49ers @ Seahawks live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 3 road game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:35 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB Christian Ponder
  • FS Marcus Cromartie
  • RB DuJuan Harris
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • OT John Theus
  • OT Anthony Davis
  • DT Taylor Hart

11:43 The 49ers’ defense has a great opportunity to grow up today. It has given up 33 points per game on the road since last season.

11:55 Here are the Seahawks’ inactives:

  • RB C.J. Prosises
  • RB Thomas Rawls
  • S Tyvis Powell
  • OG Rees Odhiambo
  • OG Germain Ifedi
  • TE Nick Vannett
  • DT Quinton Jefferson

12:28 Predictions:

  • The Seahawks will try to get tight end Jimmy Graham matched up against Niners’ strong safety Antoine Bethea deep down the field. Bethea gave up a 78-yard touchdown catch to Panthers’ tight end Greg Olsen last week.
  • The 49ers will feature tight end Vance McDonald in the passing game. The Seahawks’ excellent defense has struggled against tight ends in the past.
  • Blaine Gabbert will throw a couple of deep passes to Quinton Patton, who will be matched up against the Seahawks’ No. 3 corner, DeShawn Shead.

1:02 Niners win the toss and defer.

1:07 Christine Michael breaks through the line untouched and runs away from the 49ers’ defense and scores a 41-yard touchdown. Jaquiski Tartt could not keep up. DeForest Buckner got pushed completely out of the play. 7-0 Seahawks. Three-play drive. The second play was a 34-yard pass to Doug Baldwin, who beat nickel back Chris Davis.

1:13 Blaine Gabbert throws a four-yard pass to Jeremy Kerley on third-and-7 and the Niners go three-and-out. The first play of the drive was a read-option with no running back in the backfield. Gabbert kept the ball and ran for one yard. Was that Chip Kelly’s big wrinkle for today?

1:16 Seahawks start from their 38 after a 14-yard return by Tyler Lockett and a holding penalty on Kyle Nelson.

1:27 Michael scores another touchdown, this time from four yards out. 14-0 Seahawks. Michael already has 72 rushing yards and two touchdowns. I guess the Niners’ defense isn’t growing up any time soon.

1:33 Niners go three-and-out again after three-straight runs by Carlos Hyde net just nine yards. The final run was an outside-zone play which was telegraphed by the 12 personnel grouping and the formation, which included both tight ends on the left. Do better, Chip.

1:38 Eli Harold chases down running back Alex Collins after a 10-yard catch-and-run, and the Seahawks go three-and-out. Jeremy Kerley returns the punt 20 yards to the Niners’ 34.

1:41 Gabbert completes an 11-yard pass to Torrey Smith on the first play of the drive just before the first quarter ends.

1:46 Gabbert throws a grounder to Jeremy Kerley on third-and-four and the Niners punt after four plays, which is a big improvement for them.

1:54 Jimmy Graham fumbles and Gerald Hodges recovers at the Seahawks’ 30.

1:57 Gabbert completes a three-yard pass to Shaun Draughn on third-and-4 from the 6. Checkdown Charlie. Phil Dawson makes a 20-yard field goal and the score is 14-3 Seahawks.

2:01 Jimmie Ward grabs his right hip and crumples to the ground as he runs down the field for the kick off. No one touched him. Now he’s walking off the field.

2:04 Vance McDonald has a hip injury and is questionable to return.

2:06 Wilson has forever in the pocket on third-and-14, and completes a 59-yard pass down the middle of the field to Doug Baldwin, who beat both Eric Reid and Tramaine Brock. Next play, Wilson scrambles to his left and throws against his body to a wide open Jimmy Graham who beat NaVorro Bowman for the touchdown. 21-3 Seahawks. Game over.

2:14 Jimmie Ward is out with a quad.

2:15 Gabbert completes a 13-yard pass to Torrey Smith on third-and-16. Next play, Phil Dawson misses a 53-yard field goal way short and wide right. Seahawks’ ball at their 43.

