49ers trade Haralson to Saints for conditional seventh round pick

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just traded outside linebacker Parys Haralson. The San Jose Mercury News tweets the 49ers traded him to the Saints. Haralson just walked through the 49ers’ locker room, said goodbye to his teammates and declined all interviews.

Here’s a tweet from ESPN’s Adam Kaplan: “Don’t know what the 49ers got in return for Haralson, but talk in league circles is he would have been released by 53-man roster deadline if not traded.”

The 49ers will receive a seventh round pick from the Saints if Haralson makes New Orleans’ final roster, according to Matt Barrows.

I’ll give you more information as it breaks.

  1. Not sure about trading a dependable player for a late rd pick! Hopefully the rookie Corey is his replacement and not dan skuta who should never see the field on defense for the niners

    1. I agree – Manningham might not be activated this season if the current group plays well and avoids long term injury.

    2. I agree! I’ve been saying this for a while now. Manningham showed some flashes last season, but he never became a consistently dynamic contributor. If Moore plays well Manningham will be reactivated and traded immediately.

  2. Rotoworld’s take:
    The Saints are the most desperate team in football when it comes to pass rushers, and this move just confirms it. The 49ers were going to cut Haralson. 29 years old, Haralson didn’t play a down last season due to a triceps tear, and hasn’t registered more than five sacks in any campaign since 2008. He’s a long shot to help New Orleans. Meanwhile, the 49ers are loaded with pass rushers. They have Cam Johnson and rookie Corey Lemonier coming off highly impressive preseasons behind Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks.

    1. ” He’s a long shot to help New Orleans. ”
      I disagree with Rotoworld’s take here. He’s a solid veteran, at a position of need, and is a fit for their scheme. He’ll contribute for sure

      1. He know the 3-4 and that is what Rob Ryan is installing, so seems like a fit for PH & NO and he was expendable on the Niners that are loaded with LBs.

    2. Disagree with Rotoworld also. Silva’s take can be a bit skewed as he looks at Fantasy numbers rather than the all the work a player does that doesn’t generate stats. Haralson is a solid OLB against the run and in coverage.

    3. Nonsense. He’s looked very good this summer, he’s always been a solid NFL pass rusher, and Haralson has been effective since his rookie season. The fact that the best pass rusher in the NFL beat him out is hardly a criticism!

      And yet you trade him for only a 7th round pick?

      Horrible trade. Pass rushers are premium players in this league–most teams (and the Saints are a clear example) don’t have one.

      Baalke blew this move.

  3. Sorry to see him go, but a good move. Skuta and Lemonier have shown enough this pre-season to think they can handle the job, and Cam Johnson has been decent as well. Saves some money against the cap, and allows them the opportunity to keep both Lemonier and Johnson, if they want to.

  4. I always liked Haralson. The Saints got a good player.

    I really like Lemonier. He’s probably not as good as Haralson (yet) but has a bright future.

    I keep thinking back to the the MIT Sports Analytics Conference. Execs talked about the rookie salary cap creating a “shrinking middle class.” Teams discard capable vets because year 1-4 players now come so cheaply.

    I’m in big favor of soft caps, where long time vets count a little less against the cap if they remain with teams that drafted them.

    1. If a player earns the vet minimum he only counts $555K against the cap. I’d like to see that adjusted for “home team” players somehow. Maybe up to $1.5 million only counts as $500K or something (just tossing out random numbers there).

  5. I think Parys is better than the younger guys, but staying young with the roster isn’t such a bad thing. Besides, Saints had a reasonable idea of who they’re getting, and PH put up some tape this summer to prove his recovery.
    Longshot possibility, but do they keep 5 with Cam? Vic was saying good things during camp, but in this summer’s games I haven’t seen too much.

    1. I don’t think it is that big a long shot Brotha. I think Cam is a decent chance of sticking as the 5th OLB now.

  6. i had a strong feeling about them trading him……..he is a solid starting player which should warrant no less than a 2nd round pick…..

    if they got less…….then it confirms the FO is losing it this offseason..

