49ers’ soiled rep dragging down coach search

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  1. Grant, you nailed this one. A separation because of an irreparable personality conflict between Harbaugh and management is one thing. Purging Fangio, Solari, and other quality assistants sends a real bad message.

    You can chuck everything, move to super-expensive Santa Clara on a position coaches salary, lose 8 defensive starters, wind up with the 5th best defense in the NFL anyway, and get “released” because the owner had a hissy fit.

    Little Lord Fauntleroy is a good one.

    Schefter – Dolphins hired Vance Joseph as defensive coordinator.

    Barrows – Dolphins also interested in OL coach Chris Foerster. Perk of being 1st to hire.

    Hence the value of getting that HC spot nailed down… something that’s apparently impossible for Little Jed Fauntleroy to achieve.

    1. Remember Singletary’s OC search? The 49ers confidently announced OC candidates names as potential candidates, only to learn later the candidate (surprised to hear his name associated with the 49ers), has no interest whatsoever in being Singletary’s OC.

      The only man left standing… Jimmy Raye.

      1. Do you notice a predictable pattern with the York family. They fired Mooch and couldn’t get anyone to work for them so they ended up with Dennis Erickson. They fired Nolan and hired Singletary who couldn’t get anyone to work for him so they ended up with Jimmy Raye. They hit a home run with Harbaugh but were troubled by all the success so they fired him. They couldnt get anyone to work for them so they ended up with Jim Tomsula. Now, they are having trouble trying to find someone to work for them. Jeez, I wonder why? These guys may be the worst people in the world at organizational management. They either need to hire consultants to help run the show or hire a priest to do an exorcism. Either way, at some point they have to realize the root cause of all these problems starts and ends with the name York.

        1. They do not want to pay coaches a premium salary. I think they have learnt their lesson after the Jim Harbaugh fiasco. If they have not, then they should just sell the team now while its at its highest value.

          1. Their actions have guaranteed they have to pay the “Owner is an ignorant DA” premium no matter what they do. There is a direct relationship with the amount of the premium to the qualifications of the coach.

    2. I am deciding that the best allegory is- The Emperor’s New Clothes.
      Jed is parading around in his underwear. His coach makes clothes so fine they look invisible, like the team. His sycophant Baalke is telling him how royal he looks.
      Yeah, like a royal arse.

    3. Don’t forget that Eddie D, after all his screw ups, managed to find john McKay and Carmen policy and put them between himself and Walsh. Without that dynamic Walsh could have been a Harbaugh-like casualty several years after his hire.

  2. Grant I NEW you couldn’t let TK take all the spotlight. You had to create your own hysteria, your own set of speculative accusation. Thanks for not disappointing me!

    1. It isn’t speculative when it’s fact. York and Baalke have taken a great franchise and made it an embarrassment.

          1. It would be far better served with an ignore button where you would no longer see what specific people post. I’d take that over an edit button any day.

            1. But then we’d end up with a site where everyone ignored Cohn and posted their own comments. Would it become more of a chat room instead of a blog at that point?

    1. I wonder if Jed would have fired Tomsula if he knew Jackson or Payton would be this hard to nail down?

      The “short list” of candidates should be getting pretty big, pretty soon.

  3. Soiled. Stained. Defiled. Yorks cant be trusted to sustain an icon. Never ask a York to watch your goldfish…they’d be dead in three days…

    1. I think the goldfish would be smacking itself against the wall of the fish bowl before the first hour was up.

  4. It’s getting really hard to keep coming on here and reading the constant negativity being written about the 49ers.
    Even worse is the truth behind it!

    1. and I’m sensing that after .. all the
      “good” candidates show Baalke and Jedster the
      middle finger .. and we end up with the guy
      they had in mind all along … (Mangini) …

      Yes.. Cassie .. we should be thinkin’ about
      some really good slogans to fly over
      Jed’s head next season !

  5. Jed has to be wondering why all these guys are bailing on him. Now Baalke wants coughlan….how ludicrous is that?the Giants don’t want him and we do? I understand the parcells idol worship by the mediocre Baalke, but why is Jed going along? He was around for the Camelot days, the seifret holmgren Shanahan days. Why is he listening to Baalke who frankly without mccloghlan hasn’t done squat? ( That’s giving him Reid and kap and bolden who really look like harbaugh’s picks) why no wco coaches? Did Bill Walsh laugh at him when he was young?

    1. The Niners are a dysfunctional organization but they will never be as bad as the Rams or Browns. Those 2 organization haven’t got it right for over 20 years!

      1. It’s good to have the Rams back in LA. Like in the good old days, I can now rekindle my old level of antipathy for the Rams and combine it with my derision of SoCal lifestyle and stir it all in the giant vat of anger — I see that the Yorks are right in middle of this bubbling cauldron…..

    1. Vincent Bonsignore ‏@DailyNewsVinny 16m16 minutes ago
      The #Rams back to L.A. is done. Wherhe the #Chargers join them now or later only question

  6. I wonder… When it comes to teams with QB needs and high draft picks, if who to draft doesn’t enter into interviews and negotiations.

    Jackson – “You need to make a sell-out trade with the Titans and nail down Goff. I can do wonders with this kid. Not saying he’s the next Montana, but with the right development he could be the next Breese. Compare their college tapes. Almost identical.”

    Baalke – “Our quarterbacks are fine. We’re taking Wilber McOrsten the long snapper with the first pick.”

    Jackson – Boy, I’m really pooped from the Steelers game last night. I need a nap. My people will call your people…”


    Jackson – “You need to make a sell-out trade with the Titans and nail down Goff.”

    Browns – “OK. In fact, you can run the whole dang draft. Cleveland rocks!”

        1. I doubt they’ll go with a free agent QB. The market looks worse than the draft at that position.

  7. The waiting game can be unnerving for the York and Baalke types, used to having others wait on them, until they finish sipping their martinis as they tour the 49er locker room with their Silicon Valley friends after a tough loss; meanwhile the press is waiting to ask questions about the game–sorry Press Corps, until you can afford a $500 bottle of wine, your unwanted.