2:21 Gerald Hodges jumps offside and Wilson completes a 40-yard pass to Jimmy Graham, who snatches the ball out of Eric Reid’s hands. Bad game for Reid. He should have intercepted that.

2:25 Steven Hauschka makes a 33-yard field goal with 1:13 left in the half. 24-3 Seahawks.

2:29 Kelly calls an inside handoff for Draughn on third-and-10. Really. Draughn loses two yards, and the team punts after the offense held the ball for just 13 seconds.

2:41 Pathetic offense. Woeful passing game. Just brutal. This isn’t even a rivalry anymore.

2:47 Checkdown Charlie completes a two-yard pass to Garrett Celek on third-and-four. Celek has to reach up for the pass, and he takes a shot in the back from Kam Chancellor. Time for the Belldozer.

2:49 McDonald is out with a hip injury.

2:53 Seahawks go three-and-out. Niners’ ball at their 41 after the punt.

2:57 Gabbert forces a pass to Jeremy Kerley who is double-covered on third-and-4. Bobby Wagner almost picks off the pass, and the Niners’ go three-and-out.

2:58 Then Tyler Lockett returns the punt 62 yards.

3:01 Eli Harold drags Wilson down by the horse collar on third-and-21. Automatic first down. Wilson’s leg bends awkwardly and he leaves the game for one play. Now he’s back. Darrell Bevel has gotten greedy, exposing Wilson for no reason. Going for the kill shot when the Niners are dead already.

3:07 Hauschka makes another 33-yard field goal. 27-3 Seahawks.

3:12 On third-and-8, Gabbert throws a pass to Patton, who appears to catch the ball and the lateral it to Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. Interesting strategy. Seahawks’ ball at the Niners’ 20.

3:19 Hauschka makes a 22-yard field goal. 30-3 Seahawks.

3:24 Gabbert rolls out and throws out of bounds on third-and-6. Niners go three-and-out.

3:24 Niners are 0-for-10 on third down.

3:25 Trevone Boykin throws a 16-yard touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin on third-and-6. Boykin would be the best QB on the 49ers right now. 37-3 Seahawks.

3:42 Hyde scores a 10-yard touchdown run. 37-10 Seattle. Niners ran the ball eight times on that drive. Chip Kelly wanted to establish his run game down 34 points with eight minutes left.

3:51 Boykin throws a pick right to Nick Bellore with 3:40 left. Niners’ ball at Seattle’s 47.

4:01 Hyde scores a touchdown and a two-point conversion. 37-18 Seattle. Kelly leaves Hyde in the game to make Kelly’s offensive numbers look better.

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  1. ” ….The 49ers’ defense has a great opportunity to grow up today. It has given up 33 points per game on the road since last season….”

    Yeah… but …

    Tomsula and Geep are gone …

    Niners win this one … YAY !!

    1. Correction, maybe you meant Mangenius, the DC, is gone, and O’Neil had a pretty good defensive plan, that first game.

      Geep had little to do with allowing 33 points.

  2. It’s another road Chip, and the Seahawks chant, “There’s no place like home”. Go Niners! Table for 53 at midfield, serving roast beast….

          1. I expect the D to score at least once and give our offense a short field all day. The Niners offense has been better in the red zone this year.

  3. Ugh. Just listened to Baalke. He just stressed delivering the ball from the pocket and promising to run on first and second down.

    Hope Chip ignores his advice.

  4. Hope the Ducks contain RW in the pocket while driving the blocker backwards to collapse the pocket.

    I would like to see Garnett and Skov play. Maybe even put Beadles at RG if Tiller is limited, so Garnett can play LG, his natural position. Play Skov on first or second down to stop the run.

    1. I think Skov will get some playing time once we get the lead. I think Buckner will be able to run with the injured smurf. Ward may have his best game as a pro today.

  5. Seattle has allowed just 19 total points, the Niners coughed up 46 last week. Chip Kelly’s team struggles to move the ball at times, while Carolina fell asleep at the wheel taking us for granted. Whenever the 49ers got close they put their foot on the accelerator.

