49ers stock report

Here is my Wednesday column.

Here is the current stock report of six prominent 49er figures, letting you know if their stock is up or down.

Jim Harbaugh: Stock down

For eight consecutive years, his stock was up, up, up. That trend ended Jan. 19, the day Harbaugh lost the NFC Championship to the Seahawks the same way he lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens the season before — failing in the red zone.

Things got worse for Harbaugh. Reports emerged that he wanted a contract extension, a raise, and more power. Reports emerged that he didn’t get along with the general manager, Trent Baalke, and that some veterans on the team were tiring of Harbaugh. Reports emerged that the 49ers almost traded him to Football Siberia — the Cleveland Browns.

According to one report, the 49ers would have promoted defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to head coach if they had traded Harbaugh to the Browns.


The only way Harbaugh can make his stock surge is to coach the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory before his contract expires after the 2015-2016 season.

Of course, Harbaugh denied wanting a contract extension, denied almost getting traded, denied the existence of any serious friction between him and Baalke. Harbaugh told Sports Illustrated he has “great respect for (Baalke),” and that “if you haven’t had a brother, you probably don’t understand the relationship between the GM and the head coach.”

Was Harbaugh referring to the relationship between Cain and Abel, or some other brothers?

Jim Tomsula: Stock up

Tomsula is the primary beneficiary of Harbaugh’s stock going down. If Harbaugh fails to win a Super Bowl the next two seasons or if the 49ers trade him tomorrow, Tomsula would be the favorite to become their next head coach.

Tomsula has coached the 49ers’ defensive line the past seven seasons. He’s one of the best D-line coaches in the NFL. Players love him. He could get the 49ers to play hard, and he would have a much lower stock price than Harbaugh.

Jed York: Stock down

Started out as a penny stock in 2008 when his parents made him the president of the 49ers. The day they made him president, he hired Mike Singletary to be the head coach. And the penny stock became a junk bond.

It remained junk until 2011, when York landed a new head coach — Harbaugh. The 49ers started winning and York became a blue-chip stock over night. Now, the stock is starting to plummet again.

York could not have handled this offseason any worse.

Both NBC and ESPN reported that the 49ers almost traded Harbaugh to the Browns. Jed York denied the whole thing, tweeting, “Report isn’t true.” But then the Browns’ owner, Jimmy Haslam, confirmed to USA Today that the essence of the report was true, saying, “There was an opportunity there, and it didn’t materialize.”

It was NBC’s, ESPN’s and Haslam’s word against York’s.

So, York had to double back and change his story: Well, actually, the Browns did inquire about trading for Harbaugh, but the 49ers “had no interest in entering those discussions,” York said.

If that is true, York should have held a press conference and explained his side of the story from the beginning. A good owner controls the narrative of his team. York is controlling nothing. He is allowing the 49ers’ narrative to become a soap opera.

Anquan Boldin: Stock up

York didn’t take control of the 49ers’ narrative, so Boldin did. He recently told Bay Area reporters, “I don’t think anybody in the locker room has an issue with Coach Harbaugh.” Sticking up for his coach, doing what a good teammate does, asserting himself as a leader.

Boldin’s stock couldn’t be any higher. He’s becoming the voice of the franchise, he just signed a two-year, $12 million contract extension, and he was the best offensive player in the NFL last year — better than Peyton Manning, according to AdvancedNFLstats.com.

A bona fide blue-chipper.

Colin Kaepernick: Stock down

Kaepernick thinks he’s a blue-chip, top-five great quarterback in the NFL and wants to be paid $20 million a year, according to CBSsports.com.

Kaepernick is not a blue-chip, top-five great quarterback.

It is not possible to become a great quarterback after just 29 starts, including the playoffs. Russell Wilson — a better quarterback than Kaepernick — has started 37 games and won a Super Bowl. Not a great quarterback yet.

A great quarterback has an extended track record of success, makes other players better and has no significant weaknesses in his game. Kaepernick has not started two full seasons, does not make other players better and has significant weaknesses in his game — accuracy, footwork, touch, anticipation, and overall effectiveness in the red zone.

And before he improves those weaknesses, he wants to be paid more money than every quarterback except Aaron Rodgers.

Beware of Kaepernick’s IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Trent Baalke: Stock up

He is standing his ground. He has not allowed Kaepernick or Harbaugh to shake down the franchise. Baalke has a position — the 49ers are an elite franchise, so they don’t have to overpay anyone. Not the coach. Not the quarterback.

As long as Baalke holds his ground, his stock goes up, up, up. If he gives in, sell.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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    1. Agreed.

      I don’t think Harbaugh was the only hire that made Jed York’s stock go up. I remember everyone criticizing the hire of Trent Baalke too. And yet the 49ers made a pretty good hire there.

      I don’t really think Jed did that bad of a job answering the rumors about the potential trade of Harbaugh to the Browns. It was a broad statement but it is true that the report as originally reported was true. The first report I heard said he was almost traded. I was expecting some negotiating between the Browns and the 49ers to surface but I heard the Browns offered, the Niners said no. I wouldn’t waste my time answering questions about every offer that another team makes for your head coach.

      I would pay Kaep between $12 to $15 million. Draft his replacement and maybe Kaep becomes a star (a la Drew Brees when the Chargers drafted Philip Rivers) or we can groom his replacement.

      1. The Cohn’s just can’t leave it along. They have to keep pushing this Brown’s story. Must be bad when you are so ficked on a certain story. Maybe Grant should team up with Killon and come up with something new.

    2. Maybe someone can judge the Cohn’s like they do the Niners. They would certainly lose all the time. I would hate to have the attitude that these two have. How can it be enjoyable.

  1. I have to agree about Kap. His cocky attitude and entitlement is really starting to wear thin. He was given the keys to a Ferrari and thinks he’s Jeff Gordon. He’d be a mediocre QB on a average team at best. He’s the Anti Russell Wilson

      1. Hey Benny, He wasn’t given anything. He earned it. If you’re not cocky, you’re in the wrong business. This games is nothing but swinging cocks doing battle against on another. Maybe you didn’t here Earl Thomas describe him as special. Great lines are fun in the movies and on blogs, but they rarely are applicable to reality, as is the case here.

        Jim Harbaugh is an NFL blue chip stock. He wins and that’s what matters. Plan on him winning in 2014. Up

        Colin Kaepernick is going to be the 49ers franchise quarterback and the 49ers made that public information at the combine.

        Trent Baalke will pay Colin Kaepernick because the 49ers know he’s their guy. As long as the wins keep coming, Harbaugh gets paid and Baalke keeps trending Up.

        Tomsula has to feel awkward being used as a pawn. As a defensive line coach, he’s the best. Up

        Jed York is still young, and he learned an important lesson. He’s got a contender and a new stadium with the best coach in the NFL and a dynamic quarterback. Up

          1. Razor son, you sunk his battleship lol. Seriously I honestly don’t get what a lot of these guys don’t get. Glass half empty type of folks. Look, we are winning. We have a QB who is the face of the franchise. A coach who is a socially challenged type A personality. He’s made some mistakes, but he’s smart and will get better.

            We are opening a new stadium. Two years in a row we are either in the superbowl, or a pass away from being there. Awesome times. We did this with a gimpy number one receiver an ok offensive line and an over the hill running back. So yes, to repeat myself, life is good unless you listen to the Cohn writers. Gotta be miserable to live your life that way.

            By the way Grant are you trying to ban me? I keep getting messages tha tmy IP address has been blacklisted. Tired of my schtick? lol.

        1. Actually Claude, I think Texas Governor Ann Richards first came up with the line when describing George Bush. But you’re right: GREAT line!

          1. Rusty:

            I don’t think Richards ever said it. The first I ever heard it was when Jim Hightower used the line in reference to George H.W. Bush at the 1988 Democratic national convention. I didn’t want to make the Texas political reference because it would have invited a response from Houston, and I would then have had to spend all day correcting his nonsense. I didn’t want to waste that much time. I figured no one would get riled up if I insulted Trump. Who would defend that guy?

            The earliest reported public utterance of the line came from Barry Switzer in 1986. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Barry_Switzer My guess is that it was a commonly used colloquial phrase for many years prior to that.

          2. “Poor George. He can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth”

            -Ann Richards at 1988 convention.

      2. Really Grant, you quote this guy and his great line. He also says “on a average team at best”. The guys loses any crediability right there. I’m not sold on Kaep and you don’t like him. But we are far from an average team

      3. Not that I’m defending the guy (bennyblanco) but it doesn’t seem like he was referring to the niners when he said “average team at best”… he was saying if Kap was on a average team that he would be mediocre at best, at least that’s what I took from that.

        Anyways I’m with you Razor, everything is trending up as far as I’m concerned. Yeah its never good to have this type of media about your HC and GM but I have confidence in Jed that he will find a way to make it work. He’s no doubt enjoying the success and wants to keep it going. They don’t have to be bestfriends in order to function, but they do have to be civil and share common direction. They’re guys they’ll get over it.

      4. Grant everyone needs a chance in life to succeed wouldn’t you agree? You were given the chance to be the Inside the 49ers blog writer and look at you now. Colin was given a chance based on his hard work and he earned it.

      5. I still stand by my comment… yeah Kap has much upside and is explosive. But there is just something about the way he carry’s himself that rubs me the wrong way. I’m no A.Smith homer but he had the team rolling under Harbaugh and was on route to another good playoff run. Coach made the change an the rest is history… but just look at the difference between the way Russell Wilson conducts himself and Kap… night n day. Kaps arrogant attitude is going to implode when poop hits the fan. He needs to learn to be humble and grateful that he WAS GIVEN THE KEYS TO A FERRARI. A team completely stacked all around. I don’t agree with the personal shots Grants took at him (very bad taste) but if/when our team has to go throuh major changes like The Pats, Saints, Steelers, ect and if Kap doesn’t live up to his own hype with a slightly less stacked team. Then he is going to have to face all the people he has pissed off along the way with his arrogance

    1. Jeff Gordon’ stock has been down as well hasn’t it?

      Here’s the deal, if Kaep’ career ended today he might be deserving of the negative opinions some direct his way. But Kaep’ a big boy and he has handled the negative press well for his 2.5 season played. And lest we forget, he is still growing as a QB. With that thought and fact in mind, I feel that CK has carved out a pretty nice resume thus far.

      I could understand some of the angst with CK when it comes to some of his on-field flaws. Not going through progressions, running out of the pocket when there is no pressure, and faulty footwork are definite areas of concern and a work in progress.

      But when the angst toward CK is aimed because the way he conducts himself during a press conference or the way he dresses, then it becomes evident that Kaep has his detractors who will likely never be happy with him in a 49er uni.

      If Kaep were to win a SB this upcoming season it would not surprise me if some of his detractors would harp that he should have won the last two.

      Harbaugh’ stock may be down according to Grant, but again, Harbaugh’ demeanor rubs many people the wrong way so it’s no surprise that some people don’t gravitate to him.
      It really doesn’t matter to me how JH treats the media as long as he continues to win.
      Media personnel are the most fickle group in the world.
      I’ve learned a long time ago never to be persuaded by their type.
      I’m glad that CK and Harbaugh feel the same way.

      1. Kaep’s a big boy? He’s a whiny crybaby. He’s the face of the franchise and he is petulant and pouty with the press. Give me a break.

        1. Forgive me if I may have missed it, but can you find any excerpts where CK whined over losing.

          I saw Kaep put the blame on himself after the Seattle loss. Man’ing up and whining seem to be a bit confusing in your world.

      2. AES, the sad part of this whole CK hatred is all based on prejudice and the trade of Alex Smith.

        Media and the people that do not like CK have developed their opinion all based on his lack of interaction with the media and his personal appearance. He does not care about what people think, he has tattoos and lives his life which might make some people very uncomfortable.

        CK has only played in this league for 1.5 years and the expectation for him is to win the big game and he failed. We all know that he did not win the big game for us but does he really deserve all the personal attacks and the one sided analysis!

        1. Chicago,
          You make some valid points.
          The newest slant on Kaep is that he should be winning with a SB ready team.
          That’ BS!
          Why? Because there are to many factors in a team sport that could determine a win and a loss.

          Montana had a SB ready team but the team loss in a championship game against the Redskins because of a horrific PI call against us in the waning moments of the game.

          Rogers get’s beat by Kearse on a play in which we were off sides but the play was allowed to go on even though our D-line stopped rushing.
          Again, to many factors involved to lay the blame the entire loss on CK but its become vogue to do so these days.

          1. completely agree. After all only one team wins the trophy! if you make it to the Super Bowl then you are a Super Bowl ready team. Look at Denver and Patriots for good examples

        2. Chi
          I dont think the “CK Hatred” is at all AS related. He seems aloof with the media which paints a picture (very possibly a wrong one) that he doesnt care. You said it yourself he has played 1.5 years and based on that is asking for a top 5 QB contract. In his first two years Mark Sanchez took the jets to two AFCCG and threw 3 td beating Tom Brady in the process and now look at his but fumbling self. Josh freeman had 2 different seasons in which he threw for more than 25 TD but he was cut by the bucks and cant even crack the horrible vikings qb rotation. My point is 1.5 years is too small a sample size to blow up your cap with a monster deal of 18+ mil a year. If you are wrong, you undercut your ability to stay competitive. Its more of a wait and see approach.

          A Boldin best offensive player last year?? the 2 catches a game for 30 yards between weeks 2 and 11 would disagree with that claim but hey annything to support your weak argument

    2. If somebody gives me the keys to the Ferrari I assume they not only think I can drive, but I can drive well! Who gives the keys to a Ferrari to a novice driver? Pay him the $18 mil, the market says he is worth it. How many championship gams has cutler, romo, and Flynn won?

      1. If Romo had a team as talented as Kap does I’m sure he could make the same deep run into the playoffs. Kap has great athletic ability, but struggles in the pocket and panics after his first read isn’t open.
        I’m not defending Romo as much as I’m saying Kap isn’t worth $18 million a year

        1. yogi,
          If I had won the big lottery two weeks ago i’d be posting this message from my mansion in Maui as well.

          But the fact remains that neither Romo or Cutler have won in the post season over the past few years as CK has and that there is a very strong possibility that Kaep would land the monies he’s looking for elsewhere.

          Now, I’ll be the first to say that Kaep has his flaws. But if can still get his team to the playoffs during his QB maturation period I’m all for finding a contract that appeases both parties and keeps him in a 49er uniform for an extended time.