  8. Jed is delusional. He thinks if he can weather the storm, he will be like his uncle Eddie. The only problem is that Bill Walsh was a one-of-a-kind coach, the likes of which will never be seen again. Eddie is special, and has 5 rings to prove it. I do not know Eddie personally, and am not a friend of his, but Jed is not like Edward Debartlo Jr, and never will come close to his accomplishments. Eddie changed the game..
    Jed is no Eddie.
    This coaching search has amply demonstrated that coaches who are smart enough, will not touch Jed with a 10 foot pole. They are running away from him like he has the plague. As long as Jed is the CEO, they never will win a ring.
    He should cut his losses and resign for the good of the franchise.
    Jed should end this nightmare for the faithful fan. If he resigned, he would become a hero.

    1. seb..
      you have just acquired the rank of ..
      “One who states the obvious .. and then
      moans because you think it’s an original idea ..
      and no-one gives you credit for it ..”

      Congrats, dude !

  9. After being released from the abyss, Jed will gather Trent and Paraag from the four corners of the earth. They will encamp surrounding the “faithful” and the “beloved city” (this refers to San Francisco). Fire will come down from Bill W., out of heaven and devour Trent and Paraag. Jed, death, hell, and those not found written in the Book of Life are then thrown into Lake Erie (the lake of fire burning with brimstone…a stroll from Jed’s boyhood home).

  10. And, of course, Shannahan and Holmgren, are still available–if the Jackson plan fails– however, Baalke is keenly aware, like a cornered wildibeest, that they would see right through his camouflaged ineptness and make a bee-line to Marie DeBartolo with their findings.

          1. I’m sure–after all this going badly and the resulting fan revolt–that Jed didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition…

            1. Which is probably the reason why we don’t have a new coach yet. They don’t want to be part of that Inquisition.

              1. “The Spanish Inquisition is known for one thing and one thing only, fear and terror. Oh, bloody hell, that’s two things… I’ll go out and come in again…”

    1. Or Mora…or Nolan…

      Let’s face it – they won’t hire Holmgren…it would make too much sense to combine his track record of success with ties to the organization and roots in the bay.

      1. Mike Nolan was let go by San Diego. He’s available. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Jed and Trent called him up.

  11. Because Jed lacked the gravitas, to fire Jim Harbaugh “like a man” ; he lost major credibility with our current candidates. Of the 6-8 candidates we interview; 5-7 are using us as leverage against other teams.

    The 49ers are not in a position to “demand” our number 1 candidate give us an answer right now. We have to live with the fact that, once a candidate has interviewed with every team, they will weigh their options and make an informed decision.

    The biggest shame is that; if Jed had followed the example of John Elway; Jed would have been able to have a solid post Harbaugh coaching staff in place before the firing.

    John Elway had Gary Kubiak; and a full staff, lined up in advance; when he fired John Fox. We had to conduct a “sham” National search, travel 400 yards down the hall and settle for Jim Tomsula; with ZERO quality coordinators or position coaches in place.

    John Fox ( Head Coach Bears) ; Gary Kubiak ( AFC west division winner ) and Jim Harbaugh ( Citrus Bowl, Michigan 10 win head coach); all came out on top.

    Jed York, Jim Tomsula ( 14 million for 1 year richer ); are both losers in this sad sorted tale.

    Until Jed York hires an “adult” willing to tell him what he does not want to hear, the 49ers will wallow in ,mediocrity at best.

    Picture this; Jed York has a “Carmen Policy, type” , VP. of football operations on board; and Jed says:

    “I cannot stand Jim Harbaughs personality, he grates on he staff, his sideline antics embarrass me; and at 5 million a year, and a very large and expensive staff; and a 2 to 3 million dollar a year raise in 2015; I want to get rid of him.

    “I know the fans will be irate; so I will plant rumors in the national media; denigrating his character; force him to agree to a “mutual parting” ; and replace him and his high priced coordinators with internal hires; after a “sham national” search; saving me 5-7 million a year.:”

    ” Our roster is so good; I have 100% confidence; we will be back in super bowl 50 at home, and we will win it.”

    A “non yes man” would ask Jed to rethink what he just said. Jed would have been asked to consider a plan of succession, for Harbaugh and staff. Each of Jed’s assumptions ; would have been viewed through a critical lens. Jed could have fired Jim Harbaugh, retain his credibility; have a new coach and staff in place and 2014 and 2015 seasons would not have been such disasters.

    The worst of it all, no matter how good our next head coach and staff are, the 2016 season is 8-8 at best.

  12. Really with the lack of talent on the roster and the fact that we have 2 of the top teams in our division it won’t really make any difference who this next coach is.

    They need to rebuild.

    So this coach is not as important and the next coach 3 years down the road.

    If the goal is to win championships or the coach gets fired, this next guy is a lame duck anyway.

  13. I don’t know why Coughlin is interviewing with the Niners , but if he shows even the slightest interest in coaching this mess , Dork & Baalke better get on their knees and start begging

    1. Coughlin is the best option during a rebuild honestly.

      In 2 or 3 years they can pick the real coach cause they will have some talent then.

  14. On the bright side, looks like the Raiders are staying put for the time being. Will make 1/2 of my divided household very happy.

    1. That’s a bright side? That probably means they will share Levi’s stadium and I have to have some disgusting raider fan sitting in my seat. Do they allow disinfectant in the stadium???

  15. This has all the appeal of an early 50s B-grade, B&W sci-fi movie set in the SoCal desert–complete with giant ferrets and lobotomized locals.

        1. Suddenly I hear the Ramones blasting in the stands next year…”Lobotomy…guess I’m gonna have to tellum that I’ve got no cerebellum “

    1. yeah .. and I bet the Ram-fans down in la-la ..
      are gonna feel .. lobotomized.. when
      they realize they’ll hafta pay a premium … for
      that extortion” those billionaires call
      the “PSL’s” …

      Glad, though to have the Lam-bies back
      where they belong ..
      now I can go back to hating them … !!

      I mean.. c’mon …
      how can you hate
      anything from St.Louis ??

      Now they really got the blues !

  16. Jackson Tracker – Mary Kay Cabot ‏7 minutes ago

    “Hue Jackson will fly to NY tomorrow for his interview with the Giants. They are serious about him or he wouldn’t be going.”

