49ers sign OLB Tank Carradine through 2017

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have signed former 2013 second-round pick Tank Carradine to a one-year contract extension through the 2017 season. Carradine has four sacks in his career and a surgically-repaired ACL.

Why do you think the 49ers made this move now? Did Carradine merit the extension? Is this a good move by general manager Trent Baalke?

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    1. Saw the video. Brown must have made a big impression on him. Man what a steal in the 7th. He just has to stay on top of his health and the sky is the limit for that guy.

          1. Scooter,

            They will not be draft steals, no matter how well they might perform. The correct term is: “draft luck out”.

            As in, “Baalke lucked into to drafting Trent Brown.”

            You’ve been here long enough, get it right, would you, please!

            1. Baalke is not good. As in he’s a bad GM and makes bad draft picks notwithstanding the few times he lucks out. From the NFC Power Rankings in the East Bay Times where they pick the 49ers as the worst team in the NFC:

              #16 – Will Chip Kelly rub everyone the wrong way, sending the 49ers further into the abyss? Not necessarily. Kelly’s problem has been dealing with his star players. With the 49ers, he doesn’t have that problem, other than NaVorro Bowman, who can deal with any coach. The system will be fun to watch, but the big problem is the least talented roster in the NFL.”

              I agree with this assessment. The 49er roster is below average and that is 100% on Trent Baalke.

              1. Well Houston, it has been proposed in this room that the 9ers are employing a devious strategy of pretending to be bad just to lull the other teams into thinking they are bad. See how they have those evaluators convinced?

      1. If Brown plays as well as Von Miller and Anthony Davis thinks he will, I won’t be surprised if he gets a contact extension in November — and it won’t be for one year.

        1. Rookie contracts for draft choices can’t be renegotiated or changed in any way until the regular season finale of the contract’s third year. Undrafted free agents must wait until their conclusion of the regular season in their second season to amend a contract (Sec. 3, (k, i-iii), 28).

          The source of this information is from here: http://warsaw.sportsblog.com/posts/2143461/2015-nfl-draft–explaining-nfl-rookie-contracts.html

  1. “Why do you think the 49ers made this move now?”

    Baalke was growing tired of reading the media stories about his ACL failures.

    1. If that were the case, why an extension for only one year? The fact is the extension was something Tank and his manager wanted. Baalke gave him a one year prove-it contract. If Tank excels they’ll wrap him up long-term. If he doesn’t the Niners only have one more year to pay him.
      We (I) still don’t know the terms of the contract. It could be good for Tank, a steal for the Niners, or both. Paraag has been pretty good at negotiating contracts that are team friendly.

  2. Should have just waited, and let him play out his contract. Do not think he has done anything to warrant an extension. Tank may be a sub, and his Baalke knee is no guarantee that he stays healthy.

    Baalke is desperate.

      1. Chip likes Kaep, and he will give the Niners their best chance to win. It will be a long season, and many things can happen.

        I hope Chip makes it a competition during the season, since the preseason was inconclusive. Let one QB start, and as long as the Niners score, he can continue to start. However, once they have to punt, the other QB gets to play. It would be great motivation to succeed, and the QB who can continue to put points on the board will win the starting job.

        12 mil? for a starting QB, that is cheap. Osweiler got 18, and he has only started 7 games. 4-12 Rivers is getting 20 mil. Tannehill, Stafford, Tyrod T and Cousins are getting 18 mil.

  3. Pretty obvious they made the move because they saw improvement with the position change, and believe the potential is there for more growth….

    1. Razor,
      You said the key word: “potential”. That must be Baalke’s favorite word. Couple that with his favorite phrase “at the end of the day” and what do you have?

    2. I’ll go with this as well Razor. The guy has shown huge strides this year and is finally playing his natural position.

      First of all they get a discount, even if he puts up around 6 sacks this year, which is plausible, decent edge rushers in this league end up with enormously inflated contracts (e.g. Bruce Irvin). Second they get another year at a reasonably cheap salary to evaluate him at his new(old) position. Its a smart move.

      And I get all the Baalke ACL stuff, but come on Grant who doesn’t have a “surgically-repaired knee” in this league?

      1. Leo – Good observations. What is overlooked is how incredibly expensive sacks are. If he gets 6 sacks a year (and typical pressures per sack ratio) teams will be throwing money at Tank in 2018.

        And if Tank is mainly rotational (40-50% snaps), 4 to 5 sacks per season + typical pressures per sack ratio he will be well worth the extension.

    3. No, no, I see desperation written all over this. Gotta show like he is doing something, and it takes the Miller news off the table. He should have traded Miller when he had the chance.

      At least he is doing SOMETHING with all that cap space, but it is too little, too late to be effective. To me, it is just rearranging chairs on the Titanic…

    4. Agreed Razor. Nothing wrong with this at all imo. Didn’t cost much and they need depth at the position anyway. If he plays well you have him for another year at a low cost, and if he doesn’t oh well, it will be a pittance against their 50+ mill in cap room.

  4. I’ve posted, Trent is wiley and reads reports of his demise, therefore shoring up his reported acl draft strategy with the Carradine signing…He’s a paranoid reactionary, not a problem solver—the worst trait for an organizational GM.

          1. Really, how did you expect to characterize his convo with CK?

            “Well, we had a conversation. We have a business relationship, and that’s about it.”

            Yeah, sure, that’ll happen. Come on, Baalke does plenty of stuff wrong. Why not focus on that, instead of pretending that he did something wrong by saying he had a good conversation with CK.

            In fact, since that’s about as neutral a depiction you’d expect from a GM when describing a talk with a player, you might’ve been able to read bewteen the lines and realize that the comment really didn’t tell us anything at all.

            By the way, CK is only saying nice things about everyone in the organization, right now.

  5. One of Baalke’s few draft picks that hasn’t retired early or ended up on IR. He’s just excited that he has someone to extend.

              1. I think Carradine is better at rushing than Harold hands down, but Harold is better in coverage. Carradine may set the edge better if he remembers his assignments. If O’Neil like Grant says uses his OLB’s in coverage a lot then Harold will be the better choice for most downs. Like you said he’ll perform better in 3rd and longs when we need some pass rush situations.

              2. Matt Maiocco sure thinks Tank is a whole lot better than Harold. Maiocco stated Carradine has been much more effective VS the run and rushing the passer during camp and preseason this year. And Tank is, by far, the stronger man!

                I agree. Once the 49ers feel confident that Tank understands all of his defensive assignment, he’ll take most of Harold’s snaps away from him!

                This was a wise somewhat expected move for the FO. Being able to use a 5th year option on a guy who contributes is always a smart move, IMO.

              3. I am taking his comments with a grain of salt because Maiocco has always been an ardent fan of Carradine dating back to his final collegiate year.

              4. For the 1st 4 games of the year, Tank will likely replace Harold in subpackages. And the team is probably going to use subpackages more than base. So he should see a lot of snaps in those 4 games.

                How much he plays the rest of the season will really be determined by injuries and how he performs those 1st 4 games.

              5. Just how much more if at all Tank gets in on the sub packages remains to be seen. Ultimately I don’t expect him to get more snaps then Harold.

              6. edit ” how much more if at all ” Didn’t mean to suggest he wouldn’t get in on the sub but whether he would actually get in more then Harold is what I was trying to say.

              7. Yep, only the coaches know that, CfC. Mere speculation on my part that he will play more than Harold in subpackages.

        1. Carradine will have 4 games to prove he should be the #2 behind Brooks after Lynch returns. Right now I believe it’s Harold’s job to lose. Harold will likely get the king’s share of the snaps early on. Tank will get opportunities to earn the job although I’m doubtful he will be able to prove that he his significantly better then Eli. He’ll very likely be the #3 when Lynch returns.

          The extension reeks of a manager trying to save face on another failed high draft pick. 1 year is as much support as they’re willing to show the player and his contract didn’t increase from what he was already being paid.

      1. I think he supplants Eli and eventually Brooks once Lynch returns….just my thoughts.

        you could be right, but it seems like O’Neil is really high on him.

          1. How many did Harold beat?

            I’m not saying Tank is the next Von Miller, all I’m saying is look at his competition. Saying that Tank beats out Eli and Brooks this year isn’t saying that much.

          2. Tank Carradine finished the preseason with 10 tackles and two sacks. Pro Football Focus rated him the NFL’s second-most productive pass rusher of the preseason.

            “He can set the edge,” defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil said. “He’s heavy handed. I would not want to block him if I was a tight end. He continues to show up as far as pass rush and he’s gotten better every rep that he’s gotten as far as pass coverage. So he’s done a nice job progressing at the position.”

            Carradine’s steepest adjustment has been dropping into pass coverage, something he said he was still getting used to. But he’s perhaps the team’s most powerful edge rusher, and his time as a defensive lineman gave him experience handling double teams and stopping the run.

            Cornelius “Tank” Carradine is a full grown MAN!

          1. Tank is learning a new position. 2 things we know about Tank.

            1) He was clearly playing out of position for his first 2 seasons after he got his knee fixed up.

            2) It takes Tank a little longer to learn the intricacies of new positions than some players. It took him forever to learn what Fangio wanted him to do, and he really struggled with the playbook last season under Mangini as well.

            That’s the main reason Tank started week #4. I’m not saying he’s ahead of Harold right now. What I am saying is that Tank is a more gifted NFL ATHLETE than Harold and once O’Neill feels like Tank has caught up to Eli with the mental aspect, he’ll likely pass Eli on the depth chart.

            I think Harold is coming along, but, for instance, if you compared how well these 2 performed against Denver, in joint practices, it wasn’t close. Tank and Brooks were 2 of the most dominant players on the 49ers side of the field during those 2 days.

            Tank Carradine is a full grown, strong man. Well above average strength wise, for a 3-4 OLB. He’ll be very effective against the run, and he can handle double teams, and he a high effort guy.

      2. How many of the guys arguing with you were certain Rush was making the team? Yet still after being wrong about that they are certain they know the 49ers plans at OLB…

        1. Rush’s problem is that he is about as one-dimensional as they come at 3-4 OLB. He’s a pass rush, speed rush specialist with a high motor. However he’s a liability against the run, not very good in coverage, and he’s not stronger than most of the TE’s he faces.

    1. Would not be surprised if Baalke, attempting to justify his draft and statement of “Redmond being ready to play in 2016,” that further damage (possibly career ending) was caused to Redmond’s ACL by playing him way too early.

      1. Redmond is fine. This kind of pure speculation without anything to back it up is a waste of our time TomD.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if TomD is actually a 12 year old girl …… how’s that for pure speculation?

        This is simply a cautionary move because Chris Davis came out of nowhere to take hold of the Nickel Back position. If Redmond ‘s knee was truly damaged, he wouldn’t have initially made the team. This was a savvy move by the FO, and nothing more.

        1. I disagree with this take because a few articles described Redmond as moving around with difficulty and looking uncomfortable.

          1. Can you link me an article MWD?

            Redmond shined in his 49ers debut against the Packers.


            Every Orthopedic Dr. will tell you an ACL repair takes the better part of 2 years to fully heal. I’m not saying Redmond is all the way back. He won’t be all the way back probably for another 9-10 months. Doesn’t mean he’s re-injured his knee.

            Redmond’s going to be just fine. This is a smart move to give his knee more time to heal thanks to Chris Davis. Better safe than sorry thanks to Chris Davis. If Davis hadn’t had an all-star camp and preseason, Redmond likely remains active.

            O’Neil praised Redmond’s work thus far, on 8/22, but he also said “I don’t know if he’s all the way back yet.” When asked what work Redmond was not doing thus far in camp, he did not offer specifics. He did say that he thought Redmond would get some playing time in before the preseason is done, but he also stated that it wasn’t his call with injured players.

            1. Again:

              Redmond, a third-round pick in April, tore his ACL in October. He is eligible to return after six weeks this season, but he had to have been on the 49ers’ original 53-man roster Saturday in order to do so. As in previous years, teams may bring back one player from injured reserve. This year, however, they don’t have to designate that player at the time he goes on injured reserve.

              If Redmond had damaged his knee by returning too early, it’s doubtful the team would have put him on the original 53, so that he could return this season. They lost a good player, Garrison Smith, who’m thy could have kept instead and placed Redmond on season ending IR.

              Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article100048352.html#storylink=cpy

              1. All I am saying MWD is that it was silly for TomD to speculate on this matter, when everything in the way the team handled Redmond when it came time to trim the roster to 53, points to the team expecting him to be ready to return sometime near mid-season.

