49ers trade for Johnathan Martin

The Miami Dolphins just tweeted that they have traded OT Johnathan Martin to the 49ers. The Dolphins will receive a seventh-round pick from the Niners in 2015 in Martin makes the Niners’ opening-day roster in 2014, according to CBS Sports.

In a way, you saw this one coming. The Dolphins wanted to trade Martin. Martin played for Harbaugh at Stanford. The 49ers need a backup tackle.

  1. Revis island next….. Pleeeaaase!
    I read a tweet where he said he prefers to play with SF! Make it happen Baalke. He knows they won’t break the bank, and still said that.

    1. I say hell no to Revis. He’d try to renegotiate his contract after 4 weeks. The dudes never happy. He held out during his rookie contract negotiations. With 1 year left on his rookie deal he held out on that training camp. And not 2 years later he threatened to hold out again on a 4 year contract he signed! The dude is smart in that the instance his contract stops paying him the big money, he holds out. But he’s a headache. He holds out to get his way on his contract and then gets dissatisfied with the contracts, even though he signed them and held out to get them that way.

      1. You’re absolutely right about Revis and his contract issues….in that respect, I don’t think he’s worth the trouble…but, on the other hand he’s an immense talent on the field. That being said, I can’t rememeber the last FA to come to the 49er’s, who signed a contract of more than 1 year, that wanted to renogtiate after the 1st or 2nd year. I realize that DR has that history, but maybe winning for a change will put a sweeter taste in his mouth.

          1. Jack…do you think he could come here and not be a cancer? I don’t remember Deion being as problematic as Revis is.

            1. Absolutely.

              Revis was such a cancer to the Jets that they made 2 straight championship game appearances during his time there. With Mark Sanchez at QB no less.

              1. I did not hear this just throwing it out there. I hope that the Hawks do not get him they lost 2 CBs and have the money to get him that would be devastating.

    2. This is my take on Revis at this point. He said he’d rather play for SF. He knows sf won’t break the bank for a player in FA. He made 10 million last season I believe. With a knee injury if Baalke did decide to pull the trigger, I can’t see it being for more than two years at a discount price. So if Revis really wants a ring he will sign here for less money. Winning cures headaches. I don’t think he will come, but if he did I think Baalke and harbaugh would get the most out of him for a steal of a contract. Those were his words. As of right now, it sounds like he wants a ring. I’d take him in a minute.

    3. Why not take Henry Melton instead and then you don’t have to worry about your corners. You could even draft the starting rookie corner and let your pass rush offer help to them. SF has shown a propensity to go after the injured. Should be interesting.

      1. Not a bad idea – he’s young enough and can probably get back into the groove coming off the bench this year. Long-term RDE replacement? Depends on his cost; he may be looking for a 1yr deal which will then set him up for a long-term deal.

  2. Great move for everyone! Definitely saw this coming too. It’s great to have some proven depth on the O-Line. Adam Snyder was an okay backup…but he’s just not that good. Someone like Martin may supplant Snyder as the main back up on the O-line. Snyder won’t get cut, just be the #2 guy off the bench.

    1. Martin may now be one of the best backup tackles in the league, plus he can come in as a 6th lineman in the heavy sets.

    1. Captain, sir, we have been to the NFC championship the last two years, reached the SB once, and were close to doing so the other times. I don’t think we are doomed, but it’s certainly your right to think so. Have a good evening.

  3. I wouldn’t say that you could see this coming. Just because Martin played under harbs at stanford means almost nothing. Why not then should we expect the 49ers to sign Gerhart or Baldwin/Sherman if they become available..or any of the other 10 to 20 or so Stanford players who played under Jim? Because they weren’t bullied? Nah…

  4. Martin is low risk (6th or 7th round pick) high reward and improves depth. Better coaches and players around him should help him develop. Alex Boone will toughen him up (the right way).

    1. I like the value. Miami takes a deep breath and comes away with something and with some closure. SF gets a bargain for a known commodity. Niners needed some depth at OT. I was looking at Fleming out of Stanford, but he isn’t better, though younger, and would’ve cost a 3rd Rounder. Besides, even the 7th is conditional if the guy can’t get his head right.

    2. Agree, he will likely take Snyder’s roll of being the swing guy only he’s better than Snyder. 7th rd. pick? For a guy with his talent and potential? Hell yeah. He has something to prove and is now in a place where he can concentrate on football. IMO this is good move by SF.

      1. Snyder isn’t the swing guy–Boone is.
        Snyder subs for Boone at G when Boone subs for Staley or Davis at T.
        That said, this signing should lead to a ticket out-of-town for Snyder, I would imagine.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Two weeks ago we were DOOMED!

      The franchise was falling apart. The HC and GM only communicated via email and hated each others guts. Seems things are still running at HQ.

  5. Well, I did not see that coming. But in the rear view mirror it makes sense.

    Every other coach in the NFL saw this guy as a bust after his walk off to premature retirement. But there was one whom knew him well enough to give him a second chance.

    But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves; could still be an NFL bust. Certainly seems has if he can’t handle the pressure cooker environ that comes with it.

  6. My problem with Martin is simply that he plays soft. Guys like Jordan/Gillette and Bennett/Avril will eat him up if he ever has to play significant minutes.

    Sorry to be such a hater today. I wasn’t when I woke up this morning. I’m really depressed about our decision-making over the past few hours.

