Should the 49ers trade for DeSean Jackson?

According to CSN Philly, the Eagles are open to trading DeSean Jackson, the Eagles would like at least a third-round pick for him, and the 49ers have contacted the Eagles about a potential trade.

Do you think the 49ers should trade for Jackson? Why or why not?

    1. Exactly. They’d give up a high draft pick and won’t have room under the cap to sign him. I love Jackson’s talent, but probability of a trade is low.

      1. x10000000

        The 49ers need every penny to re-sign Kaep & Aldon Smith. If the 49ers want a Speedy WR the Draft is much cheaper.

  1. I should elaborate. It’s all the usual lines: 1) We need to build through the draft. 2) He wants too much money. 3) We should pay our guys first. 4) He doesn’t fit into our locker room. 5) The last guy we got from Philly was a bust.

  2. Jackson seems like he’s cut from the same cloth as Revis. Constantly asking for his contract to be renegotiated. No need for that headache.

      1. I think we’ll see a return to the best of Willis this year with no Bowman for most of it. Willis has seen his role change with the emergence of Bowman, getting asked to play more in coverage. Bringing in Bethea (who is better in coverage than Whitner) will help free up Willis to do what he’s best at.

        1. Not to mention, improved play by Dorsey in his second year should also benefit Mr. Willis. I expect a return to form as well Scooter….

          1. Plus a healthy and talented Carradine coming in to the DL rotation will likely help too – keep the DL fresh and the pressure up.

          1. Haha, yeah, fans can be so fickle. :-P

            I also think he’ll get the Gore treatment from the team – let him play out his contract (possibly with some restructuring down the track).

            1. Scooter,

              Yes that is how I see it too. My guess like yours, is they let Willis play out the current deal and then see where he’s at like they did with Gore a couple of years ago. I think Willis has a lot left in the tank.

        2. I think the reports of the demise of Patrick Willis are greatly exaggerated!
          I very much agree, PDub was working back from injury and not his regular damnSelf last year. I expect a strong performance in 2014. I don’t know if Bow will be back W8, but maybe W10 or W12. There’s a chance Wilhoite/Moody might be adequate for fill-in. Would a rook be better? I doubt it. If the Secondary can be solid in the first half of the season, SF should be OK.

      2. Guys,
        By no means was I knocking Willis. He’s a stud and I’d hate to see him go. But, the cap numbers just don’t add up for the 49ers. CK7, Aldon, Iutpati, Willis … who to sign? One of them will be a cap casualty, likely, that will be Willis.

        1. Nick,

          The cap goes up again next year and the year after. You also have JS and Gore coming off the books. They should be able to sign Kap and Aldon without having to cut a key player. Crabs will depend on his asking price and Iupati is not coming back imo.

        2. Nick,

          Of the players you mentioned, I think the first one to go will be Iupati. That is unless, he signs a team friendly deal.

  3. Absolutely make the deal. Throw in a disgruntled LaMichael James instead of a pick , restructure some contracts and draft some db’s. Superbowl bound!!

      1. Is Jackson to be a 49ers version of Percy Harvin? We need a DB who can run
        with Percy. Jackson has played both sides—-offense and defense, not while a
        pro however.

  4. sure a few yrs back most def..but now the money isnt there…if we couldn’t get revis..I doubt we can get Desean..There’s younger wideouts comin this yr..Go after them instead.

  5. YES.

    Restructure some deals to make it work now, and after 2014 you are free to let Crabtree walk.

    He’s already bros with Kaepernick too.

    1. So we would basically be looking for Crablike replacement in this draft? Matthews?All robinson?dude from fresno state

    2. Well said hammer.. Restructure deals with Vernon, Willis whoever or whatever this takes.. Then let crab walk and draft your pick in this coming draft.. There comes a time as an organization to make a huge move.. This is it.

              1. I bet it wouldn’t take long before he was complaining they don’t pass the ball enough either…

    3. No way you let crabs walk. You see what happen to Baltimore without a good route runner.we need him just as much as a speed receiver. If he won’t restructure his contract to come get a superbowl then its a no go. Draft Brandon Cooks

  6. Lol come on people yes he’s a headache but haven’t some of you guys had perfect career jobs but just didn’t fit you or your location …maybe philly wasn’t the place for him…you guys mean to tell me on 3rd down Jackson boldin crabtree Davis doesn’t scare a defense EVEN WITH TOP FLIGHT CBS??? Yall better think again coordinators would have brain tumors preparing for us the night b4 a game

    1. More like on 2nd or 3rd and short…

      Lattimore (damn did I just write of Gore) in the back field, Boldin the ultimate possession WR in motion, Crabtree at 100% healthy at z, V. Davis lined up to block? Or release down the seam holding that safety…. and D. Jacks running a skinny post… *sigh* I miss football season.

      Anyway, this is all fodder it will not happen

  7. If you can sell it to the locker room and get some guys to restructure knowing that this is what we need to take the offense over the top, then yes. This will allow us to trade up and build the defense and gamble with DeAnthony Thomas and maybe the Colorado WR mid rounds.

    If we can’t sell locker room and get guys to restructure, then no…

    I suspect we would need to trade LMJ and Iupati to the Eagles as well.

  8. Lmao. Way does it matter? Not going to happen anyways. We don’t get big names in free angency. Never going to happen.

    1. This ain’t free agency! This player is so good he doesn’t make it to free agency… It would be a trade for an elite talent.

