isn’t going to change next year. They have no reason to change anything. They planned for this and intend to continue the mediocre product at basement costs as long as it makes money.

    1. Helfrich may be gone, and Phill Knight has enough spare change to lure Chip back to Oregon. The offset will make the move palatable to the Niners.

      Then, hopefully, the new GM will be able to select his new HC.

      If they just promote Gamble, Chip may stay, but that is assuming Baalke is gone. If Baalke stays, I think Chip will jump ship with a nice landing spot.

      1. The Seahawks hired Pete Carroll one week before they hired their GM, John Schneider. The Niners should take the same approach.

        1. Grant I agree with what you wrote but I don’t think the Yorks will pay a lot of money to any coach.

          The only hope is NFL franchises start declining in value causing the Yorks to sell

    2. Grant-

      Would you like to be the highest paid at what your doing, if you knew you were going to work for the worst franchise in all of sports news….petulant, meddlesome, notoriously cheap, they spy on you, etc etc
      No way you would do that………………

  22. Only 8 of the 36 players drafted by Baalke from 2010-2013 are still on the roster. Not very good for an organization with a “draft and develop” philosophy.

    It gets worse when you look at those 8 players.

    Bowman – hurt again. Definitely on downside of career.
    Kaepernick – statistically the worst starting QB in the league.
    Kilgore – starting center, has never started full 16 game season.
    Reid – Pro Bowl as a rookie and downhill ever since.
    Carradine – Bad scheme fit from the get go.
    McDonald – hands like Roberto Duran
    Patton – no production
    Dial – not good

  23. Hmmm, are we reacting to disgust (emotions) or are we really thinking? Emotional decisions will plow the same ground with different tools and end up with the same result.

  24. Cmon man, worst franchise in American sports? I think the 76ers would disagree with you on that. I see why people rag on you.

  25. Another college coaching candidate I would be interested in is Tom Herman. Yes, he’s young and relatively inexperienced as a HC, and the offense he currently employs in college is a version of the spread option offense (similar to Urban Meyer’s offense, which he ran for a few years as Ohio State’s OC). But from what I have heard/ read about him he is extremely smart (Mensa member), excellent and designing plays to suit his personnel, a good teacher and also a good leader. He’s the hot name for most of the top college HC jobs this year, but I have read that last year there were a couple of NFL teams considering him and perhaps the 49ers should take a look.

    1. I’m against all coaches who run spread option offenses, including Herman, Petersen and Meyer. Those systems have been proven not to work in the NFL.

      1. I would be banking on him evolving to the NFL. He didn’t always run a spread option, but mastered it under Meyer. Have you read Meyer’s account of how he hired Herman? He gave him his playbook for an hour then got Herman to teach it to him. In case you are wondering, Herman aced the test. He’s really smart, and if you give him some NFL minds to work with I don’t think it would be long before he had an NFL functional offense.

        1. Book smart is one thing. Actual teaching and getting players to run through walls for you is another.
          The 49ers need a proven HC who can teach and win at the NFL level. No more uncertainties! A proven track record as a HC, winning and developing.

          1. The 49ers need a proven HC who can teach and win at the NFL level. No more uncertainties!

            Then that would rule out Saban who mishandled the situation involving Drew Brees and was 15-17 during his brief tenure with the Dolphins.

            1. Pretty sure Saban has rectified that since his time in the NFL. How many championships has he won? And he has NFL experience. Winner, great teacher, has produced NFL talent, and would sell tickets.

          2. Herman has a 20-3 record as a HC with the Houston Cougars and is well regarded as a teacher and leader. He’s not “just” book smart. There is a very good reason he is the hot name for pretty much every major college with rumblings the HC might go.

            1. Prime and Grant would have passed on guys like Tomlin and McCarthy because they were not proven head coaches beforehand.

              1. Not true. I just think that at this point of the organizations state, they need a proven commodity!

              2. Proven commodities do not always work out in a different environment Prime. What the team needs is someone who can excel with the talent on the team and then take it to the next level.

              3. Who is the proven commodity that is likely to be available and worth hiring?

                That’s a better question for the 49ers. My point is if they are going to hire a new head coach, it has to be the caliber of a Saban, or Harbaugh, or Parcells, or another who has shown they can teach, develop talent at the NFL level.

