49ers sign QB Seneca Wallace, cut WR Ricardo Lockette

The 49ers just announced they’ve signed 33-year-old quarterback Seneca Wallace, whom the Saints cut on Monday. To make room for Wallace, the 49ers cut Ricardo Lockette.

The 49ers did not include a written statement from general manager Trent Baalke in their press release.

Do you like this signing? Why or why not?

It’s extremely late in the offseason to be signing a quarterback. What does this signing say about how the 49ers feel about their current backup quarterbacks?

And which backup quarterbacks do you think will make the final roster?

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    1. Tolzien probably knows the 49ers’ playbook by heart. It could be risky to cut him now. The Seahawks probably would sign him just for the information grab.

      1. Good point Grant. Tolzien sucks but he would be good intel for Seattle and he went to the same college (Wisconsin) as Russell Wilson. Perhaps this is a move to motivate & push Colt McCoy, similar to the late season move in the postseason when the 49ers signed that kicker to push David Akers when he was tanking last year.

        I hope Colt steps up this week because Seneca Wallace is hot garbage with the lid left off.

      2. Scary point. The one thing ST excelled in was study habits. “By heart” and inside and out. My guess is that he is a walking playbook.

        So are we stuck with him. Or maybe until the final cut where Seattle would be at least forced to sign him to the 53.

      3. This move does not make sense at all. Rather than develop Daniels and trust more inTolzien, they pick up a 5th QB. Daniels is a very old man by football standards, who has not done much of anything in the NFL. Why him? Why spread out all your practice plays to include him? Makes no sense at all.

    2. this makes total sense. Scott T is not going to be effective as the 2nd string QB, he can not run the pistol offense and he has been extremely erratic for the past two years during the off season. there is no excuse for Scott since he already knows the offense! So rather than taking a chance they signed a veteran QB with the ability to run the pistol offense that is also familiar with the west coast offensive system. SW is a good option base on whats out there. Daniel has potential but he still needs to mature so they can put him on the PS or they can cut Colt and Scott and keep Daniel and S. Wallace.

  1. Interesting.

    So logic says Baldwin (without knowledge of the playbook) is better than Lockette right now? And Colt is struggling so let’s have him compete against the guy he beat out for two years in Cleveland. Following through with this logic would suggest Tolzein is in big trouble. And Mangini has clout.

    Let’s hope the OL performs better against the Vikes and lets the best QB win the competition to watch Kap from the sidelines.

      1. I hear you Hova but the NFL is cold, ruthless, and sometimes cruel business. I don’t think “feelings” ever come into an organizations decision making process when it comes to players or personnel.

      2. Primedouche,
        we have no issues on this team considering our QB is number one in the entire NFL in jersey sales and they guy that got booed got shipped off.

        You should go see Dr. Phil to deal with that man crush you still have on number 11. I think the good Dr. could help you with that….

      3. According to that theory lets just make CK the highest paid athlete ever in the history of sports after 10 games. Even more than Tiger Woods and Money Mayweather combined right?

        Bay you are always good for a laugh. I just hope you don’t run your household finances according to these cockamamie theories!

      1. Maybe finally the organization will spend some time evaluating the WR position and draft 2-3 quality guys in the first couple rounds. It might be what holds us back this year and puts additional pressure on Kaepernick and the running game.
        If Im a DC coordinator, double Boldin, spy Kap, and play the run til some unknown guy can beat you.

  2. Did some mention Mangini is a defensive minded coach ?
    If so, .. why would his two favorite quarterbacks
    even matter ?

    u-hhh … I dunno … I’m just …
    baffled …

  3. I think this is an shot across MCcoys bow. He has not played well. When we got him, it was assumed he would be the back-up, since he has a bunch of starts in the league. Daniels has looked good, i just think the idea of him being the back-up is a little terrifying to the FO/CS, since he is a rookie with no NFL experience. I f Wallace has a good 2 weeks of camp, MCcoy is gone ( he’s the highest paid out of this bunch) Wallace could be the #2 with Daniels at #3, but considered the long term #2. I dont know where this leaves Tolzien, but its not good.

