Raiders @ Texans Wild Card Playoff live blog

This is the live blog for the Oakland Raiders’ Wild Card Playoff road game against the Houston Texas. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

11:58 Click here to participate in Lowell Cohn’s live chat. It starts at noon.

12:31 Here are the Raiders’ inactives:

  • QB Derek Carr
  • S Nate Allen
  • CB Antonio Hamilton
  • OT Donald Penn
  • OG Vadal Alexander
  • DT Jihad Ward
  • DE Branden Jackson

12:33 And here are the Texans’ inactives:

  • QB Tom Savage
  • CB Denzel Rice
  • LB John Simon
  • LB Max Bullough
  • OG Josh Walker
  • WR Wendall Williams
  • DE Ufomba Kamalu

12:36 Keys questions for the Raiders:

  1. Will DC Ken Norton Jr. match up his No. 1 cornerback, David Amerson, on Houston’s No. 1 WR, DeAndre Hopkins, no matter where Hopkins lines up? Or will Norton allow the Texans to match up Hopkins against the Raiders No. 2 and No. 3 corners?
  2. Will the Raiders be able to run up the middle against Texans’ nose tackle Vince Wilfork? He’s so big, he can cover both A gaps when aligned directly across from the center.
  3. Will the Raiders be able to run outside the tackles without their starting left tackle, Donald Penn?
  4. Will Raiders rookie quarterback Connor Cook, who’s making his first start in the NFL, be able to force the Texans’ defense to back off the line of scrimmage, or will they load the box?
  5. Will the Raiders score more than 13 points? I don’t think they will. I’m picking the Texans to win a tight, low-scoring game.

1:36 Raiders win the toss and defer.

1:42 The Texans drive to the Raiders’ 37 and punt on fourth-and-five. T.J. Carrie makes a fair catch at the Raiders’ 7-yard line. Great punt by Lechler. Punting will be essential in this game. Have to keep the ball out of the end zone. No touchbacks. Make these offenses drive the length of the field.

1:46 On third-and-8, Cook throws a screen pass to Amari Cooper who gains one yard, and the Raiders go three-and-out. Cook’s first pass of the game was batted into the air by Jadeveon Clowney. Marquette King’s punt travels just 31 yards before sailing out of bounds. Horrible. As I wrote above, punting is key to this game. Texans will start at the Raiders 40.

1:51 The Texans gain just eight yards, but Nick Novak nails a 50-yard field goal, and the score is 3-0 Houston. Marquette King just gave the Texans an early leads. Inexcusable.

1:56 Cook looks right and throws a screen pass blindly to his left. The pass is intercepted by Clowney. Texans’ ball at the Raiders’ 4.

1:58 On first-and-goal, the Texans call a stretch run to the left, Khalil Mack fails to set the edge and Lamar Miller runs around the outside and into the end zone untouched. 10-0 Houston. This game may already be over.

2:04 On third-and-16, Cook throws a 17-yard pass to Michael Crabtree, but the officials rule the ball hit the ground before Crabtree caught it. Jack Del Rio is challenging the ruling.

2:06 The officials confirm their ruling. The nose of the ball hit the ground. Del Rio has just one challenge remaining. King’s punt bounces into the end zone after a few Raiders try to bat it back into the field of play. Touchback.

2:10 The Texans go three-and-out. Their offense really stinks. Lechler punts to Jalen Richard, who returns it 37 yards to the Texans’ 38. Huge play. That’s almost four first downs the Raiders’ offense doesn’t have to make.

2:15 Latavius Murray runs for a touchdown on second-and-goal from the 2. 10-7 Houston. Five-play, 38-yard drive, and Murray accounted for 31 yards on four plays. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave switched to a no-huddle offense which seemed to catch the Texans’ defense on their heels.

2:19 Osweiler fumbles the snap and recovers on first-and-10. He is so bad. Texans face third-and-12 from their 16-yard line when the second quarter begins.

2:22 Osweiler throws a quick screen to WR Will Fuller, and Mack tackles him for a loss of 4. Richard returns Lechler’s punt 9 yards to the Raiders’ 43. Oakland has the momentum.

2:25 Crabtree drops a short pass on second-and-8. And on third-and-8, Cook telegraphs a deep pass to Amari Cooper running an out route, and Jonathan Joseph bats the ball away. King’s punt pins the Texans at their 5-yard line. Nice.