    Seattle, like a fat and sassy grizzly bear stuffed with salmon for the winter (or too many SuperBowl trophies) spots a 49er uniform it’s a get healthy game. Seattle will not hibernate (take us for granted) as Carolina did. They will deliver an ass kicking from the 11th man’s opening cheer.

    Oneil and Wilhoite are a bad Combo plate with Graham running around downfield:

    Seattle 33-12

  6. Good thing they cut Driskel so Ponder could be inactive each week. Given that he was painting his house when the 49ers called him I bet they could have cut Ponder and kept Driskel until they actually needed to make the change. If Gabbert goes down and out and Kaep becomes the starter by that point if Driskel still isn’t ready to be the back up you sign Ponder then.

    But hey, Baalke clearly knows what he’s doing.

    1. You just knew we’d lose when grant predicted us to win. I hate that nepotism has given him this job, he’s a terrible writer.

        1. Just throw the ball down the field all ready, your’e getting blown out!!! Whats the point of playing conservatively, are you trying to win the game or just keep the final score close.

  7. Given the NFL average a QB should only have to complete two passes to make a first down. Gabbert completes two throws were still 3rd and long.

  8. Sorry, this defense is a joke Oneil… 26th ranked OL is manhandling your soft defense with their backup RB. No worries, Gabbert and this great offense will save the day :/

  9. I wish Grant predicted a SeaChicken win …

    this is really bad … t
    here goes our holding on the1st place
    in the NFCW …

    That didn’t last long

    1. We are bad on offense and defense . No.pass rush at all and Gabbert I will not even go there. Maybe activate Ponder. I really do not have a answer but it looks like neither does the coaches

  10. How do the Seahawks turn their season around? Play the 49ers! I’m betting it’s gabberts fault the scoreless Seahawks have already put up 14

    1. No dude, it’s not his fault but he is not the answer at QB. We chose not to address the position and still do not have a future franchise qb. We are a bad team…again

  11. No surprise really… Only ‘successful’ coaches this team had under York’s ownership was Mariucci and Harbaugh. Look how quick they were to run them out of town… Niners are right back to the bottom of the NFL and all one has to do is look at this strong headed ownership and GM. This team is doomed.

  12. Well, looks like Grant’ assessment of the seahags yesterday is a complete fail!
    Their porous offensive line is feasting on the 49ers front 7 at the moment and Wilson is going to have a career day passing if this pattern continues.

    I had a feeling that the hags offense was going to explode after a couple of bad outings – was only hoping it wouldn’t come at our expense.

  13. On Defense this isn’t on the coaching but on the players who are getting pushed around.
    On Offense; conservative play calling. They have to try to push the ball down the field, mix up the play calling.

    1. I disagree. This wide alignment on the line O’Neil is running has created huge holes off tackle. I think this points to a lack of faith in Harold who still has a hard time setting the edge.

  14. something in my contrary nature was put on alert when a few sources made the storyline for this game the terrible Seattle O-line. you cant beat a rival in the press, you gotta beat them on the field.

  15. Chip Kelly offense + Blaine Gabbert = 2 yards and a cloud of dust. Real surprising Gabbert throws it to Kerley’s feet on 3rd down. Who else?

  16. Gotta love how Gabbert attacks the line of scrimmage in the passing game. This game is likely already over, this offense looks incapable of scoring 14 points.

    1. Fourteen? FOURTEEN? If not for some vanilla defense at 0 – 35, I’d be surprised if the offense comes up with three points.

        1. Let me help you then Rebel. Cassie predicted teh 49ers would find a way to lose the game. The next post is how quickly the fans are bailing on BG. His supporters are really quiet right now. After 14 points by the Hawks they finally look like they’re awake. Better?

    1. I don’t think it matters, does it? I mean, it’d be one of hundreds of throws that were short of the sticks on 3rd down….