                And unless TomD is an orthopedic doctor, and he has been in the 49ers trainers room evaluating Will’s knee, TomD’s speculation is useless nonsense, and is no different than my speculation that he (TomD) is a 12 year old girl trolling this forum. .

          2. MidWestDynasty,

            Redmond played in the preseason. If what you’re saying was still true at the time of those games, i doubt he would’ve been put on the field.

            1. I am only stating what I saw in some articles about the final roster after the game was played and the cuts were made.

              1. My point was, and is, he was put on the IR to create a roster spot, while letting him get stronger. He looked quite good, at times, in the preseason, especially on blitzes from the slot, He seems to have excellent timing and a knack for getting to the QB. He also showed a willingness to tackle and backs a bit of a wallop. If he was as far away as you seem to be suggesting, I doubt we would’ve seen him in preseason.

                The 49ers have this luxury (some would say surplus) because the team is loaded with good DB’s.

                There is a long way to go before ripping Baalke for the Redmond pick. I’m not saying he’s going to be good, or better, player, just that it’s too early to reach a conclusion, especially since he’s looked pretty good on his limited appearances on the field.

  6. So much for Smelter being our starting receiver opposite Torrey. Remember seeing a couple of those predictions after the 2nd preseason game.

    1. The 49ers promoted Baalke’s replacement to the position on July 25th. Formal announcement will be made in February.

        1. No it does not. It’s how well those oline and dline picks turn out.
          Keep pushing your CK agenda. He’s the back up until further notice. Deal with it!

  7. Baalke should be fired before further damage to the 49er’s reputation gets worse around the NFL.
    1. Baalke trades Brandon Thomas to Lion’s who cut him only seconds after evaluationg him
    (another genius pick by Trent)

    2. The McCray trade to Hawk’s voided because McCray was injured.

    When a GM gets so desperate he starts trading injured players, hoping the other team doesn’t notice Reps take a BIIIIG TIME HIT

    1. Funny thing is,

      cheating people are bragging rights (business as usual) with this F/O. From Paraag, Jed, and trent, back slapping one another–making braggadocio comments about screwing Kap on his contract, to trading injured players, they fail to realize that one also has to create allies in this league.
      Bill Walsh actually established trading partners in the league, a sort of go to in case of emergencies.

  8. I wonder if Gamble has to sign off on moves now. Should we be questioning Gamble as much as Baalke on these decisions going forward?

    Would be a good question for one of them; are player decisions collaborations or do they have autonomy.

    1. No no, like Chip calling all the good plays, Gamble is doing all the good moves, and like Modkins, Baalke has to accept all the bad decisions….

  9. Tony Jerod-Eddie and Mike Purcell—Undrafted Free Agents. The cheapest DL money can buy….Their Defensive Coordinator, Oneil is a Trent Baalke/Jed hire who refused Chip’s man.

    Philly fans actually taking donations to buy O’neil a bus ticket out of town.

  10. Im starting to hate everything about this franchise except the uniform and history.
    Kelly will eventually slither back to the college ranks looking like he was smart to have gotten out while he did. Jed is just like his dad and this is the Nolan phase of the post Harbaugh era. It’s the dysfunction junction. All aboard!

    1. I can’t hate the team no matter how bad they are, but I can’t argue with your points here. I didn’t like the Kelly hire at first, but I’ve convinced myself it can work out favorably if he gets the right players. Not a fan of the DC, but again hopeful he figures it out and the talent is used properly.

      I can’t help thinking we are in for a long run of futility like what occurred during the Dr. York phase, but if I dwell on it too much it depresses me, so I’m going to self medicate every Sunday (Monday this week) and enjoy the games.

      1. A team that was very competitive from 2011-2014 was run into the ground and NO ONE is responsible. We’ll firing coaches until something gels. Beatings will continue until morale is improved. .

          1. I’ll climb aboard this train too. What are you guys serving?

            I hope it’s not a return to the past but with the Yorks on top it’s going to be as bloody as War of the Roses.

            1. The beverages will change weekly depending on the level of competition. The Monday nighter will be wine and/or beer most likely, whereas the tougher games will feature harder fare. I will have to experiment to find the best combination to get me through.

      2. Oh what a shocker, BiG P and Rocket bringing sour milk to the blog.
        Yes we know this team is not very good and yes it’s in a rebuild mode but to hear you guys repeat the doom and gloom is about as annoying as Seb and his Kaepernick crap!
        2 years away fellas, until then curb your diarrhea!

        1. Prime,
          Shut you ignorant mouth up already. The only diarrhea around here is the verbal type that constantly leaks from your mouth. Your life would be incomplete without Seb, hence your inability to ignore him. You have always been a no talent ass clown that is incapable of exhibiting civilized behavior. Remember when you mocked cancer patients? MsClemons ring a bell? Just ignore my posts because I have no interest in dealing with you or your ignorant and desperate tantrums. I thought you would have taken the hint by now.

          1. You wanna play remember when? All I remember about you is you cry like a little child! Everything is boo hoo hoo.
            Shut up if you dont like this team. All you do is cry, go cry somewhere else if all your gonna do is slam the team.
            Now we know what the P stands for.

        2. Prime, these guys are living in dreamland. They don’t understand that winning is cyclical in the NFL unless you are one of a few teams with an elite QB.It’s the way the cap and draft are set-up.

          Case in point, look at the 49ers opponent when Harbaugh failed spactacularly. The Ravens are in a cyclical downswing even worse then SF. SF even beat Baltimore recently. How about the Saints? They have a great QB and still got stuck having to rebuild.

          And some teams have been rebuilding for a5 years like the Raiders, Browns and Rams.

          I could go on and on, but why try to explain something to people who don’t get the NFL in the first place and are obviously fair weather fans, right Prime.

          1. Well said 49. This blog is about 2 kinds of fans. Ones that watch with an eye for fantasy football, and the others are ones who have played or been following the game for over 20 years.
            Big discrepancy!

          2. Seattle is still a championship contender. They have a great coach and an excellent GM. The owner stays out of the way. There is nothing fair weather about me, I just don’t like self inflicted destruction of a great situation.

            Jed and Baalke ruined a good thing. I saw Jed’s father do the same thing to the last good coach before Harbaugh. That dysfunctional meltdown resulted in a seven or eight year playoff draught. Jed has no clue how to run a football team.

            He fired Harbaugh, talked about only hoisting Lombardi’s and then proceeded to hire Tomsula. Baalke has crafted one of the least talented rosters in the entire league. Paraag was so disliked and invasive that Jed had to demote him from being the team president.

            I’ve watched almost every Niner game since I was 9, which is when I started watching football. I went to Candlestick every year. This team has the revenue streams they claimed they lacked in S.F. They have the resources to win. The problem is they have a moron for an owner who is only running the team because his parents allow him to. He is unqualified for his job and he has proven it with the product on the field.

            If you can’t see this and you are happy about where the team is, you’re not very bright. The truth will hit you about six weeks into the season when it becomes apparent just how bad they are and you disappear from the blog. You calling me a fair weather fan is just as delusional as your zealous outlook.

              1. I am. Kaep, now that by some miracle, is still a Niner, gives me hope. Gabbert does have skills, just hope he can throw past the sticks. The O line, now that AD is back, is a million times better without Devey and Pears. With a decent O line, the running game will improve.

                Buckner was a good selection, and the pass rush may improve. The DBs have another year under their belt, and may be healthier and more cohesive. A decent pass rush will immensely help the DBs.

                Vance, if he can solve the dropsies, is a matchup nightmare, and his blocking will make the running game roll.

                I do worry about the LBs, and the WRs are unproven, so they do have possible weaknesses, but overall, the Niners are a way better team than last year.

                Why am I optimistic? Well the ownership and FO deserve all the shade they get, but I think the Niners can win despite them. Jed is clueless, but he has kept a low profile, and kept his mouth shut. Sounds like he might be learning. Baalke seems to have lost power, so he cannot meddle with the coaching, or micromanage the roster. It was nice to see the Niners do well with their first 2 picks. Baalke picked the next 2 when he chose an ACL player and a red flag player, but overall, I liked the draft, and Baalke is getting slapped upside the head for his strategies. The Gamble promotion seems to be paying dividends. AD coming back was huge, and I fault Baalke while crediting Gamble.

                Why am I so optimistic? Chip. The Niners lost talent, but still have talent. The coaching last year was so poor, I , a casual fan, could call out the plays ahead of time. If I could do it, the opponents sure the heck could do it, and they admitted after the game that they knew what the plays were before the snap. Chip, with his system, will solve that deficiency. Since the offense was at the bottom of the rankings, Chip can only improve the offense, and he has a track record of doing that. The coaching is light years better than last year, so even with a brutal schedule, the Niners will at least be competitive.

                I worry about the coordinators, but Flaherty and Azzinaro are solid, so they will improve both the offense and defense.

                Despite the FO, the Niners could win. If they do win, I will still deride the FO, but will cheer madly for the players and coaches. Jed actually did something right by hiring Chip and keeping quiet, but he still needs to grow up. It sure is satisfying to see Baalke getting slapped down, and more and more people perceive him as part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.

                So, now that Kaep is still on the team, I think the Niners will win more games than last year. If Kaep plays, they might even have a winning season.

                GO NINERS!!!!!!

            1. Hiring Tonsils was a mistake, and Jed faced the music and admitted it. I’m not saying Jed or Baalke’s have been perfect. What I am saying is that, unless you have an elite QB in this league your likely not going to avoid having lean years. The 49ers had a nice run with Harbaugh, unfortunately Harbaugh failed to win a Super Bowl despite having the league’s most talented roster for at least 2 years. And Harbaugh wore his veteran players to the bone. Off the record the veterans were not happy with the way Harbaugh refused to give the younger players any type of significant roles, in order to keep the veterans from having to play nealy every snap throughout the season. Subsequently, Harbaugh style was not only unsustainable, it left the younger players underdeveloped after the veterans bodies gave up on them.

              We don’t know how much talent is on this team because of the combination of massive veteran retirements and underdeveloped players behind them, thanks to Harbaugh, and then following that up with Tomsula’s staff, which was not NFL quality, and not up to the task of coaching and developing the young players.

              We’ll know more about the talent this team truly has by midseason. I suspect this defense is going to surprise a lot of people. The OL has vastly improved and McDonald has developed into a heck of a talent at TE. Hyde is a stud if he can stay healthy.

              That leaves a big hole at WR. No question Baalke’s has failed in that one area. But if this team can get competent play from the QB position, they have plenty of money and talent to concentrate on fixing the WR this coming off season, leaving this team in good shape going into 2017.

              And real fans need to have some patience and shouldn’t expect to be a contender every year, unless they have an elite QB.

              I could go down the list and show 49ers fans that every team in the NFL without an elite QB, goes through down seasons. And even some teams with very good QB’s like the Saints, Cowboys, Falcons, Chargers, etc, etc, (I could go on and on) still have to go through stints of rebuilding. It’s the nature of the NFL.

              But the constant whining from some 49ers fan s gets old. And I suspect those of you who constantly bitch and complain aren’t real fans and/or don’t understand the NFL. And by the way nobody likes a crybaby! If you hate the 49ers organization so much, go find another team. Just don”t be surprised if that team doesn’t have some of the same struggles.

          3. 49reasons,

            If you are going to be condescending at least be on the right side of the argument. The best teams are competitive and playoff contenders for a long period of time. They don’t go through a 9 year stretch of under 500 play and then fire the HC that finally made them a winner.

            The Ravens are in a cyclical downswing even worse then SF

            And this is where an apologist/excuse maker like yourself shows off his lack of knowledge of other teams around the league. The Ravens have had two losing seasons in the past ten years. They’ve made the playoffs in 7 of those 10 years. Last season they suffered a ridiculous amount of injuries including their best WR and their QB. That is going to ruin the season of most teams in this league. The Saints have had 4 losing seasons in 10 seasons making the playoffs 5 times.

            The truth which you don’t seem to be able to handle, is that the Niners are a lot more like those bottom feeding teams you listed than the teams that are contenders year in and year out. Most of that can be traced to the ownership and mismanagement of the team as BigP has pointed out.

            The only one living in dreamland is you and a few others who share your unrealistic outlook. You may be content with losing and pretending everything is great, but I’m not. There is a core fundamental problem with this organization and until that is resolved we will see more of what we saw last year and figure to see this year.

            1. Rocket, you are right. It all starts at the top. Jed must grow up and become a leader, or this team will stagnate in the cellar.

              Its funny, both TrollD and I intensely dislike the FO. However, I want Jed to become better, he wants him gone. It is really hard for the owner to fire himself, so the improvement angle will have a more realistic chance to succeed.

