49ers sign Elvis Dumervil

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, right, runs past Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

General manager John Lynch just announced the 49ers have signed 33-year-old pass rusher Elvis Dumervil to a two-year deal.

This is a good signing. Dumervil probably won’t start for the 49ers, but he will play on passing downs and probably will lead the team in sacks next season. He is the 49ers’ best pass rusher.

Do you like this signing? What do you think it says about the team’s feelings toward Aaron Lynch, who reported to the offseason training program 20 pounds overweight? Do you think the 49ers would have signed Dumervil if they had confidence in Lynch?

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  1. Good signing. 49ers need pass rushers and this will help even if only in a specialist role. Aaron Lynch is done.

    1. I dont know why im going to bat so hard for A Lynch I just dont think he is “done” with the 49ers.

      He is to young and has showed to much promise to just give up on him now. If he finds a way to stay in shape he will be a productive player for any team in this league.

      I dont know his cap status but im guessing its low as a 5th round pick. No reason to get rid of that now. Its not like we have a plethora of talent waiting in the wings to replace him.

      1. His college coaches ripped him for being lazy and not in shape, its his 4th NFL season and we talk every off-season about how he showed up (again) out of shape/over weight. What makes you think that will all change now? I’m honestly curious. This guy has a pretty predicable pattern going on here all the way back thru College…

        1. COACH* And it wasn’t even a real coach, it was a strength and conditioning guy.

          But I’m sure there is no one who would never have anything negative to say about you?

          1. Yeah, the strength and conditioning coach wouldn’t know anything about a guy’s work ethic. LMAO!

            1. A conditioning coach is a real coach. What is he talking about? What are only Surgeons real doctors?

              1. He may be unprofessional but that doesn’t make him a real coach though so your remarks aren’t salient.

                Look I like Lynch and think the reaction against him is premature. He does have some marks against him, however, and his work ethic and his commitment are certainly chief among them.

                Even so, I like the kid and with proper motivation, which I believe he is getting, he will excel. Some people need a fire lit under them.

              2. Lynch had a poor reputation coming out of College and it’s a major reason why he fell to the 5th round. What seems to be overlooked at the moment however is that he has been working hard in the OTA’s and seems to have a good attitude. I don’t care what he did in the past as long as he’s focused on improving his game now. Showing up overweight is not a good thing obviously, but everything else he’s done since seems to be moving in the right direction as Shanahan said.

          2. And the dumba** got himself fired for his stupid, bitter public comments about an ex-player. Why does anybody even mention this guy, much less defend him? Perhaps they’d also make excuses for Bruce Miller, saying it wasn’t his fault that he was too drunk to know he was assaulting a 70-year-old man with a cane?

        2. People frequently talked about amahad brooks showing up to camp “out of shape”. Grant has written about brooks being out of shape multiple times in OTAs/TC over the years.

          But he has been productive up to the age of 33 and is in line to start another season.

          Im just not ready to give up on someone who shows promise. Unless he just looks terrible or someone else shows such high skill that they should take his spot unquestionably, I see no reason to cut A Lynch.

          1. I agree and have been saying the same thing. Some are so quick to say he should be cut but have no answer for how you replace him if you do. This team is woefully thin on edge rushers which is why they have just signed a 33 year old on the back end of his career.

            1. Carradine has already been taking the 1st team reps I believe, and the addition of Dumervil gives them a situational pass rusher.

              1. True. Probably once Thomas can practice he’ll be moved to #2, pushing Lynch even further down the charts.

              2. Lynch has been in the offseason program from the start and has been working. Unless he decides to go on an eating spree during the break before TC, I think his spot is fairly secure due to the fact he is a better pass rusher than the other options they have on the roster. There really is no reason to cut him unless some other players step up and outperform him in TC which is unlikely with the current group we have.

      2. He got ripped for his lack of effort and integrity in college. He’s been fat & out-of-shape for at least the past two years. Plus the 4-game drug suspension. Plus last year he, frankly, was low-effort when he did play…

        So, he’s earned all the skepticism.

        1. Lynch will compete or he will be gone. We haven’t had serious competition for positions in so long that many forget the concept. It’s not like the good pros just sit around and forever debate the issue like here on the blog. Lynch and Shanny appear to want to focus on production instead of potential as the first step in getting things right. Good players come in all shapes and sizes, and attitudes. Either they produce or they’re gone. Lynch will not be cut because of anything but his inability to out compete another player. Without trying to upstage Razor, I see true competition every day as the “lynch”pin of their strategy to create a winning culture. (You can pick whichever Lynch you want as the namesake.

