49ers unofficial depth chart for Week 1


The San Francisco 49ers P.R. staff just released the team’s unofficial depth chart for the season opener. Here it is:

LWR: Pierre Garcon, Trent Taylor, Kendrick Bourne
LT: Joe Staley, John Theus
LG: Zane Beadles, Laken Tomlinson
C: Daniel Kilgore
RG: Brandon Fusco, Erik Magnuson
RT: Trent Brown, Garry Gilliam
TE: George Kittle, Garrett Celek, Logan Paulsen
RWR: Marquise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, Victor Bolden Jr.
RB: Carlos Hyde, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
QB: Brian Hoyer, C.J. Beathard

LDE: Arik Armstead, Elvis Dumervil, Aaron Lynch
LDT: Earl Mitchell, D.J. Jones
RDT: DeForest Buckner, Xavier Cooper
RDE: Tank Carradine, Solomon Thomas
SAM: Eli Harold, Dekoda Watson, Pita Taumoepenu
MIKE: NaVorro Bowman, Brock Coyle
WILL: Reuben Foster, Ray-Ray Armstrong
LCB: Rashard Robinson
RCB: Dontae Johnson, Ahkello Witherspoon
NB: K’Waun Williams, Keith Reaser
FS: Jimmie Ward, Lorenzo Jerome, Adrian Colbert
SS: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt

P: Bradley Pinion
K: Robbie Gould
H: Bradley Pinion
PR: Trent Taylor, Victor Bolden Jr.
KR: Raheem Moster, Victor Bolden Jr.
LS: Kyle Nelson

What do you think of this depth chart? Here are my thoughts:

1. Laken Tomlinson is listed as the backup left guard now, but if he plays well during practice this week he could be the starting left guard Sunday against the Panthers. It’s just a matter of time until he takes that job from Zane Beadles.

2. George Kittle is listed as the starting tight end. I wonder if he indeed will start and play three downs and the feature tight end, or if the 49ers will feature him only in the passing game and use Garrett Celek or Logan Paulsen as the primary blocking tight end.

3. Logan Paulsen is listed as the third-string tight end. That’s surprising to me. He seemed like their best blocking tight end during the preseason.

4. Arik Armstead is listed as the left defensive end, and Tank Carradine is the right defensive end. When training camp started, Armstead played on the right side and Carradine played on the left. I wonder if they have switched positions, or if each player will play a little bit of both spots.

5. Keith Reaser is listed as the backup nickel back, but I never saw him take a single snap at that position during training camp or the preseason. Did you?

Answer: Reaser did in fact play nickel back during the preseason. He started at the position when the 49ers played the Chargers last week. My mistake.

6. Victor Bolden Jr. is listed as the backup punt returner and the backup kick returner. I thought he would start at both positions. He is the best returner on the roster.

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  1. 1. Laken Tomlinson is listed as the backup left guard now, but if he plays well during practice this week he could be the starting left guard Sunday against the Lions.

    Shouldn’t it be the Panthers?

      1. Niners are in far superior defensive shape over the nose of the football this season. Big Earl, and the stout rookie. DJ is playing like a slightly stockier Ian Williams pre-blown-ankle injury. DJ is showing a world of potential. Incredibly stout AND Athletic. Rare light footed quickness, with strong base, and he can already penetrate or drop an anchor.

        Williams was a beast for a short stint. Very short. Too bad, because for a fleeting moment, he was looking like a dominant! And the Niners have been, until this season, thin at Nose Tackle.

        1. Simply stunning how much faster and more versatile this years roster is! Yah, Niners are a little too young to push into the postseason in 2017. But look out come 2018, when ShanaLynch now have laid a foundation, and have oodles of money to spend over the offseason. If they address a few key positions next season, you really might be building something special and built to last.

      2. Dj is all muscle I watched him grow up since he was 6 years old now he is living his dream and I think he is going to make a big difference on that defensive line

  2. Reaser and Beadles are in positions that require improvement. Either or both may not be part of the team by the time the season is over. PR department’s list tends to assign more experienced players as starters with some exceptions for the obvious (Foster). I think Taylor is shiftier than Bolden and may be a better punt returner.

