49ers @ Seahawks live blog: Second quarter

SEATTLE, Wa., — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers Week 16 game against the Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:14 It’s second and goal from the four, Vernon Davis is not on the field. Garrett Celek and Delanie Walker are in the huddle instead.

6:15 Kaepernick runs around the left end for a one-yard gain. Third and goal from the three.

6:16 Kaepernick looks left, holds it, doesn’t see Crabtree wide open on the right side of the end zone, finally does see him and throws it too late. It’s almost intercepted.

6:16 Akers 21-yard field goal is blocked. Richard Sherman picks it up and returns it 90 yards for a touchdown. Red Bryant blocked it. 21-0 Seahawks. It would be 14-7 if Kaepernick had seen Crabtree sooner on third and goal.

6:20 James returns the kick to the SF 20. The 49ers have had the ball twice as long as the Seahawks, but they’re down 21.

6:21 Sherman breaks up a pass for Walker on first down.

6:22 On second down, Kaepernick is flagged for delay of game. That’s the second delay of game. Second and 15 from the 15.

6:22 James gains six yards up the middle. Third and nine.

6:23 Vernon Davis has a “head injury” and his return is questionable.

6:23 Kaepernick escapes a sack and then throws an errant pass to Walker. Incomplete. There was an inelligible receiver downfield, anyway. It was Staley. Lee will punt. The Seahawks will start from their 23 yard line.

6:27 Lynch gains seven yards on first down, but the Seahawks are flagged for holding. First and 20 from the 13.

6:28 Robert Turbin runs right and gains 10. Second and 10.

6:29 Wilson throws a high screen to Turbin, who tips it. Patrick Willis intercepts it at the Seahawks’ 16 yard line. Boy, did the 49ers need that or what?

6:30 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Miller for no gain on first down.

6:30 Kaepernick runs a draw and slides down for no gain. Ugly play. Third and 10.

6:31 Kaepernick throws underneath to Crabtree and the pass is batted away.

6:32 Akers makes the 33-yard field goal. 21-3 Seahawks with 10:19 left in the first half.

6:32 Vernon Davis has a concussion and he will not return.

6:33 Kaepernick is 5-of-14 for 41 yards.

6:34 Washington returns the kickoff to the 40 yard line. Akers makes the tackle.

6:35 Wilson escapes a sack from Aldon Smith but not from Isaac Sopoaga. Loss of one.

6:35 Wilson scrambles and gains five yards on second down. Third and six from the 44.

6:37 Tarell Brown is down on the field.

6:38 Brown limps off the field. His right leg is bothering him. Tramaine Brock replaces him at right cornerback.

6:40 Wilson hits Golden Tate for six yards on third and six. First and 10 from midfield.

6:40 The Seahawks are flagged for holding. First and 10 at their 40.

6:42 Wilson hits Turbin out wide to the left for a gain of nine. Second and 11.

6:42 Wilson completes a pass to Baldwin at the line of scrimmage. Instead of tackling him, Goldson lifts him off his feet and body slams him. That’s a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. Stupid play by Goldson. That was Rolando-McClain stupid. First and 10 at the SF 36.

6:44 Lynch runs left and gains two yards. Second and eight. Bowman and Jean Francois tackled him.

6:45 Lynch runs right and gains three yards. Third and five from the 31.

6:45 Wilson scrambles to the right and beats Rogers to the first down marker. Gain of seven. First and 10 at the SF 24.

6:46 Wilson calls timeout before the play clock runs down.

6:49 Lynch gains eight yards on a zone read run. Second and two at the 16.

6:49 Next play, Lynch runs around the left side for a 10-yard gain. First and goal from the six.

6:50 Lynch gains three yards up the middle on first and goal.  Tarell Brown is back on the field.

6:51 Next play, Ahmad Brooks tackles Lynch for a three-yard loss. Third and goal from the six.

6:52 Wilson hits tight end Anthony McCoy for a six-yard touchdown. Whitner was covering him man-to-man. 28-3 Seahawks with 1:58 left in the first half.

6:53 This is a grudge game for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. Don’t expect them to let up at all. They want to hurt the 49ers.

6:56 James returns the kickoff to the SF 33.

6:56 Kaepernick hits Crabtree on the left sideline for eight yards.

6:57 Next play, Kaepernick scrambles right and fires a pass sidearm to Crabtree. 11 yard gain.

6:57 Kaepernick hits Moss down the middle for 25.

6:58 Next play, K.J. Wright blitzes, Kaepernick tries to spin away and gets sacked. Loss of 13 yards. Second and 23 at the Seattle 36 yard line. The 49ers use their final timeout of the first half.

6:59 On second down, Kaepernick rolls right and fires to Manningham on the side line. Manningham lets the pass go right by him without extending his arms. Incomplete.

7:00 The Seahawks blitz, Kaepernick rolls left and throws the ball away. David Akers will attempt a 54-yard field goal.

7:01 Akers makes it. 28-6 Seahawks with 31 seconds left in the first half.

7:02 Washington returns the kick to the Seattle 20. They’ll probably kneel out the clock. They get the ball first in the second half.

7:03 Wilson takes a knee. Halftime.

7:04 Kaepernick is 9-of-18 for 85 yards. He’s also the 49ers’ leading rusher – four attempts for 17 yards. Frank Gore has five attempts for 10 yards.

7:05 Russell Wilson is 8-of-9 for 98 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He also has four carries for 14 yards.

7:05 Lynch has 12 carries for 64 yards (5.3 yards per attempt) and a touchdown.

7:06 The 49ers are 2-for-8 on third down. The Seahawks are 4-for-4.

7:07 The Seahawks are averaging 6.9 yards per play. The 49ers are averaging 3.5 yards per play.

7:08 The 49ers have four penalties for 40 yards. The Seahawks have three penalties for 30 yards.

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