    1. I don’t think you get a 2nd round pick for a player that was just solid as a starter and about to lose that starting job to Aldon Smith even before the season-ending injury. Maybe a 6th round pick and a little savings against the cap for this deal.

    2. 19R- Too high a standard for an older guy coming off injury? I think Parys is ready to rock&roll and I share your respect for him, but it’s biz, tough biz, and the marketplace treats him like a used car. The Saints got a warrior, but I’d be very happy with a fifth rounder; not expecting that, btw.

    3. TB should be arrested if he gets their #2 next year…lol. But maybe the pick rolls to 2015. I’d be totally happy with a 3.

      And as far as the FO losing it…the last draft is looking like one for the ages with Reid looking like the real deal, Tank may not play this year along with Lattimore but those guys minus injuries are solid #1 talent. Then you have V Mac that is looking like a steal and Patton who if his debut is any indication is going to be a solid pro.

      Plus with all that new talent we still have a boatload of picks next year. It will be harder and harder to even find a place on the team with the way TB & JH are building the next Niners dynasty.

  7. Your going for it all you keep a guy like Haralson. It cost them last year when he was hurt and it might hurt them this year… He even cut his salary to stay . Bad move

  8. Where did the “not making the roster” come from? I haven’t heard that till now. He’s been one of the better players on the field when he got into the preseason game. Granted that was against 2nd string offenses, but he was clearly the 3rd best OLB and took a pay cut. Hopefully this is a salary cap move towards all the new deals that need to get done.

  9. One thing Baalke and Harbaugh are showing is they have Walsh’s ruthlessness when it comes to player transactions. I haven’t seen any sentimentality in their moves at all. It’s all about the team and winning.

      1. Good point MWN. Parys should be starting – he’s a starting caliber player in the NFL. Just not on the 49ers unfortunately.

      1. It looks like Baalke the Kid ran into Pat Garrett. Ah well.

        A conditional 7th tells me the “league sources” were correct and PH was on the chopping block.

    1. The thing is the Saints were desperate for an OLB with starting credentials after losing Victor Butler and Will Smith. 49ers had the trade leverage on this deal. Will be interesting to see what they get in return

  10. Reasons the 49ers won’t get much for Haralson…
    - He’s 29
    - Only one year left on contract
    - Teams know the 49ers have a packed roster and might release him (or another talented player) anyway
    - Teams know Baalke is obsessed with making cap room for AldonKaepIupati

    Reasons the 49ers could get a pretty decent pick for Haralson…
    - Haralson’s legs are rested and ready after a year off. He is at his peak, playing great football this preseason.
    - It’s Baalke. Fans were talking about being happy settling for a 3rd or 4th rounder for Alex Smith. Baalke for a top 2nd and another 2014 2nd or 3rd.
    - Haralson is a solid first down OLB, and not a bad pass rusher either. He’s a savy vet that can quickly adapt to NO’s new 3-4
    - N.O. is desperate for a 3-4 OLB after their starter was injured
    - N.O. can’t be the only team interested in Haralson.
    - The 49ers play the Saints in November. That’s incentive for Baalke to insist on pretty good compensation before he makes any deals.

      1. Right. I was temped to write “AldonKaepIupatiTree” because the 49ers would love to retain Crabs… but I think Baalke’s resigned to the fact that they probably can’t afford him long term.

  11. I think we got something decent for Haralson…a 4th, maybe even a conditional pick.

    I’ve been say since last week. Baalke won’t cut too many players that he deems valuable. Instead he’ll shop them to desperate teams and stockpile draft picks. My thought expect us to take one of the top 3 corners in next year’s draft, because Baalke will trade up with stocked picks to grab someone high in the draft.

    Next players to be traded are: Chad Hall and possibly Jewel Hampton

    1. Baalke will do exceptionally well to get anything for Chad Hall or Jewel Hampton. Haralson is a starting calibre OLB, and he’s proven it in the past. That is why he has trade value. Chad Hall is 27 with a wafer thin resume that failed to stand out this preseason, and Hampton’s experience has come against 3rd string defenses in preseason. I don’t see any team trading for either player.

