49ers trade up to Pick 28 and take G Joshua Garnett

The San Francisco 49ers have traded up with the Kansas City Chiefs for Pick 28 to take Stanford guard Joshua Garnett.

Garnett is the first guard drafted this year. He’s an extremely powerful run-blocker, similar to Mike Iupati, and probably will start at right guard his rookie season. The Niners gave up a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to get Garnett.

GRADE: A. The Niners had a hole at right guard, and filled it with the best guard in the draft. Garnett almost surely will be a good NFL player. Excellent pick.

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  1. Is he best suited to a power or ZBS scheme though?

    Good player at a position of great need, and thankfully they didn’t take a QB, so I won’t criticise the pick much. But I wouldn’t have traded up for him.

  2. Maybe they knew something we didn’t. Could be the Seahawks were targeting him. Glad he’s a 49er! Loved watching him play….

        1. Cody Whitehair is the draft’s best OG. The move/trade is OK>>C+ to B- at best.In fact the Niners could have drafted either G or whitehair or Garnett in the second round without mortgaging the 2n, 4th or 6th picks. TB continues his real estates yard sales picks…

          1. Baalke reached for Garnett. He also reached for Buckner. The 49ers could have traded back and still picked up Buckner. Like you said, Garnett would have fallen to them at #37 … so why waste the extra picks?

            Draft grade: C

          2. The trade up to get Garnett feels like a panic move to me. I think Baalke wanted the 7 pick to play out differently. After he didn’t get the trade he wanted or the player he wanted he panicked and pulled a Bowe Bergdahl for 5 al Quaeda generals type of horrible deal. Garnett may be a good player but absolutely no one had him rated as a 1st round pick. I’m glad they got what appears to be a good OL because that’s what they really need but managing the draft seems to be a weakness for Baalke. Now the 49ers have 0 picks in the 2nd round and 1 pick in the 3rd. I like the player but hate the trade up to get him.

          3. According to Pro Football Talk’s draft value chart, the package San Francisco sent to Kansas City is worth 634 points, while the 28th pick used on Garnett plus the seventh-round selection was worth 660 points.

            So the 49ERS were able to secure their guy AND come out ahead in terms of value. 26 points is significant!

            Thats an A+ in my book, and a move that only haters could criticize!! What a fantastic start to the draft!

            1. Your basing your opinion on a draft value chart posted on the TMZ of sports sites? OOOOK.

              The point is the 9ers likely get this player AND keep their picks if they simply stick with their own pick. So another way to look at this is that the 49ers unnecessarily gave up 634 points on your silly little chart.

              1. I want to know how you arrive at the assumption that they “likely” get their guy if they stand pat. He was the number one rated guard in the draft….

        2. I don’t understand the view that they reached to get these players, unless you are saying you have inside information. Generally speaking, that view is specious. The fact is they took guys who look like very good players in positions they needed to fill, and there is no way of telling they would have been able to pick them later, unless, again, you have inside information.

          1. “They needed guard help, so it makes sense. I liked him, but some scouts thought he was soft.”

            Pete Prisco

            I guess you could consider “scouts” as insiders.

            1. Houston, by “inside information” I mean knowledge that the teams in front of the Niners at pick 37 were not going to take him. Obviously no one writing on this blog knows that.

              1. Of course no one knows and that’s what makes the draft so fun. You seem to come down on the “9ers got their man so who cares” and that’s a totally legit argument.

                I come down more on the Chad Reuters side of things. Not a bad pick because Garnett is a good player but the deal doesn’t make a lot of sense.

                “Garnett is my favorite offensive line prospect in this draft, and the 49ers need to replace Alex Boone. But giving up two picks in the deepest draft in history for a guard is a tough sell for me.”

              2. “But giving up two picks ”

                You do know there is no way 12 rookies are making the team……

        1. Cody Whitehair is the draft’s best OG. The move/trade is OK>>C+ to B- at best.In fact the Niners could have drafted either G or whitehair or Garnett in the second round without mortgaging the 2n, 4th or 6th picks. TB continues his real estates yard sales picks…

          1. According to Pro Football Talk’s draft value chart, the package San Francisco sent to Kansas City is worth 634 points, while the 28th pick used on Garnett plus the seventh-round selection was worth 660 points.

            So the 49ERS were able to secure their guy AND come out ahead in terms of value. 26 points is significant!

            Thats an A+ in my book, and a move that only haters could criticize!! What a fantastic start to the draft!

    1. Simple arithmetic:
      2, 4 and 6 for 1 and 7. The saddest part is:
      1. Garnett is NOT the draft’s best rated OG.
      2. Cody whitehair IS.
      3. Either one would have been available in the 2nd. round = that simple…

      1. Whitehair is rated as the top G, however, he is undersized at the position. It’s the reason why Baalke wouldn’t draft him. He likes longer guys who can compete. I agree with you that we could have waited and got him in the 2nd, but Garnett is a better run blocker than Whitehair and can develop into an Iupati. I don’t see him as too far off from him

      2. LAAJR

        You know that old saying…” You’d bitch if you were being humng with a new rope”..Well, you’re IT Hoss….Too many analytics and statistics…have a snickers

  3. That’s the team, Kansas City Chiefs, that I thought they’d strike a deal with if they were to make a move back up. A little bit of gamesmanship between Baalke, Elway, and the Seahawks….

    1. Agreed. i think we saw a showing of some teamwork between GMs and possibly an established alliance between the hawks / broncos and niners / KC. im a niners fan but i thought the hawks move was brilliant. they interfered with a key rival’s trade leverage. SF had all of the kaepernick trade leverage having identified the jets as a potential suitor. balke was definitely raging but i like how fast the garnett move was made. he showed a little magic by getting that trade done and probably knew seattle was closely tied with garnett.

      i do want to add that i still have some optimism for kaepernick left in the tank. he has been very productive when under a good head coach. we will see if kelly is that for us. Garnett could be the guy making gaps for kaepernick to get through for long runs like he did against the packers in the playoffs (sorry packer fans).

      1. While I am glad that the Niners got Garnett, I do not think Denver moving up 5 spots was critical, and Lynch may easily have been there at 31 because the 5 other teams did not absolutely need a QB, and Cook was still available. Maybe if they moved ahead of the Jets, but in the end, the Jets did not even go for a QB.
        I think Seattle was greedy, and saw that Garnett, Ifedi and Whitehair were available, so they obtained another pick and was confident that at least one of those players would have been available. Baalke Ninjad the Seahawks by moving up and picking the best guard in the draft, thus depriving the Seahawks of first choice, so that was a bold decisive move, and deprived Seattle of a potent player who would have haunted the Niners for years.

  4. I like Garnett, but if we were going to trade back into the first I was hoping for Myles Jack. Garnett would have been there in 2nd, cause I think Seachickens go Whitehair or one of the tackles (Spriggs or Ifeadi)

      1. If the Browns were smart, and they’re not, Jack would be nice at the top of Round 2. But I suspect Connor Cook.

    1. I am SO happy that Chip and the others had so much influence in the selections, and nixed Baalke’s propensity to pick ACL players.
      Niners need immediate help, so Jack is too big of a risk, while Buckner is a great pick.

  5. I give the 49ers a B+ for the first round. I like both picks, but Garnett would probably still have been available in the second round. ILB, WR, and CB still needs to be addressed.

    1. I’ll give them an A- just because it wasn’t an outrageous fee and he’s the guy they wanted. Plus we don’t know who else was targeting him. See, the Seahawks just drafted an OT to play Guard….

      1. My grade is a little lower due to the remaining holes needing to be filled. If Baalke can address those with some promising prospects, then my grade will go up to an A- for the first round.

          1. I’d go CB or QB. Russell, Howard, and White would be great picks at CB; Prescott and Hogan would make sense in the third round.
            RB is another position to consider with Drake, Perkins, Lasco, or Ervin being good value picks.
            Keep an eye on Goodson if Baalke chooses to bypass Smith and Jack.

          2. I have Paul Perkins in the third, and since AD might stay retired, I mocked OT Fahn Cooper in the 4th.
            Niners should try to move into the second round by bundling players. Maybe target San Diego, and offer Bruce Miller, Quinton Patton, Brandon Thomas and a DB for their second round pick. 4 for 1 may appeal to them.

        1. You obviously don’t pay attention much if you’re foolish enough to make that accusation.

    2. Seattle would likely have drafted college footballs best run blocking OG, so it was a fantastic move, especially considering the 49ers came out ahead on the draft valuation chart!

