49ers @ Seahawks live blog: First quarter

SEATTLE, Wa., — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers Week 16 game against the Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:25 The 49ers called tails and the toss lands heads. The Seahawks defer. The 49ers will have the ball first.

5:31 LaMichael James gets tackled at the SF 17 yard line.

5:32 Kaepernick overthrows Manningham deep on the first play of the game. Manningham had beaten Jeremy Lane.

5:32 Richard Sherman knocks away Kaepernick’s pass to Crabtree on second down. Crabtree ran a quick slant.

5:33 Crabtree drops a high pass at the first down mark on third down. Andy Lee will punt.

5:34 Leon Washington returns the punt from the Seahawks 35 to the 49ers 49. Tramaine Brock is flagged for a 15-yard penalty after the play. The Seahawks will start at the SF 34.

5:35 Russell Wilson completes a short pass to Zach Miller for a gain of 10 yards.

5:36 Next play, Marshawn Lynch runs right at Ricky Jean Francois, who easily get pushed aside. Lynch barrels into the end zone. 7-0 Seahawks a minute and 12 seconds into the game.

5:37 Before the game I said the team that scored first would have a huge advantage. Let’s see if Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh panic and abandon the run. They did not run on the first series, which went three and out.

5:39 James returns the kickoff to the SF 20.

5:40 K.J. Wright tackles Gore for no gain on first down.

5:41 Kaepernick scrambles for seven yards on second down. Third and three.

5:42 James picks up three yards and a first down on a zone-read run.

5:42 Next play, Kaepernick tries to kill a play at the line of scrimmage and then calls timeout as the play clock almost hits zero.

5:44 On first and down, Kaepernick completes a short pass to Bruce Miller, who loses a yard.

5:45 Chris Clemons beats Staley and forces Kaepernick to scramble. He gains eight yards. Third and three.

5:45 Roman calls a screen and the Seahawks see it coming. They tackle Gore before he can catch the ball. Andy Lee will punt again.

5:46 Washington makes the fair catch at the Seahawks’ 14 yard line.

5:49 Lynch runs at Jean Francois on first down and gains seven.

5:50 Next play, Wilson play fakes and hits Doug Baldwin deep for 43 yards. Rogers got beat. Baldwin dropped the ball at first, then kicked it back into his hands as he fell to the turf. First and 10 at the SF 36.

5:53 Lynch runs to the left yet again, but this time NaVorro Bowman tackles him after a one-yard gain.

5:53 Wilson play fakes, backpedals and throws it to Sidney Rice, who makes a diving catch on the left sideline. Rogers was beat. First and 10 at the SF 21.

5:54 Next play, Lynch runs right and gains one.

5:55 Next play, Lynch takes a toss and runs around the left side for eight yards. Third and 1 at the SF 12.

5:55 Wilson gains three yards on a designed run. First and goal from the nine.

5:56 Jean Francois tackles Lynch for no gain on first and goal.

5:57 Next play, Wilson completes an underneath pass to a wide open Lynch, who walks into the end zone. The Seahawks cleared out the middle of the field by using four wide receivers, and forcing Patrick Willis to a receiver. 14-0 Seahawks with 4:26 left in the first quarter. The 49ers have not won a game this season when they were trailing after the first quarter. They’re probably going to have to do that tonight.

6:00 James returns the third kick from the goalline to the SF 35. Very good return.

6:03 Gore fumbles on first down, but Staley recovers. Gain of four.

6:04 Kaepernick underthrows Vernon Davis deep down the middle of the field, but Davis dives and catches it. Gain of 27. First and 10 at the 34.

6:05 Next play, Gore gains four.

6:05 Next play, Kaepernick tries to change the play at the line of scrimmage but none of his teammates can hear him, so he calls the 49ers’ second timeout of the first half.

6:07 The 49ers line up with Randy Moss and three tight ends, then hand off to Gore. He gains nothing. Third and six.

6:08 Kaepernick can’t get the snap off on time. Delay of game. Third and 11.

6:09 Kaepernick steps up and hits Crabtree underneath. He runs six yard for an 11-yard gain and a first down.

6:09 Next play, Kaepernick hits Walker for a gain of four.

6:10 Next play, Kaepernick throws a fade to Manningham who catches it out of bounds. Third and six from the Seahawks’ 20.

6:11 Kaepernick throws to a wide open Vernon Davis at the goal line. Cam Chancellor blows him up and the ball falls incomplete, but he’s flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver. First and goal at the 10.

6:12 Gore gains six yards up the middle on first and goal. Second and goal from the four, and the first quarter ends.

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