49ers-Seahawks NFC Championship prediction

The 49ers beat the Panthers by 13 points in Charlotte last week. I expect the 49ers will beat the Seahawks by 9 points in Seattle on Sunday.

The 49ers seem to always score 23 points. 23 minus 9 is 14. So I’m saying the final score will be 49ers 23, Seahawks 14.

    1. They showed Kap exiting the bus Fri night to a Seattle hotel. He looked like a scared puppy dog with his tail between his legs, as he hurried into the hotel looking at the ground the whole time with that fearful look, like a deer caught in the head lights. His team mates were cool and collect with their headphones on so they couldn’t hear the booooooing from the crowd… hehehe

      1. It’s going to feel awful getting your tails kicked in by a scared puppy and blinded deer.
        But hey, maybe you could have your lifesize fatboy cut out of Russell Wilson blown up to look like he’s 5′ 10″ during the off season bud.

      2. Hey Grant
        to put the rivalry into perspective…
        the 40whiners were smashed convincingly the last 2 times they played in Seattle. The 40whiners won only by a point when the hawks played last in the bay area, NOT A CONVINCING WIN. Now the 40whiners are back in Seattle for another beating.

        Yep, Kap will be a deer caught in the head lights AGAIN when he sees the 4 Seahawk pass rushers crashing thru the OL like super charged Mack Trucks. Kap will feel the pressure and throw several interceptions!!!

    2. We ARE Screwed!

      But seriously the Outcome of this game will be played out on the field not on a Blog so it really doesn’t matter what Grant predicts.

      Just know this though….

      Look back on the last several weeks Play of both Teams & that should provide you with clues as to who wins today. That to me gives me Great Confidence.

      GO 49ers!

  1. It almost scares me that your picking the Niners but I also believe they will get the W tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it happen

  2. Hey Guys! It’s been forever since I’ve posted. I keep wanting to reply to Alex Smith (Insert Insecure Banter), but just decide to leave it alone. He really makes it difficult to get back into debates on here….

    Anyways! In case no one has seen this yet… Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


    1. I hate anything dealing with Hitler, but I couldn’t stop laughing during this clip. Thanks Pete and welcome back to the blog.
      My favourite part was when all bandwagon fans ere asked to leave and a full room suddenly became just four people.

  3. Okay, so it’s the night before the big game. I know that there is a HUGE home-field advantage for Seattle tomorrow, but it just seems that the Niners have a look of a champion right now. NINERS appear to be focused, confident, and resilient. It looks like Harbaugh has them believing that they can win anywhere, the moon, the bottom of the ocean, it just does not matter! This is a tough bunch. Very proud of my boys. Seems to me that they cannot be denied. They may even have to overcome some awful referee calls up in Seattle, as well as those grabby talons that the Seahawks have. Hoping that SF plays well, and that we even have a little bit of luck on our side, we just may need it. GO NINERS!

  4. I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone that I appreciate your input and respectful conversations. it’s been fun my blog family, yes you are family since we spend so much time together. You all make it very interesting and fun reading your posts.
    tomorrow is huge and I predict a 23-13 score. it’ll be 17-13 until kap runs in a late td. go niners!!!!

  5. Good prediction Grant.

    Last season’s debacle was an aberration with Aldon/Justin hurt after the defenses played a zillion snaps 6 days earlier in Boston. All the other games have been close most of the way, even when the final scores were not.

    Last Sunday the Front 7 snap counts were quite reasonable… 55 Bowman, 53 Brooks, 47 Aldon Smith, 38 McDonald, 37 Justin Smith, 36 Dorsey, 22 Jerod-Eddie, 17 Dobbs, 9 Skuta, 3 Lemonier.

    The 49er defense will stomp. The offense won’t exactly be a well oiled machine but it will hit some big plays. 49ers win.

      1. “Resolve to perform what you ought;perform without fail what you resolve.”-Benjamin Franklin.OOO-RAH Brother Tuna OOO-RAH!

  6. Grant didn’t anyone ever tell you; “Never f* *k with a winning streak!” If we believe that the 49ers win because you pick them to lose, or because you don’t pick them to lose, or because DS wear’s woman’s undewear then we are! And you should know that!

    A journalist on a streak needs to respect the streak.

  7. Well, I picked a 49ers-Broncos SB at the beginning of the year, I see no reason to change that prediction now! I think this will be a tough one though, not much in it. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to a late FG or critical stop to end the game.

    1. Same here Scooter.

      I agree Brotha. I’d rather not face the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They appear to have that same underdog mentality that propelled them to three Super Bowl victories.

      1. MidWest …
        (looking ahead, not withstanding)
        think Kaep and the boys can beat both
        Brady and Manning ..

