49ers start fast then run out of gas — here’s why


When you’re watching the 49ers play the Falcons this Sunday in Atlanta, and the Niners take an early lead, and their offense looks terrific, and the Falcons look confused, and you say, “Gee, the Niners might win!” and then they blow their lead, and their offense looks terrible all of a sudden, and they end up losing by two touchdowns, you probably will ask yourself the following question:

Why does Chip Kelly’s offense work only in the first half?

Kelly amazingly let the answer slip this week at his Monday press conference. All season, he avoided this question. Throughout his franchise-record 12-game losing streak, reporters have asked him to explain why his offense looks potent in the first half and so utterly inept in the second. What is the pattern, Chip? Why does your offense gain an above-average 5.7 yards per play in the first half and a putrid 4.3 yards per play in the second? Can you give us any insight?

Until Monday, Kelly has offered zero insight. He simply repeated plays as if he was reading straight from the game book. On second-and-6, the right tackle committed a holding penalty. On third-and-16, the tight end dropped a pass. And so on and so on. As if there is no pattern. As if the second-half offense has been a victim of a series of unfortunate events. Right.

It’s obvious why Kelly filibusters: If he answers truthfully about his second-half offense, he would expose the reason the 49ers should fire him, and he doesn’t want to give anyone that ammunition. But on Monday, he did. By mistake.

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    1. Yup, lets forget that the team has been sliding statistically in every category for the previous two seasons and that the defense is easily the worst in the league and just assume that the guy who just arrived is to blame.

              1. Other than the Steelers game last season when they put up 15, there were no games in which the 49ers put up a bunch of points late while being down by more than 2 scores.

              2. So what you’re saying is that before Kelly came the offense was so incompetent that they couldn’t even score on the other teams 2nd and third stringers.

              3. More then Tomsula could manage which shows Kelly gets more from the offense then he did. Imagine what he could do with a QB that isn’t complete garbage and WR’s that have the ability to get open or RB’s that have a move after they attempt a cut back.

                Or we could just improve the defense not touch the offense and still manage to get 3-4 more wins simply because the defense isn’t giving up 30 points a game.

              4. Hey Jack, so your saying we just need a coach and this team will win?

                LOL! I have some friends that are Raider fans and they admit to me that they were delusional a few years ago when they kept thinking they had good players back then but they realize now that you need a franchise QB(Carr) and WR(Cooper) and the highest paid O-Line in the NFL won’t hurt either. Sorry bro but until they get some talent this team will everybody’s bye week.

              5. “Hey Jack, so your saying we just need a coach and this team will win?”

                No. I’ve said a number of times, the team needs more talent as well.

              6. More then Tomsula could manage which shows Kelly gets more from the offense then he did.

                That is not a very good ringing endorsement of Kelly.

              7. “Imagine what he could do with a QB that isn’t complete garbage and WR’s that have the ability to get open or RB’s that have a move after they attempt a cut back.”

                He might win 10 games like he did in Philly.

                “Or we could just improve the defense not touch the offense and still manage to get 3-4 more wins simply because the defense isn’t giving up 30 points a game.”

                Kelly hired O’Neill who is terrible. And his terrible 2nd half offense does nothing to help the defense.

              8. Yes Tomsula won 5 games even tho 2 of those overtime wins were because the opponents kicker decided to miss cheap shot FGs that I could’ve probably made but that’s okay they go down as wins I’ll give you that but to act like Chip never won in the NFL is just pure hating on the guy I mean I understand why Grant does it because of his father lol He did go 10-6 two years in a row and that’s just fact, last year not that good and now look at the Eagles it looks like there heading to another losing record. I’m just saying I know Chip is not a great coach but he’s not just the only problem and if we think that he is then let the delusional times begin lol

              9. Kelly hired O’Neill who is terrible. And his terrible 2nd half offense does nothing to help the defense.
                Who was his alternative Jack? Were you in on the hiring process, do you know what options they had that they turned down? How do you know that ONeil wasn’t the best they could get at the time simply because the team as a whole is a f’n train wreck and no legitimate coordinators wanted anything to do with it? Who was on the interview list that they passed up that you know could have done better?

              10. Jack Hammer December 17, 2016 at 4:14 pm
                “Hey Jack, so your saying we just need a coach and this team will win?”