          1. Well, this was his college rap. I don’t see any difference in his NFL rap:

            WEAKNESSES Classic underachiever. Questionable effort, motor and desire. Leaves production on the field. Does not play with passion and lacks urgency. Goes through the motions. Is not a strong or creative rusher and does not create plays. Lacks concentration and focus. Will require maintenance. Weight has fluctuated a lot. Managed just 18 bench-press reps at the combine. Did not show well at his pro day — managed a 29-inch vertical and recorded poor times in the three-cone drill (7.46 seconds) and short shuttle (4.61 seconds).

            Million dollar potential, two-bit head.

            1. Moses – you are a very knowledgeable guy but are missing my point. What he has done has only a small relationship to what he can and will do if properly motivated. That is the issue. Some want to maintain that Lynch is there because he is penciled in at some spot. I maintain that he is there to try to compete for a job. It’s like financial advisers always warn their clients: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Lynch will compete in the new regime or he will be gone. End of subject. The answer to the question as to what the signing of Dumevil means to Lynch’s future is simply like the old locker room poster: Don’t be a dinosaur, adapt or become extinct. I maintain that many on this board don’t understand that this is a key concept that has been missing from the 49ers culture for too long and (John) Lynch and Shanny are changing it right before our eyes.

            2. You’re missing my point. He has no internal motivation. Without it, he’ll never do enough to harness his talent. WHich is his college career and his professional career.

              Thinking Lynch will be ‘the guy’ is a pipe-dream. He’s just another talented underachiever who is throwing his career into the toilet.

              It’s a story old as football.

    2. People are overreacting to this signing. First of all, you can never have too many pass rushers. Especially on a team where the DC wants a heavy rotation up front to keep guys fresh. Secondly, I’ve heard that Dumerville will be competing for playing time at the Leo and/or the Sam…both spots that could use his talents and some added depth. Yo immediately assume that this is an indictment of Lynch is premature at best. We need to get used to believing what we hear from our front office and coaches. They’ve all praised Lynch’s work ethic so far and like what they’re seeing. Let’s wait til TC before writing him off…

    1. I think it says nothing about lynch. If anything it buys him one more year to get his ass in shape.

      We all know lynch is a good player. If he just gets his off the field work fixed his on field production could keep being an arrow up.

      This guy is being brought in for pass rush situations and in case if someone gets hurt.

        1. lmao nah I aint mad bro. Im just willing to throw my 2 cents in and say this has no impact on whether A lynch gets cut or not. Ill eat crow if I have to though. I just dont htink this is the nail in the coffin.

  2. I like the signing. Been a fan of adding veteran situational pass rushers since the 1985 (84 season) Super Bowl. The 49ers activated nine D-linemen to go after Marino.

      1. I remember alot of mentions after the game about how then DC George Seifert activated nine D linemen for the Super Bowl. I’m not sure how many were officially on the roster.

        FWIW, wiki lists the following nine –
        Lawrence Pillers DE
        Jim Stuckey DE
        Dwaine Board DE
        Fred Dean DE
        Jeff Stover DE
        Manu Tuiasosopo NT
        Gary Johnson DT
        Louie Kelcher DT
        Michael Carter DT

        I think they were all activated vs Marino.

  3. I don’t know how Dumervil will turn out, but this is really fun.

    Re Lynch, I don’t think this says anything. It’s too early to say anything, other than no dlineman’s job is safe, except for the rookies.

  4. Can’t have too many pass rusher. This signing just rippled through the 49ers defense saying: WE WANT TO WIN NOW !

  5. I like the signing. Hopefully, Aaron Lynch gets the message. What does the signing say about Arik Armstead? Weren’t the 49ers considering Armstead for that Leo position?

      1. Agree. I just don’t see him being successful in that role. But if he isn’t the Leo does he come off the field in passing situations? What’s his role? Last year he was AWFUL against the run. His shoulder probably had something to do with that but his shoulder doesn’t force him to play too high when taking on blocks. IMHO Armstead is teetering on bust territory.

        1. I’d agree Armstead is on the bust teeter totter, and if he fails to complete the season or doesn’t carve out a productive niche within the defense, he’ll end up falling off. Personally, I think he’s a 3T pass rushing specialist, best case scenario….

          1. “I think he’s a 3T pass rushing specialist, best case scenario….”

            Agreed. And Buckner and Thomas are better options at 3T. As I, CFC and Brodie have said, Armstead is looking at a reduced role and could be traded.

            1. Wow!…You guys are sounding off like a circular firing squad…you’re firing at everyone !…Armstead will lead the team in sacks…. and you’ll all be standing around with your analytics papers and swearing that we should have rid ourselves of Aaron Lynch and Armstead…trigger-happy…

              1. As a fan, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. But my eyes tell me Armstead plays too high and is a liability in run defense. I also think he should have never been drafted in the 1st round if his shoulder routinely pops out of socket. Labrum injuries have ended many NFL careers. For a d-lineman, a labrum injury basically equates to playing with 1 arm tied behind your back. Also if an interior d-lineman is leading the team in sacks then the team will have bigger problems than Armsteads poor technique in Run defense.