        He’s already beaten Brady in a shootout ..

        besides …. neither team is any match for
        our defense

        (we just gotta get by the Chickens)

      2. I believe that too MW, but I think a Super Bowl against the Patriots will be more difficult this time around. By the way, good morning from Kansas to you and everybody else here on the blog.

  8. Red and Gold all day! Niners 26-16. Pete Carroll gets tea bagged by Harbaugh during the post game handshake and Boldin does the Superfly Splash on Sherman from the goal posts. Fisticuffs will ensue, ending only after Justin Smith flashes a “Don’t make me break my foot off in your a…..” look at the entire Seahawks team. T-shirts of Harbaugh’s silhouette tea bagging Carroll will be the hottest selling item leading up to the Super Bowl, and Harbaugh’s act of coaching debauchery will overshadow the Super Bowl itself. Lipton will be first in line to offer Harbaugh an endorsement deal after the Super Bowl.

  9. Lynch gets 150 yards rushing with 2 TDs. And they get to FGs.
    Crab tree gets 120 yards with 2TDs. Gore only gets 57 yards with the game winning TD with 16 seconds left. Dawson kicks 2 FGs.
    Final score 49ers 24 Seattle 20

  10. Some picks on note that always get it wrong and right.

    The ones who are usually right.
    Billick…… Picks SF
    Golic…… Picks SF
    Cowheard….. Picks SF

    The ones who are usually horrible.
    Sharpe… Picks sf. :-(
    Greenberg …. Picks Seattle. :-)
    Baliss picks…. Seattle. :-)
    And Grant picks….. SF. :-(

    All that matters in the world of predictions is who Ninerdomus picks.
    And Ninerdomus is staying with his blod prediction of 10 straight to end the season.

    Sf 22
    Seahaks 17

    1. Md (Ninerdomas) – So Niners will struggle in red zone (5 FG’s)? :)
      I’ll take the win. By all means necessary!
      When Brian Billick speaks I listen.
      Beat Pete!!!!….

    2. Cohwerd has been accurate in the playoff the last two seasons when predicting the Niners game. And he only against the Niners in last year’s super bowl. Hope he stays perfect :)

    1. Crabs,
      I was getting antsy last night. This game is huge. It reminds me of the titanic clashes between the Niners and Cowboys during the 90′s. It will be a competitive game, but I truly believe the Niners will prevail. They have come too far and will only be satisfied when they capture that sixth ring. This is a special group of guys, it’s like a family. They will have each other’s backs like always and they will win the NFC crown today. I don’t say that in a cocky manner at all, I truly believe this is a step towards this teams destiny of winning a championship. Go Niners! FTW-Niners 26-16.

      1. BigP – Sounds good! I’m wearing my lucky red socks again today. Listening to loud Jimi Hendrix too. Just like last week…..It sure would be nice if Niners won by “12″ points.

  11. the longest 12 hours of your life, Mister Harbaw.
    Are you nervous?
    It appears that your QB has a little case of the jitters…
    will he live up to his name:
    Colin Sack N’ Pick…?

    1. Keep complementing Harbaugh’s exercise regimen. Ballet is a great way for a guy to stay in shape. And that that you believe is jitters is in fact sheer anticipation.

  12. Wow!!! I am shocked Grant. You actually picked 49ers against the top seed Seattle Seahawks in the doom and gloom city of the legion of boom. Man you got me.

  13. Big WR’s have hurt Niners in past, Tate and Baldwin are both only 5-10. Stack box to stop Lynch and force RW to throw to the two Smurfs. That formula can work fellas. T Brown and T Brock can hadle the Smurfs 1 on 1.
    On offense, pound Gore to right side and make Sherman be a tackler all day and throw on left side of defense, away from Sherman.
    Beat Pete!!!

  14. Seahawks are strong(17), but the 49ers are The Stonger(24)

    Break the chains Stop the pain
    Need the power to overcome
    Don’t you wait now You gotta get moving
    Taking action before too late
    Take a stand Hold your ground
    Show the world what you can do
    Don’t let yesterday ruin today
    Live for the moment ’cause future is now
    The stronger we be
    Stand tall and see
    Proudly we scream
    The answer lies in our own hands
    Come together you know we can change
    We’re gonna do it Do it our way
    Even there’s gonna be hell to pay
    We can rise Rise again
    Don’t let our passion fade away
    The more pain we overcome
    The stronger we become
    Stand tall and see
    Proudly we scream
    The stronger we be
    “Eye for an eye”
    Blind justice
    Trust yourself
    Trust your chaos

  15. 49ers 22-20.

    Game will be brutal in the trenches and the D-backfields. Seattle will get a couple of TDs, but not a lot of consistent drives. Niners will knuckle down and move the ball more consistently – one TD and 5 FGs. Niners change up nickel D at times to beef up D-line. Niners focus on ball security and keep RW in the pocket more than last 2 times in Seattle. Andy Lee and STs keep Golden Tate under wraps.