        2. Really! are you related to the Cohns or do you have a crystal ball? Statements like this is so annoying since they are completely based on speculations! IF this and IF that. Whatever dude.

      2. The race car metaphor has everyone going, but it isn’t really that apt. CK took over a plodding offense, plodding by design. Was Alex a Michael Schumaker or Dario Franchetti? Is Alex driving a Ferrari now? No.
        Does Robaugh even put an Enzo on the track? No.
        CK was given the keys to a Humvie.

        1. Until we get past the Seahawks, we’re nothing but a great car blueprint that everybody oogles over yet choose not to develop.

          1. Don’t obsess too much Mid, there’s no guarantee Seattle wont suffer the perils of a myriad of pitfalls next year, injury, over confidence, loss of form, they are the champs, everyone will be shooting to knock em down.

            European analogy would be a Volvo, built like a brick sh*thouse, but decidedly unspectacular.

        2. very nice Tuna,

          people forget what we were with Alex. This offense has potential to be good but it will never be on par with the Saints, Packers, or Broncos. That’s not how Harbs runs things around here. Kaep is essentially playing the Alex Smith role but with more excitement and risk, which doesn’t always work for us, but does for the most part.

          Humvie is good….or maybe a Mac truck or tank

    3. Mediocre QB. 21-8 says different.

      Average team. If you say so.

      Anti-Russell Wilson? Niners count on Kap to win games, Russell Wilson doesnt have to play well for his team to win, he just has to not turn the ball over, he’s a game-manager that can’t see over his O-line so he scrambles around til somebody gets open and throws the ball downfield.

      1. If we want to keep speculating then you can give Seattle’s defense and home field to any of the top 20 Qbs and they would have won the Super Bowl.

  2. Would you consider Baalke to be on shaky ground, though, if Harbaugh does leave? If he gets a coach that succeeds, he’s a hero and the real one steering the franchise. If that coach fails, he’s the one that let Harbaugh and the winning ways leave.

    1. As long as they keep winning, there would be no reason for either to leave. The team comes first, while egos should be held in check….

  3. 1. How can Harbaughs stock be down if some team is willing to trade for him, considering that is such a rare occurrence?
    2. York saying the “report isn’t true” is completely accurate. He made that comment when the first report came out stating that the Niners “almost” traded Harbaugh and that there was a “deal in place”…which turns out was completely false.
    3. Every report I’ve read about what Kap wants in his next contract has been in the 16-18 million range…not 20. 16-18 for him considering that is what other QB’s who are not as good, dynamic or playoff proven seems fair. I would take Kap over Cutler, Romo, Schaub and Rivers everyday of the week.

  4. Jed York doesn’t get any points for financing and building (on schedule) one of the best sports stadiums in the U.S. in poor financial climate and in the most difficult state in the country to build anything? Wow.

  5. This is all in the media’s eye’s. How can Jim’s stock be down,he’s under paid and brought the 49er’s back to relevance. When people would pay you more $ to work for them instead of your current job,I call that an asset

  6. I cant make what to think of this article other then to rename it; 6 random 49er related thoughts from Grant Cohn.

  7. I can’t take this guy serious. I’ve fell into the category of, “just coming here to read everyone’s post and give my opinion.” Unsure how people’s stock can fall when they’ve taken an organization that was at the bottom of the barrel just 5yrs ago to where it is now.

    1. KY, Grant has the ability to write meaningful and neutral blogs, unfortunately press must have a different marketing strategy.

  8. Grant:

    The section on Jed York is as almost as factually incorrect as your description of Ahmad Brooks’ “penalty” in the Saints game. By the way, did you ever acknowledge that Brooks won his appeal?

    Florio’s report (49ers and Browns agreed to terms for a trade, only to have it vetoed by Harbaugh) has not been corroborated by anyone, including Haslam. Jed’s denial has never been contradicted by anyone. Jed never changed his story, which was corroborated by Harbaugh.

    As for Harbaugh, the only reports that said he was almost traded to Cleveland came from Florio, and those have pretty much been discredited. Boldin’s statements more than trump those reports. Harbaugh’s stock is doing fine.

    And while there is some merit to your position that it’s too soon to crown Kaepernick “a blue-chip, top-five great quarterback in the NFL,” I wouldn’t say his stock is down. His potential is still sky high, and he is no more than one year away from making a lot of money, whether it’s from the 49ers or someone else. Plus, he seems to be doing OK with endorsement money.

    Kudos on being accurate regarding Tomsula, Boldin, and Baalke.

      1. So says Florio. I never saw anything from Mortensen that disclosed a source or that indicated his source was different from Florio’s. And all I saw from Mortensen was that Cleveland “made a serious run at Harbaugh that reached a serious stage.” That’s a long way from corroborating the report that the teams had agreed to terms.

          1. Big whoop Grant. How many former members of the former Browns venom front office were there exactly? I give you the multiple ‘sources’.

          2. LMFAO!!!

            Wow.. you actually believe that?

            I don’t know why I thought you were smart, maybe it’s because you’re a “journalist”.. I use that loosely.

            Who are these sources? Ian Rapaport has sources saying the opposite.. and then Jed York backed it up, The Browns’ owner, Haslam, said it was thrown out there but never got serious..so are both sides lying?

            I found you insightful for a while, but I see you are going do the sensationalistic path, trying to be outrageous like your idol Mike “Yellow Journalism” Florio and that loser Tim Kawakami.

              1. The Niners own NFL.com? Then what’s up with the East Coast bias on that channel? And I would be willing to bet that Haslam would have considered an emphatic no as a serious stage of discussions.

      2. According to multiple sources, Grant’s hiring at the Press Democrat had nothing to do with his father being employed there.

        *Florio once reported that Terry Bradshaw had died, except he hadn’t actually died.

        John Gruden on Chris Mortensen: “I don’t watch ESPN. I don’t believe half the [expletive] people on the channel, personally – no disrespect.”

        “There’s a lot of reports out there,” Gruden said. “I just wish some of these reports were verified. (Mortensen) doesn’t have a (expletive) idea what he’s talking about.”

        Let’s just take Haslam’s word for it, he is well known for his honesty and integrity. It’s not like he would puff up the story to mask the dysfunction of his franchise or anything like that. He fired a coach after one year and made the job radioactive. After being rejected by numerous coaches, he settled for his tenth and only choice. Combine that level of dysfunction with a looming federal indictment for fraud and corruption, and it’s not hard to figure out Mortensen’s “source.” Give me a break.

              1. The fact that im as old as I am now and can still pretty clearly remember most of my visits there should say how special that place is. I’ve heard they no longer use the keys, what a shame.

            1. I don’t have an agenda or a grudge. I’m interested in the truth. Some fans only want to believe good news or what the team tells them.

              1. And you don’t want to believe anything the organization or Harbaugh tells you if it contradicts what you think happened. In my opinion, you are too quick to accept and insist upon a negative interpretation of events. You often don’t come across as neutral or objective, particularly with regard to Harbaugh.

                I agree with you that there are plenty of fans who don’t like the fact that you aren’t a homer, and I don’t think you should be a homer. But being an anti-homer is not the same as being objective.

              2. Mortensen’s multiple sources is as neutral and objective as it gets in this issue. Nothing trumps that.

              3. Mortensen’s multiple sources is as neutral and objective as it gets in this issue.

                I don’t know how you can reach such a conclusion unless you know who those sources are.

              1. So you deleted your previous post and put this in its place? I hope you didn’t think too hard to come up with that, it was extremely lame. “Wouldn’t know. I currently reside in your head.” I thought I heard someone squealing like a child. All joking aside, you aren’t in anybody’s head. You like to create stories instead of reporting about the team. The fact that you commented, removed the comment, and then commented again with a lame line suggests that you kept thinking about it after your first comment. I’m in your head….which resides at your mommy and daddies house.

              2. You come on this blog only to comment about me. It’s been that way for almost two years. It’s creepy.

              3. Don’t flatter yourself Grant. I’ve been coming to this blog for five or six years now and have had many good conversations with you. I just call you on your takes sometimes and you don’t like it. You can play the passive aggressive victim role by using the word creepy, but it’s just your way of deflecting the negative attention that you bring upon yourself. You made a comment about me living in Homerland (which isn’t true) and I came back at you about living in your parents home (which is true) and it upset you. You also made a comment that you were inside my head, which is not only incorrect, but creepy.

              4. I’m not upset about living at home. It’s creepy that you want to know everything about my life and only comment about me. Go back and read your comments the past two years.

                And, no, I won’t be your friend on facebook.

              5. What have I ever asked you about your life? Nothing, because I don’t care. Why would I want to be your friend on Facebook? I wouldn’t. I understand Facebook is a sore spot for you because A.D. put you and your habits on blast, but that’s your problem. Again, you’re playing the victim. Man up and keep your comments to yourself if you don’t want people to come back at you.

              6. You act like you know me. Comment more about football and less about me. It’s creepy.

          1. thats the question i have for you Grant since you are in the fantasy land for most of your blog life! Except your fantasy is to create negativity period.

      1. Chicago:

        The site’s format makes it difficult for me to know which comment you are referring to, but thanks.

  9. I’m sorry, but to me holding a press conference to “address” rumors is kind of silly. They don’t own anything to any of the people that write these stories or the people that actually believe them. Despite what people think you can’t control how people feel. People will believe what they want to believe, so there’s no point in attempting to control something that can’t be controlled.

    As far as Kaepernick is concerned, I agree that he’s not a top 5 QB currently. More time, consistency, and work is needed for that to potentially come true. My only question would be what gives you the impression he thinks of himself in those terms? He seems very confident in himself, but he doesn’t come off as a guy who has an overblown sense of himself. I was just curious because I see that sentiment a lot and I was interested in why you think people see it that way.

  10. grant cone your writing is complete garbage, deep down we all know you are a Seacocks. how is Jim Harbaugh’s stock down when he has led the Niners 3 straight NFC Championship Games which happens to be the first time NFL history.?he is a great coach how dare you speak on him. Kaepernick have already set NFL records himself and is the prototype quarterback of the future. He has led this team to the Superbowl and was close to winning it if it wasn’t for a few bad calls the same goes for this year. You are a 20k a year writer and have 0 ability to play football and let alone write about it. So stay in your lane and continue to write this garbage or maybe you should switch 2 girls volleyball loose boy

  11. This is the lamest stuff ever, prolonging the whole Harbaugh media fiasco. You guys made a bunch of stuff up and got called out on it. I urge everyone who reads this column to boycott the sponsors.

    1. Is a boycott enough, or should we picket the sponsors? Who are the sponsors anyway? Do you have an online petition that we could sign? What about our Congressmen – should we write them too? I think you should draft an email that we can send to our grandmothers. I hear those are very effective.

  12. Grant,

    “Letting [us] know”?

    YOU?!!!! Letting US know something about the 49ers??????


  13. “Kaepernick thinks he’s a blue-chip, top-five great quarterback in the NFL and wants to be paid $20 million a year, according to CBSsports.com.”

    CBS actually states that they think his next deal will average $20 million a year…”CBS Sports thinks quarterback Colin Kaepernick will average $20 million-plus in his new contract” per ESPN. No mention of Kap wanting or thinking anything that you mention.

    Grant, you are officially the Skip Bayless of 49er news! Saying things that you probably know are false or inaccurate just to get a reaction.

      1. That hypothetical $17 million figure left over looks doable until you realize that it would account for only 46 players.

    1. I’m not so sure, Oregon. The Cleveland deal is a lot less than any number of people cracked it up to be. A few scribes are trying to save face with rear guard maneuvers. But even Grant’s initial headline wasn’t supported by the few scraps of ‘evidence’ that were available. Then he vigorously defended a story with few legs.
      Oh, and how’s that breaking news from Miami working out? I haven’t seen any Harbaugh-for-Jonathon Martin Trades on the wires yet. Was that Jed or John on the plane? And where exactly were Trent & Parag?
      Critiquing a team is fine when it’s a fair analysis, but these episodes, especially the Miami nonsense has lowered Grant’s credibility with the team’s management and coaches and players. The rest of us can make up our own minds. I haven’t forgotten September 1981 and Glenn Dickey writing a column about how Eddie D made another mistake (the first being hiring Joe Thomas, which was a mistake but which Dickey endorsed when it happened) in hiring Bill Walsh and he should cut his losses and can Walsh. Presumably BW didn’t drop what he was doing to entertain the Great GD’s wish for an interview.
      I don’t think history will look back that kindly on this stuff, but I could be wrong. Dick Cheney thinks he’ll be vindicated by history too, but he could be wrong.

      1. It reached a serious stage. The only question is who broke off the talks — the 49ers or the Browns. I believe Harbaugh nixed the deal once he learned Lombardi was going to be fired. So, Haslam decided to fire Lombardi and Banner rather than hire Harbaugh. Basically, the Browns broke off the talks. Smart move. Harbaugh is not a miracle worker. He could not have turned around the Browns without high draft picks.

        1. Lombardi was fired after he couldn’t deliver Harbaugh to the Browns. He knew he was a dead man walking and threw up a Hail Mary in a desperate attempt to save his job. He would still be there if they had landed Harbaugh because he is the only reason that Harbaugh would have had any interest at all. Why would Harbaugh want to go to a last place team in the same division as his brother? Common sense > conspiracy theories.

          1. Haslam figured out Banner-Lombardi-Harbaugh would have been an extremely volatile combination that couldn’t bring the Browns success without high draft picks. Haslam figured out early in the offsesaon that Banner and Lombardi were the problem. Lombardi tried to land Harbaugh to save his job, and according to Mortensen’s sources the talks got serious. But even if Lombardi had gotten Harbaugh, that wasn’t going to save Lombardi’s job. He had a job because of Banner, and the owner lost faith in Banner at the beginning of the offsesaon. With Banner and Lombardi on the way out, why would Harbaugh go to the Browns and work with a GM he doesn’t know?

          1. He is a good coach, not yet a great one. Kaepernick’s holes are things Harbaugh should be able to help fix. And Harbaugh needs to get better at the end of championship games.

            1. you are correct, Jim could and should help CK and coach better in the playoffs however if you believe Jim H is a good coach then whats up with all the drama and negative statements about him! why do you report that it would be a mistake for a bad organization to hire Jim H that to your opinion is a good coach?

      2. Good points Brotha Tuna;
        You’re saying that it was a lot of fluff. Maybe so, but it’s a lot of fluff that we became aware of…thanks to Grants articles, and we still don’t know FOR CERTAIN if the other shoe will drop. (or shoes as the case may be). It’s sort of like compromise, if nobody’s happy, it’s a good compromise.