              I have seen the team in the 70’s when they went 2-14 twice. I reveled when we had the Glory Years. Then came more futility. JH made them relevant again, and now this season is a big question mark.

              Throughout, I have been an ardent fan, through thick and thin. I am hoping for the best and kinda expecting the worst. It does no good to rip the team before they have played a down of football, so I will remain a loyal fan and root them on. If they fail, I still will try to glean a couple positives, but to be unrelentingly negative, just creates a defeatist attitude.

              I may not be delusional and trumpet a 19-0 season, but I sure the heck will not predict 0-55 blowouts and 2-14 seasons.

              1. Jesus, Seb, I agree with both you and TomD, I want Jed to get better, or gone, either one. I feel sad, now.

        3. I’m with you Prime, a lot of sniveling crybabies on this blog.

          What a sad sort of existence to spend the day whining and complaining! And it certainly isn’t productive. It’s simply annoying, bordering on shameful!

      3. Rocket,
        I’ll always support the players and the uniform but I have absolutely no love for the leadership of this team and the destruction they have caused to this franchise. It’s inexcusable and the mistakes just continue to be magnified and compounded. Jed, Trent and Paraag combine to make the most convoluted and dysfunctional power structure in the NFL.

        1. Every organization goes through these hard times. Even the Patriots. Theyve just been lucky to have a hall of fame QB all these years.
          Even the 49ers during their glory years had dysfunction. It was just masked by winning and no salary cap.
          Now with success so heavily based on the draft and as we know there is no sure thing in the draft, its pretty darn difficult to stay on top. The Niners had their run, just like the Jets so many years. Now its rebuilding.
          Why more do you want?

          1. And fans of every team think their front office is the most disfunctional in the league when their losing.

            It’s all about winning and losing. When your winning you’ve got a great organization top to bottom, when you’re going through a rebuild the front office sucks.

            The team has been in the postseason 3 of the last 5 seasons, 2 NFC Championships and a Super bowl, but they were stuck having to rebuild after a nice run and suddenly their disfunctional top to bottom.

            Talk about a whiney, spoiled fan base!

            1. You lose maybe the best 2 pass rushers in Cowboy and Aldon. Then injury to Bow and retirement of maybe the best ILB of he kept playin in Willis. They then completely had to revamp their secondary. Let Iupati walk, AD retire, Kilgore hurt, some bad drafting and somehow this team was suppose to instantly recover? Get outta here!
              Throw in the fact you traded a decent QB and kept a has been. Yes, management gets the blame. Some deserved, most of it out of their control!

              1. “Some deserved, most of it out of their control!”

                Nobody around the league agrees with that statement. Nobody. People blame Jed for the Harbaugh situation and the Tomsula hire. People blame Baalke for the depleted roster, lack of talent and the All-ACL Team. People blamed Paraag for the media leaks and for being an obnoxious, invasive personality within the football operation.

                Paraag was demoted, Baalke is a dead man walking and Jed is safe only because of his last name. All facts.

              2. Depleted roster? How do you instantly replace key vets like Justin Smith, Ray Macdonald, Donte Whitner, Goldson, Gore, Crabtree, P Willy, Carlos Rodgers?
                You think a couple drafts will bring you leadership and experience? Holy cow! Bitter or ignorant? It’s called a rebuild, you think losing all that talent is so easy to rebuild?

              3. >>if you are betting the mortgage payment on the Niners to win or lose, how many games would you actually bet them to win.

                rocket, let me go back to that 2011 team again. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, that led me to believe that team was 13-3 bound and a muffed punt away from the SB. Previous year coaching staff – arguably the worst in team history. New HC in his NFL rookie season, installing a new system in a lockout shortened pre-season. A winner? Yeah, in college (just like our current HC). An Incumbent QB that was, up that point in his career, the dictionary entry for “mediocre”, fans calling out his replacement straight out of the practice squad. Entire roster that had played uninspired losing ball for the decade prior. If you had bet 13 wins, you probably would have been the only one and paid off your mortgage in one fell swoop.

                So this year’s team has question marks? Just as that one did. Unlike other experts here who have pronounced them dead on arrival before the first snap, I’m going to wait a few games in before passing judgement of what they might or might not accomplish in 2016.

            2. They have missed the playoffs for two consecutive years and have arguably the worst roster in football. They will miss the playoffs for a third consecutive year this year. What are you going to say then? “This team has made the playoffs 3 out of the last 6 seasons.” The year after that? “This team has made the playoffs 3 out of the last 7 seasons, which is almost 50%!” Lmao. SMH.

              1. Big P how many teams in the NFL had to endure all the injuries, retirements and coaching changes than the 49ers?
                You don’t just draft to replace that over a 2 year period.
                And I don’t want to hear about the Harbaugh situation. He was a guy everyone hated in the building, including the players. He is exactly like Ditka, Parcells. Coaches that have a 3-5 year shelf life because they are impossible to play for and work with over an extended period of time!

              2. Baalke after firing Harbaugh:

                As for the 49ers’ future coach, Baalke said the team expects to return to its winning ways immediately.

                “This isn’t a rebuild situation. This is a reload situation,” he said.
                The GM said the team will take the next seven to 10 days interviewing coaching candidates. Baalke added the team will take its time to select the right candidate.
                York pointed to legendary coach Bill Walsh when describing what type of coach he’d like to bring in.
                “I think we have an idea of somebody who fits that quality of a teacher. … We need to find the right person,” he said.

                Baalke a year later:

                “I think, first of all, what’s the answer, I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball as to be able to look in and see what was different, why there was a setback. And I wouldn’t look at just one position. I would look at us as a whole. We finished almost dead last on offense, and that isn’t one person’s fault. There’s a lot of things that go into play when you struggle the way we did. So to pin that on one person would be more than unfair. Certainly looking forward to, like I said, getting all these guys back out there, and seeing what we can do. We’ve got some young pieces that we gotta put in place. We’re positioned well for free agency. We’ve got 12 picks in this upcoming draft, and we’re picking high, in the top third in each round. So you got a great opportunity, we do, to rebuild this football team.”

                Jed York after firing Harbaugh:

                York said the Niners’ focus is on winning Super Bowls, adding everyone should be held accountable when they fall short, beginning with himself.

                “It’s up to us to make sure we compete for and win Super Bowls,” York said “That’s our only goal. We don’t raise division championship banners; we don’t raise NFC championship banners; we raise Super Bowl banners.
                “And whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you (fans) will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it, and we look forward to getting this thing back on track and getting you guys exactly what you deserve.”

                Jed York a year later:

                “I’m not a football expert.”

              3. Yes wonderful quotes. It’s called tell the people what they want to hear.
                I just want you to anknowledge this is a rebuild? Some of it unplanned, planned and with a lot of bad luck along the way?
                You remember the Jets a few years ago? Going to all those playoff games? They now have finally completed their rebuild. It didn’t have the drama the Niners did but look at how long it took. Another example the AZ Cards. After this year what’s next if they don’t win it all? Or how about Seatttle? The point is you have a window, build up your roster and hope you win. When you don’t, you break it all down and start over. It’s the NFL way!

              4. So BigP and rocket have handed down the preseason death sentence. Why even comment any more as the season plays out?

              5. Ribico,
                I’ll comment anytime I feel like it about anything I feel like commenting about. I deal with facts, not fantasy. Everything I said was absolutely correct. If you would rather put your head in the sand, go ahead. You’re not going to change my stance, which is based on facts and years of front office behavior.

              6. Ribico,

                Just calling it as we see it. What do you disagree with? What is your view of how the team is operating right now? How many wins do you see this year? Don’t just throw shade on the comments. Tell us why we are wrong.

              7. The best part about this week is none of this back and forth really matters. The season is upon us. We’ve made our predictions, now sit back and enjoy the ride.

                Happy Football Season!

              8. Yes I will agree with that. No matter what your outlook is on the 49ers, the season is upon us and it’s time to enjoy some football. Here’s hoping the apologists are right and I have to endure a major dose of humility and crow eating.

              9. Exactly Hammer. We had all offseason to ring Baalke and ownership across the rails. They had a terrible couple years. Now a new staff is in place and we get to see a new direction. Already people have fired Baalke and Kelly and not a game has been played.
                Sure have your opinion but at some point let the players play and the coaches coach and the players develop before saying we are now in the category of bottom feeders. Cheer up girls, its football season!

              10. No question in my mind that BigP, rocket, whine country, and some others on this blog are whiney, sniveling, spoiled little crybabies.

                Why else would get spend so much energy complaining about the team they supposedly root for.

                A little constructive criticism is one thing. But the constant mentality that the glass is half empty let’s old.

                Jim Harbaugh failed to win a Super Bowl despite taking over the league’s most talented roster. He’s part of the reason this team didn’t get the big payoff last time they built up the roster, and he’s part of the reason so any young players were underdeveloped.

                I’m giving Chip support as a true can, and I see some reasons to be excited. And you know what, watching the 49rrs is a lot funner when looking at the team optimistically, with the glass half full mentality.

              11. For the record 49, I consider the company you place me in to be a compliment. Some on this board enjoy having conversations with their buds and I consider you one of them. Your posts sound like you are trolling of Jed so I skip right over them. You see something you don’t like, you should try it. My recommendation to guys like you is to get your bud’s email and pat each other on the back on your own time.

              12. 49reasons,
                Feel free to ignore my posts, they weren’t addressed to you. You suffer from the inability to stay in your lane. I don’t care what you think about me or my comments. You initially struck me as not very bright with your ramblings and you proceeded to validate my initial impression by aligning with Prime. Apparently, every village has two of them. You sound like you’ve got 49 problems and wish a bit#% was one of them. Get a life.

              13. 49 – I dare you to read this:


                Yes – Us Old Timers remember another GM in 49ers history and guess who eerily resembles him. Been there, done that. Talk to us when you have been stretched past the breaking point. Thank God, Eddie D had his father’s business sense and finally pulled that airplane out of a death spiral. You should take advice from Razor who recently said: “The longer I live the smarter I was”. A little humility goes a long way

              14. rocket, i see 16-0 this season. Yeah, I’m a homer, you got a problem with that?

                Realistically? 8-8. Last year was about as bad a situation as any team could imagine. New CS with a HC with no HCing experience. Starting lineup in complete transition. Crazy off-field pre-season nonsense from key players. Now we have a HC who has had success in the league, I think he will be able to coach around the deficiencies with innovative gamecalling, something completely missing last year.

                And honestly, missing in the Harbaugh era as well. Remember the s* given around here for “settling for FGs” game after game after game? Remember what a horrible redzone team this was all through the Harbaugh era? The scintillating passing attack? But now those are the glory days. And they were, even with a team that had as many problems at that one did. BigP whines about our crappy WR core. When exactly have we had one that meets his standards? With Crabtree as the #1? You gotta be kidding me. QBs? We have the same s* ones that got us to the playoffs and beyond (substitute Gabbert for Smith if you will). Talk about a lack of talent – those playoff teams were Frank Gore, Cowboy, PWillis, and Vernon Davis before he went south and not much more.

                So yeah, I think this team, as untalented as this blog would make them out to be, can make some noise and surprise some people. As the 2011 team did. Probably not playoffs, but not worst team in the league either.

                And if not, at least I don’t have to get used to all the bitching and moaning. I’ve heard it all even before the first kickoff.

              15. Ribico,
                Nobody has a problem with your 16-0 thoughts, just like you shouldn’t have a problem with my opinions. I don’t waste my energy trying to change your opinion. Being a homer doesn’t put you on some moral high ground, it just makes you seem out of touch with the current situation.

              16. BigP, ever heard of the story about the boy who cried wolf? You know what? 24/7 100% glass empty, whinging on this or that aspect of the team / owner / FO? Big f-ing deal, easy to do. After a while it becomes just so much noise, no different than the incessant seb/prime/tomd sniping.

                We get it, you are the expert. Just like all the other glass empty experts here. Like you said, keep it up.

              17. Ribico,
                I’m no expert and I’ve never claimed to be. Nobody is crying wolf. I don’t think you know what that means because your analogy doesn’t make any sense. Ignore my posts if you don’t like them. I don’t care either way. You didn’t add anything to the conversation. You’re butt hurt because I don’t act like some corporate shill for the 49ers. You’re butt hurt because the last time you ran your mouth to me I systematically destroyed your pathetic argument with facts. Excercise some self control and ignore me if you don’t like my posts. Stop crying wolf because I’ve stopped listening to you.