  16. Seattle fans are garbage you can tell when there show them on tv they aint real fans were is the old school jersey s at thats right they have always sucked so niner riders stand up

  17. Ofcourse the seacheats hold on every play, now do we get the crummy refs from the Green Bay game, if we do it will be a much tougher.

  18. Niners are dead meat. Kap will draw delay og game penalty babk to back 8 times in this game. He will run instead of looking for his recivers result sack.

    score seahawks 35 stupid niners 0 goose egg baby

  19. SEA 23
    SF 16

    A SuperBowl loser hasn’t returned to the big game since ’93 and the Bills didn’t have to play Seattle in Seattle. You can point to the Arizona game all you want but the bottom line was that wasn’t the NFCCG and this is. The 49ers are tired, they’ve already gotten themselves up for two incredibly difficult road games and now they have to face their toughest assignment when they are the most weary. I think we have to face it, this is Seattle’s year and hopefully it’s the only one they’ll get.

    As usual I’m hoping to be wrong.

    1. CfC,
      I have a strong sense that the 49ers have known since week 8 that going to the SB means going through Seattle first.

      There is some ‘family business’ to take of this year. The overriding factor is ‘winning by any means necessary’ to settle the business at hand.
      All the stats point at a Seattle win especially at their home. But in these type of games combined with our ultimate goal, Seattle in just one more hurdle on the road to a Lombardi 6!

    2. CFC, you have to be dead not to show up to play in the NFC championship. This team will fight and they will give all they have.

    3. Hate to admit it but I agree. The niners Oline is good at run blocking but they can not fire off the same when they are looking at the ball to see when it is snapped. And I’m sad to admit it but our line isnt very good in pass protection, Seattle repeatedly beat the niners oline with just 3 or 4 man rushes.
      For the niners to win this game they have to get out to an early lead if they don’t and Seattle gets up early… this could quickly become a blowout.

  20. Boy I sure hate the 3:30 starts. I tossed and turned all night and now it is only 9:30 AM and there are another 6 hours to go before kick-off. Probably going to be the longest 6 hours of my life.

    I think I will go and play a round of Golf. If I get on the first tee at 10:30 I should finish just in time for the Kick-off.

    Niners 27 Seahawks 20

    Go Niners.

  21. Big confrontation coming. Little wisps of Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore” have been drifting through my skull since I got up.

  22. I’ve been saying 9 pts all week with one caveat. 9 will be the spread if and only if CK doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights like he has his last 2 games in Seattle. CK’s pre snap game management will be the difference between a big 9er win and disappointment. I love CK but he has to prove to me he can deal with the crowd noise in Seattle before i’ll put my hard earned money down.

  23. Over the years the Conf Championship Games have frequently been better than the ensuing SB. Football fans who don’t identify with any of these four teams are still in for a treat with today’s match-ups.

  24. Two nights of sleeplessness. …..anticipation is a b…ch.
    win the toss and defer..
    on offense:
    score first.
    no turn overs
    deep routes to #11 &#85.
    bunch formations, screen passes and the fly sweep.
    4 wide will kill seatterall, crossing routes off both slot receivers. Seattle plays man and kap runs for days.
    gore and hunter in the back field together with outlets to the flats.
    on defense:
    get lynch to run sideways.
    zone blitz with a middle rush, dropping a lineman back in coverage to the slot/hot read side.
    stay on the receivers hip. If Wilson scrambles, stay with your man and let the lbs tackle him.
    Keep your rush lanes integrity with Wilson in the pocket.
    create turn overs.
    no big plays.

  25. Game day routine:

    -Can’t eat anything because my stomach is always in knots. Beer somehow doesn’t have a problem staying down though.
    -No 49er garb is worn. Seem to get reverse mojo and do poorly on the days Im decked out in gear.
    -No shower until after the game unless Im leaving the house to watch the game even then it’s 50/50.
    -I only shave after the game and only if they win, this was an itchy habit in the pre-harbaugh seasons. Business or client meetings has sometimes forced me to abandon this rule at times.
    -Sorry honey but no luvins until after the game.
    -I no longer watch challenges and if a great play appears to be about to be called back I simply excuse myself from the room otherwise I end up stripping the paint with a woven cloth of profanities that is sure to still be hovering over Calistoga like thick blanket of smog.

      1. My routine is embarrassing to admit, almost childish…i get all my gear out: Niners blankets covering the couch, ottoman, etc. Anything with a 49er logo goes on display! I have 100 bud light coasters with 49er logo’s (i work at a bar) that i place all over my rug like confetti.