  7. Great reclamation projects traded for today. You need a strong locker room to deal with these types of players. We have that. who would know him better than harbaugh? a four year starter and recruit. really string moves. I predict the niner’s packaging picks and moving up in the draft. we don’t have that many needs other than Wr, rb, dt, lb and cb. Trade up and get the best player available.

    1. I might have to agree with you BigNiner. With the moves the Niners made today it seems to suggest that they will most likely package some of their picks to move up in the draft. It is very unlikely that they will draft that many players. There is just no room for that many rookies in this team and we still have Carradine and Latimore coming in.

          1. Of course. This is his third year, and the 49ers had to wait for Kaepernick to finish his third year before they could do a new contract.

  8. So, today, the Saints sign Byrd, the Cards sign Veldheer, the Bucs sign Verner, the Broncos sign Talib and are nearing a deal for Ware, and worst of all the Hawks are nearing a deal for Jared Allen.

    But yeah, we got “depth.”

      1. What’s shocking to me is nearly everyone on this board is so far up Harballke’s bum that you aren’t outraged!! Seriously? This is like an SNL skit. While other teams are significantly upgrading their starting lineups… We trade for Gabbert. And follow it up with another trade for J. Martin. And you guys are seriously discussing how great this all is? Please, if anyone, anyone at all out there, is also upset about this, let’s hear it. Otherwise, it’s straight out of Fahrenheit 451 my Niner brothers.

          1. You both are clueless! Neither one of you understand very little.. Great day for the niners.. You guys will sound like idiots in September..

              1. Well it’s beating a dead horse jack. Talking about being doomed after one day of free agency is no longer worth my time…

              2. Um, I don’t think that was what Jack was referring too CK… have another read of the sentence Jack pointed out… ;-)

              3. Your sentence was a mess grammatically.

                You meant to write “Neither one of you understands very much.” By replacing “much” with “little,” however, what you wrote had the opposite meaning.

                You also left off the “s” in “understands,” which resulted in noun-verb disagreement.

          2. What better safety could we get not named Byrd or Whitner including draft. We got oline depth, we got a backup Qb that was a top 10 pick. We got our kicker and we got cox. How’s that weak? If are to stay competitive, we need these kind of steal deals. Other teams paying that big money can have those players. Why sign a dion sanders type guy when he’s gonna break ur team up in the end. Not smart! Ask Dallas. They won one SB with him and then there team whit here’d away

            1. Deion Sanders is one of the very few big time free agent transactions that has ever worked, and he worked twice much to my regret.

          3. March 11, 2014 at 8:42 pm
            I agree, the 49ers’ moves today were weak.
            If by weak you mean the 49ers got tremendous value for their two trades then I agree. It was weak of those teams to let those players go for so little. Have a little faith in our coaches. I say “our coaches” because you aren’t a fan.

          4. What ‘strong’ moves should they have made Iggy?
            They’ve made no secret of the fact that their M.O. is to re-sign their own guys whenever possible and then focus on the Draft, which just so happens to be deep at positions of need this year and one in which they have, yet again, a ton of picks.
            Which big ticket guys do you think they should’ve went after and why?

              1. Revis? If they could convince him to take a 1-year deal that fits into the Niners’ cap structure, that would be a serious power move.

              2. Correction, someone will pay him way more than the Niners can. Why wouldn’t he get somewhere near what Talib got?

              3. Verner is best in a Cover two zone scheme which is what he’s going to play in with TB. Notice his contract number was quite a bit lower than most of the other CB signings. He’s limited in what he can excel in.

              4. The Niners play a lot of zone. You’re saying Verner stinks in man coverage?

                He was the second-best CB in the NFL last season behind Richard Sherman according to PFF.

              5. No just that he is seen as a better fit in a predominantly zone scheme like a Lovie Smith Cover two. PFF is fun but they are way off a lot of the time and this is one. Verner got 3 mill less than the top guys and is younger than any of them. He obviously is seen as a good fit for some but not for others.

              6. Fair enough. According to PFF he gave up a 55.8 passer rating last season.

                We were in the same year at UCLA. That’s probably why I wanted the Niners to sign him.

              7. Exactly rocket. Yes, 49ers play some zone, but it is primarily a man coverage scheme they employ. Verner played primarily in a zone scheme in college, and again at the Titans. According to this article he played only 169 snaps in man coverage last year.


                Looking at the stats he looks very impressive in the man coverage he played. But take a look at the chart against individual receivers and you’ll start to see a trend – he didn’t match up against the opponents top receiver. He was the #2 CB at the Titans. Against the better #2 WRs his success rate in man coverage was much lower.

          5. Bethea is TBD, but adding a backup QB and a backup T are not weak, they’re appropriate. Who would you have us add? We don’t need much, and we have a bevy of draft picks to get a WR, CB, etc. More importantly, we’re not adding guys with large contracts who will need to be cut and thus leave a huge cap hit (Bethea, tbd). You can’t say the same for most other teams participating in Day 1 action.

        1. Sully:

          There’s no correlation between winning March and winning the Super Bowl. If you believe there is, show us some evidence of it. Otherwise, you just come across as a fan who’s upset because his team isn’t grabbing the headlines. Ask Redskins fans and Cowboys fans if they’re happy with the way those teams handled free agency the past 10-15 years.

          The 49ers have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, and they did not build it by being big players on the first day of free agency. Why are you so insistent that the team abandon an approach that is working and adopt an approach that has proven not to work?

          It’s the first day of the NFL year. Relax and let the offseason play out.