              2. Houston, his shoulder injury history was one of the best kept secrets in the draft. I don’t remember one scouting report mentioning it….

              3. Perhaps but that is what the NFL combine is intended to uncover. Doctors perform significant testing of all aspects of a players physical health at the combine. If Armstead had a shoulder issue prior to the combine it’s likely it was uncovered during the combine and teams knew about it. If not, then Armstead lied or at least misled the doctors. Either way, doctors can not disclose the findings publicly because of HIPAA laws.


              4. I agree with Houston. At the time he was rumored to be the Niners pick I couldn’t figure out why because he really hadn’t focused a lot on football and his tape wasn’t overly impressive. He was a physical freak but the play on the field didn’t match the draft spot. Hopefully he’s healthy and takes a step forward this season. The guy taken right after him (Marcus Peters) was who they should have taken.

              5. Oregon when was the last time you were accurate with one of these angry retorts you like to throw out? I don’t think you’ve been right about anything you’ve said in years. You just throw out pie in the sky predictions that are proven wrong and criticize those who actually see things as they really are. What research have you don’t to backup your claim Armstead will lead the team in sacks? Anything other than he played for Oregon or is a member of the 49ers?

    1. If they employ the Over Dumervil won’t be a 3-down Leo, but a 3rd or 2/3 Leo is my guess. AA could be a 1 or 1/2 Leo and spell the inside guys on 3rd. We’ll see about ALynch.
      It’s just choreography at the moment. Padded practices will tell their tales.

  6. Elvis Dumervil in our new aggressive style defense I think we’re going to be pretty good on defense this year. Unrelated can you imagine Trent bucket still being our GM we will not have half of what we got now from the draft Solomon Thomas for example.

  7. The signing could mean John Lynch has doubts about the edge rushers. But which one?

    Or maybe they have have doubts about Armstead at Leo. I’m be fine keeping Armstead inside, if it meant less snaps. Better to have good depth than put a guy in the wrong position, hampering his development.

    Best case scenario they signed Dumervil because
    – He can still be an effective part time pass rusher
    – More pass rushers never hurts, even if you like the ones you have
    – Lynch wants a variety of physical types rushing the passer to exploit match-up problems with individual linemen. If an O-lineman has issues with speed, Pita T. If he has issues with length, Armstead. If he’s a young lineman that hasn’t seen alot of moves, send in Dumervil.

    1. I think its just a sign of the team wanting to add talent and competition.

      Theres no way this guy does not get in on pass rush situations.

      I dont think this signing condems any current player, just adding talent to a low talent roster.

      Its a “lets win this year now” move IMO.

      Grant might be right this team could go 9-7 or better.

    2. They could have Armstead at LEO in non-obvious passing downs and bring in Dumervil (whom I happen to totally respect as a player even if he’s getting up there) to pass-rush in obvious passing downs. Like they did with Fred Dean.

    3. That is exactly what it means Brodie! The team is very concerned about the pass rush and with good reason. We don’t have a good one. A bunch of unproven players and some veterans who aren’t getting the job done.

  8. This is a great signing. Nothing wrong with getting some Vet leadership on a team that is trying to rebuild.

    If the coaching staff is smart he will be put in on pass rush situations only with bowman/foster covering his side for chance of a run.

    I just love the fact that the niners are not scared to sign people and give them a chance right now.

    Honestly I thought we had a good draft for defense. This just adds to that. I cant wait to see this defense step up in a big way. (we had so many 1st string injuries last year, bowman, armstead, and we were on our 3rd string nose tackle) all of those coming back are gonna be huge for stopping the run up the middle.

    Frick it feels good to be a 49er fan again,

  9. Very, very interesting signing. I need to take a little time to think about what this signals.

    – what does this say about A. Lynch and A. Armstead?

    – what does this say about how competitive ShanaLynch think this team can be this season?

    – who’s the odd man out?

    1. OK, I have thought this through and I think it’s fairly simple to draw conclusions. First, I want to say that I haven’t seen all the details of this deal, but on face value, I REALLY LIKE THIS SIGNING. Elvis Dumervil has 99 sacks in 99 career starts according to PFF, and that makes him one of the most dangerous pass rushing DE’s the league has seen over the last decade plus.