        1. Put yourself in Jackson’s shoes. No talented, career-minded coach would want the HC job here or in Cleveland. If he can’t get the Giants job, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed in Cincy for another year. I will be very interested in seeing how the Coughlin thing develops.

      1. It would be the best team to go to. Hue knows the Bengals and Steelers are tough. The Cards and Seahawks are not chopped liver, either. NY has a weak division and Eli and OBJ. The NY defense needs a huge upgrade, though.

  17. This roster is not very far off from being a playoff team. They need 1 OL and 2 pass rushers, 1 receiver, and 1 RB. We could argue a competent QB, but I think Alex Smith has shown that a game manager will get you to the playoffs.

    The rest of the pieces are in place but being misused. I think Coughlin is interviewing as a favor to Parcells. As many have already said, Mangini seems like the only option at HC, unless Seattle’s OC is desperate enough.

    1. Needs:
      – starting MLB with speed next to Bowman (#2 or #3 pick, or $5-7MM of cap space),
      – 1 pass rusher opposite Lynch (#1 pick or expensive FA, probably $7-12MM),
      – 2-3 OL (will ADavis come back without rust? will they keep Boone? probably requires a #1 pick for T and a #2 for G ready to start, or $10MM/$6MM respectively of cap space),
      – a top WR (our #1 pick for Treadwell or $10MM+ for a FA),
      – a starting caliber TE (#2 or #3 pick or $5-7MM of cap space for FA),
      – and a RB (#3 pick or $3-4MM of cap space) unless you think Draughn is that guy.

      I think we’re fine on DL, DBs. Our backups at OLB are fine, and OL has 2-3 good pieces. Baalke has a lot of shopping to do in FA, and he’s shown he is a bargain hunter. Curious if we end up with legit starters out of FA, or the manure we collected last year (not counting TSmith, who was ok and overpaid, but also suffered because of the system and poor blocking early, conservative QB play, and even more conservative play-calling). Baalke would rather spend conservatively in FA, hope he lucks into a value or two, and collect an extra compensatory pick or three.

      As for playoffs… well, the Rams are a QB and WR away from being scary, the Cardinals are already scary, and the Hawks are possibly the top seed, though they’ll be slightly worse next year when Wilson’s big contract comes on the books. Better luck in 2019.

  18. Sigh…didn’t everyone see this coming. Did we really expect the Yorks to land a big fish and would it really matter anyway?

    I wonder who would really be the candidate to have the most impact. I doubt any retread would. The team needs a coach of high character with excellent charisma and an ability to put Baalke and York in their place but not come across too strong (a la Harbaugh). Ideas?

    1. yeah, EC .. but ..“retreads” .. are
      all you got to choose from, atm …

      I mean… with David Shaw acting like he
      wouldn’t touch the Niner gig with a ten-foot pole ..

      Who else you got ?

  19. All this negativity is about as bandwagon-ish as a Seahawks fan. It’s always darkest before dawn. Right now their rep needs repair, but it’s in no way as absolute as so many people are putting it. This is still a “what have you done for me lately?” world. Perceptions will change in no time. Jed is not Eddie, but to say he has no idea what he’s doing sounds like a cop out. Fact: he’s one of the most inexperienced owners in the league. Fact: he made a huge mistake, and is probably lucky there is no board to oust him like they would a CEO. But he’s not the first to make a big mistake, and certainly won’t be the last. What makes everyone so sure he won’t go back to a more hands-off approach? Personally, I think York needs to continue taking ownership like he said recently and stay on top of his front office. Otherwise he won’t gain any experience. as for Baalke, it’s a defensible argument that he’s been given more chances than most GM’s would probably get, but I find it a bit ridiculous to say he’s terrible at drafting. That sounds like a cop out as well. Admitting the draft is a crap shoot probably isn’t the best move, but it’s not like you can ever tell a sure thing. Baalke is as good at the draft as his scouting staff is of identifying talent and compiling reports. After that the coaching staff needs to create the environment to develop talent. Both should be in sync. Baalke is considered the owner of that though. Both in compiling the staff and in retaining and replacing turnover. It’s his role as a leader of the team. We’ve had some sub-par drafts recently, but if you look at even the patriots drafts, they’ve had some big blunders under BB. I’m not sold on him as the future, but he’s been a part of talent selection for this team since 2005. I find it hard to believe he was promoted this way without having some big wins. To say he doesn’t know how to build a championship roster isn’t realistic when he’s been a part of building our roster for 10 years.

    The long and short of my point here is that things definitely went awry, but it’s really getting annoying that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon to hate on our own team. It’s one thing to be critical of our owner, front office, coaching staff, and players. It’s another thing to sit here and say that the niners are the worst team to play and coach for. I can’t and won’t ever believe that as a fan. This franchise has one of the most storied histories ever in sports, and to bring it back to glory is a fantastic lure for players who idolize our greats. As for coaches and FO positions, not only can this return to a tier 1 franchise, but it can do so with Jed as the owner. The next few years are critical for him to show his development as an owner. Rather than cutting him down, why not go back to what this forum used to be before it became a hate-fest? I’ve read awesome analytical posts from Old Coach, Scooter, Razor, and many others (there’s a lot of quality posters so sorry for leaving anyone out!). Let’s all just take a breath before we let writers like Kawakami drag us into an emotionally blinded reference plane.

    Just another ignorant fan.

    1. It’s not your team.

      We are not in this together like the fans, players, coaches, management, and owners are a team that has to work together. The only time the fans are noticed is when they don’t come to games that they have paid for, or if they fly banners over the stadium.

      The team belongs to Jed’s mother. The idea that criticism is a cop out is childish. Jed and John have been coping out of responsibility for their results since the Yorks took ownership. There biggest cop out is the denial that they need any football knowledge with power in their management structure.

      1. It’s our team to root for. fans are investors or shareholders, but owners still need to sell tickets and merchandise. If the team is winning it stands to reason that the team can become more profitable.

        I never said criticism is a cop out, but to imply they have no football knowledge is too absolute and simplistic to have real rationality. So yeah, that’s an easy way out and a cop out, and doesn’t imply any solutions. Show me where they said they “don’t need” football knowledge in their management structure.

        1. I never said criticism is a cop out, but to imply they have no football knowledge is too absolute and simplistic.

          The past season and the era of Erickson-Nolan-Singletary absolutely shred that line of thinking.