2:33 Malcolm Smith breaks up a short pass on third-and-6 from the Raiders’ 20, and then Novak makes a 38-yard field goal. 13-7 Houston. The Raiders just let that terrible offense drive 75 yards. Not good.

2:39 Texans’ DBs break up Cooks’ passes on second down and third down, and the Raiders go three-and-out. Texans’ ball at their 22 after the punt. Cook’s passer rating is 9.4.

2:47 On third-and-4, the Texans run the ball and gain just two yards. Gutless call. Lechler’s punt bounces into the end zone. Terrible sequence for Houston.

2:50 Bruce Irvin pulled his right hamstring during that drive and left the game. Undrafted rookie James Cowser replaced him.

2:51 Raiders’ ball at their 20 with two timeouts and 2:52 left in the half.

2:55 Cook telegraphs his pass on third-and-8 and almost gets picked. He has telegraphed roughly half his passes. He is robotic. King’s punt travels just 38 yards. Texans’ ball at their 40.

2:57 Osweiler completes a 19-yard pass to Fuller just before the 2-minute warning.

3:00 Next play, DeAndre Hopkins beats David Amerson for a 38-yard catch down the right sideline. First-and-goal from the 3.

3:01 Hopkins beats Sean Smith with a slant route for a touchdown on second-and-goal from the 2. 20-7 Houston. And that should do it. I don’t think the Raiders can score 14 points, let alone 21.

3:07 The Raiders call a screen pass on first down, Cook holds the ball too long and almost gets stripped by Clowney before throwing the ball away. Cooks stinks. Raiders go three-and-out.

3:10 Halftime.

3:11 Bill Musgrave’s game plan was awful. He called screen pass after screen pass toward Jadeveon Clowney, who tipped two near the Raiders’ end zone and intercepted one.

3:24 Raiders start from their 25. Rodney Hudson is out with an ankle injury.

3:30 Cook takes a sack for a loss of 6 on second-and-15. He does not move well in the pocket. Raiders punt two plays later. Texans’ ball at their 20 after King’s punt.

3:34 Bruce Irvin is back and the Raiders force a three-and-out. Richard returns the punt 17 yards to the Texans’ 49.

3:38 On third-and-2, Cook holds the ball forever and takes a sack for a loss of 10. Raiders go three-and-out. Time to bench this guy and bring in McGloin.

3:43 Texans go three-and-out after Osweiler throws deep and out of bounds. Richard returns the punt four yards to the Raiders’ 38. Cook is still in the game.

3:45 Rodney Hudson returns, but the Raiders go three-and-out yet again as Amari Cooper drops a deep pass from Cook. Cooper has one catch for one yard. The Raiders are 0-10 on third down. Ugh!

3:53 The Texans drive to their 45 before punting. Raiders start from their 11. No chance Cook will lead an 89-yard drive.

4:01 Forget an 89-yard drive — the Raiders actually go backward two yards before they punt, and the Texans return it for a touchdown. But Houston is flagged for running into the punter. Five-yard penalty. Replay fourth down.

4:03 Tyler Ervin lets the punt bounce off his face, but the Texans recover. First-and-10 from their 47.

4:05 Texans’ backup running back Jonathan Grimes runs for 12 yards up the middle just before the end of the third quarter.

4:11 On second-and-goal from the 1, Brock Osweiler scores on a naked bootleg. Houston leads 27-7. And the Raiders’ season is over. Their lack of depth caught up with them at the end of the year. But if they have a good offseason, they could be the favorite to win the AFC in 2018.

4:24 The Texans stop blitzing and play vanilla defense, and Cook leads a 75-yard touchdown drive which he finishes with an 8-yard TD pass to Andre Holmes. 27-14 Texans with 8:10 left.

4:29 Osweiler throws a pass off of Denico Autry’s facemask on third-and-9, and the Texans go three-and-out. Raiders’ ball at their 19 with 6:34 left.

4:35 Cook throws over the head of a wide open Cooper and gets intercepted by Corey Moore. Cooper jumped for the ball and it tipped off his hands. He has two catches for 10 yards. The Raiders’ best receiver in this game has been Andre Holmes, who has four catches for 50 yards and one touchdown.

4:37 Cook’s passer rating is 36.7.