      I’m confident Seattle was targeting Garnett.

      Baalke gets 660 points out of the deal, and KC gets 634!


      Huge win-win for Baalke-Kelly! Garnett, with Kelly’s rigorous conditions, will be a pro-bowl OG by year 2, and he’s easily smart enough to back up at Center!

  6. I am two for two so far. I predicted Buckner, Garnett, Peake, and Kwaitkowski as the Niners first four picks.

    This is a great pick. It was not worth the risk to wait until the second round. He might have been there but why take the risk when you have so many picks stockpiled. The 4th and 6th we gave KC don’t mean a lot.

    What an improvement Garnett will be over Devay. Night and day difference.

    Now if AD gets over his hissy fit and comes back we will suddenly have an NFL quality line. Staley, Beadle, Kilgore, Garnett, Davis sounds a hell of a lot better than Staley, Boone, Martin, Devay, and Pears.

  7. It was updated they gave up a 4th and 7th round to move up. Good deal with all the picks they have. Sea chickens would have snagged him!

    1. They’re receiving that seventh round pick. They can’t give one up since they don’t have one.

    1. Nick Martin in the fourth he is versatile enough to also play guard and tackle both sides. He is the second best center in the draft.

    2. ND Nick Martin the draft’s second best rated C could have been drafted if Whitehair or Garnett would have been gone.
      Maybe USC Max Tuerk the draft’s 3rd. best C is available in the 3rd. rd.
      Mr. Baalke’s brain is shinning alright.
      C’est la vie monsieur.

  8. There’s alot of players I would have traded up for besides Garnett. Been screaming for Billings and Chris Jones for months.

    But I’m not mad. This was a cheap trade up. The 4th+6th was way below chart. It should have cost a mid 3rd to move up (and the chart was created before the 5th year option was implemented, increasing the value of first rounders)

    I’m totally happy with day one of the draft. With pick 68 (and two early 5th rounders to move up) tomorrow will be fun.

    1. How many times does it take for your Niners fans to understand the 49ers TRADED away their:
      2nd, 4th. and 6th for KC 1st and 7th?
      Which part is so hard to understand?
      Does anybody here have a reading level problem?
      Again the Niners do NOT have a second round selection>>>>NADA.

      1. Chill, the Niners got 2 first round picks, and if you ever had watched Garnett, you would see an elite player. On one play, he blew up a player, just decimated him, threw him up in the air and spun him around and put him on his back. Garnett was a big reason why McCaffrey got so many yards. Garnett would block at the line, then get downfield to crush the defender.
        Whitehair may be good, but Garnett is special. I am SO glad the Niners grabbed him before the Seahawks could select him. They got Ifedi, but I bet they would have jumped at the chance to get Garnett.
        Actually, according to the draft value chart, the Niners got a good deal.
        Relax, the sky is not falling, and even though I have been extremely harsh towards Baalke, he did a good job this time. Going bold to select an additional first round pick may have cost them their second round pick, but in my book, it was well worth it.

      2. So funny to see a moron all up in arms because he thinks the other people in the room don’t get it.

        No, fool. The joke is you.

  9. They filled multiple holes with Buckner. He makes the linebackers and secondary that much better. We saw a dip in defense because Justin smith was that dominate and I think we will see something similar.

  10. I am also very happy with the first two picks. And I am ecstatic that the Kap to Denver BS can now be put to rest. I cant wait to see CK7 playing in coach CK’s system.

    Go Niners.

      1. Not to Denver. Horsey face pretty much said he was no longer interested in Kap after he drafted Lynch.

        All you Kap haters just have to get over it. Like it or not, he will be on the team this year.

  11. If you have a fear of your defense being on the field too much, then beef it up and put your offense back on the field.

    1. Paul

      I think that with Armstead, Dial, Buckner, Williams , and Dorsey, DFline ceases to be a position of ‘need’….Now let’s get a couple of carniverous LB’s….

  12. Well, I think it was Matt Miller that said yesterday the 49ers would look to address their lines. He was right.

    1. Scooter, I pasted a link to Garnett’s interview about the schemes he plays in. Both gap scheme and “inside zone and outside zone.” Goes into technique on that.

      1. Yeah, saw that. But most scouting reports I have seen on him suggest he is best suited to a man-blocking scheme. Hopefully he proves equally adept in a ZBS.

        1. The scouting reports could be correct. Garnett seems better suited to gap scheme. But that doesn’t mean Garnett would be lacking in ZBS. He’s quick. Good in space. He spent alot of time with Kelly at the pro day. If I can find the interview were he was saying he’d love to play for the 49ers I’ll post it.

          1. No need, I recall it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid and think he’s a good pick. Only a little worried his talents could be better suited in another system.

        2. The KNBR guys speculated Kelly might install a few pulling plays to take advantage of Garnett’s gap scheme skills.

          The Better Rivals guys said a few months ago Kelly sometimes pulls guards to burn defenses that are crashing down to hard on inside zone.

        3. He’s getting a degree in Biology so that ZBS stuff should be no sweat. ;-}

          Once we got past Grant’s first pick prediction and traded up for the OL, I was happy.

    1. This one was a definite head scratcher for me. I hope I am not wrong but this one doesn’t seem like a great fit to me.

      Overall I am not huge fan of the draft so far. Yes, I know its early but Buckner is similar to Armstead in terms of frame and ability and I am not sold on their ability to stop the run ( a cardinal sin in our division).
      Garnett appears to be a good player who would have been great, if Harbaugh was the coach. In terms of value, I just don’t see it.

      1. Hmmm, I think Baalke did a good job with the Buckner pick. BPA that didn’t have injury or attitude concerns. He obviously has similarities with Armstead, but worth noting both guys are used to playing opposite sides of the DL (Armstead left, Buckner right).

        Buckner had an excellent grade against the run from PFF. When he gets too tall he can have issues, but generally he does a good job.

        Garnett is a guy I would have gambled on making it to #37, and if he didn’t then no biggy. But obviously the 49ers grade him highly. Best run blocking OG in the draft, so I can see why they like him.

        1. I should state I am only mildly disappointed.
          I understand the Buckner pick based upon value, just not in terms of fit. I say this because the Dline didnt hold up so well vs the run last year and while Buckner played with Armstead in the past… the weren’t exactly dominant in college. When I look back at how THE Ohio State just ran right over a dline with two top twenty picks It doesn’t fill me with confidence.
          So then I would guess they will mostly be used in our sub package… essentially making them DT’s, which then begs the question what happens with Ian Williams?
          With that said, due to the questions on all the other players at this point… he was probably the safest pick.
          Hindsight being what it is, I would have liked to have traded back and picked up multiple 2nd rounders… with Alexander, Jack, Dodd, Spence, Spriggs, Ogbah, Whitehair, and Correa all still on the board the second round looks good to me.

        2. Agree.

          Nitpicking on the Garnett selection, it is a reach but if that is the player you target based on need, then so be it. I think the Niners should have stayed put and selected Spriggs.

          As for the claim that the Hawks wanted Garnett, I don’t buy it. The Hawks didn’t think Garnett was worth selecting at 26, or maybe they didn’t grade him as high as the Niners did. I think Schneider is a better GM than Baalke so I don’t think the Hawks wanted Garnett, not at 26.

          1. I beg to differ. Ifedi is a reach, and lacks technique. Many are panning them for selecting him.
            Seahawks gambled that Garnett would still be available, and lost.

      1. Yes. htwaits
        1. It has Kelly written all over it. He is staying in his safe (West) zone. See Buckner for first example.
        2. Kelly wants a run blocker for his offense. Baalke must have been sold on this trade because he also wants a ground game — see the disagreement with Harbaugh history.
        3. Apparently neither of them trust the franchise scouts east of the west.

  13. I like the picks. I was listening to Deforest on KNBR after his selection and he’s solid from a character standpoint. I didn’t even know the Niners traded up but I thought it might be something they should consider, and BAM! They did it!

    I doubt this team will ever sniff the SB again, but at least the team will be interesting to watch. A team the kicks out Harbaugh for Tomsula doesn’t deserve a Lombardi.

    Go Dubs!

  14. When the trade was announced I thought we were rolling the dice on Jack. I like both picks. It will be interesting to watch 5 10 Russ willson attempt to throw over 6 7 Buckner and Amistead. So what happens to Tank? Trade ? Release? Keep?

    1. Tank converted to OLB, so Buckner will have no effect on Tank’s status with the team.

      1. According to what Baalke said, sounds like they envision Tank still playing DL, just not in base. Basically he’ll be a sub-package DL (unless Baalke was telling furfies).