      Provided Elvis still has gas in his tank, he’s certainly going to garner a lot of snaps during obvious passing downs. Whether he’s a 3rd down specialist, or a guy who can handle the LEO full time remains to be seen. I tend to lean towards his role being that of a 3rd down specialist. No matter what, he’s a fantastic addition at one of the biggest question marks on defense.

      That said, it’s logical to assume that signing Dumervil will spell the end for another DL who might have otherwise survived final cuts.

      Here is my list in order, from most likely to least likely to be released at some point thanks to this roster move:

      1) Tank Carradine
      2) Ronald Blair
      3) Quinton Dial
      4) Aaron Lynch
      5) Eli Harold
      6) Chris Jones

      Again, Armstead might get traded, but I think he’s safe. I’ve always had Pita Taumoepenu pegged for the practice squad and Noble Nwachukwu listed as a sure cut.

      Anyone else want to make a list like this?

      1. I’m tempted to swap #2 and #3. Blair might have a better shot than Dial, but Dial’s ability to play 0-tech in a pinch gives him the slightest edge, IMO!

      2. I think this impacts more on guys that were primarily slated to play the Leo role, or DE in nickel.

        Tank would seem a logical guy to be in danger, however, he is the one that has been playing first team big end with Thomas not around. I think he sticks as the back up at big end and nickel DE.

        1. That could be the case Scooter. But remember, we also have to consider where these guys are on their contracts (Tank is a FA after this season) and whether Saleh sees Dumervil as a guy who can also play SAM.

  10. This doesn’t just speak to how the team thinks of Lynch but the entire group of ends. As to Dumervil, if he was still considered a great pass rusher he likely wouldn’t have been a free agent in June. We’ll see if he’s in fact the best pass rusher on the team.

    I’ll wait to see the contract details before deciding just how committed the team is to him. Still doesn’t say much about the other players they were considering for the position already on the team.

  11. http://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/06/05/bubble-watch-winners-and-losers-from-49ers-elvis-dumervil-signing/

    “Drafted rookies generally have more job security in their first season than later in their careers. That’s because year one is about adjusting and developing. For Taumoepenu, who likely won’t play much in 2017 barring injuries, the addition of Dumervil gives him a mentor to model his game after. Dumervil (6-0, 255) is similar in stature to Taumoepenu (6-1, 243) and will be playing the same position.”

    “Lynch has shown up to the offseason program out of shape for the last two years, making him one of the most frustrating players on the roster given his immense upside. He’s worked mostly with the second team so far in OTAs and figures to get pushed further down the depth chart with the addition of Dumervil. If this doesn’t light a fire under Lynch and motivate him to come to training camp in great shape and ready for a big season, then what will?”

  12. Always liked Elvis! True pro! Two thumbs up! Aaron who? If this doesn’t light a fire under his fat a55 nothing will!

  13. Was a good draft to pick up a third down edge pass rusher. Wonder if they missed out on the one(s) they liked or thought they were good at the position at the time.

  14. an Rapoport ✔
    The #Seahawks have signed a backup QB. It’s FA Austin Davis. … So Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent.
    12:19 PM – 5 Jun 2017


    1. Nope, just confirms the reason why the Seahawks chose Davis. They were cap poor, so they went cheap.
      Just another door closing, so Kaep may be forced to return. Still think he is a starting QB, like Pete Carroll says.
      Posters declaring that Davis is superior to Kaep just show how clueless they are.

      1. Another Kap returning proclamation to needle the blog or self assurance?

        Either way it doesn’t matter. You’re irrelevant and so is Kaepernick to the 49ers organization.

        Remember Seb, you became that guy all on your own. A bad way to build a reputation.

        1. Prime, my rep is writing 10 things Lynch should do in the draft, and seeing him implement 9 out of 10.
          You, on the other hand, have never dazzled me with any football acumen. You are just sad, pathetic, and forced to hurl invective, which make posters wonder why you are so mean and hateful. Everyone can see that hate consumes you, so they , like me, pity you.

  15. I think this says what we should have already known: the team lacks edge rushers and they needed to add more. The only addition this offseason was a 6th round pick who is likely ticketed for the PS. I don’t think it affects Lynch too much seeing as how there really isn’t much behind him. The contract will tell us how invested they are in Dumervil as CFC mentioned. This could be a kick the tires signing with no guarantee of making the team. Either way Dumervil is on the downside of his career and will be a situational rusher at best.

  16. The dude played 8 games last year and has seen his production drop over the last 3.

    Slow our rolls please.

  17. I think John Lynch is building a D to beat Seachalks.
    This is a good signing. Russel Wilson Elvis is in the building.

  18. Good signing, they needed an edge rusher. If the team had faith in Lynch then I highly doubt this would have happened. He’s on notice. Even if he makes the roster he is going to have to really earn snaps now.