      1. That may be, but he’d be able to get a late round pick for at least Chad Hall. Jewel Hampton was guy who was projected as a higher/mid-round draft pick until he got injured and then his draft stock fell dramatically. I think getting a late round draft pick for either of those guys is very reasonable, but like any trade it depends on other teams’ personnel scenario.

      2. Sorry NinersRoc, I just don’t see it happening. Neither player has done anything in the NFL to date, nor do they have a lofty draft status attached to their names. I can’t see any team being desperate enough for one of those players that they wouldn’t wait until after they’ve been released.

  12. My guess is a 3rd which can be a second next year or a 4th next year and another the next incentive driven, 10 sacks……

      1. Wow…..what are the conditions? I’m not liking the exchange. ……..but maybe we’ll get further explantion unless they’re just dumping salary.

      2. Jack what did you think about Cris Collingsworth’s comment about CK and the disadvantage of not getting quality game reps in the preseason?

      3. Haralson was worth at least a fourth round pick. Trading him for a conditional seventh round pick puts him in the same market value as when Taylor Mays was traded to the Bengals.

      4. Prime,

        I have not watched the game on TV yet so I don’t know what Collinsworth said.

        As for his game reps, after a slow first two series he lit the Vikes up on the 3rd. How many snaps did he play? Oh yeah, that’s right, 17. I was off by 2. You should spend less time arguing with me and more time listening.

      5. That’s just a salary dump. He wasn’t making the team then. They got someone else to absorb the hit. Would he still count against their (saints) cap, if he doesn’t make the team? Are there any ramifications for us? How much do we save had we cut him?

      6. I guess that makes you wrong then. If you have a chance to watch it with Micheals and CC commentating, he makes a very good arguement about preseason reps in games for every QB.
        Learning is a lifetime thing Jack!

      7. I would agree if the 49ers have a dependable backup but they don’t so 3 series, 17 plays and an 85 yard TD drive was enough.

        I agree learning something every day is important Prime, so keep reading my comments.

      8. 7th rounder for Haralson are you kidding. The conditional is meaningless because he will play and play well for them.
        I don’t see anything to like about this trade. That one will turn out to be a gift to NO.
        Could they not have shopped more. Other wise what was the point. He is a free agent next year not now. Lemonier and Johnson weren’t looking that good. Unlike those two who played against 2nd teamers Parys played against KCs first team and reeked havoc.
        What am I missing???
        Just when I like what they are doing they do this. leaving me in a quandry.

      9. To who? Probably more than we know Jack. My guess is that the majority of the league knew that Haralson was going to be released in a cap relief effort so they didn’t believe that it was worth giving up any picks for him. So in essence we were lucky to get a seventh round pick for him this late in the preseason from the Saints. To me Haralson should have been traded before the draft. There was probably more value for him then.

      10. Haralson is no longer a 3 down 3-4 OLB. Even last year he was going to be nothing more than a backup here.

        The entire defense wreaked havoc in KC, not just Haralson. They ended up with 7 sacks in the game, and he had 1.

        We are fortunate NO gave the 49ers a 7th round pick for a backup that would have walked for free next year.

      11. If Haralson was going to be cut anyway, getting a 7th rounder for him is a good deal. 49ers are in good hands with Lemonier, Skuta and Johnson as the backup OLBs. I can’t see this as anything but a good move.

      12. Haralson is no longer a 3 down 3-4 OLB.

        There is no proof in that Jack. Haralson wasn’t a starter for those years due to a more prolific OLB taking his spot which happens at any position. He could easily be a starter on at least of the NFL rosters.
        The team hurt his value by not trading him before the draft because many probably knew that adding Skuta meant that Haralson’s days were numbered here, so why trade for him when they could easily snag him after his impending release? This was a very poorly timed trade.

      13. A 7th round pick is chump change! Like using a $3.00 off coupon for a large pizza.

        It’s a complete slap in the face considering that Taylor Mays was traded for the same value not too long ago.