  4. As for Lockett…after 2 games the only play i remember him making was a tackle on ST’s. Not one catch. I bet the hope is, no one picks him up and the niners can put him on the PS. After all the injuries we have had at that position over the last 2 years, im fully convinced that it will take 10 wr’s to get us through a 19 game season.

    1. Lockett has worn out his welcome with the Niners. Since he couldn’t make the 53 with Mario and Crabs out, he has no chance next year (when he will be 28 or 29 years old, I’m not exactly sure).

  5. If anyone is gone, it will be McCoy. He isn’t familiar enough with the offense and he hasn’t outplayed Tolzien. While Wallace has NFL experience, they will not hand over the #2 to an undersized QB that doesn’t know the playbook.

    If Wallace sticks, he will be the number 3 eventually passing up Tolzien midway through the season. Daniels seems to be a valuable commodity, he is destined for the practice squad….

    1. I agree! I think McCoy is the one on the bubble right now. Tolzien was a project when he came in. Is main value to the 49ers is his knowledge of our system and NOT letting that get away with that info to anyone else in our division.

      BJ Daniels is another project who in the long run will backup Kaep (because they have similar skill sets). I would assume the idea is to have a backup who can continue playing a similar style of offense so that we don’t have to make major changes in the terrifying situation that Kaep goes down.

      Also, Daniels has more value that Tolzien because he can play special teams. So I would imagine that if Daniels out plays McCoy AND Tolzien in these last two preseason games, both McCoy AND Tolzien could be gone (that’s if Wallace beats out one of those guys).

      The optimism and focus on WINNING the Super Bowl this year must be burning in that locker room and FO. Because they’re not wasting time to make the necessary moves to WIN NOW!

    2. Bad thought. Daniels will never make it to the practice squad. For one, the Chiefs will grab him after he was the most productive QB on the field that night. Niners did that with Tolzien after he had his best NFL game against…… the Niners.
      Erase that thought.

  6. If Colt McCoy becomes dispensable because of Wallace playing better this preseason, McCoy would be great trade bait to teams like the Saints & Packers. Both those teams need a better backup and are fond of Colt McCoy. I would rather keep Colt over Senaca Wallace unless the draft picks were really enticing.

    1. I agree, I think we’d see these guys get traded picks before they get cut. That will keep them out of our division (at least initially) plus we get something for them.

      There are several teams that we could approach: Packers, Saints, NYG, NYJ, or Bucs. We may only get late rounders, but we already know what Baalke can do with those…like get Anquan Boldin.

  7. I’m not sure what to think quite honestly. It’s hard to see Wallace getting a good grasp on the offense in two weeks and he won’t be getting any meaningful snaps once the regular season starts, so maybe this is a message to McCoy and Tolzien? I have a hard time seeing Wallace on the final roster but stranger things have happened. Unless Daniels lights it up in the final two games I think he’s ticketed for the PS, because few teams will claim a 3rd string QB knowing he will have to learn a new system with no practice time during the season, and will be a non factor because of it.

    Lockette is a little surprising only because I saw him as a PS guy, and cutting him this early doesn’t send the message that they are looking at him in that regard. At his age and with how little progress he’s made as a WR, they may have decided to end the process with him and focus on other guys instead.

      1. I get what you’re saying, Grimey, but it’s possible to have a shoulder injury that allows a QB to play, albeit poorly. At the risk of bringing hellfire down upon me, like Alex Smith in his third year.

    1. I suspect you are right about Lockette. If he were on the cusp for the last WR position, they wouldn’t cut him now. Also, releasing him might be a hint about what they think they have in Baldwin. Hope so.

    2. Chuck Jacobs will be the WR they re-sign to the practice squad.

      McCoy will be the back up QB, and it will be between Wallace and Daniels for the 3rd spot. If Wallace can show anything at all over the next 2 weeks he gets the 3rd spot while Daniels goes to the practice squad.

      1. Jack,

        I definitely agree with you on McCoy. They’ve seen him the whole off season, plus his film before the acquired him.