4:40 Grimes runs up the middle for 10 yards on third-and-9.

4:44 Lechler punts from the Raiders’ 46 and Richard makes a fair catch at the Raiders’ 7 with 2:06 left.

4:45 Cook completes a one-yard pass to Seth Roberts just before the two-minute warning.

4:52 On fourth-and-10 with 27 seconds left, Cook throws his third interception of the game, and the Raiders lose 27-14. Thanks for reading this live blog.

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    1. Nice article 80b thanks for sharing. After reading this, I sure hope we land McDaniels. Seems like he has changed since his stint with Denver.

  1. Cook should invite the blitz and do quick slant passes and passes to the flats as a safety valve. He should take advantage of the Texan’s team speed by doing reverses and misdirections.

    If Cook can manage not to turn the ball over, the Raiders have a chance because I think BO will sink like BO. Maybe not 6 like their last game, but the Texans may become unraveled and give up a few turnovers.

    1. Is it too soon to get excited? Please Jed, don’t botch the McDaniels interview. Both McDaniels and Riddick want to work here. The only way this doesn’t happen is if Jed F’s it up.

    2. I think that is just hot air. McDaniels scheduled the Niners first. He will see what the Niners can offer, then go to the Rams and leverage a deal.

      If Jed is stupid enough to hire Riddick, he deserves another 2-14 season. Riddick is stocking up on knee pads, and that one interview said it all. Jed likes people to kiss his ass. look at how long Baalke lasted.

      1. You could be right. I think McDaniels favors SF over LA because the Rams wouldn’t trade for Garoppolo after trading for Goff.

        1. Garropolo would have a say in the situation, and I am positive he would prefer LA over the Niners. Rams could sweeten the deal by offering Goff for Garropolo. Bellichick would like to have Goff because he could get the most out of him, and Goff would benefit to sit behind Brady and learn.

          If the Pats traded Garropolo to the Niners, he would be wondering why the Patriots hated him so much.

          LA has a stout defense that beat the Seahawks and Cards, and Gurley is no slouch. LA has much better potential.

          1. “I am positive he would prefer…”
            You have no idea what he prefers, and no way of knowing.
            THIS is why folks have trouble taking you seriously.

            1. BT, just common sense. Who in their right mind would WANT to come to the Niners? This is a dysfunctional dumpster fire. Jed is claiming to be the owner.

              Posters and pundits are talking full rebuild, from the ground up. Playoffs are not even in the 5 year future.

              Any sane player would consider the Niners to be the worst organization to go to. Well, maybe Cleveland, too.

              Sorry, but the truth hurts.

              1. BT you have not figured out Sebnnoying’s mandate?
                Anything that threatens Kaps stay in SF is looked upon as a negative, never happen, and impossible.

              2. That’s just you projecting what you think he should think, or what you think he might think. You don’t actually know what he’s does think. But you said you’re positive he prefers, even though you have no way of knowing.
                What’s his favorite ice cream?
                Whose music does he listen to?
                Who did he vote for?
                No one on this blog knows.

              3. BT Seb’s focus is what’s best for Kaepernick. Anything that poses a threat is downtrodden!
                Can’t believe the blog has not figured out this fraud yet!

              4. Prime, you are just full of hate towards some one who does not deserve it. Kaep is a 400 yard passer. He needs better support, like faster receivers who do not drop the ball.

                Your unreasoned hate just means the Niners may be forced to select a QB in the first round, so they will miss out on a guaranteed starter on defense.The Niners can select the next best defender after Garrett, so they are in a good position.

                So good, I think they should trade back and get more picks, yet still be positioned to get a blue chipper who will help solve the defensive woes.
                An ILB like Reuben Foster could be selected at 12, and ILB is the biggest need at this time.

                So Prime, keep at it, I must admire your persistence, but you will never convince me that Kaep should remain as the Niner QB and his presence will allow for the Niners to pick up a decent ILB, DT, OLB, WR, and maybe even RB, then select a QB in the 4th round.

