49ers @ Seahawks live blog: Fourth quarter

SEATTLE, Wa. — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:44 Russell Wilson overthrows a wide open Christine Michael in the back of the end zone on second-and-5 from the 15. The Seahawks use their final timeout before the next play.

3:45 Nick Moody is flagged for roughing the passer on third-and-5. Trent Baalke just pounded the table.

3:47 Paul Richardson runs a skinny post and beats Eric Reid for a 10-yard touchdown on second-and-goal. Easy. 17-7 Seahawks. Reid has not played well this season, as I was saying.

3:41 Jerron Johnson tackles Ellington at the 14 and Craig Dahl is flagged for holding.

4:02 Colin Kaepernick hands off to Bruce Miller on fourth-and-1 from the Seahawks’ 38 and Miller gets tackled short of the first down. Eight-minute drive that got the Niners only to the Seahawks’ 38. Awful.

4:09 The Seahawks punt from their end zone. They tackle Ellington at the Niners’ 45 with 4:02 left.

4:14 Colin Kaepernick scrambles to his left and throws the ball away on fourth-and-four and the season ends. Wrong time to throw it away.

4:20 Baalke just hung his head for about 20 seconds.

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  1. horrible field position affect the play calling.. too many injuries.. i just dont get how many freak injuries we get playing the seahawks

  2. i generally dont complain about the refs but these guys are terrible, and there’s a general tendency for refs to get cowed by the fans at Seattle

  3. Atrocious call. If they’re going to keep giving the Seahawks BS calls time and time again, it’s time to start actually hitting RW. I don’t care if it’s 5 seconds after a play is over. Sweep the leg Johnny!

    1. Think it’s time to realize that there may be a bad call here or there . Even AGAINST the Hawks . The fact of the matter is that Kaepernick is 1-5 against the Hawks . Can stop blaming the Refs now . He is NO RUSSELL WILSON my friends . Wilson’s a winner !!

    1. Mariota will be worth the price. Unfortunately, we’d need the Raiders or Jags to get the first pick. Otherwise, he won’t be made available.

  4. I know that #7 is going to be here. I just wish we could find another QB. He no longer has the guts or talent to play well against Seattle. Sorry Bay.

  5. Would I be sad if I wake up after a nap today and see Harbaugh, Roman and Kaepernick have been fired. Yes, because I missed it!

  6. What the !@#$ Fox?! The game is still going and you’re focusing on that tabloid football reporter Glazer? Seriously?!

    1. I disagree with Glazer. We will get a pick back for Harbs. Everyone knew we were gonna cut Alex Smith and we got two 2s for him.

    2. I would have focused on that the instant they went with Mr. Hot Hand. It was over they gave away our 6th ring and went with this elongated Tebow.

  7. Glazer has told the truth. Nobody on the 49ers ever dispelled the rumor. Harbaugh has the attitude that he wants out. Yeah, players want him to stay I’m sure, but it’s like the GS Warriors. Need to change the coach if he can’t get along with others.

  8. They haven’t played Carradine or Dial enough, haven’t played Ellington at all, haven’t let Patton play. Niners coaches need to go. Just horrendous mismanagement of talent.

  9. Getting a new coach just in time. I just hope we get a good one that knows offense. I say John Gruden or Seattle’s offensive coordinator. Harbaugh can’t stay here. He can no longer beat Seattle.

    1. How come not liking Harbaugh, CK, and the play calling makes me a Seattle fan, loser? Does a movie have to be 100% good? you can’t criticize? It’s like racist to say anything about Harbaugh and CK? HOw is that? WHy must I say good things about them?

  10. WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?! Well, the Chiefs do actually, and they aren’t even that great. At least they beat the Raiders.

      1. How can any 49er fan not be sickened by your comment. You’re absolutely right. It’s such a stupid, stupid, stupid path we took.

        1. We never should’ve traded Alex Smith. That’s how the 49ers became terrible. Alex Smith could’ve lead us to antoher playoff.

        2. I’m not sickened by his comment. Alex Smith sucks. We could be stuck paying him $75 mil over the next 5 years. Kaep can be cut now.

            1. Kaep at least had a chance to be great and failed. Smith will always be mediocre. Better to take a shot at getting a Montana or Young than playing not to lose. If it doesn’t work out, you move on and take another shot. Anyone knows that’s the way to be great…stupid.

              1. Alex Smith has 93.9 QB rating right now and 100+ the first year under Harbaugh. Your entire premise about Kaep having a chance to be great failed, yes, but your premise about Smith being mediocre is false. SO, you’re stupid once again. Never forget that. Your choice, as a stupid bicep kissing fan, caused utter ruin to a perfect window for SB wins. Suck it.

        1. You can tell the future, good for you. I can too, using the power of math. The 49ers have 0% chance of making the payoffs. The Chiefs do have a chance.

  11. #7 is not even smart enough to throw the ball away. He takes sacks all too well. How do you throw the ball away on 4th down. We waste another year if we keep him. I say we do everything we can to draft a QB in the 1st round. Then a wideout with the next pick. #7 is washed up. He’s taken enough sacks this year to be gun shy and hearing footsteps for the next 3 years. He will always be looking for the pass rush.
    He’s been David Carred!