        1. Well you guys bitch when he goes to the rb too early and now bitch when he goes through his reads.

          Damned if he does. Damned if he doesnt.

  17. Woooooopty doooooo!
    Gabbert refuses to throw past the sticks. Gets rid of it seconds earlier and it’s a first down. Field goals aren’t going to win the game up there

  18. Oh and I forgot. Isn’t a seahak game without one of our main guys getting injured. This book is so rehearsed I don’t have to even open a page. Smh

  19. O’neill wasn’t good with the Browns, so why should we expect anything different. As soon as there is game film to watch the 9ers get trounced.

              1. Nope, but it’s time for Gabbert to take his ass whupping like a man. He is the man! Forcast is for sunny, clear skies, Prime! Ha, Ha! ; > )

              2. I think the lumps have been applied. He’s not getting it done. Bring on the storm, let’s see what he can do? You sound scared Razor to see what your boy can do, blaming health to keep him safe from a good defense. Instead let’s ease him in with a nice soft game like NO.Reality son, you need it today!

    1. Man I doubting it. I’d be really surprised if Kelly made a knee jerk reaction. Gabbert hasn’t been effective but he’s not the one losing the game either. I don’t think CK will make much of a difference without the run game either.

  20. I guess we’re throwing the towel in,terrible call if your not going to go for it than punt it why give them the field position.

  21. This defense even tackles soft. And it sure doesn’t help to have Reid assist Graham with that catch. What happened to knocking the ball down??

  22. If the Hawks and Niners each score 3 more points in the second half my score prediction will come true. I had really hoped I was wrong too :(

  23. It takes a special kind of QB to throw the ball into the back of his own players head. I don’t have any confidence in Kaep, but it’s time.

  24. It’s a relief to know that Baalke focused on both the OL and DL this offseason and was still able to hold on to around $40 million in salary cap space (where’s the sarcasm font when you need it).

      1. cubus, Gabbert is just Gabbert, he’s only contributing to the defense being on the field a lot. They played awful all on their own. CK. Won’t change anything in this game.

    1. Is Kaepernick going to play defense too?

      Yes the offense stunk again, but the 49ers got their @sses handed to them in every phase today.

      1. Is Kaepernick going to play defense too?

        No, but I think he could improve 3rd downs, which would help the defense. Gabbert’s 1 for 11 before garbage time suggests to me a position change to cornerback, because he’s not helping the defense at quarterback….

  25. Kap is still underweight. Plus, playing him against his arch rival while behind big would be a disaster and diminish any trade value he might have.

      1. I see the issues of this team being much more than who’s behind center….or were those 24 points all pick 6s and fumbles by #2?

        1. True, the issues are too great to blame on #2. The problem is folks use the same logic for the back up QB that all the problems are his fault. Gabbert hasn’t been effective on offense for his part.

    1. Kap couldn’t do any worse than gabbert just did. The king of the check down. Why try and get s first. Check down for 3 yards short

    2. If Kaep goes in and shows he isnt a good QB- then i can get busy on ignoring the rest of this season and hoping the niners lose from here out so we can get a QB in the draft.

      Im not looking to complain, but it is fairly ridiculous Kaep is being held behind Gabbert now. Gabbert is not good- we have seen enough

  26. Why is anyone surprised. Gabbert is exactly the same lousy quarterback who failed miserably in Jacksonville. Only the Kap haters on this blog thought Gabbert was any good. Classic example of wishful thinking.

    I expected us to be 1-2 after three games, so I am not ready to write off the season just yet. I still believe we will beat Dallas next week to get back to .500.

    I don’t think we will see Kap in the second half. I predicted Kap would be back for the Cowboy game and I am staying with it.

    1. The only entertaining moment of Kaep’s possible return would be if he got his helmet ripped off on a QB keeper and a massive Afro exploded from his head. That made for television moment would likely be sandwiched between two pick sixes.

      1. At least he would try a throw downfield for it to be pick sixed. Your boy Gabbert does not have the balls to throw more than four yards downfield.