              1. In this instance I don’t think he was. I think they really do see Tank staying on the DL in 4-man fronts, but not playing OLB in base. On 4-man fronts he could switch between DT and DE, based on what Baalke was saying.

        1. Assuming Armstead and Buckner will be used as our interior pass rushers and Lynch at one DE in our sub package, that would mean they intend to use Tank as DE. Which would be similar to the role he played in college.

  15. Decent pick. On one hand Baalke could of let the draft come to him a little better and sit tight on his second round pick. On the other, he got a very good player, 5th year option, and it didn’t cost that much. We have been waiting for Baalke to combine his stockpiles of picks to move up and finally he did. Better than selecting 4th and 6th rounders that later get cut and wind up on other teams.

  16. John Elway called Baalke’s bluff. Ouch. Baalke tried to play hardball, now he’s stuck with a QB who doesn’t respect him or the team ownership.

    1. Players don’t play for the GM or the owner (except in very rare cases). They play for themselves, one another, their coaches, their families, and finally, the fans.

      Kap will get over it. He will mesh well with Kelly, Ryan Day, and Dana Bible, and will have a real chance to compete, and likely in the best situation he’s been in since he ran Chris Ault’s UNR offense. He’ll get his head together. He’s not the little b*tch that Sam Bradford is.

    2. Gosh, I do not respect the GM or owner, but still want the Niners to win. Maybe EVERYONE should be more mature and make the best out of the situation. With Kaep gone, I had expected another 5 win season, but with him back, they actually have a chance to not have a losing season.
      Since Kaep seems to like Chip, maybe it will work out, and Chip will be able to utilize Kaep’s skills to maximize his potential.

      1. Colin hasn’t said a word, or did I miss it? He’s not gone, but he’s not back either. Wait for preseason to be completed.

  17. Ed Werder ✔ ‎@Edwerderespn
    Asked #Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones about Myles Jack and whether he’s consideration at 34. He said only feels terrible for player.

  18. On Garnett being a power guard, don’t forget that Curtis Modkins combines the two. Here’s something from an article I just lifted:

    “During his introductory press conference, Kelly gave this quote on ideal qualities for his coaching staff.

    “I’m really looking for diversity, someone that comes from another system so that we can continue to add and make what we do better,” Kelly said.

    Well, that’s Modkins in a nutshell.

    While Kelly favored zone-blocking schemes with the Philadelphia Eagles, Modkins is more known for his power-run system.”

    I don’t know how they are going to mix the two, but Garnett told reporters (link above) that at Stanford they did both.

    1. I take back what I said about Modkins combining the two. I misread. He’s more known for a power system. I wonder if this means that Garnett will play on the left and Tiller on the right, with Beadles as a back-up.

      1. That’s what I’m thinking, if Tiller continues to shine. They’ve got some promise with Garnett, Tiller, and Brown moving forward. I’d love to see Marcus Martin replace Kilgore by 2017, as he’s a bit bigger and much more athletic, but we’ll see how good his head is.

    2. For draftniks, limited information is available but sweeping conclusions have to be made. If Garnett is very good at power run game which is what the Cardinal primarily runs, then he must not be as good at zone blocking as another guard who ran only zone running schemes in college. That conclusion is not necessarily true. At the combine, Garnett showed that he has very good lateral mobility. Anyway, Chip runs quite a bit of power out of zone looks.

      Teams have to looks so many different attributes. Seahawks chose Germain Ifedi, a guard that I did not see on any draft pundit’s board. Schneider and Pete clearly see something in Ifedi that they are looking for so much so that he was the second OG on their board.

      Chip and Baalke appear to be on the same page in that these are the two players they wanted and they got them. Sacrificing one 4th round player is definitely worth it.

      1. It could be because Germain Ifedi is a Guard/Right Tackle… he was very highly thought of and considered a late 1st/2nd round pick.

        1. Yeah, Ifedi is a tackle who can play guard. The point I was making is unlike draftniks and PFF who rank picks going solely by college game film, scouts and front office also consider player coachability, grit, and fit to their respective systems.

        2. Ifedi is a bit of a project, IMO. NFL body, and big physical OT, who needs MAJOR work on fundementals and technique.

  19. 49ers fans PLEASE read Mike Tanier bleacher report dot com Garnett’s grade analysis. Suffice to say he calls a spade a spade and a jack a jack…

    1. Tanier is a good reporter, but just because he doesn’t like the pick, everyone is supposed to agree with your position? Sorry, I’ll wait to see Garnett on the field.

      1. I love Tanier’s writing. But these days he’s more of a regular columnist for BR rather than indulging in his brilliant humorous analysis. So he focuses more on humor than analysis. Garnett is just another promising rookie who will have to prove himself in the league. Anyway’ check out Tanier’s take on the Buckner pick. It’s funny. The picture of Chip Kelly as Ernest Blofield stoking a blue-eyed Persian cat makes my morning :)

  20. Baalke was very fortunate. Both the Rams and Philly overspent and locked up the 2 best QBs, but it also allowed Buckner to fall into their lap. San diego picking Bosa, and the Cowboys helped by picking Elliot, too.
    I am glad that Chip had a big say in the selection of the first pick since he recruited Buckner. Buckner is happy to reunite with his buddy Armstead, so the D line just got a lot stronger. Garnett called Buckner a monster, and he was voted as the hardest defensive lineman in the Pac 12 to defend against, by the Pac 12 O linemen.
    I am giddy with delight that Baalke went bold and traded up into the first round to get that additional pick. Garnett will be an instant starter, and he will make the running game and pass protection a lot better. Most importantly, Baalke deprived the Seahawks of a player who could have made the Seahawk O line way better. The Seahawks gambled on moving back to get another pick, but I bet they are ruing their decision. Garnett is the best interior lineman in college football and Joins fellow Niner Glen Dorsey as the nations’ Outland Trophy Winner. Niners scored a major coup by getting an all pro who will have the job for 10 years.
    I am extremely pleased that the Niners succeeded to fill 2 major needs, and made the team competitive again. I am also extremely pleased that the Niners retained Kaep, so now I think that with Kaep leading them, and the impressive first round picks, the Niners may not have a losing record next season. In fact, with Chip solving the offensive Malaise, the Niners could maybe even have a winning record.

  21. Not a huge fan of the Buckner pick, but he and Armstead were a very good combo when together at Oregon. Add to it that he is used to playing D with a fast paced offense and maybe they’ve got the next Justin Smith.

    Love the Garnett pick. Filled a huge need and he is very good doing the types of things he will be asked to do in Kelly’s system.

    To those who say “he would have been there at 37”, you have no idea what you are talking about. They knew who they wanted and made the move to make sure that they got him.

    1. Shouldn’t they both be improved when they are NFL strong by the start of 2018?Garnett carried a very heavy academic load in the fall for someone playing major college football.

    2. Good point Jack.
      Also not a fan of Buckner pick. But when he an Armstead where at Oregon together there was some magic up north. Kelly will no doubt know how to get the best out of this re pairing. It should improve Armstead’s game.

      My theory is that they wanted Ronnie Stanley but (because of Tunsil drop) Ravens grabbed him just before. Stanley’s run blocking would have had GM and coach in agreement. Not to mention the rest of the package, fit and upside.

      So they defaulted to Kelly request. Keep the man happy — for now.

    3. “To those who say “he would have been there at 37″, you have no idea what you are talking about.”

      And you do?

      1. I don’t think Jack was saying he knew that Garnett wouldn’t be there at 37, only that nobody knows that he would have lasted that long.

        1. He’s correct that they didn’t take any chances and moved up to get who they wanted but my point is simply throwing his comment back at him. If nobody knows then it’s equally possible that he might have been there at 37 so you’re not wrong to suggest they should have waited anymore then you are wrong to suggest they should have moved up.

          1. There’s the 5th year option to consider. Baalke has not kept guards past their first contract and this way he gets an extra year for someone he thinks will be an excellent OL. I suppose that line of thinking assumes that the one-year option will be less than the prevailing FA cost for a top-notch guard, which I think has been the case. I’ve heard it mentioned a number of times by analysts that front offices seem to value the fifth year option. Of course, this assumes that Baalke is still around; the next guy might look at FA differently.

            1. There’s the 5th year option to consider. Baalke has not kept guards past their first contract and this way he gets an extra year for someone he thinks will be an excellent OL.
              I don’t know that I would consider trading away the right to choose a player over gaining an extra year of contract for a guard he’s still likely to let walk to be a good choice.