    1. Well I laid off of Kaep during the game. But now that it’s over. Man, it really is more of the same. He misses way too many plays and takes way too many sacks because he can’t audible out of a play. Roman can’t get out of his own way too. It wouldn’t matter if Kaep could stop leaving the pocker prematurely, but what can you do????

      Hey Bay, when you gonna apologize to me buddy?

  12. Bye bye Jim. Thanks for making us relevant.
    See ya VD. Thanks for stealing our money
    see ya Brooks.
    See ya Crabs. You are a #2.
    Most of all see ya Roman. You should have kept your high school coordinator job.

    1. Well said my friend. Who has it better then us? Next time, play and win the game before you proclaim greatness and bicep kissing.

  13. Just saw your little dig at Eric Reid after the TD, Grant. Yep, he was in coverage on the play, playing outside leverage. Who was meant to be providing help on the inside? Wilhoite? Whoever it was didn’t get across to close the window. No mention of how that was a big reason why the TD was scored?

    He has not been great this year, but nor has he been as bad this year as you are trying to make out, and using that as an example is a stretch.

    1. Scooter real fans won’t take digs. We fought hard. Way too many hurdles to overcome this game.

      How Roman does not cut VD loose this game is puzzling. Oline had a decent game. Ultimately the refs call changed the game…

      1. Real fans will see that the pulse and the heart beat of a team revolves around the head coach and QB. When one of those fails to perform in big moments, the team loses faith.
        How many games this year did CK fail to perform and elevate his game when the chips were down?
        He cost Harbaugh an extension!

      2. Bay – You are a legend in here bro but #7 is disgraceful this year….He needs some new coaching, someone to explain that image is over rated…He aint Joe Namath!….Tattoos don’t win ball games, film study does…….His mechanics are weak…Throws a bit side arm and winds up on med-long range throws……Takes too many sacks etc.

          1. PRIME – Lots of IPA’s today….drowning my sorrows…..There are several long time legends in here. BAY is one of them and you are too. We can all agree, Niners need a change of approach on offense and more speed.

  14. We need a QB that can challenge or replace Kaep, another RB to challenge Hyde for playing time, at least two WRs with one being a speedster, eventual replacements for Staley and Boone, an eventual replacement for VD, a shutdown CB, and finally Bowman plus Willis in the starting lineup.

    1. And where are all of those personal going to come from. That’s a lot of holes to fill in one year. Not going to realistically happen.

    2. Wide Receivers
      Devante Parker – UofL
      Rashad Greene – FSU
      Sammy Coates – MSU

      Running Back
      TJ Yeldon
      Todd Gurley
      David Cobb

      Nick O’Leary – FSU
      Clive Walford – Miami

  15. Unfortunately Harbs will be headed to Ann Arbor soon…You can see the body language….He would be more livid during the last few games if he was staying……Go Blue!!….Beat the Buckeyes!!

  16. This has been the most disappointing season. Kaep has been disappointing and our coaches have been very disappointing. We may possibly lose the last two games.

  17. 49ers played more intense. I thought they might play down and that’s a good sign. Had a chance until ref completely changed the game with blown call on Wilson. Harbaugh definitely gone. He’s not the biggest problem. At least Kaepernick ran and was willing. Still can’t manuever well and still didn’t call enough short passes that were the only successful offense they had. Guess it’s next year, as they say the “49ers are officially out of the playoffs” on telecast. Nice to see a new face McFadden playing well as well as Carradine. 49ers for next year need a new QB, one that knows the position and can be a real field general, and a new offensive look, all the way though.

  18. We can’t get a new QB fast enough. Sure Jim and Roman are gone but they should kick Colin in the balls on the way out for costing them their jobs.

    1. I’m finally with you. I give up. I give in. Colin is just game-stupid, and no amount of coaching can ever change that. It’s innate; you either have it or you don’t. Throwing it away on 4th down with the season on the line? Still smh.

      1. That was the only time he threw it away. Usually Krap just hangs onto the ball to take a sack. The one time he absolutely can’t throw it away, he does. What a dipwad.

        1. I saw that one, yelled and yelled and went into denial/disbelief and wanted to see the replay to see if my eyes weren’t failing me. Never saw it. Grrrrr!

    2. CFC – Amen brotha….Not all #7’s fault though…..Roman, all WR’s, crap O-line and horesebleep TE’s….The future looks dark!!

  19. Kaep was not great, but he played better than he has in the past against Seattle. Still some stupid plays, but no turnovers. If we were at full strength, I think we would have won that game.

    1. Game was over once Borland went out. The Seattle run game was more effective after that. Then when Hyde went down I heard the Fat Lady singing and smelled the smoke from Seattle’s victory cigar.

      Does anyone even question that this team is cursed.

      1. J. Smith’s cap number is $6,436,668. Prorated bonus is $2,186,668. So difference pg $4,250,000 is the savings if he retires.