          1. Every team in this league has gone through ups and downs. Those years look much worse compared to the Walsh/Seidert eras than they do the majority of the NFL. Rams went through years of mediocrity as well before getting the era with the “greatest show on turf”. The 49ers front office has decades of combined experience. Just like every other NFL team.

        2. “There biggest cop out is the denial that they need any football knowledge with power in their management structure.”

          Notice the word in bold. It’s power. As a fan who roots for “your” team show me the power. Of course Jed, mom and pop are not going to announce that they “don’t need” a connected football executive to run their operation for them. They dumped Walsh and haven’t looked back.

          Enjoy your rooting.

          1. Fair enough. I would agree that their org structure might blend business with football operations a bit too much. Good to keep the football guys in charge of football. With that said, who would you replace Baalke with?

            I’m also not sure why you keep putting “your” in quotes. Are you taking my saying “our own team” out of context?

            Go niners!

            1. The 49er structure is void of football knowledge and connections above the GM level, and Baalke is protecting his personal turf. They are the 49ers who have for a long time been owned by the Yorks. They are not “my” 49ers. I’ve followed them for every one of their 70 years, and they have never been anyones 49ers to me. They have been the Morabito, DeBartolo, and York family’s 49ers.

              It’s your “hate on our own team” comment that I find objectionable in that the people you criticize for criticizing are not hating on “our” team. They are criticizing the way that the York family has run the team since they took over ownership.

              By the way, Baalke was hired as an area scout in 2005 and probably didn’t do anymore than provide opinions and information to his boss until the month before the 2010 draft.

              There are only a few “fans” that expect hits on every selection in the draft. The Seb believes that every first round choice should be a winner, but The Seb is just The Seb.

              Baalke’s concept of winning football seems to be exclusive to his first couple of years as a scout for Parcells. He seems to believe that if his players are stronger than the other guy’s players, victory will be assured at the highest level. When Harbaugh first came I think the two of them were pretty much on the same page in that regard except that Roman designed some great old school blocking schemes.

              The only offensive free agent that has had an impact on the offensive team came from John Harbaugh with all that implies.

              Baalke has found some good defensive players, but he hasn’t built anything like the 1985 Bears or the 2000 Ravens. To win with Baalke’s offense, those are the kind of defenses he would have to build.

              Baalke owns the scouts he has working for him. Either they are offensively handicapped, or he is not taking their advise very often. Walsh didn’t hit on a very high percentage of his offensive draft choices, but he hit on more than enough. If a young Walsh was hired as head coach do you think Baalke would be wise enough to seek out his input and counsel?

              1. It is all relative. When compared to the different rounds, a first rounder usually is a blue chip player who is graded in the top 5 % of the draft pool. A second rounder should vie for a starting job, too. A third rounder should provide quality depth and a 4th and 5th rounders can help the roster and be slated to help in the future. A 6th rounder may have trouble staying on the squad, and a 7th rounder may be a project with lots of upsides.
                It is also relative to the roster. If it is a playoff team, no rookie may be able to slip into the starting squad.
                If it is a 4-12 team, every position may be needing an upgrade, and several rookies can earn starting jobs.
                It also may depend if they picked up a FA who is slated to start with the rookie just expected to learn and develop, but also fill in if the FA is injured or regressing.
                Other than the slight dig at me, I like what you wrote. Good perspective.

              2. Pete I appreciate your faithful perspective. However ,HT well put entry particularly with reference to Baalke’s affiliation with the Parcells ”Jersey Boys” approach to the game which some of us older fans find an anathema and the very antithesis of Bill Walsh’s appoach to the game.I’m sure that is an oversimplification of a dichotomy of football philosophy but there is some truth there and it I believe underscores some of the problems the 49er organization now finds itself.

              3. I understand the concept of ownership. I’m not sitting here in a pipe dream believing any owner would make any organizational of philosophical move for the fans. For me, it’s our team only in the same way it was my choice to root for this team ever since I was a kid with my first Rice jersey. I’m not quite 30, and have never know Bill Walsh as a coach, so I can’t say I share the desire to return to those ways. I’ve seen much more mediocrity with this team than success. I also don’t necessarily think doing things differently is bad, so long as the organization pivots when things aren’t working.

                I want to clarify that I’m not against criticism. Comparing the Walsh philosophies to now is a reasonable argument to me. It’s the arguments that just resort to name calling and saying “such and such sucks at doing A & B”, without breaking down the argument.

              4. So many grammar mistakes typing on this phone!!

                As for Baalke seeking input if Walsh was coach, I can’t say that I would expect that based on the perception of him right now.

  20. A buddy of mine is thinking they’re liking bevel. And are waiting for the end of their season this weekend.
    I’m leaning towards nobody wants to work for these two clowns. And they’re way to cheap to throw big money at coughlin or Payton when he was rumored to be available.
    Can’t wait for the banners next season and Baalke to be fired before the season ends!
    If he doesn’t get a good coach and picks well. He will not survive the whole season. Jed has already pointed out his scapegoat when things go further South! Book it!

  21. Remember the law of succession. The first generation (Eddie Sr.) creates it. The second generation (Eddie Jr.) preserves it. The third generation (Jed) squanders it. The 49ers are being squandered.

      1. Being fired by ESPN and blackballed by other networks??
        He seems very content in the booth, makes more than most NFL coaches, and probably works significantly less hours.

        1. From PFT:

          Bengals OC Hue Jackson left his second interview with the Browns on Tuesday without an offer.
          The Browns are still mulling their options but it’s worth noting that Jackson is the only candidate they’ve interviewed twice so far. The Browns were also hoping to bring back Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott for second interviews but that will have to wait until the playoffs are over. Jackson is scheduled to interview with the Giants on Wednesday.

        1. Ouch. Pretty good hit to the balance sheet. If you assume his name would bring a comparable staff, I’d bet they would be on the pricey side as well.

  22. There is a lot of doom n gloom here of late………… I believe in the roster and I think they have plenty of options to get it right. And while nobody is a fan of Jed, I believe 99% that he will spend the entire amount of cap dollars he has and bring in a competent staff……. Let’s wait and see where the chips fall, and while this year sucked, I will keep my glass “half full”.