          1. I would say that the Hawks would not have even made the Super Bowl had they not signed Bennett and Avril in March. I would say the Broncos would not have made the Super Bowl had they not signed Peyton in March. I would say that the commenter who suggested, “All of those teams are still trying to catch up to the Niners’ talent” is deluding himself. Our moves today were soft, period.

            1. Seattle got Bennett for a bargain price, not day one prices. I’m not sure about Avril. The Broncos put their team in hock and are starting to have cap problems and they didn’t get any close to winning the Super Bowl than the 49ers. In fact, it looked to me as if they were further away from winning than the 49ers are today.

        2. How much room under the cap do you think this team has? They were never about to get out there and sign FAs to big $ contracts.

          Despite your comments to the contrary, Bethea was a good signing because he actually fits the way the 49ers use their SS. Importantly, he provides a smart veteran opposite Reid, and stops the team having to reach for a safety in the draft.

          You were upset they didn’t take Verner, who was signed on a seemingly low cost deal, but Verner is primarily a zone CB, and doesn’t fit the 49ers system. Why would they sign him?

          Gabbert may never pan out, but spending a 6th round pick to get a guy with his raw abilities, that is still young and has starting experience in the NFL, isn’t that bad a deal. It probably won’t go down as one of the best ever trades made (unless by some miracle Gabbert blossoms under Harbaugh), but he’s got a lot of similar qualities as Kaep so he should fit the system as the backup QB.

          Martin provides a young OT with starting to the mix to compete for the swing tackle spot on the cheap.

          Eric Wright didn’t get much of an opportunity last season, but he provides some extra depth to the CB spot that was needed. Dawson was a good re-signing too.

          Is this an A++ day in free agency? No, probably not. But they filled some holes that needed filling while only committing relatively large cap space to one signing, which is a good thing. All in all, not a bad day.

            1. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve said it the last two years. York and Kraft are good friends and York started molding the 49ers after Kraft’s patriots 4 years ago.

          1. Scooter

            I like the Bethea move, and I understand the Martin move. I’m betting that the Gabbert trade is going to be the real winner for the niners. I feel bad for McCoy because of lack of reps; he’ll be a better fit in another program…he is better than he was given the opportunity to show here. Gabbert will get more reps because Harbaugh knows that with a running QB, it’s almost suicidal to think that Kaep doesn’t put in some injury time two years in a row. Now we’ll see how many systems we need to run for two distinctly different QB’s

        3. Sully,

          If you seriously thought there was a chance the Niners would sign a S for 9 mill you don’t know this team at all.

          They Just picked up 3 players to fill holes for less than it would have cost to sign Byrd.

          Who cares what other teams are doing? You don’t win games by signing high priced FA’s otherwise the Cowboys and Skins would be in the midst of multiple Championship seasons.

          It’s the first day of FA; not the last.

          1. Just for the record, my point wasn’t only that I’d rather we put the money we’re committing this year toward one better player. I simply dislike the guys we made moves for. I used the Michael Bennett example of last year not because he was an expensive splash but because he was a difference-maker in Tampa and still in his prime. I think Martin is soft and will have the press constantly interested in “how is J. Martin doing?” That’s a waste of time. Colt McCoy had some of that same thing surrounding him last year, and this year it will be Gabbert. That’s because failed QBs who were highly touted are always a big story. Now, if I really thought those guys had real upside, I’d welcome the scrutiny. But the bottom line is I was hoping we would go after difference-makers–either on the cheap or by spending the money. Instead, at least in my opinion, we spent decent money on a bunch of street-pickup level guys aside from Bethea, who is a stopgap guy. Just my opinion. I’ll stop bumming everyone out now.

            1. Sully,

              They were never going to make a big splash; that’s the point.

              They’ve got a SB contender right now, with enough cap space to fill a couple of holes and sign their draft picks.

              This team builds predominantly through the draft and supplements with reasonable FA deals. What ever gave you the impression they would change the way they operate now? Also keep in mind that FA has just started and the best deals come later.

            2. Sullyball every NFL team must fit 53 players under the same cap. By going cheap with Bethea, Gabbert and Martin it leaves cap room to extend the players we already have CK, A. Smith, Iupati, Davis, Crabtree, and Bowman etc. etc.. If you go out and sign that one marquee player it means you may have to release two other current players eventually. Teams that make the playoffs consistently build through the draft

              1. Bethea is going to be fine. Playing behind the 49ers front seven is a lot different than the Colts front 7 or as Whitner will soon find out the Browns front 7.

              2. True. Bethea might have averaged more tackles per game than Whitner last season because Bethea had to make more tackles. He played behind a worse front seven.

              3. Better form tackler than Whitner, and knows when to arrive in the gap to avoid being blocked….

              4. Concerning Bethea, I think it really depends on what his first-year salary is. If it’s up to $4 million, ok. But if it’s more of the $6 million variety, then I would rather have used that money elsewhere. Obviously getting Dawson back is huge–we’ve all seen what a bad kicker can do to a good team.

              5. Bethea is a comparable player to Whitner who got 7 mill per that the Niners weren’t going to pay. Whether it’s a year or two years, they have a pretty good vet presence at SS, and the luxury of drafting and developing a replacement.

                Gabbert and Martin are depth additions with little impact on the grand scheme. If the Niners can resign Brown or get another comparable CB in FA, they are good to go and ready for the draft.

              6. Bethea gets some grief for two down years in a row. But he’s a great athlete (check out the combine results in the link below) that is also a smart and savvy veteran, and highly reliable.