  20. Well, another poorly coached (Offensively) debacle in the books. Down two score in the middle of the fourth quarter and all we can do is run the clock down to zero every time. Harbaugh has NEVER learned how to manage a clock in four years here. Krapernick multiple times holding on to the ball so he can take a sack. Krap multiple time making throws that couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. But hey, we only lost by 10, that is an improvement from the last two weeks.

    I think we need to bench anyone we actually care about for the next two weeks. One to get a better draft, two so they won’t get hurt. What have we had, 30 injuries this season? Three of the four linebackers hot hurt today, both running backs, another TE, it just never ends. This was a season that was doomed from the beginning of the season.

  21. Same old story almost….

    1 we lose players. And key ones at that.
    2 the refs give them the call that changed the game.
    3 delay of games.

    There is ONE thing I am happy about today. They’ve bucked a trend.

    CK DID NOT TURN THE BALL OVER TODAY! That is cause enough for a beer.

      1. Prime,
        How can any true 49er fan be happy about Kap’ play over the last half of the season?

        I’m pissed that CK couldn’t carry the load for an O-line that had issues throughout the campaign. I’m beyond mad that Kap couldn’t avoid a pass-rush that seemed to live in our backfield all year.
        I’m incensed that CK didn’t have the time needed to look downfield or find the 2nd-3rd read.
        I’m livid that Kap often had to force passes to our WR’s because they had trouble getting separation.

        But most of all, I’m a little perturbed that some fans love to wallow in our teams demise.

        1. Because he’s not a fan of SF he’s a fan of Alex smith. You know the same guy who missed crucial throws vs NY and last years playoffs. But I’m sure he will blame the O-line or coaching for those misses.

          Our two RB’s go down and they were still in the game. After Hyde went down it was game over. Especially after the 4 point gift. 13-7 is a whole different ball game than 17-7. But that’s Kaps fault too.

          1. MD,
            My heart sunk when Gore went down. Glad to see the old warrior get up and walk to the sideline on his own but his season and possibly 49ers career may be over.

            I’m going to throw out a sharp rock here, but if Adrian Peterson becomes available should we pursue him?
            I was disgusted at his form of discipline with his 4yr old son, but if he is sincerely repentant for his actions and he is diligently making an effort to change, I would be interested.

        2. @AES

          Though we seldom agree, once again I disagree with your assessment…This is not our demise, rather the opportunity for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes. JH was just too stubborn to use a different QB than his chosen one,CK. He bet on lightning in a bottle and it bit him in the a$$. He could have changed at any time during the season, but no, he bet on a Capitol G. Now, let’s move on…we still have a bunch of VERY talented guys on the team. Find a head coach sans some of JH’s characteristics (Ego, Bo Schembechler’s game book) and beat the brush for some real QB’s with potential, and try to hold onto the players that we can…and let’s us do it right this time….

  22. Aaarrrrggghhh!
    Been that kind of year.
    The entire season has been as tenuous as a house of cards. The house has officially crumbled, all that’s left to see is who survived the fall.
    The first and obvious casualty will be Harbaugh, but that won’t come as a surprise.
    At this stage he (along with players) may actually be relieved that its coming to an end.

    3 straight post seasons of intensive play finally has had a toll and perhaps a long offseason and a fresh start with a new coach and key FA’ and savvy drafting could put us back in the playoff picture next year.

    49ers for life!

  23. Here’s what we got back for Alex Smith…

    “According to MMQB.com’s Peter King, Trent Baalke wheeled and dealed the two second-rounders received in the Alex Smith trade into five players:

    Tank Carradine, DE (second round, 2013)
    Corey Lemonier, LB (third round, 2013)
    Carlos Hyde, RB (second round, 2014)
    Chris Borland, LB (third round, 2014)
    Stevie Johnson, WR (trade for 2015 fourth-round pick)”

    Would you guys rather have Alex Smith at $75 mil over the next 5 years or the guys listed above?

    1. Lol no offense. But that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard, since onelame spoke last.

      You got Alex smith today in this game.

    2. Sully,
      What I would really “rather have” is for the absolute pointless Alex Smith conversation to stop. I doubt that Alex Smith is wasting any time thinking about what happened in SF.

      And heck, if people are going to continue to measure CK by Alex’ numbers why not raise the ante and measure Kap with our former champions Montana and Young?
      Those two are the real barometer imo.

  24. I thought for some reason Harbaugh would bring a part of the west coast offense back. I was so excited with his hiring and he did well his first three years here.
    One thing became evident early on. His offensive philosophy and play book isn’t that great. Thinking back, it was too predictable minus those funky pass plays to soapoaga and Staley. This offense has been far from prolific or even average. Our defense played hard but was marred with suspension’s, off field legal stuff and a lot of injuries.
    Add a young out of touch spoiled owner in a bad stadium, a lost GM who has convinced the owner his coach is a meany and must go and this is the outcome.
    My dream for next year:
    1) Blow it up.
    2) Bring in Gruden and Lombardi.
    3) keep Fangio, tomsula, rathman.
    4) Get rid of VD, Crabtree, Lloyd, brooks, Dahl and Gabbert. Pay cuts to the cowboy and Gore if they want to stay in a limited role. Iupati will be demanding too much money, so he’ll be gone.
    Draft speed at WR and size/hands at TE. Time to rebuild.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Johnson start the last two games to see if we have a back up for next year.
    Go niners and concentrate on rebuilding to play at home in next year’s super bowl.