        1. D Jackson is more of a stud then M. Wallace. He can also take over put return duties. In fact he is in the prime of his career and I would say is pretty damn good. Problem is do we pay that much for a #2 WR when Crabs is the work horse and a pretty good one.

      1. Not sure what you really mean here with your question coffee! if two football players are good friends, It tells me they have respect for each other and KAP likes a pro caliber Wide receiver that has the ability to make big plays.

    1. Like I said, they’re bros. ; )

      Remember that picture of them from last offseason?

      Baalke, “Kaep, we’ll get your buddy in here if you work with us on this extension thing.”

    2. Gore contract would need to get redone, don’t see it happening, a guy from the outside making more $ then anyone else on team

    3. thats because there both thugs, have a ton of tattooes, wear there hats either sideways or backwards, are curt with the media and think there worth about 5-8 million more than there value. Im a niner fan, but no way in hell this deal goes down unless that contract is restructured. 10 million will not fly for a player coming into the niner locker room making more than patrick willis. NOT HAPPENING. THis is all a bunch of nothing. Just like the harbaugh to cleveland rumor. Everyone pounces on a story.

  9. Great!
    I was just saying to myself, “I really feel like reading MORE ‘get rid of Crabtree’ posts”.
    Lo and behold…
    Oh yeah…to answer Iggy’s questions…no, because I can’t see how they’d use him enough to be worth the money.
    How often do they go 3-wide?

    1. Agree about using him enough… a lot of money for 5 catches a game. However, kind of cool to see Crabs light it up, then VD, then Boldin towards the end of last year and playoffs. Almost like CK took what the D gave him and made them pay.

      They can go 3 wide if they get Jackson… Boldin will sit on half the base down.

        1. for 10 million though???

          I think the question is how does the Niners work out a Jackson deal over a 4 year span. Or just 2 years to make it easy…this will cover: Iupati, Smith, CK, Crabs.
          > Draft Iupati’s replacement this year, maybe Looney. Iupati is then gone.
          > CK, wait until next year to up him or convince him and his best friend to to work out a mutual team friendly deal
          > Crabs, maybe he jump in with CK and D Jacks and make it work a la, Miami Heat (all those cats got paid though)
          > Pray Lemoneir is the answer for Aldon Smith and let him walk…


          1. Iupati is already gone after this season.

            Kaepernick’s deal will be done in 2015.

            If Jackson comes in and blows everyone away you keep him over Crabtree. The $$ is about the same.

            Aldon Smith’s situation should become more clear in early May. That’s when the 49ers have to announce if they are using their option to extend him through 2015.

            1. crabtree is gone next year. He will command 10 million a year and go to the cowboys. Draft a receiver and an olineman or 2 in this years draft.. Your guard and center will need upgrades and youll need a number 1 to go with boldin. In 2016 youll need a solid number 2.

    2. What? DeSean’s a dedicated Hellacious blocker on Run Plays. OK, my Meds are a bit out of whack, but at least Ron Paul thinks
      Putin is right, oh, but The Big Bang was 2,206 years ago, well, ……the Dinosaures dint like the Cro Magnuns, but it wasn’t Species related or bigoted or anything,, We’re you saying sumpin’?

      1. LOL Brotha. You sound like you were in the same vicinity that Kaep and Jackson in that ‘glazed over’ shot.

  10. I wanted him instead of David Baas. Remember him? I still remember where I was, what I was doing and how pissed I was we skipped him. Make the money work and do it!!!Sherman would get owned by his speed.

    1. Missed another Cal WR last year too!!! Keenan Allen… that one bothered me as well b/c he was known as the most polished WR coming out last year

    2. Desean Jackson came out in the 2008 draft. We drafted Kentwan Balmer and Chilo Rachal instead of Jackson. Baas was in the 2005 draft.

    1. Jackson’s base salaries from 14-16 are 10.5m, 9.75M, and 9.75M with 250k workout bonuses. If he is traded all pro-rated signing bonuses would stay with the Eagles. Would the Niners do the trade without first renegotiating Jackson’s deal?

    1. First thought when I read that is that Philly is already in negotiations with someone and they(other team) are not budging so Philly is trying to drop names to get their party to sign on the line that is dotted.

    2. Hardly a surprise. The idea of restructuring deals to make cap room sounds great, but that is how you get your team in cap hell quickly.

  11. Yeah, that’s the Eagles throwing that out there. If we weren’t willing to do a 1-year/$12 mil. contract for Revis, we aren’t giving up a pick for a guy with a 3-year/$30 mil. contract.

      1. What does the low guarantee have to do with it? If you’re giving up a decent pick, you’re going to want to pay DJax the $10+ mil at least for his first year. And no way he redoes a deal that he actually wanted to improve upon. The only reason Revis took a different deal is because TB cut him.

  12. How well did it work out for Kaepernick’s bro Lockette? All that chemistry really came through on the field. At least with Jackson’s height he’ll be able to go up and over the CB’s when Kaep just tosses it up…oh wait.

        1. Obviously we can’t compare Lockett to Jackson…
          The rest was just PR from JM and CK…

          Besides I don’t want these guys to be “too close.”

      1. Hah! No kidding.
        Lockette: “Hey Bro! Look at my cool new Super Bowl ring!”
        Kaep: “Bro?! Who you callin’ Bro, punk?!”

