49ers trade CB Kenneth Acker to Chiefs

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have traded cornerback Kenneth Acker to the Kansas City Chiefs for an undisclosed draft pick. The trade remains contingent on Acker passing a physical.

Assuming Acker passes, I like this move. Acker doesn’t fit Jim O’Neil’s press-man-coverage defense. Better to trade Acker than to cut him and receive nothing for him.

Do you think the 49ers will make any more trades before the season begins?

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  1. That’s one less that has to be cut next week. If they get a sixth or better then they are doing good. Probably more deals to come. There is still talent on this team.

  2. I was speculating with a friend the other day that KC might be a landing place for one our dbs. But I didn’t call my shot on here, so I know it doesn’t count.
    ; >)

    1. You’re damn right it doesn’t count. But you know, even if you had, no one would’ve remembered. You would’ve had to remind us. The blog doesn’t remember the correct predictions only the incorrect ones :)

      1. So I could’ve just made the claim and nobody’s check? Heck, then I’m a perennial genius! Take my word for it.

  3. Many say Acker wasn’t an ideal fit for O’Neil’s system. A better alternative than outright cutting him. Acker was a 6th rounder. A 7th would still be fine. If the 49ers get a 6th or better, all the better.

          1. Cubus – Oh yeah, him. The 49ers drafted him in the 7th. Had a good camp. Tried to sneak him onto the PS, but KC nabbed him off 24 hr waivers.

            If I remember correctly, Cooper started out great for KC causing much angst in 49er land, but struggled later.

      1. Have you seen him this preseason? He can’t cover and he’s a hesitant tackler…. For all that supposed ‘speed’ he sure has been getting burned (fortunately for him the receivers he’s been covering can’t catch).

  4. Cut Pears please…..trade Dorsey to keep Smith, trade Kaep if you can, Trade Miller unless there are other plans to use him as more than a tight end, trade Wilhoite if possible-but probably just a cut, not sure about Tiller & Ahamed Brooks just because Brooks is over 10 years in and if this is a rebuild we may as well get what we can for our older starters

  5. The best remaining trade candidates left are Anthony Davis (or Andrew Tiller), Bruce Miller, and Dontae Johnson.

    1. NOT AD ! or Tiller .Possibly.Miller, Pears, Dorsey, Brooks, and Kaep for sure if there’s any market left for him…..If not, cut him

  6. An excellent trade. To be honest, I was surprised this wasn’t one of the trades you had the other day.

    49ers have a bevy of DBs, and as we’ve discussed previously and you mention here, he just doesn’t fit O’Neil’s man heavy scheme. He’s a zone DB, and a good pickup for the Chiefs.

    Yes, I think the 49ers will make other trades. Or at least try hard to. Miller, Lemonier and TJE all seem like guys that could be offered around. Although with Dial’s knee injury I think TJE is retained.

      1. Schefter tweets it was a 2018 7th for Acker.

        To speculate a bit… think with all the underclassmen that came out in 2016, a 2018 might be better than a 2017 pick?

      2. If Baalke has such a good line of communication going with the Chiefs, I wonder if they’ll consider a tradegoing the other way for one of their QBs?

          1. Looks like Foles will be kept, so I guess neither he or Alex, obviously. Perhaps Bray? Hmmm, thinking it over, if they can’t get Foles its probably not worth it.

          1. Why? So we can still be talking about getting rid of captain checkdown. I think this blog had enough for 7 years. He hasn’t gotten any better, and never will. Hes a starting NFL QB, but he isn’t a franchise qb. Maybe its just me but if your claim to fame is you dont turn the ball over, not reading defenses, not gun slinging, not precision like passes, not getting your team to the endzone, not making people around you better, but simply, “he doesn’t turn the ball over”, then you can have that qb. Because in the end, that qb will be just that, a starter in the nfl. Nota super bowl winning qb, not a franchise qb, just a Starter, so in my opinion, leave alex where he is, because if he was still here it would still be a headache, just a different kind of headache.

  7. Jennifer Chan @jenniferleechan
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    Rogers on IR

  8. I like this trade. With more picks next year we won’t be hurt as much when Balke is unable to resist the temptation to add to his all ACL team.

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