49ers Sunday game – halftime live chat Grant Cohn

Join me in discussing the 49ers game against the Falcons Sunday November 8th during halftime.

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      1. Oh you mean next week this week;

        Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers

    1. After all that went down this year I kept hopeful but it now has truly sunk in that the York stupidity runs in the family. Baalke needs to go and the Yorks need to hire someone to run the team with none of their input.

  1. I’m predicting that the team will hit a new low this afternoon.

    The Falcons are going to stomp the team into the ground in front of the home crowd. Expect the boo birds to come out early and often. The broadcasters will give up calling the game after it’s 40 something to 3 in the third quarter and spend the rest of the game discussing how far the franchise has fallen in such a short time and how badly the team is being run and coached. Which is all of course 100% true.

    Media outlets across the nation will spend the week discussing what a horrible display the team put out today and how bad the organization as a hole(pun,not a typo) has become.

    Should be fun.

  2. I just saw MM’s article saying that the ‘Brick’ was going to be in the house today! I used to really like Jeff, he made one of my favorite plays when he picked off McNabb in the endzone after one of the greatest set of 4th down stands in NFL history.

      1. Nice story

        Sometimes a fan can luck out with those endzone seats. Me and my five siblings had endzone seats for the 1981 playoffs vs the NYGs. (slept 3 freezing nights outside the stick to snag those)

        On one defensive series I got to see Fred Dean sack the Giants QB. I had a new watch with a timer. It only took 1.8 seconds to get to the QB. It wasn’t a blown assignment by the Giants OT. Dean just whipped him.

        On another series Lott had a pick 6. Threw the ball into the stands. Landed two rows in front of me. If he just put a little air on the ball.

  3. Our new coaching staff were touted as a great group of teachers. Anybody figured out yet what it is that they have been teaching our players?

    1. Fat chance, we need a Qb but too late, finishing 3 and 13 maybe, might have F’d up on another Cal player. Thanks Blame.

  4. OK, if we can still lose to Chi/Det/Sea/Ari/Cin/Cle, maybe we didn’t F up in the draft like Blame just did. Game was like dog stuff. Glad I didn’t watch it. I bet Blame looked stupid out there. Too bad Falcons got to dump their loser coach and dump Fake Ryan. They should really bring back Michael Vick, he could’ve beat the 49ers. Hope Car and NO are in the playoffs and Atl takes a dump in their division. Fake Falcons.

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