    1. I really hope you’re right. I was positive and supportive of Jed/Baalke right up until they gave us the double whammy of firing our best coach in a decade and replacing him with an unqualified “yes” man. Just like the old saying, fool me once…..

      1. Firing Harbaugh has to be one of the biggest mistakes by a front office in history… I really can’t think of a logical reason why they went with Tomsula. Wouldn’t you think one of your biggest questions for a coach would be what kind of staff they could attract?

        1. Tomsula was what Chris Carter would call the ‘Fall Guy’. They knew he would struggle with the roster being decimated, so he was the easy scape goat.
          Baalke did not give him a decent roster, but will not be held accountable.
          Jed hired the guy, yet takes no responsibility other than saying he is sorry.

    2. Dip are you saying that you’re 99% sure that Jed will spend the full (100%) cap amount on the 2016 49er squad? Amazing. Don’t bet anything you can’t afford to lose on that proposition.

      How much do you think Jed will spend on a coach that can attract an outstanding staff. Where do you get the idea that a competent staff will be enough to overtake any one in the NFC West?

      What’s Jed going to spend to bring in new perspectives on his football operation?

      1. If he commits to his promise to ensure all necessary resources are provided, he should spend whatever fair market value is.

        Let’s hope they don’t spend money just to spend money. $50MM is a lot of money to spend on free agents… Maybe they could front load some contracts?

        1. Baalke had 13 mil in cap space last season, but declined to use that amount to help the team win. It was as if they gave up and did not even try to win.
          What makes you think they will spend the entire amount this season if they did not do it last season?

          1. I don’t. I was seconding the optimism. Should have clarified that in the first comment. $50MM is a whole lot to spend. They could try to land some of the big free agent names this year, but I would think many of them will get the franchise tag.

              1. Since Baalke whiffed not only on a few, but on an entire draft class (2012), I am a bit skeptical on his drafting acumen.

      2. I think there is too much pressure, and negative publicity on him, to not aggressively address the deficiencies……. I think he was the one that screwed the Gase/Fangio deal, and as such, will allow Baalke to make the football decisions. I am fine w Baalke, absent his “run the ball at all costs” philosophy as I am more in line w simply exploiting a teams weakness.
        Seattle is going to have $ issues.
        StL is going to be tough, but they still have to address QB and OL.
        AZ is solid, but Palmer isn’t getting any younger.

        The 49ers have a lot of potential, and we just have to wait and see how the young guys produce moving forward- OL performed well the last few games w Kilgore back and Brown at RT… w Davis coming back, the only hole may be LG assuming they let Boone walk. Depth is an issue w Thomas and Martin not being ready, but maybe they will be improved next year with experience and another year of strength training. I don’t think Reid was great this year and would like to see Tartt on the field 100%w Ward, so it will be interesting how reps are split ….
        We need to see if Carradine is ultimately useless and if Harold is going to bulk up enough to add an end on that side x from Lynch. I think the Niners will pony up for Williams, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-3 w Dorsey and Dial in the middle either- guess we’ll see what the new coach brings in. I like Hodges, but we need depth there too……… I thought Chryst would go to a spread-hurry up offense to create space for Kap, I was wrong and ultimately they may have been the worst coached team in the league, well they were, so a qualified staff will correct a lot of that.

        We aren’t as talented as Singletary’s 49ers or Mark Jackson’s Warriors, but the next coaching staff will certainly make us better.

        I am cool w Coughlin, Shula, Koetter or Holmgren……

  23. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu begins by stating- War is of such grave concern, it must be studied thoroughly.
    In other words,- learn from your mistakes by analyzing and studying the problem.
    Before the season, I had high hopes and boundless optimism.This last season has beat that out of me. Now I am cynical and doubtful.
    Before the season, I was so frustrated with the offense, I would have been satisfied if the Niners just got a play off in time. I thought Tomsula would fix the problem by yelling tempo a million times. Boy, was I wrong. The Niner offense was so ineffective, they set records in futility. The offensive malaise continued with the putrid play of the O line, and the team was undisciplined and unprepared. It almost took the entire season to score a TD in the first quarter. How pathetic.
    The only way to fix it is to own it. If it is a heaping steaming pile, do not rosily declare nothing is wrong. Jed is just repeating history, and the coaching search is going to result in the new coach getting stabbed in the back and fired after his last game, just like Tomsula. This coaching merry go round will just continue with failure and constant turnover. What is needed is continuity. Continuity will breed success. I want the Niners to succeed.
    Jed is the problem because he cannot find the right people to guide the team, or if he found him, he drove him away because of personality conflicts. Too bad both were not mature enough to swallow their pride and both work for a common goal for the sake of the team. A leader would do that. Jed does not have a clue. A true leader would not fire someone, then call him Jimmy T. To put it bluntly, Jed’s leadership skills are non existent.
    I have talked myself blue in the face trying to postulate ways to improve. Many times, I have been mocked, derided and insulted, but in the end, my ideas have gained traction. What other poster on this site has advocated the Niners to run the no huddle with quick snaps? I defended and rationalized that plan by saying that the Niners could catch the defense with 12 men on the field. Lo and behold, the last game, they used that strategy for a 12 man penalty, and made a third and long play into a third and short.
    Not one poster ever gave me attribution when I said before the Bear game that the Niners should line up with 4 receivers, spread them out, then gash them up the middle. After Gabbert did just that for a 44 yard TD, all they could say was that the Niners NEVER read these posts, so my idea was unimportant and it was just another amazing coincidence. I also said they should stop being so predictable, and attack the edges. That bomb to Torrey employed that strategy and won the game. Throughout the season, I have made salient comments to try and help the team, and now I am pointing out deficiencies in a somewhat vain attempt to get them to stop shooting themselves in the foot.
    I am satisfied. After hearing how the Niners ignore all the blogs, Jed himself said that he heard loud and clear all the criticisms on social media. Jed himself told the world he reads these posts, and since I have been a teensy bit critical of him, I conclude he must have read some of my posts. Many times, they have ignored my advice. I keep saying that they should not run into the teeth of the defense, but they seem content to gain 2 yards. Yet when they ran the hurry up offense, I felt like my ideas have merit. Of course, like Chip Kelly says, every play has been thought up by someone years before, so there are few totally original ideas. However, when they employ strategies that mirror what I said, I feel perfectly justified in crowing a bit. I will get a ton of blow back for these comments, but frankly, I dont give a hoot.
    I also do not want the Niners to run the same things over and over again. I want them to be ever changing and totally unpredictable.
    I really do not want to dump on Jed. I would rather he succeed and bring some rings home. However, Jed has made huge mistakes and told me to hold him accountable. I am just doing what he told me to do.
    Jed should do the honorable thing and hold himself accountable. It would be way classier than stabbing Tomsula in the back.
    Just a faithful fan who is fed up with incompetence.