              4. But who do you see that could meet that criteria Prime?
                Saban lasted only two seasons in the NFL, so his caliber would not meet your proposed criteria.

              5. Mid since leaving the NFL he has done nothing but win. He has NFL experience. I guarantee he could put together a proven NFL staff as people would want to work with him.
                The most telling thing is he has a lot to prove at the NFL level now that he has accomplished everything in the NCAA.
                Yes he only lasted 2 years in the NFL in his prior stint but that was his choice. The Dolphins medical staff would not clear Brees. If Saban had Brees, he’d still be in Miami.

              1. He spends another 5-10 years in college and in 5-10 years people will still be saying he is a spread option coach and it won’t translate to the NFL. But he’ll be 50 years old and set in his ways by then.

              2. Why would he change from a system that works very well at the level he is coaching?

                It’s worth noting Herman is well regarded for his ability to adapt his offense to both the QB (which he displayed to great effect at Ohio State a few times, especially in 2014) and the opposing D. I am pretty sure this is a trait that would carry over to the NFL.

              3. I would hire him to be HC of the football team. He can be OC as well if he wants, but my expectation is he would develop an offense with the help of his offensive coaches that would suit his QB and other offensive players, while also being suitable to beat opposing defenses. Whatever that may look like. Just like I would expect of any HC.

                Sometimes to get the top young coaches you have to have faith they can learn and adapt to the situation, and grow into the role. Herman has proven he can adapt an offense to his players to get a lot out of his offensive players. He has also proven he knows how to relate to young players and get them to play hard for him. If I am hiring Herman, that is what I am banking on. Is it a risk? Sure. But so is any hire.

  26. What do you guys think about Coughlin as HC? He is from the Parcells coaching tree and might work well Baalke, as much as anyone could.

    He is old but he would be respected by our young roster. He would also be able to construct a competent staff with a potential successor in 2 to 4 years.

    He still wants to be a HC.


    Of course it probably won’t happen because of Jed and his leaks, but enough money could change things.

    1. He’s probably only a short term solution due to his age. I would prefer getting someone that can lead the organization long term.

      However, if Coughlin is amenable to having a couple of young gun coordinators with expectations of raking over when he retires/ gets shuffled on, he could be an option. Won’t be easy to find said coordinators though.

      1. I think he would be able to attract a decent D coordinator based on his name and resume. Chip was the exact opposite.

        Coughlins scheme would utilize our OL properly. The slower pace would keep our D off the field.

        With a good coach, a couple of hits in the draft, and aggressive spending on FAs this team could be competitive next year.

    2. Sorry to be agist, but it hard for some people to work 16 hours a day. I agree that Coughlin would be a good choice since he won Super bowls, but with this depleted and low talent team, it will take several years to rebuild. Coughlin would do better going to a playoff team. Do not think Coughlin would want to take that much time to waste on the Niners.

        1. And some people work every day and die shortly after they retire. When you do something you love it’s not work it is living.

          This team could be competitive next year and in the playoffs the year after. They have good draft position and plenty of cap room.

          But all of this is moot because of Jed. It wouldn’t surprise me if O’Neil was the only one to be fired.

  27. Grant,

    Spot on.

    $ 10 Mil. for Saban is chump change to the 3 billion per year airs. Hire Saban and get out of the way.

    Afterall, the Yorks gave Sing, Hostler, Nolan (who the Redskin owner put a 1/2 gal. of vanilla ice cream by Nolan’s office as a joke about his vanilla defenses before firing him and of course the Yorks hired Mr. Vanilla), then hired the Jiffy Lube Man, the Radio DJ, etc., etc., and the York coaching hits keep coming.

    So tired of the Jed fake and futile coaching searches where the Niners are leveraged by of all people—even the college coaches before signing with another college.

    Jed has to go. Being leveraged by a college coach to get a college job by floating the 49er namebrand is the absolute bottom, hence ESPN’s 49er ranking as the WORST SPORTS FRANCHISE!

