49ers sign CB Eric Wright to one-year deal

The 49ers just announced they’ve signed 28-year old cornerback Eric Wright to a one-year contract. The 49ers immediately placed Wright on the non-football injury/illness list, and waived the L-train, Lowell Rose.

Here’s a written statement from Trent Baalke: “We are pleased to welcome Eric to the 49ers organization and look forward to his contributions. Eric is currently tending to a personal matter and he will join the team as soon as possible.”

Do you think Wright will make the 53-man roster? If so, do you think he’ll earn a role in the 49ers’ base or nickel defense?  He was a good nickelback in 2011, but he’s struggled playing on the outside.  Do you think Wright could take Carlos Rogers’ job as the nickelback?

Who has a better chance to make the 53-man roster, Rogers or Wright? Or, will both cornerbacks make the final roster?

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  1. I’d guess Wright doesn’t beat out Rogers, so Rogers yes and Wright probably yes for the 53. Wright might need to show something on ST too.

  2. Good sign.
    If this Eric Wright is 50% the player as our last Eric Wright we might be ok.

    I think Rodgers is still our starter when the dust settles.
    Wright will eventually get Cully’s play time down the road.

  3. Grant – I think you under estimate how much Fangio likes and trusts Carlos. Its the 4-6th DBs that should be worried.

  4. Rogers better not slip up, that 5.75 mil for this season is non- guaranteed.
    Welcome back Eric! Thanks for saving us a draft pick.

  5. Begore the season started i thought rogers was gone for sure now im convinced hell be our starting LCB. Wright makrs the team and Cox is released instead.

  6. Both.
    My guess is that they don’t sign him this late in TC if they don’t feel he’s got something to offer.
    What I’m wondering is what Baalke sees in this guy that everyone doesn’t see.
    I mean, after TB cuts him any team could’ve signed him at that point.
    Not even the terrible teams took a flyer on him.

    1. He was good at one point. He’s like Nnamdi, we’re seeing if we can buy low. It worked with CRodgers and WHarris, to name a few recently.

  7. Just a thought. Eric Wright is exactly the same size and age as T.Brown. He doesn’t fit into the big CB body that everyone says Baalke lusts after. I don’t think this is the reason TBrown hasn’t been extended.

  8. No surprise. When the trade didn’t go through due to “failing the physical” and Wright was cut by the Bucs this move seemed likely.

    I don’t think all 3 of Wright, Asomugha and Rogers will make the 53-man roster – it would leave the 49ers short on ST. It will be a good battle between the 3 for probably 2 spots. The ability of Wright and Rogers to play in the slot gives them a versatility advantage over Asomugha, so Asomugha needs to prove he can take over Culliver’s role on the outside when they are in nickel better than the other guys. If he does that, it will be a straight up battle between Rogers and Wright for the slot role.

  9. So much for that huge day for the L-Train. Just another example of how little the chance is for an undrafted guy to make the team.

    I think the 49ers want to have both Wright and Rogers make the team, with Cox most likely being the odd man out.

    The bigger question with this move is, with Rose no longer on the team how will AJ Jenkins adjust? There is now one less undrafted free agent for him to shine against.

    1. And all it took was 15 posts before the thread about Eric Wright signing became about AJ Jenkins… he really is the new Alex Smith!

      1. I called it. Every article will turn into a Jenkins post from here on out.

        Well at least they could never call Jenkins a “Game Manager” I hated that term w/ every fiber of my being for the last 2 years

      1. Tuesday was said by every other beat writer to be another great day for Jenkins. So how was it that Rose owned him? Nice try Grant.

        1. Jenkins was targeted three times in team drills while Rose was covering him. Rose jumped all three routes, knocked two of the passes away and almost knocked the third pass away, but Jenkins held on to it for a three-yard gain on a short hitch route.

      2. If L-Train is a viable player the Org may still find room for him if he’s not scooped up by another team.

        Then again, can owning AJ on Tuesday (or any day for that matter) really be considered a resume boost?

  10. Good signing if he has cleaned up his act. I think both Rogers and Wright will make the final roster with Asomugha being the odd man out unfortunately.

    1. Kevin Lynch brought up a good revelation regarding Ausomugha this afternoon on sports radio 970 in the Central Valley.

      He said that Nnamdi does a good job of jamming the WR at the LOS, but has a little trouble covering if the WR can get by him.

      Nnamdi’ strength (when he played at optimum level) was the bump ‘n’ run. He has the size to jam the WR’ up front, I’m not so sure if he still has the speed to keep up once the WR’ run by him.

      I believe that E.Wright’ signing has more to do with Nnamdi’ diminished skills than Cully’s injury.

  11. I wonder why no one else showed much interest in Wright, and why we are so very interested in him. It’s either we think that much of Wright or not much of NA and Brock.

    If I had to guess I would think NA beats out Brock for the third spot, and Wright takes Cox’s spot. We could see a lot of rotations behind Rogers and Brown until someone takes hold of that 3rd spot.

    Personally I don’t like Rogers much and if NA plays as well as the reports indicate, than Rogers is probably our 3rd or 4th best corner. No way he’s here next year.

    1. If I recall correctly the 49ers showed a lot of interest in Wright the year he was drafted, and have shown interest every time he has become available. I think this is the culmination of a long term pursuit of the player, now at an affordable price.

  12. They’ll hustle Eric into a 12-step program and see if he can get to 30 meetings in 30 days and turn his life around. They already did that with another player and he’s a stud now…

  13. I don’t know if they will make the 53. Not sure about nickle packages, but with Nnamdi and Eric it looks like the 49ers are looking to prevent size match up problems, especially red zone.