    1. Even if he makes the roster he is going to have to really earn snaps now.

      He hasn’t really done that since his rookie season.

          1. I agree East. Let the competition begin! Too many handicappers on this board. The game is played on the field.

            1. Thanks WC. Part of the coaches job is to motivate. I think they are doing that with Lynch. He is one of those players that does not do well when he isn’t being challenged.

    2. I know the popular theory is that they don’t like Lynch, but this says more about the overall depth chart to me. There really aren’t many Leo options on the roster and certainly none that would make you confident about the position moving forward.

          1. Yep. :-) But that’s kind of working against your own point – you are trying to insinuate the talk about Lynch potentially not making the team is a fallacy, yet acknowledge the signing of Dumervil shows they aren’t enamoured with the guys they have at the position (which includes Lynch).

            1. On the contrary I think it strengthens my point. The reason I have been saying it’s unlikely Lynch would be cut is because of the lack of options the team has, along with the fact all of the angst that has been created is based on him showing up out of shape to a voluntary offseason program. Lynch deserves criticism for the way he played last year and the suspension, but it’s too easy to throw out the idea that he won’t make the team without a plan to replace him.

              1. Well Dumervil is a better option than what they had, but I still highly doubt they cut Lynch. There is no reason to unless others step up and play beyond what we’ve seen so far.

              2. Looks like this is a strong message to Harold and Lynch.

                This new regime is not messing around. They are exploring all options and leaving no one comfortable.

                I guess when you take over a 2-14 team, you really need to add that fight for your job mentality

    1. Who are we kidding? The likes of Dwight Freeney, John Randle, Richard Dent, Reggie White, Bruce Smith, James Harrison, Terrell Suggs, John Abraham – all productive well into their 30s – say the jokes on you :)

  19. Great signing that gives the 49ers a true edge rusher. I think this says more about where the team views Pita more than it does about Lynch. Though Lynch lacks the much needed work ethic, he currently brings more to the table, and will be needed in a defense that will see a more constant rotation of the players on the front seven. Your last question is fairly moot because I believe the 49ers would have signed Dumervil regardless of their level of faith in Lynch because Lynch and Shanahan have stated they believe in competition.
    In regards to Maclin, I do not think the 49ers should sign him because it would be a bad move. Maclin is a player a team would add if they want to energize the fan base or are one player away from competing for the Super Bowl. This team is nowhere near to competing for a Super Bowl, and while many could probably make a strong argument for the former, a stronger argument can be made that such a move is foolhardy due to the injury history of Maclin and the likely fact he will command a big contract.

    1. Do you think the 49ers ever truly viewed Pita as more than a developmental guy this year? A 6th round pick with limited experience… can’t imagine they ever expected him to play a big role this year, he’s more one for the future.

      To me signing Dumervil is much more about how they view the guys that were slated to play that Leo role this year – Armstead, Lynch, etc. They clearly weren’t convinced the position was covered for this season.

      1. Do you think the 49ers ever truly viewed Pita as more than a developmental guy this year?

        No, but having Dumervil gives Pita more time to sit and learn, whereas not having Dumervil could have resulted in Pita playing when he may not be ready to contribute.

        1. True.

          One of the things I most like about this signing is it gives Pita a highly successful vet to learn from, one that has had to learn how to be an effective pass rusher despite size limitations.

  20. Forced to return Seb? What does that even mean? Is CK going to hire Luca Brassi to make Lynch an offer he can’t refuse. Does Kyle own a racehorse named Khartoum that were not aware of? With all do respect, what in the name of the good Lord are you talking about? Forced to return? What? He seriously has more chance is signing with the SF Giants than he does the SF Forty Niners. “May be forced to return”? Please explain this bizzare statement! Who would be forcing who? Would it be under duress? Does CK have video footage of Lynch robbing a bank? Some kind of blackmail? What gives? You are too funny!

    1. Juan, this signing of Dumervil gives me hope, because Lynch is not satisfied, and he is still signing free agents.
      It is interesting to note that they probably assessed players in the OTAs and decided they need more talent.
      Wonder how the QBs did.
      Yes, the Niners may be forced to re-sign Kaep because they need a starting QB. KS may give all sorts of platitudes to Hoyer, but they are paying him backup money, so that is what they really think of him.
      I think the play of the QBs will force the Niners to look elsewhere, especially since Lynch said he was looking for a franchise QB, and did not declare any of the present QBs to be franchise QBs.
      KS runs the risk of looking foolish, if he allows emotions to dictate his decisions on the QBs, especially if Kaep signs with another team and takes the league by storm again. Of course, you may think he is incapable of doing that, but I will take the assessment of Pete Carroll, who thinks Kaep is a starter, and has the talent to take a team to the championships.
      Thanks again for bringing up the subject of Kaep, because he may be the best QB to lead this team. Many will disagree with me, but frankly, I think less of them than they do of me, especially with them whistling past the graveyard with Hoyer, Barkley and CJB.