  28. We’re all chattering away about all the potential changes coming, and what if they’re not?
    No banners are going to make Jed quit/sell. No change.
    I think he’ll give Chip another year (shudder) unless Chip has arranged a college parachute convenient to all. Change not likely.
    Baalke? His demise is not a given. Change uncertain.
    What if they decide to retool & reload with all hands currently on deck?
    I’ll be doing some bird watching or something.

    1. There is a possibility that Chip will leave for college at the end of this year. No decent coach who has other options will work for this ownership group

    2. Bird watching BT? There’s Eagles, Ravens, Eagles, Cardinals and Falcons that can play football too. Just saying.

  29. Lot of ‘provens’ being posted here…proven commodities, proven HCs, proven systems… Beginning to read like a geometry text book. So many absolute proofs. Ah, but we’re dealing with people… Hmmm…

    Wonder how Jed did in high school geometry?

  30. For the point of view of Denise and John, Jed has been wildly successful. He got a new stadium built which is putting oodles of money in their pockets. They will make money even if nobody shows up at the games. No way they are firing Jed.

    Also, there is no way Jed will fire Chip Kelly after just one year. I am not so sure he will fire Baalke either. I can almost predict Jed’s press conference after the season: “I know the season did not go as we hoped. We are rebuilding. I want our fans to be patient with us. We want continuity so I am sticking with Chip and Trent for another year. I have faith in Trent and Chip. We want to win with class. blah blah blah.”

    Meanwhile both Kap and Gabbert will bail at the end of the year and Ponder will be the only QB on the roster. Its gonna get worse….

  31. Some ownership groups have it and some don’t. The Yorks don’t & need to sell the team like Chris Cohan did. You could go over every scenario –different coaches, general managers, presidents etc. Fact is this groups had one successful coach in Harbaugh that they hired. When he was successful they couldn’t deal with him. The other coach- Mariucci – they inherited, they fired him immediately after a playoff run as well because they’re incompetent. Further, they think they’re smarter than they are and they have a system that works, but for 20 years they’ve failed.
    Grant – it’s nice that you write an article in hopes the Yorks will get it right. Reality is good or great people do not want to come here to work with this joke for a front office & ownership. And don’t fool yourself with the Jed stuff. John and Denise are still the owners and get involved Where they should not-i.e…HARBAUGH & Mariucci. They are to blame and will continue to fail & hold this fan base hostage until they sell!!!

    1. …”They are to blame and will continue to fail & hold this fan base hostage until they sell!!! ..”

      Which is why Lisa Debartalo just might be
      the catylist for change at the top ..
      After all .. she’s family .. and .. possibly ..
      could be the one to exert a little “familial pressure”
      on her aunt …

      I dunno … maybe I’m grasping at straws .. here ..
      but .. what else .. do we have ?

      1. Sports rivalries are fun. Dallas and Seattle are teams I love to hate; love it. I think Seahags fans used to like the rivalry and are mildly disappointed that 9ers are now irrelevant.
        But now the 49ers are becoming the team I hate to love. Seems so futile. The root causes stay the same, the results will be the same. Infinity Loop of dysfunction.
        We’ll be reduced to writing “We’re so bad…” jokes.
        > The Niners are so bad even Tebow and Hardy don’t want to play for them.
        > The Niners had a contest. 1st place prize was two tickets to a game. 2nd place got two tickets to two games.
        You get the idea

  32. Interesting that the plane the Faithful hired to fly over Levi’s tomorrow became suddenly unavailable… I wonder how much the Yorks paid the operator to ground it? That family is full of losers on and off the field. Go get ’em Lisa!

  33. I want 9ers to be either win or be horrible, no in-between average. If they are going to get beat, I want to see Kaep intercepted 5 times, and D give up 600 yards. Why? Because average will not make change happen. Yorks only move if they are embarrassed. They should be right now, but Jed being in witness protection no talking tells me they are in usual “ride thru storm” mode. As a 50 year fan, they pi$$ me off (me and Kilgore)

    1. Sadly, I could actually see a 64-13 thrashing of the Niners tomorrow so the D giving up 600+ yards is a real possibility. It’s simply a disgrace that O’Neil and Baalke are still employed by this franchise… They had a perfect opportunity to make these moves at the bye but that would just be too uncomfortable for the Yorkies.

  34. Jed should just keep his word. He declared that when he found out who was doing the leaking, he would part ways with that individual.