        He’s been their plan for back up QB the whole time. As CB alluded to above, I think whatever happened to his shoulder is lingering and he’s “working through it”.

        At least, I hope that’s what’s happening.

    1. Ditto.
      Only reason I could come up for this was his Seattle knowledge. But even that dosn’t jive since most of that really goes back before Pete Carroll.

  8. Do they feel good about the backups ? The answer is right there Kaepernick has played 2 series total in preseason and is wearing a black no contact jersey in practice.

  9. I don’t think it’s late in the season to start a QB that is probably going to be third string at least until he gets a portion of the offense down.

    Wallace is a very capable 2nd or 3rd QB and the 49ers would not have signed him if they didn’t plan on giving him a roster spot for the upcoming season. It’s too risky to sign him, then cut him where a division rival would be able to sign him and pick his brain if not for that reason only.

    I like it and I guess that means that either Tolzien is gone and Daniels makes the team as a specialist or a more unlikely situation, Tolzien and Daniels are both gone.

  10. Please pull me back from the cliff here! IMO we are morbidly poor at WR-especially someone who can go long and keep the safety’s off the line of scrimmage! This will cause big pressure on CK to make something happen. On the other side of the ball I think our safety’s will be poor in pass-coverage. Visions of 34 to 10 in that second game of the year at Seattle is a current nightmare i have.

  11. McCoy doesn’t know the playbook yet??? WOW! SInce he was signed several months ago, what’s he been doing?? Russell Wallace stepped right in last year for Seattle-was only a rookie and had less time to absorb it. Is McCoy dump or lazy???

  12. Daniels will make the 53 man team. He likely be #3 behind McCoy.

    Wallace is insurance in the event McCoy is injured. Tolzien has PS eligibility, but we have players who warrant an opportunity to be on the PS. Tolzien seemed to regress and that goes against Harbaugh’ “get better each day” philosophy, so he will likely be cut.

    1. What are the odds Harbaugh goes with the rookie B.J. Daniels if he out plays the others? I know the 49ers have more options now but Harbs did backup Alex Smith with a rookie in Kap in 2011.

      1. NinerNation,
        If Harbaugh stays true to his philosophy that the best players will make the team, then Daniels will make the team regardless of his rookie status.

        Daniels has outperformed both McCoy and Tolzien in his limited time at QB. The 49ers have been using BJ in different looks and positions, but I believe that after his last performance, he will see much more time at QB.
        The players I want to see in the next games are as follows:
        1. BJ
        2. Baldwin
        3. Hunter
        4. Patton
        5. Lemonier
        6. Nnamdi
        7. VMac
        8. MarQueis
        9. Moody
        And last but…. ok maybe he’s my longshot;
        10. Jason Schepler

    2. The point made by Grant about Tolzien’s knowledge of the play book would be the big fat fly in the ointment that you prescribe. Might as well just ship a copy to Seattle and save them the trouble.

      1. There is no guarantee Tolzein would make it to Seattle (even if he sucks) if he is cut. Other teams might value a QB that was coached up early in their career by Harbaugh and might snag Tolzein to see what he’s got. We all know this is a QB needy league.

      2. Also keep in mind that to sign Tolzien, Seattle would have to cut somebody else, so if they don’t see Tolzien as anything more than an info grab, they risk losing a player they want to do it.

      3. Seattle’s backup qb’s are Tavaris Jackson and Brady Quinn. They are both decent but they’re cuttable for a juicy Niner playbook.

      4. SF didn’t give Seattle trouble last year. I seriously doubt Seattle is worried enough about SF this year to warrant picking up Tolzien. Tolzien doesn’t fit the system in Seattle. I’d expect NE to pick him up and cut Tebow.
        Hands down this signing sucks. It’s kind of late for a QB to learn the playbook and we’ve already done the Colt McCoy signing to appease Mangini. That didn’t really pan out. Now we’re trying it again.

      5. Seattle’s backup qb’s are Tavaris Jackson and Brady Quinn. They are both decent but they’re cuttable for a juicy Niner playbook.

