49ers-Texans prediction

There is no way the 49ers lose to Matt Schaub this Sunday.

I don’t care that the 49ers are missing Aldon Smith and possibly Patrick Willis. I don’t care how many good players the Texans have – they have a lot.

There is no way the 49ers lose to Matt Schaub this Sunday.

Schaub makes Sam Bradford look good.

Schaub is built to throw play-action passes. He is not built to drop back and throw the ball. He stinks unless the play-action fools the defense.

Look at his stats on third down, a passing down:

On third and less-than-three yards, his passer rating is 81.3.

On third and three-to-seven yards, his passer rating is 69.9.

He’s slow and rarely throws the ball farther than 10 yards downfield. Last season should have been his final season as an NFL starter.

The 49ers will beat the Texans 27-16.

  1. Texans will put up 38 keeping with the theme that SF defense hasn’t stopped anyone. So my prediction: Texans 38. Now it’s up to Kaepernick, the offense, and the defense to put up more than the 38 that the Texans will score.

      1. Not from Schaub unless he throws 2 pick sixes this week. I think Foster will have a good game and their defense will score 1 time. I don’t like the way SF runners are carrying the ball right now.
        I expect this game to be a lot like NO. It will be up to the SF offense to score a lot of points.

      1. Be careful 23J, Matt might give out his work address again. Ooh, tough guy is now rooting against the team he claims to support.

    1. I did and the question was “right now.” Kaepernick to his credit only has 12 starts in the NFL. He’s a beast. Alex Smith is a better game manager “right now”. I don’t discredit a QB who has outlasted the average playing time in the NFL and is still starting on a winning team.
      All that being said, Kaepernick hasn’t finished a whole year in the NFL yet. Everyone was on the Cam Newton bandwagon two years ago. I said he wasn’t that great. He made garbage stats in garbage time. Look at his teams. They haven’t won.
      Kaepernick is better than Alex Smith was in his first 5 years only 12 games in, but “right now” Alex Smith’s game managing is helping his team more than Kaepernick’s lack of experience.

      1. I think part of that equation though is how the 49ers tried to use CK early in the season. They tried to put the whole game on his shoulders, and abandon the run game way too early game after game. Now that we get back to 49er football, I think everyone is going to agree that CK is a better option than Alex.

        There’s nothing Alex can do, that CK can’t. And there’s plenty of things that CK can do, that Alex can’t. Coaches just need to put our players in the best position to be successful, and I don’t think they did that against Seahawks or Colts.

      2. Matt has valid points. Alex is no Joe Montana nor Joe Namath, but neither is he Joe Blow. I think the people in KC are ecstatic with the play from their new QB.
        Alex is an embodiment of a leader; he makes plays within the confines of his own physical limits, he never ever blames external forces, injuries or teammates (he never lashed out at Nolan when he was blamed for all the defeats in 2007, when Nolan threw him to the wolves when it was crystal clear Smith had a crippled shoulder). Smith was and is a rock. Not the most gifted, but a real gamer.
        To compare him to Kap is absurd. Totally different skill sets.

      3. Extremely reasonable and accurate, I agree with Matt, “right now”… And that is his point, succinctly stated. To call him a troll is just foolish. Kaep is extremely talented…but in what direction is it going? He needs to be unleashed and reduce the scripting, teams are scared of his running ability and they should be, but a game plan centered about that threat is suspect and exploitable.

      1. Are you serious?

        The Chiefs have had a cakewalk schedule, not even playing a single playoff team, and two winless teams.

        The Niners have had to play 3 playoff teams consecutively, and now another one in Houston who has the #2 defense in the league.

        Put Alex against a staunch defense down by 2 scores, and watch captain checkdown convert 1/15 3rd downs.

      2. Adam707,

        You are usually pretty reasonable. How can you possibly make a comparison? Look at the opponents. Read Eisenbergs comment.

      3. 23 can’t spell, like Bill Parcells says, “you are what your record says you are”.
        So like I told your boy toy, either quit the blog or admit Alex Smith is a winning QB. Otherwise take your foot out of your mouth!

      4. I started my statement by saying “not saying he is”. I don’t alex in nearly as good as kaep. I was just providing facts for a person that would claim that.

      1. Bray has a memory on him. Does he remember all the game-killing, bone-headed, choking interceptions that Peyton has thrown in his postseason career? Does he remember which Manning wins in the clutch?

        Sure he does, but he also prefers Marino over Montana.

    2. One of the most gifted athletes to play the QB position is Michael Vick. He has always be inconsistent, and not a good pocket passer. All the ability in the world doesn’t mean anything if the Qb can’t play at a high level on a consistent basis.
      I’m glad the the Niners decided to play small ball for now. It was too much too soon for Colin. But that’s also no excuse.
      It’s a big boy league. All is well when the team is winning. If they lose on Sunday, and it could happen, then it would be back to the drawing board, and that’s scary.
      It’a highly unlikely that the Niners get to the SB, not because of talent but because of the stats. It’s hard to get back to the SB when you lost the previous year. It’s happened in the past, but not in the current Goodell era of the NFL.

    3. verbally, in writing, right here, not one person has the combination of balls and stupidity to say Alex is better than Kap!!!! but if you look at the poll………seems that a lot of people feel that way

      1. Jshaw- Let me state it this way, Alex is helping his team win more than Kap right now. That’s not open for discussion, it’s obvious to anyone who is subjective.

        We all know he isn’t ‘better’.

      2. If we are looking at the play of the two QB’s this season up until now, Smith has played better and been more consistent. If we are talking about who will be better long term, it’s Kap imo.

      3. WOW!! i guess the fact that the Chiefs reward for the worst record in 2012 is the easiest schedule in 2013 is a non factor? We are also forgetting that Kap did something in less that 11 starts that Alex has never done……go to the Super Bowl! even though Alex had a better team in 2011 ( healthier, younger Defense).

        Ill end with a question for Jack. What is the most passing yards Alex ever had in a single game? in addition, what is the most passing yards in a single game without a turnover? just a guess, but i bet neither number is close to 412.

      4. Total Quarterback Rating


        Alex is where he’s elevated his play to, middle of the Pack.

        Kaepernick is 13th and he’s having a rough season with no weapons on an offense that has an identity crisis.
        As Greg Cosell said, no GM in the entire football league would take Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick. Well, except a couple of arm chair morons in this room.

      5. Alex has beaten up on the bottom feeders of the NFL and Kap has a schedule that is so tough, it could only be that of a Super Bowl participant. In the 2 losses, we could not run the ball. So in other words, beating up on 12 year olds would make me tougher that a guy who lost a fight to someone in his own weight class right?

      6. Well said Bay. I couple of days ago i raised the point that: all those years prior to 2011, i could not find 2 fans that did NOT HATE alex. now it seems as if everyone loves him and wishes he was hear now instead of Kap. Some one kind of took offense and asked me to name names. I could not, i stated that is was more of a tone i sensed than specific people. Now we have names to attach to such buffoonery.
        Jack Hammer

        and counting!

      7. Read what is being said guys. At this moment the guy playing better is Smith. That is not a knock on Kap or a declaration that he is inferior to Smith as a player. It’s an opinion based on the play of both QB’s over the first four weeks of the season. It doesn’t mean Kap won’t be the guy playing better a few weeks from now. It’s what has transpired through the first month of the season.