        Love the Dick Cheney reference….even HE can’t really believe that he’ll be vindicated LOL

  14. Grant

    Will you please stop writing this crap? I’ve always had a little bit of a smirk when writing into your blog, a little upward eyebrow, kind of brotherly-like, but at this point, I’m actually starting to believe that you’re not that smart. But you went to my university, so in my eyes, you’re either an embarrassment because you’re dumb, or worse, a disappointment because you’re dishonest.

    Please find your ethical ideal.

  15. Grant, you are by far the worst writer I have ever come across in my entire life. It’s almost comical…it used to frustrate me but now it’s so bad, I find humor in it.

        1. All of us? If you were to look at the comments Matt, you’d notice you’re in the minority. Most on here come for the comments and Grants interaction, not for his PEN/ESPN award writing….

          1. Whose forcing you to read it? That’s the argument.

            When someone posts how terrible the article is, that’s the default thought for most of us. If that isn’t your thought, you can count yourself in the minority. I am sure there are plenty more readers who do not comment on here but simply read the articles and the comments.

            However, no one tells you to come here and read it. No one makes you. So, when you comment on here and complain like a nagging old woman, just know, the first thought I have is, “who forced you to read it.”

            1. A better way to have written that third paragraph would have been “So, when SOMEONE comments on here and complains like a nagging old woman, just know, the first thought I have is, “who forced you to read it.”

              It wasn’t meant as you personally Razor or Chicago, but rather a general “you”.

              And I’m pretty confident we’ve all had that, “Why’d you read it then?” thought at some point, but I’m open to being wrong.

            2. Matt,

              This is a blog designed to get people to comment on stories the Blogger writes. That includes both positive and negative. Just as the Blogger doesn’t like writing many positive stories, you shouldn’t expect nothing but positive comments.

              1. No offense Grant, but according to the media, Harbaugh has been the equivalent of the Great Depression at the very moment that he was born, thus his stock will always be down.

          2. Oregon and Matt,
            Grant has learned to fine art of controversial editorial writing. Many of his topics are meant to excite and incite. Hey, I give Grant credit to some degree. I don’t recall the great Matt Maiocco getting this much feedback post football season as Grant has garnered.

            Also, the host of this blog typically begins each topic in order to begin a discussion among his readers.
            So to make a comment “who’s forcing you to read it” belittles Grant’ topic as well as his readers.
            Grant hit a homerun with this topic (over 500 hits and counting), and in the world of blogging even negative attention is far better than no attention.

  16. If the Niners do not play in next year’s Super Bowl,
    then I will be spending another entire off season
    perched on the back of Coach Jim Harbaw.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey and
    I approve of this message.

    What odds does Las Vegas lay that you ever…
    ever win a Lombardi trophy? Please advise.

  17. Bad mixed metaphor. A stock and a junk bond are two completely different classes of financial instruments. Furthermore, junk bonds aren’t worthless, they just have a higher risk of default compared to investment grade bonds, thus they have a potentially higher yield. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. If anything, Kaep is a junk bond. I think he’s a risk that’ll lead to winning #six!

  18. At first I thought Grant was a terrible writer. But now I just come here for a good laugh. Almost like being in super market and you can’t help but picking up the magazine where a celeb has an outrageous story only found in the enquire. Grant Cohn and jerry springer great stuff.

    1. Grant doesn’t care at all why anyone comes to this blog. His only motivation is that they come. The problem is the only method to attract that he has confidence in is outlandish predictions and crap like today where he distorts the information he has at his disposal in order stimulate outrage. It’s been pointed out innumerable times by many posters, Does anyone think that has helped?

      The advice I’ve always given folks bothered by trolls is to ignore them. If they can’t make you mad, they don’t get what they want. In this case that advise won’t work because there are always folks like me who take the bait. All I can do is try to reduce the number of shots I take at things like today’s post.

      To those with more energy than I have for combat, try to cool it.

  19. Rather than this nonsense story, I would love to see Grant to spend his time analyzing how Mike Evans would compete against Richard Sherman or whether or not Evans has the same or greater competitiveness than Sherman. Also, how Niners would find a locked down corner like Sherman

    1. G. Con doesn’t have the background, education, or Football knowledge to discuss any player comparisons, let alone anything above See Spot Run…

  20. Grant, it looks like you might have to adjust your strategy. Your bash-CK-Harbaugh-to-get-internet-clicks is getting old. As of this writing, this blog has only 50+ comments in it. Look at the previews one, it has 400+ comments and you didn’t even have to bash CK or Harbaugh.

  21. I actually really like what Jim Harbaugh is doing right now, and I think, for the most part, I’ve evaluated this correctly from the start of the Browns’ rumors, with a few unforeseen twists. First off, let’s start with Roger Goodell and his $44 million last year. It stands to reason that if the commissioner made $44 million, the owners made substantially more. No owner is going to be looking up at his employee. I’d venture a guess the Yorks “CLEARED” 50-100 million last year, and probably more. If that’s the case, Harbaugh should be paid 10 million a year – highest paid coach in the NFL. Why? Because Jed and Dr. York don’t deserve it as much as Harbaugh. Lucky sperm and Dr Back into a Good Thing, York? They deserve to clear a 100 million a year? Does anyone remember the Nolan and Singletary years? Fans are stuck on comparables (what other coaches make) and that’s exactly what the owners want people to do. They’ve successfully suppressed coaching pay in the NFL. Calvin Johnson made 18 million last year. The owners won’t open their books and show America the ghastly amounts of money they make, so the only thing that fans can compare Harbaugh’s value to is other coaches. But if the fans saw what the owners cleared each year, 49er fans would be more on Harbaugh’s side, I promise you.

    Jed and Dr. York were getting vilified in the press prior to Harbaugh. Paying Harbaugh one fifth or one tenth of their take home is well worth the exchange for aggravation alone. But aside from the aggravation of being vilified in the press and on the blogs, Harbaugh is also the only one capable of creating a favorable legacy for Jed. If Jed loses Harbaugh for Tomsula, Norv Turner or someone like Charlie Weis, Jed probably will never win a Super Bowl because he’ll become a laughing stock. He just doesn’t get it. So Jed needs to ask himself if it’s worth paying Harbaugh twice what Harbaugh’s making currently to have a favorable reputation around the league. As a fan, if Harbaugh isn’t paid and paid well, and he takes his talents else where, I’m gonna be one pissed follower. If they ever trot out Jim Tomsula as coach, I won’t watch. I might just follow the NFL generally, but I won’t watch Tomsula coach this team.

    Ray Ratto recently wrote a smart piece about reading Harbaugh, “Between the Lines.” Ratto correctly suggested to fans that Harbaugh is orchestrating this beautifully. However, it also stands to reason that the 49ers are using CSN Bay Area to negotiate their side of the story through the press. Matt Maiocco is bought. No reason to read his articles about Harbaugh anymore, searching for objectivity. If he’s going to suggest to us that Tomsula is an adequate replacement, you’ve tipped your hand as a 49er front office mouth piece. I can’t stand Maiocco.

    The big question I have now is “Who benefited from the Browns’ story?” At first, I didn’t think Harbaugh leaked the story. But now I kind of think he did. I kind of think Harbaugh’s directly benefiting more than anyone else from this Browns story, and Ratto’s right when writing, “Harbaugh didn’t get to where he is today by not thinking these things through and creating a good exit strategy.” Ratto also writes that Harbaugh only has so much leverage, and that’s the case in any negotiation, but Ratto downplays the storm of anger that would be fired Jed’s way if he let Harbaugh get out of town for any reason – a rift, money, picks, whatever. And if Harbaugh went on to win Super Bowls else where, with Jed York hiring someone like Jim Tomsula to replace Harbaugh, I promise you I won’t be able to get my pitch fork sharp enough.

    Harbaugh’s hired the best agent in town, and they all worked together well to create a very smart Sports Illustrated article that reshapes the debate. Like Ratto said, Harbaugh did take shots at Jed for not paying Fangio more. Harbaugh looks like a crusader, trying to get his coaches paid better while Harbaugh sits back and, by the looks of things, defends himself. But make no mistake about it, Harbaugh’s in full offensive mode. I think Harbaugh’s playing his hand perfectly, and I don’t have any problem with the way he’s playing the game simply because Roger Goodell made 44 million last year. Did he put a helmet on last year and subject himself to brain damage like so many NFL players did making, in some cases, one tenth of Goodell’s payday? Hell, the owners make far too much money to squabble with Harbaugh over 3-5 million dollars per year. If Jed lets Harbaugh get out of town for any reason, Jed’s world, as the 49ers’ owner, will be turned upside down. If I’m Harbaugh, I’m asking for 10 million a year, far more than the highest paid coach in the NFL, and if Jed doesn’t pay it, I take my wears elsewhere and laugh while I build a championship contender else where. Think another team wouldn’t be glad to pay Harbaugh 10 million per year after what Harbaugh’s done in SF and at Stanford? Ironically even Richard Sherman is now helping Harbaugh get paid more. Think there’s another coach out there Jed can hired to do what Harbaugh’s done? Think again. Harbaugh’s the glue that keeps this coaching staff and team together. Lose Harbaugh and eventually you’ll lose your coaching staff, team and all 49er credibility.

  22. York didn’t change his story. Get your facts straight. He answered both questions correctly. You just didn’t like that his answers because they made all of u look like amateurs. Now, Harbaugh blows up your allegations and you effectively call him a liar. Niners have the WORST journalists in NFL. Period, exclamation point.

    1. Totally disagree, D.
      Kevin Lynch and Eric Branch are both very good writers. And the two Matt’s- Maiocco and Barrows, are excellent.
      In my opinion anyway.

  23. Grant Cohn on Baalke:
    “He is standing his ground. He has not allowed Kaepernick or Harbaugh to shake down the franchise.”

    Lowell Cohn on Kaepernick:
    “Because there is a certain amount of extortion involved in his negotiations and Harbaugh’s negotiations.”

    Interesting choice of words: “shake down” and “extortion”, when did Kaepernick or Harbaugh resort to such extreme measures?

    1. It’s called painting a subject in a bad light. It’s a step towards what is called in Critical Thinking ‘Poisoning The Well.’ A very old tactic; see also Politics in the USA.
      Another thought I hadn’t seen raised here yet on the $18M. It seems like a lot, because it is a lot. It’s also a big chunk out of the total Cap. But I heard on ESPN Insiders that this year’s QB Tag is $16.9M. Next year it could be $19M, so in that context 18 isn’t the Out-
      The-Solar-System figure it seems.

      1. Thanks, Brother Tuna. I am aware of said tactic, I wanted to see if either individual would respond and defend his claim, which has not occurred.

        One can debate what Harbaugh or Kaepernick are worth on the open market or to the 49ers. But, why should either one not want the best deal for themselves? The narrative is how dare they do so?

  24. Grant Cohn again shows how much of a yellow journalist he is. Like Florio and others who lack credibility as sports reporters, he thinks Harbaugh’s value is down because he lost the NFCC to Carroll. In other words, no coach is good enough except Carroll. Bellicheck should be fired because he lost the AFCC, Fox should be fired because he lost the SB… this is absurd, ridiculous and idiotic! Harbaugh is one of the top three head coaches in all of football (and Carroll is not on that list). Jed York is doing great, providing quality ownership second only to Uncle Eddie’s tenure. Kap is going to get his money and he will show that he is worth it, He is far better than Cutler or Romo, neither of whom has reached the Championship game, much less the Super Bowl. This is just another attempt by GC to foment dissension while bashing the 49ers. Just ignore Grant Cohn.

    1. Harbaugh was in Kansas? WHY? Has Grant convinced him his dumping of AS for CK was a boneheaded move and he’s trying to get in the good graces of the Kansas City Chiefs for a possible reunion?

      Harbaugh, Balke and York and better come with answers. And fast.

      (Kansas City not technically in Kansas, but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good non-story)

      1. Well, you know I like him.

        What I will say though is his combine results made me a little wary. I knew he wasn’t going to be one of the top athletes at the position, and his speed and agility tests were fine, but his strength and explosiveness tests were really sub-par. I wouldn’t take him before the 3rd round anymore.

          1. Richardson looks like a guy that could be productive as a #2 or #3 WR. Pretty good route runner, with good speed and acceleration. Good vertical threat. However, I think he will pretty much be a vertical threat and not offer much more. Not a guy that likes contact or the physical stuff. To frail to send over the middle, and hears footsteps.

            To be honest, I think he is a shorter, less talented version of Randy Moss.

              1. Not at all. He has value. But he’s a complementary guy. The Alvin Harper to Michael Irvin.

            1. Scooter what do you think about WR L’Damian Washington from Missouri, he is 6′ 4″ and ran the 40 yard at 4.46 seconds. We could draft him in the 6th rounds

              1. Not a big fan. Good speed and height, but not a lot else going for him in my opinion. Thin build and not strong, he can get pushed around pretty easy. While top speed is good, seems to have only average acceleration. Body catcher, doesn’t seem to track the ball that well, and is not very explosive in and out of his breaks.

            1. If they can find a trading partner. Not sure why any team would give Evans to the Niners. Why not just hand the Niners the Super Bowl at that point.

              1. Teams drafting in the Evans range generally need more than one good player to get them to the playoffs.

                I wouldn’t count a team who is desperate for quantity to sacrifice making a deal with the 49ers if it means trading a top 5-12 pick for the 49ers 1st, and possibly both their 2nd rd picks. The 49ers could also throw in a 2nd rd pick in next years draft for good measure if that’s what it would take to get Evans.

                I don’t see the trading team (hypothetical of course) having the mindset of giving the 49ers a SB as much as making an effort to garner more players to improve their team in many areas vs drafting only one player to only address one position.

            2. I still think giving up a lot of picks for Evans would be a mistake. Not because he isn’t good – he’s a very good prospect – but they can get other guys that are also very good prospects in the 20 – 50 range that are more complete receivers, and keep that draft capital to bring in talent in some other positions.

          2. Grant, the Giants will probably be looking at LB, OT, CB as their needs….they could be the ones to do a deal with the 49ers.

              1. No, but they could do worse than take a combination of Matthews/ Robinson and Richardson. Matthews/ Robinson would provide the reliable, big bodied WR, Richardson would provide the big play deep threat.

                And they would likely be able to get those guys without giving up lots of picks like would be needed for Evans.

          3. The same reason Dallas helped them last year, draft picks…Evans is a sure thing to be a number two in 2015 with a possiblity of becoming a number one, especially wilth Boldin as his mentor.