        1. Gabbert is terrible. I’ve said that consistently. Kaep isn’t going to make this team better. He has regressed as a QB and the league caught up to his game three years ago. Just because he’ll take shots down the field doesn’t mean they’re smart throws. They’ll turn into interceptions.

  27. York the dork + balke= vomit. I like chip, but boy nothing seems to be working. Interesting tha the panthers lost. Kind of scary that that brooks is our best player in a blowout. Other than Buckner and armstead right now the cupboard looks bare! Hope things change!

  28. You would think players on a team predicted to be worst in the NFL and huge underdogs each week would show a little more bite instead of playing scared against a hated division rival. Baalke’s roster of Jed’s nice guys is on full display… If Baalke survives another season fans should protest #NinersFansMatter.

  29. Not defending Gabbert’s poor showing, but it’s going to be very hard to go into Seattle the first time (w/this rivalry) and get out of there with a win. Kap has folded there every time.

  30. Classy Pete Carroll as our guy is laying on the ground he’s handing out loud high fives. Gabbert is going to get somebody killed

  31. Why were the Yorks so quick to get rid of Mariucci and Harbaugh? Ya know, the only 2 coaches who could win games under their ownership…

  32. From the football perspective, makes those years of the late 60’s through mid 90s in the Bay Area look and feel pretty good about now. I had the privilege of seeing many great games…now so long ago. Hope we get it back before we’re all dead…

    1. There’s a lot of 49ers QB’s that would have played awful against this Hawks defense. Rattay, Hill, Carr, Dorsey to name a few. Outside of Montana, Young, Garcia, Bono and a few others most of our QB’s would have looked like this against this D.

    1. But Jack, Chip is an offensive genius. He will make Gabbert look good. Hyde will benefit from his play calling. FIRE THIS JOKE OF A COACH IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE GAME!

  33. Poorly thrown ball causes the reciever to tip it to a Hawk player. Look Kaepernick is reading on the tablet. Any guesses what he’s reading?

  34. The biggest indictment against Chip Kelly is how good the Eagles look and how much the 49ers look like the same team. His offense is vanilla if you take the hurry up aspect away and he’s afraid to run hurry up because he has received so much criticism for wearing his defenses out. He’s done in the NFL. The thing that sucks is that he is on a 5 year contract and there’s no way York fires him when he’s still paying Tomsula. So look forward to at least a couple more years of this.

    1. I pointed that out on this site before the season started and got all sorts of idiotic replies stating that the Eagles were awful, and Chip was great, and that the Niners were on their way to great things with Chip.

      1. Not from me you didn’t. I was among a group that hoped he would do well but I continue to believe that once Tomsula was fired Kelly was a multiple choice question with one choice.

  35. Right now the Niners seem to be cursed with burnt potato Chip. Looks bad, smells bad, and tastes even worse. Plus there is a big bag of Chips still sitting in front of us, all just as badly burnt.

  36. Boykin and Brissett undrafted and apparently not good enough to get a training camp invite on our mighty squad. Prescott goes in r4 after we take Robinson who can’t get beat out Reasor on the worse secondary in the league. Meanwhile Baalke drafts Driskel who gets cut in training camp. And he still has a job…unreal.

      1. He’s part of the toxicness at 4949… He was getting burnt all preseason and then made the roster injured. Another one of Baalke’s jems…

  37. Over these many years that I’ve been watching the NFL it’s become evident to me that my beer doesn’t taste as good when the Niners are on this end of a 30-3 score.
    As you were.

    1. Why do we even bother to play the game when it is in Seattle? The team never shows up to play. I’d be fine if they just forfeited the game and spent more time preparing for the following game.

    1. The Browns have told a source that they are interested in a trade to re-acquire O’Neill from the 9ers. They’re willing to send two cases of America to Razor to make the trade.