    1. “I think Taylor is shiftier than Bolden and may be a better punt returner.” Not when the pads were on and it was full contact. Victor Bolden may have been the best 49ers return man we’ve seen since Deion Sanders returned a few punts. And I don’t think Deion ever took one to the house in a Niners uniform.

        1. I think that one condition under which Sanders became a Niners’ one-year gun-for-hire was that he would not be asked to perform ST duties.

    2. Mood, I just looked at the Combine results for both of them. Based solely on the numbers, yes, Taylor would appear to be shiftier, which likely makes him a better punt returner. Good observation. Interestingly, both are almost the same speed for the first 20 yards. But Bolden is faster from 20 to 40. I suppose that would make him a better kick returner and also more likely to return a punt to the house.

      1. George,
        I was just commenting based on an incredibly small data set of what I saw in TC videos and pre-season games. The coaches makes decisions based on a large data generated in TC, and also in classroom. Paul may well be right that Bolden may be a better punt returner than Taylor. Things change drastically at regular season-speed. Also I don’t think anyone kept tally of how either fared against starter-quality players.

        1. I think two factors need to be taken into account who they played against-the team and the level of competition (1st, second or third/forth stringers). I don’t have an answer for that.

          As far as why the switch for Arik and Tank. Could be that they want to spread the tree tops to clog the passing lanes rather make it on one side. As well as running lanes since both buckner and arik have log reaches. I know that Arik is supposed to kick inside, but teams do pass on first downs or second downs too.

          1. Other factors are space when the ball is caught. Bolden returned his to the house because he had 10-15 yards of space. Taylor being shiftier is much better in close areas. Most punts will be in traffic so Taylor is the better option, Bolden should supplant Mostert soon as KR.

  3. Agree on Tomlinson. They clearly aren’t happy with the OG position.

    I doubt the switch between LDE and RDE means much. I assume their roles will be the same. However, given they are showing base D, would Lynch be more likely than Dumervil to replace Armstead? Doubt Dumervil would play much if any base this year, but could be wrong.

    I think it is strange that Aldrick Robinson is listed as Goodwin’s backup, not Garcon. Is that more a case that he is the backup to both Goodwin and Garcon?

    1. They’re probably not any happier with the Center position than they are with the OGs. To think they could have had Elflein for the next dozen years…oh, well.

      I think the DL will be fluid, not only with substitutions, but with players moving around on the line from play to play. Could be the same with the backup receivers. Wonder who backs up Taylor in the slot.

  4. 4. Arik Armstead is listed as the left defensive end, and Tank Carradine is the right defensive end. When training camp started, Armstead played on the right side and Carradine played on the left. I wonder if they have switched positions, or if each player will play a little bit of both spots.

    Right and left is determined by offensive alignment. Think strong and weak. Armstead is the weak side. Tank is strong side. But surely you knew this?

  5. Hey Sebnnoying, looks like the 49ers followed my suggestion to a T regarding the depth chart.

    Invitation still stands for the weekend to meet you chicken di$k!

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious that that guy is not much into contact Sports. You seem to be a bit of a bully so I’ll tell you what. I’m happy to meet you at any time I’m old not very big, but I’m pretty confident I can give you everything you want and more. Come on up to the North Coast or stop being such a bully. My offer stands

      1. Bully? STFU! You have no idea of my history with this clown.
        I suggest you read a little more of the comments before you start making acquisitions big mouth!

        1. Grant man this stuff is getting out of hand and it’s crazy to have people threatening others and arranging to meet them to settle stupidity from this blog. Not sure its what you want happening here.

    2. I sure do love the aggression and bullying of the keyboard warrior(s) on this site’s comment section. Please at least act your shoe size.

      Is it that hard to talk about the Niners using facts and opinions without being a bully?

    3. Grant thanks and you missed one. You got Dwolley but

      Invitation still stands for the weekend to meet you chicken di$k

      Is another long standing threat to meet and fight.

  6. It’s Tuesday. I’d expect adjustments as the week plays out. We’ll see who lines up on Sunday, and the Sundays to follow.