    1. Last season, three receivers caught more than 65 passes and averaged more than 16 yards per game — Josh Gordon, Calvin Johnson and DeSean Jackson.

      Jackson dropped five passes in 119 targets. Jackson caught 68.9 percent of his targets.

      1. The offense he played in helped. He wouldn’t put up that # of receptions for the 49ers I wouldn’t think – he didn’t previously for Andy Reid. But he’s been a big play receiver throughout his career.

        1. If the Niners are not attaching vertically down field with their run game/play action and more importantly the QB with a rocket, then they are blowing it!!!

          When Michael Vick blew up and got that bog contract again, it was in Andy Reids offense. He would play action and light MoFos up with Jackson vertically. I was living in DC at the time and it was sick to watch them both

          1. This year….

            Games Played *only* = 14
            Receptions = 47
            Targets = 97
            Yards = 1,056
            Average ***SICK*** 22.5
            Long = 91
            TD *meh* = 6

              1. Heh, yeah, no good having a deep threat if Kaep won’t look his way. I think Roman would find ways to get a true deep threat the ball a few times a game though, while mostly using them as a decoy to get other guys open.

  13. No. Jackson is a prima donna that keeps demanding a new contract just a couple years into the one that he has just recently signed, which is two headaches that the 49ers have no need for. I don’t care if Kaep and Jackson are bros and frankly neither should Kaep, especially if he wants a big contract after he proves himself this upcoming season. It also makes more sense to trade up for Beckham or Cook in the first round and/or to take a flier on Herron or Janis because they will be cheaper.

    1. I can understand your concern but respectfully i do not care what you care about if the starting QB has confidence or chemistry in one of the top WR with speed that can make this team very dangerous. I hope you do not take this the wrong way MidwestDynasty but my point here is more important for the organization to believe if this is a right move than just a fan. you follow me.

  14. I think we have to look at it two. Win now or Win later. While we may still win now, I keep telling myself that with the moves the niners are making they are preparing to stack the team for the future. I’d much rather have experience, which Jackson brings, I don’t know how long he’d be in San Fran before wearing out his welcome. So we’ll continue on the current path. Which sucks because we are so close to a damn Super Bowl.

  15. No!!!!!! If we think that getting new contracts done 4 crabbs, Aldon, uppati,and kapp will be hard next year then adding this headache/ D-Jackson will make that impossible best answer for WR is draft cus of the low salery for first 4 years of a rookie deal

  16. And one other thing, if I remember right dident baalke pas on D Jackson in draft why would he go after him now I guess he would be admitting he can’t evaluate college WR’s

      1. There’s no guaranteed money left on Jackson’s contract. A couple of long term guys restructure and you bring him in. The money part should not be the deal breaker.

        1. The money part should not be the deal breaker.

          It is when you consider the fact that he is always demanding for a new contract a couple of years into the one that he signed for.

        2. What?! Restructuring “a couple long-term guys” is the same argument I was making for signing Revis–and you guys all ended up agreeing it COULDN’T BE DONE! I knew you were just hurt that Revis went elsewhere and were trying to justify it.

          1. Umm, you should know what you’re talking about before popping off. I was all in on a move for Revis.

            Like the Rock used to say…

              1. Only because i thought getting a ring would be enough of a lure. $10-12 million would not have gotten that deal done as it turns out. With this one you know what you’ve got to reach numbers wise.

              2. And you think a guy that constantly asks for a new contract would be more interested in a Super Bowl ring? Not likely.

              3. Revis was a free agent. Jackson doesn’t have a choice for three more years. That’s the difference.

              4. You honestly think that will keep him quiet? Like I said, I’d rather trade for Josh Gordon and risk him getting suspended for an entire season.

  17. If it is true the 49ers have expressed interest in Jackson, and given their interest in Sanders and Edelman, dollars to doughnuts says they look to move up in the draft and take one of Beckham, Lee or Cooks.

    Unless of course this is all a big smoke screen!

    1. Do you trust Lee’s knee? Do you think Beckham could take over at Z in 2015 if Crabtree leaves? Do you think Cooks will be an X or a Z longterm, or is he just a slot receiver who you move and put off the ball to get him away from physical bump-and-run corners?

      1. Do I trust that Jackson will want a bigger contract and then demand a new one a couple of years into it? Yes.

      2. Assuming this is all legit, then they’ve targeted a speedy, smaller WR in FA and through trade and struck out. The only other option is the draft, and those three are the most likely candidates.

        1. The Niners also were reportedly interested in Nicks.

          I’m curious to see what the Niners actually offered these free agent receivers.

          1. Archer would make sense from the point of view of providing a punt and kick return option as well. Something Herron and Janis didn’t do in college as far as I am aware.

            1. I could be wrong, but it seems like the 49ers are looking for punt returner. Archer returned just 6 punts in college.

              Herron seems like someone Baalke would like. Herron is tough over the middle from the games I’ve seen, and he has good hands. But he’s a situational receiver like Paul Richardson and T.Y. Hilton.

              1. I’ll answer my own question. James had only one punt return during his three seasons at Oregon, so those six by Archer would be considered as an upgrade.

      1. Yeah – its all so overt and it is unlike them to strike out completely and not find even a low price, hit-and-hope alternative. Why go after a WR in Jackson they’ll never really be able to fit within their cap? Why no interest in Jacoby Ford if they are that desperate to add speed?