  38. Ha ha ha ha!
    Ha ha ha ha!
    Chip Kelly=Jim tomsula
    Gabbert=Kapernick=neither one can throw 300 yards
    49ersD=2015 49ers D
    Jed York=Jed York

    Now then, Jed, will you finally sell the team and get rid of Kapernick? Either put him in the game where Seattle can do all of us a huge favor and put him out of his misery, or just forfeit your games, and don’t whine 49ers that the NFL is out to get you or the ref. You play your opposition. Least even in losing to NE< Mia gave an effort to their rival. You jsut roll over and play dead!

  39. This is 10 times worse than last year with Tomsula. Baalke should be fired now without a doubt. How do you not get a QB and a WR to have any semblance of an NFL offense.
    Then you spent all those high picks on defense only to have the game over in the 1st quarter.
    I’ve always said if you can’t compete within your division and measure yourself up competitively, then you need a new direction.
    Nothing has changed from last year. Just a few new faces is all!

    1. Well, at least no one is farting into the mics so far. Other than that … and I can’t stand watching BG taking off without the ball trying to sell a QB run option anymore. Nobody is, or ever has, buying it. Who’s got it worse than us? Maybe the Browns, but I’m not so sure, really.

    2. Armstead, Buckner, Harold, and Carradine just don’t look good to me. That’s a lot of draft capital with next to nothing in return. Hopefully O’Neil can figure out a way to turn those guys around.

    1. I pegged the season 4 and 12:
      Division, 1 or 2 wins
      Lose to Dallas, their back up is decent
      Lose to Chicago
      AFC East, maybe beat Buffalo/Miami
      NFC South lucky if you beat Falcons or Saints.
      4 win season.

    2. Even if Chip makes immediate adjustments, I see at most an 8 win season, If they do not change, a 4 win season would be optimistic.

  40. Team needs after the season
    2013 Wr,Qb,Ilb,Te and Cb
    2014 Wr,Qb,Ilb,Te and Cb
    2015 Wr,Qb,Ilb,Te and Cb
    2016 Wr,Qb,Ilb,Te and Cb
    Fire Baalke

    1. So you’re saying we need the same things as last year??? At least we have our OL and DL sorted out. Oh wait, we’re below average there too?
      What the Heck did we draft??

  41. This is a truly special defense, allowing two 100+ yard receivers and a 100+ yard rusher in consecutive games after never having done that in the previous 971 games.

  42. The only way we get better, and it will be with Kelly,is to fill this roster with talent. This isn’t a coaching issue, this is a talent issue.

    1. Not sure Prime. I would say it definitely is a coaching issue with regards to O’Neill. But, I know, you were only talking about Kelly.

      1. Yes they were not prepared to play. That’s all on Kelly. The play calling on defense was absolutely on O’Neil.
        But the most glaring problem today was there is not one legitimate threat on offense.
        Hyde included. What is Kelly suppose to do with Kerley, Patton, Smith? Those guys are all back ups!

      1. What about the HC from Duke…he says I just want my guys to have fun. I like that attitude. I like Kevin Jones release too.

  43. If chip wouldve just stuck with the run from the beginning hyde wouldve had a huge game…look at his numbers against this stout seahawks defense, not bad at all…playcalling is terrible and gabbert sucks….wideouts dont show up…TE’s r hurt but oline looks great…if the qb is gunna suck this bad, ide rather see it happening by the 12 million dollar a year guy, cmon now.

    1. Hyde got those 4th quarter yards after the DBs backed way off to prevent any long plays. Up until the garbage time, they kept him in check.

      The FO really must hate Kaep to keep him from playing when the game was totally out of reach.

  44. Good thing the stats-quants geniuses in the NFL and the idiot fans that use them religiously, point out that the Hawks have had the worse O-line in football for the past 2-3 years, eh?

  45. Pretty bad when even the coaching staff knows that this team can’t pass effectively. Late in the 4th quarter getting blown out and normally teams abandon the run trying to score more quickly and efficiently via the pass. But not the Niners, the are still running a plodding 1st quarter offense until the end.