          2. Coffee,

            You are right. The “he would have been there at ….” line of reasoning to dislike a pick is so obtuse to me and we see it every year.

            Instead of bitching about the move to trade up, spend more time on the actual player. Giving up a 4th and a 6th to get an impact guy at one of your biggest areas of need when it looks like your rival wants him if you wait is a strong move.

            Now get Myles Jack in Round 3 and these guys will look smart again. Maybe.

            1. On the other hand, Cody Whitehair is an excellent guard and he’s still available. Guards aren’t that hard to find.

              1. I didn’t like Whitehair because I thought he lacked that aggressive mentality that I like to see in an offensive lineman. If he didn’t initiate contact, he would get pushed and stood up, whereupon he would get grabby. There’s going to be an adjustment period for the young man….

              2. @Jack: Whitehair is a funny but not nearly as funny as former Warrior Jerome Whitehead. I have always wondered how Whitehead got through his teenage acne years with a name like that.

            2. Maybe he’ll be an impact player and maybe he wont. I’m discussing the perceived value of the selections. At this point all players are neutral since they’re potential is not measurable. What I’m basing this discussion off of is the perceived values of these players versus where they were selected. Please point out where I’ve made a single disparaging remark about the player or his potential. My comments are all pointed at whether or not these were good value selections based upon where they were pegged by most to be drafted.

              1. It is kind of a nonsensical debate imo. It’s 9 places to get the player they wanted. None of us knows if the player would have been there at 37 or not. They did what was necessary to get the guy they wanted.

  22. First of all Niner nation in HI. is so stoked Buckner was the pick will attack Seattle the same way Calias and the cards do it he will be very good player for starts in 2016 along with 6-6 armstead, 6-6 lynch, and now 6-7 Buckner, and maybe later get Penn state DE 6-8 Nassib in the 5 or 6 round hows that line sounds pretty long and tall
    as for Garnett I’ll just say we get a nasty mauler to handle , all pro’s Donald, campell, and Bennett of seattle , and maybe add C notre dame Martin who’s nasty brother plays for dallas is all pro , my second and third days is to add Noa Spence, d.Jones, drake rb T boyd
    wr,pitt, boeinger wr, s wright, de andre Hall cb, c nassib DE penn state, Vernon adams qb

  23. Scooter’s review of 49ers day 1 of the draft.

    There are rumours Baalke tried to trade up for Ramsey, but in the end he came away with another foundation piece for the DL at pick 7. Buckner was BPA at the pick, excluding guys with injury or attitude concerns, and is also considered one of the safer picks in the draft.

    49ers needed some extra pass rush and Buckner should provide that. He also graded well against the run according to PFF, though there are concerns about his ability to anchor when he gets too high.

    All in all this was a good pick at an important position that I thought the 49ers would address as a priority in FA. I give the pick an A.

    There were rumours to start the day that the 49ers were exploring options to trade back into the back end of the 1st round, with Butler and Cook the guys thought to be targets. The rumours were partially right, but with Buckner in the fold it was the other side of the trenches they were after.

    Garnett is a good player and decent value at 28. I wouldn’t have traded up myself, but it was a position of need and he is the best run blocking OG in the draft. The pick makes sense, even though there may be some concern about his fit in a ZBS. I give this pick a B.

    If Stanley had been available perhaps the 49ers would have him and Butler right now, but the 49ers should be pleased how it turned out.

    It all starts in the trenches, and the 49ers were poor on both sides last year. Both players will be counted on to help rectify that this year, and should be immediate contributors and long term starters for the team.

    And thank heavens they didn’t reach for a QB.

    1. “And thank heavens they didn’t reach for a QB.”

      That’s what got my heart going pitty patty when I saw that they had traded up. My head was going “QB – NOT” until the pick was announced.

        1. Agreed on both.

          I feel so badly for Jack, and for Jaylon Smith, too. Such talents, with such passion, and their dreams might go up in smoke.

      1. Hey Grant, what’s your projection now, for Connor Cook? Cleveland, Dallas? I doubt the 49ers will have an opportunity to draft him now. I say he comes off the board very quickly tonight.

        I agree with you on the Garnett pick. He is absolutely a nasty, road-grading OG with scheme versitility. He’s also a technician, who wants to set the tone with his physicality and aggressive nature. The play against Washington, where he throws the OLB to the ground like a rag doll, and then makes an epic, boneshattering block on the Huskies Safety 20 yards downfield on the same play was unbelievable.

        Question for you Grant. Keep him at LG and make Beadles backup OG on either side? Or Beadles to RG, and make Tiller the backup OG?

        1. I think Brandon Thomas’s better prove he’s vastly improved right away this summer, or I can see him being one of Chip’s first cuts.

    2. Scooter,
      I am a little more sour on this. I do agree that Stanly was their man at 7. But with Tunsil effect, Raven’s scooped Stanley up just before. Buckner was a gift to apparently the only scout in the room, Kelly.

      Where this went sour to me was giving up a forth and sixth for Garnet when they likely did not have too. This has panic written all over it. Garnet was a 3rd – bottom 2nd rounder so should have been there at top of 2nd for Niners. But with Stanley earlier and then Kelly later (my theory) they panicked…..?

      Otherwise I cannot explain it. There will be good players at forth pick that they will sit out. And maybe a QB like Adams at 6th. So I give Garnett MOVE (not player but move) a D grade.

      1. How do you know that Garnrtt would’ve been there at 37? In the words of Jim Mora: you think you know, but you don’t know…(since I don’t know you, I won’t complete the quote).

        As for his “3rd, late 2nd” value, that’s in the eye of the beholder. You are right, some had him ranked there, others didn’t, we’ll see how the puck plays out, over time.

        I’m not crazy about the trade up for the pick, but it seems like they might’ve gotten in front of Seattle to take Garnett.

  24. Looking ahead to day 2 of the draft, the 49ers are scheduled to make just one pick (#68). At this point I don’t expect them to move up unless somebody of immense value falls. In fact, I expect them to look to trade down in the 3rd round and try to pick up another pick (which could then be used to move up from the 5th round back into the 4th round on day 3).

    The 49ers could still look to add another OL, but doubt it happens on day 2. And the DL is looking pretty stacked now so don’t expect them to go that way. Other than that, I think pretty much every position is on the table outside of STs. The 49ers should just stick to BPA from here on out, and where they have a group of guys they rate equally available they should investigate options to move back and acquire picks (2016 or 2017 picks).

  25. Perfect Pick to boost the OLine toughness……..now that we are set on the lines…….we can focus on the skill positions…..ILB, RB, OLB, WR, CB

  26. would be super great If we could pick 2 solid players with the next picks

    Round 3: Pick 5 (68th overall)

    Round 4: Pick 35 (133rd overall) – compensatory

    Use the RD 5 picks on injured players

    Round 5: Pick 3 (142nd overall) – from San Diego

    Round 5: Pick 6 (145th overall)

    Round 5: Pick 37 (174th overall) – compensatory

    The 6RD picks on developmental players

    Round 6: Pick 3 (178th overall) – from Dallas

    Round 6: Pick 32 (207th overall) – from Denver

    Round 6: Pick 36 (211th overall) – compensatory

    Round 6: Pick 38 (213th overall) – compensatory

  27. Best Available:

    1. Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

    2. A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

    3. Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama

    4. Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama

    5. Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

    6. Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

    7. Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

    8. Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois

    9. Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana

    10. Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

    11. Nick Martin, OG, Notre Dame

    12. Kamalei Correa, LB, Boise State

    13. Cyrus Jones, CB, Alabama

    14. Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas State

    15. Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma

    16. Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

    17. Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State

    18. Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson

    19. Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

    20. Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

  28. ….”Garnett, the ninth unanimous All-American in Stanford history, won the 2015 Outland Trophy as the nation’s top interior lineman. At 6-foot-5, 325 pounds, Garnett plays with a mean streak and has a passion for science. The human biology major at Stanford was also selected as the 2015 Morris Trophy winner as the Pac-12’s top offensive lineman.

    Here is Garnett’s scouting profile courtesy of NFL.com:

    “Powerful frame with dense, muscular lower body. Very powerful at point of attack — especially as base blocker. Held his own in the power department against UCLA’s Kenny Clark. If he gets downhill momentum on defender, it’s lights out. Able to strike and center his blocks between his shoulders. Team captain. Very good hand placement, upper body strength and hip torque to steer and turn opponent on hook blocks. Generates good power from legs and hips. Block winner in tight space near goal line. Takes good angles to second level block to make up for his lack of athleticism. Hard to beat him early in the rep on run plays. Can bury gap shooters with cave­-in blocks. Comes out of stance with good bend, pad level explosion into target. Has power and hand strength to snap off twisters and receive incoming defender. Well-schooled with good hand work.”….”