    Well, since Tomsula is gone and the leaks continue, it just confirms the premise that Baalke and his crony Paraag are the leakers.

    Of course, I will tell Jed that he was the leaker that said that Tomsula would be fired before he coached his last game, since only he knew it would happen, because it was his decision. Since Jed now knows who is doing the leaking, I hope he is a man of his word,and fires himself.

    I am just holding Jed accountable, like he told me to.

          1. Since you are bothered by my posting of old posts, I will just post another.

            Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post another one. Hope you are bored to tears.

            10 ways JH can improve. (Chip, too). Dec. 2013.

            1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem- IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across.(Chip should stop being so passive. I would like to see more passion, but more importantly, I want to see him making in game assessments and quick adjustments.) Channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before- The Catch.

            2. Consider time outs to be precious, and used for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes (of each half). Good job last game.

            3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep that he could get at least 2 more sets of downs (2 more opportunities to score) if he stops wasting time.

            4. Run the No Huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties, and stop the defense from substituting (which can then allow the offense to create mismatches).

            5. Expressly forbid Kaep to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.

            6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer.(Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.) Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense.

            7. Establish the running game, then use play action pass for long strikes down field. ( Utilize the 3rd down Bomb).

            8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.

            9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.

            10. Niners will win if Kaep get the ball into Frank Gore’s ( playmaker’s) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, (fly sweeps, naked bootlegs, reverses, fake reverses, flea flickers, Fumblefoolski’s) and even the Statue of Liberty.

              1. Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. They need to reduce the unforced errors. They need to protect the ball. they must stop the self inflicted wounds.

    1. I’m telling you, it’s the York twins leaking on behalf of Jed… They’re his eyes and ears while he hides far away in him comfy suite. If you pay close attention they’re always on the sidelines, near the locker room, etc.

      1. No, only they could know Jed would fire Tomsula if Jed told them. Jed was the source of the leak. You may claim that the twins are the conduit to the leaks, but I will just say that the whole family is complicit.

          1. Thank you for allowing me to counter your hate by proposing something positive.

            Kaep should face one way, and look in another direction. Kaep should not stare down the receiver. Kaep should look off the safeties. Kaep should practice being more deceptive, then use it in a game.

            Kaep, by being more deceptive, will complete more passes. I hope he throws a quick slant, then later on, I hope he pump fakes to freeze the safeties, then heaves the ball downfield for a third down bomb.

              1. Seb not thankful that you are a moron polluting the blog. Don’t hold your breath on the storm. We are 16 months in, still nothing!

              2. Prime, you would rather spew hate than propose cogent thought.

                You attack me because you do not have a scintilla of football knowledge. You even think that the CFL is superior to the NFL.

              3. I guess when you don’t have a valid comeback, putting words in people’s mouth is your go to card. Beat it Poe Niner!

              4. Guess what? like Trump, you are your own worst enemy. I do not need to put words in your mouth, you just spew drivel and screeds ad nauseum.

                Your problem is that I have a good memory.

    1. Interesting article. A lot of people had input in building our team back then. Now that Baalke is in charge we see all the ACL picks and lack of offensive skill players.

      Sometimes it takes a village, not the village idiot. #FireBaalke

      1. Do you think the 49ers have a systemic problem no matter who is GM? I do. Doesn’t mean I like Baalke’s choices, but I do think the larger issue is Jed and the Yorks.

        1. Yes, but the systemic problems Nolan referred to seemed to be related to Jed. He loves someone, then he hates him. Much too fickle and meddlesome.

          1. Grant
            I think I recall that you were an English Major, so maybe you can help me out on this question.
            Why do you think Nolan used the word systemic? I noted you re-used it in the same context, which would seem to be at odds with the dictionary definition of the word.
            1. Of,or relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.”

            Nolan infers that the problem is Jed. That would be a specific not a systemic problem wouldn’t it? Every team owner is the boss, so that system is in place everywhere but Green Bay. If Dan Snyder and Jed York are problems, but Bob Kraft is not, it would seem to logically follow that a roguish owner is not a systemic problem.
            So I don’t get Nolan’s use of the term in the context he explained. Do you?
            I’d be interested to hear how so.
            JPN- If you see this and care to weigh in on my thoughts on logic and semantics in this case, please do.