      8. Your post is the proverbial low hanging fruit Jshaw.
        Aside from turnovers, Stats mean very little to the outcome of an NFL game.
        Ken O’Brien. He amassed 25,000 yards in 11 seasons. He led the NFL 3 years with the lowest number of INTs and was the highest rated passer in 1985. He owns the NFL record for most yards passed with a perfect QB rating. Super Bowl Rings: 0
        Cam Newton is the only NFL rookie QB to pass for 400 yards in back to back games. Both games ended in a LOSS.
        Stats aren’t a good measure.

      9. If we are talking about winning games and who has made their overall team better this season and made the playmakers on each QB’s team more productive, Alex Smith hands down.

        If we are talking about individual talent and potential, hands down Colin Kaepernick.

        The debate is pointless. Right now I would take Alex Smith because he is playing more of the team game needed to win in the NFL. If I am starting a franchise and need a long term QB, I’m taking Kaepernick. We are debating a mute point.

      10. Rocket you’re wasting your time. We each dictated that same sentiment about the poll being “RIGHT NOW”. We all said Kaepernick is the better long term QB.
        The agenda here is to witch hunt anyone who doesn’t agree that Kaepernick is without fault. It’s pathetic. Arguing what’s already been said is a waste of breath. Those of us capable of reading and understanding the question can see the stance of each response. There are an emotional few who see any disagreement as blasphemy. Education won’t help if they can’t read.

      11. Seriously why is this so hard to figure out. It’s a team. You guys are giving AS credit for playing good QB when all he is being asked to do is not mess things up. It’s what he does. That ONLY equates to being a GOOD QB if and only if, his team is playing great defense. Smith’s last seven starts his defense has yielded 3, 3, 24, 2, 16, 16, 7. Kaeps last seven games, 11,27, 29, 28, 34, 29, 31.

        Smith’s defense yielded an average of 7.8 points a game.
        Kaeps defense yielded an average of 27.0 points a game.
        Now tell me again who’s playing better QB when one gets to play the field position game and the other is playing catch up most the time.

      12. Matt, you make MY point for me! Alex has better stats and more wins. He played the easiest schedule! That is a fact. 4-0 against that schedule is about the same as 2-2 against ours. Alex my have better ( ken obrien #’s) but Kap is the better QB today tomorrow and next year!

      13. Bay why are you having such a hard time reading what was written. No One has said Alex Smith won a single game. Everyone instead has said he has MANAGED the game and not done the things that lose games.
        NO ONE has said they want Smith over Kaepernick. They have instead just given an honest assessment. Maybe a better more appropriate poll question would have been which coach is using their QB better through 4 games. That poll question wouldn’t trigger the emotions that an Alex Smith/Kaepernick Poll does. Like good puppets, the responses are coming.

      14. It’s just my opinion Jshaw. I respect your diehard assessment. I hope we’re having a conversation next year about which 49er QB had the best superbowl blowout, Kaepernick, Young, Montana.

      15. It was said best further up this thread, if you take their numbers off the jerseys and just watch their play you their is very little difference.

        Right now Smith is better, and he was better by the numbers last season as well. Over time Kaepernick has the better upside. As Greg Cosell said and I would agree, there isn’t a GM in the league that would choose Smith over Kaepernick, but that is all based on the upside of each.

        Many like to bring up Smith’s struggles from early in his career, but under Harbaugh and now Reid, Smith has won 80% of his starts, 24-6. Kaepernick is 9-5 in his 14 starts. Coaching matters just a bit. Kaepernick has the potential to be a franchise quarterback. Time will tell if he can get there.

      16. Jack,
        maybe it’s because of your JR blog that you don’t get it. You are more of a look at the shiny pictures guy. Read the details regarding WHY the records are so different. Look at the defensive support each has received and it tells you why the records are what they are …..

      17. After 4 games, AS is an important part of an overachieving team because no one was expecting 4-0, and that AS won’t do good in the first year of a new system. OTOH, as a Niners fan, I view the Niners are under-achieving now after 4 games, due to various reasons.
        Right now, AS is better than Kaep in some areas, mainly due to experiences, like pre-snap reads and maybe changing calls. Kaep, needless to say, is better in long passes and running. My point is both are good QBs. I’m sure some will even dispute that.
        And both teams are not playing up to their potentials yet.

      18. It’s interesting how in order to get the team back on track in St Louis the coaches made Kaepernick more like Smith.

      19. will stand with Jack et al on this — right now, Alex is a better NFL QB. That might change in a year, in six month, or next week. Kaep had tremendous upside. However, I watched him four years in college, and knew he would have to make some adjustments. I said last year he would make the highlight reels more often than Smith but would not be as consistent.

        When Kaep did become the starter last year, I was pleasantly surprised with how consistent he was, and I do have more confidence he can be as consistent as Smith, but so far this year he has not been. Even the highlight reel worthy plays have been sparse, although I do think the coaching staff is restricting him some to protect him. I will go out on a limb and say that we will see both areas – the consistency and the big plays – improve if/when the return to basics offense restores his comfort level. The only games I have seen Kaep play when he looked more uncomfortable on the field than the Seahawks and Colts games this year were the 2011 preseason games.

        Perhaps you did not read this blog last year, but Jack Hammer was critical of Smith’s limitations on several occassions, supported the move to Kaep, and supported keeping Smith on the 49ers as the backup, not as a potential starter. While I may not always agree with Jack, I respect his football acumen, and I would never label him a buffoon. He is by far one of the more objective posters here — his opinion is in most instances dictated by what he sees on the field, not by preconceived notions.

      20. Jack,
        I think they had to scale down the expectations. They under-estimated the loss of key players and put way too much on Colin.
        Down here in Los Angeles, I talk to general fans who can be more observant, as we have no team down here, most thought that Colin was overrated. I’m not saying he is, he has huge upside. He’s always had huge upside. Alot of players have it, it’s whether they put it all together. Harbaugh and GRoman are quickly discovering how smart other coaches are.
        Forget Smith’s first 6 year and look at his last two, especially his play before he got hurt. He was Offensive Player of the week.
        He has also been a very inconsistent player but it seems like he’s putting it together and playing at a level that wins games, whether it’s being a game manager of whatever.
        Cam Newton threw for 400 yards in his first two games and lost both.
        It is a team game, and it a W or L could come down to just a few plays.
        Lame schedule or not, Alex got the W.
        Colin, regardless of hard schedule, is 2-2. Part of it could be the D. Part of it could also be the bad O play, and all the 3 and outs.

      21. Alex Smith is clearly playing the QB position better than Kaepernick right now. That isn’t to say Alex is playing outstanding football, he played better last year and in 2011, but lets just compare pro football focus grades

        Alex Smith -0.6 overall 25th in the league (not good)
        Colin Kaepernick -9.4 overall 2nd worst in the league(very bad)

        Alex Smiths best game +3.3
        Worst game -3.5

        Colin Kaepernick’s best game +1.6
        Worst Game -4.8

        I’d still take Kaepernick over Alex Smith right now because I think he will improve and I’d take Harbaugh over Reid any day of the week but right now there isn’t many quarterbacks in the NFL Kaepernick is playing better than right now.

      22. I agree with Bayareafanatic- you guys are comparing apples to oranges. Kap would easily have better numbers than Smith he played the 3 weakest defenses in the nfl. Giants 32nd points allowed, Eagles 31st points allowed and Jaguars 30th points allowed. In contrast Seahawks 2nd points allowed, and Colts 4th points allowed.

      23. jshaw, if going by strength of schedule, which is very misleading considering the change teams go through each year, then the easiest isn’t the Chiefs but the Broncos.