                No. I’ve said a number of times, the team needs more talent as well.
                No, you only say that after someone has pinned you down for putting all the blame on Kelly. Otherwise your only message for the past couple months has been, “fire kelly, fire kelly, fire kelly.”

              11. I’m sorry if you two can’t wrap your minds around the fact that Kelly is a part of the problem.

                And you’re probably right Coffee, O’Neill was likely the best option and the only one willing to work for Kelly. The guys who already had jobs chose not to join him.

              12. I’ll say this one last time

                I never said Chip Kelly is not part of the problem I said Chip Kelly is not the ONLY problem.

                I can’t be any clearer then that

              13. Same here. Two things can be equally true. Just because I think Kelly stinks doesn’t mean I don’t think Baalke and Co stink also.

                Also remember, angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

      1. But if you add Jonathan Allen to this D-line, look out!!! Oh, and a new defensive coordinator wouldn’t hurt, and not in-house

    2. Funny the 2 worst teams record wise in the NFL are Browns and 49ers.

      The 2 likely teams that will have the most cap space in the NFL next year? Yup Browns and 49ers, how ironic.

  1. Cogent points.
    But “in a world where football players don’t get tired…”
    Well, if the offensive guys didn’t get tired than the defenders wouldn’t either and there would be no advantage. SF’s defenders get tired, as we’ve discussed, because SF doesn’t know how to,play keep-away, can’t sustain drives.
    Whatever the pace, get first downs!

  2. “In the NFL when the offense makes a substitution, an official stands over the ball and prevents the offense from running another play until the defense makes its substitutions, too.”

    This is the biggest difference between Oregon Kelly and NFL Kelly.

    Add to it what you just wrote and it is pretty easy to see why Kelly has struggled in the NFL.

    This whole “innovative” label that people put on him or “The Tao” is a bunch of garbage. Kelly’s only “innovation” was to play fast and Sam Wyche was doing that in the 80’s, same with Marv Levy. Then the NFL changed the rules.

    Kelly gets a break to a degree because Baalke was already public enemy number 1.

    The only thing Kelly does better than Jim Tomsula is handle press conferences.

  3. And that’s all folks! He has an unlimited amount of players he can dress on College Game Day. 46 players in a Chip Kelly offense is like driving from San Diego, in a Lamborghini Aventador, to San Francisco with a half a tank of gas….

    1. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve made that drive! I moved north from SD in 76. My gf (now the Duchess) didn’t come up until the end of 77. VW beetle could make it in 9+ hours on a thimble full of gas!

  4. A while back I got a lot of pushback when I said the refs stand over the ball. This college coach has to go. Hey, everybody look to the sideline for the next play. The opponents wouldn’t look too would they?

  5. All of these excuses would mean something if we were not on our 3rd coaching staff that is having problems winning with Baalke players.

    The truth is we only have Chip Kelly because of Baalke.

    During these coaching searches it not about who the 49ers pick.

    It’s about who picks the 49ers because the team is so desperate.

    Chip Kelly just happened to be the guy who couldn’t get a job this time and had to accept the 49ers job.

    Get rid of Baalke all the other problems clear themselves up over time.

    Keep Baalke the “coaching searches” just get worse because fewer and fewer are desperate enough to work with him.

        1. He just hit a 52 yarder into the wind and it was perfect, with about 15 yards to spare. You’d probably have to take him early in the third if you really want him. He one of the best in the country and he’s got a clutch gene….

  6. And now if Jed York cannot identify Kelly’s shortcomings, then truly this organization will become officially, the worst in sports.
    All Jed has to do is hire a new President, he still remains CEO. The President hires the GM, and the GM hires a new staff. Eat Kelly’s salary, sorry, and get it right and stay out of the way!

  7. Time to clean house. New GM, new HC and new QB. Don’t make the same mistake as the Rams and have your QB of the future needing to learn two offenses in two years. Make the changes now (well, this off season).

    1. Don’t make the same mistake as the Rams and have your QB of the future needing to learn two offenses in two years.

      Goff hasn’t learned this offense…;>)

        1. C’mon, he had half a season on the bench to learn it. Are you kidding me? It’s the second easiest offense in the NFL!

          1. C’mon, he had half a season on the bench to learn it.

            That the OL stinks? I am pretty sure Gurley could have told him that.

            1. That the OL stinks?

              Is it the OL’s fault he’s in la la land holding onto the ball? Goff is not ready! Fisher was correct!