        My brain says they need a speed receiver and should target one in the draft. My gut is saying they want teams to think they will go after one of Beckham, Lee and Cooks, and then go a different direction.

              1. The Baalke mind games. It’s overt. Could it be Baalke is not just a Ninja, but a Prestidigitator as well?

            1. Neither will Chris Cook’s 0 INTs in 4 years, but he fits what they were after so they got him to add to the competition. If they see the small receiver role/ returner as a need, why not take a low cost FA like Ford to add to the competition?

              1. Member how Carlos Rogers had hands of stone until he got to SF? 1st year only, of course, but 2011 crazy turnover advantage, since unrepeated, was HUGE in 2011 success.
                Just sayin’.

  18. Seriously you take this in a second. This guy makes the 49ers dangerous. Punt returner too. His job is to stretch the field and run occasional WR screens.
    Restructure this guys deal and make it happen NOW. I love how the morality police are out in full force saying they don’t like this trade buahahahaha. He should have been ours from the get go, but instead we chose Chilo Rachal.
    Do it Baalke.

  19. He is not a 49ers type player attitude wise or financially. Personnel wise it makes sense but if they could have fit 10 plus mill under the cap they would have signed a corner. Would it be a great fit on the field yeah probably for the first year. With the WRs they have brought in they are obviously going to try more 3 wide sets next year so I don’t think the fact he’s not worth it comes into play I think he is worth it but again I don’t think with the cap situation it’s realistic. If they actually had a chance to trade for Gordon last year that is the move they should have made. Baalke should be fired for not pulling the trigger on that deal if it was a realistic possibility.

    1. Cheaper options in the draft, including a great chance at landing Beckham, Benjamin, Cook, Adams, or Matthews.

  20. I agree with those who would take DeSean at a restructured deal.
    DeJac is still fairly young at 27 and he’s a proven commodity at WR and in the return game.

    As far as being alarmed about his locker room impact, I remember reading last year during TC that A.Boldin was very sullen in the locker room and often shunned his teammates.
    I never heard any more talk of Boldin’ demeanor after the season started because he was performing at a high level and all else seemed insignificant.
    DeSean will also perform every game out and help us get to the next level which for us is a SB victory.

    A couple of weeks ago we were comparing how signing Revis would get us over the top in similar fashion to our signing Dion Sanders about 20 yrs ago.
    I feel that DeSean would have the same impact.
    *But only at a workable deal.

  21. Rumors is for a 3rd rd pick. I’d love to have him on the Niners. If the FO really wanted him at that price tag they could make it happen & could do all the crazy trading that GRANT wants them to do to get gilbert/dennard

  22. Here’s a valid question: if the 49ers do trade a third round pick for DeSean Jackson, will they then trade Crabtree to make room for him?

  23. I don’t see Baalke paying him $10 million, nor do I think he’s worth that. Introduce Kaepernick to his new bro, OBJr.

        1. Are the Niners really going to spend a first-round pick on a receiver who is sub-six-feet and may be just a slot receiver in the NFL? Seems unlikely.

          1. I will agree with you on Cook but not Beckham because he has an aversion to going up the middle ergo he wouldn’t work as a slot receiver.

          2. Isn’t OBJr only one inch taller then Cooks?

            If Cooks turns out to be Victor Cruz in the slot would you be ok with Niners drafting him?

            OBJr played on a run first offense. He appears to be skilled. I would argue Cooks is a proven commodity.

            Also Grant don’t worry about folks getting on you about M Wheaton. There is a reason why Pitt let Sanders go. He will come on this year. Just like the other OSU WR.

            1. Well, I’m seeing OBJr & Speedo as being slot guys. Really good slot guys. Speedo = Cooks. But late rounds. Archer and others? I find this kid Gallon from Michigan intriguing in a long shot kind of way.

              1. I don’t think Beckham is strictly a slot WR – he can line up in any of the positions, much like Baalke had visions of Jenkins doing. He played on the perimeter in a pro style offense at LSU and was effective. He’s 5’11″ and a shade under 200lbs, so while not big he’s not a mighty mouse either.

  24. I would rather trade a first and second round pick for Josh Gordon, and everybody knows how much I am against that idea.

  25. The 49ers best chance to get Odell Beckham is to trade up with the Jets. But the Jets’ No.1 need is a wide receiver. They’ll probably just draft one with the No.18 pick.

      1. Ravens just signed Steve Smith to go with Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones. Not sure WR will be their primary target, and if it is, I’d say they’ll go for someone more like Anquan Boldin.

        1. I still wouldn’t rule them out Scooter. Beckham would be a considerable upgrade over T. Smith and could also push Jones for the starting role.

          1. I still think the WR they’d target would be more of a big-bodied guy like Boldin. They missed having that physical presence last season.

        1. If Rex Ryan has his way, they will. If the GM is setting him up to fail, so he can clean house and install his own regime, then yea, you may be right…

            1. They drafted Geno Smith last season in the second round didn’t they? I think the GM is dumb enough to draft a first round CB two years in a row.

        2. They don’t have a true No. 1 CB and were desperate enough to go after DRC, so yeah I think they will go CB with their first round pick.

            1. I never said that DRC was, just that the Jets were desperate enough to go after him.
              Milliner is overrated.

