49ers sign DT Sen’Derrick Marks

Former Jaguars defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks raises his arm

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve signed veteran defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks.

Marks (30) is a former second-round pick of the Tennessee Titans. The past four seasons he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he worked with current 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. Marks has started 61 games during his NFL career, but has started just three games the past two seasons.

Why do you think the 49ers are signing Marks now? Do you think they’re worried starting defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, who has an ankle injury, could miss the season opener against the Carolina Panthers?


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  1. Considering that defensive line is the deepest part of the 49ers roster, it must be sign that DB is more banged up that they’re letting on or that Dial is not cutting it.

  2. Grant,

    Apparently Ronald Blair is nicked up too. However the pattern this season under Lynch/Shanny is foreboding for Baalke players since it usually means a trade.

    Lynch is on record saying indirectly stating that Baalke players are in jeopardy, so they better show, and in the same sentence mentions the camp cuts all teams will perform

    Denver/49ers and Pats/49ers are the leading trade candidates because the Pat’s lost their defensive lineman.

    Derek Rivers Reportedly Tears ACL; Patriots Fear Knee Injury Is Season-Ending
    Adam Wells

    1. * And Lynch’s statement about Baalke players is no joke. To Date 60 of the teams 93 players have been replaced by Lynch/Shanahan players.

  3. Could be in response to the severity of Buckner’s injury. Could also be that they are not happy with what they’ve seen from the other candidates on the roster so far.

    1. * My bad, Eli Harold has been linked to the Pats:

      Identifying potential DE trade targets for Patriots around the NFL

      The 49ers, like the Chargers, are adopting a Seahawks-type 4-3 scheme under new coordinator Robert Saleh, and Harold is currently listed as a backup. The 49ers could use a boost at cornerback, where the Patriots have some depth.


      Eli Harold (49ers) — The 6-foot-3, 265-pound Harold entered the NFL as a 2015 third-round pick out of Virginia

  4. Dial is going to a 3-4 team or the best deal for Niners.

    if I’m not mistaken, Denver and Bears both play the 3-4.

    Bears are logical since Dial was a Fangio guy.

      1. Maybe they prefer Tank. I’d sure like to pick up Schofield if he’s released. I think he’d be an upgrade over Fusco.

        1. More stupid speculation….why not wait until the sky starts falling again….? Perhaps Lynch and Shannahan are going to corner the market on D-tackles and become a monopoly to trade out for ALL of the first rounders in 2018…. ‘course there’s always 2017 to worry about……

  5. I think it could pertain to Buckner’s injury being more serious than first thought, but I am more inclined to believe that it is a sign that the 49ers are fixing to trade Dial or put someone on IR. Ward prehaps?

          1. Don’t wear an Elvis costume to the draft and practice karate moves. That will only serve to draw more attention to ‘The King’.

            1. Unless you have some fantasy football information to share or are wanting to join Quest4Six, I suggest you follow Roscoe P Coletrain’s advice and just hush.

              1. Yeah I get it. Can’t have trolls getting in the way of 40 or 50 wild ass guesses as to what the 49ers are up to.

  6. Unfortunately for Dial, he isn’t on Mitchell’s level, at least right now, even if he could be considered one of the four best defensive linemen on the team.

    I certainly think Dial is that. I’d rank him fourth on the team among defensive linemen — maybe third. But as a matter of scheme, fit and what the 49ers are hoping to do overall, I don’t think Dial has a good path to the starting lineup this season.

  7. Colts WR Phillip Dorsett on trade block 4 days after NFL.com 49ers trade suggestion

    Quite the coincidental timing.

    by David Fucillo@davidfucillo Aug 21, 2017, 2:05pm PDT

        1. The Niners could play their short receivers with on of them sitting on anothers shoulders. That would give them some height.

          1. Per ESPN…

            “ESPN Fantasy Projection: Dorsett was a first-round pick in 2015, but the speedster out of Miami has yet to consistently show off his explosiveness at the NFL level. Undersized at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, Dorsett has already missed six games due to injury and has scored three touchdowns in two years. His 16.0 yards per reception was ninth highest last year, but 3.9 targets per game simply isn’t going to cut it. Dorsett is already behind T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief and will now need to fend off Kamar Aiken for No. 3 duties. There’s year-three breakout potential, but Dorsett is no more than a late-round flier.

  8. I don’t believe it’s anything to do with Buckner. The depth behind the starters are a bunch of 3-4 guys, who aren’t cutting it, in my opinion. This is a move that enhanced our 2nd unit, and a good rotation guy with Earl Mitchell.

  9. Could be because of Buckner
    Could be a trade maybe a couple of trades coming or even a multi player trade
    Could be brought in for competition – that doesn’t seem likely but….
    Could be we as fans no nothing about anything concerning this.

    Seems like something is up for sure. We shall find out within the next 10 days or so.