                Bethea’s also been known throughout his career as an excellent cover safety. His coverage grade was, according to PFF, terrible last year. Yet he was targeted on only 33 occasions – about twice per game. By comparison Whitner was targeted 48 times (kudos to Matt Maiocco for the info). PFF assign grades to each play, but as far as I can tell the grade is only affected by plays they are targeted, not plays where the coverage is good and the QB has to look elsewhere.

            3. I’ll stop bumming everyone out now.

              I don’t think you’re bumming anyone out, and I know you’re not bumming everyone out.

        4. I for one don’t think these moves were “great.” They were low risk with attractive upside. I don’t think that Gabbert or Martin will ever be stars. I think the best each will ever be is a solid backup. But they are better bets than what Baalke is going to be able to draft at their positions on day two or three. These are the first steps in a long offseason.

    1. I have been listening to this doom and gloom all day from my coworkers. Every move made by the other teams was Great and every move made by the 49ers was garbage.

      Two starters signed today. Dawson is going to start and Bethea is going to start. So a little more than “depth”.

      Can not wait for all the complainers about the draft because they did not draft the player that person wanted. I’m starting to think the internet was invented for complaining and outrage.

      1. “I’m starting to think the internet was invented for complaining and outrage.”

        Yes, and it was also invented for venting without exposing yourself publicly as a fool.

    2. Most teams are signing guys to fill many big needs. The Niners are stacked with very few needs to fill. This is why I just about guarantee they are moving up.

    3. Broncos did well, they want to cash in on the PM Era. Damned Hawks, good move for them and for Jared. Falcons showed some resolve and common sense.
      The Raiders showed……?

  9. Aside from the signing of Owen Marecic, the 49er’s and JH have shied away from Stanford athletes….but, they also have the same lack of affinity for Cal guys as well. Johnathan Martin will is a risk free acquisition for the 9ers, that could, in all likelihood, pay off…going to Stanford, the guy’s not lacking in intelligence, so he should grasp the system. He knows JH and what he expects, so any transition will be short…as far as the locker room, the veteren presence on the team won’t put up with any BS that could disrupt the winnig chemistry.

  10. Any chance that Demarcus Ware to SF? Justin Smith has 1-2 years left. Cowgirls picked up Charles Haley and won championships. Niners might not have the cash to get him.

    1. We have two starting OLB’s already. No need or money for an aging injury plagued player who’s best days are behind him.

  11. Hmm..lackluster day to me..While Garber and Martin trades have made us look like morons to the rest of the league it’s depth for practicality nothing..I’m not upset or excited about it..I still would have liked to keep Whitner over Bethea..We just have to trust Haurbagh and Baalke know what they’re doing..Baalke makes me nervous though I’m starting to believe McCloughan picks with Haurbaghs coaching is what has made this team great..With all the off season chaos and blown draft picks I’m really starting to wonder if Baalke will be the downfall of this team..Go Niners

  12. Revis will become a 49er tomorrow. He will sign a 3 for 20 deal. With only 3 counting against this year’s cap. Ok, good night ….time to dream.

  13. So we already put our draft picks to use. Wegive up a 6th for an unprunproven commodity, same would have been for said, draft pick. Then we give up next years 7th.
    for a decent capable back up. More than said draft pick. So we swap a 6th andd a 7th for a 1st and 2nd round talent. A winning day in my book

    1. especially when we realize signing players via trade has zero affect on the compensatory formula.

      I like the system… Acquire veteran talent by trading late round picks to (partially) replace talent lost through free agency. Get rewarded with a juicy 2015 mid-round compensatory pick.

    1. It’s a tryout. They will find out at no risk to their ability to continue to build that roster on a long term basis.

  14. All I know about the Seahawks is in 33 years on this earth until this year I had
    never met a Seahawks fan in my life let alone even seen someone with a hat or jersey..Now they seem to be everywhere ..Hats jerseys and trolling 49er boards..These guys are amazing..

    1. Hey Norcal funny you say that , I was born in 69 so in the mid to late 70′s I would always wear my niner shirt in the small town of Paradise, Ca, I would be teased and told how my team sucks, Most kids my age at the time were Raider, Steeler and Cowboy fans, When the 49ers won the Superbowl , it was a sea of Red the next year, Boy did I see a lot hypocrites. I did have a friend that was a huge seahawk fan, He was pretty loyal to his team, Have not talke to him in years. I feel good for him I guess but we have to get that Six Superbowl and shut these people up!

  15. Look, Gabbert has the raw skills that need to be coached. McCoy said he learned more about the position with the Niners than his entire time at the Browns. To draft a backup QB with the same talent level as Gabbert would cost a pick much higher than a 6th. He either walks away next year like McCoy, we resign him to a new contract next year, or we can trade him for a pick higher than a 6th. I don’t see anything bad here.

  16. $57 million for Talib and $54 million for Byrd?! Wow! I can’t wait when Sherman and Thomas’ contracts are up for extension :)

    1. Ricardo,

      My only sickly comment is at least the Seahawks got there ring. If Seattle’s team breaks up or they are hindered by the contracts…The team and fans will always have that to rub in our face. Makes me sick.

      I hope the Niners can get at least won and be constantly competitive like Breeze in NO. Concerned we are squandering a great team the past few years.

      With that, I think we should hold off on CK getting paid. The dude had a down year… Earn it big dawg!!!

  17. I ripped Martin here a while back for his poor play in Miami. Many said that was due to the environment. Now we’ll find out.

    Have no problem at all with giving up what they did to bring him in.