      14. Midwest – Which is it? Haralson was worth at at least a 4th round pick? Or Niners were lucky to get 7th round pick for Haralson?
        How wishy washy can you be? ….Very Obama-like.

      15. “There is no proof in that Jack. Haralson wasn’t a starter for those years due to a more prolific OLB taking his spot which happens at any position.”

        2011 is proof MidWest. He was the starting OLB, but replaced by Aldon Smith when they needed a pass rusher in the game.

      16. Look closer Crab. I said that Haralson is worth at least a fourth round pick (which I believe that they would have received if he was traded before the draft) but they were lucky to get a seventh round pick trading him this late in the preseason when it was common knowledge around the league that a quality OLB like him was going to be released anyways in a cap relief effort. In other words, the team hurt his value by trading him this late.
        And don’t ever compare me to Obama. That loser has cost my friends their jobs and some their benefits.

      17. 2011 is proof MidWest.

        Proof that Smith was a better pass rusher and worth developing Jack. It had nothing to do with Haralson’s value then and now.

      18. So to clarify MidWest, the 49ers should have looked to trade Haralson prior to making sure Lemonier, Skuta and Johnson looked like viable replacements? No way. This is a luxury after a camp battle that has seen a number of players at the position rise to the occasion.

      19. MidWest – It appears we agree that Haralson is still good and Obama still isn’t. ;)
        Hope things improve for your friends.

      20. Right. Aldon Smith as a rookie was better than the veteran Haralson who was slated to be a backup last year before getting hurt. So in reality in 2012 Haralson would have been a no down OLB in SF, and again this year.

        Your take that they possibly could have received more before the draft doesn’t hold water either. Haralson spent all of last season on the IR. No team is going to trade a draft pick for a guy who just missed an entire season due to injury and was going to be a backup.

        I am often critical of Baalke, but this was a good move. Even with this trade, the 49ers have better depth at the OLB spot than they did a year ago, and now they have added a 7th round pick in the draft

        On the surface the 7th round pick seems like chump change, but if you look back at last years draft you will notice that in the mid rounds when teams wanted to trade up it often took their pick in that round plus a 7th rounder. Case in point, the 49ers used their 3rd and a 7th to move up to draft Lemonier.

      21. Haggins and Bakhtiari took snaps at OLB last year. So yes, a healthy Haralson would have been an upgrade over those two in the base defense. And if he got a little more rest on 1st/2nd downs, maybe Aldon would have been more of a presence towards the end of the season in the nickel package.

      22. Thanks Crab.

        Given that Skuta was a viable backup and a STs ace with the Bengals, I would say yes Scooter. It’s true that we didn’t know what Lemonier and Johnson brought to the table, but given the potential trade value I think that it would have been a risk worth taking.

        I said that he was a better pass rusher Jack. Haralson at the time was the better option at the ROLB given that he was more great at stopping the run. This was a very poorly timed trade by Baalke. We were lucky to have gotten a seventh round pick out of it, but the reality is that we should have gotten a much better one for this road grader. The Saints got a quality starting OLB for a song more or less.

      23. Using 20-20 hindsight perhaps MidWest. Prior to training camp I was of the strong opinion that Haralson would be the primary backup at OLB this year, and that Skuta, Johnson and Lemonier would provide little value as backup OLBs this year.

        Skuta was an ILB at the Bengals so expecting him to be a contributor at OLB would have been taking a flyer, and Johnson and Lemonier had yet to show anything at the NFL level. It would have been a huge risk to trade him prior to making sure these guys could handle it.

  13. I’m not sure if I’m happy with this trade. PH was a niner through and through and deserved to be on this team. He was a solid player and we definitely missed him toward the end of the season last year. As a football player myself, I’m not so sure this sends the right message to the vets in the locker room. Good luck PH, you will be missed.

    1. This is the guy that got his head rubbed for good luck from Vernon and other fellow team mates after an I’m back showing at KC. Yea the message is not going to be peaches and cream in the locker room tomorrow.
      He was a well liked blue collar player who will be missed.