      1. Be one of the buffoons in the room, I always considered my self to be one of the Bozos on the bus but that is another story, I have been from the get go against trading AS. Harbaugh has stated that AS coached Kaep. more last year that the coaching staff .
        Kaeps. performance has suffered this year. A case can be made that if AS where here to help Kaep. not only on the side line but in the room ,that the teams record woild be better.
        Why trade an important player with experience when changing to a player who would beneift from their insight.
        All of this , the trade, the lack of experience at the QB position etc. plays into my belief that Harbaugh is not who many on this board believe him to be.
        But as has been pointed out , just a buffoon in the room!

      2. J.V. Waterboy just nailed it a few threads up. Alex looks slightly above average playing 3 of the 4 WORST DEFENSES IN THE NFL, while Kap has not played so well against the 2nd and 4th best but dominated average to weak D’s like the rams and packers.
        A fair assessment would be to take Kaps stats from G.B.and STL. and double them…..divide by four and THEN COMPARE THAT to alex’s four game average…..if you want to compare apples to apples. G.B and STL are not exactly 30th, 31st, or 32nd ranked defenses…..but at least we arent comparing playing the worst D’s to the best D’s. Another example of taking something out of context. If alex played two of the best D’s in the league as well……we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

      3. Let’s not forget AS is playing on a 2 win team from last season, expectations were to merely get out of the cellar. Kaep is playing on the NFC champs, expectations are to win it it all.

        That said, I would *hope* Kaep that performs well against the better defenses. So far, not so much. I predict he turns it around this weekend and manage a nice win.

      4. JShaw
        No one tears down a strawman quite like you do. “now it seems as if everyone loves him and wishes he was hear now instead of Kap. ” NOT A SINGLE PERSON has said that but much like Fox News you tear that “argument” to shreads and since no one said it in the first place there is no one to argue with you.
        If by DOMINATE STL you mean 15-23 for 167 yards and 2 td(a very AS looking stat line by the way) then you have lowered your expectations of Keap quite significantly. In the games that we lost the D was gassed because of all the 3 and outs that our inept O produced and the games were still close until CK turned it over (3 ints and a fumble) so dont play the “Defense is costing us games card” when out QB has clearly been underperforming.

        Someone in the thread above said “There is nothing that AS can do that CK cant” FALSE AS can make pre snap adjustments and audibles BETTER than CK. Not because AS is smarter or more gifted but because he is more experienced.
        You know who agrees with me? The coaching staff
        By going back to the run game and having CK attempt only 23 passes the staff is saying that the team is better when CK plays the “game manager” role and passes when he has to as oposed to the “saviour” role where the entire game is on his shoulders.

        As far as the competition faced; check yourself the COMBINED record of the “playoff” teams we beat is 2-5 (GB 1-2 STL 1-3) not exactly world beaters and just because they were playoff teams last year doesnt mean theyre any good this year (see WAS)

    4. Simple fact is that Alex is running his teams offense better than Kaep has been running the 49ers. Those two losses were simply brutal offensively, and Kaep looked terrible. I mostly blame the system and offensive philosophy, not Kaep, but in the question of which QB is playing better RIGHT NOW it has to be Alex.

      1. What Smith haters are forgetting is that saying Smith is better than Kaep right now is not a ringing endorsement of Smith…

        Without his precious read option, Kaep is probably one of the worst QB’s in football right now (the worst is obviously Eli Manning).


        He’s always getting them into the wrong play (seriously, they need to stop giving him call options at the line of scrimmage), he misses open guys constantly (Probably what led to Baalke’s outburst in the press box to throw the ball), all the while staring down his receivers, and he has the most super happy feet ever. He makes Jeff Garcia seem like Tom Brady.

        Really, if you watch the all 22, Colt McCoy or John Skelton could have won the GB Packers game (is Dom Capers Kaep’s agent?). He turned the Hawks and Colts into the 85 Bears.

        I thought, like Cam, he’d come back to earth some when d-coordinators had a chance to implement read option principles into their defenses over the offseason, but this? It’s like he was castrated. Anyway, I assume he’ll get better eventually, but man does he suck right now.

  2. Maybe the Texans will draft Manziel. They already use a zone running scheme so it wouldn’t be too tough to implement the zone-read.

      1. I didn’t think he was as good as you were touting him to be but I don’t think he’s this bad either. He’s been dealing with the shoulder problem which seems to have affected his game quite a bit. Bruce Carter is a big surprise though. He’s really struggled in pass coverage.

        1. Yeah, Carter killed the Cowboys last week. Sims is taking his place. We’ll learn a lot about the Cowboys this week. They play the Broncos in Dallas.

      2. They have Claiborne playing zone coverage. Although he has been pretty bad, the Cowgirls arent helping him succeed.

      3. Tarzan where have you been? I figured you be knee deep in pig crap defending the best QB since Joe Montana? #1 Fairweather fan right there!

      4. Prime
        The Peruvian has been dynamite. She’s a fair bit more fun to finger than the keyboard. I’ll still be slipping in here for a chat now and again, but not nearly as much. It’s hot down there.

    1. wow Grant, another bold over the top statement!!! I dont agree that Schaub is great, maybe not even very good. But you just said the guy IS THE WORST QB in the NFL and dosent deserve to be playing for anyone.

      1. He must not be getting NY Giants games. The worst QB in the league right now is Eli Manning and it’s not even close.

      2. Yuo must not be getting NY Giants games either. That OL is in meltdown mode. Geez, think there’s a connection between that the QB play?

        “The Giants will be without right guard Chris Snee (hip) and center David Baas (neck) against the Chiefs. The two starting offensive linemen and starting cornerback Corey Webster (hip) and tight end Adrien Robinson (foot) were ruled out for the game. Offensive lineman David Diehl, who has been limited this week as he makes his way back from thumb surgery during the preseason, is listed as doubtful.”


  3. Hope you are right Grant our goal this year should be get in the playoffs and watch out. Once this team gets everyone back mainly the receivers they are going to be dangerous even if Crabtree isn’t 100% he will demand coverage add Manningham and more reps from Baldwin.

  4. I see a hard fought battle by two teams that need the win. In a close game, I see the 49ers overcoming the Texans who seem to find a way to lose these type of games. 20-17

  5. This is the first time I have read a positive report for the niners from you Grant. I am still a little nervous about this game. I think we need this more than the Texans. Here is the Texans next 11 gams.
    St. Louis
    Kansas City
    New England

    Easy 8 games winnable.

    1. Too right, Jacktoo. Grant was way off base when he predicted 49ers losses in weeks 2 & 3… wait, no he wasn’t. Rats!

      Well, we can take solace because those two predictions were based on bias and emotion, not analysis… wait, that’s not right either.

      Ah, I know – he was wrong last week. That’s right. And he was wrong a few times last year, as well. He was especially wrong about Kaep replacing Smith as a consequence of the Bears game last year, which he predicted before the Bears game, and as we know… oh wait, he was right about that. Dag nab it!

      Okay, I really have it now. Hey Grant, when you agree with my homer sentiments, your predictions are worthwhile regardless of their basis. When your predictions run counter to my homer sentiments, however, they are baseless and biased regardless of how much evidence you actually cite as support for your analysis. How do I know this, you ask? You were wrong last week. ‘Nough said.

      1. Matt,

        You do realize that my entire post is intended to by ironic and that I am actually supporting Grant, right?