          4. Teams don’t look at it as helping another club Grant. They look at the fact they need more picks and a team is willing to part with them.

            I agree they need to draft a wr with the intention of him taking over for Crabs or Boldin.

    1. To sides of the coin Mark. He could become as Jawoski says the best ever.

      It would really help to remind ourselves once in a while that Kaep is still early in his career.
      I would see the glass as half full than half empty.

  25. hey grant, how about asking everyone on this blog of yours about your very own stock.. majority of ‘em would probably agree with me & say your stock is DOWN & will never rise due to your personal issues with the Niners as a whole (from front office down to the waterboy) dont get why you are always trying to stir things up? your blog is under “inside the 49ers” but you tend to use a lot of outside sources & mix it in to your own words! just wondering why do you dislike the 49ers? is it cause they’re not drafting the players from your mock draft/big board? do the coaches/players not give you any attention & ignore you all the time? are you being mistreated by the team? are you a raiders or a cowboys fan? why do you want to be the villain? its okay grant.. someone will offer you a shoulder one of these days for you to cry on & then you can let it all out! lmao! btw grant, imo to be better recognized (something that i feel you want to be) try to be the first one to break a story!!!!

  26. So Jim’s stock us down because he’s gone to three straight NFC championships,and another team offered two firsts and two seconds and was turned down.
    Jed’s stock is down and he has put all this turn around into motion with his decisions on who to hire in the positions that helped make winning the norm niner land once again and a new state of the art stadium on the way. Plus the Niners have an amazingly stacked roster with 12 draft picks………….sounds like all niner related stocks are soaring.
    You and bill Williamson must hang out at lunch

  27. Niners should sign Devin Hester. He should be interested in winning a ring. I’m sure he shouldn’t bee too costly. Perfect return guy. Hall of famer!

    1. 23J – I agree bro…..Hopefully Hester will take less to have chance at a ring (if Niners offer). He is still a home run threat.

    2. I don’t want to see James back there. He scares everyone on this board because he will muff one every other game.

  28. Grant, Har-Har ‘s stock has gone UP not down and partially because he didn’t win the SB.
    He’ll be trying his darnest to get it now.
    Who do you think people want as their coach? Jim or John………………….

  29. In 2012, the NFL made 9 BILLION dollars. Not million, BILLION. Goodell then made 25 million for the year… in salary. In ’13 he made $44 million, so it stands to reason, if Goodell’s salary went up consistently with total revenue, that in 2013 the NFL made somewhere between 12-15 BILLION. But let’s forget Goodell’s salary – either way it stands to reason coming out of a recession that revenue would increase from 2012 to ’13. If you give each team (32) $400 million (which you could regardless if the 2013 revenue number was $12 or 15 billion and still have plenty of operating money for the league itself), subtract $123 million for players salaries, another $10 million for coaches, another 17 million for stadium and facility lease agreements, vendor contracts and incidentals, the 49ers still NET $250 million dollars in 2013. That’s net. You break it down for me.

    The only reason Jed York doesn’t pay Harbaugh $10 per year is because Jed doesn’t want the other owners pissed at him. What happened with Jed paid Vernon Davis too much in his rookie contract? (I think it was Vernon). The other owners were pissed at York because they affected the rest of the league’s salary slotting. Jed negatively affected the comparables for first round players and the other owners were pissed at Jed. It’s the same right now with Harbaugh.

    Funny thing is, another owner may find a way to take Harbaugh from Jed by giving Jed grief and telling him not to pay Harbaugh too much. Then Jed doesn’t, to hold the frat boy line, Harbaugh leaves, hits the open market and someone else slides in and pays Harbaugh 10 million. I could see that happening. Actually, I think Harbaugh will become the highest paid coach in the NFL sometime this spring… by the Niners.

  30. There’s a lot more to this Harbaugh story than just a rift between Harbaugh and Baalke. It has nothing to do with the Browns. The 49ers and Jim Harbaugh are negotiating through the media right now a contract extension. The 49ers are using CSN Bay Area, and Jim Harbaugh is using Sports Illustrated. Things, right now, are flying over the fiber optics, and both sides are jockulating and gesticulating.

    Jim Harbaugh’s agent is a shark. His name is David Dunn. I’d be willing to bet he pointed the way for the Browns to inquire about Harbaugh (an inquiry that might have gotten Lombardi fired), and I’d be willing to bet Dunn also leaked the story about the Browns talking to Jed York. You don’t hire a shark if you just believe, “I make plenty of money.”

    Yes, Jed York could certainly sit and do nothing …. and wait. He could do that, but it would cost Jed. Ray Ratto keeps saying that even if the 49ers waited a year, Harbaugh wouldn’t gain any more leverage. This is utter stupidity on Ratto’s behalf. If Harbaugh coached the entire year in 2014 without an extention, Harbaugh would be one more year closer to hitting the open market, and there is no franchise tag for coaches. This is why Eddie D came out after the Seattle game and said, “It’s important we re-sign Harbaugh now.” This is why the 49ers are talking now. And it’s why all of this has become so public.

    I honestly look for Jim Harbaugh to become the highest paid coach in the NFL this spring. I think he’ll get paid higher than Carroll and Belichick. This spring. I’m thinking 9 million per year. And when it happens, everyone will be laughing about Harbaugh saying the 49ers didn’t court Peyton Manning, or laughing that Harbaugh once again fooled everyone saying he makes, “plenty of money.” Jim Harbaugh and his agent know what they’re doing. Jed York, even with all the help Matt Maiocco and CSN Bay Area are giving York, is still lost.

    And Harbaugh looks like a king to his coaching staff because Harbaugh used his negotiations and his connections to help Fangio, while also acknowledging that sometimes life isn’t fair when he said, “I don’t work 5 times harder than my coaches.” The man (Harbaugh) and his agent (Dunn) are playing this perfectly. And really, would you want a coach who can’t negotiate and use all the leverage available running your team?

  31. Consider this, fellow Niner fans: There is no franchise tag for a coach, and no salary cap for one either. If Harbaugh is valued (which he clearly is by probably 25-30 other teams in the league), then you don’t let him get even close to hitting the open market because then the 49ers have to match the weaker teams offering ridiculous amounts for Harbaugh’s services. Hell, even right now, with Jim under contract, Jim’s agent just masterfully used the Browns as a leverage point right under our noses without us even realizing it. And that’s with Jim under contract. What do you think would happen if Jim hit the open market? How much do you think the 49ers would have to pay Jim right now if other teams could negotiate directly with Harbaugh? What do you think Jim’s fair market value would be? I say it’s over 10 million a year. I say the Dolphins, Browns, Raiders…. hell….. too many teams to name, would throw everything they had at Harbaugh, regardless if those teams already had coaches. Think the 49ers want to get into a bidding war for Harbaugh’s service? Hell no. That’s their nightmare. Miami flew him out before Harbaugh went to three championship games with the 49ers. They’d easily give Harbaugh 10 million a year. This is why the 49ers can’t afford to let Jim get close to hitting the open market. Every minute Jim Harbaugh gets closer to the open market he gains leverage. Ray Ratto doesn’t think so, but look who Ratto works for. CSN Bay Area is the mouthpiece for 49er ownership.

    There is no lame duck. It’s actually the reverse. The duck gets stonger. Why? Time value. The more Harbaugh coaches under a contract that’s beneath him (and 5 million is way beneath a coach who gets to the NFC Championship game 3 years in row), the closer Harbaugh gets to 25 teams lining up for his services and the bidding war would be insane thus making it almost impossible to sign Harbaugh in the last year of his contract. This is why Harbaugh’s agent is leaking stuff to the media and the Yorks are begging CSN Bay Area to come to their aid and smear Harbaugh. Look at the junk CSN Bay Area has thrown at Harbaugh, and Harbaugh masterfully took it and re-directed the conversation without throwning barbs at Jed.

    I think what’s holding this up is Jed York doesn’t want to create a new standard for coach’s pay, at least not right before the owner’s meetings. LMAO. Jed has to look his fellow owners in the eye come owner meetings, and Jed, as a young owner, could be scoffed at for costing the NFL owners millions for setting a higher coaching pay standard. And I think at those meetings, the owners are going to put pressure on York not to give Harbaugh a huge contract. Why? Because owners can’t control coach’s pay with a salary cap. At least not yet. But in the end, York has to do what’s best for the 49ers, and I think York now knows he’s got to pay Jim, and pay Jim big.

    Jed has to look the owners in the eye, but Harbaugh gets to look fellow coaches in the eye after his negotiations. Think coaching pay is fair? Goodell gets 44 million in one year. Calvin Johnson makes 18, but in a league that’s all coaching, Harbaugh makes 5? When Harbaugh breaks the bank after the owners meetings, fellow NFL coaches are going to love Harbaugh, and owners are going to be quite displeased with Jed… again.

    But think about it. People are throwing 18 million a year numbers around for Colin Kaepernick. Jim Harbaugh made Colin Kaepernick. Without Harbaugh, Kaep’s on the bench or running some gadget, wildcat offense for the Jaguars. But Kaep’s going to make 18 per year while Jim makes 5? I don’t think so.

    Jim will get paid 9-10 million per year after the owners meetings. He’ll be announced as the highest paid head coach in NFL history, and we’ll all laugh about Jim not having any interest in Peyton Manning…. oh wait, I mean Jim “getting paid plenty of money.”

  32. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

    1. Do the 49ers believe Kaepernick can lead them to the promise land? Yes
    2. Will somebody break the bank if the 49ers don’t sign him? Absolutely
    3. Can they work with agent to get structure now and in the future to put good players around him? The market is set, but until a deal is struck, the answer to this question is yet to be determined….

    1. I think you’re mistaken with question one. The real question is can SF plug and play a new QB in that system and be successful.

      If you look at it from a money point of view, sure winning the Super Bowl is the end all goal for fans. As a business model, you put a team together to be successful and make the playoffs. It’s really about getting into the playoffs, earning Monday night games for the following season, and doing it for as cheaply as you can.

      So, can SF develop a QB who can help them “manage” enough games to win 2 more than .500. Absolutely. It’s the genius behind the offense there in SF. I don’t expect Kaepernick to get paid in SF. I think SF will find his replacement this offseason. The only way I see Kaepernick still a 49er is if he finds humility and takes a 6-7 million dollar a year deal. (which is still overpaid in my opinion)

  33. Both NBC and ESPN reported that the 49ers almost traded Harbaugh to the Browns. Jed York denied the whole thing, tweeting, “Report isn’t true.” But then the Browns’ owner, Jimmy Haslam, confirmed to USA Today that the essence of the report was true, saying, “There was an opportunity there, and it didn’t materialize.”

    It was NBC’s, ESPN’s and Haslam’s word against York’s.

    I said it before, how the hell is the man who’s company was/is under investigation for fraud a more reliable word than Jed York’s? There was NEVER an opportunity for the Browns to get Harbaugh, which makes the report UNTRUE. Just because they called an asked about him that means they were close? With that logic the Browns were close to winning a Super Bowl last year too because they play in the NFL.

    1. Mortensen said the talk reached a serious stage, so either he’s lying or York is. Why would Mortensen lie about this?

      1. Mortensen doesn’t know what what said; he wasn’t there. His information comes from his source(s). The source(s) might have plenty of reasons to lie or shade the truth.

      2. According to CFC, Mortenson and other high level reporters can be bought and payed to write propaganda that shapes their narrative…..

            1. No worries, hell I wasn’t going to be surprised if I had said something I just couldn’t remember what it was.

          1. “That’s LaCanfora’s take on the situation, presumably after being briefed by Kaepernick’s agent”.

            Do you mind explaining why LaCanfora would take a briefing from Kaepernick’s agent and then execute that directive nationwide without being compensated? If LaCanfora was working with one agency, isn’t it logical to expect him working with others? Perhaps he has a hand full in his pocket and plays them against each other? You tell me…..

            1. You’re kidding, right? Based upon the way he wrote his column, I think it is obvious that Mortensen spoke to someone within the Kaepernick camp.* That doesn’t mean anyone gave him money, and I never once suggested that it did.

              Once again, you’re deflecting because you are unable to support your earlier claim that the 49ers “have already determined that [Kaepernick] is worth his asking price.” You may have made that determination, and you may want to believe that the 49ers have made the determination, but that doesn’t mean that the 49ers have made that determination.

              * To clear up any possible confusion, the comment of mine you have quoted comes from an unrelated thread (in the comments to the Harbaugh Works Out Garoppolo article) concerning the Kaepernick negotiations.

              1. “That doesn’t mean anyone gave him money, and I never once suggested that it did”….

                Surely you jest. When you suggest that LaCanfora is taking his talking points from the Kaepernick agency to frame their narrative just for the hell of it….that’s the joke, so no, I’m not kidding…..

                No deflection. Ever heard of the expression, “Gas, grass or @ss, no one rides for free”? Same applies here….

              2. I didn’t say he was doing it just for the hell of it; I said he wasn’t taking money. I also didn’t say he was taking his talking points from Kaepernick’s agent to frame their narrative. Why do you keep reading things into my comments that aren’t there?

              3. I’m a simple man Claude. I think you are saying LaCanfora was briefed by the agent for Kaepernick. Then you say it was not to frame their narrative. Briefed means to instruct. What were they instructing him to do, and how did they entice LaCanfora to follow those instructions if not with money? An admission ticket to an Insurance Seminar hosted by Claude Balls?

              4. I’m saying that all of the metrics Mort laid out in favor of signing Kaepernick to a $20 million/year contract came from somewhere, and I think it is much more likely that Mort got them from Kaepernick’s agents than it is that he compiled them himself.

                As for the definition of the intransitive verb “brief,” it also means to give information to someone, which is precisely how I used it.

                You keep avoiding the original topic, namely, the absence of support for your assertion that the 49ers already have determined that Kaepernick is worth his asking price. Would you like to provide that support, or do you want to keep trying to change the subject?

              5. Why do you keep using the name Mort, when it’s LaCanfora? You THINK it’s much more likely that LACANFORA got them from Kaepernick’s secret agents than compiling them himself. Why? Because LaCanfora is really not a sports reporter and was hired by CBS as a favor to XAM Sports?

                past tense: briefed; past participle: briefed
                instruct or inform (someone)

                I’m not avoiding, you’re obfuscating the issue. The 49ers made it clear to the league at the combine that Kaepernick is their franchise quarterback going forward. That decision involves the admission that you believe he is worth franchise money. I told you I’m a simple man Claude….

