49ers @ Seahawks NFC Championship live blog: Fourth quarter

SEATTLE — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship between the 49ers and Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:04 On third-and-22 from midfield, Wilson rolls left and hits Miller for 15 yards. Fourth and 7 from the 35 and the Seahawks will attempt a 53-yard field goal.

6:06 Actually, they call timeout and decide to go for it on fourth-and-7.

6:07 On fourth-and-7, Aldon Smith jumps offside. The Seahawks have a free play, so Wilson throws deep for Kearse, who catches it in the end zone in front of Carlos Rogers for a touchdown. 20-17 Seahawks.

6:10 Kilgore is flagged for holding during the kick return. 49ers start at their 10.

6:16 On third-and-1 from the 33, Kaepernick commits Delay of game. Next play, he drops back, Cliff Avril strips him and the Seahawks recover and run it down to the 49ers’ 6.

6:21 On third-and-goal from the 10, Wilson hits Kearse on a slant, Bowman strips him and recovers, but Kearse rolls over and appears to blow out Bowman’s knee. He’s being carted off the field. The refs ruled it Seahawks ball at the 1, but it looks like the 49ers should have it. The official ruling is a fumble recovered by Lynch.

6:25 The Seahawks go for it on fourth-and-goal from the 1. Lynch fumbles. Michael Robinson falls on the ball at the 49ers’ 15. First-and-10 for the 49ers.

6:29 On first-and-10 from the 26, Kaepernick drops back, looks left, stares down Boldin and throws a pick right to Chancellor. How did Kaepernick not see Chancellor?

6:37 On fourth-and-10 from the 49ers’ 28, the Seahawks make a 47-yard field goal attempt. 23-17 Seahawks with 3:37 left.

6:40 James returns the kickoff to the 49ers’ 22.

6:42 On third-and-2, Crabtree alligator arms the pass on a slant and it’s incomplete. Fourth-and-2.

6:44 Kaepernick rolls left and throws against his body to Gore for a 17-yard completion. First-and-10 at the 49ers’ 47.

6:48 On third-and-2 from the Seahawks’ 45, Kaepernick hits Crabtree for 17. First-and-10 at the Seahawks’ 29 with 55 seconds left.

6:49 On first-and-10 from the 29, Kaepernick decides to test Richard Sherman. He throws a deep fade to Crabtree, Sherman knocks it in the air and Malcolm Smith picks it off in the end zone with 22 seconds left.

6:52 The 49ers lose.

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