        I just want to make sure.

      2. Okay. It is hard to tell in this medium, especially on this blog. I hope I did not offend you — I usually only like to offend when it is intentional.

  6. Grant, i had come to exactly the same conclusion, so now i’m worried that if it’s this easy, we’re both missing something :-). The “old” Niners (2010- mid-2012 Defense) would shut these guys down and win 28-3; now I fear as others have noted it wont be this easy. But I’ll go with my original view: 27-13. Bradford is in the category of Qbs who just plain aren’t good enough; with what little I’ve seen, Schaub is exactly the same, along with Josh Johnson, Mark Sanchez, etc ad nauseum. Scary dose of humility: i had come perilously close to putting Matt Ryan in this category up til 2012, and I was just plain wrong (course, if I had Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzales, I might be able to hit a few passes myself…)

  7. I see this game a lot like I saw the Colts game a couple weeks ago, a good team beats the Texans at home, a good quarterback can tear up the Texans secondary, and a good defense can make the Texans offense one-dimensional and ineffective. The problem is those areas are all question marks to me at this point so hopefully they go out and make a statement by winning big but I’m not that confident in this team at this point in the season.

  8. I will say this about Smith. When we were looking at Manning and he shopped himself around, NOBODY wanted him except Miami.
    When the Niners made it clear that a rookie took his job last year and they were shopping him, only the Chiefs kicked the tires.
    No one wanted a limited QB that can’t make all the throws.
    Having said that, he is playing the best ball of his life right now. Still middle of the pack, still protects the ball. But if he came available today, he would get looked at by more than just one team now. Maybe three or four. Not a big market for this type of QB unless you have all the pieces in place. Ried is a genious….

    1. you try to make an argument that doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny–smith sat out the 1st 3 weeks of free agency waiting to finalize his contact with the 49ers–he only took visits after the niners showed their interest in manning..and by the way how did that interest in manning reflect on keapernick…why would they consider making a 5 year commitment to manning if the were sold on kaepernick…
      and the eagles not the niners backed out on the deal to send kaepernick to the eagles, wherein smith would have remained starting qb

  9. I think the game will be close in the first half (like 14-10 at halftime) with the Niners pulling away in the second half. 49ers 33 Texans 17

  10. Well after hearing the guarantee from Mr Cohn this tells me one thing. Bet the Texans!!!!! The words “no way” are a joke. How about a possible injury during the game to key players on the niners side. Still no way? Worthless prediction.

  11. Wow this is so cool Grant. I don’t even need to watch the game on Sunday, since I know that we already won. Whew I so nervous. Deep breath Thank You. :)

  12. To be completely fair in the Alex/CK debate, we need to see what the numbers look like at season’s end. The debate will settle itself at that time.

    Currently, any convo regarding AS and CK only stirs a debate between the pro-Alex vs anti-Alex bloggers and the same goes for CK.

    Alex Smith is KC’ property not ours. Our QB is CK until further notice.
    I’m happy for the success AS is having in KC, but my team and my QB is CK7.
    If some here still have a strong allegiance to Alex Smith it’s all good. But why continue to promote his (AS’) cause at the expense of CK if in fact you are a 49er faithful?

    The best that AS can do for me is provide 8 wins in order to acquire a #2.

      1. Yeah, he was so “faithful” he was ready to dump the team that was winning at a near .800 clip. Can’t get much more faithful than that.

      2. Bay, there is no such thing. It’s a figment of your imagination, you’ve created ‘them’ to justify your stance.
        There are only hater haters, people… against the people… who are against Alex. These are the people who are ‘the faithful’. They back every member of the team regardless. These people still root for Alex because he was\is a good guy, while the people who don’t like him still hold a grudge against him for whatever reason. This fact REALLY seems to bother you and your brethren.

      3. I’m rooting for Alex to win four more games. Then, I don’t really care what his stats, win/losses or anything else are. Well, not entirely true, I picked the Chiefs to win that division at +400. I also picked the Raiders at +2000. So after the division is settled, I don’t think it’s a topic for me anymore.

      1. I hate to wade in to this Alex Smith fray — it has taken down better men than I — but I agree with Fansince77 on this. Smith’s performance here in SF in 2011 and 2012 is the baseline.

        Now, we should all recall that Smith did stink up the joint in a couple of games during that time, so we need to give Kaep the same benefit of the doubt and not prematurely give up on him because of a couple of rancid games. However, he does need to have at least the same ratio of acceptable performances to horrific performances as Smith had in 2011 and 2012.

    1. and how faithful were the haters when smith was the niners qb–hypocrisy to cry about fans scrutinizing kaperneicks subpar play now

  13. I’m keepin a list of those who think Alex is better than Kap right now. I’m gonna haunt you dudes later. “There aint no forgettin.” :)

    1. “I’m keepin a list of those who think Alex is better than Kap right now.”
      Key words: right now
      “I’m gonna haunt you dudes later”
      Key word: later

      See the problem?

    2. That will be the shortest list ever, matter of fact you’re already done. I haven’t seen one person make that ‘exact’ claim.

    3. Hey Crab,

      I will happily submit to your haunting when Kaep is a better NFL QB than Smith, which I believe will happen sooner rather than later. However, that does not change my assessment that, right now, at this point, Smith is the better QB.

      Would I take Smith back over Kaep? No, I would not. At this time, Andrew Luck is the only current starter I would consider long-term over Kaep, and that is a “pickem” in my mind. I might consider Peyton Manning for a year or two if I knew I would still have Kaep, but I would not take him if it meant losing Kaep.

    1. Jack, good read. Do you think we’ll see more of the 49er base defense in this game against the Texans run-based offense?

      1. Thanks Space. I think it will all be based on the situation. The Texans lead the league in plays from scrimmage, so although they average over 28 runs a game, they also are averaging over 44 passes per game. A big part of that is how good their defense is at getting off the field.

        They work with a lot of 2 TE sets, 42.06% so far, which gives them good diversity. This has the makings of a very tough game for the D.

        I would look at this one as a measuring stick game for them.

    2. Good post Jack. Q1 is the big one for me. If they don’t take away the run look for the Texans to put some points on the board in the 2nd half.

  14. Not Alex again?……….This blog is haunted………I just don’t see the need to always bring this up again and again, the Alex haters aka lemmings just can’t let go…….

    Currently the lemmings are 0-2

    1. #7 will get us more points, more long passes, big time runs, we will score 40 points a game……etc

    It is a given that any sane true niner-fan knows #7 potential compared to Alex is off the charts and doesn’t doubt #7 will generate more excitement than Alex, the lemmings aggressively over play this fact discrediting any other opinions that points out the flaws in #7′s game (pointing out flaws aka “being objective” was a hobby of the lemmings during the Alex yrs)

    Bottomline #7 is not an adult superman, he is a baby superman and he is not invincible yet, he has to earn it by growing from a 1 read/half field read QB to a complete QB.

    So NO we are not a super power offense or even a 30 points per game team, in order to WIN games we must rely on the OL, which means more Alexlike pass stats/no turnovers, RB runs and less 3 WR sets…..

    2. Alex sucks, he is a backup QB, no team wants him, he can’t win without our talented team…..etc

    New team, New Coach……etc….4-0……do I need say more.

    Last I recalled I don’t remember who had the most passing or rushing yards last year but I remember who was carrying the nice trophy at the end of the year.