        1. The whole media is a business and it is owned by the for profit organizations so anything has a purpose and a price.

      3. Grant have you ever stopped to consider that sources are quite often wrong or have ulterior motives?

        If Lombardi tells Haslam they have a good chance to land Harbaugh even though the talks never got very far then Haslam believes the deal was closer than it really was.

        York said Florio’s report that the deal was in place and scuttled by Harbaugh was not true. Nothing has been brought to light that discredits that statement. All that’s happened since is Florio trying to cover his butt with snippets of truth that don’t lead to the conclusion he came up with.

        Jed has handled himself just fine.

        1. Mortensen has multiple sources that confirm the talks reached a serious stage, yet York still maintains the talks never were serious.

          1. It’s amazing that those multiple sources appeared out of the wood works shortly after the the Browns’ front office had a massive turnover. Coincidence?

          2. Grant, are you able to define specifically what “serious stage” discussions mean? Does it mean they were about to shake hands or if the Browns didn’t actually think we’d even listen does “serious stage” to them mean that we actually took 10 seconds to listen to their offer before hanging up the phone. It’s a pretty relative statement, it could mean almost anything!

            Who’s defining exactly what a serious stage discussion involves and which side of the party is defining it as serious. I’ve only heard the Browns call it that, the 49ers have said it was perfunctory. Sounds to me like it was a much bigger deal to them then it was to us. Maybe a certain owner is just trying to get his fan base a little excited to think they’d actually try to make a move like this when it really never had a legitimate chance of happening.

            1. Mortensen tweeted that the substance of Florio’s report is true and that the talks reached a serious stage. Both NBC and ESPN defined it as serious.

              I think the part that Florio didn’t nail down was who broke off the talks. That’s why Mortensen wrote “substance.”

              1. Did they define it as serious or did they regurgitate those words from the “source?”

              2. Multiple sources from within the same organizaton? Did anyone from the 49ers ever call it serious?

              3. This is my point Grant, without definition of what serious talks actually entail if only one side of the party is calling it serious then it’s a very relative term that needs to be taken accordingly until there is further illumination on the details.

              4. How do you know it’s one side? Mortensen has multiple sources. The only side that denies Florio’s and Mortensen’s sources is the 49ers.

              5. Grants’ journalistic senses have him sniffing around a story he feels is a cover up. I can respect that….

              6. You think I’m making big assumptions? Have you read any of your feedback recently?

              7. So Im guessing he never clarified whether the sources were all from the Browns or not.

              8. The only side that denies Florio’s and Mortensen’s sources is the 49ers.

                And Jim Harbaugh. York and Harbaugh were willing to go on the record; Florio’s and Mort’s sources weren’t. That pretty much answers the credibility question for me.

              9. There are many very good reasons why hearsay is almost never allowed as evidence. Everything in Mort’s report is 100% hearsay. Every time you repeat his report as if it’s fact that is double hearsay.

                As long as you’re willing to accept that it might also be BS then by all means go ahead and reprint someone else’s rumors but this insistence that it’s fact is making you seem biased and closed minded.

              10. No but the definition of hearsay matches the content of the report and the reasons that it isn’t admissible apply here.

              11. Apples and oranges. Journalist use unnamed sources every day. It’s how journalism works.

              12. March 6, 2014 at 11:13 am
                Apples and oranges. Journalist use unnamed sources every day. It’s how journalism works.
                And I’m saying those reports and sources have the same credibility as hearsay which by the way isn’t taken as credible testimony. If it’s isn’t acceptable as fact then why should we take it as such?

              13. No one is forcing you to take anything, calm down. It’s irrational to expect league sources to speak publicly about this. They would be making mortal enemies with the 49ers.

              14. >>Journalist use unnamed sources every day. It’s how journalism works.

                Eventually it needs corroboration from credible *named sources*. Preferable multiple ones, whose motivations can be analyzed. Otherwise this “journalism” you speak of just becomes hearsay, rumor. innuendo. opinion. fluff.

              15. The “calm down” isn’t necessary, ive been making my point without inferring frenzy in the process.

                I take un-named sources to have the same credibility as the courts see hearsay. I don’t have a problem with people thinking it’s true as I usually am open to all possibilities myself but I don’t get the sense that you are. You’ve taken this report based on rumors and run with it to distances and places that it just shouldn’t have been taken without more details or conclusive evidence that it’s in fact true. In other words, you’ve heard the hearsay testimony and have ruled and convicted the defendant as guilty and even moved on to the penalty phase.

                The metaphor is applicable, rumor is rumor.

              16. >>Watergate

                And was famously corroborated by the ultimate named source. Namely Richard Milhous Nixon himself on the White House tape recordings. Without that, he gets off and Watergate is just a hit piece by a couple of WP gumshoes.

                Understand the value hard data now, Grant?

              17. It’s not part of the short list of shows that I watch regularly but I’ll stop on it If I can’t find anything else on. When It comes to the animated shows Archer is more my cup of tea.

              18. Here is my tv menu atm, otherwise im on the road or in front of my computer.

                House of Cards
                True Detective
                Orange is the new black
                Parks and Rec

                Just finished:
                Sherlock-wish they would release the current season here in the states.

                Desperately waiting for:
                Game of Thrones

              19. Not currently but I have it marked as something to get to. With MM and Games coming up I probably won’t get to getting into Justified until closer to Summer. I like Olyphant and I have a tv/movie buddy who really likes it also so I’m anticipating that I’ll enjoy it.

                I don’t mean to sound like one of those people but I honestly only watch about 60 minutes of TV a day so I only end up watching a single show or episode most days so it takes me a while to get through past seasons. I’m more of a movie guy.

              20. If you’re an Elmore Leonard fan, Justified is a must. I like a little violence in my TV fair, so Sons of Anarchy is on my list too.

              21. I watched the first season of SoA and I liked it alright. I was into something else when the next season started and I never got back into it. Justified is definitely on the list, just a matter of time before I get to it is all.

              22. You have two sides saying two different stories, clearly one side is lying. You have already assumed that the lying party is the 49ers, why is that?

              23. If they actually defined it we wouldn’t be talking guessing how close it actually came because we’d know.

          3. Didn’t Peter King tweet that terms were never discussed? Also, Mr. King disputes your timeline of browns events. He states Haslem didn’t decide to fire Banner until about a week before it happened, so Harbs couldn’t have known that Lombardi was going to be fired. The sad thing is I don’t think you care about what really happened.

            1. He said he was told terms never were discussed. I could take a guess at who told him that.

              Mortensen used multiple sources to corroborate the substance of Florio’s report.

              From King’s article: “Haslam became dubious about Banner’s football acumen and during the coach-search process following the firing of rookie coach Rob Chudzinski saw what a potential roadblock to success Banner would be.”

              And: “Banner convinced Haslam to hire Lombardi, disliked by many in Cleveland from his former tenure as GM with the Browns, and Lombardi came on board from his analyst’s role with NFL Network. Immediately Lombardi was a misfit. Except for special, one-off occasions, Lombardi was prevented from talking to the media, extremely odd for such a high-profile job in such a football-hungry town.”


              Harbaugh must have caught wind that Haslam was souring on Banner and figured out that that meant Haslam was souring on Lombardi, too. Easy math.

              1. I just read the article. It doesn’t mention Harbs ONCE. It also states Haslem started considering firing banner well after any Harbs discussions occurred. So how would Harbs know Banner and Lombardi would be fired before Haslem himself even started considering it?

              2. King says Haslam started to doubt Banner’s “football acumen” right after Chudzinski got fired. That’s all Harbaugh had to know. The writing was on the wall.

              3. Say what you want but don’t go pointing the “big assumption” stick at others when you putting these thoughts out there.

              4. Again you make no sense. Banner and Lombardi were “shocked” on February 11 when they were fired. So was the rest of the NFL including Mort and Florio. But Harbs knew sometime between January 20 and 23 Lombardi would be fired and Lombardi himself didn’t know?

              5. I’m sure Banner and Lombardi were surprised. They didn’t play the offseason well. Everything blew up in their faces.

                King reports as fact that Haslam started to doubt Banner’s football acumen after firing Chudzinksi. There’s no coming back from that. If Harbaugh heard that, he would have had to know Banner’s and Lombardi’s fate even if those two didn’t realize their own fate.

              6. It didn’t even reach Harbaugh’s ear Grant, and if did, it was part of a joke told at a dinner.

              7. Grant,

                Your entire position consists of assumptions and choosing to believe sources from one side and not the other. It’s what you want to believe so you do. There has been no clear evidence that any of this transpired the way you believe it did, and conflicting reports from so called insiders. I’ll match your Florio/Mort with King/Rapoport. See how this can go both ways?

              8. As opposed to those put out by the Browns. We have insiders telling stories from each side Grant, with neither side naming their sources. You just choose to believe the Cleveland perspective because it creates some drama to write about.

              9. That has as much credibility as Obama claiming that you could keep your old insurance if you liked it.

              10. Peter King and Ian Rappaport are national too Grant. The sources quoted by Florio and Mort would most likely be involved with the Browns, thus a Cleveland perspective, while King and Rap would be a Niner perspective. Either way it’s two sides of an argument and believing one over the other is simply your personal desire to do so.

              11. If Mortensen only spoke to the Browns and tried to pass that off as multiple sources while completely confirming the substance of Florio’s report, that would have been highly disingenuous of Mortensen.

      4. Maybe he was misinformed. Lying isn’t a required component in order to doubt a report’s full accuracy. But, you know that already.

  34. So Champ Bailey’s tenure in Denver is over and he is willing to switch to safety. Do the Niners sign him a one-stop option at SS given how weak that position is in the draft?

      1. I don’t see Bailey being an effective CB anymore and the jury is still out on whether he could be a decent safety.

        1. I’d just ask who on the 2014 schedule has receiving threats and is such a potent offense that SF needs just 1 shut down corner more than 1 deep threat. In my opinion, another offensive weapon trumps a rookie corner.
          That’s not to say SF doesn’t need a good corner, I just feel like the team will go after a receiving threat first.

  35. >>Tomsula is the primary beneficiary of Harbaugh’s stock going down. If Harbaugh fails to win a Super Bowl the next two seasons or if the 49ers trade him tomorrow, Tomsula would be the favorite to become their next head coach.<<

    Don't know how I missed this nugget of stupidity.

    So what you're say is if Harbaugh doesn't win a Super Bowl in the next 2 years the Niners are going to let him just walk????


    And then turn around and promote a position coach with no experience as a head coach or coordinator in the NFL, having only been in a Head Coach in NFL Europe.. that's what you believe?

    IF the Niners were so taken with Tomsula, why didn't they make him the permenant head coach after Singletary was fired and he was named interim coach? Tomsula is a great asset, but I see him as more of the D-Line version of Bobb McKittrick.

    I hope your bosses don't read this, this is straight up and down ridiculous.

    1. I still don’t understand the fascination with Tomsula. Wasn’t this part of Grant’s original report that Tomsula would be promoted to HC?

      I love Tomsula….as a D-line coach. I would think Vangio would be next in line at that point….maybe not.

      1. Me too! he is a good defensive line coach but what is his experience as a head coach in the NFL! what has he accomplished as a head coach and how could he implement an offense.

        1. He wouldn’t have to implement an offense. The 49ers already have an offense in place. Any number of those assistant coaches could run it.

  36. very fair, Grant; I agree on all save Baalke – I admire his constancy, but he’s one tectonic plate grinding against another very powerful tectonic plate (Harbaugh), and while he’s not (apparently) doing anything to detract from his reputation, we can’t be sure how such a tectonic battle will turn out. Harbaugh is a blue chip coach, and that represents a lot of power.

  37. We’re 5 days 3 hours 19min….grrrrr damn you NFL.com!! away from free agency and I haven’t seen any road maps of what people think we will do before the draft.

    1. Coffee i think its very dificult to make an educated guess what Baalke will do in FA because like the Pats they wait untill the feeding frenzy is over and they grab quality players on the cheap. Unless you know what the other 31 teams plan to do its almost immpossible to make a guess.

      1. Same thing is true about the draft OC but that hasn’t stopped the mock drafts from appearing.

        1. Coffee i believe that because there is an order to the draft you can at least make educated guesses about the results. There is no order to FA signings making it alot more difficult.

          1. No but we know which FA’s will probably go in the first flurry of signings and we therefore we can guess who might be left and of those who might be of interest to us. By the time you get to round 2 or 3 of the draft you have so many possible scenarios that you’re just pure guessing at that point.

  38. Mama Kaepernick taking a shot at Daddy Cohn. LOL:

    Teresa Kaepernick -
    “When one has an inability to articulate their thoughts intelligently, they often resort to name calling. Isn’t that right @lowellcohn?”

  39. Grant

    You should read Matt Maiocco’s views on sources in his chat yesterday. He responded to a questioner about the veracity of another reporter’s claim. Maiocco responded that does not necessarily disbelieve reporters whose report contradicts his version, he just disbelieves other reporters’ sources.

    Mortenson and Florio’s sources?! Sseriously /!

    The only two reporter’s sources that I trust on a consistent basis are Maiocco, who has contacts close to both Baalke and Harbaugh, and Schefter who seems to me to have a contact close to Marathe.

      1. I trust Mortensen when he puts his name behind something. He might be the most plugged in NFL reporter in the country.

        1. That doesn’t mean that the information he gets is always true, even if it comes from multiple sources.

        2. He might be the most plugged in NFL reporter in the country.

          Yeah, it’s not like he’s infamous for getting stories wrong.

            1. Yes. Six or seven years ago, bloggers started noticing how often Mort got things wrong. Everything from reporting that Michael Vick was not likely to be indicted to predicting that Ron Rivera would be the Cowboys coach to reporting that Eli Manning would miss 4-5 games to suggesting that Parcells was going to Atlanta to take over the Falcons. Gregg Easterbrook even took him to task on the Rivera thing. I think Awful Announcing was keeping track for a while.

              1. Sorry Grant, but there is no way that any form of serious talks that involved trading Harbaugh even made it past the initial stage. I don’t doubt that Haslam had Lombardi inquire about Harbaugh because of how many coaching candidates were turning them down left and right but there is absolutely no viable evidence that the talks even became serious. The fact that the multiple sources appeared after the Browns cleaned house in their front office pours water on this lit cigarette, a cigarette the media deems to be a firestorm.

              2. Why isn’t anyone talking about the son? I’m pretty sure the son is the mastermind behind this whole fiasco….

              3. Mortensen’s sources disagree. Neither King nor Rapoport cited multiple sources. The 49ers own NFL.com. King is very close with the 49ers’ front office.