    1. Keep your chin up!! They’re definitely in need of some change. Let’s hope it brings improvement!

      Do you not feel he held himself accountable with that last press conference?

      1. Crocodile tears. When he said that if he finds out who any leaker is, he will part with him, then declares Marathe will stay to work on contracts, he is obfuscating and prevaricating.
        Actions speak louder than words.

      2. Watch Jed’s actions, not what he says. It’s the only way to know what he’s doing.

        Keep in mind that if they can’t get the coach they say they need, it will be because the football world has been watching their actions. If they over spend they might get close to what they need, but the only advise they seem to take is free from unknown sources.

        1. So far, Jed is stumbling from one rejection to another. Payton was too smart. Gase would not even interview with them. Hue has better options. It is a messy situation, but could get ugly.

        2. Agreed. there is a really poor perception of them this offseason. I’ll be expecting Jed to take that step back and gain perspective if he really means what he said.

    2. I’m ashamed that I haven’t take The Seb’s lessons to heart. Maybe in my next life I will be a true warrior. All I ever did was learn to do my job and do it.

        1. We spent two whole weeks in the mountains outside Reno learning to walk home or live in a prison camp. Neither would have existed if we had to do our job.

    3. On the subject of war, this quote from George Patton more accurately depicts the 49ers management: ““Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy.” Like the players have repeated way too often, they’re (management) is just not executing!

  24. The Yorks are signed on to the Parcells school not the West coast Offense of Bill Walsh. They want to build their own “legacy” to show they are equal to what Eddie D has done. That is why they won’t hire any WCO coaches like Holmgren or Shanahan. And that is why 49ers are doomed to stay amongst the bottom feeders of the NFL as long as the Yorks are in charge. They are happy to take NFL money and PSL money put out a horrible product. They should be ashamed of themselves and sell the team already!

  25. Yorks are liars. They are not getting counseling from Eddie nor is Jed. All a big lie. The Yorks are distancing themselves and want nothing to do with anything from the Walsh years and coaching tree or the West Coast offense. The Yorks want to prove they can do it their way so they can take credit and Jed even though CEO takes orders from his father; this is the reality. Get used to it.

    1. @Mark Wilson…
      You nailed it, and I don’t understand how nobody else see this! The York Family put distance between anything that was achieved by Bill Walsh, Ed DeBartolo, Carmen Policy, the West Coast Offense, and any & all Coaches that are on the Bill Walsh Tree.

      The “only” time No Cred Jed uses the 49ers from the Glory Days is to suit his “own” benefit. Whether that’s using the 5 Super Bowl wins all won by Eddie to get what he wants, or using Eddie when his behind is in trouble with the fan base, & Media. The fact of the matter is that Jed had rarely reached out to Eddie since the completion of Levi’s. Jed has removed the old 49er logo that “used” to be on the endzones, and last but not least removed the team from the City has the 49ers have all their historical, & legacy ties to.

      Now York, & Co find that no reputable Head Coaches do not want to touch them with a ten feet pole?! They really should not be surprise at all, everyone & his Uncle “know” what time it is with them, Smdh!

  26. Balke must be blank Jeds blank and doing something we do not know about for Jed. Balke does not have complete respect from around the league as GM. Just bitter 49er enemy Parcells as his crony. The rest of the league does not wish for 49er success. They dont like us. Right now they love us being the laughing stock of the league. Even the Raiders look good compared to us.

  27. Hmm. Chip was in Tuscaloosa last week. Spent time with Kiffin. Saw how that up tempo offense was a new innovation for Alabama, who used it to gain an advantage over Clemson.
    Did Chip help win a national championship? If he did that in a week, I wonder if he could do the same thing with OTAs, training camp and the preseason.

  28. I don’t know if Jackson is the right guy to turn the 49ers around under Baalke and the Yorks. It does seem clear to me that Jackson is a guy with options, and that he’s going to hear what a solid franchise like the NYG think before he negotiates with the Browns or 49ers of this world.

    On that note, I’m going to bed where I’ll sleep very well as usual. That’s probably what all the ex coaches with jobs in the media will be doing tonight too.

  29. http://www.ninersnation.com/2016/1/13/10759624/mike-silver-thinks-49ers-are-done-interviewing:

    “If the 49ers are done interviewing, their pool of candidates includes former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, Bills assistant Anthony Lynn, Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, and former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. The team reportedly had phone discussions with Mike Shanahan, and Mike Holmgren has expressed interest in the job.

    Someone suggested that with Hue Jackson in New York Wednesday and Thursday for his Giants interview, Trent Baalke could stick around and conduct a second interview. Mike Silver tweeted that Baalke has already left New York, so that would be off the table.

    Adam Schefter apparently said Dirk Koetter could be deciding between the 49ers and Bucs. I’m waiting for a podcast of his interview on 97.5 The Fanatic. Once I get a transcription I’ll post it.”

      1. Ha! Thanks. I’ve always enjoyed your comments. I’m pulling for Carolina this weekend like it’s the 49ers playing out there.

      2. Prime: I should be clear. The text in the post above is quoted from Fucillo, it’s not mine. Am I still feeling the love :)

      3. I hate to say it but I rooting for Seattle. I’m a Pete Carroll fan. He’s done a great job this year and he’s one of those coaches you hate but if he was your teams coach, you love him.
        I’m just impressed with what’s he’s done up there even though he’s killed us!
        If Carolina wins it will be huge for their organization. I still think a AZ SEA NFC championship is the best for the fans!

        1. Although I hate the Seahawks, I’d take PC as a head coach in a SF minute. Still, they seem to have more than their fair share of luck.

