49ers-Seahawks live blog: Second quarter

SEATTLE — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:12 Wilson completes his first pass of the game, a 35-yard pass to Lynch. First-and-10 and the SF 28. Lynch was wide open.

7:15 The Seahawks go backward after that. Aldon Smith sacks Russell Wilson on third down to knock them out of field goal range. Huge play.

7:15 The Seahawks down the punt at the 49ers’ five yard line.

7:17 Okung carted off the field. He has a foot injury and his return is questionable. That’s a big blow for the Seahawks.

7:19 Gore loses two yards on first down and Bruce Miller commits a holding penalty in the end zone on second down and that’s a safety. 2-0 Seahawks.

7:21 Tate returns the punt 24 yards to the 49ers’ 49 yard line. Bad coverage on that play.

7:23 The Seahawks go for it on fourth-and-one and Wilson sneaks forward. They’re measuring. He’s short. Bowman made the tackle. Carroll didn’t like the spot but he didn’t challenge it.

7:28 Cliff Avril sacks Kaepernick and forces him to fumble on third-and-10. Seahawks ball at the 49ers’ 29.

7:32 Lynch runs the ball down to the 12 and the Seahawks go nowhere after that. The Seahawks make the 30-yard field goal. 5-0 Seahawks with 5:52 left in the first half.

7:35 Touchback. 49ers start at their 20.

7:37 Kaepernick throws it away on first down. His receivers are not getting open.

7:40 Gore drops a pass from Gore on third-and-four. I thought Kaepernick could have run for the first down. Lee has to punt.

7:41 Tate makes a diving fair catch at the Seahawks’ 29.

7:42 Gore has rushed for 6 yards on four carries. Lynch has rushed for 64 yards on 11 carries and he’s caught one pass for 35 yards.

7:48 Wilson completes a 13-yard pass to Sidney Rice over the middle on third-and-eight. Rice takes a huge hit form Eric Reid. Reid is shaken up. He’s been down on the field for a couple of minutes. Rice is flagged 15 yards after the play for spinning the ball on the ground like a dreidel.

7:50 Reid is still down. It looks like he hit his head when he tackled Rice.

7:52 Reid walks off the field very slowly under two trainers arms.

7:53 Wilson scrambles 11 yards to midfield.

7:56 After a hold, it’s third-and-13 at the Seahawks’ 47 with 21 seconds left in the half.

7:57 Despite getting chipped, Aldon Smith easily sacks Wilson. The 49ers call their second timeout. 11 seconds left.

7:58 There’s a holding penalty on the 49ers on the punt and the half ends 5-0 Seahawks.

7:59 Eric Reid is being evaluated for a concussion.

8:00 The 49ers are averaging 2.2 yards per play.

8:04 Early in the game I said Frank Gore’s legs are gone. Does anyone disagree now?

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