              1. The whole offense was not ready Razor. Goff has had a bad start, but the pieces around him have not exactly wowed anyone either, and that not mattered who the QB is.

  8. Grant I’m just not buying your argument. So the the offense has the advantage when they can go fast without substitution but when they both substitute somehow this is an advantage to the defense? That makes no sense. How can the offense be tired in the second half when they usually play less minutes that the opponents offense?

    A successful offensive play usually requires that all 11 guys do their assignment and will fail when 1 guy fails. I think the problems have more to do with the quality of the players. Athletic ability is the key ingredient to a successful team and most people recognize we have the least talented team in the league.

    Sometimes the obvious is the correct answer. You have a thing for Kelly and you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to justify your opinion.

    1. Kelly’s only edge is tempo. Take that away and his offense is easy to shut down.

      If the Niners had the least-talented team in the league, the offense would perform poorly during both the first second half, but that’s not the case.

          1. That’s exactly how Grant makes it seem to be when in reality the 49ers demise started in 2014 in Harbaugh’s last year when he still had J Smith and Willis and still a good roster.

              1. Ever since his dad and Chip had that exchange in the presser Grants been only writing and targeting the blame the coach for everything campaign while almost all the bay area media and national media has been bashing Jed and Trent who are really responsible for this dumpster fire.

  9. Poor little Hyde got tired – well then that sounds like a conditioning problem to me. Hell players use to play both ways and substitutions were minimal at best. I use to watch Jerry Rice run all day long he never got tired. The biggest problem with Kelly’s offense is the lack of material to work with. He doesn’t have a QB that’s worth a crap, his receivers DO get wide open but rarely stretch for the ball or drop the damn thing or fumble it and if everything goes good there is a penalty. He doesn’t have a center, no wr, and he has a rb that gets tired, poor babyyy, give him a pink safety pin for his effort. Great players make great plays whether they are fresh or tired – Niners don’t have one great player, not even a really good player on offense.

    Everyone is searching for the problem, its all York or Baalkie, or Kelly, or O’Neil, or the Refs, or the weather, the offense sucks, the defense sucks. For me I see this team talent deprived especially on offense. Still 1-12 is not acceptable so heads need to role, I just hope its the right heads that goes.

      1. I do not blame everything on talent. You can’t make a great cake without the proper ingredients. I think O’Neils scheme is terrible. I think with a top 15 defense this team wins 5-6 games- if the team has a top five defense this team wins 10 games. I can not explain the drop off in the second half, just like I couldn’t explain why Harbaugh had red zone issues. If its a conditioning thing then that’s on the players and the coaches. If its lack of adjustments that’s on the coaches. It is a head scratcher for sure. I think its like the democrats, blaming everything under the sun for failure and not realizing it was not just one thing that went wrong it was an accumulation of a bunch of things. I think that’s what’s wrong with the Niners a whole bunch of things. It may be on Kelly but I don’t think so – yet.

        1. Kelly never has a good defense.

          Kelly’s offense would be good if he never had to substitute and players never got tired, but those things aren’t realistic.

          1. Hold on, Grant. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen RBs on many other teams, who make long runs, take themselves out the next play. Further, I don’t have the stats handy (maybe you know how to get them), but I’m pretty sure Kelly’s offense is running a fair amount slower than it did in Philly.

            1. Every team has players that get tired the only difference in this team to those other teams is that they can withstand to sit some talent because there deep enough too we can’t because Baalke is such a horrible talent evaluator.

              1. Example; The Falcons sitting Julio Jones because Kyle Shanahan knows there going to run the ball down our throats until submission

      2. We’ve never heard Jed, Trent, and Chip say they didn’t have “talent” it’s the rest of the NFL that says they don’t have “talent”

        Saw SportsTalkLive Wednesday Thursday and Tim Kawakami and Phil Taylor mention that no matter what coach they hire they will not succeed unless they upgrade the roster and find a GM that puts the emphasis on QB and the skilled players like WRs but especially QB.

      1. if the Niners were winning, would Hyde be so quick to take himself out of a game after a long run? Maybe there is a mental conditioning that correlates to winning! Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson among others did not seem to have this issue.

  10. I beg to differ. Kaep is right, they are close on offense, but the defense is what is dooming this team. The defense gets gassed because they cannot make a stop on third down. That is mainly due to a lack of talent. They let the opposition march down the field, and usually shoot themselves in the foot to sustain their drives.