    I don’t see either one taking Rogers job (as of yet) but again, they could have specific match up situations envisioned vs big receivers.

  14. Mr. Wright studied hard and passed his exam. Now the real test comes. Resurrection. I liked him coming out of college and I like getting him on clearance even better. It’ll be tough, but I think he sticks if he shows contrition and talent.

  15. From PFF: Wright gave up 75 receptions in 2011, the most in the league.


    There is a striking similarity between Brian Sabean and Baalke. Both guys have been very successful, but have obvious holes in their work. Sabean is money when it comes to pitching and fielding, but struggles to find hitters. For Baalke it is the WR’s and DB’s that are his achilles heel.

    Do you see that too, or am I way out in left field?

    1. I think the jury is still out a bit on Baalke, the body of work is still pretty small. But so far that seems a fair assessment Jack. He definitely hasn’t displayed the same knack for picking up long term stars at those positions so far (though one could argue he did well on Culliver – he was a guy that was expected to go later, but has been pretty good for a 3rd rounder).

    2. I don’t know about missing on DBs. He’s drafted one with the expectation of making the team (not counting the late rounders like Cooper this year) and Culliver has been great. Culliver is definitely not a miss. WR on the other had… we’ll see.

      1. Yeah, I think WR is Baalke’s weakness. Maybe he should hire a Passing Game Development Consultant? Sabean, I think, gets more leeway, as he has won a few more championships. Sabean got stuck with Bonds, but proved his worth by building the team without Bonds

    3. The whole defense sucked in Tampa. CR stunk in his prior year before his arrival. He played like a pro bowler his first season with a defense that is strong in most areas.

      1. Wright gave up 75 catches in 2011 when he was a Detroit Lion. Jason McCourty gave up 71 catches, the second-most.

      2. Tampa bay only totaled 26 sacks as a team last season. I can’t judge a db or Safety with those horrible numbers.

  16. Last year in training camp Harbaugh warned all reporters that were saying A.J. Jenkins was a first round bust. Harbs said he was going to keep track of names of the so-called experts who were criticizing taking Jenkins in first round. He said there was gonna be an ‘I-told-you-so’ to all those reporters.
    Well “Farmer Jim,” so far you’ve been dead wrong about Jenkins. It’s almost time for the same reporters to “plow the field” again and question Harbs about Jenkins lack of improvement/production.

    1. Hold on Crabs. The next few games be it, preseason, well tell us if AJ is bust or not. It does not look good but maybe he is like CK and turns it up in the games. Lets pass judgement after the Chargers game and then if he makes the opening day roster.

      1. Prime – You’re not saying CK didn’t play well in practice last year are you?
        I’m pulling for Jenkins but I just don’t know if he has the sack to succeed in the NFL. I hope I’m wrong. Harbaugh has been spoonfeeding praise to Jenkins since Niners drafted him. It’s time for Harbaugh to kick Jenkins out of the nest. See if he can survive on his own.

    1. not only health issues there were a lot of people on this blog saying he was a bust and would never be more than a 3rd wr. people wanted to have him traded or cut. I think AJ was a reach in the 1st round but I think we shouldn’t call him a bust yet, it seems to me that this regime doesn’t draft for the present.

  17. With Alex Gone, I couldn’t help but notice its the AJ show now. Silly me for thinking all the bickering was over when Smith got his walking papers. Smh!

  18. I think they both make the squad. Everyone’s down on C.Rogers like he sucks, but he doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong he’s not playing at an all-pro level anymore, but he’s not washed up (yet). Rogers gets beat early, but he makes adjustments and doesn’t get beat late. Both Wright AND Asumgha would have to clearly outplay Rogers for him to get cut. I don’t see that happening.

    I think it’s kind of early to assume Baalke’s approach. I believe he wants certain elements in place BEFORE he invests in others. For example, his fist goal was to sure up the o-line, the he invested in a QB and a RB (Jenkins is still in question). Then he invested in the front seven before he invested in the secondary. I think he knew all along that he wasn’t going to sign Goldson. Instead he went big on the d-line the past three drafts, but especially this year. I think next draft you’ll see go after that “dream” CB. My guess is he’s doing patchwork and banking that the pass rush will cover deficiencies in the secondary. Next year, Rogers is gone, and if Whitner doesn’t come cheap he’s gone, because Baalke’s eye is on the top CBs in next years draft.

  19. Baalke has been a GREAT gm ! Jenkins was not drafted to play in 2012. Baalke had his WR roster set in stone before the draft of 2012 so he knew he could pick Jenkins,who was raw and needed a year to get up to NFL speed.
    Starting tonight we will see if Jenkins is getting it or if he will continue to not show up. Jenkins has had rave reviews from all the beat writer in several practices this week . Of course Grant wanted Fleener so he won’t say too many good things about the hated Jenkins who took the spot of his love Fleener.
    Since Baalke said Jenkins was a pick for the future and not necessarily the 2012 season,I am looking at tonight as Jenkins first major League at bat.He was learning in the minor leagues last year and now his test begins. Will he hit it out of the park or strike out ? Judging by his “minor league” performance last year it doesn’t look all that promising. BUT las year didn’t count because he was just being groomed. Now is his time to put up or shut up. This is his year to prove himself…or not.

      1. Looks like the 49ers want the option to negotiate an extension. They must view him as a real possibility for the slot corner position, if not this year, then next year.

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