49ers sign DT Quinton Dial to 3-year extension

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have signed 25-year-old defensive tackle Quinton Dial to a three-year contract extension through 2019.

Here’s a statement from Niners general manager Trent Baalke: “Throughout his first three seasons in the NFL, Quinton has shown consistent development and has become a key contributor in our defense. We have certainly seen his positive impact on the field and in our locker room, but we also recognize the impressive work he does in the community year round. We are pleased to extend the contract of young players like Quinton and are excited to see him continue his career with the 49ers.”

This move seems to indicate Dial, who started 15 games at right defensive tackle last season, will remain a starter for the foreseeable future.

Does this move indicate anything about the 49ers’ willingness to re-sign nose tackle Ian Williams? Why or why not?

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  1. RAW (rebuild a winner),
    I would be happy with that D-line. Stout, young and getting better each year.
    Good move by the FO signing Dial – like it.

  2. Wise decision, and I’ve always believed Buckner was a distinct possibility, contrary to popular belief on here. The problem is, he’s likely gone by the time the 49ers are on the clock….

    1. Yup! I think Balke’s two top choices are Buckner and Jack. If one is there that is the pick. If both are gone the pick could very well be Spence if he checks out well. If they trade down look for Jalen Smith entering the frame. Balke goes D in rnd 1 that’s for certain.

      1. Yep, then San Francisco would have their own Twin Towers. Similar to when San Antonio had theirs, The Admiral and Tim Duncan….

        1. Let’s keep in mind that Chip and Balke covet size. Now that doesn’t apply to jack and spence. But there elite talents similar but better then Borland. Meaning there are exceptations to that rule. Buckner shouldn’t get past the Cowboys at 4 IMO… Weirder things have happened though.

          1. I wouldn’t call JACK undersized for a 3-4 ILB. Jack is actually slightly bigger than Bowman was coming out of the draft. As for Buckner getting past the Cowboys……I’ll add Baltimore, who picks just ahead of us, as another team who very well might draft him. They usually stick to their board in terms of BPA.

            1. They’re about the exact same size. Bowman 6′ 242/Jack 6’1 245 Unofficial, probably more like 6′ 240 at the combine….

            1. AES

              This is going to get exciting old friend…I have been biting my tongue in anticipation…Chip has been my choice since he left the Ducks for Philly. I realize that not many on here know of him, but that will change PRONTO ! As ridiculous as itt may sound, I peg us at 10-6 or better. The next month will tell all….Did love that KC team….

              1. OREGON,
                Yup, those chiefs teams were great. I loved LB Willie Lanier. Saw him knock a few guys out back in the day.

              2. OREGON,
                10-6 is a lofty and daring prediction bud, but if that’s your call I got your back.

                Who knows, maybe last year the entire team played in a state of shock with the loss of their winning head coach and with players retiring or leaving for greener pastures.
                Let’s see if a fresh start with a new HC and offensive game plan can fix all that ails this team.

    2. I’d definitely be good with Buckner, even though the chances of him still being there is slim. We need instant impact at DL, OLB, ILB from the draft and free agency. So whichever of those 3 position we do not address in the rounds 1 and 2, we need to make sure we addressed in FA with a solid signing of Trevathan, Irvin, or Jackson.

  3. Good move locking him up. Not sure what it means for Williams though. They may feel comfortable going with Dorsey, Dial and Purcell at NT, though Dorsey may not be ready to go until mid season.

    If O’Neil runs more of a shaded front then Dial might be a decent fit at NT.

    1. I always thought IDub was a long shot to get signed because of the way Baalke normally operates. If he was in their long term plans, he would have extended him last year. This draft is so rich in DL talent, that I just don’t see it happening….

      1. Me either. In this case I understand why he may not have extended him sooner (injury history), but even so I don’t think Baalke will be looking to re-sign him unless he comes back pretty cheap.

  4. LDT – Armstead, Arik – Dorsey Glenn – Jerod-Eddie, Tony
    NT *Williams, Ian – Purcell, Mike – Ramsey, Kaleb
    RDT Dial, Quinton – Carradine, Tank – Smith, Garrison

    hmmm…..with or without Ian nothing special about this group……..

    Buckner is not a NT……

    Maybe if they resign Ian and add a blue chip player at OLB…….

    1. CollegeFootball 24/7 ‎‎@NFL_CFB

      QB Vernon Adams thinks he could come in and run Chip Kelly’s offense. Said Eagles plays looked a lot like ones he was running at UO. #49ers

      12:40 PM – 24 Feb 2016

        1. Drafting U of O QB Vernon Adams in the 3rd and Stanley in the 1st would solve lots of Niner problems on the quarterback accuracy issues wouldn’t it?

        1. Not very “brash” when it’s an obvious statement, is it? Of course he would have an easier time learning a playbook that is similar to the one he ran in college.

          And when you said he was talking “smack” I thought you meant he was actually, you know, talking trash. If that’s his idea of talking trash, an NFL locker room is going to eat him for breakfast.

  5. There not drafting Stanley in the first. There also not drafting Adams in the third. Too early for Adams. Niners are very high on Trent Brown who performed well towards the end of the year. Plus A Davis should return as well. First pick is Defense.

    1. Can’t remember where I read it, but there are significant concerns about Brown’s stamina, which is not surprising for a man his size.

        1. Not usually when the “experienced employee” is a guy that many scouts have going undrafted. Vernon Adams may be the next Russell Wilson, but the odds say it’s a Long shot at best. I’ll put my money a QB who’s built like an NFL Quarterback, not a QB who’s built like a defensive back. Not saying he isn’t worth a look with a late round pick, but let’s pump the brakes on any talk of beating out guys with much higher pedigree and much more real, NFL experience.