    1. Big Niner- Makes a lot of sense. Doubt it will happen though. The offense was only effective for about a season and a quarter. Then the opposition figured it out and it shouldn’t be surprising that it went into a progressive steady decline since. It does make sense to tear it down and rebuild but you need people who would be able to do that. The first step would be to assess the present personal which will be hard to do because I cant remember a football franchise that went south so quickly. I did expect the franchise to go into decline because of the problems in the front office but not this quickly.

    2. Big Niner. I agree with 100%of what you said.
      . Great minds think alike. Gore has to go as well. We need some speed in the backfield as well as wide receiver. Definitely play Josh. He should be the backup anyway. We know what #2 is, what he’s always been. Crap!

      1. You read Josh Johnson and you just wet your pants Jordy!
        Now that this season is done, what to do with Kaep. He seems like he’s two years away. He shouldn’t start. He needs to sit and watch from an experienced QB. Every time he dropped back to pass it was an adventure.
        The O-Line did a decent job against a very active front by the Seahawks But Kaep just held the ball way too long and couldn’t evade like Wilson.

        The Niner D played well. Wilson made just enough pass plays while Kaep just missed badly on his opporuntities.

        Oh well.

        Where is Bay Area to call me a troll? We’re all trolls now aren’t we?

  25. Wide Receivers
    Devante Parker – UofL
    Rashad Greene – FSU
    Sammy Coates – MSU

    Running Back
    TJ Yeldon
    Todd Gurley
    David Cobb

    Nick O’Leary – FSU
    Clive Walford – Miami

    Lorenzo Maulden – UofL

      1. I don’t know if he will be available when we draft in later rounds. That’s the only reason I didn’t put him there. These are players I think will be available when we draft

  26. I thought Alex smith fans on here would be happy with ck’s performance today. That looked exactly like Alex smith’ game.
    Took the short throws
    Didn’t turn it over
    Missed a couple of downfield throws.

    But they’re still mad. Lol

    You blame this game on ck and you’re a complete idiot.

    Rushed all day. Out gained Wilson on the ground. Comp % was better.
    We all know the refs gave that TD to the seahaks.
    And ck did it againts a healthy defense. Wilson struggled vs a ton of 3rd string players. But you guys go on and hate. This is exactly what it would look like if smith was the qb.

    1. Wrong again dummy! CK still runs around back there like he has no clue what he’s doing. That was a winnable game with a decent QB. CK made a few cool scrambles but his accuracy and game management is just atrocious. Throwing it away on 4th down? That’s just as bad ad fumbling on the goal line!

    2. And made several mistakes that hurt the offense. It isn’t all on Kaep, but he also isn’t blameless for the loss either.

    3. Md you obviously missed the 2nd half. Wilson played the game like Alex Smith. No mistakes. Made plays when they presented themselves and stayed cool and calm. Meanwhile your hero is scrambling around like a wild fool. Not taking the simple throw then missing throws completely. Once again your television displays a game only you can understand.

      1. Kaep didn’t have any turnovers but he missed a lot of throws and took some meaningless sacks. He’s a coach and drive killer for 2014. Let’s hope something big happens in 2015. I was pulling for Kaep today because he looked like he really wanted it and wanted to will the team to win. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the mental stuff down at all.

    4. “I thought Alex smith fans on here would be happy with ck’s performance today. That looked exactly like Alex smith’ game.”

      Wrong…those of us who are still drawing comparisons do so because he was supposed to be better: that’s why they made the switch. He’s not better, he’s worse. That’s been my thing with CK, when he’s been good, running all over Green Bay in the playoffs, doing things to help get the team to the various championship games, etc, he’s looked like he might meet or exceed that expectation. But this year he has regressed significantly.

      Also, the debate rages on because there are people on this board that claimed there were “Alexcuses” all the time, called him things like “Alice”, and claimed other fans weren’t “real fans” because they didn’t expect more from their QB. But now that their golden boy is doing some of the same, if not worse, things that they tried to pin on AS, they can’t handle the fire coming their way.

      1. Greta post Red. People conveniently forget that the “switch” was suppose to produce better results. It did for 2 playoff games them it came down to a crashing halt.
        Somehow people believe a new offensive coordinator and coach can make CK better. But the problem is Harbaugh is one of the best.
        Best case scenario is you bring in some serious competition at the QB position and let 3 guys battle it out this offseason and in camp.
        CK had his run. He choked in big games. That’s not something a new play book can fix.

    5. Good point MD. #7 did look like #11. That’s why I wish we’d get rid of him. Does not have a TD in the 4th quarter thisyear. That is almost as pathetic as not throwing a TD to a wide receiver in 16 regular season games! We need a QB!