              1. Going after DRC doesn’t indicate the Jets will spend the No.18 pick on a CB the year after spending the No.9 pick on a CB. Going after DRC indicates that the Jets are looking for a No.2 CB.

              2. Lost Revis, drafted Milliner. Lost Cromartie… I’d say there is a chance they’ll at least consider a CB in the first round.

  26. Grant how come you do not cover any team related news such as the contract extension for Vic Fangio that makes him the highest paid defensive coach in the NFL! We usually talk about any potential drama but no news on events such contract extensions and how this may impact the team in the future. Just wondering. Also, they extended the DB coaches contract. This is very interesting since all the focus on Trents dislike for Jim H and suddenly after the interview with Jim H Vangio gets a raise.

  27. HECK YES!! In a heartbeat they should do this trade! For a 3rd rounder, are you effin kidding? We would have an enormously better offense. If we scored just 1 more TD in every game it would be worth it! Last year one more TD = winning against Saints and Carolina in regular season, division title, one less playoff game,
    NFCCG at home and 6th ring! We need more offense, NOW! not in two seasons from now. Jackson would be the weapon we’ve been lacking in the red zone. Pull out the stops and get it done Baalke!!

    1. this is a no brainer for a proven player with speed that can immediately improve our return game as well as provide us a deep threat WR! If you ask me to give up just one of our third round picks for a young proven WR rather than giving up several draft picks for an unknown commodity, I would go with Jackson. But its not going to happen since we do not typically spend big money.

  28. Yesssss. This is all assuming the eagles want a 3rd for him. But if that is there asking price then the niners should do it in a heart beat. He is a top of the line deep threat and there’s no arguing that. And let’s face facts here. Whoever the niners draft with this pick most likely isn’t going to be as good a player as Jackson. Niners won’t pull the trigger tho. 1. Because of his salary. 2. Because they over estimate their own drafting ability.

  29. It is difficult to fathom but that’s the word out there. Remember that we got Boldin for a mere 6th round, though many speculate the brotherly relationship may have helped.

  30. Trade for Desean! Crabs is a great possession receiver but he’s not a game breaker type. The only bad part is then all KAEP is going to do is throw to DS and no one else.
    I think the Niners need a 3rd down security blanket TE, like Brent Jones, or Novacek. Kaep doesn’t throw the check down to the backs well at all, so that’s pointless. But a good TE with size that can camp in the underneath zone, then use Vernon as a seam splitter, Desean on Crossing routes and BAM! We are scoring more then 23 points a game and Kaep had better pass for more then 200 yards.

    Get rid of Crabs. WHo cares if he’s got good hands? So does Anquan. And he’s way tougher.

    No one is talking about RB in this draft. How come?

    I think a awesome D-Line guy is more valuable then a a top corner, but no one talks about that either. As good as Aldon Smith is, he’s not half as disruptive as JJ wyatt.
    And Justin Smith is getting long in the tooth.

    Window is closing! Hope Kaep can run through it before it shuts!

    1. Au contraire,plenty of talk about about DL-Houston,Razor, and others have mentioned DL -my ST Pats fan mock had us going DE in the second.I know Scooter recently included RB in his mock and there others.

  31. A 3rd rounder for DJ? Yes… without question.
    So what if he wants a new contract. He is not Revis, he is underpaid and has been for some time. But the kicker is he is already signed for this season.
    So in the end the niners get a #1 receiver for a 3rd rounder that perfectly compliments Crabtree and Bolden. Dont have to worry about hitting on another AJ Jenkins and at the end of the season the niners then get to choose who to keep between Crabtree and Jackson and have a level comparison.

  32. If they can get Jackson for a 3rd, and they don’t need to either cut any players or do any crazy contract restructuring that would put them in a bad cap situation down the track, then they should go for it. Even if they only have him for a year or two, for the price of a 3rd round pick they’d be getting a top notch deep threat, and they would still have the picks to get a good WR prospect for the longer term.

    But if it means they need to get rid of players or push a lot of cap hits to later years for players, then I don’t think it would be a good move.

    1. Scooter, I agree with you. I would restructure Frank Gore, VD to create more cap room and sign Jackson to a 4 year contract. If the asking price is a 3rd round pick. I love Frank and he has earned all the money, but we have to think about the team right now.

      1. Man! You guys are spending money as though you had it….18-20 Mil for CK..POOF! Done! 10+ Mil for DeShaun..Poof! Done! who’s next? Our best hope is Trent Baalke to find some good draft choices and don’t forget the UFA’s, of whom there are about 10 million just hoping for a break out there….and they can catch the ball and are within 2Tenths in the forty. NOBODY is going to go along with our trade plans unless THEY benefit MORE than we do. Our boast is that we went to the NFCC three straight years….And we want their higher draft choice?? Funny. Their negotiating plan is on a laff-track. These are pipe-dreams people. Our future is in the Draft…not FA’s

        1. LOL, If it was up to you, Kap would walk as a free agent because he is not worth the money and Then we would sit on Sundays to cheer on the seahawks. I am not for over spending but if you have the right player you must go for it.

  33. The problem with trading for DJ is that even if you had VD, MC, AB, AND DJ – Kaep would only see 2 out of the 4 on any given play. And of course, he would only look to MC if the game was on the line because he’s adamant he would take MC 1:1 with anyone, any time. I’m digressing a bit, but Kaep really needs to mature a little before our offensive can truly utilize many weapons.