              4. So now you are down to citing the number of sources each side claimed they had? I think we can move on now.

              5. Now you’re implying Mortensen is a liar. What would he stand to gain by lying about this? He’s already at the top of his profession. He gained nothing by corroborating Florio’s report.

              6. There you go again claiming the 49ers own NFL.com. That literally weakens your argument.
                Of course Mortensen’s sources will disagree. That’s because they are part of the ‘venom’ Browns front office that was ousted.

              7. And amazingly those sources popped up after the front office turnover of the Browns. It’s not very hard to connect the dots Grant.
                I don’t care if the 49ers owned part of Walmart Grant. That doesn’t change the fact that it weakens your argument.

              8. Florio broke the story. Once Mortensen realized there was a story to investigate, he did and confirmed with multiple sources that the substance of Florio’s report is true.

                It’s obvious that Rapoport’s source came from the 49ers.

              9. Florio’s should run a tabloid magazine. His capability to run with a baseless story and turn it into a gaseous windbag makes him perfect for those believing that Elvis is thrusting his hips for the green-skinned ladies with six eyes.

              10. And it’s beyond obvious that Mortensens’ sources were Lombardi and his former front office lackeys that worked for the Browns.

              11. I don’t think that’s obvious or correct. That could have been one of his sources, but he’s too plugged in to call that multiple sources. Would be disingenuous.

              12. Clearly you do, but do you have any reason for that belief other than you want the reports to be true?

  40. Grant i’m getting a little weary reading about Florio and his sources or Mortenson and his sources. We have a sports journalist right here with full access and at least a couple of years on the job. How bout breaking a story right here at the press democrat web site. I would much rather read and then discuss a breaking story with the author himself. It makes questioning a writer about his sources something more then guess work. Now get to work.

  41. Is anybody else using a smartphone having trouble with posts looking like this:

    Apologies for borrowing one of your posts Coffee.

    1. No worries, I usually make them unreadable even when typed out normally so this is kind of the same thing.

      1. I thought Grant was being ridiculous the last few days with his negativity towards CK, but his dad took it to another level!

      2. The last sentence pretty much sums up what’s been happening around here as well: “Cohn seems like he’s going out of his way to create a controversy.”

    1. From the article:

      Cohn seems like he’s going out of his way to create a controversy.

      Bingo. Like Father like Son.

    2. NBC introduced the Cohn’s to a national audience.

      Judging from the article’s comments, their exposure is likely to be very short-lived.

  42. this line from the article was funny…..

    Cohn also writes, “If he wins the Super Bowl, sure, give him Cutler money.” Cohn is apparently unaware that Jay Cutler hasn’t won a Super Bowl with the Bears, and that Kaepernick has come closer to winning the Super Bowl with the 49ers than Cutler has with the Bears.

        1. No one said they were….the argument is that that is the price range Kap is asking for and to say he isn’t worth what these “un-great” QBs are making per year right now is incorrect, based on what Kap has accomplished thus far….now if he was asking for Manning or Flacco money we would maybe than have a whole different argument.

          1. You can cite what the market says Kaepernick should be worth after just 29 starts, but that doesn’t mean a team in a position of strength like the 49ers has to take that risk.

            1. Nope, but if they don’t, there will plenty of others that do. Cam Newton drafted on potential high ceiling. Where do you suppose Kaepernick would have been drafted if we watch Back To The Future?

            2. See now that argument makes a lot more sense than just saying that Kap isn’t worth Cutler and Romo money….that’s his market worth IMO, but his market worth and what he’s worth to this organization are 2 different things.

              Up to this point it seems like your arguments have been that he’s not worth it at all, anywhere.

              I would actually like to see him play another year on his rookie contract before giving him that kind of money. I still think he needs more starts to truly evaluate his worht to this team. And if he makes improvements where he needs to and shows himself a franchise QB than he deserves to get paid. Right now its just too early. But if the FO decided that he’s worth it I wouldn’t be mad at that either.

              1. He isn’t worth it because his track record isn’t long enough and he doesn’t make others better yet and he still has holes in his game, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get Romo money or Brees money. There are a lot of bad, desperate franchises out there.

              2. High. What does that have to do with him wanting an extension that would make him among the top-5 highest paid QBs after just 29 starts?

              3. I’m willing to bet Green Bay would have given up their first round pick to an AFC team to take him…lol

              4. I know Razor, which is why the joke about the Packers trading a first round pick in order to draft him falls flat.

              5. I already figured out the connection Razor, but that doesn’t change the fact that the joke was flat.

              6. Let me explain it to you. Kaepernick is Green Bays daddy. The tongue in cheek statement was that Green Bay gives there first round pick to an AFC team on the condition they draft Kaepernick so they don’t have to play against him…..Get it? Got it? Good…..

              7. He didn’t make Crabtree better in the 2012-2013 season? You might want to check your stats.

              8. Crabtree played well with Smith that season, too. Kaepernick just threw to Crabtree more often.

            3. The Niners aren’t in a position of strength at the QB position; that’s the problem. They have two QB’s under contract, a FA market of stiffs, and a less than stellar group of QB’s in the draft. What else do they do if they don’t sign Kap? This team is built to win now. Letting Kap go and starting over with a draft pick would be a huge gamble that would kill the franchise for a long time if it didn’t pan out.

              I don’t want to pay him 18-20 mill either but unfortunately that is what the market has set his value at, and it’s not going down; it’s only going to go higher.

              1. Very good point Rocket, which is why I wouldn’t mind it at all if the FO decided to sign him and give him his 17-18 mil a yr now. But even if we do wait a yr we would still at least own him for 2 more yrs after that and with the Cap increasing annually we should be able to absorb the big cap hit from the tag.

                But like I said you make a great point that I haven’t really thought too much about. Can the Niners really afford not to sign him. The only alternative would be to draft a QB on day 2 and let Harbaugh work with him and potentially have him ready to take over if need be.

                But I’d much rather have Kap, the sky’s the limit with him

              2. The Niners hold the leverage. Kaepernick is under contract for another season and they can franchise him after that. Absolutely no reason to give him $20 million per season right now.

  43. Grant thank you for sharing your opinion however i respectully and completely disagree with you and your dad. As far as i am concern and many of the 49er fans that i personally know, the stock is way up for a the 49ers organization. Jed York has built a new staduim and changed the culture in the past three years.

    Jim Harabugh has set a record for taking our team deep into the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Yes, he did not win the big game but i have full confidence in his ability to help us win a Super Bowl. So the Stock is way up for me personally.

    Colin K, despite his so so season, flashed greatness and was instrumental for us to reach the NFL championship. He will be ok in the future and i would be glad to see him back for the next season as the starting QB, therefore the Stock is still way up.

    Grant, i just do not understand why we only focus on the negative. Why is the entire discussion pointed to the opportunities and not the overall performance of the team! The ultimate goal for any of the NFL teams is to win the Super Bowl but sometimes it just does not work out. We do not need to change the coach or the QB to win a Super Bowl at this point.

    All the hype about Jim H is based on specualation and not facts. So what he wants to take care of his players and coaches. That is a quality you want in any leader. Jim has not lost the locker room and his players will fight for him. To my opinion its important to have disagreements and tension in a team as long as the team recognizes the common goal. Trent and Jim do not have to be best friends as long as they push each other to help this team become one of the best organizations in the NFL.

    1. Y’all must be spending too much time sniffing the heating oil there in Chicago. I don’t know many fans happy with Jed York. Quite a few of my friends say that Jed York has had more losing years in this organization and more failed decisions than he’s had success. It’s nice to see the organization on the upswing, but I don’t know a lot of people out front thanking Jed York.
      Those same friends don’t feel that Kaepernick is worth the market value and are confident the team could make something out of the likes of a Matt Flynn in that system. I don’t particularly agree with Matt Flynn, but I understand the idea.
      The offseason is just too long in my opinion. Let’s make a farm league in which the rookies have to play Feb-June and then report for camps in July. Draft happens two weeks after the Super Bowl.

        1. Jack the problem with that is you would constantly be changing QB’s. Harbaugh would coach them up then they would leave for more money i think that would eventually catch up with the team QB whisperer or not there is something to be said for continuity.

            1. Jack yeah but that was less about being a QB whisperer and more about being a Riggins and Hog whisperer [and i do'nt mean Timmy]

              1. Perhaps you haven’t noticed the similarities? The 49ers have been near the bottom of the league in pass attempts since 2011.

              2. Jack i understand the comparison in fact i was half joking but seriously i do’nt think there is any comparison between the Hogs and the current 9er O line. I do’nt see a single current O linemen on the 9ers making the hall of fame. They are better than avg as a group but they are well short of great. imho

              3. I suppose she tweets with her twitter, but I’m uncomfortable with the direction this conversation has taken…

              4. Kaepernick rushing smashes 2011, at least 10 less sacks and more TD’s. He’s just a superb athletic specimen at quarterback, and I expect he’ll explode through the air given Evans to put on the field with Davis, a healthy Crabtree, and Boldin…..

      1. Are your friends mixing up Jed with his father? Jed made a big mistake in 2009 just as he took over, and made Singletary the official head coach. Years three through five of his time in control have been pretty good.

        How did Eddie do in his first two years running the 49ers? Do you and your friends even know who the coaches were? Ken Meyer in 1977, Pete McCulley for the first nine games in 1978 who was then replaced by offensive coordinator Fred O’Connor.

      2. Well Matt, i guess my friends and your friends just do not agree!!! By the way i have central heating here so no need for heating oil. Please remind your friends to not stay in the sun too long or they might start hallucinating ideas like CK is a similar Qb to Matt Flynn. I agree about the off season. GO NINERS

    1. I would pay money to see Lowell and Grant sitting in their kitchen together reading the PFT comments about them under that article. Clearly, their fan base is small to nonexistent. Good for PFT to call Lowell out and point to the absurdity of his article.

  44. Has anybody else that visits the other bay area blogs noticed the recent huge increase in comment counts on SFGate? They’re getting close to having the type of participation that I would only see on this blog after being lucky to have a mere couple of dozen comments not that long ago. I wonder why?

  45. Jed stock will increase when they open up the new stadium. Also I don’t believe in 50% of what is reported in the Sports world. No ones knows for sure that Harbaugh wants to be the highest paid coach and Kaep wants to make $20 million a season. Where is the proof, just a bunch of crap out there.

  46. Ms Kaepernick defending her son from name calling? What’s up with your pops Grant? I know you have defended him before

      1. Nothing. He just got called out by fellow reporters (Rare) for his absurd article:

        “But Cohn’s bizarre personal attacks on Kaepernick are way over the top”
        “Kaepernick’s mom is right. Calling Kaepernick a “hypocrite” and a “phony” because he wants to be well paid is silly. The idea that it’s a “rude demand” to ask for a certain amount of money is ridiculous.”


        1. Sorry, I was writing when you posted this. I find it hard to believe that Grant doesn’t know about this.

        1. Good for her. I love a mom who sticks up for her son.

          Who is Michael David Smith?

          I liked my dad’s column.

          1. You resort to the old “who is that guy” line?!…

            Michael David Smith was named Mainstream Media Sports Blogger of the Year by Sports Illustrated and he is the current managing editor of Profootballtalk.com. He has written for The New York Times, The New York Sun, ESPN the Magazine, Fox Sports, Football Outsiders, NBC Sports, Profootballtalk.com, and the Orange County Register.

      2. Why the hate for CK? Did he do something personal to your pops? I can’t understand the venom he was putting out over a contract negotiation.

  47. Harbaugh doesn’t have a salary cap and he can’t get franchised, so Harbaugh has a TON of leverage. Harbaugh made Kaep and you’re going to pay Harbaugh 5 million a year while Kaep makes 18? I don’t think so. My guess is that right after the owners meeting Harbaugh makes 9 million per year, maybe even 10. I hope Harbaugh threatens to leave SF and this one gets ugly. Not for the spectacle, but for the humbling of York and exposure of Maiocco. Those two little snot nosed punks couldn’t hold Harbaugh’s jock, and yet that’s who Harbaugh has to go through and deal with to get paid. But the way Harbaugh dealt with Maiocco ( who was doing York’s bidding) by not lashing out at York in the SI article, shows that Harbaugh knows he’s going to get paid somewhere. It might be somewhere else, but he’ll get paid in 2016 for sure, and by then, it’ll be well over 10 million a year. If Harbaugh had lashed out at York for having Maiocco attack Harbaugh through the media, it would have lessened Harbaugh’s value because when the poop splatters, everyone gets dirty and it would lessen Harbaugh’s value to his next employer. So that’s why Harbaugh’s interview in Sports Illustrated was so brilliant. It was calculated. Harbaugh avoided doing exactly what the NFL owners were privately hoping he’d do……. explode and retaliate towards York, lessening Harbaugh’s overall value – then other coaches and their pay stay suppressed. Dunn coached Harbaugh well, and Dunn’s earning his money.

    Harbaugh is in a position to create a much higher pay standard for coaches around the NFL. And with the NFL making 9 billion with “B” in 2012, and Goodell making 44 million a year later in 2013, you know coaches should make a ton more than they currently do. It’s all relative. If Harbaugh breaks the bank, other coaches like Sean Payton and Pete Carroll are going to love Harbaugh because their next contracts will sky rocket as well. And coaches rarely have the levarage Harbaugh has right now because Jim Tomsula is about as inspiring as Jerry Jones’ eventual hire of Dave Campo after the Johnson years. I’m dying to see Harbaugh tell York to kick rocks and make this a painful negotiation for York because York was instrumental in the firestorm CSN Bay Area has thrown at Harbaugh. Jed got blindsided by the Browns story, and then didn’t compose himself. I want to watch as York and Eddie D, maybe even Carmen scrabble like hell to both apologize, mend the fence and try and get Harbaugh back on their side. But it’s gonna cost ‘em…..BIG. Especially now that Maiocco released this propaganda storm at Harbaugh on York’s behalf. Joseph Goebbels was blushing.

    If Harbaugh won’t sign in the next two years…. because York’s only offers are consistent with what other head coaches make and Harbaugh knows he’s worth a ton more than that if he were to hit the open market, what York and the rest of the NFL owners will want is for CSN Bay Area to slam Harbaugh and marginalize Harbaugh’s Bay Area popularity so if Harbaugh walks, Jed York isn’t run out of town for being too cheap to retain the best coach in SF since Bill Walsh, or being too weak – unable to upset the other owners by establishing a much higher head coach pay standard.