    1. Thanks Grant, exactly what I was looking for this morning.

      I think you’re completely right in regards to Eli and Tank, it wouldn’t make sense to grab another 3rd round edge rusher when we have a 2nd and 3rd rounder on the team already.

      I think CB has to be the next pick, Lasco would be a solid pick in the 4th as well, but I see WR as a bigger need than back-up RB, maybe they trade back into the 3rd for Boyd, if he last that long. What do you think?

        1. Would love Carroo, but he should still be there in the 4th. Tyler Ervin could be a solid pick in the 5th if we go WR in the 4th.

  29. I agree with some here that Garnett may have been available without trading but if Baalke felt that he was getting a potential week one starter why risk waiting.

    So far Baalke has hit two home-runs imo, i.e. two potential players who will garner substantial playing time in year one and possibly become starters by years end.

    Still hoping Baalke hits the grand slam = 4 players who could garner significant playing time in year one.

    There are still some very good players on the board for day two.
    If Baalke can reel in two more players like his first two picks, it would make for a great haul.

    Day one:
    Grade B+

    1. AES the very fact that Baalke went bold and got 2 players in the first round without being desperate and over paying makes this first day of the draft an A for me.
      The fact that he got 2 quality starters almost make it an A+, but an A will suffice.

  30. First, I need to congratulate all who knew Goff was going in the top 10. I am excited that the 49ers will face him 2 x a year.

    I don’t like the Buckner pick, I think it was a pick of redundancy, but I think the organization allowed Kelly the freedom to make a pick and sent a statement to their employees. I don’t believe, but this is pure speculation, that Harbough was given that sort of range and input in the first round.

    With the talent level being so deep in this draft, the remaining rounds will be exciting to watch.

    1. Matt,
      I’m glad that a Cal player (Goff) got picked number 1.
      With that aside, I am more excited that Armstead and Buckner will have someone to pound-on for the next 10 years.

      I have a strong sense that this will be one of Baalke’ best drafts as a GM. With so much talent on the board this year, all Baalke has to do is play Alex Smith Ball = Safe!

    2. Matt, how is it a redundant pick if they will play different positions? The way I look at it, their dline roster before the draft looked like this:

      Ends and tackles
      Armstead — solid starter base
      Carradine — subpackage/pass rush
      Dial — solid starter base who can play nose
      Dorsey — injured, aging
      Jerrod-Eddy — backup/base — no one else wanted him in free agency
      Ramsey — will he ever see the field?
      Rush — will he ever see the field?

      Nose tackles
      Purcell — sometime starter
      Smith — will he ever see the field?
      Williams — starter — injury ridden, might not start the season — will be be able to come back from current injury?

      I think this is a bad situation. To me Buckner was a necessary but great pick, and I think they need to acquire more

    1. I know the media is reporting that, with Denver drafting Lynch, the trade of Kap to Denver is dead. Maybe even Elway said it, as has been reported too. But Lynch starting this season doesn’t make sense, so Elway not looking to acquire another QB with NFL experience doesn’t make sense, at least to me, unless he’s decided to go with Sanchez as his starter. Comments?

      1. George,

        They will likely go with whoever wins the TC competition between Sanchez and Lynch. I think Denver feels they can win with just ok QB play and last year they did.

  31. On Rotoworld:

    “49ers WR Quinton Patton’s right arm is in a cast and he isn’t participating in voluntary workouts.

    Patton’s injury is currently unknown, but he’s missing out on quality install time in new coach Chip Kelly’s offense. With DeAndre Smelter and Dres Anderson now healthy, and CFL import Eric Rogers now in the fold, Patton won’t be gifted the No. 3 receiver gig like he was last season. He’s on the bubble. “

    1. I think Patton, Bruce Miller – for obvious reasons, Brandon Thomas- Because of the Garnett pick, and Bethea- because of the emergence of Tartt, are all expendable.
      They should bundle them and get San Diegos’ second pick because all of those players fill a need for that team, and they have to do something bold because the Raiders have improved greatly, KC is a playoff team and Denver are the SB champs.

        1. Well, the Rams bundled 6 picks and Philly bundled 5 picks….
          Maybe not players, but they do it all the time with baseball and basketball, so it should not be outside the realm of possibilities.

          1. Picks get bundled all the time. Players almost never. Let me know when you see it happen, then we can consider it reasonable.

  32. I love the Buckner pick [A+] I like the Garnett pick [B]. I like our draft plan [rebuild from the inside out] I would like to see the 9ers pick up a ILB in the 3rd Rd. possibly Nick Kwiatkos continuing to build from the inside. Can anyone out there give me a break down on what picks in what Rd’s the 9ers have left.

  33. Gap vs ZBS continued…

    First, I’m not an expert on blocking schemes. I can’t say with complete certainty how well Garnett fits ZBS.

    I’m only basing my comments on what I’ve read within the last few months. Call it “information repackaging.” It sounds like Garnett will do OK.

    Kelly’s ZBS, but he sometimes use pulling guards as “constraint plays.” Better Rivals defines these as plays designed to slow down a defense that’s overreacting to a particular play. Examples:

    – Screen passes or draws are constraint plays used when defenses are pinning their ears back, killing the quarterback.

    – Reverses can be used as constraint plays to punish defenses that over pursue wide runs.

    Kelly calls pulling guard runs when defenses are crashing down against inside zone. If forces defenses to play inside zone more honestly. A constraint play.


    Garnett’s agility and quickness allows him to work in a ZBS. His ability to pull gap scheme style means Kelly can punish defenses that are crashing down on inside zone runs.

    Garnett’s versatility sounds ideal for Kelly’s offense.

    1. I agree. The myth about Garnett not being versatile or nimble enough to run the ZBS allowed him to fall far enough to get him.
      David Shaw, his coach, said that Garnett is not only extremely smart and talented, he has a nasty streak.
      Ifedi, on the other hand, is a head scratcher. He is big, but lacks technique. Maybe they think they can coach him up. I never mocked Ifedi, I always went with Spriggs, or if Spriggs was gone, Cody Whitehair.
      Garnett was one of my third round picks, but obviously, he is first round talented.

    2. Inside zone is Kelly’s bread and butter play. QB runs are constraint plays used when the DE are crashing down on inside zone.

      QB runs are not the aim of his offense. QB runs are used to slow down DE’s crashing inside (the way screen passes are used to slow a pass rush). Once that’s achieved, its back to inside zone.

      But an alternative to QB runs is pulling the guard outside the DE. Less wear and tear on the QB. Also good when defenses aren’t honoring the QB run threat (as Grant noted).

  34. 49ERS ROUND 1 Grade(s):

    #7: DE DEFOREST BUCKNER, Oregon. At 6’7 3/4″ 295 lbs, the 2015 Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, Ted Hendricks Award finalist and member of multiple All-American squads, has the rare physical attributes of a classic 5-technique. A long, strong 3-4 defensive end who plays over the offensive tackle and dominates against the run. Buckner has natural strength and power in his hands (at a little over 10 3/4, Buckner has the 2nd biggest hands ever measured at the NFL combine!) and can quickly stack and shed, using pop in his hands to work off contact. Not a content player, Buckner plays with effort and doesn’t shy from contact, using his length and strength to stack and shed blockers at the point of attack and grab hold of ball carriers as they attempt to run by. DeForest has a warrior mentality on the field, giving full-go whenever he steps on the field. He’s alert and incredibly nimble, showing enough balance, agility and awareness to drop into coverage on shallow routes. The 49ers defense gets the best DL in this draft! A perfect bookend to good friend, and former Oregon teammate, Arik Armstead. Baalke gives the 49ers defense a huge (pardon the pun) shot in the arm, thanks to a little luck, and a lot of draft magic!

    Grade: A+

    #28: OG JOSHUA GARNETT, Stanford. Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly pulled a little more 1st round magic, trading back into round 1 to secure their top rated run-blocking OG in this years draft class! It was first reported that the Niners gave up too much for the opportunity to trade back into round one, however, after things cleared up, they ended up coming out 36 points ahead of the 2016 draft valuation chart, tying a bow on this ballsy move! The 2015 Outland Trophy winner (best interior lineman) is a second generation prospect, who has the size, power and experience NFL scouts covet. His pad height is impressive, and he wins with leverage, as he’s an absolute bully of a run blocker, with scheme versatility, specializing in “pancake blocks!” Joshua is exceptionally smart, and plays with tremendous pad level, so he can also backup at Center. He’s mean, he’s physical, and the 49ers want to run the football down teams throats. Somewhere, El Guapo is smiling!

