49ers-Seahawks live blog: First quarter

SEATTLE — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:25 The Seahawks win the toss and defer. Smart move. Make the 49ers’ deal with the crowd noise right away. I bet the 49ers would have deferred too if they had won the toss.

5:30 Touchback. 49ers’ start at their 20 yard line.

5:32 The 49ers go three-and-out. Gore gains two on first down, Kaepernick gains two on second down and Miller catches a five-yard pass on third-and-six.

5:33 Golden Tate returns the punt to the Seahawks’ 47.

5:33 It’s pouring again.

5:34 Marshawn Lynch gains four yards on first down. Wilson overthrows Luke Wilson on second down.

5:35 The ball squirts out of Wilson’s hand on third down and his pass is incomplete. Three-and-out for the Seahawks.

5:36 Craig Dahl blocks the punt. 49ers’ ball at the Seahawks’ 35.

5:39 Kaepernick converts a third-and-four with a nine-yard pass to Vernon Davis on a simple stick route.

5:41 On third-and-goal from the five Kaepernick tries to force a pass to Vernon Davis in the end zone, the pass is tipped by Walther Thurmond and intercepted by Earl Thomas and returned to the Seahawks’ 12.

5:45 On second-and-ten, Lynch runs up the middle for 21 yards.

5:46 Ian Williams is injured on the field.

5:48 Williams cannot put any weight on his left leg as he’s helped off the field. Could be an ankle injury.

5:50 Wilson throws a deep interception to Eric Reid, who is ruled down at the 49ers’ 25. Wilson is 0-for-5 with a pick.

5:51 Both teams seem tentative. It’s a big fight. They’re feeling each other out.

5:55 The 49ers are flagged for a Delay on third-and-11. That kills that drive.

5:57 Lee punts and it’s a touchback.

5:58 Sherman lined up in the slot against Boldin on third down before the delay.

5:58 Ian Williams is out with a leg injury.

5:59 Carlos Rogers is flagged for pass interference on first down. He was covering Sidney Rice in the slot. First-and-10 and the 26.

6:00 Next play, Wilson drops back and gets sacked by Dorsey for a five-yard pass. Wilson still has not completed a pass.

6:01 J.R. Sweezy is flagged for holding but the 49ers’ decline the penalty because Wilson threw the ball away. The Seahawks must punt.

6:02 Kyle Williams makes the fair catch at the 49ers’ 34.

6:05 The game has been suspended indefinitely because of lightning.

6:06 Impressions so far:

1. The 49ers’ defense has played very trough, but they’re not playing well against the run. The pass rush has been good, though.

2. Frank Gore looks like his legs are gone. He has nine yards on three carries.

3. The 49ers’ receivers cannot get open.

4. Russell Wilson has been terrible.

5. Marshawn Lynch has been terrific.

6:17 This delay could be the best thing for the 49ers. Now Jim Harbaugh can settle down and gain some composure. Every 49er was too amped up. Harbaugh needs to keep an even keel. The players pick up on that stuff.

Actually, that applies to Pete Carroll, too. Both teams were playing out of control in the first quarter.

6:28 Pro Football Talk is reporting Ian Williams has a broken ankle.

6:30 Why the 49ers blocked the Seahawks’ punt: http://deadspin.com/a-whistling-fan-caused-the-seahawks-punt-to-be-blocked-1322079937?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

6:41 It’s still pouring.

6:44 Big lightning flash.

6:45 The press box announcer just announced the game will resume at 7:05. At that point, it will have been an hour-long delay, just what both teams needed. But it’s pouring. It’s dumping. It’s going to be tough to pass in this rain, and that may favor the Seahawks.

6:53 Harbaugh is pacing outside the 49ers’ locker room. Calm down, Jim.

6:55 The Seahawks run back out on the field and high five every fan in the north end zone. The 49ers run out on the field after.

6:58 The rain stopped.

7:00 49ers’ ball at their 36 in five minutes.

7:01 Can we skip halftime?

7:04 Here we go.

7:06 Anthony Davis gets beaten by Michael Bennett on second-and-11 and Bennett sacks Kaepernick for a nine-yard loss and the 49ers go three-and-out. Tate catches the punt at the Seahawks’ 21.

7:07 Sherman is following Boldin where ever he goes.

7:09 Wilson converts a third-and-one with a two-yard gain a sneak. Russell Okung is shaken up on the play but he jogs off the field.

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