        1. Why? That’s simple. If you have a younger player that shows that he can become a jack-of-all-trades plus possibly be groomed to become an eventual starter and an older player who is also a jack-of-all-trades but not a current starter, who would you pick?

          1. Again. You go with your top 8. At this point which backup other than Looney and Martin are better?

            If they draft a guy in the first 5 rounds it could change. But not yet.

  18. The comments during this time of year,have been the same crap for three years now,Look what everyone else is doing,why are we making such weak moves.Yet still we go to the playoffs.patience people,SMH.

    1. I spit in my Soda over that, Harbaugh does like to stir things up, I boone got hurt would he dare bring in inconginito, You think the media went nuts with Balke Harbaugh, the World might implode!

  19. All of these signings and trades, except Dawson and Bethea, are for depth. They are mostly low risk, high reward deals that Baalke is buying talent at a huge discount. If they work out, it costs next to nothing and it’s a win. If they don’t, it’s mostly non-guaranteed cap space and a late round draft pick. At least Gabbert and Martin are healthy.
    What this really does, in my opinion, is set up Baalke to play his draft board for BPA at all levels. He has his bases covered and now can move up and down the draft as he chooses to grab the best talent at any position and doesn’t HAVE to draft for need. Awesome.
    I’m really interested in Bethea’s contract. If we draft a safety, he can sit and learn. Reid is the exception and he had Whitner. I would look at the final 2 years and see what Baalke’s plan is for safety.

    1. Good post Jon…..Niners have a need for some speed at WR (not a track guy), someone who can actually play.
      A kick returner with home run threat ability would be beneficial.

    2. All of these signings and trades, except Dawson and Bethea, are for depth.
      They only made for moves and you just excluded half of them.

  20. First Pick-One trade down to get back picks they traded for….

    Round 1 Pick 30: Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 24: Stephon Tuitt, DE, Notre Dame (A)
    Round 2 Pick 29: Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 28 (CAR): Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington (A)
    Round 3 Pick 30: Marcus Martin, C, Southern California (A)
    Round 4 Pick 15 (NYJ): Yawin Smallwood, ILB, Connecticut (A)
    Round 4 Pick 29: Ahmad Dixon, SS, Baylor (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 14 (NYJ): Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers (B-)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Terrance Mitchell, CB, Oregon (B+)
    Round 6 Pick 19 (NYJ): David Fales, QB, San Jose State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 27: Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma (D+)
    Round 7 Pick 28: De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon (C-)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon (B+)

    1. Razor,
      you realize that we don’t have spots for 2/3 of the players you have listed. For this reason I believe we are going to package picks and move up.

      1. Yea, I couldn’t resist the depth in this draft to just max it out….you’re right though, Baalke will be moving on up…..

      2. I agree, we’ll likely see some moving up and probably some trading away to next year as well. Way I see it, there is still room for:

        - 2 WRs
        - 2 CBs (though one of those will probably be filled by a FA)
        - 1 short yardage RB (though again, they may look to fill that through FA)

        They could also be looking at:
        - 1 QB (Bethel-Thompson hardly inspires)
        - 1 OL (and probably let Snyder go)
        - 1 ILB

        Baalke and Harbaugh do love competition, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see a DE/OLB, safety, DL or TE/H-Back drafted, even if those positions look full atm. But regardless, they probably won’t be holding onto all their picks this year.

  21. The more I think about the Martin trade, the more I think the Niners have very low hopes for him. Miami had to get rid of him. Trading him, even for nothing, is better than a cap hit. My assumption now is that absolutely no one wanted him, including us, but that we took him because we really had to, that is, because of what Harbaugh said about him in the press and his comments in the NFL report. We gave up a 7th rounder next year IF he is still on the roster. Doesn’t that make sense?

      1. I certainly agree with you. Can’t knock the trade. All I’m saying is that when the price is THAT low, you have to wonder if they believe in him.

        1. > when the price is THAT low, you have to wonder if they believe in him.

          Like Boldin offered for a sixth round pick? (Browns had offered a seventh round pick before Ravens approached the Niners).

          1. Your point is a good one, but remember that Boldin came with a $6 million price tag and, as you point out, at least someone else was interested. From the price they paid for Martin, it seems no one was interested, plus it’s conditional on Martin making the squad. Plus Harbaugh would have looked foolish if we didn’t take him. All I’m saying is that it looks like he’s a long shot to make the team. I hope he does very well.

  22. It’s pissing and moaning every year around here about our FA strategy. And every year the team makers out great. This year will be no different.

        1. Baalke knew what he was doing when he let that “nugget” slip out. He’s got everyone looking in the same direction now.

      1. I didn’t know anything about him. Then I read you and this, from PFF: Chris Cook allowed 9 TDs (T-1st among CBs) in coverage last year, with no interceptions. 140.3 QB rating allowed was 2nd highest among CBs.

        If their interest is real, maybe they want to try him at safety to replace Dahl?

      2. Yeah, I thought they might be interested given his athletic traits, but after you outlined a few things about him razor I also started hoping they’d look elsewhere!

  23. For those looking for more splash, ask Tampa how the Revis acquisition worked out. One year later they’re trying to get out from under the contract they agreed to. It’s ok to take a cruise down Rodeo Drive to look around, but it’s no place to buy groceries or gas. The Draft is a better place to build a roster.

    1. NFL really does stand for (Not For Long). According to the NFL Players Association, the average career of NFL players is 3.3 years. The main reasons are injury or being cut. The average shelf life for cornerbacks is only 2.94 years.