    The defense is also not getting very many turnovers. Granted, Ward did make a good play in the first quarter, but what did he do for the last 58 minutes?

    I think that continuity could be the key to success, but only if Baalke is gone. Ariens says that Kaep is scary. Niners were only 3 points down to the Patriots into the third quarter. Dolphins felt fortunate to survive that last drive. Even with the putrid 12 game losing streak, the Niners did have leads.

    If they blow it up, they should start at the top, and get rid of Jed. If that does not happen, I would be willing to retain the players and coaches (except O’Neil) just as long as Baalke is gone. If Baalke stays, they might not win a game.

    If they blow it up, just expect an even longer rebuilding process. Randy Cross mentioned it was a 5 year process. There is no guarantee that a new QB will light up the league. Just look at Goff and Wentz. Any decent FA QB will be snatched up by another team, so the Niners will be left with a house painter if Kaep is allowed to flee this dysfunctional dumpster fire.

    Chip has shown flashes of good coaching, but his Achilles heel is the lack of resiliency, and making timely in game adjustments.

            1. How do you make adjustments to something that isnt adjustable?
              Kap is a one read running QB. How can anyone work with that?

              1. Seb-

                He sucks.

                You know he sucks

                You continue to make him out to be Unitas.


              1. Probably not, Seb. But no one around here is clamoring for him. He does have a better record that Kaep’s last 24 starts. And no one but you is clamoring for *him*.

      1. i don’t understand the hate on Kap. True he played horrible the last two games but if you look at his game he has shown steady improvement since he took over the reigns. I don’t understand if this regression is permanent (they way most of you are treating it) or if it is a temporary blip. I would be ok with Kap/Kelly getting one more year, provided Kelly is willing to change his defensive staff and bring in a more credible OC like Norv Turner

        1. What noteworthy thing has Kap done in the last three years?
          More importantly, who on the team is better because of his QB skills?

    1. Kaep is right, they are close on offense, but the defense is what is dooming this team.

      The suction is strong with this one.

      1. As a lone voice in the wilderness, I shall remain unbowed.

        I hope Kaep knows that there is at least one fan on this site that wants him to stay, but perfectly understands if he leaves.

        1. The problem with your ‘one voice’, as you put it, is that you are not thinking about what you post. What team that only has one win is close on offense Seb? The answer is no team with that record is close on any side of the ball, and it usually boils down to the owner on down being awful. And yes, that does include the QB.

          1. Sorry, Mid, but I lived through though double 2-14 seasons , and both times, the offense was the problem because the defense was decent. Ineffectual runners and interception delivery machines. While the offense has shown glimmers like those 400 yard games, I will also admit it could be a lot better. Of course, we do not have Joe throwing to Jerry, we have Kaep throwing to cut players.

            In those games, we knew they were going to lose before we left the parking lot. At least this season, there have not been too many blowouts, and last game made it to overtime. A few times, the Niners have jumped out to 14 point leads, only to see the defense give up 30.

            Still, this season sucks with a 12 game losing streak, and I want them to hold Jed accountable. It all starts at the top.

            If they fire everybody, who in their right mind would want to come here? No decent coaches or FAs would want to come here to lose so pathetically.

            This defense has given up multiple 200 yard rushing games, and you want to disparage only the offense?

              1. Well, in 67, the Broncos had a -53 yard game, so Kaep is not the worst.

                Hee haw? What are you, a hillbilly? Eh?

  11. Rest assured Seb, Kaep knows you’re pulling for him. He’s heartened, I’m sure, that he’ll still have your love if he departs.

            1. Sung to ‘Tean Angel’…

              Seb Nynah, Seb Nynah, Seb Nynah, ooh-ooh
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              Are you somewhere up above?
              And is Kaep still your own true love?

              What was it you were looking for that took your life that night?
              They said they found Kaep’s TD ball clutched in your fingers tight

              1. I see you got your list out
                Say your piece and get out.
                Yes I got the gist of it,
                But it’s all right.

                Sorry that you feel that way
                The only thing there is to say
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                I will get by, I will get by
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              2. Suckin’

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                New York got the ways and means
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                Suckin’ like the Castro fan
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                Sometimes the Cards aren’t worth a crap
                If you don’t play like Kap

              3. Sometimes the lights all shining on me,
                other times I can barely see,
                Lately it occurs to me,
                What a strange trip its been.