            1. BroT – Humpty Dumpty said: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” Nolan meant the word to mean exactly what he chose it to mean, but I will try to use my skill as a BS interpreter to shed some light. Nolan knows he will never again work for the Yorks so they is fair game. On the other hand, Baalke may find himself at another franchise where he just might consider Nolan as a potential coach. Since the first law of getting ahead means always suck up to anyone who might be able to help your career Nolan means that the “system” that the 49ers have is that Jed decides who they love and who they hate. But, of course, under the first law this would not be the time to throw Baalke under the bus. So Baalke is clearly not a part of the “system”. Humpty Dumpty was a pretty sharp dude….until he fell off the wall.

              1. Right, and in that article Nolan also complicated Paraag, so above Trent and above Paraag is……the problem. His misuse of the term then was an awkward attempt at diplomacy (that never the less communicated the inference.)

    1. I never thought I would miss Dumsula. At least his team showed some fight throughout the season. This year the team quit against the Seahawks and hasn’t shown up since.

      Jed let Trent choose the HC. Big mistake. #FireBaalke

  35. Kizer 19 of 27 for 223 Yds and three TDs, 9 carries 52 Yds. No turnovers, Kelly goes for a FG instead of trying to tie late. Fire any coach named Kelly. Pretty good day for KIzer.

    Trubisky 20 of 32 for 329 Yds 1TD no INTs. He consistently has solid games.

    Kaaya 32 of 47 for 356 Yds 4 TDs 5 carries 17 Yds and a TD. Really strong game.

    Watson? I would take any of the above QBs over him. I don’t want a project that might not develop into a pocket passer.

    1. Watson looked good today before leaving the game early.

      Luke Falk is having some kind of day too. Game is still in the 3rd qtr and he is 32 of 35 for 311 yards and 4 TDs with no INTs.

      1. Yeah I saw Falks numbers at halftime while I was compiling stats, he may be the best of the bunch.

        I don’t like Watson but if he plays well Cleveland might do the wrong thing and take him. That would give us Garrett and maybe Falk or Kaaya in the second.

        I would focus the middle rounds on the front seven and sign Alshon and Martellus Bennet.

        1. I think if Falk declares for the draft he goes in the first round. He is still being underrated in my opinion.

          I wouldn’t be against trading back. Garrett would be great, but there are a lot of good edge prospects and I think to get the QB you want you don’t wait until round 2. Move back, see if you can end up with two 1st round picks and a high 2nd round pick, get a QB, edge player and one of WR, TE, or ILB.

          1. All good points. Let’s hope Falk remains this blogs secret and is still there at 2nd pick 2nd round.

            I couldn’t pass on Garrett, He could be a once in a lifetime player. I think Kaaya would be good value in the 2nd round but he could be gone too.

            As always these things can change every week with new data. I’m not committed or opposed to any plan yet. With the exception of Watson.

            1. As dominant a player as Julius Peppers has been, he’s never won a Super Bowl. Garrett reminds me of Peppers, that same kind of freak athlete that is hard to imagine not being a dominant NFL player. But generational talents at DL aren’t what make perennial Super Bowl teams. Just look at JJ Watt. Most dominant defensive player in the NFL, but the Texans have consistently been a team scrapping to make the playoffs. Look at the Rams with Donald.

              Good QBs are what make you consistently a contender. You still need to put a decent team around them, but its a lot easier to be a good team with a good QB than it is without one.

              1. I’m hoping we can get Garoppolo without giving up our 1st round pick. That would make the Garrett decision easier. I think we have to build the D through the draft because no good FAs want to play for Chip.

                I agree though, we need a QB. If no Garoppolo we have to go QB no later than the 2nd round.

              2. I agree that the QB is more important but the overwhelming strength of the first round will pass rushers. They can’t ignore a better talent to reach on a QB imo. I’m not seeing any QB’s I’d take with a high first round pick, but maybe trading back into the bottom of the first or standing pat in the second, will land them a pretty good QB prospect.

              1. By the end of the season he’ll have thrown more passes than Wentz had. He’s a risk, but he’s also a talented QB. Obviously he needs to finish the season as he’s started it, but right now on what I have seen he is worth the risk.