      1. That’s why they try to get their 5 years in at any cost. rashad Mendenhall got his 5 years in and now he’s gone. But he does get a pension.

  24. I really like the Martin trade. Anyone who had the 9ers drafting an O linemen in their mock draft needs to change that. With Martin, Snyder, Looney and Netter under contract i do’nt see much need for O linemen. Maybe a couple of undrafted FA”s

    1. I do, too. It’s good to seed the Niners approach draft with few positions of need, except perhaps for a receiver. Then it can be a BPA all the way in the draft with a clean conscience :)

    2. Another low risk/high reward proposition. Two talented but flawed players added for low compensation is good business if the HC believes he can get more out of them.

    3. They also have the tackle they that they picked up from a small program in last years draft. The Niners stashed him on IR/practice squad. He should be ready to go and compete this year.

  25. Why doesn’t Hollywood have a salary cap? Adam Sandler gets a $15 million paycheck for each movie??? That’s absurd man, actors never have to pass a physical and can work for big bucks until they drop dead. Damn, the extremely old actors should be forced to retire at some point. These half-dead carcasses are still cashing in, while ex-athletes limp around with empty wallets.
    Screw it, I’m pullin my kids out of sports and hauling their asses to drama class.

    1. Hah, Crabs, you’re right! A friend’s son got furious with his wrestling coach, gave up wrestling and took up dancing. He’s still in great shape, is constantly surrounded by hot girls his age, and the young man is always smiling! Oh for a do-over! : >)

    2. Funny but unfortunately true. Your post reminds of the time Ben Afleck ranted about corporate execs making too much money and being out of touch with the common man. And then someone pointed out that Afleck made $17 million for the movie Gigli. Hollywood has to be the most hypocritical bunch of morons in the world. These people play pretend for a living and somehow think people should listen to what they have to say about anything.

      Now I’m about to go out and spend $75 to take my family to see Lone Survivor so go figure.

      1. Houston – Good stuff bro, Hollywood clowns are always diving into politics.

        Hey Houston, are you going to plan a trip to Levi’s Stadium in the near future?

        1. Houston and Crab,

          I’m not saying that Hollywood types have opinions that are any more valid than anybody elses, but why should their speech by abridged? Wouldn’t you speak out on issues you believed in, if you had the opportunity?

          I would guess the problem you have with Hollywood types commenting on politics, is that their views don’t often overlap with yours, more than their simply being Hollywood types.

          1. Well ex, I didn’t say a word about politics. You dreamed that up all on your own. I don’t care if actors or athletes agree with me in the least. People in those professions are free to say anything they want and I’m free to think they are hypocritical imbeciles. It takes a special kind of idiot to criticize other people’s income when that person makes an obscene amount of money for a movie as bad as Gigli. You seriously don’t see any hypocrisy in Afleck criticizing other people’s income?

            1. Houston,

              Yeah, I’m sure Affleck is apolitical. I’m sure he was just making pleasant dinner conversation.

              Did you actually go see Gigli? If you did, that might explain why you’re so angry. Affleck definitely got over on the studio on that one.

              What you’re overlooking are all the movies that Affleck has Ben in that have been wildly successful.

              Actors don’t get paid unless they are bankable.

              Can the same be said of all CEOs?

              I’m sure every new product put out by every corporation is successful. There’s never been a CEO who ran a company into the ground, only to be rewarded with a golden parachute, right?

              I’m not against capitalism, it’s the best imperfect system there is, but I do think there is something wrong with the notion that a CEO is worth more than 1000x a line worker. I just don’t think that’s true. On top of that, how much money does a person need?

        2. Not sure. I have to see how it works out. I’m hoping to make a few home games next year but it will depend on business and kids.

            1. Wow ex, you turned something completely non-political into a fight. I said absolutely nothing about politics. Perhaps you should pick back up the golf clubs and loosen up a bit. Maybe then you’ll stop looking for fights that aren’t there.

              1. Houston:

                “Liberal” Hollywood has been a bogeyman for the political right in this country for a long time, and your criticism of Ben Affleck was stereotypical of the right’s disdain for Hollywood celebrities who express liberal sentiments. Given your prior political statements on this blog, exgolfer’s interpretation of your Affleck comment as a political statement was reasonable, and your current claim of innocence is not particularly credible.

              2. I could care less what you guys think. Ben Afleck made a comment that deserved ridicule and scorn regardless of your political affiliation. Whether you guys want to admit it or not Afleck’s comments were monumentally hypocritical. Anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat could see Aflecks comments for what they were. I suppose if you were a blind political hack you could make ASSumptions about people criticizing Afleck but most rational people see him as an idiot and don’t mind when someone criticizes him.

              3. Houston,

                I turned it into a fight? Have you read your posts?

                I play golf once or twice a month. The “ex” in exgolfer is because my index is above what I deem to be an acceptable level to be considered a golfer. Thanks for your concern, though.

                Why do you need to use personal attacks? You have to be one of the angriest posters on here. I hope you don’t have a stroke or something.

                Saying, “I could care less,” means you care, at least somewhat. Saying, “I couldn’t care less,” means you don’t care at all. My guess is, you were going for the latter.

                Whether actors are “playing pretend” or not is really irrelevant as far as their value to a capitalistic enterprise goes. It’s a very simple equation, really. If an actor is bankable, he or she gets paid. If not, then they don’t get paid.

                I find it curious that, considering you consume their product, you denigrate what actors do. Were you stuck being tree number two in the grade school plays, or something?

                Hollywood is one of the most capitalistic micro economies there is, produce, or your out.