      1. True…. Which is worse?
        No 4th quarter TD’s or a whole year plus with no TD’s to your WR’s?
        They should have one of those tickets that count how long it’s been since he’s thrown one like they did for smith today.
        Since the rest of the season is moot for a playoff run. I wave my statement to wait all 16 games. I’m officially done with ck and harbaugh. If this is the best he can do vs Seattle a spitting image of Alex smith, I’m Done!
        Gotta feeling the team gets gutted and we suffer more years of bottom feeding football.

    6. Lol so let me get this straight.
      You guys bashed ck for turning the ball over, not checking down or hitting guys in the flat, and not going through his reads..
      But he did everyone of those things today without a turnover outplayed Wilson and still gets the blame.

      Prime you first… Wilson got the benefit of a horrible call, that have them a two score lead. HUGE difference in game planning.

      77…. Please name me a game where Alex smith made all
      Of his passes and please refute my post about him missing HUGE passes downfield when they needed it. Bozo

      Face it Smithers. You got him today. Without some of his plays today they score nothing.
      He made some big first downs, with his arm and legs, stood in the pocket at times, made some nice throws. Missed some throws. Nothing fancy just managed the game without his two rb’s who were tearing up seattles defense. Alex smith without those two?? Ha ha ha haaaaaaa. We would have been blanked!

      140 yards, 11-17. No turnovers.
      If that doesn’t sound like a game managing Alex smith you don’t watch football.

      1. Alex smith vs Seattle at home, and not fully healthy on defense.

        11/16 108.. 0td’s 0TO 68.8 comp %.

        With a running game who had nearly 200 yards rushing.

        Now go look up ck’s numbers today.
        Again dummies you got Alex smith today.

      2. Prime you first… Wilson got the benefit of a horrible call, that have them a two score lead. HUGE difference in game planning.

        Not quite. The two deep bombs to Kearse and Baldwin. The read option run where he undressed Brooks.
        It was not one call that was the difference between Wilson and CK.
        Difference was Wilson stayed calm, made all the necessary plays amd extended ones when he had to. CK danced around on some drives but fizzled at the end . You have to put points on the board. CK didn’t. That’s why we lost.
        As for Alex Smith. If the switch was supoose to produce better results at the Qb position and didn’t, how was it successful or the right choice?

        1. It has in prior seasons. Not this season. This season was full of injuries and turmoil. Big difference. You’re talking two plays. And he still didn’t throw for any TD’s. So what did it net? A horrible call that have him one?
          You didn’t see some big plays ck made today?
          Guess not.
          Look at the numbers. I put them up. Smith played the exact same game. Managed it but had his running back bail him out. SF didn’t have that today.
          You know damn well when Borland and wilhoite went down lynch took over. It wasn’t Wilson today.
          Ck matched his play today and Alex smiths when he played them.

    7. OMG you Whiner Niners are always blaming the refs for your bad calls. Everyone gets questionable calls. Is that really why you’re 7-7 b/c of the refs??? I’ve got another opinion too. I think another reason why so get so many injuries is b/c your team is getting older and you’re not as physical as other teams now, namely Seattle. I’m holding you accountable just like Thomas did to MLynch on that run.

  27. I am proud the way our team played today. They competed even though they were not in full streanght and kept losing key players as the game went on. Sure, a win would have been great but it was too much to ask for a team missing soooo many good players and some terrible calls by the refs (again). Seattle is the better team right now but our players fought like champions out there. Really proud of them. Many coaches and players won’t be here next yr but I thank them for making this franchise relevant again for the past 4 years. Go Niners!

  28. I’m for a wholesale changeout. Gore retires, Crabs and Vernon are gone, maybe Stevie if he doesn’t take a cut and maybe even Boldin (he’s slow and old). On defense, J. Smith retires and Brooks is gone.

    My reasoning: There’s currently no chemistry on the offense between Kaep and the WRs. It may be mostly Kaep’s fault, but don’t expect a miraculous change. I’m assuming they’re going to keep Kaep. So under that assumption, I say we go, at a minimum, for a really fast receiver and a tall TE. I think Baalke is too scared to draft these positions with a first round pick, so they’ll most likely be free agent pickups. We’ll need the money for FA.

    1. We have to keep Boldin. I will take a slow boldin. He’s a possession receiver. He hands are great, for the most part. I don’t expect anything more from him. We have to get better at throwing the deep ball. We have to get better at setting up the deep ball passes. Throwing the deep ball opens up underneath passes and the run game. We have none of that.

      1. Yes, I’m undecided about Boldin. But releasing him would save $6 million.

        On another note, Phil Dawson and Andy Lee together will count $6.7 million dollars against the cap. Releasing them saves $4.2 million.

        For me, now, almost everything is on the table. If Kaep leaves via trade or release, I’m okay as well.

        As SF and Seattle have shown, the key is to have a dominant defense. If you do, you can make the playoffs while rebuilding an offense.

  29. If our offense was 1/2 as good as our defense, we would be in the playoffs. Well I have good news and bad. Ba news is the Niners will not be going to the playoffs and the good news is I will be in Maui tomorrow. :)

    1. NO! NO! NO! He is too damn old and we don’t need another low character player. Players of low character have been a staple of Harbaugh’t time here. Don’t add another.