  14. Thanks PH, your a good player.
    Not crazy about a 7 for Haralson, but this time of year it is tough to get much with all the cuts that will occur and the free agents that will hit the open market.
    The reality is he was going to be an expensive backup.

  15. PH deserved to be part of whatever happens this year. Why make him tske a paycut to get a 7th rounder? What would he have to do to stick on the team? Now if it was a mid round pick I can see the difference. A 7th is just compensation to swap pics with a high draft pick team in the 5th.

  16. Count me as one of the disappointed for only getting a 7th rounder. Haralson will be a quality starter on a team the 49ers will play this season.

    A 7th rounder is what I call a “controlled wave” to prevent him from going to a division rival. I would think Baalke would send him to an AFC team for a lousy 7th.

    1. He is 29 yearsold and was part of the previous regime. That, his salary and the emergence of Johnson and Lemonier, make a 7th better than nothing or flat out releasing him.

    2. B2W – I agree 1000%…….I posted a similar comment below before reading yours. Baalke still is the man though! This was just a small screwup for Trent.

  17. Wow, I am a little disappointed with this move. As someone stated above, we are in complete Eddie D mode this year – win the Super Bowl or the season is a failure. I saw Haralson as a guy who could play some special teams, and competently fill in for either Brooks or Smith in the base defense to reduce wear and tear. If healthy last year, Haralson could have gone back to playing the base downs and let the banged-up Smith (or Brooks) focus on the nickel package and expend all their energy on rushing the passer. I love Lemonier’s athleticism, but I don’t see him as a 3-down OLB at this point. As for Cam Johnson, maybe someone has seen something from him so far this preseason but I sure haven’t. Considering the maximum cap savings of about 700k (the difference between 1.15 mill and a minimum of 400k for whoever they keep instead of Haralson) and a 7th round pick (Haralson will make the Saints and likely start), I don’t see this deal as being worth it. Especially for a team that needs to win the Super Bowl to have a successful season. I’d rather have tried to keep Johnson on the PS or lose a little in special teams and cut Skuta or Moody than give up the spectacular depth that Haralson provided at OLB.

    1. Well analyzed SactoGreg.
      This looks like a move for the future at the expense of the drive to the Super Bowl this year. And if that is so it is not about the below value pick or the small dollars saved, so it must be about getting another player on the 53.
      Is Cam Johnson really that good that they don’t want to take the chance sending him to the practice squad. Or is it not about Johnson but some other player at some other position.
      This is a risky move as outside LBs oft get injured. And you are right he is a very good base defense LB. Hard to fill those shoes.

  18. Should’ve cut Haralson or traded him to an AFC team. Thumbs down on this move. Why help a team in your own conference that is a good defense away from being a Super Bowl contender. Haralson will do more than just make the 53 man roster. Very good move for Saints.

    1. Yea I would say the Saints got a gift on this one. Just when the AJ to Baldwin trade was starting to look like a good one this one comes along and bites…..

    2. “Why help a team in your own conference that is a good defense away from being a Super Bowl contender?”


      Haralson is a not a factor rushing the passer. The fact that they felt comfortable trading him within the conference shows you what they think of his skills.

      1. Jack – That’s B.S. brah…..Haralson is still a good pass rusher. You must have confused him with Dorsey or maybe you just looked at stats. Haralson gets after it EVERY play. He will contribute in New Orleans. I’ll bet you a large pizza ($3.00 coupon included).

      2. No, Haralson is a below-average pass rusher at best. However, I’m not sure Lemonier or Johnson is ready right now to be a 3-down OLB. And this is a win right now season. If he was cut would Johnson have even been signed by anyone? For the slight difference in cap space and a 7th round pick, I’d have kept Haralson.

      3. But when no one else bit, we took what was there.

        He wasn’t any worse than Brooks. During the same length of time, Haralson had 1.5 more sacks than Brooks from 2006-2011.