    Jed York’s in a real tough place…. but he’s put himself there by thoughtlessly employing Maiocco to go on the offensive. Pay Harbaugh what Harbaugh wants (probably an excess of 10 million per year) and the owners hate Jed. Don’t pay Harbaugh and the Bay Area comes unglued and the visions of Jed York and Mike Singletary come back to haunt us all and Jed York is beyond vilified. So what’s Jed’s best option? On the surface it appears he needs to fight back. Work every day with Maiocco to smear Harbaugh. Clobber Harbaugh. Make it appear as though if Harbaugh left, this organization wouldn’t skip a beat with Tomsula. Make Harbaugh out to be a malcontent. He’s too hard to work with. His players hate him. The front office hates him. So if he leaves, it’s not that big of a deal. And if Ann Killion, Ratto and Tim K have a need to be relevant and want to dump on Harbaugh, too….. fantastic. BUT!!!! the problem is, if it doesn’t work and the Bay Area is still behind Harbaugh, the price just went way up on Harbaugh and Jed pisses off his fellow colleagues even more. And this is what’s happened.

    The only mistake Jim Harbaugh made, in my opinion, was saying in his interview, “Believe me, I make plenty of money.” That’s not a lie. He does. But he wants plenty more. It wasn’t necessary to say that. If York does pay Harbaugh, people will later draw their Peyton Manning connections even though this recent claim wasn’t a lie.

    If I’m Harbaugh now, I’m vacationing with a smile on my face and not paying much attention to any of this. But when OTA’s start, if I still don’t have a new contract, I’d say one more thing to the Yorks through the media. I’d tell the Yorks that if I (Harbaugh) didn’t have a new contract in my hand by the start of the regular season, I wouldn’t negotiate another one until April of 2015, when we all know by then Harbaugh would be impossible to sign. He’d be sniffing a huge payday on the open market in 2016.

    The Yorks are in a tight place, and trust me, York attacking Harbaugh through CSN Bay Area, Maiocco and Ratto just cost York and the rest of the NFL a ton of money regarding future NFL head coach contracts. Harbaugh’s weathered the storm, and now, like a prize fighter, it’s Harbaugh’s turn to throw York and the rest of the NFL owners and their 9 Billion in 2012 into the corner and bring the pain on all of them with round-house punches to the head and stomach. Pummel York, Jim. Pummel the owners. You can do it.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Mike Singletary years? Doesn’t anyone remember Troy Smith in London? What about Mike Singletary needing to “Check the tape,” or Singletary sticking up for Jimmy Raye saying, “That guy’s been in the league for 30 years and you think he’s incompetent? That just doesn’t make any sense to me….” Then Dennis O’Donnel gets removed from his own TV show? What about Micheal Lewis leaving the team, Coffee leaving, Kentwan Balmer leaving? What about Singletary forcing out Scot McCloughan right before the draft? Jed York was the owner, letting that circus go on and on. That was on Jed’s watch. Harbaugh is to Jed what Jimmy Johnson was to Jerry Jones. Why did Jed York hire Mike Singletary? Oh yeah, because Singletary was a “Master Motivator.” LMAO. That’s the kind of insight Jed York has when selecting head coaching candidates. The 49ers were a laughing stock. This organization, under Jed, who employed both Nolan and Singletary, was a place where we had to overpay for free agents like Nate Clements, or a place where other free agents used our front office as leverage only to get better deals with their current teams. Kurt Warner? Adalias Thomas?

    And people think if Harbaugh gets out of town that someone like Tomsula or Greg Roman could keep this team together? Seriously? People suggest our current cast of coaches would stay because, “They’re under contract.” Yeah…. they’d stay. But they wouldn’t extend and while they were here they wouldn’t put the same energy into their jobs. There would be a slow decline to the team. Walsh to Seifert to Mariucci to Erickson to Nolan to Singletary? Jimmy Johnson to Barry Switzer to Dave Campo to….. I don’t even want to go there. The problem with the above analogy is that Harbaugh has yet to build up this team to the standards of Walsh and Johnson. So, if Harbaugh left, it would all come crumbling down a lot faster. Then Harbaugh would leave and start building a winner else where while our Rome crumbled. Trust me, 49ers fans would easily be able to compare Harbaugh’s new team ascending to York’s 49ers descending. And we could all say hello to our own Jerry Jones years. Jed’s best option is to bite the bullet, pay Harbaugh and tell the rest of the NFL owners he had no choice. Because he didn’t.

  48. For all the draft nuts who don’t have ESPN Insider, McShay has put out another mock with the Niners taking Louis Nix at #30. Reasoning is, 6 WR’s and 5 CB’s are off the board before their selection. I like this CB class but 5 in the first round is a little much. WR number is about what I expect to happen in May.

    1. He love that position doesn’t he?

      Seems like when it comes to D-line the Niners would rather develop talent than draft a more pro-ready prospect. I would guess that’s just them showing their confidence in Tomsula.

      O that note can’t wait to see Tank in action.

  49. This is exactly what we’ve come to expect from both Cohns. Negative sensationalism sells after all. My 2 cents: if we believe the Browns were offering draft compensation for Harbaugh how does that do anything except drive his stock up? Running with that line of thinking who is the loser here? Obviously it’s the browns. They apparently wanted our coach fairly badly and by admitting that it only undermines their new administration. Furthermore nobody has to be lying here. York denied a report that indicated that a deal was close. Clearly the deal didn’t happen and proximity can be a matter of opinion. Grant either fails to recognize these points or purposefully ignores them.

    As for Kaepernick and the state of the team: is your expectation a Super Bowl victory? If so I would call you a fool. The 49ers are a very good team. Kaepernick has acquitted himself very well. Are they an all time great team (see SF 1994)? Is Kaepernick an elite, legendary qb (see Young, Steve)? No. Is that what we demand before we’re satisfied? If your answer to that last question is “yes”. I don’t know what to tell you. There are 32 teams in this league. More than 20 of them would happily trade their last 3 years for our last 3. Success at this level is very difficult to sustain but the team is in a good position to do just that. Do we want a Super Bowl victory? Of course. But if you start expecting that I think you need to take a deep breath and look how far we have come.

    York, Harbaugh, Baalke and Kaepernick are all riding high right now. So are muck raking writers with hundreds of page views although I wonder how good it feels to get this much negative attention.

      1. That’s the type of players the team loves to draft Neal. The fact that he bench pressed 225 pounds 19 times with that bad labrum is impressive to say the least. And that 39″ vertical leap.

          1. Are you starting to narrow down who they might be targeting? I do not believe Baalke is just going to sit tight….

              1. Can you take me through your thought process as to how you arrived at that conclusion?

            1. If he hasn’t gone gun-shy on the smaller receivers after Jenkins, he’ll target Beckham. He’s everything Baalke hoped Jenkins would become. Also a good compliment to Crabs and Boldin.

              If he trades up for Benjamin he’s made a mistake. They don’t need another big-bodied WR that can play the slot, at least for another 2 years. Boldin and Crabs do that very well already. And I don’t see Benjamin offering much as an outside WR as a rookie. Too raw – DBs worth their salt should be able to shut him down despite his size.

              1. I agree about Beckham, but I don’t know if Baalke would trade up for him. And Beckham wouldn’t help much in the red zone. Kaepernick needs help in the red zone. Benjamin would at least be a downfield threat as a rookie as well as a red zone threat.

              2. Exactly, that’s why Evans makes so much sense, because he can do both, and be groomed to take over for Mr. Crabs when he exits.

              3. I agree Evans will be a good deep threat and great red zone threat. That height and length will make it tough for any DB unless they are right there with him step for step (and even then they will have trouble).

                I’ll be curious to see how he goes on short and intermediate levels though. He doesn’t do a good job of getting open – he’ll need to rely on his size and strength a lot. I don’t think he isn’t a complete WR. I believe he’ll need to be complimented by other guys that provide more reliable targets on shorter and intermediate levels. It makes the offense just that little bit more predictable.

              4. The buzz among NFL execs is he could be a top ten pick, so he’s now out of range anyway Scooter….

              5. I’m not upset by that razor. As I said, I don’t think he is worth trading a lot of picks for.

              6. The last time everyone said the 49ers absolutely had to take a big body to help in the red zone, they bypassed Fleener, Jeffrey and Randle and took Jenkins instead.

                Baalke on Jenkins: “He fits our system very well from a trait standpoint and a skill standpoint. … We feel he’s a multi-align guy, a guy who can line up at any of those three (wide receiver) spots.”

                After the pick, Harbaugh said he likes Jenkins’ smarts, his big hands – 9 7/8 inches – the way he accelerates in and out of breaks and the 4.31 seconds at which the 49ers clocked him at the scouting combine.

                If they loved Jenkins, they should be wetting themselves over Beckham.

              7. They passed on Jeffrey and look what he did for Cutler. Evans is used to playing with a run n gun quarterback. He could make a huge contribution in production not only in the Red Zone, but chunk plays…

              8. Jeffrey is a good example of what I mean with Evans. Jeffery needs a guy like Marshall. It would be interesting to see how he went without Marshall opposite him. He’d still be good, no doubt, but I question whether he’d be as dangerous.

              9. I agree, they’re probably leaning toward taking speed. But I think Kaepernick needs help in the red zone. He’s awful inside the opponents’ 10-yard-line. He likes to the throw fades in the end zone, and Benjamin is a great target on end zone fades.

              10. If they want a guy solely for the red zone, get Brandon Coleman later on.

                I think Boldin and Crabtree are underrated red zone targets. The 49ers need to be encouraging Kaep to find guys getting open in the red zone, not encourage him to keep throwing it up for grabs. I think the main issue with the red zone offense was predictability and Kaep not throwing guys open. In compressed areas like the red zone the QB needs to do a better job of anticipating his receivers.

              11. Benjamin is not solely a red-zone threat.

                It doesn’t hurt to have an extra tall receiver. Walsh liked them — Dwight Clark, Chip Myers.

              12. It doesn’t hurt to have a speedy receiver either. Especially one that doesn’t mind attacking the ball and is a threat at each level of the route tree. 49ers don’t have a speedster like that at the moment.

              13. I still have nightmares about the Niners passing on Alshon Jeffery. Loved him in college and wanted us to draft him, bad. He is going to be a beast for the next decade.

              14. Beckham is dangerous at all levels of the field. He’s a perfect compliment to bigger bodies WRs like Boldin and Crabtree.

              15. I just think Kaepernick to Evans could be special. The way he high points the ball with his huge catching radius. Has plenty of speed and knows how to come back to a scrambling quarterback who likes to throw on the run. OBJ has not played with that type of quarterback….

              16. Razor, how often does Kaep throw it after he’s started scambling? Kaep is nothing like Manziel or Russell Wilson. He doesn’t extend plays – if it isn’t there he runs.

              17. I agree, but complementing Crabtree and Boldin may not be the most important consideration because those two might not be on the team long term.

              18. That is true Grant, but this won’t be the only opportunity to draft (or sign) new WRs.

              19. That’s funny Scooter….The 52 yard pass to VD against the Buccaneers comes to mind.

              20. Razor, you know as well as I do that Kaep doesn’t often buy time and extend the play. He’s far more likely to look to run if the play isn’t there.

                Harbaugh runs a pretty structured offense – a guy like Beckham that is fast, runs good routes and can play multiple WR spots is a perfect fit.

              21. Scooter, you remember that striker to Boldin in the endzone over Thomas?

                What about those deeeeeeeeep drop and rolls to the sideline and then a laser to Mr. Crabs?

              22. The rollouts are designed razor. The routes the WRs are running on those plays were designed. Evans made a living on scramble drills as Manziel extended plays.

              23. Those were back in the 2012-2013 season when teams didn’t know what to expect from him Razor.

              24. Kaepernick can extend plays and to suggest he doesn’t often do it because he does not have that skillset is ridiculous….

              25. Plenty of examples of Kap extending plays this year as well. He doesn’t always run when he’s flushed from the pocket. No doubt he needs to stay in the pocket a little longer at times and just move up, but that is a young QB trait that will get better with time. Everybody’s darling Russell Wilson does the exact same thing.

              26. He’s a deadly runner and when he sees an opening he attacks it and rips off 15 yards just like that. I don’t blame him…

              27. Can Kaep extend plays? Yes. Does he do it a lot? No.

                Every QB extends plays on occasion. Kaep isn’t like Manziel or Wilson though, who often find ways to wiggle away from pass rush, run around like their dodging incoming fire, then look up and fire a pass to a WR that has shaken free. These guys a renowned for it.

                There were a number of times people on here complained about how if only Kaep had kept his eyes downfield he’d have seen a receiver breaking free but instead took off for a run. Running is in his DNA. Nothing wrong with that because he can make some big plays with his legs.

          2. I think Verrett will fall into the second round due to his stature and the fact that he will be out until TC at the earliest due to surgery on his labrum.

              1. An injury didn’t keep them from taking Tank Carradine in the second round last year, so why should it with Verrett this year?

              2. I never said it would. I’ve got this feeling the 49ers are going to address their secondary woes through free agency. I have to think they’re going to cut Rogers to free up money for Kap, Dawson, and maybe Whitner. Interesting that Vontae Davis’ APY was $2.245 million, which was less than Browns’ APY…..

            1. Midwest i would rather see the 9ers take him at 30 than trade down to 38 and some body else swoop in and take him. The kid can cover.

  50. Harbaw at 8…9….10 million per year is still…
    Harbaw. Overreacting to the officials,
    making us dizzy with his sideline spin moves
    (angry, emotion-laden pirouettes) to what end?
    He becomes so caught up in himself that he
    fails to call needed time outs, rethink the situations,
    and then call the kind of plays which win big games.

    Those who want him to stay & still believe in him…
    put down those monster bets right now.
    My money says that with Harbaw as head coach
    the Niners will never bring home Lombardi trophy #6.

    1. That same ol’ Harbaw….winning 11+ games a season, 3 title games, a SB appearance, and turning around a losing QB, and losing franchise in only his first 3 seasons

      who wants that???

      1. And in two of those title games, they were on their way to going to the SB. It’s kind of mind boggling what he’s accomplished.

  51. video of Coach Harbaw at Kansas basketball practice.
    Winner: his shot from half court goes in. Celebration.!
    Loser: his wife Sarah made it clear: stop wearing khaki.
    Yet Jim is still dressed in a sweatshirt and khahi pants…
    (Oh yeah, and the baseball cap.)