      1. He’s 29. Rushed for 1200+ yards last year. He will be healthy next yr.

        He’s paying for his crime. Mr. Righteous, please fall back.

      2. Low character for whipping your kid with a switch? That’s crap. It was wrong for him to do it but that doesn’t make him a player of low character. Peterson will be angry and he runs angry as it is. He will run angrier! I say we offer him about 6- 8 mil a year for 3 years and give him a signing bonus.

    2. I’d love him for the right price. He still has a lot left in the tank plus this year will be considered a bye. He won’t mess up again.

      1. That’s my thought. If the money is right yes. I always think these guys would want to to play for a contender over money. I’m proven wrong every time. I’m a wishful thinker.

  30. I appreciate what the 49er organization tried to accomplish in 2014. Unfortunately, they just could not get out of there own way. I must say it has been uniquely entertaining. Thank You 49ers!

    1. I have a feeling that we posters on this blog are going to have almost as many ups and downs in the offseason as we did during the regular season.

  31. Well, we need a QB. I hope the niners don’t sit on #7 like we did with smith. We need to cut the trash and find someone else. Or we will be losing for a long time. I like Crabtree but I’m afraid he’s out of here, and I hope VD goes also. I feel bad for frank. He put in so many great years, you can see it with how slow he is that he is done. But he always kept fighting. Would of been awesome to win a superbowl before he retired. Hope we can fix the issues before next season, but I’m afraid we have to many holes to fix. Guess we will see as time goes on.

  32. Only positive for this year is for the first time in 3 years I get to really start looking at the draft early. Of course, the seemingly inevitable coaching search after this season could put a damper on that.

      1. You want Baalke out? Why? People talk about Fangio’s coaching job but Baalke is the one that has that defense with the best depth in the NFL.

        1. You’re crazy. Team is loaded with talent. 49ers for most of this game were playing without their top three cornerbacks, top two nose tackles, top three (and at times four) inside linebackers, top two centers, starting right tackle, third wide receiver, second to fourth string tight ends, and top two running backs. Still would have been within one score in the hardest place to pay in the NFL if not for a terrible roughing the passer penalty.

    1. Jed York better know who is replacing Harbaugh, the day he gets rid of Harbaugh. From the time they officially take over, they are on the clock. Superbowl has to happen within 4 years or its a bust.

  33. IF we try and keep Harbaugh, we let Gore go. Adrian Peterson is a free agent if I’m not mistaken. The market for him won’t be huge. I sign Peterson and let Hyde back him up. That’s a back the equivalency of Lynch if not better. Take some pressure off of #7. I think We don’t sign free any of our high priced free agents. We trade or cut Vernon, sign Cox. Let Iupati and CRABTREE go. Shore up the offensive line and wide receiver and tight end in the draft.

  34. One good thing about all of this:
    we will be spared any postseason
    press conferences with Colin and
    his pink headphones, flatbill cap &
    sweatshirts. Had enough of that.
    Someday he may learn how to dress
    like a grownup NFL pro quarterback.
    Even if he never starts to play like one.

  35. If we lose Harbaugh like everyone is speculating, who in the world do we get to replace him? I was looking for Kap to take that next step in his quarterbacking, but it never materialized. What happened to that extra Quarterback coach we brought in? It’s too bad our offense couldnt get off the ground and we never developed a replacement for delanie walker. Just too many injuries this year. What I do appreciate about this team is being relavent again. Thanks for giving us something to root for.

        1. Bevell I like because:

          He’s constructed two completely different offenses – one for Brett Favre, one for Russell Wilson – and both QBs have flourished under him.

          I think his hiring could unnerve the Hawks a little bit – tactically and psychologically.

          He passes the eye test to me in interviews. Smart guy. Intense and focused without being maniacal. Obviously, he has plenty of big-game experience. Just has the look and feel to me of a potential star head coach.

          1. As I said the other day, if they bring Bevell in they need to re-commit to the run, make sure they have a good stable of RBs and an OL that is good at paving the way.

            Bevell’s offenses have flourished in no small part due to Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

          2. Unless Bevell can scrap and completely reconfigure his offensive schemes, I don’t see how he could beat Seattle given the fact that they know every nuance and tendency of an offense that they see in practice everyday.
            Bevell’ cred has been greatly enhanced by some very good core players on his offense.

            I still believe that Seattle will be the team we need to leapfrog for years to come if we are to get to a higher level more so than Arizona because the Cards will be lucky to squeeze 1-2 more years from Palmer.

            As I said a few weeks ago, I would love to see Harbaugh stay and let Roman go, but that won’t happen.
            I really don’t any potential coach on the horizon that could come in and keep the team playoff viable and that’s a scary prospect.

  36. If we draft a CB in the first round, I hope it’s Trae Waynes of Michigan State. Could be a true shutdown guy from what I’ve watched.

  37. If Harbaugh is gone and york is in charge of hiring, the niners will be a lower echelon team for the next decade. York is the worst owner in the league hands down.

          1. The last six QBs that the Seahawks face or have faced are Hill, Stanton and Kaepernick twice, Sanchez, Smith, the Manning from New York.