  7. Grant, with Taylor now the slot WR, do you think he stands a decent chance of being the team’s leading receiver in terms of catches? I have liked what I have seen from him in terms of his ability to get open and make tough catches. I think he could become the go to player on 3rd downs.

    1. I think Garcon will lead the team in targets and catches. But when teams double cover Garcon on third down, Taylor could become the second option.

  8. Don’t get the Boldin decision….
    They should have him back there at all times.
    They need the others especially Taylor in the slot why risk injury when you have a guy that has so much potential as a returner that’s not one of your bell cows?
    Little confused on that one.

  9. Their going to lull Carolina to sleep with a few returns from Taylor then insert Bolden Jr. so they can watch the Panthers special team players lose their jocks watching Victor execute his hair trigger, in high gear lane cuts taking it to the house..

      1. I hope the Niners go bold, and do not settle for field goals. If it is 4th and 3 from inside the 35, they should go for it. The risk reward favors going bold.

    1. hence the 2 De Andre’s on PS,

      where Smelter would be insurance for Garcon, Carter for Robinson, etc.— I assume that’s the logic behind those 2 guys being parked there. As to their suitability in the emergency activation backup roles…that’s up for debate…

  10. I don’t pay too much attention to the depth chart at this point since some of it could be pretty fluid. I am curious to see who’s inactive though.

    As for Sunday I’m cautiously optimistic… Will be a physical test for sure and our front will need to prove they can stop the run. They’ll put pressure on Cam I think but if they can run the ball it could be a long day. Speaking of running the ball, our OL needs to bring it against that Panthers’ DL… Gotta set the tone in the trenches. What better time to start than the season opener.

    1. However, if the Panthers can repeatedly isolate Christian McCaffrey on the right linebacker and/or isolate Kelvin Benjamin on the right DB, it will be a long, long day for the Niners defense. :(

  11. http://www.sfchronicle.com/49ers/article/NaVorro-Bowman-Q-A-A-revealing-interview-with-12175483.php

    NB: Yeah, I’m hurt. Because so many people that don’t have a say so — that don’t understand what we go through inside these walls. They have a word. They have a voice. And that’s what social media has given people that no one wants to hear from: A voice to talk.

    And then waking up, and someone that’s just sleeping and waking up and writing words, can comment on what I’ve done in my career.

    1. More.

      NB: I think that’s where, I don’t know the (reporter’s) name, he’s usually in the (press conferences), but I think it was kind of his theory that none of those guys finished their career (with the 49ers). And if Bill Walsh was living, NaVorro Bowman would be cut.

      1. If a media guy can get him upset, what will he do with an opposing player?
        Bowman should never let them see him sweat. He should expect commentators to write like they do, because they are just doing their jobs.
        Bow should read Bill Walsh and his views on dealing with the media.
        Grant just gave him huge incentives to prove him wrong, and that strategy seems to have worked out.
        It was a masterful motivation maneuver.

        1. Bowman also has to realize that with 2 major injuries, and a 2-14 team, they need to look at everyone, and he had 2 strikes against him.
          Not picking up the phone was unprofessional and petty. If he wants to be a leader, he needs to act like one. He needs to treat victory and defeat as the impostors they are.
          Airing dirty laundry was not his finest moment, and I hope he will learn from it.
          To make amends, he should sit down with Grant and have an informal interview over a glass of beer.

          1. Gee Sebbie… You should become a full time therapist for the 9ers. I’m sure a veteran like Bowman could rise to your lofty standards with gentle encouragement and head touching.

            Sadly, it seems clear Bowman doesn’t read your posts. Shame on him.

            Sebbie, you are soooo cute!

              1. Sebbie… He reads them just like CalTrans reads my input on their site; encouraging CalTrans to manage their transportation infrastructure to allow for drivers to drive on the right hand side of roadways.

              2. Sometimes I think Caltrans does not do that. Their incompetence is breathtaking, and their logic and planning is obtuse.

              3. Prime, cowards turtle when they are asked to make a bold prediction about the 10th player, but hides.
                I am not afraid to make a prediction, but you just cannot seem to step up to the plate, when called upon.
                Then you become delusional, saying that you predicted something that already happened, putting more egg on your face.
                Looks like you are a 2 time loser. Egg on your face, and coward, to boot.