        2. You would think all these offensive coaches would be pounding the door of Rams headquarters for a chance to coach Goff!;>)

        1. You are right, Seb is full of BS. He says Kap does not deserve to be hated, but that’s ironic because Kap himself seems to thrive on doing things to make people hate him. His surly attitude. His condescending nature towards the press who represent the fans. His theatrical kneeling because he thinks he is more important than the team or the fans. He seems to put all that at higher importance compared to his on-field performance, which has been mostly horrendous. So what about a single 400 yard game, he follows this upvwith endless “3and out’s”. Not much to not hate about him, will be good riddance. Would rather have a nce guy who sucks rather than a-hole who sucks. There, now I feel better after that rant!

    3. Anyone have an idea how Riddick’s drafts were when he was a personnel exec with Washington and Philadelphia?

        1. I excluded McCoy and Maclin from my list as that was when he was an assistant rather than director of pro personnel.

          Of course it is worth mentioning that Riddick’s experience has primarily been in a pro personnel role, which is more focused on existing NFL players, not scouting college players. So not sure how much input he would have had on the drafts.

      1. The drafts in Washington were pretty horrid, but they had few high draft picks to work with. That was during the Dan Snyder “buy and trade for every top player available, forget about the draft” period. Best players drafted during that period were probably Carlos Rogers, LaRon Landry and Jason Campbell.

        The drafts at the Eagles weren’t too bad. Some of the players brought in included Brandon Graham, Riley Cooper, Nate Allen, Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Lane Johnson, Zack Ertz, Bennie Logan, Matt Barkley, Jordan Poyer. Some excellent starters with high round picks and some good depth and role players with lower picks. The 2011 draft was to the 49ers 2012 draft though.

    1. PFT opines he’s likely out. He showed up the owner and GM by benching their Ford F-150 that they paid Ferrari pricing for.
      He deserves some consideration if he’s available to SF.

  2. Oh God, two weeks on the Big Island, relaxing on the white sandy beach just north of the Kona airport, and nothing changes. Seb still thinks Colon is a good, or maybe even a great (LOL) NFL QB, and he and Prime are still bickering about it. Prime, your right. He’s wrong. Let it go. I did make one new years resolution. I will never, as long as I have two attached testicles, use the word “snarky” in a sentence. Snarky? Really? I can actually answer those questions BT. Vanilla, AWB, and Stein! Nice to be back. Not really. The rain is cold here. Grant, I did read back some of your stuff over the last two weeks. Great job. I pretty much agree with you on all points. Keep it up.

  3. I’d take BO over Colon Kaencerprick every day and twice on Sunday. In fact, I think I’d take Cook. At least he can stand in the pocket for more than .05 seconds without panicking.

    1. This is what blind hate does to people. Add Ponder and Gabbert in there and it shows desperation. Osweiler is junk and Cook is all hype at this point. Follow both their careers in three years and let me know. I am not saying CK is a great or even good, people have just lost rational thought blinded by sheer hate. Someone is suggesting we bring Fitzpatrick in. He threw 12 TD’s and 17 INT’s this season in 15 games. Yep he’s awesome.

      1. Wilson, you are a voice of reason, and why I like this site so much. I may get into donnybrooks with you, but I really appreciate your football acumen, but also your common sense.

        I admit I may go hyperbolic at times, but this is also a blog site, not a library.This past season has been trying men’s souls, and I just need to let off steam.

        Hope they find a GM who thinks things through like you do, and is innovative, but also pragmatic.

        1. Seb I don’t know anything compared to the likes of Scooter, Hammer and CFC. Throw JPN in there too. I heard one of the announcers say Cooks QB rating was 4 at one point.

          CK’s not Rodgers or Brady, but he’s none of those clowns listed above with no experience or success. Even if he just had 2 good seasons its 2 more good seasons than those jokers.

          1. And those allegedly “2 good seasons” means what?
            That he is capable of having 2 more good seasons?
            Well like anything in life if you are not trying to get better, you ain’t! He hasn’t in 3 years. But keep clinging to yester years. It’s ok to live on memories!

            1. And you think any of those QB’s listed are going to get better? Osweiler can’t win without the Denver D and awesome receiving corps. You even said CK had two good seasons. Come back in three years and bring me stats on Cook and Osweiler. CK is gone, move on.

              I am not banking on CK, the level of hatred is is illogical.

              1. You are comparing Cook whose played one game to Kap?
                Talk about idiotic!
                And for the record I have never said CK had two good seasons. He was a flash in the pan, took the league by storm for 10 games. Then the league figured him out and he fizzled out.
                Give Osweiller another season in the same offense and see if he improves. If not, then you can compare him to CK.