    1. You know, I read an interesting article a few years back on how the way we refer to people/events/things/etc. are often revelatory as to our biases for and against. For example, we tend to refer to people we like or admire by familiar name (like a first name) or an honorific, whereas we tend to refer to people we do not like by last name alone, an arbitrary appellation (such as a number) or a derisive nickname.

      Now, we cannot read too much into the last name thing in this context as it is very common to refer to professional athletes, such as Smith and Kaepernick, by their last name, but it is quite telling as to bias when someone refers to one person by a familiar name and another by a number.

      To pick an example out of the air, we might infer the existence of a bias if someone were to refer to one player no longer on the team as Alex and another player, who is actually on the team, just as #7. Now, that would be interesting, would it not? Just a point to ponder, peeps.

      1. relax dude…..you are way off point.

        You know, I too read an interesting article a few years back on “how sure people think they are when interpreting comments online and think they know the true intentions of the poster”.

        An antidote to the disorder was to try read previous comments maybe since 1990.

        There is no bias to #7, It’s my nickname for him now, just like I used CKone……when i come up with a better one do feel free to reference your article….

        I refuse to be lemming…..

      2. Gadfly,

        You hit the nail on the head. One Chief is the biggest Alex Smith homer on the blog. I think they’re related. One chief might be Smiths little brother.

      3. First off, “lemming” is not a verb, dude. Geeze.

        Second, don’t call me dude, dude. I don’t like it when people call me dude. It makes me feel bad for them that their social/emotional development arrested in adolescence. Not cool, dude.

        And I did I not say (or rather write) it was just a point to ponder, pal. Why you gettin’ so defensive, dude? You mad bro?

        Let’s see, what other worthless drivel can I throw in here so I can look like I am standing up to your less than withering condemnation while really I am just feeling sorry for you due to your lack of introspection. I mean, dude, you are not even aware that you chose a dehumanizing nickname for Kaepernick due your implicit biases. SMH

      4. I am a small Alaskan rodent’s whose purported propensity for plunging headlong off of precipices has been prodigiously proclaimed but is nonetheless preposterous (http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=wildlifenews.view_article&articles_id=56)?

        Yikes. I better get to the doctor. That sounds serious.

        Wait… you were using a metaphor based on a common misapprehension regarding the habits of lemmings to indicate herd-think, weren’t you. My bad, dude.

        On the other hand, wouldn’t using a trite metaphor that is predicated on conforming to a baseless stereotype of a poor, misunderstood little mammal be evidence of the very mode of thought which you claim to disavow? Truth, dude!

      5. >>Second, don’t call me dude, dude. I don’t like it when people call me dude.

        Do you have a number we can refer to you by instead?

      6. Don’t try to dehumanize me, Ribico. I am not a number, and I am not a misunderstood Alaskan rodent. I am a human being.

        You can call me infinity, however, as that is a mathematical concept, not a number. That would be cool, and infinitely better than ‘dude’.

        Now, I do recall you used to have an avatar with a nice #1 on it. What ever happened to that?

      7. >>Now, I do recall you used to have an avatar with a nice #1 on it. What ever happened to that?

        The same thing that happened to the #1 on the image… no longer here. Perhaps some appreciative Chiefs fan appropriated it for their forums.

      8. Hey Rib,

        I hope Chief fans appreciate Alex Smith, but I doubt any of them (except for former 49ers fans) would use an avatar with a 49ers jersey on it… that would be a little odd, don’t you think?

        Seriously, I think Alex Smith is doing a very good job for the Chiefs. He has proven he is a good QB over the past few years, and it is as much a shame that some 49ers fans will never appreciate it as it is that some 49ers fans are clearly biased against Kaepernick to the degree that they chose to dehumanize him by referring to him as merely a number. It as almost as bad as the idiots who called Alex ‘Alice’.

        True, there is plenty to talk about regarding areas Kaep can improve, as well as discuss why he is having problems. But some of the rhetoric goes well beyond the problems at hand, and a gadfly’s role is to expose and discuss epistemologically problematic proclamations, at least per Socrates (by way of Plato).

        And please don’t think I am accusing you of this, Rib. As I posted yesterday, I only like to offend those whom I intend to offend. I don’t want to be that guy and lump you in with those who are so clearly showing a bias.

  15. I see this game being decided by one score. Heard Cushing is cleared to play which helps the Texans. I also see the Cowboys beating the Broncos. Good thing I’m not a heavy gambler.

    1. I’d love Dallas to upset Denver. I just don’t think it’s plausible. Romo will find a way to lose the game in the clutch moments. I’d rather see SF beat Houston 49 to 0 using Boldin, Gore, and Davis. That fills out my fantasy team. I’m sitting Kaepernick because Rivers is just too juicy against Oakland, so I’m okay with him handing it off 50 times.

      1. Matt, it’s just a shot in the dark for me. I see Ware pressuring Manning and their D making a few big plays. I have nothing to base this on other than my gut and right now my gut is also telling me it’s beer o’clock.

  16. Kaep is a one read QB right now, that’s what most of you low-IQ fans fail to grasp. Alex is not, he goes through his progressions and finds the open guy. Once Kaep grows and learns the nuances, he’s gonna be great – much better than Alex.

    As for last year, everyone was healthy and Kaep’s one read was usually open.

  17. I don’t care what any of the homers think, this is the game of the year for me. This match up is what I wanted to see in the Super Bowl last year. (This year, I’d like to see SF and Denver. ) I want SF to torch Houston so I can put a Kaepernick Jersey on my Father-in-Law’s shoulders and nail the 49er FAN parking Here sign in his garage for a year. That to me would be priceless. Like I said early, Houston 38. SF 46. I think Houston takes an early lead and SF comes on strong in the second half. 1 special teams TD, 2 INTS, and a fumble recovery. There are a lot of mad 49ers right now. Gore. James. Kaepernick. Whitner. It’s going to be a big hitting game for sure.

      1. Exgolfer,
        Yeah and 5 of them are Prime Time and several others are DS or some other Alex Smith jock sniffer using multiple avatars.

    1. They’re 49er fans. Do you expect anything else?
      One of the worst fan base’ in the league. It sucks to say, but it’s the truth.

  18. People crediting the KC defense for Alex Smith’s success and blaming the 49ers defense for Colin Kapernick’s lack of success this season are ridiculous. The 49ers have 5 pro bowlers on defense. People say they are old… really? Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, Aldon Smith, Ray Mcdonald are all still young some in their prime and Bowman and Aldon are just entering their prime. Why did this defense only allow 14 points per game with Alex Smith and then all of a sudden give up 27 points per game with KapernicK?? Why was the Chiefs defense one of the worst in the league last year with 5 pro bowlers as well, but then are now the best defense in the league with Alex Smith as a QB. Does everyone believe this is just a coinicidence, or that maybe the type of offense Alex Smith runs has an effect on the defense… short passes (west coast offense) and running the ball = dominating TOP. Kapernick and the 49ers are 3rd in 3 and outs this year. No defense in the NFL no matter how good they are can be a top defense when they are on the field the entire game because of the offense. Yes kapernick is more explosive but more explosive plays also means shorter drives, which is another thing that keeps the defense on the field longer. Alex Smith was a great compliment to a great defense which made us a better team. Remember this is a team. Kapernick is a very talented QB more talented than Alex Smith for sure, but that doesn’t mean he is better for this team or the Chiefs. Alex Smith wins games period. Who care what his stats are if he is winning. His most important stat is his lack of turnovers and offensive TOP. Yes he needs a good defense, but he makes the good defense even better. Kapernick has proven to make the defense worse. The offense is more explosive but that doesn’t always equate to a win. Why do you think the niners have been giving up all the points this year in the 4th Quarter (seahawks, colts). Also look at the whole we were put in against the Falcons and the Ravens last year. 3 and outs killed us. It gives momentum to the other team and gives our defense no rest. When our defense has rest they play great. Our coaches got away from the identity of our team. They got away from our winning formula (run the ball, control the clock, special teams, field position) they found with Alex Smith. Once they went back to it against the Rams we looked like the team we are supposed to be. Alex Smith audibles and presnap reads are light years beyond Kapernicks. Ya Alex Smith never threw for 400 yards like Kap but when was the last time Alex Smith had 5 turnovers in a game? He only threw 5 interceptions in the entire 2011 season. This guy gets no credit and its not right. Unintelligent fans. I am a Niner faithful and I believe in kapernick but I also believed in Smith. Jimmy Raye was the worst offensive coordinator ever any QB would have looked terrible in his system. Alex Smith is 4-0 on a different team with a different coach. What more does this guy have to do to be respected. All he does is win. Complain about the schedule. Kap has had 1 great game and 1 good game both of which came against terrible defenses. The Colts defense is not that good and they made Kapernick look terrible. Enough said.