              18. rib,

                Realistically? 8-8. Last year was about as bad a situation as any team could imagine. New CS with a HC with no HCing experience. Starting lineup in complete transition. Crazy off-field pre-season nonsense from key players. Now we have a HC who has had success in the league, I think he will be able to coach around the deficiencies with innovative gamecalling, something completely missing last year.

                I agree with you that the Coaching is much better this year – at least on the offensive side of the ball – and Kelly should produce an offense that is better than what we saw at any time last season. What we have to keep in mind though is that Kelly’s offense has been around for a few years now, and defenses were having more success against it as time went on. In order for Kelly to produce the results he did in his first year in Philly, he has to evolve in his play calling and schematically. He’s also hindered by the fact the WR position doesn’t have a lot of talent and the QB position is a huge question mark.

                And honestly, missing in the Harbaugh era as well. Remember the s* given around here for “settling for FGs” game after game after game? Remember what a horrible redzone team this was all through the Harbaugh era? The scintillating passing attack? But now those are the glory days. And they were, even with a team that had as many problems at that one did.

                Harbaugh had a formula for winning. It wasn’t always successful and often frustrating, but he won. I don’t care how Kelly does it, as long as he wins.

                BigP whines about our crappy WR core. When exactly have we had one that meets his standards? With Crabtree as the #1? You gotta be kidding me. QBs? We have the same s* ones that got us to the playoffs and beyond (substitute Gabbert for Smith if you will). Talk about a lack of talent – those playoff teams were Frank Gore, Cowboy, PWillis, and Vernon Davis before he went south and not much more.

                I don’t see criticism of obvious problems as whining. A response to the criticism like the one from 49reasons, is whining. Neither BigP or myself spam the board with negative links or comments. It’s usually a response to some over optimistic/unrealistic point of view with the predictable blow back from those who don’t want to hear anything negative. I try not to be a one trick pony with predictions of doom, but there are times when the other side has to be represented or this just becomes a fan club with little substance. I’m glad you brought up the fact that the Harbaugh teams weren’t as talented as many here like to make them out to be. The fact of the matter is Harbaugh and his staff made that team good. Players like Carlos Rogers, Dashon Goldson and Dontae Whitner were average everywhere else. With the Niners they played like probowlers which is a result of great Coaching.

                So yeah, I think this team, as untalented as this blog would make them out to be, can make some noise and surprise some people. As the 2011 team did. Probably not playoffs, but not worst team in the league either.
                And if not, at least I don’t have to get used to all the bitching and moaning. I’ve heard it all even before the first kickoff.

                Anything is possible, and I understand hoping for the best and knowing there is parity in the league, but if you are betting the mortgage payment on the Niners to win or lose, how many games would you actually bet them to win. Currently the Niners are not favored in any game this season. There isn’t a website out there that is predicting anything but last or second last in the division for the Niners. The things we are saying on here aren’t based on wanting to be negative doomsayers. It’s based on the reality that this is an organization that is poorly run and just isn’t a very talented roster. They are in the first year under a new Coaching staff with question marks at the most important positions on the team. I don’t say it because I want to. I say it because that is the way it is.

        2. Yeah I’m right there with you on that. The changes have to start from the top and Jed needs to hire somebody competent to take over his job. He should go hang out with Paraag and ruin a Soccer team instead.

          1. Rocket,
            We were having the same conversations before they lucked into Harbaugh. Some of these people act like their on Jed’s payroll, which is hilarious to me.

            1. No kidding huh? I remember the same comments during the Nolan and Singletary years. It’s a coping mechanism. Reality sucks so create a nice pleasant imaginary place where everything is great and gosh darn it the team is going to the playoffs.

              1. Maybe you guys need to relax, enjoy the games, watch the development of the young guys. If that does not work drink your face off and hold the menstruation till the off season!

              2. BigP,

                That was inspiration for my comment. Well done.


                I do enjoy the games regardless of how well I think the team will do. My opinions don’t change that.

              3. Then maybe hold off the dark cloud till they go on a losing streak. You make it sound like they are 0-16. Remember, that’s why they play the games!

              4. No just opining on the organization and their history. I plan on watching and enjoying football; 49ers and non 49ers. You also need to focus on yourself and this insane battle of never ending nonsense with Seb before you start advising others on what they should be saying around here.

              5. Got a lot of guys living in glass houses these days. Hard to believe that some “grown-ups” still believe that things you think and say can somehow affect you team’s teams performance.

  11. Did anyone else think that Lynch had a pretty lackluster preseason? When I was watching him specifically, I saw little to no effort. It was preseason so probably not a big deal. Also, he looked heavy to me, but that might have been the TV feed.

    1. I don’t think he looked heavier than he looked last season. But yes, he appeared to me to take more plays off in preseason than he normally does. As Rocket pointed out, probably to reduce risk of injuries.

  12. Seb,

    What do you say about Bill Walsh and the great sports writer, Ira Miller disagreeing with your Kap infatuation:

    When things go bad this season — and brother will they — an earthquake is coming.

    Coaches go to extremes to create team unity. Bill Walsh told me he would be happy for the players to dislike him — as long as they disliked him together. That way they would bond as a team

    After Ira Miller sent me his article, we spoke on the phone.

    “Would Bill let this happen?” he asked me. He meant would Bill Walsh allow the whole Kaepernick thing to occur.

    “No,” I said with absolute conviction.

    “Bill never would have let it come to this,” Ira said. “He didn’t let things fester. Chip Kelly said Kaepernick can do whatever he wants. What’s up with that?”

  13. Why do you think the 49ers made this move now? – I heard he had a good training camp and preseason. (on the other hand, so did Glenn Coffee)

    Did Carradine merit the extension? – If the reports of a good TC are true.

    Is this a good move by general manager Trent Baalke? – If the reports of a good TC are true.


    – The 49ers lost an RFA 2017 season when Tank briefly suited up in 2013 before his knee was ready. The extension (seems) to recover that lost season.

    – Pass rushers are inredibly expensive. Look how free agency went. If tank gets a decent number of pressures and sacks, it should be well worth his salary.

    Lets say Tank is mainly a pass down guy the next few years. 40-50% snaps. If he gets 4 or 5 sacks a year and a good number of pressures, would that justify the move on a $ per sack basis?

    – Lots of buzz about Tom Gamble’s role in Baalke’s success evaluating players. Could this be a “Tom Gamble move” or a Gamble-Baalke?

    1. As much as I rail on Baalke, recent moves suggest Chip Kelly is influencing his decisions (keeping 3 QBs on the roster, bringing on the former Oregon DT from the Eagles). Therefore, it would seem plausible that he is listening and placing importance on other’s suggestions/recommendations so Gamble is probably having an influence.

      1. Keeping 3 qb’s means something different to me, especially when considering the 3 he kept.
        To me it indicates that he doesn’t trust either Gab or Kaep because he kept ponder and not the developmental prospect in Driskell.

    2. Pure desperation. Baalke is getting slammed for not trading Miller when he had the chance, and played Redmond too soon. They say Redmond might have set back his rehab schedule by trying to play on it too soon.
      Thomas was a bust, and Smelter was a bust.

      Baalke is so desperate, he gives Tank a measly extension too soon. He should have waited until he actually plays and shows that there is some potential. Right now, Tank is only the second string LB, so this move screams of desperation.

        1. TrollD, I did not lose at all. George, in a magnanimous gesture of good sportsmanship, called it a draw.

          You however, will keep on losing, and will keep on declaring yourself a winner. That is the worst example of good sportsmanship I can think of. You and Prime are losers in life, too.

            1. TrollD, you are doubling down, I see. George has gone from screeds against me, to us having a civil and polite relationship.

              I really like George. He brings a lot to the conversation. He also has more football knowledge in his fingernail clippings than you do in your whole body.

              1. Everyone likes themselves, Seb. Tell me something new under the sun, like when’s the next storm take place! You will go down in infamy for this debacle, and Prime and I will remind you during the season when you start to tout you predictions or that the 49ers actually script your 1st 15 plays you sent them! Ha! An April fooling yourself joke if their ever was one, Seb.

              1. George, I am sorry that you have been maligned by a false assertion. You are much more politer than I am. And you are a good sport. I might have crowed and claimed victory.

              2. Gee whiz, pay no attention to that. You’ve been here longer than these gadflies, but one difference; cogent posts.

              3. Thanks, guys. I thought I had to say something, even though I know Tom couldn’t have really meant it.

                Tom, I really hope you put your feelings for Seb aside and act like you want to be here. You make it appear that you do not, which is a shame if the opposite is really true. This is a community of fans. Bad feelings are not welcome.

                Seb, regarding the bet, there wouldn’t have been much to crow about given the other guy clearly wasn’t able to get close to the same amount of reps. I would have said something long before Saturday, but you never know, CK might have won the job in spite of everything.

              4. George, I was holding out hope, but Chip framed it the best way. Gabbert got all the first team reps and Kaep had a lot of catching up to do. Kaep needs to work hard and get back to playing weight, but that may take a few more weeks.

                I am content. Chip himself said that he played more than 1 QB, so Kaep will play.

                I will not be churlish, and wish Gabbert to fail. I hope Gabbert shows that he can lead the team to score TDs, even if that means that Kaep sits, because my first priority is for the Niners to win.

                The Niners will be stronger with 2 competent QBs. Chip will solve the offensive malaise, and if he can get the Niners to play focused disciplined football, they will be competitive. Hope he stresses that he will prepare the team enough to cut down on the unforced errors.

              5. Gabbert is an NFL backup, may have a decent game occassionally. No team has a future with him as the QB. Kelly’s a good coach but his players aren’t good enough. This team could be like the Bengals or Bucs of old – a decade of hopeless losing.

              6. Kezar, if Chip can make Sanchez play decently, rehabilitating Kaep will be easy.

                Kaep is just dripping with talent. Now he has a coach who will not force him to be only a pocket passer.

      1. No, not particularly. And pass rushers can’t show much during practice w/o full-speed collisions. The Niners are taking a leap of faith.

  14. Tank improving or cynical PR move?

    Its pretty straightforward. If Tank’s showing improvement in practices, its a good move. If he isn’t it could be a PR move.

  15. Baalke’s ACL Losers:

    Redmond, Lattimore, Brandon Thomas, DeAndre Smelter….Etc, Etc.

    Bad Picks: LaMichael James, 2nd Round, Aj Jenkins 1st Rd–both in same draft.
    Joe Looney, Lemonier both 4th Rd, Marcus Martin, 3rd, etc., etc.

    However, No one oversees this damage because there was no one in the presidents seat to prevent this—just Jed, and that’s his downfall—his structure.

  16. The answer to the first question is that it is a bad move. The next answer is a resounding no. The last question must also be answered with a no along with that Baalke appears to have jumped the gun again on a player.

  17. Baalke has drafted seven players who were coming off ACL injuries. The others: linebacker Tank Carradine (second round) and running back Marcus Lattimore (fourth round) in 2013; offensive lineman Brandon Thomas (third round), cornerback Keith Reaser (fourth round) and fullback Trey Millard (seventh round) in 2014; and wide receiver DeAndre Smelter (fourth round) in 2015.

    Only Carradine and Reaser will be on the 53-man roster when the 49ers open the season Sept. 12 against the Los Angeles Rams.

    1. Does anyone believe after Detroit took seconds to cut Brandon Thomas and the Seahawks nullified the McCray trade (because baalke tried to deal in bad goods and lost face now, around the NFL) that Carradine will be a success?

      I’m now scrolling down the 49ers entire roster questioning every Baalke pick!

      Can anyone have any faith in Carradine other than he’s a Baalke bad player stash, just as he did with Thomas for years before Detroit exposed him for bad player stashing to save his job from scrutiny for the few years the stashing took effect…..no one watches after a few years right?

  18. These are the areas of concern that I see going into this season:

    1. Quarterback
    2. Outside Linebacker/Pass Rusher
    3. Wide Receiver
    4. Inside Linebacker
    5. Tight End
    6. Running Back.

    These concerns are based on the production and/or health of each position.

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes, but it could turn out to be OK, or better
      3. Absolutely, positively, yes
      4. Depends on what your standard is, but, not really
      5. See “4”, above
      6. See “4”, above

      1. Inside linebacker is a concern because the position next to Bowman is not set. Tight end is also a concern because McDonald is still a question mark. Finally, the RB position is a concern because Hyde has yet to play a full season.

        1. Fair enough.

          I guess my approach to the TE’s for instance, is that Celek has already proved he’s a solid player and McDonald has shown he’s an superior blocker, can get open, but hasn’t shown the ability to catch the ball consistently over an entire season, even though he did well last year, once BG took over. Additionally, Bell has looked to have improved.