              2. Scratch that. Must have misread that when I had seen it previously, because looking at the stats it isn’t true.

                Still, he’s a talent.

              3. A one season wonder implies they didn’t or wouldn’t continue that success. You have no way of knowing if Trubisky would or wouldn’t be able to continue to play at a high level if he stays another year. Is there anything about his game that makes you think he couldn’t continue his success?

              4. Trubisky isn’t even a one-season wonder yet. He’s an eight-game wonder. Very small sample size.

              5. Both should return for their senior year. I’m pretty skeptical that either would be considered in the first round by NFL teams in this next draft. However another year in school will almost certainly put both in the contention for that high of a selection. Tempered against their experience or even lack their of it’s hard not to wonder if their gleam is legitimate or enhanced by some of the weak secondaries they’ve faced.

                A common theme I’m finding the more I look at these QB’s is that the majority of them need another year of playing football in College.

              6. I like Falk but I don’t see him going in the first. Leach QB’s traditionally don’t get a lot of respect from scouts.

                Trubisky looks really good, but using a first round pick on somebody with so few starts is very risky. They have to hit big time on the first rounder so I wouldn’t gamble on Trubisky. Second round, absolutely.

            1. I see him as 2nd round right now. If he continues to play well he could go in the middle of the 1st round. Maybe top 10 if some of the other guys flame out or go back to college.

              1. I’m looking forward to the games against Colorado and Washington. If he plays well in those games, he will likely start getting more national attention.

              2. I agree, the 2018 draft class looks a lot stronger, so maybe the best way to improve is concentrating on defense in the first 3 rounds.

                DT, ILB and OLB should be high priorities.

              3. Can’t go without a starting calibre QB another year. Simply can’t. They have to address the position. I know you hope Kaep is the QB, but seriously, that is a pipe dream atm. In the unlikely event he plays ok the rest of the year he is still probably gone anyway.

                If the 49ers don’t use one of their top two picks on a QB I would be shocked.

              4. The second pick would be fine for a QB. The first pick would be a big mistake in this particular draft.

              5. Cooper Rush may be available later on. Also Davis Webb.

                Niners should trade back 10 spots and get their first and second.

                They should Draft Reuben Foster in the first, Vita Vea , a 6′ 4″ DT from Washington with the second, and hopefully, Ryan Anderson with the traded second.

          2. Scooter, I would go for that. I would look to next year’s QB crop to get that future franchise QB. Jaylen Hurt or Jake Browning look good.

            I think that there will be a few WRs and TEs that could be selected early, but they really need a stud ILB, maybe even 2.

            1. Nothing stopping them taking a QB in 2018, but they need to get a potentia, QB of the future this coming off season too. And no, taking a late round prospect like Rush is not what I mean.

    2. I am thinking Myles Garrett would be a good start on rebuilding the defense, but if they manage to win a couple, maybe it would be wise to trade back in the first for their first and second. Then they could get the DT, ILB and QB in the first 2 rounds.

      1. I had this discussion with Razor a few days ago and said the same thing. Kizer has really struggled since the beginning of the season. I think he’d still go in the first based on potential, but imo he should go back for another year at ND. He needs some more seasoning.

  36. I mailed the York’s a manila envelope last spring to hire this coach:

    Chris Petersen, who has built a reputation as an offensive innovator who carried the Boise State football program to its highest highs, was finally swayed to take on a new challenge when he agreed to become head coach of the Huskies in December of 2013.

    In 2006, Petersen’s first season in charge in Boise, he led the Broncos to their first undefeated season since 1958, when the school was a junior college. The 2006 season was capped by a 43-42 overtime win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, a game remembered by many as one of the greatest in bowl-game history.

    Peterson now leads the 4th ranked Huskies.

    Here is a blast from the past when Peterson (who learned under the great Jim Sochor at UC Davis.

    Peterson’s offensive philosophy was honed during his developmental years. Petersen himself credits much of his approach to key influencers like Dan Hawkins, Jeff Tedford, Dirk Koetter and former USC coach Paul Hackett.

    But, what are the principles of that offense?

    At the heart of the Petersen philosophy is the idea that athletic disadvantages can be neutralized simply by outnumbering your opponent at the point of attack.