        True Crab, but what’s to stop the Niners from doing the same to get info on the Hawks?

      6. “SF didn’t give Seattle trouble last year.”

        That is a fairly accurate statement. The 49ers were a bit lucky in the first game at The Stick with all of the drops by Seahawks wide receivers. Plus at that point Wilson was still being held back a little. As the season went on they gave him more and and he really turned it on.

      7. Not every topic has to come back to Smith, Jordan. The Seahawks didn’t drop nearly as many passes in the second game and the 49ers got blown out. I don’t believe Smith started that game either.

      8. Seahawks dropped 2-3 balls in the 1st game. Smith played badly and he threw that awful pick in the red zone.
        You’re smart enough to know why we got blown out in that 2nd Seattle game. Just like I am. We don’t have to go there. Bottom line was that our defense did the job when it counted the 1st game. Everything went tong in the 2nd one.

      9. “Bottom line is that our defense caught some breaks when the Seahawks dropped some key passes and then did the job when it counted the 1st game.”

        Fixed it for you.

  13. I think this move is all about competition and consistency at backup QB to finish off the preseason. We did that at WR for AJ Jenkins look what happened next. It looks like they really want McCoy or Tolzien to step up. My thought is one of those guys (McCoy, Tolzien) are gone by next Wednesday because they want to have their 53-man roster set BEFORE the final preseason game and just focus on setting the depth chart and game planning for the Packers (which I’m sure they’ve already been doing). I think we’ll again trade 1) to find competition at other positions, or 2) for late round draft picks.

  14. Remember the qoute regarding Ricardo Lockette earlier in camp?

    Jim Harbaugh: “There’s something special there. I just feel it.”

    Sure you do Harbs…. sure you do.

      1. Jack, it makes you wonder what the players may be starting to think in the locker-room?

        He’s got my back — until the door hits my backside, maybe?

      2. space,

        That’s life in the NFL; not just in SF. These guys know going in that they have to be better than the other guy or they are gone.

      3. Space,

        Harbaugh rarely says anything even slightly negative about his guys to the media.

        I think the guys inside the building know exactly where he stands with them.

      4. I thought Lockette would make the team – I missed on that one. With Boldin at flanker, we seem to have too many slot guys and not enough split ends. I guess the optimistic take is that the organization believes that Baldwin can be the guy, even this late in camp.

      5. Rocket, sure these guys know football is a business. That’s what they all say when they get cut or traded — usually in the first paragraph of their first interview after it happens. But maybe Harbaugh needs to tone down the praise a bit and speak about players more like Fangio does in interviews. You can still be positive without “gushing” about players.

      6. Jack, do you think Alex Smith knew exactly where he stood last season when he was cleared to play but found himself no longer the starter? He sure didn’t act like it.

      7. Space,

        Of course he knew Space, and of course he wasn’t happy about it. Any professional in any line of work would be unhappy to find out that their employer has decided to go with someone else to do their job.

      8. Space,

        I don’t disagree with you, and I think Harbaugh does go overboard with the praise. However, what Harbaugh says to the media and what he says to the individual player are two different things, and players know this is a results oriented business. No scholarships in the pros.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh gets everybody together at some point near the beginning of the first offseason program workout or after the draft and says something like:

        “I will support you 100% outside of this locker room because we don’t share our business with outsiders, but make no mistake, what I say to them and what I say to you personally may be two very different things if you aren’t pulling your weight.”

    1. Nothing wrong with the coach motivating his players. It is up to the player to develop his game. Harbaugh is doing the right thing: the player has not developed so Harbaugh must cut him to make room for a player that will make the team more competitive.

  15. NFL Insiders (ESPN) just had a segment about how the rest of the league is waiting for the SF & Seattle cuts. We’ll be lucky to get 33% of our hopefuls through to the PS. Our PS may be a bunch of guys who we fans don’t know.

    1. Yes. That would be some good players from the D line, linebacker and Daniels (if we try to get him on the PS). My guess, KC will go after Daniels and WR Jacobs.