          So, while it’s far from a sure thing, it looks like the 49ers are in an OK place at TE. Now, I realize there is a chance that McDonald’s improvement as playmaker is a mirage and the others are JAG, soI can see where you would choose to call that a concern, but I prefer to look at the positive side, while realizing there is a downside.

          Probably more a difference of style, than anything else.

    1. The problem is, Baalke is no Bill Walsh. Not even close. Not even on the same continent. Not even in the same hemisphere. Not even on the same planet. Not even in the same galaxy.

      Walsh would not dream of leaking smears. He had too much class.

      Baalke, with his ‘Good’ conversation, probably told Kaep to stick to football. That went over like a lead balloon. Kaep probably told him to stick it, and the resulting actions were very apparent that Kaep did not appreciate being lectured to by Baalke.

      1. Baalke: “Well, were in the same ball park…”

        Seb (channeling his inner Samuel L. Jackson): “Ain’t no fu#%€£¥ ball park neither! You ain’t in the same league! You ain’t even playing the same fu#%€£¥ sport!”

  19. Barrows chat – Lots of speculation Tank’s extension was a PR move. I’m thinking Tank has shown good things this offseason. How has Tank looked in practices?

    Barrows – It’s not a PR move as it was in the works for a while. Tank has looked good — better than he looked 2013-15 — no two ways about it. He’s a pass rusher. The 49ers miscast him as a Justin Smith-like DE in their 3-4.

    1. Does it make any sense to take a guy who’s coming off an ACL injury and pack 30 pounds on him? Of course Tank looks better. But I wonder if he’ll ever look like Barrows’ draft crush again.

      1. I’m not philosophically against drafting NFI players or injured players if…

        1) The team had a packed roster + multiple late round comp picks that will likely get released after camp anyway

        2) The pick’s at least three full rounds more talented than the draft slot.

        3) The player has an excellent body of work to scout

        4) The player is not seen merely as a “bargain”, but is scouted for talent and scheme fit just as thoroughly as any other player.

        5) The medical reports clearly indicate recovery, with player/agent willingness to be re-tested

        6) The player seems extremely motivated

        7) The injury occurred in a situation typical of causing injuries… and NOT while making a routine play.

        1. I was not happy about the Redmond pick this season. For all I know he will turn out great, but there was lost of ready to go defensive talent in this draft, and some good running backs too.

          But like Tank, Redmond is a 49er now. He’s talented too. Hope he has a great career.

          1. 201 does not look like a bad year for RBs Brodie, and the defensive talent is shaping up to be pretty good as well.

      2. I see Tank’s development as a series of mistakes, possibly complicated by big egos involved in his acquisition and development.

        – He was taken too high at pick 40. Round 2 that year was packed with ready to go defensive talent. I usually don’t like to cherry pick “should have taken so-and-so” because of the flawed math, but there was some nice talent to be had.

        – He was rushed into action too soon. I heard (just a rumor?) Harbaugh pushed to have him play sooner.

        – Tomsula draft Crush-itis? Tomsula flew to his pro day to personally film the workout.

        – He was a 4-3 DE in college. (makes me wonder how Bosa will do).

        – Moving him inside was a big risk. Fangio mentioned Tank would play inside when he was drafted, so it was always in the works.

        Too high ACL+ position change + rushed into action = bad.

        But none of this is Tank’s fault. He’s a good guy. The kind you want to root for. I hope he kicks butt this season at his new spot outside as a pass down specialist.

      3. Yep the projection of what position he should play at this level was wrong from the beginning. His best attribute was as a pass rusher, so of course you move him inside and pack on weight to slow him down. I don’t know how good the guy can be, but at least he’s got a fighting chance now.

    2. The length of the extension says everything. They’re not ready to give up on him yet but they still aren’t 100% sure he’ll develop so they only tacked on one extra year.

      The PR move speculation does seem like low hanging fruit but what’s the harm in picking a couple off for fun.

  20. Me – Matt, think the Redmond to IR, Harris to the 53 was planned in advance to keep Redmond’s IR status the non- season ending type?

    Barrows – Yes. That’s right. Redmond had to be on the 53-man squad for a day in order to be eligible to comes back later this season. Will he do so? It will depend on A.) his injury B.) A more important player gets injured and the 49ers want to bring that player back later. They can only choose one player to bring back.

  21. It’s a low cost 1 year extension. It’s basically like getting him as a RFA at the end of the year. He would have been a UFA at the end of the year otherwise. This way they get to see his coversion over a 2 year period before needing to decide on whether he warrants a big contract or not.

    So yeah, its a good move. Anyone saying they should have waited to extend him, seriously, this is a piddly extension to give them more time to decide. Not a long term commitment. If they don’t make the move and he plays ok this year, as a UFA they either lose him or potentially pay him more than he’s worth. If he stinks they can cut him without having spent much.

    It also shows Tank they have liked what they’ve seen, and are willing to show some level of commitment to seeing how the transition goes this year. Happy player, happy days, all at a low cost.

    “Is this a good move by general manager Trent Baalke?” Of course not. We all know if the move works out it was because of Gamble. Only if it doesn’t work out will Baalke be responsible.

    1. Scooter +1 ” It’s basically like getting him as a RFA at the end of the year.”

      Almost like recovering the lost RFA year when Tank briefly suited up in 2013.

      Scooter +2 “We all know if the move works out it was because of Gamble. Only if it doesn’t work out will Baalke be responsible.”

    2. Scooter,

      No, you’ve got it all wrong. Baalke is an idiot for using a tiny fraction of his massive amount of cap space to sign a somewhat promising player, in the process of transitioning to a new position, who may possess the most prized defensive skill, to a reasonable and short contract.

      If TC doesn’t work out at OLB, then Baalke will have wasted a small portion of the 49ers wealth of cap space on an unworthy player. This justifies a fresh round of Baalke is a moron posts.

      On the other hand, and this is the best part, should TC play well, then we can call for Baalke’s head on a stick, saying that he’s incompetent for not locking him up while he had the chance.

      We get to lambaste Baalke either way the TC as OLB experiment works out.

      If you’re a 49er fan, you rip Trent Baalke, it’s what you do.

    3. No No No scooter don’t bring common sense onto this blog. Baalke is obviously trying to hide the Miller fiasco and distract from his baby seal clubbing adventures.

  22. as far as Carrdine being a factor this season, it well be up too the inside rush of Armstead, Dial, and Buckner forcing the QB towards the outside. Even Lynch comes up short if the insidebackers and the defensive backfield dont do there job.

  23. Depth chart is out

    Offensive Starters

    Line – Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Davis, Brown
    WRs – Smith, Patton, Kerley
    RB – Hyde
    TE – McDonald
    QB – Gabbert

    Defensive Starters

    Line – Armstead, Purcell, Dial
    OLB – Brooks, Harold
    ILB – Bowman, Armstrong/Hodges (49ers punctuation)
    CB – Ward, Brock
    SS – Bethea
    FS – Reid

    Notable changes or non-changes…

    Beadles over Garnett
    Davis over Tillor or Garnett
    Brown at RT
    McDonald over Celek
    Kerely at slot
    Purcell at NT (thought Dial might NT)
    Ward outside

    1. I think Kerely is going to catch a lot of passes. He’ll likely have the third or fourth most receptions on the team but still have the most of any wide receiver. :)

    2. Naturally, all qualifiers apply… “Not compiled by coaches”, ” unofficial” and so on. But historically, it kinda-sorta-is about as close as you can get to an official chart.

  24. Nice to see a team sitting their rookie QB rather then rushing him in not ready.

    Good move by Fisher and the Rams. Sticking him as the third string QB also helps prevent any sense of entitlement with the young kid. He’s not just earning the starting job but he’s has to earn the back up job first.

    He could still end up being a bust but at least, so far, they’re handling him right.

        1. And I am also sure if he had shown more in TC the ‘plan’ to let him sit and learn would have been thrown out the door, like the Eagles did with Wentz.

          1. Highly doubt it Scooter.

            Fisher held McNair out until week 15 of his rookie season and Young until week 4.

            Also according to reports out today, Fisher has said that Goff will be the #2 guy for week 2.

            1. If Fisher thought he was ready, he’d start, or at least be the backup from the get go.

              This isn’t meant as an indictment on Goff. As I said in response to CfC further down, it means nothing about his future prospects. Just that his CS doesn’t think he is ready yet.

              1. It’s Fisher’s philosophy to let the QB sit. Goff will get his chance before the end of the season, how early depends on how Keenum is playing and their record.

              2. Fisher is an idiot if he thinks he has more than this year to produce results.

                Check that, Kroenke, Fisher or both are idiots.

            2. I don’t remember Fisher giving up the farm for McNair or Young?

              Sure, letting him develop behind a starter is fine, but not beating Mannion is a big disappointment for Fisher and Snead.

              I don’t remember Aaron Rodgers being third on the depth chart.

      1. The question is whether they are handling him this way out of design, or necessity
        We’ve both expressed our beliefs that most if not all first year QB’s should sit their rookie campaign or at least most of it. With that said you could say there is a necessity for any rookie QB to to be handled in this fashion.

        If it’s being done because he simply isn’t ready then that should be expected because that’s true for the vast majority of rookie QB’s.

        Is Wentz starting because he’s truly ready to be starting or because they’re trying to justify their trade?

        1. Yes, I am a big believer in letting rookie QBs sit and learn. I believe that for any position, unless the player truly shows they are ready to handle more than that.

          But is that why the Rams are sitting Goff? It is obviously part of the reason, but I don’t think its a stretch that part of the reason is also that he simply hasn’t shown enough to put faith in him as a starter right now. As you intimate though, that means very little about his future prospects.

          As for Wentz, if they didn’t think he could handle the pressure of starting right away and be somewhat effective I don’t think they would have traded Bradford away. They had a perfectly capable QB Wentz could sit and learn behind. If the plan all along was for Wentz to start come rain, hail or shine, they probably would have traded Bradford away before they did. But I do think they always wanted Wentz to show them enough to go down this road – i.e., plan A was Wentz to take the starting job, but if he didn’t show enough to give the coaching staff confidence he could handle it, then plan B was to sit and learn behind Bradford. As to whether it is a good plan, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s not the path I’d have taken.

          What you would like for your #1 pick is a guy that has shown enough to warrant suiting up on game day. And I’d be shocked if Goff spends the entire year inactive.

          1. I don’t think they would have traded Bradford away.
            A bad injury forced that trade. Without Teddy going down would Bradford have been traded and if not wouldn’t he likely have been the starter?

            1. Nothing forced the Eagles to make that trade. If Bradford was going to be the starting QB, they wouldn’t have traded him.

              1. Thanks Grimey you said it before I did. The Eagles would have been fools to turn down a first and a fourth for Bradford. They were never going to get that kind of compensation for him again.

                No doubt that they must feel comfortable enough with Wentz to go with him over Daniel but they still have Chase whom they probably feel equally comfortable with. No small point in helping them pull the trigger on that move.

              2. To the point we’ve shared before, because they feel comfortable doing it, that means they’re right?

              3. Of course the Eagles could have refused. And if Bradford was going to be the starter, and they didn’t feel Wentz was ready, refuse is exactly what they would have done.

                Teddy’s injury was what allowed them to get so much for Bradford. Not what forced the Eagles hand.

              4. Again, nothing forced the Eagles to make this trade. But they saw an opportunity to recoup a 1st and a 4th(possibly 2nd), after spending so much on Wentz, and they jumped. And after his hissy fit this offseason, I think the Eagles had no hesitation in letting Bradford go.

              5. Grimey, this isn’t the path I’d have taken with Wentz either. I think they should have let him sit and learn awhile. But yes, the offer from the Vikings was a very tempting one, so I can understand why they took it if they feel Wentz is up to it.

          2. Goff’s first pass was a pick. An inauspicious start.

            They traded 6 picks for him, including 2 firsts and 2 seconds, but he would be best served by getting the Aaron Rodgers treatment rather than the Alex treatment.

            1. I don’t remember Aaron Rodgers being unable to beat out the Packers 3rd string QB.

              Was Rodgers ever 3rd string? It’s an embarrassment for Goff. No 2 ways about it. Sitting behind the starter and suiting up for games is one thing. Not even suiting up is another.

          3. That was the Jaguars plan for Bortles as well, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry. You play the quarterback that gives you the best chance to win, and in the Rams case, it happens to be undrafted Case Keenum. The only reason he’s still in the league is due to his intangibles of heart and resolve….

        2. My take on the Wentz situation is that you have a new HC and a GM trying to show everyone that this is his team and that he never should have been demoted prior last year.