      4. For Midwest: In 2011, Brooks stayed in the game for the nickel package. Haralson came out. In 2010 Brooks didn’t even start, but replaced Haralson in the nickel package (and ruptured a kidney before the season which had to slow him down a little). I’m thinking that’s because Brooks is a better pas rusher than Haralson.

        And don’t go all Grant/Jack on me with your intentionally misleading stats. Brooks was a MLB in Cincinnati 2006 and 2007 and didn’t play in 2008. In 4 years of playing OLB for the Niners (the first two as a pass rughing specialist), Brooks has 24.5 sacks. Haralson has 21.5 sacks in 5 years of playing OLB (while leaving the game in the nickel package).

      5. Misleading stats huh? You yourself point out that Haralson left in nickel packages yet was still able to garner 21.5 sacks while Brooks in four years as an OLB has garnered 24.5 sacks while playing every down. Hmmmm….
        And the fact that Brooks was a ILB for a couple of years means nothing. Just like an OLB, the ILB needs to get after the QB when called upon.

  19. Well, he’s likely going to start over there in NO. Looking at that, he could have been in favor of the move all along. In fact, it’s likely with this year being a contract year for him and all. After a season long rehab, they guy just wants to be on the field as much as possible.

    Niners did him a service without impacting their own circumstances.

      1. If he thinks he can play, then he will want to showcase himself rather than play out the last year of his contract on the bench. It clearly works out for both parties.

  20. Just finished checking out a few Saints blogs. Overall they are happy that the team traded for Haralson and ecstatic that they only had to give up a seventh round pick for a guy who was a starter on the 2011 Niners defense that ranked #1 at stopping the run.

      1. no sh)T!!! I liked PH and hope to god we do not regret this trade. Look what happened last year with injuries to Aldon and Ahmad Brooks! you have to have a deep roster to make it to the playoffs and PH would provide the saints a great player that can play the run and put pressure on the QB all for a 7th round pick! We should have gotten at least a 4th rounder.

      2. Watching that clip gives me one reason to be thankful that Singletary was our coach at one time. He reeled in an emotional and hot-tempered Vernon Davis. Had he not, we could have been looking at another Jeremy Shockey.

      3. The FO obviously doesn’t feel that way, he was going to be released anyway, so….. anything in return is a positive. Look at it this way, NO would have picked him up for FREE in a day or 2.

  21. Reports were that the 49ers were shopping PH around the league. Probably because our front office also felt he was worth more than a 7th. But when no one else bit, we took what was there.

    I like PH too. But this gives us yet another pick in next year’s draft which already features an extra 2 or 3 from KC, an extra 3 from Tenn, an extra 3 or 4 compensatory for Goldie, and an extra little something compensatory for Francois.

    As for the face value of a 7? Well… B.J. Daniels.

    1. But when no one else bit, we took what was there.

      Why bite when you know that he would soon be released anyways? This trade only happened because the Saints couldn’t afford to wait.
      This trade should have also happened MUCH earlier.

      1. MidWest, I think you’re right given what we know now. But had one of our OLBs gotten injured in the last game… No way we trade him at all.

      1. Yeah, I think there were a couple guys taken after him… But you’re right, Daniels most likely would have been available as an UDFA. But then we would have been bidding against other teams to bring him into camp.

        I feel like 7th rounders are basically first choice of all those UDFA guys.

  22. I took a lot of guff back in March when I suggested in my off season moves that Haralson wouldn’t be on the team this year.

    To bad it was just about the only thing on that list I’ve been correct about :(

      1. He had to prove he was healthy enough before anyone would give up anything for him. Its garage sale time, so a 6th or 7th was what I was expecting. Someone said a 2nd? Not. I don’t know for sure if Cam makes the 53, but if he does its as a 7th rounder who took PH’s place and Trent got a 7th in a small recovery of value. Its hardly brilliant but it is frugal.
        From the Saints point of view, they have two holes to fill and this removes one question without waiting to see who they might or might not get off the waiver wire.