              4. Cassie,

                So you’re the one responsible for us driving on the right side of the road. Thanks, you big giant lizard.

        2. I don’t know that the media upset him that much… I can’t tell based on the typing. And it’s not like Bill never sparred with the media.

          In fact Walsh disdained the local media… He literally thought of them as the enemy stating this to his team.
          “Every year you’re going to have a calculated approach taken by a couple writers, especially when you’re doing well, to take the team apart. And they delight in it.”

          He also made the following statements to the local press…

          Once after receiving a standing ovation at a press conference he stated “I see that none of our local press were clapping.”
          And, When it was reported he might be fired by Eddie D. and he was not, he stated ” I know there were a lot of people locally in our press that were really rooting for it.

          Some would see this as him being upset by the local media while others would state there is more to it than that.

          1. Don’t forget Shoup… According to Sebbie, the ONLY reason Bill Walsh was immensely successful at his craft was due to the prodding of Lowell Cohn. Sebbie stated that a few weeks ago. Lowell’s savant-like attacks on Walsh made Walsh work harder. No Lowell attacks, no 9er success during the Walsh years.

            1. Even I was upset with what Lowell wrote, but in retrospect, it seemed like a master stroke of motivation to be proved wrong. Sure can’t complain about the results.

              1. Sebbie… So you’ve just validated your assertion: ‘no Lowell attacks, no 9er success during the Walsh years’. Brilliant.

              2. No, Cassie, it was the brilliance of Walsh that led to the Super Bowl victories, it was not Lowell who won those games.
                The impact of a sports column should be considered very tangential to the whole process.

          2. Read all of what Bill Walsh wrote. He also said that one should have thick skin to be in this business.
            ‘Every Year you’re going to have a CALCULATED approach taken by a couple writers, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE DOING WELL…’
            Imagine what they will say to a 2-14 team.
            Bill knew the press was just doing their job, and he may have got in his digs, but he wanted to be calm, unflappable and insouciant.

            1. And Sebbie…(you love to cherry pick your angles don’t you)…you stated recently that the only reason Walsh was successful was because he had Lowell Cohn sniping at him. which leads to the conclusion that no Lowell = no 9er success.

              1. No, Cassie, that is your opinion. But since you are a Baalke shill, that is to be expected.
                I noticed even John Lund now mentions the stench of Baalke.
                That made my day.

              2. Cassie, it was the genius of Walsh that led to his success. It was his masterful scheming, thorough and detailed preparation, and his ability to make quick assessments and shrewd adjustments during the game that were more important. He was not dwelling on a sports column while running the team, he was focusing on what really mattered.

            2. Bill knew the press was just doing their job, and he may have got in his digs, but he wanted to be calm, unflappable and insouciant.

              “Every year you’re going to have a calculated approach taken by a couple writers, especially when you’re doing well, to take the team apart. And they delight in it.”

              That statement doesn’t make it sound like he thought they were just doing their jobs… unless his belief was that their job was to report the news on the 49ers and tear the team apart.

              Additionally, he has also stated that dealing with the press was one of the factors that drove him into retiring a bit earlier than he should have (spoken in retrospect).

              1. No, Bill Walsh was a step ahead of the press, and he did not get all emo in the press conferences. He did have an adversarial attitude to the press, but he was a genius, and used light humor to deflect the hard hitting, and did not let them see him sweat.
                He may have thought they wanted to try and take the team apart, but they may have tried, but did not succeed, because he would not let them.
                Sure, dealing with the press may have been a factor, but he was mentally exhausted from dealing with Eddie. In the whole scheme of things, Bill Walsh went out on top of the world, and knew that repeating his success would have been like climbing Everest again.