          Everything out of Philly seems to be trying to pin everything on Kelly.

          1. If they wanted nothing to do with Bradford because Kelly brought him in, they would never have signed him to a 2 year contract this offseason.

              1. The decision to start Wentz period has to do with the GM showing he’s the top chicken in the coupe.

              2. Just because he has final say doesn’t mean he overruled the HC. What you are suggesting is the HC wanted to start Bradford and the GM took that option from him by trading him away to force the HCs hand in playing Wentz. That would be a huge slap in the face of the HC if that is indeed what happened.

                My take is Bradford was earmarked to be the starter, but conversations had already been had internally about how Wentz was going and that it was close between he and Bradford. When the Vikings were willing to offer two high picks, the GM made the decision to do it. If the HC hadn’t indicated he thought Wentz was ready, I really doubt Roseman would have agreed to the deal.

              3. On a 49ers topic, do you think the 49ers will make any other roster moves before the Rams game? And if not, what do you make of carrying 8 DL?

              4. I view it simply as the Eagles had invested far too much “capital” on QBs. Trading Bradford was simply a way to bring the “investment” back into a reasonable range.

          2. Jack-I’m seeing that pattern as well. Even look at this Hart guy. Eagles moved him inside and by some accounts he did pretty well, but at 6-6 he has to be careful of pad level. When it came down to a close decision, they cut the Kelly guy. Cut off nose to spite face? Some part of that maybe; not a Howie R fan. I got family roots and family in Philly, so an opinion.

              1. Cubus-
                Well, my brother and his son are actually more Man U fans (sorry DClark!) but were always more mystified by Kelly’s personnel moves than his health system and fast paced offense and exhausted defense. My brother agrees with me that Ownership there deserves major blame for all the confusion around Howie and Chip and Tom.
                Yeah, your question was about Howie…….my family has (exceedingly rare, oh-so-rare!) unanimity about not liking Howie. He’s scorned from Philadelphia & Haverford to Petaluma in my clan.
                (My clan has a few Connecticut and Rhode Island rouges who like the Patriots. I apologize.)

      2. Scooter,

        The question is whether they are handling him this way out of design, or necessity?

        There are a couple of reasons why they are handling this way imo:

        1) Fisher believes they can win now. I disagree with that, but that is how he feels and whether it’s real or just a result of the pressure of expectations after a number of years of losing, he’s not willing to write off a season developing a rookie QB.

        2) They are worried Goff will get hurt. The biggest problem Goff had in preseason was taking some big time hits. I think Fisher was holding his breath every time he played Goff because the kid will stand in there and hold the ball. He was able to get away with that in College, but he will get injured taking those kinds of hits at this level.

        That is why I think the Eagles are crazy to be starting Wentz. He’s played 8 games in the last year and half, and one of them was the first preseason game where he struggled with the speed and coverages and was injured. How they come to the conclusion that a rookie who hasn’t played much in the preseason is ready to start is beyond me. They are paying Chase Daniels 7 mill to sit while he knows the offense completely, has played pretty well in the chances he’s had, and gives you a chance to get the rookie acclimatized to the pro level. Just makes no sense to me.

  25. Grant, since this is a move you dont agree with, its all balkees idea? Well if Tom Gamble has done everything else to deserve credit, aren’t you going to give him the thumbs down for a move you dobt like? Just asking.

  26. Keenum actually did OK for the Rams, so he has command of the playbook. Goff is learning a whole new system, and needs to get up to speed. Keenan’s job will be to hand the ball to Gurley, and not make any mistakes.

    Niners should stack the box to stop Gurley. Force him to pass, but get to him with only 4 rushers.

  27. I know its a little early but does anyone have a prediction for this week? mine is Rams 24 49ers 17 with Gurley running for 190.

    1. Coach, where is the optimism? I hope they hold Gurley under 100. The Rams O line is suspect. Niners 28-23 Rams.

      Hope the Niners get 4 sacks.

      1. Seb,
        Its a rebuilding year. I’m looking for an O line, D line and defensive backfield that are playing very well by the end of the season.

          1. This is coming from the same guy who went on and on for a week about how the Bronocs were going to destroy this team a few weeks ago…..

            1. Well if the Broncos starting D played more then a couple series they would of… Aren’t you the one who predicted a good year from Tomsula last year. I’m pretty sure that was you…

              1. That was me.. Didn’t expect him to miss two crucial weeks in the QB competition either. Might not of won it anyway… You are the guy who said Kaep wouldn’t be on the roster and that Cook would be a first rnd pick and the best QB in this draft class… Ya………

              2. When did I say CK would not be on the roster? All I’ve ever said was he was and is a lousy QB. Forget all the excuses, he still could not beat out Blaine Gabbert. What does that tell you?
                But wait, now he is in a competition to be a the back up with Ponder. You believe that? Ponder is getting consideration to dress on game days! Wow!

                As for Connor Cook. He’s gonna be a stud. If the Raiders do right by him, watch out! He will be a great trade asset for them and a steal for who gets him. He’s just immature. He’s got all the tools.

              3. Prime, you cannot say that Kaep is a lousy QB, then want him on this team. Personally I do not want any lousy QB on this team.

                You hate Kaep with a passion, and Me because I like Kaep. Quit prevaricating. Be a man, and admit the truth. Your hate fills this site, and you are looked upon with pity, because you bluster and bloviate, but I use you like I would a punching bag.

                It is so immature to erupt into a tantrum, and insults and name calling just define you. This site was way better when you fled this site. Please get in a huff and leave us alone.

                You want to recall past comments. If I did that with you I could skewer you with your hate filled screeds ad nauseum. However, you are not worth the time.

                I am glad others have slapped you down, you deserve it. I will continue to needle you, since you bragged that I do not bother you.

                Remember, a storm is coming….

              4. Seb I no longer have time for you. I beat you down to oblivion on the CK debate. You are old news. I’m on to bigger and better. You are a nobody now. You lost! Have a small life!

              5. First of all C Cook does not have all the tools.. His arm strength is suspect as well as his decision making.. He got beat out by an undrafted free agent QB that the raiders want to replace in McGolin. Cook was horrible all off season long and he was bad in pre season. He was very hard to watch in there final pre season game.. They thought about releasing him. Secondly Kelly said that Kaep is on the 46 man roster. Never once has he mentioned Ponder. The only way Ponder becomes the number 2 is if Gabbert plays well the first 4-5 games. Then they would deactivate Kaep cause they don’t want to pay him in 2017 in case of an injury. I prefer Kaep to Gabbert cause I have seen what Kaep is capable of. I’m willing to give Gabbert a shot. I have stated that the last 4 weeks. I have also stated all off season long is that the QB of the future in not on the roster…. I’m not any excuses, I’m stating facts.. Kaep missed 2 weeks in the middle of the QB comp.That went into the decision. Kelly still to this day has only named him the starter for the Rams game not the entire season. That door is still wide open. To be honest I prefer at this stage for Gabbert to play well. That means the Niners have a shot of winning some games… But if he struggles out the gate by losing to the Rams, you can bet your a** Kaep will get a shot sooner rather then latter.

              6. Rebuild you have no clue like that idiot Seb. You CK lovers keep holding out hope. I know that’s all you got.
                Let’s talk about Cook in 2 years once he is traded. Until then, take your CK love and pie hole it. He’s a back up until further notice!

              7. Classy response Prime. I’m just trying to talk football. You want to get offended that’s on you. Have a good night.

              8. Talk football or talk how you are on pins and needles waiting for CK to re-emerge?
                Give me a break, I’ve heard enough excuses from you.

              9. There you go again, declaring victory when in actuality, you lost. Kaep is still a Niner, no matter what you say.

                Kaep made the team, and almost beat out Gabbert who had the GM rooting for him. Kaep was shut down for those 2 games, so Gabbert had an insurmountable lead. Even so, Kaep may have out played Gabbert if he could just had made that last TD.

                Kaep will play this year, so considering that I saw Kaep as long gone, but now find him on the team, I am jumping for joy. Funny, you say I lost when I think the Niners won.

                Sounds like you are conceding defeat. I will still engage you, and look forward to all the times I will whip you into a frenzy. It is so amusing.

                Prime, you once said that Kaep took the league by storm. I bet you are regretting ever uttering those words.

    2. OldCoach, I’m not really going to understand what kind of team we have until around game 4 or 5. The fact that Dorsey isn’t listed as a starter drops my confidence in the run defense a bit.

      On offense it’s simple. Teams will attack the box until the 49ers prove they can have a scary passing game. If we can’t, it’s 2005-2010 all over again. And that’s with Hyde healthy.

      I’m expect to favor the opposition for most games this season.

      1. Niners should expect the opposition to stack the box. They should counter that by going 4 wide. Spread them out. If they stay bunched, have the receivers run 4 verticals. One of the 4 should be open.

    3. In response to your post Coach, I will say 23-20 in favor of the 49ers, but the outcome will depend on the 49ers being able to stop Gurley.

  28. the la rams are who we thought they were a nelow average team with a coach on the choping block.made splash in draft,not even starting.Case keenum. …..d just needs to gel. alot of good to above average peices.49ers 27 Rams 17….no way gurely goes for 190….. 110 tops

  29. Baalke needed a victory of some sort and this small extension for Tank is a win for Baalke and team ACL (even if an extremely minor one). Who knows if Tank will produce as an OLB in this defense but regardless Baalke’s rightfully feeling the heat… This won’t save his job but at least he can feel better about himself for a day.

  30. Looking at this shirtless picture of Kaepernick on CSN, factoring in his tattoos, his patented bicep kisses, the “body issue” pictures, the Miami Dolphins hat, and his shyness in real verbal communication, I think I have a plausible explanation for why he is “protesting.”

    He may have narcissistic personality disorder. He may be waging an internal struggle to feel significant, because in spite of his money and fame, his peers seem to regard him as not particularly impressive, especially as a leader. So he has to make a statement somehow, to show people he’s important. He can’t stand to fit in. He wants to stand out. In part, because he really doesn’t care about people. He’s locked in his own selfishness and suspects others are catching on.

    So what better way than to latch on to what may turn out to be an historically important civil rights movement? Now he can appear empathetic and caring. Now he can make powerful statements without actually being able to speak intelligently about the subject matter! Even better, his “statements” can’t be debated or refuted by more intelligent people, because it’s a silent protest.

    The press should press him a little more. I’m not buying the silent protest as any more significant a statement than any of the thousand little indiscernible tattoos all over his “look at me” body.

  31. Scooter,

    “think the 49ers will make any other roster moves before the Rams game?”

    Considering it is Wednesday probably not this week.

    “And if not, what do you make of carrying 8 DL?”

    They want to have a good rotation going to keep guys fresh.

    How about you?

    1. I agree they probably won’t make any other moves this week.

      The 8 DL suggests to me they think a few of the DL may not be fit enough to suit up this week. Dorsey obviously is one that is not expected to suit up, but will be interesting to see what they do with Dial, Armstead and Buckner.

        1. I imagine they’ll use him as they have been – everywhere. But I think mostly in sub-packages. As to how many snaps he’ll get, will depend on availability of others.

  32. We have a collection of posters who are addicted to squabbling with each other ad infinitum. They dig a credibility hole for themselves; well no, a pit like a strip mine with a vertical shaft burrowing down beneath the center. Eventually they will reach China (those who negotiate the molten nickel core somehow) and emerge to be arrested as Undesirable Aliens Without Redeeming Social Value. They will be deported.
    ICE will confine them to Angel Island (there are some available barracks there) and their paperwork will get lost frequently.
    In the meantime the Niners will have won a couple of Super Bowls (you haven’t met the QB yet) and then slipped back into mediocrity. They will blame it on each other. We’ll agree, since Baalke will be long gone by then, can’t blame it on him.

      1. No, no, he said the Niners will win a couple more rings. That is the right thinking.

        Yes, I have been assailed and maligned ad nauseum, but life goes on. Even after their screeds, it makes no difference whether they feel better or not, those posts will just be archived and forgotten.

        We are poised for another Niner season. Now that Kaep is still a Niner, I will root even harder. The haters and trolls can kiss my arse. I will still post, and if they want to engage me, I will grind them down. I said from the beginning, that they will rue the day that they ever began, so they should just accept defeat, and let me post in peace.

        I am optimistic. The Niners do have talent. The talent levels in the whole NFL are pretty close. The salary cap has evened out the playing field. Niners do not need to rebuild, they just need to reload. If Chip can accentuate their strengths and hide their weaknesses, the Niners can be competitive.