    1. Coffee – It’s refreshing to see someone admit being wrong. A rare occurrence in here. Lol ……
      I don’t know about you but I’m so done with the preseason now. We’ve all over-analyzed everything. Us bloggers are all getting feisty and ready to throw-down over any insignificant Niner news. Hopefully September 8th we’ll all unite and support our Niners on the “quest for six.”
      Good night Niner brothas.

  23. As per Rotoworld:
    1. The 49ers were going to cut Haralson.
    2. He hasn’t registered more than five sacks in any campaign since 2008.
    3. The 49ers are loaded at the position.

    The trade speaks for itself. He was to be one of their 10 cuts now, not later. That says that either –
    1. after today, they have 22 more players (75 minus 53) to decide on before they cut them, and he wasn’t on that list. OR
    2. out of courtesy to him, they wanted to release him to give him a chance to be signed by someone else.

    Either way, they shopped him and there were no takers. No one was willing to give them a higher pick for his services. It’s interesting that New Orleans wanted him because they had just lost a starter. Without that, I presume they would have passed too.

    1. Why be a taker when you could get him without sacrificing a pick because you knew that he was going to be released anyways George? The team lucked out in getting a seventh round pick out of this what with this knowledge circulating around the league.

      1. Everyone knew he was going to be released because the Niners put him on the market. That says they no longer thought his services were worth it or they were going to cut him later and out of courtesy to him wanted to give him more time to sign on somewhere. I agree they were lucky to get a 7th. Now that it’s clear they could have kept him a little longer, I assume they released him out of courtesy.

    1. Good post and well written Jack, but I disagree for the following reasons:

      Haralson while not a great pass rusher was still a capable 3 down OLB if injury dictated.

      He was their best backup against the run.

      His salary was reduced to about a 5th of what Boldin makes so that comparison doesn’t fit. Boldin was traded for monetary reasons only.

      While 7th round picks can be used as you say, they can also be picks that result in nothing and with a team as talented as this one, I’d say the odds are greater they get little value with that pick.

      Last but not least is the risk factor. Last year Aldon Smith suffered a shoulder injury and there was nobody to take the snaps for him. The Niners are clearly banking on a rookie (Lemonier) to take that role but that’s a lot to put on a first year player. After him we have Skuta who up until this TC was an ILB and is more acclaimed for his ST’s prowess than as a position player. Haralson while not elite, gave the Niners the combination of experience and ability that they no longer have on the roster behind the starters. It may work out fine, but if injuries strike, I think they are going to regret this trade and/or the premade decision to cut him if they couldn’t trade him.

  24. I believe the trade also provides one free Hurricane drink for any SanFran resident who can show valid ID in any Bourbon Street establishment.

  25. I keep seeing recent reports Haralson was traded for an “undisclosed” draft pick. Likely some press outlets waiting for more verification before announcing it was a 7th. Still… maybe Baalke got more?

  26. This trade looks bad to me, not only because of the value in return seems ridiculously low and not only because I have little confidence in any of the others doing as good a job if they have to come in as a starter on 1st and 2nd down, but mostly because I think it sends a horrible message in the locker room.

    He restructured his deal to stay and basically they made him more palatable a trade for someone else. What motivation do guys have to adjust their deals if they have no confidence they can stay?

    If this happens to Manningham as well, as some people have mentioned it might, then it’s not a one off move, it’s a trend and it could easily cause issues with other players, especially non-sure fire starters would be reluctant to give a home town discount.

    1. EB:

      I think you misread how the locker room is going to read this trade. I am fairly certain his former teammates are happy for Haralson because he is going to a tema on which he has an opportunity to start for the entire season and earn one last multi-year contract. Had he stayed, he would have been a back up who played relatively few snaps. His next contract would have been a modest one year prove-it contract.

      1. From everything I’ve heard Claude, that’s the case. Happy for a friend getting an opportunity more than upset that the team ‘screwed’ him.

        This won’t cause any issues in the locker room. Re-structuring of ‘sure fire non-starters’ contracts isn’t much of a negative when compared to all of the positives of being on THIS team.

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