    1. Green Bay has a terrible defense? Kap has 5 turnovers in one game? Your bias has you a bit dizzy. You diminish everything that Kap has done but you underscore everything Smith has done. You’re right, the opponents Smith has played does not matter???? Wrong! Two winless teams and the Cowboys and Eagles (3-15 total). lets check the slate when the season is over. I’m certain the numbers will look a bit different.

      All we have to do to determine if the opponents matter is switch the QB’s. Or switch the opponents. If Kap played for the Chiefs against the 4 teams they’ve played, I think he’d be 4-0 as well. If Alex had played for us, I think we’d be 1-3. If the Chiefs had played the 3 teams we played so far, what would their record be? 1-3 or 2-2. What if we had played the Chiefs 4 opponents? We’d be 4-0 as well. Time will tell very soon what we have at QB. I like our chances.

      1. I was going to write something, but then realize it’s the 45 Charlotte Bobcat and the rule is that we shouldn’t respond to your nonsense.

  19. You say Alex would be 1-3 with this team??? really, Alex Smith went 13-3 with this team (this defense) and he ewas having a 2nd career year in a row and coming off NFC offensive player of the week before he sustained the concussion. Now Smith is doing it with the Chiefs. And Yes the Packers defense is garbage are you serious? What have you been watching. You must think the Colts defense is really good too. They are not bad but they are not that good either. The Cowboys defense is just as good as the colts if not better and definitely better than the packers. You are talking about the teams records… I was talking about the team’s defense. Yes I highlighted Kaps deficiencies, but I didn’t say anything that was not true. I also said that Kap is more talented. It’s funny when Alex Smith played well the last 2 seasons and even this season all the Alex Smith haters and there was a lot of them attributed his success to everything else. With Kapernick the Smith haters are blaming everything else for his lack of success; they are blaming the same things for Kaps lack of success that they were giving credit too for Smiths success. A bit hypocritical. I don’t mean to say Kap’s lack of success I mean his lack of success compared to Alex Smiths success so far this year. Alex haters probably gave the credit to everyone else except Smith when they were winning because they had bashed Smith for so long they didn’t want to be proven wrong by the man. There stance was that he is terrible and has no right starting in the NFL and while you were justified by his losing seasons a few years ago, ultimately he proved those people wrong and what matters is the end result. He proved he is a winning QB in the NFL. Kap is also a winning QB and I believe in Kap, but the winning formula for this team is the same as it was with Alex Smith. Kap could end up being a great QB, but right now we need him to play like Alex Smith to win.

  20. And ya Kap had 5 turnovers in 1 game. Did you watch the Seattle game. Can you be the least bit objective. 4 interceptions plus 1 fumble = 5 turnovers in 1 game.

    1. AnthonyPT,

      Sorry, you’ve been banned for providing false information to support your case. Then trying to confirm them by restating them. Kap had 4 turnovers against the Seahags buddy, not 5. As been mentioned already by Mr. Ninermd, your credibility has been compromised. Thanks for coming, now back to the Chiefs blog for you.

      1. Funny you mentioned the Cowboys. Why didn’t you mention those powerhouse Jaguars. You know, the worst team in football. Don’t answer, you’ve been banned. Providing false information to the blog.

  21. If you base your argument on records. The Cowboys are 2-2, a 500 team and Smith beat them. Kap has only beat teams that are under 500. I don’t believe in that argument but it shows that your argument about records is flawed and holds no validity. If the Niners beat the Packers and the packers beat the Seahawks then the Niners are better than the Seahwaks. You cannot extrapolate that kind of data it is ridiculous.

  22. 3 and outs killed us. It gives momentum to the other team and gives our defense no rest

    anthony did u watch the saints playoff game? Five turnovers and we still couldnt put the game away..Needed a comeback..

    Do u remember the 2011 Nfc championship game against the giants?
    1-13 on third down need i say more?

    Yes he needs a good defense
    Exactly! Kap is not playing with 2011′s defense and special teams.2012 and Now..he’s has to do a lil more heavy lifting than smith did then and Now..Injuries are hurting us as well..

    This guy gets no credit and its not right. Unintelligent fans.

    Harbaugh took him on as project and devised a scheme on his strengths and minimized his weaknesses..Which still showed up..Inaccurate,Underthrowing receivers,,Eating sacks not taking chances..checking down..Andy Reid took a page from Harbaugh..Harbaugh knows a lil somethin about coaching..So when he was the third headcoach to bench him..That told me all i needed to know..You might not give credence to nolan and singletary but harbaugh doin it? Tryin to get Peyton manning? Come on man..He’s so good he gets benched…rite

    This is not the same team that made alex look good in 2011 and portions of 2012..Id wish people would get that through their skulls..

    1. Im sick of all this knockin Kap just to build Alex Up..Kap is just starting out..Idk if this blog was around when Alex started in the league..But im curious..Where was all this support for him..When he was one of major reasons we were losing?? U wanna support the Chiefs thats fine..But comparing what alex is doin over there to whats goin on over here..Has got to stop…

      1. Deezy,

        When the Chiefs start facing quality opponents, the tune will change. They are leftover Smith fans and it will not ever start. They know Kap is better but the hope he fails because they love Smith.