    1. He’s right. Too bad he hasn’t shown any interest in coaching. If he did, I’d hire him as the QB’s Coach on the spot. I’d go through every quarterback in this draft and let him lead the process of identifying one….

    2. Cubus …

      This one should be a ..“must read”
      for Jedster …

      oh wait … I forgot ..

      the only thing he can .. read … is ..
      the bottom line

      1. The announcers for the Jets-Dolphins game mentioned that Marino is a special assistant of some sort for the Dolphins. Why not Montana or Young for the 49ers?

        1. “Why not Montana or Young for the 49ers?..”

          Cubus ..
          Like Razor said .. The Joe (at least in the past)
          hasn’t shown an interest in coaching .. but ..
          doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a great QB coach ..

          or …

          taking into account the last 3 who held the position ..
          the OC

          1. ‘The defensive guy or the Offensive Coordinator needed to be shot’ – That may be one of the reasons Joe is not a coach.

    3. I will agree that the coaches should let Kaep be the field general, but even Joe was in awe when Kaep ran for 181 yards in the GB game, IICRC.

      Joe was a pure pocket passer, but even he did run in those big games. I bet Steve Young would see the advantages of being a dual threat to run or pass, although he also stressed accuracy.

      1. seb,

        Joe “was” in awe. Montana was asked if Chip Kelly’s offense could be successful in the NFL.
        Joe, “I think it’s tough to have a system where you can’t rely on the quarterback.”
        Joe, “Oh, they’ll have their times and they’ll have good times but the majority of the time, they have way too good of athletes on the other side of the football that can stop the read option.”
        Joe, “Everybody thought that would be the next phase but you don’t see it as much as you used to.”

        1. 80, I believe in Kaep. I think he will be rehabilitated with the proper coaching.

          I believe in redemption.

          I also believe in miracles. ;p

          1. Do you think Kelly and his staff provides proper coaching? We might as well hire Chris Ault to be OC or HC if Kap is still here.

            I don’t believe in Kap. If he doesn’t get a starting role next year I think he will retire. Nessa will leave him for a Giant or Jet and he will be forgotten by all.

          2. Addicted to Kaep (sung to ‘Adicted to Love’, Robert Palmer)

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          3. Seb…

            Miracles take Faith.
            And Faith without Work is Dead.
            Kap does not like to “work” on his mechanics….

            Whats it like in the land of OZ???

      2. Seb=
        This thing with Kap…implying that Young would have been better if he copied Kaps game……always trying to paint kap as a victim. Your losin it. You went to one to many Dead concerts and you’ve lost the ability to think rationally.

        You do hang at “Marty’s Top O’ The Hill”, don’t you?

    1. Also how pathetic the defense is, Bryce Petty showed glimpses of Joe Montana against our D and today the Dolphins defense slapped him to reality

      1. Gase has the Dolphins defense playing fairly well considering he doesn’t have Tomsula as his DC. Another brilliant move by the Jed Baalke mind meld. For the York family accountability means the ability to account for all that profit.

  12. Good article Grant. You ended it with “this is why Chip will be fired” what you mean to say is “this is why Chip SHOULD be fired”

    I happen to think he stays, even though he cleary should be gone.

  13. Niners will win if they are energized, focused, and play as a team.

    If they can reduce the unforced errors, they have a chance, but that means they must play smart, controlled and disciplined.

    I hope they unleash Kaep.

    Niners 24-23. GO NINERS.

  14. Good article Grant your damn right unfortunately.
    This ownership doesnt have a clue to bring it to another level cuz in every facet we fail.

    I hope we bring up the money to get the best possible personnel, it starts from the top.

  15. You tout one side of the argument as a crucifixion of Chip Kelly. However, it is that fast paced first half that is producing points. Without the fast pace which prevents substitutions the team doesn’t score any points. That has been shown in the 3rd and 4th quarter of games.

    At what point do you hold adults accountable to be conditioned? They are paid millions and have strength and conditioning coaches. They have schedules and they have commitments for which they are paid.

    I am not saying you’re wrong Grant. I am merely pointing out the double edged sword here.

    The alternative is that the team score no points.

    1. Asking 11 payers on offense to run at an uptempo pace all game and never sub themselves out and stay fresh at the same time is unrealistic.

      1. I believe Kelly and his “sports science” approach are designed to make the other fellow a tad bit more gassed than your guy to gain that late game advantage and run the ball to control the clock. Of course, by that point the 49ers are in a ditch trying to scratch out two or three first downs and as a team have given up.