                Can you say the same about corporate America, at large?

                Considering Affleck makes huge money for the studios, how is he hypocritical for criticizing CEOs for making more money than they’re worth? He has demonstrated his worth in his chosen field. Can you say the same for the CEO Affleck was criticizing, or all corporate CEOs?

                Besides, let’s say Affleck was wrong about the target(s) of his criticism, since he’s unarguably a money maker himself, that wouldn’t make him hypocritical, it would just make him wrong.

                In summary, I can only conclude you are bitter and jealous of Affleck since he can choose if he wants to direct or act in his next project. That, and the fact that he’s married to Jennifer Garner. Maybe it’s the more the latter. Now that I think about it, I kind of hate the guy too…

  26. So far we’ve had good/solid moves to start FA. I think most people get down with the sentiment that the 49ers are moving up the board to get specific players in this year’s draft. I’d like to see us sure up as many positions as possible and only draft 4/5 high quality guys. I think it’s the right move for these reasons:
    1) we don’t have many holes to fill, so spend our draft capitol on quality players
    2) we don’t have a very cushy cap situation, but since we don’t have many holes, filling them with draft picks is the cheaper route.
    3) by filling those few holes through the draft, we have a chance to possibly come in UNDER the cap this year. Which means that we could pass those savings on to next years salary cap to leave extra space to sign Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, Iupati, & Crabtree next year. Those guys will command big contracts, and that is a smart and savvy way for us to be able to keep them here.

  27. Martin was gratly overdrafted by the Dolphins. He’s a very good college tackle, smart and hardworking but not very athletic. At best a 4th round pick for NFL. But I can picture him as a solid backup tackle on either side, and even a starter-level guard if he and the coaches want to make the transition. So if Iupati leaves eventually (which is what I expect) and Looney takes over, Martin can be backup for any of the four position. But first he has to show that he has to make this season’s final 53, and that won’t be easy. I’m sure the Niners will draft a OL in the lower rounds.

    1. Mood-
      My memory is hardly infallible, but I believe that Martin was widely considered a 1st Round talent when he came out of college. If there were some doubters, they were bother kent and among the minority of published analyses as I recall.

      1. Brotha Tuna

        You are correct…both Martin and the big Guard from Stanford were considered first round choices. They were so dominant in college that no one knew that Martin played ‘soft’ until he hit the pros. Harbaugh has his work cut out if he’s going to convince him that he’ll have to ‘grow leather’ if he’s gonna’ hang around.

        1. @Oregon Niner

          Is this reputation of Martin “playing soft” based on facts, or just repeating the allegations of Incognito supporters? Would I expect HarBaalke to hire someone soft to play for the Niners? No!

          1. Hey Mood

            Was it Incognito supporters who passed it around the locker room to toughen him up?…NO, it was the coaching staff and training staff. I was hoping that the niners would draft him but when they didn’t, I still followed his career. I was surprised that all reports on him were ‘lacks aggressiveness’, ‘not motivated’ and such. What Harbaalke does and for whatever reason they do it, is still beyond me….

      2. Bro T

        Yeah, I followed Martin and DeCastro at Stanford. While I thought that DeCastro was one of the best guards in that draft (if not the best), I did not see Martin as a NFL starter material, at least not right away. The Stanford power running scheme suited Martin well, and he was very good technically. But he lacked quickness that is needed for NFL-level pass protection.

        I don’t follow draftniks (whom I don’t give much credence) and drafts closely. None of the analysts follow teams or players like I follow Niners and Stanford team and players. I’ll learn about the players after the Niners draft them :)

        1. Fair enough, Mood. It is possible for a dedicated student to be ahead of the consensus, especially when finely focused. Over time your posts have stood up well to scrutiny.

  28. I go on vacation and return to this crappy off-season? Is Baalke a Manchurian candidate planted with the 9ers by Paul Allen? Jeez, this sucks. I HATE every move the 9ers have made this offseason. Gabbert sucks. Martin will not make an ounce of difference. Bethea is old and becoming injury prone. People can say that the price was right but it blows my plan for trading lower round draft picks for higher draft picks in future years, eventually stockpiling high draft picks every year.

    Then again, I’m some dude with an iPad and the 9ers spend millions on a scouting department with decades of experience making these decisions.

      1. He’s had a good history of making games but over the last 2 years he missed quite a bit of practice due to injuries. He’s 30 years old and I’m only saying he’s on the backside so his injury situation is going to get worse.

        1. 96 straight games since 2008. 2 penalties the last two years as opposed to 10 from Whitner, with 5 of those coming from the unnecessary roughness variety….

          1. Lets see how the season goes and then evaluate. I’m saying right now that Bethea misses a good chunk of games due to injuries. We’ll see how it goes.

            1. A little higher up on the thread you didn’t seem to be interested in waiting to assess what the 49ers have done so far.

              BTW, I think Bethea is 29, not 30.

      2. Fans had complaints when Rogers (can’t locate ball, hands of stone) and Whitner (too short, too slow, couldn’t cover a bed with a blanket) were signed, and yet they contributed for a few years.

  29. Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman 1m
    Antoine Bethea’s new deal with the #49ers includes $6.5 million in guarantees, per source.

    Hope thats true, makes me feel way better on the signing.

  30. Well seems like tha pats are going hard for Revis as well. So given the same amount of money is offered, who would Revis take? #49ers or #Pats… Im taking the tougher D all day… And we still have a good offense. Pats O is better, but our D outshines them BAR NONE

    1. Pats may offer more $ and more guaranteed due to more desperate need now that Talib’s gone. Or not, they don’t give it away either, come to think of it. Shelter thinks they have a need now.