      2. Oh i agree Jordan..Its sad..that fans can turn on the team so quickly like that..I think the last two yrs success went to alot of people’s heads..It’s like Stockholm syndrome..They are so in love with Alex..He kidnapped their minds or somethin..Idk

      3. Dizzy
        WHO TURNED ON THE TEAM? the answer is NOBODY stop it with the strawman arguments. WHO WANTS KAEP TO FAIL? again the answer is NOBODY even you realize that there could be some unrest if the QB we picked is not performing to the level that was expected of him. Before the season Grant did a post about which Qb’s would have a rating of 95 or above. NOT A SINGLE PERSON thought that CK would be below a 90. So at that time the expectations were sky high for CK “Jaws says that CK could be BEST OF ALL TIME” that pretty lofty praise. Now CK is not playing up to expectations and people are understandably upset/concerned. Thats not “turning on the team” thats being a fan and caring about what ur team does. No one mentioned AS after the GB game because Keap was on fire . Then once CK started to strugle by trying to be the man the “game manager” QB option didnt look so bad.
        And this phenomenon isnt exclusive to QB Case in point
        We drafted a CB in the 7th round he was one of our final cuts and was subsequesntly picked up by KC. He made 3 plays vs the chiefs and this board it up with “the one that got away” comments until ribico reigned us all in with some clear unemotional analysis. Another example is the AJJ vs Fleener foolishness and god forbid if one of our TE goes down and Marqueis Gray has a good game it will be the same all over again

  23. Only defending Alex since there are so many haters on this blog. I am a Niners fan and therefore I root for Kapernick more than Smith. Nice argument about 4 turnovers instead of 5 turnovers vs. the Seahawks. My bad I guess I wasn’t watching. Your a child. If people were not talking about Alex Smith then I wouldn’t either but for someone reason all the Smith Haters want to make sure everyone knows that Kap is without fault for anything that happens with the Niners, but when Alex Smith was QB it was all his fault. Does Asmith get no credit for winning 6 games last year. Are you the same people who were calling for Greg Roman to be fired 3 games into the season after going to the superbowl. This blog is a joke. Don’t worry you guys won’t be hearing from me anymore I will talk football with people a bit more intelligent and objective. Do you guys wash kaps underwear too?

    1. AnthonyPT,

      You’re is spelled (y-o-u-r-e) . Your is spelled y-o-u-r. Your means to have ownership. Apparently you’re the child. You can’t spell, that’s strike number 2. You’re not doing very well here Anthony. Notice how I’m using the word you’re for you? I’m just trying to help you out. Look up banned, then disappear.

    2. It’s a lost cause. They’ve become the very thing they despised so much 49er QB apologists.

      I admit that I wanted to replace Alex Smith at the start of each NFL season except 2012. To me, he was at best an average NFL QB. His ceiling to me was a Rich Gannon type.

      Right now I see one of the worst QB’s in football. Sure, his ceiling is a more dynamic Aaron Rodgers. But there was a time when the likes of Jeff George and Daunte Culpepper were being compared to Dan Marino.

      Did he take a big hit or something that I’m forgetting? He seriously looks scared back there. Maybe he’s not, but he sure is playing like it.

      Need some kind of read-option wrinkle to help Kaep get his mojo back. Or maybe they’re just saving that stuff for the playoffs.

  24. Some good, some not so good, points made all around. But this certainly isn’t the discussion we were planning on going into this season, is it?

    1. Yup! Who would have thunk that the Niners would go back to the offense of 2011 and half of 2012?
      But it will be good. At least this all beats the Mike Singletary era.

      1. Oops — meant to say it’s all good. Not saying the team will be. I hope so.
        And that’s why the play the games….

      2. I agree to some degree FanSince77.
        But it’s important not to forget that CK still give all defenses the threat of the run.

        I actually believe that CK can become more of a running threat when given the green light to run on his own as opposed to running in a structured format.

        Sure, we are starting to look more and more like a conventional offense. But the moment a defense relaxes and sleeps on that line of thought, Boom! as Ted Robinson says; “And Kaepernick is gone!”

      3. I completely agree AES. One of the great things Kaep brings to the table is his speed which gives him the ability to pick up a first down (and more) with his legs if the play breaks down. But why risk him by giving him 5-8 additional carries as a pseudo-running back from the read-option?

        49ers didn’t need to completely change their offensive game plan to make use of that speed. It is useful in conventional offense as an added threat on pass plays that opponents need to be wary of. It should also help keep the DL honest and staying in their lanes rather than teeing off on him in pass rush.

        In the running game, the 49ers were successful running the ball before Kaep took over, so it isn’t as if they need him to spark the running game. It is easy in 20-20 hindsight, but the switch to more read-option this year really was unnecessary, and ultimately probably resulted in two losses they might have otherwise avoided.

  25. ALL this talk of how Alex Smith and the KC Chiefs are 4-0 misses the point. Smith vs. Kaep….REALLY? WHO have they played? What is their 2013 Strength-of-Schedule? Amongst 32 NFL teams, the Chiefs have the fifth easiest schedule! I like Smith, in spite of his Captain Check-Down status…and I DO want to see him play well, including the conditional 2nd-round 2014 draft pick the Niners get, if KC gets 8 wins or more. Stop making sense, Alex fans.

    1. Alexcuses then: Poor play and losing record due to crap coaching, coordinator changes, injuries, quality of teammates, etc.

      Alexcuses now: Good play and winning record due to smart coaching, quality of competition, quality of teammates, etc.

      1. Those old Alexcuses sound very familiar to what the Kaepologists now say to explain his performance. Interesting how it has flipped.

      2. Alex 8 years 1 playoff win
        Kap 1 year 2 playoff wins (NFC Champions!)

        K.C. blogs are looking for recruits. Why do Alex lovers stay here?

      3. Compare things under good, competent coaching.
        Circumstances are day/night when you look at how Kaep and AS started as a young player. No need to explain further, a real fan sees it.
        Now both have a chance to success in their own way.

      4. >>to succeed
        I don’t know when did the OL start to rank #1, but if it was the second half of 2012, that means Kaep has always played behind the #1 OL in his every start.

      5. Shhh BOS. Their arguments are irrefutable. When you point out their errors, they resort to name calling.
        The best thing to do is just ignore them. hard to argue or fight when no one responds.

    1. Kaepernick’s perfornance against Green Bay was the 7th best ANY/A of the season. On the flip side, his -.90 in Seattle puts him with Blaine Gabbert as the only 2 QB’s to post negative ANY/A’s this season. (Andrew Carroll, advancednflstats.com)

      1. Jack,

        No matter how many facts are presented there are always those who are in denial. This is called “motivated reasoning” in which our brain reasons our way to supporting what we want to be true. As they say, never let facts get in the way of what we believe to be true.
        Jack , really enjoy your blog.

  26. You’re absolutely right Grant, Matt Schaub will not beat the 49ers but the Houston Texans defense and run game sure will. The Texans will be far more motivated for this game then we are after coming off that embarrassing loss to Seattle last weekend. after the extra time off I completely expect the 49ers to come out and start the game slow and sluggish, they will fall behind early. On apples to apples comparison San Francisco’s defense is better however we are missing key parts and they are getting theirs back. I fully expect our 19th ranked run defense to struggle against their run game. The pass rush will stifle Kaepernick, he will be sacked at least 5 times. Falling behind early will take away our run game, without weapons in the receiving corps and with Kaepernick constantly under pressure 27 – 12 Houston wins.

  27. I’m confused, I thought the Colin v. Alex debate was settled last season. I’m much more concerned about things like:

    How will Skuta play against weak side runs? He crashed hard against the Rams and was completely fooled by a Bradford play fake. Fortunately, Bradford did not execute that particular play, but I’m sure the Texans saw that on film and play-action is Schaub’s game.

    Will Willis play, and if so how effective will he be? If Willis doesn’t play, will Wilhoite be able to cover the Texans tight ends without any backbreaking holding calls?

    Will Bowman revert to average looking guy he was in the first three weeks or continue to look like the wrecking ball that destroyed the Rams. Both Bowman and Willis/Willhoite will need to get penetration and make tackles on Foster to disrupt the Zone-stretch plays, at the same time keeping their discipline on play-fakes.

    Will Roman continue to call a varied run game that utilizes the quick hitter/wham play and counters to complement their power runs? If these plays work on one drive will he call them again?

    How healthy will Vernon be?