              2. Bill always tried to get the team to buy into the “Us against the world” mentality. Having a common enemy works well.

              3. Looks like KS was acting up.
                Obviously,he was not following my advice, and he admitted he sounded immature.
                KS should act unflappable, unruffled, cool, calm collected. He should not be smarmy, and let a questioner get under his skin. He should expect hard and trying questions, because if the opponents see that a media guy can tick him off so easily, they will throw all sorts of flack at him to knock him off his game.
                What should KS do? He should answer the questions, but keep the responses short and sweet. He should use self deprecating humor to deflect focus, if possible, and be as general and non specific as possible. He should study the Bill Walsh pressers to see how a master operates, and watch JH , Tomsula and Chip pressers to see what not to do.
                KS should realize that the media is just trying to do their job, and they are paid to ask probing pointed and uncomfortable questions. He should also realize that some, like Grant, are very good at asking the salient questions that get to the heart of the matter. Sure, there are the toadies who will lob softball questions, but he should respect every media guy and not play favorites, or diss anyone. Being condescending is not smart, and I am glad he said -‘That was bad, Shows my immaturity’.
                Bet Bob Lange was cringing, but it may be partly his fault for not preparing KS properly.

      2. Bow,

        “I think that’s where, I don’t know the (reporter’s) name, he’s usually in the (press conferences), but I think it was kind of his theory that none of those guys finished their career (with the 49ers). And if Bill Walsh was living, NaVorro Bowman would be cut.”

        Grant, June 2, 2017

        “Right about now, if Bill Walsh were alive and running the 49ers, he would cut NaVorro Bowman.”


    2. Its an interesting interview and its good to see Bowman is still passionate to prove people wrong about him. But it also shows he lets outside talk get to him, and also suggests the rumours he might be let go had some credence to them.

    1. Yesterday you were balking about Trubisky, the 2nd overall pick not being active on game day. Then today the 49ers announce the 3rd overall pick Thomas as not even a starter.
      Ph$ck do you look stupid!

      1. No, Prime, Razor is very astute and his championing of King Solomon will be a very wise choice as a long term strategy. The emergence of Tank is a good thing, and that just means the defensive line has vastly improved, and Tank is finally being played in his proper position in the right kind of scheme to accentuate his positives.
        King Solomon will be allowed to be utilized properly, and he will make good contributions as a rotational player.
        Every rookie would benefit to be able to sit back, work out to get stronger, and study the play book. Throwing him into a starting role just means they are desperate and lacking in depth.
        Guess you are dissing yourself because your boy Trubisky, a player even picked higher, is sitting on the bench.
        I still think that drafting King Solomon is a wise move, because he has an explosive first step. Sure, he may have started out slow, but in the end, he shined in that Bowl game.
        With the right coaching, I think he will show his talents. I hope they utilize him like they did with Aldon, and he can get at least 11 sacks.

        1. Cant understand why taking a DL, 3rd overall as a rotational player is a good thing? Sure hopes he turns into a Warren Sapp/Reggie White/Bryant Young type player. Otherwise it was a terrible pick!

          1. I expect King Solomon will play every game, and play for years for the Niners. He is not a terrible pick.
            A terrible pick would have been to take a third string QB when the defense was the side that needed the most improvement.

            1. Defensive line was needed? After we spent the last 2 years drafting the same position in the 1st round?
              He is a situational player right now and tell me please what has he demonstrated in the preseason to say he is a disruptive, violent player(which is needed to play that position)?

              You wanna argue with me that’s fine, but make a convincing argument. Not your expectations which history has shown you’ve been dead wrong 100% of the time.

              1. Hmm, I was right 9 out of 10 times when I wrote what Lynch should do during the draft.
                I was right about Xavier Cooper, but you will never acknowledge that.
                I mocked Jeremy McNichols and Ben Bouleware many times, and wanted the Niners to sign up Ben Bouleware to the 90 squad in previous posts.
                You, on the other hand, bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubisky, who barely beat out the Butt Fumbler for a chance to hold a clipboard. That was clueless.

  12. I think we have a very productive player on the horizon with Trent Taylor, even Seb might have some passive optimism. Despite Seb’s disdain for Goodwin, he’ll finally be utilized.

    1. Generally, I am pleased they signed so many battle tested, and battle hardened FA veterans. Drafting Taylor was shrewd, since he seems to be able to get open, and his punt return skills look good. Finding both Bolden and Bourne was a bonus, and allowed the Niners to move on from Kerley, who signed with the Jets.
      I stated before the first preseason game that I wanted at least 2 deep passes. Since Goodwin seems to be able to run past the safeties, I hope they target him. I also hope they create some mismatches, and Kittle can go deep, too.