    1. Dude this is old news and honestly getting boring! 2014 is here and Kap is not the disaster as some people want to make him to be. Please stop the none sense of lets not get a very good and speedy wr because kap can not go through his progression.

  34. Voice of reason here:
    Niners and Seahawks are evenly matched, yet they are both head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL……Niners don’t need Jack!! They are already loaded and setup for another Super Bowl run.
    No need for Baalke to get reckless with risky trades that Niners can’t afford.
    C’mon people!! Think with your big head not your…………nevermind.

  35. Does anyone read fineprint or just comment? The Eagles are forced to eat $6M of Jackson’s 2014 salary because it is dead money. Niners would only have to pay slightly over $4M to obtain Jackson, and could easily re-work contracts to still afford an extension to cap. Also, the NFL’s salary cap is growing at $10M/year for the next three years, making this very doable. Who here actually believes that Crabtree will take anything but top dollar next March? Snagging Jackson is a great move as long as the 49ers can eliminate his baggage.

    1. Um, maybe you should read the fineprint before commenting.

      His salary is $10.5M next year and the 49ers would be liable for all of it (+ a $250K workout bonus). The dead money the Eagles would have to pay against the cap is the pro-rated signing bonus across 2014, 2015 and 2016, which the 49ers would not be liable for.

  36. If Desean Jackson is indeed available for a mere third round pick run don’t walk to make this trade. I just don’t think it is possible that the Beagles asking price is just a third rounder.

  37. Waivering about Kelvin Benjamin for weeks. says he admits to being 17 pounds overweight for today’s pro-day.

    If this was before the rookie salary cap it would be alarming… knowing his weight would slow his 40 time and lower draft position (thus removing millions from his rookie contract) and he still can’t slim down?

    The added Toledos are still a concern. How hard of a worker will he be in the NFL? The 49ers need a motivated player as an understudy to Boldin.

    1. Alshon Jeffrey was overweight as well. As far as I’m concerned, this makes his stock slide ever so slightly, making him more obtainable. Trade for Jackson, and gangbust to get Darqueze Dennard.

  38. Reasons for the Niners to win NOW:

    Yes, they should trade for DJax and short-term impact guys who can help them win now. Why?

    Gore, Boldin, Willis, Cowboy, McDonald… To widely varying degrees, these vets clearly slowed down last year. This next year may be the last when they’re really productive.

    Kaep, Iupati, Crabs, Aldon… For entirely different reasons, at least one of these guys, very likely two, will leave us next year. Now, we’re obviously not letting go of Kaep or Aldon for nothing… But that leads us to the problem–whatever we pay these guys will preclude us from paying others. No one honestly has any idea how this is going to play out.

    Harbaugh… We can’t go by what he says because we never know if it’s the whole truth, or a way to smokescreen/motivate others. Either way, what matters is that he’s a top-level coach, and he’s guaranteed to coach this year. As with issue #2, no one honestly has any idea how this is going to play out.

    Now, this isn’t to say we should make a BAD deal just to make one. But if we have the opportunity to make a GOOD deal for an impact guy that can make the high-level clutch plays we need to beat the Hawks, Saints, Pats, Broncos… I’m freaking in.

  39. Just watched highlights of Benjamin’s Pro Day and I keep seeing his hips locking which in turn negates his speed. He did look a little more loose, but that’s to be expected considering the fact that Pro Days are situated to make the prospect(s) more comfortable. All in all, I didn’t see anything that makes me believe that he is a first round talent.

  40. You people are nuts. Draft picks are not sure deal. DJ is a sure bet. Like Denver, the time is now and the clock is ticking….they need to get creative and figure a way to bring him in.
    Net net: No one can get past Seattle’s D-backfield…the best in the biz BY FAR. Only way to combat them is to overwhelm them with receiver talent. AB, MC, VD and DJ is the ticket to finally tilt the scale back to the 9ers.

    1. Draft picks are not sure deal. DJ is a sure bet.

      A sure bet to whine incessantly for a new contract that is.

      Like Denver, the time is now and the clock is ticking….they need to get creative and figure a way to bring him in.


  41. Jackson makes splashing plays, but he’s not a dominant receiver. He had a career year last year in Chip Kelly’s offense. He put up 2012 Crabtree numbers. As a returner, LMJ had a better year as a KR and PR. It messes up the salary structure and wastes a draft pick.
    Regardless, Baalke tends to buy low, this is not a deal that he would do (ie, Boldin for a late rounder). He’s smart to call though. To be honest with you, I think Baalke would try to make the money work, it’s the draft pick he would hate to give up.

  42. If DJ is reasonable with his contract i like it. He has the speed and quickness to get behind Ds. TY Hilton lit up the seawussies last year.

  43. D. Jackson is a pipe dream. We all know it. Fun to discuss though!

    Baalke is way too savy to make a short-sighted move (overpay D.Jackson) to go all-in to try win a ring this year – and screwing up the cap and salary structure (attitudes) in the process – instead of being a dominant contender for the next half-decade!

    The experts say this is a DEEP draft this year, especially at CB AND WR, right?