              2. The original post if you ever read it said he’d take BO or Cook over CK? Context Prime it helps. It shows your hate, you don’t even read the non-sense people are saying before jumping on to hate CK. SO we agree its stupid to compare Cook to CK.

                BO is Matt Cassell. CK’s never had a season with that poor a ratio of TD’s to INT’s. BO’s not getting better. BO’s never taken anything. Like I said come back in 3 seasons tell me about BO’s success. The fans hate him in Houston about like you hate CK.

              3. I’d also take BO over Kap. He has the intangibles that Kap will never have. Give him another year in this offense and he will get better. Why? Cause he has the fundamentals of what a good QB in the NFL requires.

              4. Willy you will always be the idiot cause you talk out both sides of your mouth.
                In one breath you want to move on from Kap and then the other you would take him over certain guys. Then you follow it up with agreeing with the other blog clown saying he is a good QB. So yeah, you are an idiot!

              5. What intangibles would those be? Throwing more picks than TDs? completions 59.9% , 26TD’s and 22INT’s career. He’s inaccurate. I watched him here in Denver. He’s not what you think he is.

              6. Frothing at the mouth with hatred again, it makes you an idiot saying a guy who’s done nothing with more INT’s than TD’s is better. Seriously talk with some Denver and Houston fans about him.

                I have been consistent with CK. I would take him over Fitzpatrick, BO and Cook as well as Ponder and Gabbert. I wouldn’t take him over Cousins, Rivers, Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Stafford, Wilson, Winston, Brady, Big Ben and others. Wentz and Carr are better. Newton is very similar to CK.

                Work with real facts Prime not your hatred.

    1. Yup, I see was Crabtree doing his best “I’m still with the 49ers” impression. He left the game and all of a sudden Raiders had some life. Not much though.

  4. Seems like the Niners are playing incognito. The huddle just isn’t working for the Raiders – hmmm. Don’t the Raiders understand gap integrity?

  5. Ok, I’m going to ad “donnybrook” to my New Years resolution. Just to change the subject away from idiot Colon Kaeperstink, this idea that no coach or GM will want to come to the Niners because of Jed, or the organization as a whole, is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. Anybody that is spewing this garbage has NEVER coached even a tiddlywinks team. Anybody in the coaching ranks or GM, etc. have huge egos. You have to. As a coach, you feel that you can fix any team. In fact, as a coach of over 25 years, a majority of which was at the HS level, it’s easier to walk into a down program, which I have, than it is to take over a juggernaut, which I also have, where you must maintain that excellence. Tremendous pressure. I’ve done both. I’d take rebuilding a program any day of the week. It’s an incredible, rewarding challenge. There are prospective people out there that can turn this program around. And they’ll be more than excited to have the opportunity. One of 32. It’s all up to Jed and staff. What coach is going to be under more pressure to win now? Denver or San Francisco? And who wouldn’t sign up for a job where you might get fired after a year but get paid for 4 or 5? Where do I sign? That argument is beyond laughable. I have a good feeling about the future of this club. I think we’ll have 6 wins next year and our new coach and GM will look like hero’s. Who will they be? With Jed, it’s anybody’s guess, though I do have faith he will come through.

    1. I’m with you. I’ve been saying for days that that is an asinine statement. But hurt bloggers and fans have their view of what they want to believe. That being said, a bunch of coaches would not want to work for Trent Balkee. But this is the owner. A guy giving you the keys to the franchise. Just like he did Trent. Now Trent screwed the pooch. I’ll continue a better a said on a different post, I’ll buy anyone a virtual Coke if we end up with a nobody coach and gm. Especially since so many on here believe we will because of Jed. I call bull****.

      1. Steel most of us know Jed’s created a reputation in the NFL. But there are only 32 of these positions in the world and these coaches are ego driven guys with ambition. They all think they can fix a franchise especially when dangling the complete rebuild option. We’ll end up with someone. Will Jed make a good choice after two really bad ones? Juan is right in that some people think they could do it better when they have no idea how hard it is. At the same time you have to look at Jed’s record, other the Harbough at MW points out he’s not done great with hiring either of these positions. If it were just the people here you could dismiss them, but its the media and beat writers starting to question Jed too after such a long run with just one winning coach.