    2. Could be, but I honestly don’t see many cuts from either team that will make a big impact on another team right away. I could see a 3-4 team claiming Cam Johnson who is likely to be cut due to so many good players at that spot. Other than that, most of the PS guys the Niners will try to keep will be first year guys like Jacobs, Gray, Daniels etc. who I doubt other teams are going to want to put on their active roster. Always possible but not likely. We always think other teams are going to grab players we like in preseason and it rarely if ever happens.

    3. The rest of the NFL knows how successful the 49ers have been in the past with stashing quality players on the practice squad. See Alex Boone and others…

    4. Most of my attention the next few weeks will be who the 49ers can sneak onto the PS. I’ll be on pins and needles hoping guys like Okoye, Gray, Daniels, Cam Johnson and Hampton clear 24 hr waivers.

      1. Chris Mortensen reported that the Pats are looking at available tight ends, I wonder if they would consider someone like MarQueis Gray. MarQueis is a project but he’s the type of athletic “move” TE that the Pats could use like Hernandez was.

      2. Johnson is the only guy out of that list I could see someone claiming Brodie. The rest are projects or just a guy in the case of Hampton.

        Can you see anybody claiming Okoye and putting him on their active roster when the guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing? He may not even make the Niners PS for that matter.

        Gray is intriguing, but again how many teams can afford to carry a neophyte on their 53 man roster? Gray has improved over the course of camp but the guy never played the position before signing here. You have to remember that every team has their own Grays and Daniels too. That’s what the practice squad is for, and why you rarely see anybody’s young roster cuts claimed.

  16. Here is what I am wondering. Who liked Wallace and who gave up on him in Cleveland? How much Homgren and how much Manginni on first the trade for and then the eventual remove?
    Was Holmgren out of there before or after Wallace was sent to NO? Holmgrin liked him initially in Seattle. Did he give up on him in Cleveland?
    Manginni put him at number 3 QB in Cleveland so it is hard to see this being his recommendation?

  17. I hate this move. Totally pointless. If we need another quarterback THAT bad, there are 20 other free agents the 49ers would be much better off signing. Wallace is an aging, below average, undersized douchebag. Total locker room cancer in Cleveland. At this stage in his career, there is absolutely nothing he would bring to this team.

  18. “Now that the receiver-needy Harbaugh has thrown in the towel on Lockette and A.J. Jenkins, we have our latest reminder that what the coach says in May ultimately is meaningless.”

    - NFL.Com

  19. McCoy is gone, Tolzien stays and Wallace is cut going to 53. As a smart person said above, Tolzien would immediately go to Seattle and that’s not gonna happen. Daniels will either get “injured” or possibly end up on the practice squad. He’s a good QB and proves being tall isn’t the only way to play that position.

    1. So McCoy, Wallace and Daniels are all cut (with Daniels to PS)? That would leave just Kaep and Tolzien on the 53…

    2. Tolzien’s play has to pick up and pick up NOW. The 49ers are not going to put all their eggs in the “Scott Tolzien basket” once the season starts, despite his knowledge of the playbook. A competent immediate backup who can step in with game experience is more important in a Super Bowl or bust year. If Kap goes down for a game or two and Tolzein steps in and stinks up the joint, everybody will lose their minds. That could cost us winning the NFC West division.

  20. Bringing in Wallace now as part of a backup QB competition doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. If they were going to bring him in, I would have thought it would be a straight player-for-player swap on the roster, get rid of one of the QBs. It will be hard to get all five QBs enough snaps.

    Given the move though, I am thinking Daniels’ display against the Chiefs has not been enough to make the 53 – he’ll still be a PS guy. Wallace, McCoy and Tolzien will battle it out for 2 and 3.

    Not sad to see Lockette go though. Yes he was big and fast, but that is all he brought. Very little football IQ. Never understood the infatuation with him.

    1. Scooter,
      I agree with your first. There is not enough practice room and play time for 5 QBs. Maybe Wallace is there to send a (get your but in gear) message to Colt and Scott but then Daniels is already doing that. It’s baffling.