  46. The team was not prepaired to play.
    Poorly designed passing routs.
    Is any one surprised by the run game?
    Is any one surprised by the game plan?
    The league has Kelly’s number.
    It is going to be rough couple of years.

  47. I just saw the 49ers team of the immediate future – it’s not good.
    Is it too early to start exploring the next 49ers college QB 1st rd pick?

  48. I suppose its Kaep’s turn and I say that with reluctance, I really think its time to go fishing in the Ponder, you never no what you might catch. I don’t blame the loss on Gabbert but he is not the answer at QB.

    1. Whoever was a back up today, should get an opportunity this week. No one deserves a spot after today’s performance!
      The only position that played well, barely, was the offensive line. Barely!

    2. For the Gabbertistas who are trying to make excuses for their guy by saying he was not on the field while Seattle was putting up 37 points need to get a clue. Football is the ultimate team game. When an offense goes 3 and out over and over it is amost impossible for a defense not to get down. After Michel’s big play TD it was crucial for Blaine to pound out a few first downs and get at least a field goal to keep the defense playing with some intensity. Instead, Blaine did what he is so good at doing. Threw for 4 yards when he needed six. The game was pretty much over then and there.

      Gabbert sucks. He has to go. What do the 49ers have to lose by playing Kaepernick.

  49. I want a new owner… not going to happen.

    I want a new GM…see above.

    I want a new coach…See above…

    This like having an Edsel and thinking by changing the parts that it is going to be something else when you put it back togther…

    Nope, it is still an Edsel!

    1. They did score 2 TDs, and even got a 2 point play, so they were not totally inept.

      There, that is a ray of sunshine amidst the doom and gloom.

      1. Seb, you are kidding, right? They scored in garbage time.

        This is the same thing we saw last year and everyone in this site got all happy and excited to see the Niners scored TDs in garbage time…it was meaningless. Niners still lost the game today. Their O=line was overwhelmed, and their D was crushed by an “awful” offensive line.

          1. Sun Tsu recommended that a general should learn from his mistakes so he does not repeat them.

            A wise general will not be stubborn and inflexible. He will quickly make assessments and make adjustments. Above all, he would say that a general who sheathes his most powerful weapon is just conceding defeat.

      1. Be proud of your trash QB you and others have been pumping up. Hyde ran hard all game.. Played by himself… Imagine if he had a decent QB what he could do… I hope Gabbert starts all year.. Gets us closer to Kizer or Watson thank god!

        1. Hyde didn’t do anything until the Seattle starting D was off the field in the 3rd quarter. He was a non-factor, but that was hardly his fault. The D dominated the O-line.

        2. CK=Elite

          Welcome back !…we all knew you’d return someday….
          Man!! I’m sure glad I don’t fish with you fair-weather fans….

              1. Uh, the Rams. He did go number one to the tune of a princes ransom. Kizer is the most accurate thrower in college football, again my opinion. He worked hard on improving his quarterback mechanics and it has shown this year. He’s big and strong, fast and can spin the football. He’s mastered this offense, which similar to some of things Kelly does….

          1. Oh Hammer you look like a tool now. Almost as bad as last year when you predicted a 10 win season. Kizer when he decides to enter the draft will be a top 5 pick. Your QB who has been a loser his whole professional career is going to exit this team with our GM by seasons end… What a Fing joke!!!!

    1. I think the Titans will get that No. 1 pick (don’t they have the Rams’ pick? Well, whichever team does will probably get it). The 49ers will probably scratch out 3 or 4 wins and blow any chance for the top pick.

  50. Well, I tried my hardest to keep rooting for Gabbert to succeed, but when he goes 1-11 up until garbage time, he should admit that his play is hurting the team.

    Chip should stop sheathing a potent weapon, If they are afraid Kaep might get hurt and they will be out his salary, they should fire the people who wrote that contract. (Paraag, Baalke).

    Chip went timid, and settled for Field goals instead of going for it. When will he ever learn. I must admit I saw a draw play, so he is getting innovative. I did see a man in motion, but if they keep throwing short of the sticks, they will keep on losing.