        I hope to keep talking about football in a polite and civil manner. I cannot make the trolls refrain from engaging me, but if this site wants peace, maybe others should slap the haters down, because if I have to do it, I will not suffer fools gladly.

  33. Branch reports Bruce Miller got into a fight a few hours before his arrest. He wandered into Tommy’s Joynt, Sat at the front, and stared at the buffet line for about twenty minutes.

    Then he went up to the buffet line and demanded people give him their sandwiches. Got into a fight trying to take others sandwiches, and got kicked out.

    People said Miller didn’t look intoxicated, but Miller MUST have been on something. Walking into a restaurant and demanding people hand over their food? For Miller’s sake I hope he was on something.

    1. Seriously! That sounds like something I would have been bailing my bruhs’ out for back in the 70s! (Not that I…well,, my boyz nevah did Hasta bail my axe out!)!
      And the “Get out of Jail Free” Card didn’t seem to work in Orange County, Ca.!
      I ain’t lying.

      1. Got off track-
        That ain’t bourbon or tequila or beer, dat dere. Dat dere be a different animal.
        Meth? Berry, berry bad!
        Almost sounds like PCP. Probably worst case scenario.
        Acid or ‘shrooms or peyote? Completely within the realm.

    2. That’s quite the case of the munchies.

      Miller: “Give me your sandwich biot#%!”

      Staff: “Security! We have a drunk ginger trying to hijack hoagies!”

  34. Rebuild or reload? If theywere in a rebuild mode, they would have changed QBs. They have not. They are not rebuilding the RBs. Hyde, Draughn, Davis and Harris were on the Niners last year. The O line has been rebuilt, but many players were on the squad last year, too. They have added a couple pass rushers, but the defense on a whole, is pretty intact.

    The Niners have reloaded, and with competent coaching, will win more games than last year.

      1. And that’s what the rebuild will be in year 2. This year was all about rebuilding the trenches.
        Next year will be the skilled positions. WR, QB,TE and maybe corner!

  35. Miller is a jackass that beat his old girl and the league & Niners covered it up because there was no Ray Rice type of vid. Where is the protest when these Fu**s abuse women and bully people.

  36. This one is simple.
    It’s a smart move on the 49es part because they need to see what they have. This allows them to do so. Previously he was coming off an injury and asked to play out of position but he has shown some pass rushing chops as an olb… this allows them to evaluate him on the cheap.
    As others have stated, if he gets 6 sacks even as a situational pass rusher his value sky rockets (see Bruce Irvin) and the niners wouldn’t have much control over him. With the amount of cap space available this is a sound investment and could keep costs down in the long run.

    1. Congratulations! I hadn’t heard about your coronation, perhaps because I was sleeping at 2:24am.
      So, what is your expertise again?

  37. Thought on Baalke. An NFL GM who can’t draft wide receivers should be as unheard of as a sportswriter who can’t pick verbs.

  38. Seb says that Prime uttered the words: “Kap took the league by storm,” once again holding onto the Kap is not gone dream.

    Yeah, Seb, but Gabbert beat him out twice now, so where in the NFL pantheon of great QB’s has a starter been beaten out by a mediocre QB and then take the league by storm.

    HOW ABOUT NEVER!!!! Seb.

    Why don’t you man up for once in your life and get rid of your Kap blankee covering your bed…That’s the only thing you bring to this website because you are such a loser that you live your life vicariously through Kap….So sad, but it’s your fool on the hill life.

    1. TrollD, You should talk, You only spew drivel, and others avoid you like the plague because you truly are the biggest loser in the world.

      Funny, the only way you can seem to have focus or purpose in your life is to dump on this team.That is truly sad and pathetic.

      I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan who wants his team to become relevant again. I am ecstatic that Kaep is still on the team, but you cling to the hope that he gets the RGIII treatment. However, Chip want to win, so Kaep will play, no matter what you say.

      Glad you haters took it in the teeth when Kaep survived the cuts. Now you will still declare victory, but I and so many others on this site know that all of your screeds wasting your time are not even worth the time to read.Talk about being a fool on a hill, you epitomize it.

      My life is just fine. I have a wonderful wife and children who love me. I have my own job so I can set my own hours and work when I want to. I create beauty, with functionality, while conserving water. I get to sit on my acreage, and reap the fruits of my bounty. Last weekend, we grilled steaks while sipping a local Pinot noir.

      Please go crawl back under your rock and leave me alone.You cant touch me, and if you think that your life has meaning spewing hate, well that is worse than pathetic.

        1. TrollD, the cut and paste fool on the hill.

          I cant handle the truth? You would not know the truth if it slapped you in your face. You may claim to have played the game, but obviously you are just a legend in your own mind.

  39. Thx, Trent,

    You moved up into the 1st round for Josh Garnett, and used a top 10 pick for Buckner who are listed as backups…..???

    How much more time does this clown have, Jed, have you asked Trent where your lost $50 Million went?

    49ers release first regular season depth chart of 2016

    Listed on the depth chart are three first-team wide receivers. They are Torrey Smith, Quinton Patton, and Jeremy Kerley.

    Arik Armstead, Mike Purcell, and Quinton Dial are listed with the first-team defensive line. Rookie DE DeForest Buckner is listed as a backup.

    The first-team offensive line has the following from left to right: Joe Staley, Zane Beadles, Daniel Kilgore, Anthony Davis, and Trent Brown. Rookie OG Joshua Garnett is listed as a backup.

    1. With the Ram’s new cover corners slotman, Kerley (who doesn’t even know the plays)and ProBowl, DL, this should be a fun game.

  40. Report: Bucs work out recently cut 49ers wide receiver

    September 6, 2016, 1:00 pm

    On Saturday, the 49ers released DeAndrew White.

    On Tuesday, the wide receiver worked out for the Buccaneers, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

  41. Seb,

    I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly phathom….You weep for Jed/Trent’s roster, and you curse militants like me while hoping their roster draftees make it to justify your presence on this blog, but inside , and around your Pinot Noir wine sipping parties you know I’m the won waging battle, protecting 49er Nation from enemies within or abroad.

    U have the luxury of not knowing what I know, but when Jed/Trents organizational blunders are made public by me, while tragic to you, are appreciated by real 49er supporters, and probably save Wins.

    And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves the organization from futility.

    You don’t want the truth, because in place deep down inside you don’t talk about at parties you want me as 49er protector , U need me there.

    In my circle, we use phrases like honor, code, loyalty. To you, they’re the butt end of your dinner jokes.

    We use these words as a backbone of a life spent defending something—U use them as a punchline.
    I have neither the time, nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the very blanket of fiasco security I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it!

    I would rather U just said thank U and went on your way, otherwise, I suggest U pick up the protest and stand opposed, and I don’t give a damn what you think or feel entitled to while other stand up to the 49er Front Office.

  42. In Sun Tzu’s view, ‘the army (team) was the instrument which delivered the coup de grace to an enemy made vulnerable. Prior to hostilities, secret agents separated the enemy’s allies from him and conducted a variety of clandestine subversive activities. Among their missions were to spread false rumors and misleading information, to corrupt and subvert officials, to create and exacerbate internal discord, and to nurture fifth columns. Meanwhile, spies, active at all levels,ascertained the enemy situation. On their reports, ‘victorious’ plans were based.’

    To paraphrase Sun Tzu- ‘the victorious army attacks a demoralized and defeated enemy.’

    TrollD epitomizes the subversive agent. Do not listen to him, and do not engage him, because he wants to tear this team apart. Wasting time engaging him will just encourage a flood of posts. If he is ignored enough, maybe he will find that he is wasting just his time, and may leave this site.

    1. 49ers’ QB Joe Montana Had This To Say About Blaine Gabbert

      If Gabbert can be developed by Kelly there’s a chance for a 500 season.

      Sakamoto: What Should 49ers Fans Expect From QB Blaine Gabbert vs Los Angeles Rams?

      Poised. Decisive. Leader. Those are three words on how I would describe San Francisco 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert

      Will he be the next coming of QB Joe Montana or QB Steve Young? No. But the next QB Alex Smith? Absolutely.

      Let’s put it this way. Gabbert will never be a quarterback who will beat you with his arm. Instead, he will use his smarts and football savvy to stick it to other NFL teams. He’s very intelligent, makes sound decisions, and seldom makes mental errors. Simply put, he’s a game-manager.
      Sakamoto: What Should 49ers Fans Expect From QB Blaine Gabbert vs Los Angeles Rams?

      1. If Gabbert is such a hotshot then:

        Why did Gabbert stink it up in Jacksonville?

        Why did a Gabbert led team lay down like dogs to a Browns team led by Johnny Manziel?

        Why was Gabbert not able to receive more than a lukewarm endorsement from Chip Kelly (Gabbert is the starter for now!) despite the advantage of getting almost all first team reps throughout the off season and training camp while Kaepernick was recovering from his off season surgeries.

        I don’t care what Sakamoto says. Gabbert is a monumental bust (right up there in the Cryin Leaf class) and will be nothing more than a backup in this league. Kelly wants to give Kaepernick two or three more weeks to get back to his playing weight and get enough reps to be comfortable in the new system.

        Look for Kaepernick to be back as the starter in game 4 vs the Cowboys. I know we will beat the Rams and I hope we can upset either the Panthers or the Seahawks to have a 2-1 record going into the Dallas game. If Kap is fully healthy, I like our chances against a cowboy team led by a rookie quarterback.

        1. Rick,

          Stats wise your correct–He’s one of the worst 1st Rd QB’s in football hist.

          Just looking for something 49er fans can find a positive in…..Kelly+Gabby=Hope?

            1. Have I ever stated I don’t like Kap…..He’s now been beaten out twice by a so called mediocre Gabbert.

              But you Kap fans put words in other peoples mouths needing to lash out at something when someone other than ourselves (Coach Chip Kelly) tells you the truth about your man….Actions speak louder than words, and Kap’s benching by coach Kelly spoke volumes to the United States Football Fans.
              Only you, Seb and your fans still carry the Kap torch.

              Meanwhile, the rest of us astute 49er fans are moving ahead to Deshaun Watson, Kelly’s dream QB!

              1. I would not mind Watson. But…

                In order to get him you first need to go 2-14 this year. Then we will need to have Watson sit on the bench for at least 2 years before he is ready to play at the NFL level. At least three more years of losing…

                Would it not be better if Kelly can bring Kaepernick back to his 2013, 2014 form. I know he has a lot of flaws but he has shown that given a stout defense and a solid O line and a good running back he can take a team deep into the playoffs. That is all I am saying.

  43. The San Francisco 49ers slot in at No. 32, just behind the Cleveland Browns. Here’s what Tuley had to say about the 49ers:

    Chip Kelly inherited a mess and it doesn’t look like thing will improve anytime soon for the 49ers (plus they play in the division with our No. 1 and No. 2 teams). Blaine Gabbert beating out Colin Kaepernick,

    Professional gamblers and the public are down on the 49ers in a big way. When the Los Angeles Rams are giving 2.5 points on the road against the 49ers, that’s telling you something.

      1. Prime,

        Lived across the street from Kezar and used to peel off Rams sports pages from my dads truck they stuck on after wins.

        I’m a die hard 49er fan!

      2. Prime, very good question. I suspect that Tom is a fan but that the Niners (management) screwed him or a friend/relative in some way. Maybe Jed “took him to lunch” at The French Laundry? Why else would he unendingly pound the negativity into the ground?

        Tom, would you care to comment? If the Niners screwed you, I would like to know and how they did it, if you’d care to divulge. I wouldn’t put it past The Yorks. They are a rotten bunch.

        1. George there seems to be a lot of that going around here lately. Some people have such disdain for management, some only have player favorites and others think the 49ers are doomed forever.
          In a salary cap world and having to rely so greatly on the draft, a rebuild is not as quick as it once was.
          This is a very trying time for this organization but I don’t think its that bad. Chip and staff will be fine.

          1. Prime, I agree with you that it’s not that bad. Here are my reasons. You probably have the same ones and maybe better ones.

            1. This year’s roster is better than last year’s, especially the oline, which is so critical.
            2. The offensive coordinator will be better. That’s not much to say when you are comparing against Chryst, but Chip is probably better compared to most.
            3. There is reason to believe both our pass rush and secondary coverage will be better, although that is yet to be tested in a real game.

            Will our record be better this year? I won’t stick my neck out. On paper our schedule is harder and there might be injuries. Also, we’re a young team that needs to jell. Over the next two to three years, though, I do think TB and Chip are good enough to pull us out of the bottom and get people to stop laughing at us.

            Will we ever be elite? All the elite teams seem to have ownership that is passionate about winning. That’s not us unfortunately.