            1. You need to learn how to read.

              I said they will finish the season with 6 straight backup QB’s.

              Since you don’t get it, those 6 will be:


    1. Ah, I should have kept reading comments. I realise you are just letting your frustration at Baalke out, then.

      The DBs Baalke has brought in are most certainly not the problem with this team. And as for the type of CBs Baalke goes for, he usually looks for taller guys that can run. Culliver, Cooper, Johnson, Acker.

        1. So you are basing your statement of Baalke never going for tall CBs on one draft pick, on a guy that is 5’11”, that was drafted to play the slot?

      1. I’m going to save my evaluation for Baalke to see what he says after the season. But to me the lack of offensive talent drafted and or signed in free agency has to have a lot of people concerned.

        1. If Kaepernick is as terrible as you say he is, and he is the reason for the offensive woes, how can you say Baalke hasn’t brought in any offensive talent? Is it Kaepernick’s fault or the lack of talent around Kaepernick?

          1. I’d stay away from him Cubus. History has shown that any RB reaching the amount of carries and production he probably will this season go downhill fast after doing so.

              1. Matthews, Ingram, Vereen, and Ridley are the four that I could see flourishing on the 49ers offense.

  38. I don’t know what do you guys think but I like to see John Gruden be the NINERS HC next Season he would bring something different to the team…

    1. I’d like to see Gruden as well. If not the Bevell from Seattle. I only want Harbaugh gone because if he stays, Roman stays. I’m not okay with that on any level under any conditions. Roman absolutely has to go.

      1. I’ll speak for Bevell 23Jordan. If he does, he should clearly have his head examined. And I won’t even give you the reasons, they are too numerous.

        But, can’t you just be proud of your team and coaches considering all the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding them for months. I thought the Niners played a really good game. They contained Wilson and Marshawn for the first half. Our defense wore you down by the 4th qtr and we picked up our offense. But all in all it was not the blow-out that everyone expected.

        1. Can’t you disappear for good? Really. Take that bit of advice. Spend some time on your teams blog instead of trolling on someone else’s. It’s classless and a waste of time.
          We really don’t want your input Mary. Beat it. You won’t be missed.

  39. Mary December 14, 2014 at 6:24 pm
    OMG you Whiner Niners are always blaming the refs for your bad calls. Everyone gets questionable calls. Is that really why you’re 7-7 b/c of the refs???

    This is who has your back prime, 77.
    Make ya feel good?

    Hey Mary… Remember when your teams owner wanted out of Seattle and moved them to LA?
    When those calls start going against your team. I wonder what you’ll say about that. I’m sure you ignored the fact that EVEYONE on earth called it a bad call. But you go ahead. Dummy

    1. She also probably believes that Golden Tate scored a TD a couple of years back since he had a finger on an obviously intercepted ball.

    2. Has my back? Grow up and move past this gang brotherhood thing you keep referring to Ninermd. This is not 1980 Boyz in the Hood.

    3. MD: Everyone gets bad calls. Quit using it as an excuse for losing. Seahawks were 3-3 not so long ago, have I ever once mentioned the calls. The refs do the best they can. All 32 team fanbases call you Whiner Niners. You think I just made up that name.

      1. Yes its made up, its our curse because it rhymes with 49ers. I have lived in Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC and Indiana and fans there complain every bit as much 49er fans about bad calls.. Don’t fall prey to stupid stereo types. Every other team whines in equal portion about calls. We lost because we didn’t play as well. The call was bad but our offense failed to be effective sealing our fate and the number of injuries to RB’s and ILB’s was too great to overcome.

      2. Mary it was a bad call and the officiating across the NFL has been bad. Did it help the result of the game? Maybe. But real Niner fans know we had chances at the end but stalled on 2 key drives.
        Anyways, why are you on here again being a Seahawk fan? Don’t you have your own venting Hawks blog? Why come here? To irritate?

        1. Prime, I agree with you, but everybody gets them. SF is not singled out In fact Seattle got a really bad call and I think like yours it might have been discussed on air. I think a WR lost control of the wall when he was tackled. Anyway Pete Carroll wrote a letter to the NFL and they agreed that it was a bad call.

        2. Oh prime you mean where we couldn’t get a yard on the run? Kaps fault right?

          Don’t get mad at me that you buddy up with a Seahak fan. That’s your

          I can’t see why anyone even answers or talks to this troll. But when you make enemies with everyone on this page like you have, guess someone to talk to has to happen.

      3. Mary,

        Who ares what you mention? I’ve never been able to figure out why you’re here? Who actually accepted you here. I think you should bug off. You’re not wanted here. Youre a troll.

  40. six (6) sacks…?
    Kapurnicus !!!!

    when Coach Harbaw gave all of those speeches
    about the game being “a football fight ” did you
    think that was an excuse for you to constantly
    flop to the ground and hope to get help from the refs?

    Oh, I see; the opponents were actually kicking your ass
    rather than you pretending to fall down and lose yardage.

    So much for the hip-hip, too-cool, tough-guy image, huh?
    P-U-N-K…take it back to the Viceroy Hotel, willya…?