    How to create those advantages is they key question. Petersen believes strongly in keeping his options open once he gets to the line of scrimmage both in terms of play calls and alignment of personnel. One of the reasons that you see so many formations and so much shifting of formations pre-snap is because Petersen and his players are reacting to whatever it is they see from the defense in order to gain an advantage.

    3 Boise State Chris Peterson Plays


  37. The Saints currently have the NFL’s second-highest scoring offense at 28.7 points per game.

    The 49ers own the last-ranked defense .

  38. The key for change at the 49er headquarters, embarrass Denise York.
    She owns and runs the business, the two boys, York the elder and York the younger, are drones.
    She is very prideful of her family, just make it about her family and she will, at least remove Jed from the lime light to protect the family.
    We can hope that she will bring a real football person to run the shop.
    All distasteful but necessary.

    1. Hacksaw,

      By now you’d think Denise has heard it all. But, of course, when someone shops for you, runs your errands, etc, losing touch with the public is a billionaire’s right.

      They have their own bubble like the Great Gatsby, they’re in another world and sheltered by the castle wall. Us potato patch pickers residing outside those midevil castle walls can shout to the heavens and they could care less about us squalor dwellers.

      Change will come when, like Santa Clara Mayor, Lisa Gilmore threatens them with breach of contract resulting in the York’s losing control of Levi’s, or a Tim Kawakami reporting 49er annual profits derivide from Green Bay’s publicly owned franchise required to post their annual profits.

      It’s as if the York’s have to be forced to move from their center of do nothingness with fan’s money for them to do something and a pattern of force has, up until now, been the common denominator into budging them .

      Remember, the York’s did not hire their one and only winning football coach in their 16 years of ownership because they got lucky….No it was intentional. A lucrative stadium forced their hand so they had to spend.

      The York’s could hire a good coach tomorrow if they wanted to.

  39. Next banner suggestion, “We want Ellison.” or “Hold Denise accountable.” Denise is the boss and should be the focus of all banners, hashtags, and petitions. You are 100% percent right hacksaw.

    1. Do I want the Niners to win, which is very unlikely, or do I want them to fail for a better draft position?

      Maybe it would be best if the whole team implodes, because that may get Jed out of there, but something in me wants to cheer them on to victory, even though that would help save Jed.

      I just want them to win, because wanting them to lose is a self fulfilling prophesy. The only way back to the playoffs is developing a winning mindset. It is in my blood as a die hard faithful.

      I will just refuse to give Jed or Baalke any credit for winning. I will just say that they were too cheap to try and win, and would have been content to lose. However, hopefully, the coaching staff finally will have put together a decent game plan. They utilized the players in a manner that accentuated their strengths and disguised their weaknesses. I would like to see Garnett at LG and Skov at ILB. I hope they invite the stacked box, then I would like to see more DuJuan Harris used with quick passes in the flat.

      1. Sorry, I think some wetland ecosystems are important to help nurture nature.

        I would like political reform, so some one thoroughly unqualified buffoon can threaten WWIII, with belligerent bellicose blubbering. Russsia is laughing at us, about how easy it is to influence elections.

        Some Millenniels do not understand. Nuclear war is not something to ignore and downplay. One candidate scares the crap out of me, because I think he will use them.They should think of the consequences, like the Brexit folks are doing.

        BTW, What is the difference between a political donation and a bribe? Not much.

    1. That would be the ultimate FU to Harbaugh. Smith wouldn’t be a bad stop gap QB while we develop a young QB. His short accuracy and mobility would fit well with Chips offense. Got to get him a TE though.

      1. #80,

        How would it be a FU to Harbaugh? He didn’t trade him, Baalke did. Anyone who thinks Harbaugh didn’t want Smith to stay in SF is delusional. He would have loved to have Kap and Smith remain on the roster together.

        1. Once Harbaugh made Kap the full time starter Baalke had to trade Smith. No way we were going to keep him and Kap.

          Back then the team actually spent money so Smiths contract had to go. I know Baalke technically traded him but JH forced his hand.

          Sure JH would have liked to keep both but that was never a possibility. Smith counted against the salary cap and would have left after his contract ran out. No way they would keep paying him and then let him walk for nothing in return.