            1. George I agree with everything especially the oline. They gave up zero sacks in preseason? Is that right?
              That’s where it all starts and I think Baalke finally got it right with the picks and the hires of Pat F and Jerry A.

        2. George,

          I was a season ticket holder thru the Montana/Clark/Tyler/Craig and Rice years.
          Yet, I, like Seb, bled 49er Red and Gold and dropped hard earned cash on Levi Stadium PSL’s, only to sell them at 1/3 their value trying to get out before losing was so bad I might have received no value.

          I thought the York’s would carry the same passion as Eddy only to find that analytics is their god.

          1. Tom, I was never a season ticket holder, but I grieve with you. You know, you and Seb are both great Niner fans. You’re not that different. Yours is the kind of “dispute” that is often washed away over drinks at a bar. Please consider lightening up when it comes to him. I think you’ll like it here better. Life’s too short.

  44. Additionally, Gregg Rosenthal of Around the NFL ranked the Rams’ stated:

    , “Last year, Aaron Donald had the best season for a defensive tackle since Warren Sapp.”

    1. In 2016, the Rams defensive line will have even more talent with the addition of Dominique Easley and Quinton Coples, making five former first round picks on the line.

      1. Since Grant hasn’t (yet) given us an “Edit”
        button .. (despite the numerous pleas) ,, I
        wonder what the chances are … for getting an
        “ignore” button …

        ya kno … to “filter” out all the infantile diatribe
        which permeates these threads, …from those
        who are (obviously) .. u-hhh ..

        “maturely -deficient” …

    1. I liked him before he was drafted 2 years ago. Think he did well in the Senior Bowl. I liked his accuracy, so Chip may like him, too.

      1. Has Baalke actually drafted enough QB’s to have a record?

        I was surprised to see his release, he played well these past 3 pre season games. If he isn’t claimed to their practice squad I’ll be shocked.

        Mr Hammer,help me remember which prediction you’re on this season? Gabbert going all the way or will Kaepernick come in halfway through the season to take us to glory? I can pretty much assume you’re picking us to only lose 4 games but it’s just a matter of which QB you’re pegging to take us there.

  45. I would love to be able to ignore posters because they make a sport of attacking me.

    I just want to be able to calmly and civilly talk about the Niners, a team I love, without all the insults and hate.

    I have invited one and all to ignore my posts, but the attacks continue ad nauseum. I have finally resorted to fighting back, in an effort to counter the hate.

    I am looking forward to this season. The same doom and gloomers who predicted Kaep would be cut, will be sadly disappointed when this team starts playing smart, efficient football. If they can reduce the unforced errors, the team has a decent chance to win.

    1. “….I would love to be able to ignore posters because they make a sport of attacking me….”

      A mature .. wise man once said …

      ” .. it takes .. two
      to tango ..”

      If you refuse to dance .. Seb …

      the other guy just stands there …
      looking foolish

      1. MW, Jack, even you will have to concede that some have made it a point to be a gadfly and a thorn in my side.

        They attack viciously, but when I return the favor, they cry and whine.

        Why do you let them attack me with expletives, then get on my case when I just use the kings English to respond?

        You are right, it is a 2 way street.There is no justice when haters spew venom,then are defended when some one calls them on it. All I ask is for a little fairness. I can defend myself. So much so, you obviously squirm when I do it, so stop the haters, and I will be calm and civil.

        1. “…..MW, Jack, even you will have to concede that some have made it a point to be a gadfly and a thorn in my side…..”

          S-o-o-o .. whatcherpoint ? …

          Any mature person
          with half a brain .. would treat it like
          water off a duck’s rear end ! …

          “….Its like a moth to a flame – Seb has yet to find the retort he wouldn’t fly headlong into…..”

          Scooter ..

          you have a proclivity for hitting the nail ..
          squarely … on the head !

    2. “I have finally resorted to fighting back,”

      You’ve always fought back. That’s part of why some now find you so annoying.

      1. Jack you used to get on my case, but seemed to have stopped. Sounds like you learned your lesson.

        What annoys me is the pettiness and snark. You sure can dish it out, but cannot take it.

        1. Scooter, I just return the favor. I just use their own words against them. My response is measured against their screed.

          Methinks there is a double standard.

          1. Yes. We are well aware you are defending yourself. That is our point. You’ve never learned to let something slide, you are indeed like a moth to a flame, and sadly there are some that get a kick out of getting a reaction. You are a gold mine for them. You think you are beating them, but simply by playing their game you are losing every time.

              1. George, why do you let them do it, but criticize me if I do it? It does take 2 to tango, but it also is a 2 way street.

                Some degree of fairness needs to be applied. If they want to bully some one, why blame the victim?

            1. Scooter, they are the ones claiming victory and saying that I am losing, when in actuality, they are the losers. I am not claiming that I won. I just find it sad.

              If they get a kick out of getting a kick in the teeth, I guess you think they are masochists.

              You must admit, I had been very good for a while, trying to ignore them.

              If you were used as a punching bag, I bet you would not meekly let them do it. You would take some swings, too. Seems like you are allowing the same behavior in them that you decry with me.

              1. “..Scooter, they are the ones claiming victory and saying ……….”

                Seb …

                Who cares ??

                There comes a point … when a man has to
                grab the bull by the horns … and …

                GROW UP !

              2. You’ll never learn. Keep playing the victim if that’s what makes you happy. It sure will make TomD and Prime happy.

              3. MW, maybe you should direct your remarks to TrollD and Prime. They are the ones with the infantile screeds.

                I just want to calmly and civilly discuss the Niners.

              4. Scooter, I am glad you admit that I am the victim. I will try to ignore TrollD, but you yourself can see that he is obsessing about me.

              5. Scooter I’m done with Seb. There is only so much beat down I can give him.
                Its game set and match with Seb. He’s officially DONE!

              6. There he goes again. declaring victory, when he lost. Kaep was not cut like he wanted, and his screeds did not touch me. I will back off from the foul mouthed blatherskite, but still reserve the right to needle him about the storm that is coming.

              7. Seb, if that is what you want to take away from this, so be it. But seriously, if you want to calmly and civilly discuss the 49ers, quit complaining about others making ‘infantile screeds’ only to do the exact same back. Its not rocket science. And in the wise words of Yoda – “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

                Prime, you’ve certainly been beating something pretty hard.

              8. Hahahah! +1 Scooter.
                The next intrigue to me is who the starting 5 will be on the oline.
                As well as the nose tackle. Does anyone know?

              9. Prime,

                According to the depth chart the team gave out the oline will be:

                Staley, Beadles, Kilgore, Davis, Brown and the starting NT will be Purcell.

              10. See I didn’t think Brown was all that good last year and in preseason. He looks slow but maybe he’s learned to use his size.
                Beadles beat out Garnett and Davis? Wow!

              11. Davis is starting at RG. Kinda glad Garnett isn’t starting this week. Would assume they’ll give him some snaps though.

              12. Prime claiming he’s done with Seb is like Tyrone Biggums claiming he’s done with crack.

                *Prime Googles ‘Tyrone Biggums’ immediately. Lmfao.

              13. I think Kilgore is the key to the line. How he and Gabbert work together is paramount. Kilgore is undersized but prior to injury he was a tough SOB!

              14. Seb, I believe you have seen me speak to both TomD and Prime, but to no avail. Sure, when they attack you, it’s definitely THEIR fault, not yours. They both should stop, immediately. THEY ARE ACTING LIKE BABIES. But the only way I see that happening is if you no longer respond to them. I think you hold the key. If that does not work, then I think Grant needs to discipline them. He should be doing that now but he’s not. But if they attack you incessantly when you do not respond, he must act. Grant, I hope you are reading this.

              15. Scooter,

                Great Yoda quote, but in reading it, something occurred to me: that little green bastard had terrible grammar.

              16. George, I guess it is too easy to push the buttons on a passionate Niner fan. I am glad you see the vehemence and vitriole they vent, it is not natural, or civil.

                It really says a lot more about them, than is does about me, but one thing I have learned, is that the internet is a transitory medium. All we write will be archived, and shunted aside, awaiting the newest news. It really does not matter that they write trite insults or my blistering counters. They are gone into the Ethernet, rarely ever being seen again.

                However, something more tangible and of more importance with lasting impact is an idea. A good idea might even be implemented. I present my ideas , not to show smart I am like TrollD, tries but fails to do, but I just want to help the Niners win.

                I said that 2 and a half years ago, the Niners should run the hurry up offense with quick snaps.
                Thankfully that idea will be implemented because I got the idea from Chip himself. It is not my idea, but I presented that as an idea to use. The past Niner coaches were incapable of efficiently running that system. If confronted with a stacked box, the Niners should run the spread offense, and attack the edges. Oregon ran that play like clockwork.

                Now we are faced with a conundrum, will a Chip Kelly offense tire out the defense?

                I suggested to Grant that he ask Chip whether he thought the up tempo offense or throwing short of the sticks will stress the defense. Instead, he got schooled on the Zone read/ Read option definition.

                With Chip, I really have hope that the offense ineptitude will be solved, and the offensive incompetence will be fixed. No matter who the QB is. Kaep can sit, get stronger, and get to his playing weight while Gabbert has to face 3 playoff teams in the first 5 games.

                I hope they have a 3-2 record, but will accept a 2-3 record. A 1-4 record may be more realistic.

              17. The irony Scooter is that you’re fueling him just as much as TomD and the others, You’re no better at ignoring him then they are but yet somehow that’s different.

  46. I saw where Bruce Miller’s agent issued a statement saying there are two sides to every story.
    What? He’s going to blame it on the brown acid? He’s better off leaving folks thinking that Jack Daniels made him do it. Shut up and lawyer up.
    The agent may as well give it a rest; his cut of Miller’s forklift driver wage won’t be much.

      1. MW
        No, I heard it when I had the tv on. Half attention, didn’t look up as I was trying to rewire a lamp at the time. Either NFL network or ESPN.

  47. Scooter_McG

    September 7, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Definitely part of it. Its like a moth to a flame – Seb has yet to find the retort he wouldn’t fly headlong into.

    TomD’s Response to Seb vs. Scooter: Except that moth is not Mothra and the flame, not Godzilla’s.

    It only takes a mere Bic Lighter available at 7/11 to char Seb’s winged or dinged responses.

  48. How dinged are Seb’s retorts:

    He’s still lashing out as us because, not we, but Chip benched Kap in favor of Gabby, who now has beaten out Kap twice in competition.

    And Seb’s dingy enough to bank on a Kap storm in the future in spite of evidence that a QB losing a competition to a mediocre QB twice usually is found unemployed.

    1. TrollD, that is why I say you have no football acumen. Kaep will play, no matter what you say, because Chip wants to win.

      Kaep for Tebow, that just defines you.

  49. “You’ll never learn. Keep playing the victim if that’s what makes you happy”
    “Scooter, I am glad you admit that I am the victim.”

    It almost doesn’t seem possible that a person could miss a point by that much. Staggering.

      1. Scooter ..

        What was that about not being able
        to walk into a WalMart with a fully-loaded
        credit card … and buying
        a clue ..?

    1. I am not the bully, I am the victim of bullying. Are you defending bullying? If I were the instigator, it would be a different story, but I will not take any blame for starting this. I can launch my retorts from the high ground of righteous indignation. I know this may annoy some people, but maybe they need to grow up and move on. Chastise some one who deserves it, not me.

      1. Yep, beggars belief.

        Anywho. FWIW Seb, while none of what you just said is in any way what either Brotha or I were getting at, I will say I completely agree that you are being bullied. And it should stop. And no, I most certainly do not condone the actions of those bullying you.

        But nobody is blaming you for starting it. Just continuing it. No need. Be the bigger person and all that mumbo jumbo. If you want to hurl insults right back you are no better than them, so stop acting like you are, and stop complaining you are a victim.

        As to your earlier comment about how I would do the same. No, I would not. I have been on the end of Prime’s verbal diarrhoea before. It didn’t take me long to realise all he really wanted to do was puff out his chest a bit, and get a reaction from someone. Its petty, its stupid, and its childish. And letting yourself get drawn in by it is doing exactly what he wants, and is even more stupid.

        1. Scooter, since I like you so much, I will take your jibe, smile, and say thank you.

          I have been stupid to engage the trolls, and plan on going back to ignoring them.

          This hullaballoo during the off season is coming to an end, and soon we will have real football to talk about.

          The question is- How to contain Gurley?

        2. Scooter whats your problem man? Why do you keep referencing me as the problem? Why dont you just mind your own business and leave me out of it? Frickin loser!

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