    Heck, I’d rather debate NFL Network’s top 10 49ers list that rehash Alex v. Colin AGAIN.

    1. Greg,
      It was settled last season. It’s really more of a holy war between the Smith sniffers and the Smith haters. They are basically the same people on opposite ends of the opinion spectrum. CK is a phenomenal talent with lots of room for growth. He hasn’t even been a starter for a whole season yet. He also makes mistakes that come from a lack of experience and is in the process of adjusting. He needs to grow as a QB.
      Smith is in his eighth year as an NFL QB and has much more experience, and it shows. He is smart, efficient and a good QB. He was when he was here under Harbaugh as well. He isn’t a dominant player and doesn’t make those around him better. His floor is probably slightly higher than CK’s, but his ceiling is much lower. CK’s run has been very good overall. They felt like he was a true franchise talent, and made the decision to move forward with him. It was a smart move, even if it comes with mistakes that you wouldn’t see from an eighth year player.

      1. Big P,

        The reason for Kaps struggles in my opinion is because JH clearly conveyed to him that he should not take off with the football running unless he absolutely had to. Whatever JH’s instructions were, they have clearly prohibited Kap from playing free and the way HE likes to play. In addition to that, Kap hasn’t trusted his offensive line to protect the way he’d like for it to. He’s often dropped back and had to scramble right away. Now it’s to the point where he feels like there is pressure when there isn’t. That is his fault and he has to adjust to that.
        Seattle in their house was somewhat expected. Indy was not. I don’t expect Kap to play like he did in those 2 games again this season. He certainly won’t play that way tomorrow against Houston. I’ll deem him failing when he gets his wideouts back, if he can’t move the team at that time.
        On another note, I saw a couple of screens last week. I expect more this week as well. Houston is Houston. They’ve never had what it took to play championship football. They won’t on morrow. 23-13 Niners.

    2. Good Lord, you know guys I appreciate the responses but perhaps you missed the point of my post. I was trying to start a conversation about ANYTHING other than Kap v. Smith. Perhaps that is impossible, but I will keep trying.

      How about that Eric Reid? Other than a couple of missed tackles he has looked like an absolute beast on the field. I can’t wait for him to grow in the defense (and the Niners to add another safety just like him) so he can get closer to the line of scrimmage. Just imagine him blizting. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

      1. What I like is his ball skills, speed, and his tackling form is very good (despite missing a few). Even on the play when he knocked himself out of the game he delivered a hit without drawing a flag (perhaps Whitner should change his name to Reid). I think you mentioned that the open receiver in the Rams game was a result of miscommunication between cornerbacks, so basically playing against three of the better deep ball throwing teams in the league he hasn’t given up anything deep – which is his primary responsibility. For a kid about to play his 5th NFL game that is pretty good. And I’m sure he has been told to err on the side of staying back so I understand that he isn’t going to be as good as Goldson was at run support. I agree this game will be a good test, but I also think that he is going to be told to stay back and let Whitner and the ILB’s responsible for reading run versus play action.

      2. Shut up Jack Yammer. Reid is a 1st Ballot HOFr. If you can’t see it by now, you’re more of a poser than you already pose to be.

  28. Agreed Sac.
    The Alex/CK debate is only fostered by those who have an axe to grind against either QB and or Harbaugh/Org for making the transition last season.

    There is no debate as far as I’m concerned. Alex no longer plays for the 49ers. Winning 8 games in KC for a #2 pick next year is the only thing point of interest for me.

    CK’ competition isn’t against Alex or any other QB in my opinion. It’s against himself to regain the fire he had pre-celebrity as I mentioned in my earlier post.

    Also, the defense will need to start creating some turn-overs and make big stops when needed. It would help to get Special Teams (return game) making some big plays offensively and defensively as well.

    1. 31-13 49ers!
      First Special Teams punt return score of the season. First running TD/Kaepernick’ing sighting of the season. Another WR beside Boldin will score. Dawson will show why we signed him.

      Our defense applies enough pressure on Schaub to completely throw his game in the tank.
      Hey, a person can dream (lol).

  29. Prime,
    KWill may still be ailing from his knee injury, so he might not be available to return tomorrow.
    We may have to go with LMJ or P.Cox.
    Either way, we are overdue for a ST’ TD return.

    1. How about Lemonier flash on some poor Texans returner, force a fumble, Ventrone picks it up, runs for a touchdown, then does the worst long-haired white-guy end zone dance in the history of football?

      I wouldn’t mind a good punt/kick return either. But most of all I want to see a diverse running game absolutely manhandle the Texans front 7.

      1. Sacto,
        I would gladly live with the worse long haired white guy dance for ST’ TD!

        The ballroom judges may give Ventrone an ugly score, but a 6 on the scoreboard is fine with me (lol).

  30. The niners are 2-0 and avg 34.5 points a game when I have to work and can’t watch the game! They’re 0-2 and avg. less than 7 points when I’m off and I’m watching the game! Tomorrow I work and can’t watch the game! My guess is they’ll win 32 – 17!

  31. I have to admit Im going to take the Texans in this game.
    Houston has a good enough secondary to man up on us and they have the defensive personell to shut us down in the run game.

    I expect our defense to keep us in the game until around the 3rd quarter and then we will end up losing by a few scores. The Texans will be fired up after that loss where they were whipping the Seahawks, also they are better than the colts who gave us fits.

    Im a bit frightened of this matchup.

  32. Watching the colts game. Seattle is going to run all over them like we should have. They wont give up on the run.
    Please USC hire Roman.

    1. Indy is not a good team. They have an above average QB in Luck and a lot of hope in their running game. Seattle matches up well against the run with a good pass rush. They’ll be hard to stop if Wilson ever gets it together. Right now, Seattle’s offense will keep teams in the game.

      1. I respectfully disagree with your “Indy is not s good team” and that “Luck is an average QB” comments.

        Until Richardson becomes more acclimated to the Colts offense, I will lean with your take on their running game. But your first two takes are misguided.

        The Colts are a playoff team and A.Luck has a lot to do with that. Except for Reggie Wayne (who is still productive), they have a lot of young talent on offense and will continue to get better. Their defense is a little suspect, but good enough to make a few plays and keep scores close to give their offense a chance.

      2. I think it is too early in Luck’s career to list him as anything other than above average at QB. I certainly agree with you that they do not have many receiving options. I only disagree with your quote that stated I said luck was average. I think he’s above average.

  33. Can anybody make a one on one tackle on M.Lynch?
    Lynch has to be one of the strongest and greatest balanced runner in the league.

  34. Maybe Jacksonville would be interested in trading Blackmon to SF. I’ve said before that I’d like the team to wait for their injured WR to return instead of picking up a vet who would have to learn the offense. I think if Seattle continues to win though, SF’s hand will be forced. No reason to keep all those draft picks if we aren’t turning them into wins. Jacksonville would likely take a 1st rounder and a 3rd for Blackmon and He’d be a nice compliment to a healthy Crabtree.

    1. That and the fact that our front office hasn’t shown themselves to be very good at evaluating talent at the wide out position.

  35. Seahags lost time to catch up one game and make them pay. Sourgrapes Grant not looking good for your cowgirls. Welcher23 three more games thanks Alex bet you still wish we had Josh Johnson

  36. Seahags lost time to catch up one game and make them pay. Sourgrapes Grant not looking good for your cowgirls. Welcher23 three more games thanks Alex bet you still wish we had Josh Johnson. Now sit back and watch Gore turn on the burners

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