          The FU to Harbaugh? JH chose Kap over Smith, probably the biggest decision he made as coach. If Jed and Trent went back to Alex it would be saying you were wrong JH, you had a decent QB and chose a terrible QB. We brought Alex back to fix your mistake. That would be a big FU IMO.

          1. Harbaugh went with Kap because he was lighting teams up. They then went to a SB and another NFCCG game after that decision. He made the right decision at the time and had nothing to do with getting rid of Smith. They easily could have kept Smith as his contract was not very big for a QB and Kap was making less than a mill. The trading of Smith was all on Baalke.

            1. “The trading of Smith was all on Baalke.” Technically yes as GM he traded Smith.

              Do you think Alex was happy being a backup QB? Do you think he was happy about losing his job after his concussion?

              Baalke did Alex a favor by trading him to a team where he could be a starter again. Smiths beef would be with JH not Baalke.

              1. Imagine if, during the 2012 draft, Baalke had chosen Alshon Jeffey, instead of AJ Jenkins.

                With a solid WR threat, the Niners could have won a couple rings……

  40. Does he have a no trade clause? As I said above it would be the ultimate FU to Harbaugh. Spiteful Jed and Trent would strongly consider it.

    It would also be a big FU from Alex to Colin.

  41. N.O. 41
    S.F. 31

    Kap will have his best game of the season but the offense will stall in the 3rd quarter.

    Hyde won’t play and might miss the rest of the season. He is not capable of carrying the load for a full season.

              1. Gosh Prime, you are trying to use my tactics against me. How predictable.

                However, I am pretty original, and my multi player trades prove that.

              2. Well, I guess you have not devolved into expletives, but you can call me whatever you want.

                It just shows what your basic intelligence is, if you cant figure out that calm civil respect is much more admirable than a name caller.

  42. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/high-asking-prices-for-49ers-smith-jets-richardson-nixed-trades/

    What possible reason did Baalke have to hold onto Torrey? So asinine. They’re going to cut him next year anyway so why not just take the 5th round pick? How do I know they’re goint to cut him? Because the level of production was enough to warrant considering getting rid of him and his salary by $2M dollars next season plus his dead cap would make cutting him a decent cap gain. So again why not just trade him for the 5th and get SOMETHING rather then the nothing you’re going to get when you cut him loose next year.

    F’n Baalke. I really hate that guy.

    1. Oops left out a word:

      and his salary increasesby $2M dollars next season plus his dead cap would make cutting him a decent cap gain.

    2. Agree. I posted on deadline day to get her done.
      A 5th is better than nothing. Old math.
      Now that the deadline has passed..ok…NOW he’ll “take the fifth.”
      Reporter: “So Trent, why didn’t you pull the trigger on the Eagles offer?”
      Trent: “I respectfully refuse to answer that question under my Rights of the Fifth Ammendement as it may tend to incriminate or degrade me and expose that I’m penny wise and pound foolish.”

    3. What possible reason did Baalke have to hold onto Torrey?

      Because Baalke knows that his head is not on the chopping block like the fan base wishes for it to be.

    4. I’m not as certain as you are Smith will be gone at the end of the year. They have no pressing cap issues to make such a move necessary. And despite the lack of production I don’t think there is any doubt he is their best WR. If you get rid of him it is just another player you need to replace somehow.

      1. Also, fans including me have been saying that Brooks would be gone for at least the last two seasons (maybe it was 3). Hasn’t happened yet.

  43. “So I think Trent does a very good job. I would hate to see Trent let go for anything after the season or if they dump it all on him, because when it comes to winning football games, you need to have good players, and you can do a lot worse than Trent Baalke when it comes to picking players.”

    big mistake if they fire baalke…….

  44. As long as the 49ers make more money by losing instead of winning they will continue to lose. Boycott this team until they sell.

  45. Grant, I totally agree with you. I’m 58, born and raised in SF and a lifelong 49er fan. I have suffered through horrible years and enjoyed glory days too, with either outcome I was always a loyal fan, but not anymore. I’m disgusted by the York ownership and had enough. For the time being I’m going to root for the Raiders because they’re an exciting young team, in the meantime, the 49ers will have to make strides in the direction you’ve laid out to get me back….bastards!

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