  10. The only logical explanation for signing another DL is that one or more incumbents isn’t in their plans. Given that he’s a tackle, that would seem to suggest Dial, Blair or D.L. Jones or more than one. Maybe the latter isn’t cutting it; haven’t seen many rave reviews about his work to date except very early in camp. And coming out of college from a major school he certainly wasn’t an unknown quantity during the draft process and he lasted until the 6th. round. Not the highest recommendation.

  11. WR , Phillip Dorsett is the most intriguing rumor.

    Established is the fact that John lynch wants to build a ‘bully’ on defense. He’s already had Warren Sapp teaching in camp.

    Makes sense that the 49ers would tab a former # 1 pick to replace Ellington and perclude them from going after a highly touted WR in 2018.

    Now they can focus on drafting another ‘stud’ on defense, build that bully, shut teams down, and with Shanny’s creativity, put up points thru trades and mid round gems like Breida.

  12. Jennifer Lee Chan‏Verified account @jenniferleechan 24m24 minutes ago

    #49ers DeForest Buckner also returning to practice today but will be limited. Seems like the team is being careful with players re: health.

  13. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ 34s34 seconds ago

    Just spoke with new #49ers DT Sen’Derrick Marks in locker room. I asked what technique he will be playing. “3-technique.” -#BEASTwriter

  14. Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ 57m57 minutes ago
    Marks has good initial “get-off” while displaying heavy hands to disengage from blocks. Something young guys can learn from. – #BEASTwriter

    Ryan Sakamoto‏Verified account @BEASTwriter_ 59m59 minutes ago

    The lowest man always wins down in the trenches, and Marks has proven he can anchor at the POA (point of attack) in 4-3 over/under scheme

  15. Chris Jones backs up DBuck at the 3-tech DT spot and has been very bad at it. They’re looking for a 3-tech backup upgrade. While the d line is deep overall there isn’t a quality backup option for the 3 tech spot at the moment. You want an explosive 295+ size DT for it.

  16. Well… There are all kinds of reasons, or combinations of reasons…

    1. Back-ups aren’t cutting it.
    2. Linemen are injured and they don’t want to take chances on aggravating injury and need bodies.
    3, A linemen (or two) might be traded — Dial & Blair come to mind.
    4. Extended try-out in case of future injury,
    5. Other issues (effort, attitude, who knows…)

  17. Cam Inman ✔ @CamInman
    New #49ers DT Sen’Derrick Marks: “I wake up and kick ass. That’s what I do”
    3:54 PM – Aug 23, 2017

      1. No kidding, that’s why I like it. I remember when I traveled to San Francisco with my mom and grandma when I was like 10-12, right around when the new Bruce Lee movie just came out, Enter The Dragon. I was a huge fan, and got to see it in a china town theater while we were there. I was a really deep sleeper as a kid, still am really, and they had gone out one night for dinner, while I stayed in the room. Had the door locked and bolted. They returned banging on the door, ringing the phone, trying to wake me up, as I’d fallen asleep. Ended up they had to get hotel security to gain access. He requested to have a look, because he couldn’t believe someone could sleep through all that….

  18. Most people recognize that the foundations of a team are the offensive and defensive lines. It makes sense when rebuilding from scratch to focus on them first. Perhaps they are doing the D-line this year and the O-line next. The other positions can be filled as they become available. It makes sense to solidify the foundation of the offense and defense first. Once that is done it makes it easier to evaluate the other positions more objectively.

    1. Something else from the article that I find interesting (regarding Kilgore anyway):

      Furthermore, the 49ers have allowed just eight pressures on 62 passing plays, with Joe Staley, Trent Brown and Daniel Kilgore as particularly excellent in that area. All three of those players have a perfect pass blocking efficiency, at least through two preseason games.

      Maybe there’s hope for the line after all. Maybe with some time and practice they can mount a decent effort in run blocking.

  19. Bad news for any of the DL competing to be the backup 3T in base/ other 3T in nickel. No impact on Buckner.

    To be honest, this team doesn’t have a lot of true 3T depth. Chris Jones is really it. Thomas in nickel. Potentially Blair in nickel too, though both he and Thomas are 270 lbs so not really the ideal size for the spot.

    Mitchell, Dial and DJ Jones are 1Ts.

    I think this move makes it a lot harder for Dial and Blair to make the team.

  20. Hope – Niners signed Marks because they have a lucrative trade in place for Staley or Blair
    Worry – Niners signed Marks because Buckner’s (or other D-lineman) injuries are worse than thought.
    Assuming – Niners signed Marks because they need a training camp body

    Good news Buckner, though limited contact, has at least returned to practice.

  21. I think they know Blair strained his groin, so he may not be 100%, and Chris Jones may have a high motor, but that is not good enough. Buckner’s injury is more severe than we thought.
    Maybe a trade with Dial is in the works, since DJ Jones looks good.

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