    Why give up valuable cap space for D. Jackson (like Revis) when Baalke can DRAFT and develop a shutdown corner and playmaking WR with 5 or 6 top 100 cheap draftees, including packaging picks and trading up? And dominate for years if they draft well…

    We know that the big cap dollars are going to re-signing their own playmakers in Kap and Smith and there isn’t enough bucks to go around for a third WR for $10 million (9ers rarely put 3 WRs on the field at the same time, right?) – especially with Crabtree’s deal coming up next year.

    Baalke is consistent. I expect a cheap undervalued veteran at WR or CB… And draft playmakers at CB and WR on cheap rookie contracts. Perhaps a package trade up to get their guy.

    That’s Baalkee’s magic formula.

    And we know this (deep inside our minds).

    1. why!! the answer is simple, Trent B has not been able to draft a number one WR. We have success with DBs but not WR.

  44. Anyone seen ribico in here lately? Sorry wrong sport/team but rib must he bappy to have Phil Jackson in charge of Knicks now…Great move for the knicks…..Finally got our man rib!
    Phil is the king of rings!

    1. Crab, last Knicks game I was at this season, guest of honor at courtside was…. (announced to the Garden crowd: superbowl winning QB) Russell Wilson! Grrr. Insult. Injury: Knicks lose when Nowitzki’s buzzerbeater rattles in.

      Zen man is going to have his hands full. At least moron Dolan didn’t go back with Isiah Thomas.

      Oh, football here? Yeah, DeSean Jackson for a 3rd? Do it.

  45. If Kap is stubborn on DeSean, then trade Kap for high picks.
    Kap not an elite, he’s a runner who can throw.
    Draft is too deep this year, we could take great CB, great WR and good QB.

  46. Guy ran with a bad crowd when he lived here. He’s a wannabe gangster and a punk. You can’t find someone who can juke and has decent character in the draft then it’s the team’s fault. No, we don’t need D’Jackson period…

  47. If Kaep underthrows Crabtree on deep routes what makes anyone think he’ll be able to throw an accurate deep ball to Jackson?

    Thats a bit of a joke, people.

    Jackson would be a great addition. It all comes down to cost. Can the 9ers afford him without giving up too much.

  48. There isn’t much question that D-Jax has skills that could help an offense, but does he pass the fit the system test? Questionable, but I suppose he could be the long range decoy that Moss and Ginn were. Doesn’t block. Chirps in the huddle and on the sidelines. Has Revi$ $yndrome: wants a raise before the ink dries on his contract. Quit (effort and commitment) on his coach and his team when he was pouting. Whined publicly about his role in the offense before the new HC had installed it and he even knew what it was.
    It would be uncharactoristic of Baalke.
    The sense of urgency that the Broncos and Patriots are showing in FA is due to the advancing age of their star QBs and not necessarily applicable to SF.
    Trent HAS TO look at Jackson, but I doubt he will do it, and in the end I’d advise against it. Then the Hawks get him and I’m p*#%^!!!

          1. Yes but my knock isn’t against Jacksons skills, it’s against our system and our QB’s ability to take advantage of them.

          2. Also, the investment was much smaller with RM. Acquiring DSJ would cost a draft pick and way more money than RM.

            It would be interesting to see what would happen first, Harbaugh strangling Jackson, or Harbaugh’s head exploding.

  49. Desean could be the Crabtree replacement if Crabtree does not want to resign at a fair market value. I would roll my dice on Desean. Fast, great hands and exciting on returns.

    God Bless

  50. Charles Davis’ Latest Mock:

    DESouth Carolina
    OTTexas A&M
    QBTexas A&M
    QBCentral Florida
    WRTexas A&M
    CBOklahoma St.
    NTFlorida St.
    CBMichigan St.
    TENorth Carolina
    OTNotre Dame
    CBOhio St.
    WROregon St.
    WRFlorida St.
    CBVirginia Tech
    NTNotre Dame

              1. If they were going for a Hyde it should have been Micah from last year’s draft.

  51. Round 1 Pick 9 (BUF): Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson (A)
    Round 2 Pick 24: Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 30: DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 29: Lamin Barrow, ILB, LSU (B-)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Dezmen Southward, SS, Wisconsin (D-)
    Round 7 Pick 27: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 28: Corey Linsley, C, Ohio State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida (B+

    The 49ers no longer have a 2015 first round pick. >;>(

    1. Razor,

      Interesting, but not worth it, IMO.

      Do you like the idea of mortgaging this draft and next to land Watkins?

      1. Here’s what Milliner made at the 9th spot last year. I think a WR would earn a bit more;

        The cornerback received a signing bonus of $7.588 million, with $5 million payable on Aug. 15, $2.338 million on Oct. 15 and the final $250,000 due March 15, 2014. He has minimum base salaries each year of the contract and preseason roster bonuses of $485,505 in 2014, $971,010 in 2015 and $1,456,424 in 2016.

        1. The foregoing estimates were made on February 19. I’m not sure, but I think that was prior to the announcement that the 2014 and 2015 caps were going to be higher than expected. I would expect the actual numbers to be higher than those estimates.

        2. That kind of hit would work if you also didn’t have to come up with any other contract extensions for high price players.

        3. In Milliners case they essentially loaded the bulk of the salary into his signing bonus that then gets prorated out over the years of the contract. They essentially paid him nearly 4 years worth of salary in the first season? Seems like a bad idea with a rookie.