        I’d take McDaniels, McVay or Shanahan. I am not blown away by any of the options for GM.

      2. Steele, Since Baalke was fired, I do have hope. Now that Baalke is gone, Kaep may want to stay.

        Will Jed pick the right person? Well the last 2 did not work out well. Still, he did luck out with JH, but he gets 2 demerits for mutually departing, when he should have done the mature thing and worked out their differences.

        I am sorry, but I am kinda old school. If a MAN gives his word, only a slimeball reneges on his word. Jed promised Chip more than one year. Jed should man up, and try to behave with a modicum of class. It will not cost him a cent. In fact, he will save money, by admitting his mistake and keeping his word.

        So far, no candidate has wowed me, and the fact that some are turning him down, and not answering their phones, just means that this situation is toxic.

        Go ahead be pollyannish, and only expect rainbows and unicorns. I am too old for that. All I see is more pain, and more losing, unless Jed changes, and starts acting with class.

        1. Frodo, your boys time is done. The decision has been made by the sheer fact Kap is not the kinda player you can develop any further. It’s ova! (Kenny Smith voice)

          1. Prime, your Tolkein reference is kinda touching, because you could not give me a bigger compliment. You see, Frodo was a hero, and saved the world. You voice reminds me more of Gollum’s.

    2. “…With Jed, it’s anybody’s guess, though I do have faith he will come through…”

      Your “faith” in Jedster is misplaced ..
      tell me one thing he’s done worth a darn ..
      since he became the self-proclaimed “owner” .. ?

      Ok .. I’ll admit … he got lucky with Harbs .. but
      everyone has an accident, once in awhile … so-o-o
      name another thing he’s done right ?

      Ha ! … Gotcha !

    3. That’s Sebnnoying’s reasonings which in the real world we call loser thinking!
      The SF is the best job right now.

      1. ‘SF is the best job now’

        Prime, quit leading with your chin because Nick Caserio was advised to steer clear of the 49ers.

  6. Agreed Steele. I mean come on, there are people on here that SERIOUSLY believe that anyone other than the 15 people on this blog actually read their spew. They’re designing plays, honing lineups. Writing dear Jed or Chip letters, like they actually get on here and take their idiotic advise. It’s comical. Talk about ego. Maybe one of these genius’s should be the coach. They have all the answers. They have trouble deciding whether they should tie they’re left shoe or right shoe first, but they can devise and offense. Too much really.

    1. Juan, I too, have coached High school and volunteered collegiately. I have coached youth and club teams. I have coached on teams that never lost all season, and also 1 win teams.

      One thing that they all had, was standards. So if some foul mouthed name caller tried to shout others down, we all made him sure to know that nobody wants some mealy mouthed hater even on the side lines. You are like that parent in the stands that ruins the game, and one feels the sorriest for their kid.

      Who are you to tell me what to do or what to think? So what if you do not think much of my posts, Believe me, I have a much worse of an opinion of yours. I am not writing for you and your dark hate filled intolerant and blind mind, I am writing because I like writing, and the Niners are a subject I am passionate about.
      Ignore me if you want to. Attack me, and expect a response. whine and cry about being attacked so meanly, but its just crocodile tears to me. You are just a bully getting a comeuppance.

      I write because I want to present my ideas on how the Niners can get better. I just post on this site because I think many other posters have good football knowledge, and I like reading their opinions and ideas. I consider myself a strategist. I consider myself a historian, because one who does not learn from history, is doomed to repeat it. After seeing the HC being stabbed in the back not once, not twice, but 3 times in a row. I am getting kinda fed up.

      I had hoped that you would show some character and better manners, but you think that you are entitled to hide behind the anonymity of the internet to spew hate. So be it. I do not suffer fools gladly. You think we are comical, I think you are a farce. You talk about ego? Now THAT is self awareness.

      1. Seb says “I write because I want to present my ideas on how the Niners can get better”
        No thanks. I think we’ve got this covered!

            1. Prime, when you said you had something covered, I thought you meant behind door number 2.

              You would be expecting a sporty Jaguar, but it just turns out to be a donkey.

  7. No you didn’t get me simpleton. You answered your own stupid question. He hired Harbaugh, and his teams went to three consecutive NFC Championships. Jeesh. What idiocy.

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