    Grade: A-

    First round grade total: A

    The 49ers end up filling arguably the teams two biggest needs in round 1, meaning the 49ers just found 2 instant impact starters, down in the trenches, on both sides of the football. A fantastic start to this critical draft, let’s hope this Baalke-Kelly synergy continues it’s impressive start throughout this entire draft process!

  35. I resigned myself to the fact they were going to take Buckner so it was no surprise. I didn’t like the idea of taking a carbon copy of last year’s first round pick who I also thought was taken too high for the position, but at the very least the Niners have two imposing 3-4 bookends who will be solid starters for sometime. It was a safe pick for a GM who has to know he is on his last chance. Passing on Tunsil may wind up being a big time mistake though.

    I like Garnett a lot, and mocked him to the Niners previously in round two so I’m not going to get bent out of shape that they moved up a few spots to secure him. Another very solid player that will start from day one.

    While unspectacular and lacking impact players, at least the first two picks produced what should be solid starters and that is something this team needs desperately.

    1. Why rocket? Buckner is the number one rated DL on most boards I trusted, AND, he’s got the rare physical attributes of a classic 5-technique, which makes him a rare commodity. He’s real good friends with Armstead, and you can expect those guys to feed off each other, and make each other better. Chip’s defense is going to have to have a healthy rotation, and with Q Dial having to kick down and play some NT, Buckner arguably fills the teams biggest need.

    2. Rocket,
      The pair of Buckner and Armstead will force Russell Wilson to step back a few more yards in trying to see the field. Also once Buckner gets close to Wilson, those meat cleavers will hook on to the slippery jersey more securely :)

  36. Ruminating on the first day, I think Baalke just saved his job. I am glad that he ceded some power to the coaches and scouts, and could see that it was a collaborative effort.
    I am glad that they are all on the same page, and hope Day 2 is as good as Day 1.

    1. I know you love to place all blame on Baalke Seb, but it’s always been a collaborative effort, Harbaugh included, whether you want to believe it or not!

      1. 49, like the Kaep pick was a JH pick, I concede that Baalke allowed his coaches some input. however, Baalke seemed to want to be the all powerful GM who made all the selections in past drafts. Pulling a name out of an envelope was a classic power move and fit his narrative as being the draft guru.
        Tomsula admitted that everyone had a hand in the bucket, and the Armstead pick had his fingerprints on it because JT was the D line coach.
        Believe me, I have been extremely harsh on Baalke, but this time I am giving him Kudos.

    2. Seb,
      Not necessarily. With an abundance of talent still left on the board, Baalke definitely needs to pull in a good haul this year.

      Four possible starters or players who can log significant playing time in 2016 ensures that Baalke graded well in this years draft.

      So far, he’s hitting 1000% after two picks.
      But we honestly won’t know how well Baalke grades out until the end of the season when have a better scope of how well his draftees worked out.

  37. This player might turn into an A one day but the pick was a C Grant. No reach deserves an A and reaching for a 2nd round G deserves a C.

    1. On who’s board CfC? Garnett is a 1st rounder on a lot of teams boards, I can assure you. And to stymie the teams biggest rival and nemesis, while coming out ahead on draft valuation chart, is a huge boon. A- at worst!

      1. He was picked at #28 which is about as close to the end as you can get and I only saw proof that one team had him as a first rounder on their board.

      2. They’ll probably play Ifedi at tackle so I don’t really so the Garnett pick as taking one from Seattle.

          1. For what it’s worth, Seattle taking Ifedi was the only correct team to player connection I made in my all 32 outside of Goff to the Rams. Oh by the way, Goff to the Rams.

            I was far more accurate pegging the correct position to the team but not the correct player. I had Treadwell and Doctson going two picks away from where they actually did but beyond that it was easily one of my worst mock years.

            1. I almost had a home run as I had predicted the 49ers trading back to the #28 spot but I had them of course taking Cook.

              1. I was wrong. Seems like the Rams picked Goff to sell tickets. Wentz was the best fit from a football perspective, but Goff is easier to market in L.A.

              2. Grant Cohn April 29, 2016 at 11:37 am
                California guy. Pac-12 player. Recognizable. Has played in the Coliseum.

                Maybe that’ll sell a couple more tickets but I can’t imagine that they were basing their decision on such a thing.

                You’re not giving NFL professionals a lot of credit when you suggest they they don’t know their own roster and the skill sets of the players they have or you’re being a bit arrogant in assuming you know their team better then they do. No, no front office is perfect but they’re still people that have spent their entire professional careers either playing or coaching or scouting and there is no way that they are as ignorant about the personnel on their team and the fit that certain players will have as you suggest they are.

                The drafted Goff because they believe he’s the best QB either for the team they have now or the team they envision having.

              3. And you’re being more naive than usual if you think teams don’t factor in marketing when they make decisions.

              4. Wins = ticket sales. If this decision was based upon selling tickets then they chose the QB they felt would being them the most wins.

              5. Grant Cohn April 29, 2016 at 1:00 pm
                And you’re being more naive than usual if you think teams don’t factor in marketing when they make decisions.
                Factor in, sure but you are making it sound like it was the reason for selecting him.

              6. It was a factor. I think they also saw Goff as more pro ready, which may be true to an extent. Wentz will have to get used to the speed of the game and the different coverages he hasn’t seen. But Goff will have to get used to playing under center and throwing to bad receivers and tight ends and handing off most of the time.

            2. Nice. Tunsil ruined everything. If that video hadn’t come out, he would have went to SD, the Niners would have taken Stanley and traded back into Round 1 for Vernon Butler.

              1. Tunsil had more than just the bong/gas mask video working against him. I liked Stanley but his strength had me leery. They were fortunate to get Buckner. I think the Chiefs target Cook with that early 2nd….

              2. They got a monster and a mauler in the first round. Buckner has the athleticism to serve in whatever hybrid capacity, but he profiles as the classic 3-4 end to me. He just needs to clean up the little things and he’ll be dominant in whatever capacity they deem necessary….

              3. You might be right Grant, but I would remind you they said Armstead wouldn’t be a threat to rush the passer last year….

              4. They got themselves 2 pillars in the trenches for their rebuild, that’s for sure. The Twin Towers in San Francisco is a welcome sight….

              5. I think the Chiefs target Cook with that early 2nd….

                The Chiefs better start looking for a GM if he makes that pick over the more urgent needs at CB and WR.

    2. I Agree Coffee,
      This may be an A player some day but this is a D move. Why – because they could have sat at their high 2nd and gotten him and not sacrificed a fourth and sixth – two players in this draft for it.
      I feel like they are living in a West coast bubble, cannot trust players on the outside and then get spooked by reflections of fleeting preferences.

      1. ” because they could have sat at their high 2nd and gotten him and not sacrificed a fourth and sixth – two players in this draft for it.”

        Well, we don’t know that for sure but it’s possible that the team would have been better served just missing out and taking the next one at a later point and keeping the 4th round pick. There are plenty of players listed as tackles that would make fine guards as well. I’m reading the Dolphins want to play Tunsil at guard. Maybe the 49ers should have drafted him at 7 and played him at guard and taken a pass rusher at #37.

        1. Yes, sit and take a very low risk chance on Garnett (if you are so in love with particular player) not being there at 37 and then, if not, take a tackle who can move to guard or play tackle — after all. Tackles are rare and this is the rare year that is relatively rich with them. And the 49ers need a tackle and can always use a tackle.

          Not changing my D grade on the trade.

    3. > No reach deserves an A and reaching for a 2nd round G deserves a C

      Interesting comment. However, isn’t a key intent of stocking draft capital is to move up a few positions to get the guy a team wants? Doesn’t seem meaningful for a team to draft a dozen players every year (most in the later rounds) and then discard most of them. I guess some fans feel that Niners are now depleted of young talent and should draft as many players as possible, but front office probably differs in opinion.

      David DeCastro, the last guard drafted high from Stanford, went at #24 in 2011 to the Steelers and was first team all-Pro this past season. Based on the games I watched, I’d say Garnett dominated the opposition more than DeCastro did in his days. So I’m not sure why he was pegged so firmly in the second round by the draft gurus.