        I wear my kap or lott jersey (both white away) along with hat/beanie. and my 49er necklace/ticket holder….
        but weirdest of all….. i have one 49er glove ( lost the other one drunk at the stick) that i wear ( like Michael Jackson in the ’80′s) for luck during every snap! it gets comical when i take it off for a second……only to have a panic attack when i realize its off and a play dosen’t go our way!

    1. I’ve have on my Niners red thermal shell I got from Eastern Mountaineering at Patriots Place in Foxboro. It worked for the NE game night and ever since. (Didn’t wear it for last years Super Bowl – doh!).

  26. Best team wins, looking at the big picture it seems that the general opinion is that Seattle’s biggest advanage is the 12th Flan, most seem to agree that the 49ers are the more complete, ergo “better” team, I’ve found it very interesting to see Coach Harbaugh so loose with the media this week (well for him anyway) and I just feel that the Niners previous experiences of playoff football works to negate the 12th girl advantage.

    My Pick
    San Franciso 49ers 28-10 Seattle Seahawks.

    The niners force a Skittle boy fumble on the first series, turn it into a TD and never look back.

  27. I’m having trouble picking the AFC game. Run and run stop may decide it. It’s never smart to pick against Brady I guess.

  28. Sadly I won’t get to watch the game today – stupid work. But I’ll be cheering loudly from my office desk none-the-less! Go 49ers!!

      1. No – standard office shirt and pants fare around here. But I’ve found we tend to lose when I wear 49ers gear so I’ve stopped wearing it when the 49ers play!

  29. man the refs are allowing the defense to play in the AFC game! Did you guys see Brady over throwing a wide open wr for a potential TD!!! Yes the same top rated Brady.

  30. Interesting on NFL Network the compared the teams here was there breakdown… the coaching one kind of surprised me.

    Position Edge
    QB SF 2 of 3
    RB SEA 2 of 3
    WR SF 3 of 3
    DEF SEA 3 of 3
    Coach SEA – all three said Seattle has the edge here

  31. The day is here gentlemen.

    Beer in the fridge: check
    49ers gear washed: check
    Wings?: About to go pick up.

    Anything I’m missing?

    1. I am not worried about Kaep at all, we know you dislike him,skeptics will make him play better, hope he does not turn into Andrew inceptions Luck.

    2. Fan enough already with the back handed CK comments. You don’t like him, we get it. Kap will show up, he has the last 8 weeks, what else do you want?

      1. Prime,
        Who said I didn’t like him?
        Just because bay and 23 are so sensitive doesn’t make it so.
        I’m no fanboy.
        I just want the team to win and whoever is e qb not be a detriment to the team getting the 6th trophy.

      2. Prime, this guy is full of crap. Fansince77 always rips Kap win or lose after every game. It has nothing to do with being a fanboy you’re just a jackass with an agenda. After Kap beat Arizona in week 17 with the game winning drive this idiot rips Kap after the game but then praises Carson freakin Palmer. He carried on with the same old negative stuff & then said Kap was Randall Cunningham, and that Palmer was a big time thrower & “so what that he threw an INT” because he stood in the pocket. Even though Kap had a better QB Rating in the game threw 2 TD’s for over 300 yards with no picks while Palmer was under pressure on 15 of 50 drop backs, with a QB Rating of 25.3 on plays under pressure. From now on we should call this guy “Turdsince77″ since that is what he is.

      3. Like I said, you don’t speak for me. I can’t help it if you’re so sensitive to criticism.
        It’s for all the marbles.
        Kaep has been hot and cold but but it’s for the Super Bowl now.

        Sure I wish he was more then a one read qb but it is what it is.

        I can’t help it if you have no sEnse of humor.

      4. The only one that is sensitive to criticism is YOU because i just called you out on your bullsh!t by using week 17 as one of many examples. The numbers in that game & everthing else I just posted about what you said that day is fact not opinion. Go back & look it up. You on the other hand right now show your same ol’ ignorance, bad memory, and lack of intelligence when it comes to the game of football with your usual response. But go ahead & keep being a “Turd since77″ ….

      5. Lott,

        That’s exactly what Alexfan77 is. He’s a hater and a Kap critic. He’s really DS. A clown poster here that everyone here knows. He’s a fraud. I’ve said it for months. He’s a fake. He’s a troll. She is not a Niner fan!

  32. Brady just doesn’t have it anymore. When he missed that first wide open pass? That was it. He down to just making playoffs…

  33. In week 14 Kaepernick was most successful when throwing out of 21 personnel, 10-15 121 yards and 3 scrambles for 18 yards.

    Roman was pass heavy on 1st down, calling passes on 17 of their first 24first down plays. On those 1st down pass plays Kaepernick was 7-13 for 91 yards and scrambled 4 times for another 20 yards.

  34. If the Pats lose this game will Brady have the most losses in super bowls and conference champions than any other QB in history?

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