      1. And yet they liked Hoyer better, despite being ‘Not a Franchise QB.’

        Does that not clue you in? They told Kaepernick to quit or be cut. They signed Hoyer. They still don’t think they have a franchise QB. In short:

        Franchise QB > Hoyer > Kaepernick (at best) > Barkley > Betheard.

        Could be worse. Kaepernick could be behind all three in their estimation.

        1. Moses, I will take Pete Carroll’s assessment over yours. He said Kaep is a fantastic player who can lead a team to championships. He declared Kaep is a starter in this league.
          You think Hoyer is better than Kaep, but in his only playoff game, Hoyer threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers, and crumbled under pressure. Kaep, with a decent supporting cast, set a league record by rushing for 181 yards in a playoff game. He overcame a 17 point deficit on the road to win an NFCC game, was 5 yards from winning a SB, and came within one pass of returning.
          Maybe KS should ask Matt Ryan if he thinks Kaep has skills and is a potential starter.

          1. “Colin’s been a fantastic football player and he’s going to continue to be. (Regarding signing him)At this time, we didn’t do anything with it. We know where he is, who he is and we had a chance to understand him much more so. He’s a starter in this league and I can’t imagine somebody won’t give him a chance to play.”

            I see you added the bit about leading teams to championships. Very typical editorializing on your part. What he said was simply a nice pat on the back as he passed on him. Nothing else. Shades of truth with you…

            Most of us will take the assessments of the FO of the rest of the league which pass on this guy because he isn’t a quality starter in the league (not for his last contract and I doubt for the money he wants). He’s a backup and not a good one. Better than Gabbert yes, but not much better, and that’s all anyone needs to know. So how much did Gabby sign for?

            Forget that he went to the SB. My uncle did too. Lots of people get tickets and Kap rode a great team to get there. AS was in the Championship game the year before and was very close to big game himself. He won the job on an injury that year which isn’t the best way to get your credentials in the first place. He had a good run, the league figured him out.

            1. EC,

              I agree with most of what you said here but I keep reading comments like he rode a great team to get to the SB and he was carried by the defense and that simply isn’t true. The SB run was pretty much all Kaepernick. The defense was awful during that span and Kaps running and passing along with the usual greatness of Gore were the catalysts for that SB appearance. No question his play got progressively worse after that but everyone seems to want to rewrite history to dump on him further.

              1. Rocket, my point is that he didn’t take a team to the SB. The team was already a great team and made it to the playoffs. He had a tremendous playoff run to be sure, no doubt about that, especially after Cowboy went down, but he also made plenty of mistakes along the way and was not the godsend his great champion makes him out to be either. I’m not saying he simply rode the defense into the SB but he certainly had a tremendous cast of players with him and that cannot be discounted. I may have stretched the hyperbole a bit there and if so I apologize but it’s out of frustration with you know who.

                Kap has had a good run. Has failed to adapt. He still has tremendous difficulties in his field play that impacts his game and limits his capabilities as a FT QB (accuracy, reading defenses, touch, pocket awareness etc.). I think this is why people are passing on him

              2. Yeah I know what your overall point was and I agree with you. Just keep reading too many posts from the anti Kap zealots that frequent this place trying to pretend he was garbage from the start. It turned out that he could not play the position from the pocket effectively enough to have success long term, but he was a big part of two runs to the NFCCG and a SB appearance and for that he should be appreciated not criticized imo.

              3. Oh, I agree, though I also think he was always limited. He had a propensity to run first, and not look to pass and throw. This limited him in the pocket or at least could stymie his growth, which it did over the long haul. When the Seahawks gave him the business and rattled him, I don’t think he ever recovered and he took far too many steps back. This league is unforgiving and far more so if you handle the ball as much as a QB does.

              4. It’s kind of like VD a very good tight end who had great limitations and contributed at the right time or Crabtree who is in the same boat imo.

            2. Pete Carroll-‘ He’s (Kaep) as capable as any of those guys of turning a team around and playing great football, He has done it before. He’s been to the SB. He’s been a championship player.’

              1. He never turned a team around

                eMJay, oh yes he did. It took a few seasons, but from 12-4 to 2-14 is definitely turning it around.

        1. Pete Carroll says otherwise, and even though he is from a division rival, he is the only coach to win a collegiate championship and a SB. He is also a disciple of Bill Walsh.