        2. I kind of get what Prime is saying. Pete is a HC you love if he Coaches your team and have to respect regardless. In saying that, there is no way I could ever cheer for Seattle though.

          1. Could his face get any more red if he did? Hug I hate him so much I would take singletary and tomsula back before that cheat! Real talk!

    1. I am not sure what the hold up is in hiring this year. The Dolphins are the only ones to pull the trigger so far but they have had a huge head start. For all the grief given to the 49ers for not hiring someone, well, no one else has either. I like the methodical approach.

      1. Jed thought the Niners would go 11-5.
        Jed thought Tomsula was the answer.
        Jed thought the coaching search and hire would be done quickly.
        Jed thought his apology would be swallowed, hook line and sinker.

        1. Seanayah you have no idea who has been offered the position, rejected it or even been interviewed. You are victim of believing everything you read.
          No team except the Dolphins have made a decision. A lot of teams are taking a wait and see approach. What is wrong with the 49ers doing the same?

          1. Because history will repeat itself. Jed will be turned down by competent coaches and he will be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel, AGAIN.

            1. I disagree. This is still a lucrative job and any head looking at this roster and cap space knows it has tons of potential compared to the Browns, Titans, Bucs etc.
              Yes there has been dysfunction but who doesn’t have this? Lets not pretend we have the worst franchise in the NFL. If you believe that than you have been following the Cohns/Kwakami for way too long.

              1. What coach in his right mind would want to be stabbed in the back and fired before his last game? This place is a good gig if you want to destroy your career.

              2. +
                – it has a young roster w playing experience, 12 draft picks and $50 million in cap space, at least options at QB, albeit it is a bit of a quandary, new $1.3 billion dollar stadium, an owner that wants to win (I believe that as I know someone who is friends w him personally, that is not say he hasn’t been inept though), a solid fan base….oh, and 5 Lombardi’s sitting in sunny CA.
                I don’t think it is a hard sale and I believe we get a competent staff.

              3. Evidently it IS a hard sale since we don’t have a coach yet. We’re in the same place that the Raiders were in not too long ago.

          2. FDM,
            Give me a break. Coaches don’t want anything to do with this franchise. If you can’t see that then you are blind. The only reason Harbaugh took the job is because he knew he could be successful while tolerating the ownership for a few years. He interviewed with Miami after the Niners thought it was a done deal.

            There is something that is turning candidates off from this job, whether you like it or not. It’s obvious to every single person in the sports world. It started last year when Gase took his name out of the running after they tried to force Tomsula on him! Who does that? They then acted like Tomsula was the second coming of I don’t know who. Less than a year later he’s fired for being the unqualified tool that he’s always been.

            Now Jackson is using the Niners as leverage. Hue Jackson…. Another third tier candidate that will likely be an OC again within four years. Eddie D was brutal because he wanted to win at all costs, but coaches knew they had every resource available in order for them to be successful. Jed is brutal because he is surrounded by people that will always know more about football than he does but he is unwilling to admit that, and it has been a huge problem with multiple coaching staffs.

            His father did the same thing with Mariucci. There will always be a coach willing to accept the position but if you think this job is currently desirable compared to other opportunities, you’re wrong/delusional. Harbaugh took the job DESPITE the ownership. He was wildly successful, was fired and his replacement lasted less than a year on the job. That’s a great message to send to future HC prospects. The other great message they send is about only celebrating Super Bowl trophies, of which Jed has never won one. How can that be the litmus test when he has never even won a single championship? Does he really think that he had anything to do with his uncles Lombardi’s?

            He does, which is a red flag. Coaching candidates see it. They see the stupid expectations set by Jed, they see the lack of drafting ability by Baalke and they see the way every staff has been treated since the Mariucci days. They don’t like it and they don’t want to be a part of it. Hue Jackson would have been begging for an offensive assistant position on the 49ers back in the day, whereas now it seems like they are his third choice. The mighty have fallen. Time to face reality.

            – York is self-destructive like Snyder, without the free spending.

            – If not for Mark Davis’ haircut, Jed would be under an even more intense microscope then he currently is.

            -The Raiders haven’t made the playoffs in 13 years. You don’t see the fans tea bagging Davis with aerial signs over the Coliseum, do you? People truly hate the York’s. There is a reason for that.

              1. The level of denial around here blows me away at times. You know things are bad when Hue Jackson turns you down. Absolutely pathetic. Kaep will be the only winner of the offseason associated with this team and that’s because he gets to leave!

            1. Wow Big P, you clearly have a hate on for Jed York. The current problem I see in this coaching search is personnel and the ability to have control over that. This is on Trent Baalke, not Jed York. Michael Silver reported that Hue Jackson took the job in Cleveland because of more control over personnel. Baalke is on thin ice. He cannot rely on someone else to determine his fate, would you?

              Now I don’t disagree with you that SF is not the best option out there. Some of you have painted the Niners as the worst organization/ownership not only in football, but all of sports. I dont agree with that. The speculation out there is all media driven or personal agenda driven. I believe the 49ers will get this right. They really don’t have a choice.
              To your point about the fan base being so angry over ownership. That’s an advantage. It shows that losing will not be tolerated. You think Jed wanted to fire Jim Tomsula? You think he was happy about admitting a mistake? At least this ownership group is trying to get it right. The Raiders, Browns, Titans, Bucs have been insignificant for decades.

              1. This is on Trent Baalke, not Jed York.

                Are you kidding me? York has the ability to remove Baalke from his position at any time. Instead, he has given Baalke all the power over the personnel.
                He also had the ability to keep make the marriage between Harbaugh and the 49ers from falling apart yet chose his own ego as being more important.
                This is all on Jed York, and saying otherwise is denying the truth.

            2. Great post Big P! Well articulated! Since we know this not the most desirable destination and Balke does not want to give up power on personal but Tom C. would still come to this mess, It may give the franchise and if some of his coordinators come with him, then we may have something for the future. One issue I have is the giants have not been great for 3 years. I always prefer the up and comer but who is that?

  30. Michael Silver ✔ @MikeSilver
    Hue Jackson will become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. “They made me feel comfortable,” he just told me.