    Listen fellas: if Harbaw is unwilling/unable to make such a
    simple change in his life (perhaps saving marriage #2),
    then what makes you think he can revise/redo anything in
    the coaching realm which is commonly felt to be indicated?

    Time for somebody to randomly stick an alcohol swab in his mouth.
    Until we see negative test results, how can we know that Jim has
    turned the corner on his drinking problem…??? Back to basics, hmm?

    1. LOL.

      At first I hated this clown but now I find his comments extremely entertaining, as ridiculously stupid as they may be.

    2. Yea me too actually….i think b/c its off-season so he’s running out on material….he’s really stretching this Harbaugh stuff….like above where he said we should fire him based on him being too emotional during games


  52. Professional sports = Entertainment= Hollywood = the Circus.
    All Profesional Athletes=Enterainters. They play for pay for our entertainment.
    Entertainers=Public Figures
    Public Figures=anything goes!
    Off season=The Circus
    Some Entertainers go to the Tropics during off season, some go to the circus.
    It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it.

  53. Colin Kaepernick will get paid. Your statement that he shouldn’t get paid because he has only played in 29 games is ridiculous. He is the top ranked QB in Avg yds per game in the playoffs so far and the ninth best QB in the regular season during the time he has been a starter. Do you think he is going to get worse the more experience he gets, or better?

  54. Kurt Warner weighs in:

    These guys don’t come around very often,” Warner said. “A guy that is explosive that can make plays – we saw the other guy in their division in Russell Wilson. Good defense, good running game, very much like San Francisco. (They) need a quarterback to make some of those explosive, game-changing plays – exactly what Kaepernick is. So you can win championships with that kind of formula. San Francisco has it. I do believe they want this guy to be their long-term guy, so it’s just a matter of when they’re going to pony up that money and how much is it going to be.”

    1. Ya, but what does an over looked grocery clerk know about NFL quarterbacks. I’ll bet he doesn’t have an English degree from either Stanford or UCLA.

      By the way, all you experts should know that I played for Stanford in the 1952 Rose Bowl — first trumpet that is. ;-}

      1. Yep, Kurt Warner weighs in:

        “This is a tough one for me because I don’t know if he’s proven that he’s an $18 million-quarterback yet, but he’s shown signs that he could be that guy,” Warner said. “If you’re going to keep him for the long-term, you’re going to have to pay him that kind of money. (It’s a) tough situation for San Francisco. I think they’d be better off to let him go one more year and then see where he’s at, but not sure they’re going to have the luxury to do that.”

        This was the first part of his comment.

      2. LOL htwaits. I’ve long enjoyed your comments, frequently agreeing. This one made me laugh. Hey, playing in the Rose Bowl is playing in the Rose Bowl! Your post has the added value to me of reminding me I’m still not the oldest ‘Expert’ on this blog site. : >)
        PS- After that many years, the prestige of The Stanford Band is about equal to the team’s. After all, how many players from that Rose Bowl Game do I know? 0.
        How many band members? 1.
        1 > 0!

        1. Thanks for the kind words. I should point out that I was in the Stanford band. I’m too old to have been in The Stanford Band.

          There is a big difference. We did have Tubas square dancing at half time at the Rose Bowl. We also got stomped after half time. The Illinois band was so big they couldn’t do the traditional (of the day) moving formations.

          I have always found The Stanford Band to be much more interesting. Until it was suspended, it was more like the Lowell Cohn of college bands. I at the game where The Stanford Band called out the visiting coach for infidelity. That was your friend and mine, Barry Switzer.

        1. He isn’t listening to you either.
          I know that he is our QB and in the future, but he still needs to earn what he wants. It was that way with Alex Smith and it should be the same with Kaep. He’s shown that he has game-changing running ability. Now he needs to show that he can torch a strong secondary if he is bottled up in the run game. And not make the same throw that has ended each of our past two seasons.

          1. You seem to have forgotten that Alex Smith was the first player selected in his draft and that he got a monster contract. The 49ers forced him to redo his contract and he had to work his way back up to 8 million per. Alex Smith was paid very well for his worst years.

  55. Beckham averaged 19.6 ypc last season. Benjamin averaged 18.7.

    Both are deep threats. Beckham is faster and a more complete receiver right now. Benjamin is a better red zone threat and he has a better chance to become a No.1 receiver one day.

    1. The team will probably have to trade up into the 15-20 to have a chance at him, an area where there are some teams potentially in need a WR.

      1. For both Beckham and Benjamin. I don’t think that it would be worth it given the depth at WR and the underrated quality in the second round.

    2. Beckham is my guy…i’d be a happy camper. I like him a whole lot better than Cooks….he’s far too under-sized and his speed doesn’t always seem to transfer to the field… He reminds me of a D. McCluster, talented but kind of a tweener b/w WR and RB, but too small for either position.

      Beckham has good speed, route running is good and will get better, and he goes after the ball in the air a lot better…..more natural receiver….I would love to see that speed and Kaps arm

      1. Oh yeah, me too.

        As for Cooks, I really like him, but like you I’d take Beckham ahead of him. Beckham isn’t a big WR, but he’s big enough to go up and contend for a ball, as he has a good jump on him and pretty long arms for a guy his size. He’s aggressive to the ball too. Cooks is more of your traditional, small, burner WR. Antonio Brown.

  56. யார் குளியல் தொட்டியில் மக்களுக்காய்?

    1. I do’nt play around with mock drafts untill after the FA signing period is over but if the 9ers do’nt resign brown and or rogers and stay at #30 i have a strong feeling it will be Verrett. I really like this kids ability and work ethic.

      1. I could also see the Niners trading out of the first altogether with the options they will have in the second.

        1. Rocket anything is possible and i mean that literally. When a team is drafting in the top 20 of the first rd we all can make a pretty educated guess on the pick but after the top 20 it is truely a fools errand when trying to predict a pick or to give an opinion about who a team SHOULD pick.

          1. Agreed coach. There are numerous options that figure to be in play and fixating on one we think they should take is a fools game.

          1. Yeah Jack it seems alot more likely that its the 2nd option the article offers. The 9ers are trying to mess with the Seahawks cap woes.

      1. What I love is how Florio goes from

        “Some believe that the 49ers will make a run at Bennett …” to

        “It’s entirely possible that the 49ers are feigning interest in order to …”

        It’s as if the mere fact that some people are speculating the 49ers will make a run at Bennett automatically means they are showing interest.

        I’m sure there’s no way he got the Harbaugh-to-the-Browns story wrong.

        1. Yep amazing how he leaves everything open ended so he can paint the picture that he was on the right side all along no matter how it ends up.

          No way I can see the Niners spending big on a FA Dlineman, unless they dump JS or McDonald which makes no sense in itself.

          My guess is he goes to one of three places: Chicago, Oakland or back to Seattle.

  57. LC’s Kaepernick article made it to the Dan Patrick Show and KNBR this morning. Kinda backfired on mommakaep. Maybe she sould have a conversation with Bob from Gilroy.

        1. Look, it’s just a bunch of guys saying “brown noser.” Is it always bad to be one, no but you will get called on it and it’s harmless.

    1. It didn’t back fire on her at all. She made a comment because she was sick of reading this BS being printed about her son and her opinion was not only spread all over the net, but it was echoed by most who have written about it. LC does not come off well at all in any of this.

      1. She gave the piece a lot more exposure than if she had stayed off Twitter with her frustration. Columnists are paid to get people talking. Mission accomplished.

        1. The exposure it’s getting is not painting the writer in a positive light. It’s getting people talking all right…about Lowell being an angry old man.

          1. It’s actually quite reminiscent of the response that sporting news article about Kaps tats received. Didn’t turn out well for that guy at all.

    2. Jack i have’nt read LC’s column on CK and do’nt intend to but most of the posters here seem to agree that it went to far and crossed over into the realm of being mean spirited. Whats your opinion? Do you think it went too far?

      1. Coach,

        I didn’t agree with the tone, especially in the beginning of the piece but did agree with the message.

        In a lot of ways LC didn’t say anything about Kaepernick that he hadn’t said in previous posts.

        Not a big fan of Boston Cream pie though. Prefer a nice chocolate or lemon myself.

        1. Anyone who actually covers Kaepernick understands the tone at the beginning of the article. Easy for Dan Patrick to defend Kaepernick. He doesn’t have to cover him.

          1. Wow… Dan Patrick>Grant and Lowell Cohn… So in order to be an “expert” on someone, you have to “cover” him? Talk about stewing in your own pot

            1. You don’t find it interesting that after basically not talking all year he decided to put on the charm on media row at the Super Bowl?

              1. I find it interesting that your first thought is one of calculative manipulation with the intent to deceive for personal gain…..

        2. Have you tried the Crispey Creme Cherry pies? Mmmmm, tasty. Much better than the Hostess we used to be able to buy in school…

        3. Hammer it’s personal and unprofessional. You can get people talking by starting a discussion without personal attacks.

        4. So your saying you agree with his points, but disagree with the stats and logic of jason la conforas piece? Just asking.

            1. It proves that if you are looking for a way to slant Kaps accomplishments in a negative direction while ignoring everything else like… I don’t know setting the QB rushing record in the playoffs to go with the passing numbers.

              It also proves that Sanchez is nowhere near the QB and Kap is a top ten QB right now which Sanchez has never been. Sanchez has never been higher than the bottom 3rd.

        5. Glenn Dickey takes a very similar position, maybe it’s there common ages, but he doesn’t feel the need to do a personal attack at the same time.

        1. Grant the reason i did’nt read the column is for the same reason i do’nt read alot of op-ed pieces be it sports or politics, i really do’nt want to inject too much negativity into my day if i can help it. I have worked at a alternative public high school for 30 years. A high percentage of the students are at risk and i’m am dealing with some of the most difficult and depressing situations that you could imagine. I enjoy sports for the joy it brings to my life as a participant, coach and fan so i really do’nt want any part of stories that do’nt clebrate sports. I will argue all day with you about a draft pick but really do’nt want to take part in a discussion that involves a tone that is judgemental or harsh

      2. Cohn’s points against giving him a contract are lazy and don’t follow basic logic. Mainly that Jay Cutler hasn’t come close to winning a Super Bowl, so setting him as the standard for paying a QB to win Super Bowls is so stupid he should be barred from presenting an opinion to the public for at least a year just in case a developing mind reads it and is ruined forever…..

        1. Tell us what you really think Razor…

          I haven’t read it so I will with hold my opinion. But i will say that I understand and appreciate Grant defending his father…i think people here tend to cross the line when talking family

  58. The Cutler argument is the worst. The Bears made a bad decision giving him that contract. The 49ers hold all the leverage with Kaepernick. He’s under contract for another year and then the 49ers can franchise him if they want to. If he proves he’s a top-5 QB, the 49ers can pay him that type of money down the line.

    1. Sure they can. But at that time it will be up to Kaepernick because he will have other options.

      From the organization’s point of view, they can avoid risk now and pay a lot more latter if they want to keep Kaepernick. Or, they can pay him now and control the impact on their cap future. The risk is that Kaepernick is a bust or even worse, he blows the roof off his development and he’s not signed. Take your pick.

      They also have to maintain as much cap flexibility as possible. As I understand the franchise tag path, it hurts cap flexibility the most.

  59. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/writer/jason-la-canfora/24469225/kaepernick-will-get-his-20m-per-deal-whether-niners-pay-up-now-or-later,….

    Now i know people like to gripe on kaep, most notably on here, grant and jack, but imagine whats going to happen when Kaep does pick up his footwoork, his defensive read abilities, long shot accuracy, etc… He will be a monster. Even more harder to plan for. Like it or not Kaep haters, He’s still getting better. Regardless if he is, as grant would say 27yo. He’s not 37.

    1. Like it or not Kaep haters, He’s still getting better.

      Exactly who are you referring to when you use the term “Kaep haters”? By the way, your use of the capital H in “he” suggests that you are deifying Kaepernick. Was that a mistake, or are you one of the fanboys?

      What do you think Kaepernick did better in 2013 than he did in 2012?

          1. Oh, and by the way. Fanboy? Not I, but the stats Laconfora laid out are plenty to digest on. So if that makes me a fanman, then i guess i am. Contradictory don’t you think

      1. Capital H.. ok Sir spell check, i comment on blogs with my opinion. I am not paid to write the blogs, so the way i use any punctuation is moot, unless i were the grammer police. And to justify my H in he, its phone etiquette. My phone screwd up. Do i think he did better, no, but that’s because he came out of nowhere. Now teams are prepared for him. But he will get better at being prepared for other teams. Oh and the “haters” the ones that believe this man is a waste of 16-18mil, yet alone 20 mil… Any Other Questions?

        1. You have to admit that the use of “He” in a post where you rail against mythical “Kaep haters” and gush about Kaepernick’s virtues was pretty ironic.

  60. Grants job is not to tell the truth but to generate interest in his column. If grant thinks the best coarse of action is to get rid of a coach that has been to three straight championship games and go with Tomesula because the players love him, he obviously is not that football savvy. I wonder if the Bills thought they should get rid of Marv Levy for their offensive line coach?

    1. 2013 Cap Hit: $1.4m
      2013 Performance Based Value: $8.3m
      Value Differential: +$6.9m

      So his worth was about what the 49ers paid Alex Smith each of the previous two years. It makes sense. I don’t expect that he ever makes that up unless he gets overpaid at some point.

      If he plays the same way in 2014 he would be behind for something like $14m. If he has healthy receivers and an improved offensive line he might improve in 2014 which would, on this scale, but him even further behind what they define as his actual value to the team.

      You’re right. It is interesting if their metrics match anything like the reality in the market.

      I still think that the most important, and tricky, analysis is the one that compares the risk / benefit ratio between getting a long term contract now apposed to getting a long term contract this time next year. I wouldn’t want the job. The Family Cohn analysis plays to the emotions of fans, but doesn’t seem helpful for picking the best path into the future.

      It’s fun to pay with someone else’s money – either spending it or teaching a five year old brat how to behave. Cheers.

  61. I wouldn’t break up the coach, GM, and owner into different stock-up, stock-down buckets. If they don’t win the SB all their stock is down or flat, and if they do, all their stock is up.

  62. Dear Site Manager,

    AES posted at 7:24 AM on 03/06/2014 and at 2:26 PM it’s still the last post showing. Has something gotten stuck? See above.

  63. Also I’m still getting error when i attempt to post. It takes me to an error page and I have to hit the back icon and do it again. It happens with every other post

  64. yea actually its been okay the last few days or so….i thought the new format update corrected it but it went back to doing it maybe even more often

    a lot of bugs on this site

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