          1. But he’s a defensive coach…or did you forget that little part?

            And of course he would say stuff like that…you think it would do him any favors to say negative things? You think any player would want to go try out for Seattle knowing after that the coach would bad-mouth them to the media?

            Jesus you are dense.

            1. Pete Carroll did not have to say those things. He could have been way more circumspect. He said them because he believes them. Sure, he took a page out of the Bill Walsh Bible and would never say a negative thing about a player.
              Obviously, you think Pete Carroll is a liar when he says that he thinks Kaep is a fantastic player.

              1. Obviously, you think Pete Carroll is a liar when he says that he thinks Kaep is a fantastic player.

                A lot of the Seahawks team is grumbling over Carroll’s assessment of his current starting QB. Take that for what it’s worth.

              2. Rib, RW has led his team to the SB, won it, and came 1 yard from repeating. Even though they are a division rival, I still will acknowledge that he has achieved greatness, and does have skills.
                All these locker room rumors are just hype, and most likely untrue.

            1. Pete Carroll coached for the Niners in 95 and 96. He is a disciple because he utilized many coaching schemes and strategies from Walsh, and his unbounded enthusiasm and positive attitude is exactly what Walsh stressed in Building a Champion. He exemplifies exactly how Walsh wanted a coach to behave, and he implemented many principles that Walsh espoused.
              I did not say he was a direct branch off the Bill Walsh coaching tree, but in interviews, he cites Monte Kiffen and Bill Walsh as major influences in his coaching philosophy.

              1. I bet you talk to any coach in this league and they will all claim guys like Walsh, Parcells, Shula, Landry and Lombardi as “influences” in their coaching philosophy.

                The guy’s a student of the game, to get to this level you have to be, but please do not try to justify your hard-on for kaep by citing Carroll and saying he is some disciple of Walsh. He’s as much a disciple of Walsh as is the guy coaching your local high school football team.

                “He coached for the Niners in 95 and 96″…yeah and so did Dennis Erickson and Mike Nolan…are they now “disciples” of Walsh? Harbaugh coached at Stanford…is he a disciple of Walsh? Is Dave Shula a disciple of Walsh since Shula was the head coach of the Bengals and Walsh used to be the assistant coach of the Bengals? Is Marvin Lewis a disciple of Paul Brown?

                Next time I need some copper wire I’ll hand you a penny because you sure are great at stretching things.

              2. Em, do not believe me, just read what Pete Carroll has said. He himself has said that Walsh has been a big influence on his coaching. Maybe he does not think that Walsh walked on water, but he gave effusive praise for the Walsh football philosophy.
                Sure, EVERY coach should be a disciple of Walsh. He was a genius. Discounting the effect that Walsh had on Pete Carroll does not mean that PC totally dismissed everything Walsh stood for. I just see that Pete Carroll has read every book Bill Walsh had ever written, and has followed his teachings to the letter.

      2. I have no issue with your opinion. We have all got one. I just don’t understand what you are seeing. Kap has obvious flaws, all of which were exposed the moment NFL defenses figured out the read option. He has gotten worse each season since and even though he’s tried (some say) to improve, he hasn’t. Besides his legs and an inaccurate cannon for an arm, what does he have? The Seahawks are perfect against him, and he’s had more practice against there defense than anyone. The fact that he really wasn’t any better than Blaine Gabbert should be a gigantic red flag. And you can’t use the excuse about the team around him because than you have to make that excuse for Gabbert too. For me he is a 1 read, or take off QB. He would rather tuck it than make the tough throws because he is afraid of turning it over (understandable). The problem is, not being willing or in this case even able to take the big shots or make the tough throws will land you as mediocre on a great team and worse on a subpar team. Loom at all the greats. The are willing to make the big throws and throw picks if it means they are least went for it. Rodgers, Brees, both Mannings, Rivers. They all throw picks, but they all win. Montana and Brady are other worldly and basically never throw picks, but let’s not compare mortals like Kap to Gods

  21. What physical skill may have diminished over the years ED has compensated for with veteran craftiness and guile. Should be a nice addition and mentor.

  22. Lot of signings, talk of production over potential, even 9 win speculation. But when the smoke clears…this team does not have a QB answer. With a really good 45 on game day, but the 46th is a marginal QB…its gonna be a marginal W-L. But if they compete hard for 4 quarters and keep it close, that will be an improvement. When a legit QB emerges, time to talk about wins.

      1. Not really. They touch the ball the most and many of them are really overrated and overhyped. I think Cam is overhyped more than overrated but he does deserve a tremendous amount of criticism for the risks he takes and some of the decisions he makes. Eli and Flaco, nuff said. The other one has been thoroughly flogged on this site that it doesn’t bear even mentioning. Carroll didn’t want him on the team and passed on him and gave a nice platitude while passing (NFL equivalent of “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!”).