      But why assume Daniels to PS is a given. I suggest just the opposite; it is a given that (if that move is made) he will be snatched up to be some other team’s back up QB, future QB and/or playing other position(s).
      Lets not forget BJD is willing and able to play any foot ball position they ask of him because he simply loves football and because he does not have ego stuff getting in the way. Seneca Wallace, on the other hand, refused to play anything but QB and that is in part what got him on the wrong side of past coaches.

      1. Why would a team bring in a rookie QB who is not going to be able to learn or practice their system this year? Teams have the QB’s they are going to go with now and the only question will be whether they go with 2 or 3. There are similar players to Daniels in camps all around the league right now. He’s a young raw developmental QB who probably needs a year on the PS.

      2. I say that Daniels is likely headed to the PS because there is not enough snaps to go around for 5 QBs, so there is no point having McCoy, Tolzien and Wallace unless those three are the ones fighting it out for #2 and #3. I don’t expect Daniels to see many snaps at QB in the next pre-season game unless they release one of the other QBs before then.

  21. Bad move in signing Wallace but it is a strong indication of how bad the QB situation behind Kaep is and how weak thst area of the free agent market is. Even though he knows the offense better, I suspect this could mean that Tolzien is a goner. This is an offense built for mobile QBs and Tolzien isn’t one.

      1. Right, so why is it a bad move? Who would you rather have had them sign given the things you outlined in that sentence?

    1. whats bad about this move? having a QB with mobility and experience vs. back ups that cant even play against the 2nd and 3rd string defenses?

    2. My apologies guys. A bad day at work and trying to check in on the blog from your mobile while on break do not mix.
      I am not fond of the Wallace signing because he doesn’t seem like someone who could lead this team if Kaep went down. He has already lost to McCoy in a QB battle and I don’t see a year or two making any difference. Add these to the fact that he was out of the league last season and we have the potential for a Randy Moss situation all over again.
      As for who I would rather see them sign Jack, I will have to say Matt Scott after he went undrafted followed by maybe Vince Young.

      1. Matt Scott is currently with Jacksonville and Vince Young is in Green Bay.

        I’m not particulary fond of the signing either MidWest, but it’s about the best they can do right now. The backup QB debacle is further proof that Baalke and Harbaugh make mistakes and should not be treated as deity.

        1. If the 49ers had drafted Doug Martin, they could have drafted Tyler Wilson instead of Marcus Lattimore. Now the 49ers have to draft a QB in the first four or five rounds next year, or hope Daniels develops.

      2. I know Jack. I was referring to before they were signed by those two teams.

        Drafting Martin would have made zero sense since they only needed some depth at the RB position Grant. CB Janoris Jenkins would have made more sense if CB had been the primary need in that draft.

      3. Martin is a starting RB which the Niners didn’t need because they had Gore. They needed depth which is why they drafted James.

      4. So because Martin became a starting RB in Tampa the 49ers shouldn’t have picked him up?

        He would have been a nice compliment to Gore, picked up a good amount of carries in the second half of the season, and after 2 years of spot duty been ready to rock and roll after Gore retires in 2014.

      5. They picked up Marcus Lattimore in the last draft so I will say yes Jack. And adding James gave the team the KR/PR nightmare that they have needed for so long.

      6. I think they should have drafted Tyrann Mathieu. The need at Cornerback was evident last season. Going into the draft, it was listed as one of the team needs. I think we had a capable back in Hunter. If they were hell bent on a back, they could have gotten better value in Lacy.

  22. this only means Trent Baalke is not has good as some people think……..how can we be signing our backup QB now……….I smell disaster……..

    …….if CK gets hurt we could get the number 1 pick next draft

    1. Harbaugh – with no Alex we need to get us a good backup QB……“We’re not about fueling the hype.”

      Baalke – No problem, I have a Colt for you

      Harbaugh – This sucks……“Guilty as charged for fueling the hype. … Well deserved.”