  31. Iupati and Crabtree will be gone next year. Both have significant issues, Iupati is overrated and Crabs is slow and not the brightest light on the Christmas tree.

    An old-fashioned word: trifty. Niners brass are thrifty. The shop carefully and that’s why they have been pretty successful in the FA market and you don’t have to bring up the occasional duds. That happens to every team.

    Bottom line is to just hang tight, watch all the losers like the Jets, Browns, etc shoot their collective wad on what will be failed signings at the beginning of this parade and quietly pick up value on the third day.

    Same as it has been for a while…

  32. Comparison Breakdown:

    Whitner vs Bethea = Lexus ES 350 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    Blaine Gabbert vs Colt McCoy = Ford Pinto vs AMC Pacer

    Jonathan Martin = 2012 Honda Accord (on way to repair shop, after traffic accident).

    1. Crab,

      Very funny.

      Although, I see Gabbert as more of base model Honda Civic, that Harbaugh is going to trick out with all kinds of doodads and sell to some dopey teenager for twice what it’s worth.

  33. Anyoneelse think that we should sign Brandon browner.we can get him cheap especially if Brown leave. Even if brown stays I think he could be had for 2- $2.5 million on a 1 year deal.

    1. I remember you drafting Glennon and ‘allowed’ me to have Kaepernick. Didn’t you also assert Lovey was posturing to manipulate the draft when he mentioned not ruling out taking one early?

      1. As I told another guy who works with me on the Bucs stuff, this would be a great signing if it meant that Marshall and Jeffery are coming with him.

        With the structure and incentives in the deal it is hard not to see him taking over that spot.

              1. With the release of Revis they had over $30 million to spend. Doing a real nice job of spending that money and starting process of building depth.

    2. McCown was Coaching H.S. Football a couple of years ago. Now he’s going to make at least 5 mill this season. Rags to riches story, but it may not have a happy ending. I think Trestman’s system played a big part in his success as well as the two big WR’s on the outside.

        1. If he’s there the Seahawks are probably tripping over their own feet running their draft card up to the podium…

  34. Dang it. The Browns will be releasing Brandon Weeden. Who will the 49ers get for their back up next season now?

      1. Now the Browns have released Jason Campbell too. Guess we know where they are going in the draft. Only Hoyer left.

        1. I know this may get some jeers but what about Campbell as Kap’s backup? Other than he might be too expensive?

    1. I said he’d be available in a month or two, anybody have a closer date?

      This is the year of the FA Boat Anchor QB.

  35. My latest on first-pick:

    Round 1 Pick 16 (DAL): Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State (A)
    Round 2 Pick 24: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 13: Deone Bucannon, SS, Washington State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 6 (CLE): Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU (A)
    Round 4 Pick 8 (MINN): Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas (A)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 27: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 28: James Wilder Jr., RB, Florida State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 30: Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (B)

    1. Nice Draft Space. Love the Swanson pick in the 4th especially. I have a hell of a time trading up on that site. They always turn me down.

        1. You think so? Maybe it’s my eyes sticking out the side of my head or the fact my tongue is stuck out permanently…oh wait that’s my Avatar.

              1. I had to customize my avatar. Got tired of looking like a guy with a unibrow taking a hard poo.

      1. Thanks, Rocket, I consider this the best draft I’ve had on that site though I’ve had better scores. But it was the first time I’ve seen Gilbert fall that far and took a shot at trading up and still kept picks in the 2nd and 3rd pretty much figuring I could still grab Matthews and Buccannon. Never was able to grab Swanson before that late and usually settle for Stork.

  36. Corey Graham signed with the Bills for 4 yrs/16 mill. Browns market price has been set and is probably going down quickly.

  37. Any chance of Sproles to Niners?
    Nice little weapon to add to the arsenal.
    He still lives in SD…

    1. They already have a Sproles like player in LMJ, who they hardly put on the field. I don’t think this offense has any use for players like that which is a shame.

      1. Yep. Which is why I’m also a little wary of drafting a guy like Cooks. I think he’s going to be a good player, but I think he’ll be more of a slot WR in the NFL, and he’d be better used in a different offense than the 49ers.

  38. Given Baalke’s MO ….do you really think he’ll make it a point of moving forward to get players? Doesn’t that mean he would sacrifice getting more picks for next year’s draft? I get the feeling he’s not going to do a lot of moves upwards and think about the future in 2015 when we could really use picks. What do you guys think?

  39. I read today that we may be interested in Steve Smith. Any one heard anything about this. Or is the media just trying to stir up things

  40. no matter who has his name on the roster for 2014/15
    … old names, new names…
    Coach Harbaw must (MUST)

  41. (repeat)
    Coach Harbaw must bring home the Lombardi trophy
    or the Niners suck eggs.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey.
    (prove me wrong, or go back to San Diego, willya…)

  42. Sproles going to Philly makes that team scary fast. I am picking the eagles to win that division (NFC EAST). The 49ers to win NFC West and Tampa to win their NFC South Division. I expect Greenbay to represent the NFC North.
    My championship teams for NFC will be SF vs Philly with the winner winning the Superbowl.

    1. per rotoworld – “Miami is in need of a starter opposite Brent Grimes after losing Nolan Carroll to the Eagles. They reportedly have a lot of faith in second-year CB Jamar Taylor but want to add a veteran to the mix. Brown’s market has been nonexistent.”

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