  52. Pro Football Talk- Report: Devin Hester wants $4M/year.
    RotoWorld- Jared Allen wants $10M/year.
    I’d be willing to split the difference.

        1. Put Allen on a contender and I feel like you’d get the better player between the two. I think he’s burned out playing in loserville.

    1. Neither will get anything close to those numbers. Allen seems to be locked in on his value and it doesn’t mesh with what the teams see it as.

          1. Hard to say, you at first said neither would get that but one already had. If someone thinks Allen is similar or even better why couldn’t he get at least the same amount of money.

              1. I thought that was a done deal when I first heard about it, might still be unless Seattle is trying to find a way to fit him in.(phrasing, boom!)

            1. CFC,

              I wasn’t referring to Peppers in my first statement. I responded to BT’s post about how Hester and Allen wanted 4mill and 10 mill respectively.

              Dallas isn’t paying him 10 mill, they can’t afford that, and Seattle is probably trying to get him to agree to a cheap one year thing like they did with Bennett last year. Nobody is paying him 10 mill at this point unless the Raiders or Browns feel they need to spend more money.

    1. 14,300 SqFt and only 6 bedrooms?
      I guess folks with their incomes and accrued assets need something to do with their money, and parking it in real estate is one strategy for some of it, but I’ve always been a bit troubled by this wretched excess. They don’t owe me or anybody any explanations or apologies, it’s none of my business, but in my imagination I’d do differently.

      1. I actually thought the limited bedrooms showed constraint. I never understand the mansions with 14 bedrooms, who the hell has that much money would have that many people living with them at one time?

        1. True, but what are they doing with the rest of the 14,300 sq ft?

          A few years ago, I did the structural engineering for a “house” with a 7,500 sq ft basement, which included, among other things, a projection theater (with concession stand and video game area, naturally), a gym, billiards room / man cave, a wine cellar, art studio / crafting room, and, of course, the requisite gift wrapping room, which is twice the size of my living room. SMH.

    1. He’s right. Fun to think about, but not gonna happen. As it is I would’ve rather seen them sign Revis if they were thinking of bringing in a high priced player from another team. Similar money and no compensation to boot.

      That is not how this team operates though.

  53. Niners are one of 6 teams apparently looking at Josh Morgan. I liked Josh when he was here, but he doesn’t offer anything they don’t already have.

    1. Willie,
      Walsh did it both ways. Fred Dean, Hacksaw Reynolds, Charlie Young, Russ Francis. These were all veterans that they brought in that contributed to their success.

      Haley? Deion?

      You can’t just do it through the draft. Also, you have to see what your biggest opponent is doing and adjust your plan accordingly.

      1. Bay,

        Charles Haley was drafted by the 49ers (4th round, from James Madison, if memory serves).

        As for the other guys you mentioned, yes, they were veterans from outside the organization, but there is one key piece that you’re forgetting, these guys were all obtained before the salary cap.

  54. It really discouraging when you take a few minutes to post something and you click “post comment” button and your masterpiece disappears because you have to keep logging in.
    Where’s the blog master?
    Grant said he was contacting the proper people to fix this login problem but it’s still not corrected.

    When your blog’s on the fritz, you get tense. When you get tense, you can’t sleep. When you can’t sleep you need to sleep. When you need to sleep you get stranded. When you get stranded, you have to survive. When you have to survive, you eat wild berries. When you eat wild berries, you chase imaginary butterflies into something highly illegal.

    Save me Grant.

    1. Crab:

      When that happens to me, I can hit the back button on my browser (Firefox) and go back to the previous screen with my full comment ready to go in the “Leave a Reply” box.

      1. C Balls – Thanks, I’ve tried that with only a 25% success rate for some reason. I’m 0 for my last 3, so next time it might work.

    2. @Crabs
      Hahaha, I feel your pain! Most times I roll my eyes and just quit out, but if it’s a long post, just back screen and fill in above the text so I don’t have to retype.
      We’re in the Third World up here in Sonoma County where the Press Demo is, but the beer & wine & scenery are worth it.

  55. Off topic kind of but does anyone know what Kelvin Benjamin ran at his pro day yesterday? If he improved it to the high 4.4s would aleviate my main concern with him

    1. What I heard is that he didn’t run and that he was actually heavier than he was at the combine. Guess he was satisfied with that 4.62.

    1. Don’t see Harbaugh scouting defense. Logan Thomas would make an interesting project. If he were to fail at quarterback, a TE replacement for VD down the road would be prudent.

        1. Remember that one time at band camp? Seriously, he scouts defense too? Pretty sure Fangio can handle that side of the field…

          1. Don’t believe he specifically scouts defensive players, but maybe when there’s one the Godfather likes that happens to be at the same school that Harbaugh might be scouting a quarterback, sure…..

      1. This kid is HUGE!
        Imagine LBs trying to bring him down…and that’s IF they can even catch him.
        4.61 40 at the combine!
        I’m glad someone’s finally talking about him.

    2. This from Walterfootball:

      “Unconfirmed reports have Harbaugh going to lunch with Thomas and his quarterback coach George Whitfield after the workout. Regardless of whether the report is true, I’m told Harbaugh showed a lot of interest in Thomas.”

      1. Why wouldn’t he? Tons of athletic ability, with the fall back of converting to Tight End….Should be there late too.

    1. Those were great. Is it just me, or did Matthew’s Stafford photo resemble Larry from the Three Stooges?

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