      Baalke _ Ok let me fix this with a Seneca

      Harbaugh – Re-emphasizes ‘hands off’ policy on Kaepernick……..“I have a memory like an elephant. … I never forget.”

    2. if CK gets hurt we could get the number 1 pick next draft

      This team could win 6-8 games starting a pylon.

      1. “This team could win 6-8 games starting a pylon.”

        lmao! This defense & running game IS still gonna be nasty. Just hope the passing game can continue to make strides this year, especially now without Crabtree early on. We gotta keep Kap upright for 16 games. *fingers crossed*

  23. They will not expose MarQueise Gray to the PS. They’ll either keep four TEs or release Celek. Gray has waaay too much upside–more than Celek.

    1. Hope you are right about Gray. I’m hearing great things about him. Besides, an occasional formation with Gray, McDonald, Vernon, Celek and Boldin would provide match-up complications for defenses.

    2. I hope the Niners trade Celek, even for a low 7th rounder. The Pats and the Dolphins are desperate for TE’s and I imagine they would want Celek in their team. I doubt Celek would last more than a few hours on the waiver wire. If the Pats/Dolphins/other team trade for him, they secure the rights over the player.

      1. ChessGM
        Can we spare Celek? I’d love to keep Gray, but Gray & VMac are still learning and therefore not great In-Line blockers. We saw Celek get overmatched this summer, but he’s still better than the two rookies; VDavis obviously is terrific.

  24. With Baldwin here we do not need Lockette.

    I’m fine with the move, but I still think McCoy steps it up and takes that #2 spot.

    Daniels will be on the final 53 and compete for 2nd spot.

    1. Here is hoping that this Sunday, Daniels has another good showing.
      That solves all of this mess. The Niners will hold onto the future, focus on grooming one guy, and open up roster spots dumping the other backup hopefuls. Maybe keep Scott Tolz. to train up Daniels since ST has that playbook between his ears.

      1. Oh and this for Niner Nation,
        Kap goes down (minor concus but rule says he has to sit) Tolzien steps in; stinks up the joint; everyone looses there minds; they bring in Daniels; he saves the day beating Seattle in the closing minutes (akin to KC) to win the div.
        Oh yeah then we have a QB controversy, CKap and the new rookie in town.

      2. Daniels has played one quarter against scrubs and you have him saving the day against Seattle? Put the pipe down.

      3. FAKINIT
        That last was an in jest rewrite of Ninernation’s previous – not to be takin to serious.

        But before I put my pipe down, Daniels looks to have something the other’s don’t. Yes he was playing against 2nd and 3rds but he was playing WITH 2nd and 3rds (definitely 3rds in protection) and he unlike the all the other QBs in the game had zero prior game time and minimal QB practice time because they got him learning a half dozen new positions. And yet he is the best QB on the field that day. In addition his technique and form looked way beyond a Tebow.
        I say he may have that RWilson height but like RW there is something there….there.

  25. Final roster, Kaep, Tolzien, Daniels. As for Lockette, he was always all promise. That tank runs outta gas eventually.

      1. So the Seahawks or Cardinals could sign Tolzien to their practice squad to pick his brain about the 49ers’ playbook.

        The Rams probably wouldn’t sign Tolzien, though. Jeff Fisher doesn’t need his help.

      2. The Seahawks pounded the Niners in their second matchup. The Cardinals first need to focus on making their offense better. Neither have a good reason to try and sign Tolzien if he is released.

      3. Tolzien would fit in nicely as the #3 guy in Arizona.

        Don’t sleep on the Cardinals this season. They are going to be a tough out.

      4. Trust me Jack. I’m not sleeping on any of the NFC West teams this year. I still wish that the team could have drafted Tyrann Mathieu.

  26. Here’s the list of QB’s I’d of rather the team signed:

    Bryon Leftwich
    Tyler Thigpen
    Charlie Batch
    Jamarcus Russell-I really hate Wallace that much…

  27. seneca wallace could not beat out josh mccown for the position of drew brees understaudy….maybe the niners should sign tebow after pats cut him..he must be great, he once led the nfl in jersey sales

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