      1. Payton’s not a bad option. Hadn’t thought of him. Is there talk that he’s getting fired? He’d be a wash for JH in terms of winning. He’s very creative on offense.

    1. Not too fond of Gruden or Bevell, plus both Gruden and Cowher have given no indication that they want to leave their current gigs any time soon.

      1. I don’t care what y’all say. My list is this.

        1…Harbaugh without roman.
        2 Mike holmgren.
        3 Bill cowher.
        I don’t want another college coach. They’re a flash in the pan and most can’t coach grown men in the nfl.
        And I DONT want another damn read option qb out of the draft. SF had it’s test drive with that failing type of qb, and I’m done.

    2. Cowher is the only one on the list every worth of mentioning. Gruden is vastly overrated. He won in TB with Dungy’s team and beat his old team because he knew their playbook. Maybe he could win with Harbaugh’s team?

      1. Bevell is GR 2.0 only his RB is better and his QB is better at moving in the pocket and more accurate. We’d have exactly the same issues as they do. RW’s numbers were virtually identical to Kap’s tonight. Bevel’s not the guy.

        1. Agreed on Bevel, he isn’t a good coach. A lot of Seahawks fans want him gone and Wilson makes him look a lot better than he is. Most of the Seahawks big plays are Wilson making something happen off-schedule.

        2. Wilson,

          It’s all about personell. Get the most out of what you have. They don’t have stars on offense. We don’t either. Upgrade the roster offensively at ide receiver and everything changes. We have zero speed on offense.

          1. I understand its about getting the most out of personnel. Lynch is better than Gore right now and RW makes some plays Kap doesn’t. Put Bevell on our side line and we have would have the same ineffective offense. We have better receivers but their receivers are faster. I don’t think Bevell has shown that he’s the guy to fix our issues.

          1. No not really. I haven’t spent any real time on it. I have wondered about Shanahan, Cowher, and as of a few minutes ago Sean Payton. I don’t follow college ball so I am not familiar with who’s peaking interest there.

            I think somebody like Chip Kelly would be good for Kap. His QB’s don’t have to think much in his system because they play quick and react. Kap plays best when he moves quickly and goes with his instincts. I think our slow methodical offense is a bad match for him and his skill set.

            1. Honestly I am stumped on a new coach and it scares me to think we’re back to Erickson, Nolan and Singletary days after Mooch. I think the great college coaches are all locked up for next year. One thing people really need to take notices of is that the personnel on this team are Baalke’s starting with Kap right down to Borland. Maybe he was drafting and trading to fit JH’s scheme but Baalke put this squad together with some notable exceptions.

      2. That’s why I chose that group. They all can win now with this roster. All we need once we are healthy on defense is a solid offensive philosophy and a good OC.

  41. Realistically we need a coach to come in winning. They have 4 years to win a superbowl. Harbaugh set that bar high. If you want Harbaugh gone you better pray the new guy can take next years team to the NFCCG. He has a lot of work do get done in a little time.

  42. The number of injuries this year is disproportionately high. If I were in the FO, I would have a consultant come in and evaluate the strength and conditioning program and coaches.

      1. Prime:

        I need to look at the film again, but when Gore went down, did you even remotely think it was a concussion. And all these hamstring injuries in practice this year.

        Player maintenance (like race horse or race car maintenance) needs to be a top priority. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing in a good consultant to evaluate the program. This is an easy thing for the FO to do and then tick off a checkbox on the “how to improve the team” list.

        1. Let me just add: I think all aspects of the organization need to be reviewed; but I doubt Jed York has the experience or guts to do it.

  43. Idk about this Peterson talk. Although I’d take him in a heartbeat.
    I thought Hyde showed good vision and cuts today. He was by far the better rb today. Sucks he got injured and put an end to the game. I saw flashes today that I didn’t see throughout this season.

    This offseason they need to sign or draft some o-line players first. After a coach of course,
    Then get a viable backup for Hyde,
    Then trade for Jackson or Gordon.
    With Boldin being our main possession guy and finally a player who threatens to kill you deep.
    I’ll bet everything they go hard after a burner via trade or free agency.

    V Davis??? I have ZERO clue on what to think or do with that dude.

    1. Heck, if Boldin was 2″ taller and 20 lbs heavier, I would try him as a TE. He could add some longevity to his career as a TE imo.
      He certainly has the mindset of a TE.

      My 2015 wish list.
      1. Sean Payton – headcoach (unless Harbaugh and FO have a Christmas miracle)
      2. Adrian Peterson – RB (if released by Vikings)
      3. O-line help – FA or Draft (replace Iupati and have better backups)
      4. Speed WR – FA or Draft (Desean wants to come back to Cali)
      5. QB to push CK – FA or Draft (Kap will be on a very short leash next year)
      6. Healthy NaVarro and Willis (Borland may make Willis expendable)
      7. Creative OC – enough said!

  44. Trade Davis anywhere. He wont ever be productive for this team again. Hopefully he retires. Just don’t allow him to steal anymore cash from from this team again. He’s washed up!

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