    1. This dude thinks he can put super bowl winners in as over rated? This guy, like so many others, does not have a clue.
      Maybe he should do some research, look up the worst performers from PFF, and match them up with the largest salaries. Those would be the most over rated, because they would be the highest paid for the least production.
      Off the top of my head, both Fitzpatrick and Cutler fit that criteria, and Revis had a down year.
      Yep, a clueless hit piece regurgitating the same old screeds, but he should read what Pete Carroll said about Kaep before writing that drivel.

      1. Both Flacco and Eli have huge salaries and year in and year out do not deliver. Eli has a career completion percentage of 59.7, a career rating of 83.3, 7 of his 12 years he has thrown 16 or more Ints (and his first season he threw 9 in 9 games played)….the guy has a record of 108-91 ( 54% win percentage).

        He’s not that good. Especially with the talent he has had at WR in his career, thats awful.

        1. Yup, Eli is over rated, even though he won TWO Super Bowls.
          Guess what? He led his team to the playoffs last season.
          To me, over rated players have never sniffed the playoffs, much less won anything.

          1. You don’t understand what over-rated means.

            Its to have a higher opinion of something (someone) than they deserve.

            There are plenty of people who have made playoffs and are overrated…Tim Tebow was overrated by his followers…Colin Kaepernick is overrated by his followers…Peyton Manning for many years was overrated (guy could not come through in the playoffs)….you might say Brees and Rodgers are overrated, for as much love as they get they’ve both only ever won 1 super bowl yet people will argue that they are in the top 10 or 15 of all time. Thats overrated.

            And yes, Eli won two superbowls…he had 2 great playoff runs…but 2 out of 12 is why he is overrated. People like you drop the 2 super bowl wins but ignore his overall production for 12 years of his career and its been pretty average, especially for a #1 pick. You don’t take a QB #1 overall to win basically win only half the games he’s played. #1 overall QBs are expected to be guys who get you 10 to 12 wins every year, guys who win 3 of every 4 games, who get you deep into the playoffs, who show up in the playoffs more than twice in a career.

    2. I think overpaid is more accurate than overrated for all but Newton on this list. The first 7 aren’t ranked near the top of anyone’s best list from what I can see so hard to say they are overrated. Newton on the other hand is highly overrated. He’s a good player but winning the MVP a couple of years ago put him in a class he doesn’t belong in.

      1. Don’t you think that has more to do with hype surrounding Newton though? He’s a dunderhead imo. He takes unnecessary risks and then blames others for the hits he takes. I live in Carolina so maybe it’s different elsewhere but I get over saturated with the guy.

        1. Newton is reckless I agree. I can imagine the focus on him is much greater where you are, but he gets a lot of national pub too. I think he’s a good player but the SB season wasn’t a true reflection of his caliber. He’s not a top tier QB imo.

  23. I don’t know if this particular signing is good, but I can say that Lynch is starting to resemble someone who won the lottery. There is a lot of spending on things that are fun, but aren’t necessarily long term investments. Garcon. Dumervil. Hightower. Goodwin. Juszczyk. Mitchell. Gould. Smith. I mean a Ferrari is fun, but is it a sound investment? John Lynch is certainly having a lot of fun spending York’s money and I appreciate that after all the tight fisted transactions we’ve watched since Eddie left.
    I am sure right now little York is sweating in a corner at all the money being spent.

    1. Even with all the spending, they are 63 mil under the salary cap, so I think that Lynch, while being bold and aggressive, is also being wise and and not profligate.

    2. Matt – the proof is in the pudding. Let’s wait and see what comes out of the oven.

      I’m as cynical as they come and I certainly see a whole lot of moves but have yet to see that translate into wins (I predict 4-5 at most). When, and if, that does I will celebrate and give kudos where it is deserved. I will hold out my praise and hope (for it is all we have – we don’t have to be blindly optimistic) for the best.

  24. Dumervil Adds competition. At 33 years old he should be a long shot unless our younger guys suck. Love that Lynch is signing guys to pressure the potential starters.

  25. The Ferrari looks great in a pic, drives nice. You get a new car hard-on. You buy it. Then 3 months later, uh ih why did I do that. Then you get a ticket. Then its in shop. Then you can’t sell it.

  26. I’m good with this signing… We have plenty of cap space and he’ll provide good leadership for young guys like Aaron Lynch, Eli Harold, etc. With the heavy rotation along the DL he should stay fresh and provide a little fire to our pass rush. As usual, good job Lynch!

      1. Razor we can always count on you for a musical theme. I tend towards blues, classical and alternative myself but appreciate your Iron Maiden themed interjections!

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