      1. I don’t normally like to speak in absolutes so I would definitely change it to most reaches don’t deserve an A.

        All grades at this point are based upon the perceived value of the player versus where they are picked since we don’t obviously know if any of these players will actually be any good. If a pick is generally being viewed as a reach then most would accept that the player probably could have been had at a later pick which skews the value of the pick. This is where I say ‘most’ reaches don’t deserve an A because they are by nature poor value selections until you know if the player is in fact any good.

  38. I have one concern regarding Garnett. He eventually wants to be a trauma surgeon. The 2 most important parts of the body to a surgeon are his hands and his brain. Will Garnett follow the leads of Chris Borland and John Franks and have a short NFL career?

    1. To me that’s always been a reason Baalke didn’t draft smart players — the latter have choices. (Chip Kelly, OTOH, prefers smart, adaptable players — and moving up for this pick could well be proof of Chip’s influence.) So Garnett’s commitment to NFL for the long haul is always going to be a question. However, his Dad, Scott, was an NFL player for 4 years and he’s always wanted to play in the NFL. Also, he has no history of significant injuries.

      1. Mood, Garnett has also stated that he wants to play a game he loves for as long as possible. Borland never declared that.

  39. Kelly this morning about the LG position:

    Question: G Zane Beadles spent a lot of time at left guard before signing here. Josh Garnett played mostly, if not exclusively, left guard. How do you see that shaking out in terms of where they’re going to play?

    “Today, I don’t have that answer for you. What we will do with all of our guys is it’s a competition. Coach Flaherty, [49ers offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins] coach Mods and what we’re going to try to do on the offensive line is put the best five guys on the field and we’ll figure out what’s the best situation. You know, Zane has experience in the league. If he seems to be more comfortable on the left side, we’ve got great flexibility. The same thing with DeForest. But, as Trent said earlier, we drafted two guys in the first round but they still have to earn their playing time here. You know, it’s a meritocracy in terms of show us, in terms of our confidence in you, in terms of being a starter will be based on demonstrability. And they’ll have enough time between now, and I think we’ve got a rookie mini-camp coming in where we’ll get Josh and DeForest in here for the first time and get their feet wet and get moving with them, all the way through to where we are in September. But, our concern isn’t who is going to be our left guard at the end of April. It’s going to be who is going to be our left guard when we open up on Monday Night against the Rams.”

    1. Uhhh,
      This discussion of not quite the fit takes me right back to my theory. They wanted Stanley, a perfect fit, then settled for second choice and then seeing Colts take Ryan Kelly, they panicked.

      1. Bruce, stop talking out of your A**. They were never going to take a tackle cause there very high on T Brown. Secondly they NEVER were going to take Kelly cause he is a center and the Niners have Kilgore and Martin.. Some may argue that neither is any good and that’s fine but they have invested a lot in both so the pick was never going to be a center. Nice try though! Great start Trent keep it up.. I predicted no corner until rnd 3. We will see.

  40. Looking at the remaining players, I see CJ Prosise at 63, so he may be available, also Braxton Miller. Both Joshua Perry and Nick Kwaitkoski are at 89 and 90, respectively.
    Perkins is at 105, but the Niners just traded away that number.

  41. Question:
    Was this trade with KC possibly completed before Colts grabbed Ryan Kelly?
    If so that would explain the trade.
    Otherwise panic for an O line player on their board is the only explanation I have right now for the trade. They should have been able to sit comfortably at 37 and gotten this guard ( a group that was not rated high in this draft and usually go in 2nd and 3rd any way).

    Or were they possibly targeting Paxton Lynch??

    1. No, the Colts pick was way sooner.
      I disagree with your terminology. Baalke would have panicked if he gave up a second third and fourth round pick to move up. However, he got a good bargain and actually was the beneficiary when you look at the draft value chart.
      Baalke did not over pay, so it was a shrewd move.

  42. Where do you think the 9ers should go next?
    I say trade next years 2nd and a 5th this year to move back into the top of the 2nd and draft either Reggie Ragland or Myles Jack.
    In the 3rd choose either Joshua Perry ILB Ohio St. or Nick Kwiatkoski ILB WV. I hope they continue to build this team from the inside out.

    1. Coach, I like your style. Niners should go all in on this draft to build for the future, but win this season. Get as many picks as possible to mine the sweet spot of the draft.

    2. Our options…

      Picks 68+142+145 would fetch around pick 57
      Picks 68+142 would fetch around pick 61

      If there’s a “faller” at a particular spot Baalke might pull the trigger. 5th rounders don’t move 3rd rounders up many spots.

      Picks 142+145 would fetch around 109 (high 4th). This is supposed to be a deep draft in (about) the top 100. Moving the two 5th rounders for a day three faller might make more sense.

      And then there are player trades. Think Baalke would ship Bethea? Jets-Cowboys-Browns might quietly be interested in CK after all?

        1. Yes, they can. It is not a compensatory pick. The fourth round pick, the second 5th round pick and the 2 last 6th round picks are compensatory.

          1. I realized that on the way to a meeting. I was hoping I could clean up my mistake, myself, when I got back to my office. Oh, well.

  43. I didn’t love the pick, but after thinking about it I don’t mind. Everything is speculation at this point anyway, who will pan out to be the best players is TBD. But the FO had 12 picks, gave up a couple to get a guy they obviously wanted. Maybe, they thought there was a big drop between him and who they had next on their board at G.
    With 9 picks still remaining I hope they move up and target a couple guys they really want, maybe even trade Bethea also.

    1. Watching Garnett’s highlight reel just has me rubbing my hands together and licking my lips in anticipation of Garnett blowing up Richard Sherman……..

      1. When’s Garnett going to be lined up against Dicky Sherm? Maybe on a sweep or run play? I’d rather him just keep the Hawks OLB’s and Dline out of the back field all game.

        1. Look at his highlight reel. Garnett would get his initial block at the line of scrimmage, then get another block downfield. He crushed a DB like he was a soda can, and just blew up that LB.

          1. Remember there’s a reason only like 5% of college players make it to the NFL. Garnett won’t be blowing up NFL DT’s like he did in college. He’s a great pick up but it won’t be like Madden for him.

              1. He’s a good pick, I think you’re going overboard a bit. Its like moving from JV to Varsity. The competition is much better. He’s going to be playing against some of the best DL’s in the NFL in the Rams, Cardinals and Hawks. Nobody really blows up those guys no matter how much they enjoy it. He’s a good player, he still needs to prove his worth and earn a starting spot.

  44. I’m liking the look of the starting line-up for OL this year (Staley-Beadles-Kilgore-Garnett-Brown), obviously the biggest question mark is at RT. Brown showed promise but is still unknown at this point. I also don’t like the lack of depth at OT either. Pears shouldn’t even sniff the starting line-up this year, but I guess he’s an ok back-up, and AD is doing a great job of burning as many bridges as possible. I wonder is Thomas gets work at OT this year since he played some at Clemson. Good competition on the interior this year, which is refreshing to finally see again.

      1. Beadles sounded like he had his heart set on playing next to Staley. He talked to Staley before signing with the 49ers. Hope he handles it well.

        1. Unfortunately its not his call. Beadles will be happy to have a starting job in a system that suits him. I like that Kelly’s making the players prove their worth on the practice field and earn there jobs. Should bring out the best.

      2. Grant, I agree. Beadles next to Brown may be the best strategy.
        I would even be happy if Tiller beats out Beadles, then put Garnett next to Brown, since he is versatile.

      3. After the turnstile that was the right side of the OL last year, I hope you are correct Grant. Beadles next to Brown would be a good option.

  45. I’m OK with moving up for Garnett. Baalke always does a “reach” pick early in the draft so he can relax and go BPA later. I wanted 2 quality starters with pro bowl potential. I got em.

    Its going to be painful watching names come off the board in the 2nd round this afternoon….
    Billings, Michael Thomas, Correa, Spence, Spriggs, Ogbah, Howard, Kaufusi.

    Moving up by trading 68+142 would fetch around pick 61. 68+142+145 would fetch around pick 57.

    But I’m OK with standing pat. 142+145 would have better value moving back into the high 4th (around 109).

  46. Grant,
    It sounds like Beadles and Garnett will be competing for starting spots at guard. Andrew Tiller looked good by the end of last season. Have you heard any rumblings that they might move Tiller to Tackle to be the swing tackle behind Brown and Staley?