      1. I know you’re joking but that thread has too many comments on it. Too unwieldy for me to deal with. Grant would have been better served to make “coaching tracker part 2”.

        I’ll give you credit for beating me to the punch on this one however.

      1. Choices. Don’t blame Jed and Trent, most of these coaches have choices. Harbaugh had choices, and look what happened to him when he used one to join The Jed-Trent.

      2. Let’s get it right. At least in part, Jackson isn’t the 49ers HC because Baalke wouldn’t agree to give him enough personnel control. How much control did HJ get in Cleveland? Well, they don’t have a GM, so that would lead you to conclude JH pretty much has final say over the 53.

        That’s one way to make someone “feell comfortable”.

  31. From Pro Football Talk:

    “After being spurned by Jackson, the Niners quickly reached out to Chip Kelly’s representatives, who informed the franchise that Kelly was withdrawing his name as a candidate for the 49ers ongoing head coaching search.”

          1. Funny in the absolute sense of funniness, but very, very unfunny when viewed in the context of the 49ers.

            Example: Chip Kelly withdrew his name for consideration as the Seahawks HC after they were spurned by HJ.

            Reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (i.e., funny)

            Example: “After being spurned by Jackson, the Niners quickly reached out to Chip Kelly’s representatives, who informed the franchise that Kelly was withdrawing his name as a candidate for the 49ers ongoing head coaching search.”

            Reaction: I feel shamed by, and depressed from, being a 49er fan (i.e., not funny).

      1. With Jackson going to the Browns .. and the fact
        that seb is never wrong ..

        it seems that the longer this process takes ..
        and more and more candidates “spurn”
        the Niners … the better the chances are .. that we’ll
        end up with Shanny or Holmgren !

        (Hey … it could happen !)

              1. Considering SC is a genius and looks down on the lower life forms, it is perfectly apt.
                Have a nice day.

              2. You’re like a zit. I know I should leave you alone but you’re so damn annoying you just need to be popped.

            1. Rocket, you should not say I am like SC, then say I am not.
              I get the sarcasm, and expect to be attacked ad nauseum.
              Obviously, you did not get my sarcasm in return.
              Have a nice day.

    1. It would be so fitting if it’s true. The fact that a Coach who is really getting little action in the HC market has pulled his name just further details where this teams rep is. I’m not a Kelly fan and I’m glad if he’s really out of the running, but what a slap in the face for Jed and Baalke.

      1. I was totally joking……but it was joke rooted in sound logic! Jed is getting tea bagged by the coaching community at the moment.

        1. Yeah I didn’t check, but as I said it would be totally fitting if it were true. You were joking but it was believable because it was not only possible but likely.

  32. Niners to expand their search to the stars of The Howdy Doody Show —
    Howdy, Buffalo Bob, and Clarabell. I myself would like our new HC to be Clarabell. The pressers would drive the beat writers wild.

    1. It’s hard for me to imagine that the Buc’s fired Lovie without already knowing that Koetter was going to replace him. I imagine we’ll hear confirmation of that in the very near future.

      1. Who knows Coffee. My guess is why haven’t they made that announcement yet. It’s been a week?
        There could have been many more interviews than what’s been reported.Hue Jackson was the flashy hire this year but he won’t win anything in Cleveland.
        Koetter has way more experience and might be looking for something substantial in his search. Maybe TB cannot offer that.

      2. There are probably a dozen possible scenarios but one would be;

        After essentially interviewing Koetter in secret and coming to a verbal agreement the Bucs fired Smith. With the way the modern world works nothing gets kept secret anymore and word quickly leaked that the Bucs had full intention of hiring Koetter. Knowing the Rooney rule implications and the difficulty in possibly getting a black candidate to interview the Bucs had to put the brakes, publicly at least, on hiring Koetter and make it appear that they were in fact considering other candidates. Koetter in the mean time has only been on one interview outside of Tampa that I know of and that’s with us. Not exactly shopping his options for a “hot” coaching candidate.

        It all has the feel and image of a team that’s just biding it’s time to give the appearance of playing by the rules so they can name their already hired new head coach without taking any heat.

    2. I read a blurb this morning, maybe from Schefter, that Koetter was deciding between SF and TB. I really think Koetter is just as good a candidate as Jackson so he would be a good choice if they can pry him away from TB. The question is: can the Niners make the job enticing enough to get it done? Until they say otherwise Coughlin is still a possibility too.

  33. Big mistake by Tomsula:

    “Sparano, who previously served as head coach of the Miami Dolphins and interim coach of the Raiders, was Tomsula’s top assistant and helped him with game-management decisions last season.”

    Taking advice from a failure. If you’re going to do that, make sure you do the opposite of what he tells you.

    Now Sparano is interviewing for the Vikings OL coach gig.

  34. Channeling is a process whereby an individual (the “channeler”) claims to have been invaded by a spirit entity which speaks through the channeler.

    I realize Harry Houdini proved many a channeler fraudulent. Is it possible, Jed, Paarag, Baalke , Marie and Dr. York could hold a late night séance, and channel Houdini to relay Bill Walsh’s thoughts on analytics, and any suggestion for a new 49er power structure, including his picks for the 2016 NFL Draft?

  35. Let’s see now…Miami hired Adam Gase (likely not a Niner candidate) and the Browns have just hired Hue Jackson. He’s got exactly 1 yr of HC experience. And, based on this, you’ve declared the Niner coaching search as in dire straights because of their soiled reputation. How about this, Grant…wait and see who they actually sign to be their next head coach before you put that label on the FO. Have they made mistakes in the past, you bet, but that was then and this is now. “Losing out” on Hue Jackson is hardly cause to claim nobody worthy wants to coach the Niners.

  36. Another one down. Koetter stsying with TB
    Egg on face??? Or did they already make their decision? Bringing shanahan BACK into the mix makes me think they couldn’t land who they wanted smh!

  37. Pete: Some of us who have been Niner fans for a while remember when it was almost a given when the Niners would have a winning record each and every season. With the misfires in the long aftermath of the Mariuuchi firing and then with the Harbaugh hiring I kind of thought that things would return to the old days. Boy was I ever wrong.
    I am only hoping that either Coach Shanahan or Coach Holmgren are still willing to give head coaching with the Niners another shot.

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