49ers @ Seahawks live blog: Pregame

SEATTLE, Wa. — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 15 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:05 The 49ers’ inactives are Chris Culliver, Tramaine Brock, Anthony Davis, Marcus Martin, Stevie Johnson, Bubba Ventrone and Josh Johnson.

12:06 Joe Looney will start for Martin. Jonathan Martin will start for Davis. Dontae Johnson will start for Culliver.

12:07 The Seahawks’ inactives are CB Marcus Burley, C Max Unger, DT Travian Washington, WR Kevin Norwood, TE Cooper Helfet, TE RaShaun Allen and DE Demarcus Dobbs.

12:08 Lemuel Jeanpierre will start for Unger.

12:17 Prediction: 49ers 10, Seahawks 20. I’d be stunned if the Niners’ offense scored more than one touchdown.

12:34 Big debut for Johnny Foosball — 9-for-17, 71 yards, 2 picks, 24 passer rating. The Browns have 5 first downs and 9 penalties.

12:39 The Chiefs are beating the Raiders 31-6 and Alex Smith’s passer rating is 129.5. He keeps getting better.

12:44 The 49ers absolutely should not hire Mike Holmgren under any circumstances. He would be a horrible hire.

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    1. +1000 for faith
      -1001 for reality.
      I’m usually one who thinks like you do. Not this time. We stink offensively and don’t have the horses on defense to cover that fact.

      1. Yes really. He’s done nothing but win wherever he goes.
        GB and Seattle weren’t even thought of when he went there.

        I don’t think he will want to be a gm. Rumor is he’d love to coach the 9ers. His words… Per source. Grain of salt.

          1. I know how long he’s been out. Do you? Stay current? He has the offensive scheme you’d DREAM of. Bring him here and watch this offense be the best you’ve seen since the late 90’s. Oh wait smith wasn’t playing then. Google it dummy

            1. It’s 2014, soon to be 2015. You don’t think football and scheme has changed since the 90’s?
              They don’t have calendars in California?

    1. The problem is that Holmgren would most likely want to also be the GM, and that’s something that he has done very poorly.

      1. No — they should do it like Seattle. Have a separate GM like Snyder — but the final word goes to the coach. I think when everything shakes down you will find that Baalke is probably much more of a problem instigator than Harbaugh. I this club is making a mistake.

        1. I watched that game.
          Carr (the supposed best qb in the Bay Area) looked like garbage.
          Smtih threw one TD an the others were a run and a 70 yard check down.

          Again give us a rb with speed and a OC that calls screens and puts our rb’s in the flat or middle and it would be the same. Oh and man KC’s o-line looked aweful. Lol
          Wasn’t it last week you said big deal if the Niners put up 30 on the raiders?
          Now it’s a big deal. Lmao. Something’s don’t change.

          1. And that wr TD clock they were showing is still ticking. Lmao.
            248 yards total for 3 games for smith and that offense. But it’s ok. They lost those 3. As long as he doesn’t turn the ball over.

  1. This game is getting recorded. I’m throwing on Far Cry 4. Had a great time in Tahoe so no need to be angry for the rest of the weekend.
    Enjoy the game faithful. I’d gladly take being wrong on this one. :-(

      1. “But it’s the Qb’s fault”
        Said nobody because Rogers has consistently good performances week in and out so that when there is a stinker nobody starts looking for the garbage. If Kaepernick could manage to not suck for more then one week at a time he wouldn’t keep coming under fire.

  2. The 49ers absolutely should not hire Mike Holmgren under any circumstances. He would be a horrible hire.
    Still a better choice then Tomsula who will essentially be Mike Singletary 2.0.

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