      2. I still agree with you Grant. Do you expect that there will be conditioning gains in yr 2 if the team stays with Kelly?

        If it were all conditioning though why is the team flat the 1st series of the second half?

        I believe the offense does better when Kaep doesnt have time to think. When he is able to take his first read as a result of the tempo the team gains success.
        When the team asks Kaepernick to look like an NFL qb in the second half as they adjust to perceived adjustments, the team struggles. I would expect the second half is when running Kaep would be more successful

        1. Conditioning gains? Perhaps.
          I think the problems during the 1st series of the second half come down to the ineffective halftime adjustments made by Kelly and his staff.

  16. As we have witnessed and supported by Coach Kelly’s assessment, Kaep underperforms in wet-cold conditions. Playing in a dome will increase Kaep’s efficiency back to his mean somewhere in the neighborhood of the 10th percentile of all rated QB’s. Good luck 49ers.

  17. Ain’t got change for a nickel
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    I ain’t got nothing but the blues

    1. Nothing new here, all La Confora is saying is “No, really, I meant it.” Still vague as hell on sources.
      The amusing part is two poseurs like La Confora and Florio arguing about it.

      1. True, but the thought of any part of the York ownership having a hand on any of the football decisions leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach.

        1. This line from one of my favorite movies reminds me of everyones attitude towards York:

          “If I fix the flat tire on your car, and two years later I lose your garden hose, according to you I’m not going to get any credit for the flat, I’m just a dumb guy who lost the hose!”

            1. No, because like a fool I believed the Yorks truly wanted to build a contender once again. But their true colors showed after they were able to get a new stadium. They are in it for the money and nothing more.

              1. “They are in it for the money and nothing more.”

                That is an asinine comment because there isn’t a single owner in this league that isn’t in it for the money.

              2. Most want to build a contender as well and try to maintain it. And calling me Seb is easily the more asinine comment.

              3. I love the thought that owners that are saavy enough to build up a personal fortune large enough to buy and own an NFL team would suddenly turn soft in the head and think that they can lose game after game and continue to make money with their product. That they actually don’t care about winning because they’re so totally clueless about the connection between the team winning and becoming more successful financially….are you f’n kidding me? The only ones soft brained are the ones that think that way.

              4. Oh please. One look at a Forbes report on the wealthiest franchises completely destroys your weak defense.

  18. Football ethics question:
    Some of you guys on the blog have coached at one level or another, this question mostly for you.
    You’re no doubt aware of the scandal at Wake Forest where a former assistant coach serving as a media guy covering the team allegedly was regularly passing game plan information to opposing teams coaches prior to games. The archetypical disgruntled former employee.
    Some coaches accepted and used the info, others just stayed silent.
    My question then is if you were a coach at any amateur level, how would you react to being offered this info?
    2nd/ Would your answer be any different as an NFL coach?

    For the record
    1/ I would immediately call the opposing coach to alert him, and FedX what I had to him. At HS or lower level a phone call would suffice.
    2/ Even though the competitive level in the NFL is very bare knuckled, I’d still call the other coach and alert the league security guys. Not every NFL org would I’d guess.

  19. 14 burning questions

    Will Hyde run out of gas
    Will Hyde miss a block
    Will the Niners QB pass for more then 6 yards
    Will the Niners QB throw accurately
    Will the receivers catch the ball
    Will the receivers stretch for the ball
    Will the receivers fumble the ball
    Will the line open holes
    Will the line pass protect
    Will Brooks be off sides
    Will there be pass pressure
    Will DB cover their man
    Will anyone on defense tackle
    Will there be penalties that stop drives

              1. Stop giving answers and replies that mimic his simplistic and ridiculous style of thinking and I’ll stop calling you his name.

              2. How about you actually try to act your age? And if you stop and think about it, from the ownership on down includes the QB.
                Oh snap, there goes another one of your weak defenses.

  20. Idiotic article with no facts to back it up. This offense is on the field the least out of any NFL offense and they are gassed?

  21. Interesting. The commentators at the beginning of last game marveled that the Niners had an extensive workout before the game. One guy said that the team might be worn down before the 4th quarter. He thought the players should be rested before the contest as much as possible.

    Maybe this tidbit of information could help solve the mystery of the team running out of gas in the second half.

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