  6. Grant

    Is Ian Williams worth more than Quinton Dial to this defense, dollar for dollar? I don’t think he is: Dial is durable and monstrously strong, and plays mean, and plays a position that generally commands more $$$ than NT.

    Does Williams believe he should sign a 4-year, $16M contract with the 49ers? If he does, they’ll bring him back; if not, it’ll be Purcell and whomever else they can pick up in FA and the draft.

  7. Good move extending Dial…although I’d rather have Buckner, but as Razor has pointed out, it is very unlikely he falls to us in the draft.
    I don’t think this signing affects whether Williams will return or not because he would have been extended already if Baalke had actually wanted to keep him; however, that is a risky move because the DT prospect that the 49ers visited with is now expected to go late in the first round.

    1. Joe Marino ‎‎@TheJoeMarino

      Bama’s Derrick Henry weighs in at a whopping 247 pounds at NFL Combine

      By Jared Dubin | Staff Writer

      February 24, 2016 11:34 am ET

      We’ve got our first big number of this year’s NFL Scouting Combine: 247. As in, Heisman Trophy-winning Alabama running back

      Alabama RB Derrick Henry checks in at 247 pounds. That. is. massive.

      8:32 AM – 24 Feb 2016

    2. I like Buckner, but I would be happy if he was taken before pick 7.

      – If Buckner, Goff, Wentz are taken in the top six, it would mean one of Tunsil, Bosa, Jack or Ramsey falls to 7. I’d be thrilled with any of those guys.

      – If Dallas chose Jack over Wentz, it would mean Wentz likely falls to 7. If the 49ers didn’t want Wentz he’d make killer trade back bait.

      The Eagles would love Wentz but don’t have a 2nd round pick this year. Houston could be a candidate for a trade back.

      1. Perhaps, but the next team that might look at a QB probably isnt until around the Bears pick at 11. With this being the case teams might prefer to wait and see if they can save a bit in draft capital.
        Anyone know the difference between the 7 and 10 pick in value?

    1. It is a three year extension, making it a four year deal. I believe he gets $12M in additional money (i.e. above what he was already getting for this season), which could rise to $16.5M.

      All in all, he is getting paid about the same as Glenn Dorsey per annum.

  8. Coleman won’t be running the 40 either. His sports hernia is not fully 100% healed, but expects it to be by his Pro Day. He doesn’t have any questions about his speed, but I was looking forward to seeing him compete….

  9. USA Today’s Tom Pelissero is reporting that there are early rumblings about California QB Jared Goff’s hand size:

    Tom Pelissero ‏@TomPelissero
    One point of curiosity for coaches/scouts entering combine week: how does Jared Goff measure? Smallest of top QBs, hands supposedly tiny.

  10. On PFT:

    According to the New York Daily News, free agent RE Muhammed Wilkerson is “all but guaranteed” to get the Jets’ franchise tag, and will “likely” be shopped in a “tag-and-trade” deal before April’s draft.
    “We have an idea internally what we’re probably or potentially going to do,” GM Mike Maccagnan said. “But at this point in time, we don’t really want show our cards.” The deadline for NFL teams to tag free agents is next Tuesday, March 1. Wilkerson’s tag will cost $15-$16 million, but any team that wants to acquire him via trade would certainly prefer to work out a long-term deal first. The Jets should be able to get a first-round pick for Wilkerson, who is only 26 and has finished as a top-five 3-4 defensive end at Pro Football Focus in back-to-back seasons.

      1. Razor “all but” I’m going to hang in till the bloody end and then before admitting I was wrong I will switch screen names.

  11. From PFT:

    “The Chicago Tribune passes along word from the Combine that free agent DL Malik Jackson is “believed to be seeking” $12 million per year.
    9 News in Denver recently reported the Broncos offered Jackson a deal averaging $10 million per season. Jackson may still stay in Denver, but only if GM John Elway ups his proposal. In this market, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson could get quite a bit more than his $12 million goal. NFL teams are flush with cap space and Jackson is ascending with his best years ahead of him.”

    Given the increasing salary cap, this doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

      1. Four reasons to pay that kind of money:

        1. That is the market for players of his quality.
        2. He is proven in the NFL, rookies are not.
        3. Cap space available to accommodate such a contract.
        4. It takes away the need to draft a DL, letting the team focus on other areas of need.

        1. I’d pay that kind of money for Wilkerson, but not Jackson. I’d rather they offered him an incentive based deal where he could earn up to that amount….

          1. You won’t get Wilkerson for much less than $15M-$16M a year.

            But yes, I would fully support the use of escalators/ de-escalators in a contract for Jackson.

            1. You won’t get Wilkerson for much less than $15M-$16M a year.

              Plus a 1st Round Pick, right? Man, that’s highway robbery. Too bad they wouldn’t take a high 2nd for him….

            2. You won’t get Wilkerson for much less than $15M-$16M a year.

              Plus a 1st Round Pick, right? Man, that’s highway robbery. Too bad they wouldn’t take a high 2nd for him….

              1. That remains to be seen. The Jets might take a high 2nd round pick. But, boy, $15 to $16 million plus a high pick; I think I’d rather take Jackson.

                He’s coming off of a broken leg as well, right. I assume he’ll make a full recovery……

    1. Happy for Dial. he’s really worked hard to improve his game. His body looks totally different from his rookie season.

    2. If the Niners could get Jackson for 12 mill per, I’d do it for sure. That is not top of the market salary and this is an emerging player going into his second contract. You rarely get a chance to sign guys like this on the open market.

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