    Chip needs to make honest assessments, and make the necessary adjustments. He should not wait until it is too late. It is still early, so the season is not lost, yet. Chip needs to lead, and he needs to go bold. Shake things up. Nobody should be guaranteed a starting job, especially after the last 2 games.

    Gabbert would do the classy thing if he went to Chip, and allowed Kaep to compete for the job that he lost due to injury. Chip should promise Gabbert playing time, as a classy reciprocal gesture, and Kaep would be happy to at least get some snaps.

    Cant wait for Grants’ grades. Bet the Coaches get an F.

  51. Once again the 49ers blindful thought we were going to win …….. I laughed at how you idiots thought that we had a good team …. you idiots thought our defense was good, that we had so many young players coming up but the only reason they looked good in OTA’s and practice is because they play against our sorry ass offense and vice versa…. We never had good receivers and you guys actually thought that Smith,Patton, Anderson and Smelter were good … when you trade for a receiver and a week later he becomes your leading receiver that tells you everything about your receiving corps… our front 7 can’t put pressure on the QB and without a pass rush you secondary is vulnerable…….like i said from the begining its going to be a long and ugly season ….

    1. Chill out. Personally, I had this team down for 5 wins this year but to not even show up today against a division rival was inexcusable… If you’re going to suck at least give some effort. That was badly missing and sums up this whole org pretty accurately.

    2. Its OK. I said it would be a dog fight, only I did not know the Niners would bring poodles against pit bulls.

      I would have been ecstatic with a one point win, so I was not deliriously out of it, but did not expect the effortless way they surgically dismantled the defense.

      I will still root for the Niners to win, you can root for them to lose. Some like you may want the Niners to be rewarded with a high draft pick. I want them to pick last.

  52. Laugh it up Kami. This coaching staff is almost as bad as last year. Since you are obviously a football genius, would you bless us with your take on how to improve the team or are you too busy taking your victory lap.

        1. I agree, but the banner should be directed at Denise. She was embarrassed by the banners last year and she has all the power. Ellisons’ first move should be to hire Eddie D as president.

  53. Someone has to say it … Tomsula may not have been as bad as people thought … let’s see the 49ers top his win total in the next few years first ….

  54. Some thoughts…

    – exact rerun of the start of last season, all the way down to the game three Demoralizer.

    – we don’t have receivers.

    – Blain Gabbert has never been a good pro quarterback. He may become one some day, but until now he has never been actually good.

    – O’Neil did a Mangini immitation of last season’s game vs Seattle.

    – the 49ers are the easiest team in the NFL to prepare for. Stop the run, stop the 49ers.

    – before the game I wrote the 49ers biggest needs were (in any order) QB, Edge Rusher, Receiver. Add MLB to that list.

    – we are not out of the running for Myles Garrett.

      1. I promise to view some breakdowns of Kizer… soon.

        My extremely modest goals for this season were five wins, improved execution, established quarterback. That would provide the draft flexibility to get an edge rusher or stud receiver.

        I might not get any of these.

    1. Same players for the most part, same results.
      Can’t stop the run or pass on the road and can’t formulate any threat on offense in the run or pass game.
      Not sure how this is on Kelly. I mean it’s still early in the season to blame one thing but right now when you look at the talent level on the Panthers and Seahawks compared to the 49ers, it’s not even close.

        1. “The team isn’t physical enough”…

          This is my biggest concern of Chip’s team. From college to Pro, his team has always played soft. It might have won him some games in the NFC East but not in this division.

      1. And any time a team wants to move the sticks against us, just throw in an area covered by ILBs. I think we’re going to miss Ray Ray.

            1. Arguably the best LB in the NFL, and a physical freak. Plays for the Patriots.

              If he’s available at the end of the season he’d be an outstanding signing. But highly doubt he’d agree to come to the 49ers unless they offered him the deal of the century… though the 49ers will certainly have the cap space to do just that!

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