  47. One issue with the #49ers drafting Josh Garnett: He probably won’t get a 2nd contract from SF. Niners don’t re-sign their guards.

    1. By then, they should have developed his replacement but I understand the business side of positional value as part of the salary cap. You may want to resign the player, but the open market pushes past the optimal price point….

    2. Grant:

      I’ve brought this up a couple of times. By getting him in the 1st round they have a fifth year option on him; that might be what Baalke is thinking. But agree with you that he probably won’t get a 2nd contract.

      1. The standard Jimmy Johnson trade charts say it should have cost a 3rd to move from 37 to 28. Baalke got a bargain.

        The 5th year option isn’t reflected in the old charts. He got a slightly better bargain.

        Question – If Iupati was healthy, would Baalke have tried to retain him? (of course that would have meant he’d be more expensive to retain).

    3. Yep, that’s the point I made yesterday. He’s got the look of a long term NFL starter, but probably not all with the 49ers.

  48. Ok Trent, day one of the draft and you’ve done well. Now here is what you need to do tonight. Trade back into the 2nd round. Get 2 bonafide playmakers on offense at either the RB or QB or WR position. Connor Cook, Derick Henry or if need be and there, Myles Jack.
    After that in day 3, continue to build the trenches. Pass rush, TE, and a successor to Joe Staley.

      1. +1 Grimey.

        I was sure / afraid the 49ers were coming up for Cook.

        From watching Cook on Gruden’s show, there seemed to be something to the reports that there is something off with this kid. Maybe unfair, but that’s how it seems.

        I know others disagree, but, IMO, Henry is in for a rude awakening in the NFL.

        1. Henry could be good on certain teams, just not the 49ers. He’d have the same problem Demarco Murray had in Chip’s offense.

  49. Mike Silver – “Not only are Rams fielding trade offers for Nick Foles, but they’d also listen to teams interested in dealing for QB Case Keenum”

    All quiet on the Kaepernick front. This offseason should be a wake up call. Naughty 49er upper management or not, his best spot is right here in an aggressive, fast, but simple offense.

    1. Brodie: I know you enjoy quantifying trade values and thanks for providing the information on what the options are for moving up today. I think we need second round pick(s). We have a lot of cap space. Is there anyway to convert some of our cap space into draft picks? For example, we might trade a player like Bethea and pick up one year of his salary for a higher round pick than we would get otherwise. I’m just thinking out loud so don’t know if this is a feasible idea. Have you ever heard of something like this, or maybe you have some other ideas.

      1. I thought the same thing when CK was getting shopped.

        As far as I know, teams can’t directly trade salary cap capital. But they can use trades like a currency exchange converting cap capital into draft capital.

        Had the 49ers gone offense, I think a trade for Wilkerson would be a good example.

        I think the player would have to agree (if) the contract terms are changed to include the 49ers converting pay into a front loaded bonus. That would limit trades to teams the player likes. I was thinking the Raiders before they went safety.

    2. If Kaep has any heart or pride, he should take nobody else in the league wanting him except for maybe backup $$ very personally and want to prove the league is very wrong about him. He should start right now by acting like he’s 28 instead of 16.

    1. He’s not on your big board, but you had him mocked in the second at one point. He’s a poor man’s Myles Jack with the right coaching….

            1. I’ve got both gentleman rated 6th and 4th respectively at their positions though, and I’m gathering you do not….

              1. I am a big fan of Davis, but as discussed the other day I have cooled somewhat on Jones. More importantly I think there will be a run on DTs in the 2nd, so I expect a very good player to be available at 68. No need to trade up. If they do trade up it should only be a small trade up to make sure they get a certain player.

              2. Despite his athletic numbers being quite pedestrian, I would take Cravens over Jones too. Another football player.

    2. I’m leaning more towards Myles Jack being the next pick if Baalke goes after an ILB. Smith and Jones fit the type of ILB that Kelly prefers, but Jack’s versatility tips the scale in his favor.
      I still think they go CB or QB though.

      1. What part of “bad knee” are you not getting?…..why in the world would TB draft Jack in the 3rd RD when we need a player who can come in and contribute early?

        Maybe Jack in the 5th or 6th RD….but 3rd RD Cmon Mehn……

        1. The fact you even typed this post up makes my head hurt. Baalke has drafted a good number of prospects with knee issues, and you post that?

        2. I agree. Jack can wait with concerns he needs additional surgery. Like Teddy Bruschi said, ACL’s were a concern 5 years ago, now its microfractures.

          I like what Baalke is doing. Drafting bullies. Guys that are men already and play a mean, nasty game. That’s the NFC West right now.
          Ive always believed if you can build a team to win in the division, you are a playoff team!

  50. the seahawks were going to take garnett in the 1st round. whitehair may have been there at 37 but we will have to wait and see tonight. i think baalke is trying to move back up and take ragland or jack. they should offer anthony davis and $10 million of that salary cap money we didnt use. as long as we get another LB or lineman we will be ok. garnett could be the best lineman in the draft he did measure out like Mike Iupati and we see how well he did for us. all we need is 5 years and draft a new one haha

    1. All I had to read to be sold was “the ninth unanimous All-American in Stanford history, won the 2015 Outland Trophy as the nation’s top interior lineman”

      I don’t get how drafting the winner of the Outland Trophy in the bottom of the 1st round is a reach……arguing or not seeing the value is just pure stupidity

      1. That’s where I thought his best fit was as well. Interesting that they chose him over Whitehair. I just wasn’t as high on him as the pundits….

    1. That could be true but it’s only the day after the draft, let’s see where the camp reports say he’s lining up.

      1. why are you arguing blindly….reports say Seattle drafted him to play Guard……..another great reason TB got him

    2. I could see him playing right tackle only in a tradition offense, but the Seahawks are a ZBS team and with his lack of movement skills, I think he has to go to guard….

  51. As sad as Miles Jack’s and Jaylon Smith’s situations are, I found the news that Laremy Tunsil had an allergic reaction today so upsetting. His allergic reaction was so severe, he couldn’t make his introductory press conference.

    Reports are he’s allergic to shell fish, peanuts, dust mites, being accountable and answering tough questions.

  52. As sad as Miles Jack’s and Jaylon Smith’s situations are, I found the news of Laremy Tunsil’s allergic reaction very upsetting. His allergic reaction was so severe, he couldn’t make it to his introductory press conference.

    Reports are he’s allergic to shell fish, peanuts, dust mites, being accountable and answering tough questions.

  53. Interesting pairs on D:
    Ward and Tartt — best friends since high school
    Hodges-Bowman — PSU teammates
    Armstead-Buckner — fellow Ducks

  54. 49er picks aside, I am enjoying this 2016 draft immensely so far. Lots of stories and drama. It started 2 weeks out with the QB feeding frenzy. Then with the QB thing out of the way for the moment the draft actually got started with the top players.

    At pick 3 we saw the top over all prospect taken out by the social media bong and to be replaced by the previous top prospect of a month or more ago whom rose from the ashes to take the bong man’s place. Even he whom of great boasting was left surprised at the change of events.

    Runs on DBs, WRs and OL that will be regretted by some for being caught in the respective frenzies. Lots of trading this year and I am sure many more trades to come as there are a lot of good players to go in the mid rounds.

  55. Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to grade their draft when it is immediatley over as an A+, or A, A-, B+, or B.

    However when I read the draft magazines the following year the teams drafts are graded as a B-, C+, C, D, F. What happened in just one year?

    No draft should ever be graded the day after. You have to wait a year and even up to five years.

    Look at the 49ers drafts the last five years. It is a C to D at best. As it is with most teams.
    Few teams are even graded out as high as a B- in the last five years.


  56. Hard to complain when you draft two players, presumed to be the best at their respective positions. There is only 22 of those on offense and defense. I am hoping for an ILB with the next pick.

  57. for anyone banging the Whithair drum or thinking moving up for JG was not a great move……think about this:

    JG- 30 reps on the bench press
    Whithead- 16

    Whitey would get tossed around in the NFL. JG will do the tossing…..not sure how ANYONE could rank someone so physically weak the #1 anything!!
    16 reps is good if your a: qb, rb,cb, wr or S…….if you play the line though…….16 reps should keep you out of the league!!!!!!

    1. Guess stats don’t lie………as I stated earlier …..being the winner of the award that goes to the top interior lineman is enough for me to be “ALL IN”

  58. “By trading ahead to get Garnett, the 49ers jumped in front of the Seattle Seahawks, who had a big need along the offensive line and who have not been shy about taking Stanford products in the past”

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