  13. This year’s offensive line doesn’t look that different from last year’s offensive line. Is that a concern? You betcha!

    How about the center Kilgore who as I remember people wanted gone when Zuttah was brought in. He hasn’t improved his skills that much guys.

    These are the guys protecting the QB and making holes for the running game. How did it fare last year?

    1. As long as Hoyer makes it through the first game without a concussion, ACL tear, or broken bone, I’ll be happy. Then one game at a time.

    2. Yeah, I think you nailed it. The middle of that o-line is below average. The CBs are below average. I’m expecting an improvement over last year but if the 9ers win 9 games this year with this roster then Shanahan should be Coach of the Year.

    3. From the games I saw last year (just a few since I was annoyed by Kaepernick), Kilgore was outmatched and outmuscled. I was happy they got Zuttah and disappointed that he wasn’t the solution. Now the whole interior of the line, unless Magnuson continues to improve and can take over as center, with Kilgore moving to guard (if he’s better at guard than center), really looks lousy.

      1. this 1st game will be an eye opener for us. If there’s a chance in hell to win this game, then:
        — Kilgore has to have his “a-game”- (BTW, how’d he do in the opener last yr. vs. lambs?)
        — Fusco is very worrying…Zane & guy from DET might end up starting.
        — Tomlinson (sorry) and Zane and Kilgore as middle, but– Tomlinson won’t be up to speed on run game…S**T, so Fusco mat indeed start…

        after the list above one might consider Mrs. Lincoln’s answer about the play…

        but, we can go on:
        Reid needs to be good in coverage- Olsen, McC, etc., fingers crossed,
        Robinson will be “battle tested” in this one–IF Cam’s up to it,

        LB’s- need to focus on box contain, assuming Cam’s not throwing at 70% or better, otherwise Ray Ray may be spending more time in coverage,
        Dline- IF they dominate– really good shot at pulling this off– helping issues noted above.

  14. Here we all are speculating and ruminating on this recently released Unofficial Depth Chart. What the f is an unofficial depth chart? It is released to the media by paid staffers…….it’s from the team….how can it be unofficial? And if it’s not official, why is the team ‘releasing’ it to the press? Is it a lie? A joke? A ruse? Fake news?
    It’s a waste of everybody’s time is what it is.
    Take, for instance, the defensive end position. What if we imagine that some suit in the PR department doesn’t know his defensive right and left from each other? Then look at his list, reverse the RDE and LDE designations, and Voila! We have what we’ve been seeing with the old Mark IV Eyeball Test, and coincides with the DC’s earlier comments about his scheme.. Lynch+Dumervil+Armistead as Leo can rush from either side, but they are what they are.
    And by what stretch of the imaginations are the DT positions Left and Right as opposed to NG and 3T?
    If the PR dept’s missive can’t get the D right, are we to wring our hands over the nuances of their X-Y-Z-Slot rankings? Not me.
    Can’t we consider the quality of the information we’re presented? Considering the folks we elect, perhaps not.

  15. I am wondering if they might make Beadles the center if Kilgore gets driven back too easily.
    Laken’s best side may be on the right. Could Fusco be versatile enough to be the LG?
    Could Gilliam play guard?

  16. So, apparently the Buc’s GM got upset when McNichols decided to sign to the 49ers practice squad…

    Koetter to McNichols: “Jeremy, this is the one I’ve been looking forward to the least. OK? Because I didn’t see this coming. All along, I had you penciled in as making it. You’re good enough to play in the NFL, but, you know, something is just not clicking right now. What do you think it is?”

    McNichols: “Uh, I think it’s just actually grasping the playbook. . . knowing NFL defenses. Once I get that down like the back of my hand, like in college, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.”

    Koetter: “No, because I know you can do it. We want to keep working with you ‘cause I know what’s in there. We want you here, playing on the practice squad. If you don’t get claimed, do you want to come back here? Or are you saying, ‘I can’t wait to get the hell out of here?’

    McNichols: “No, I want to come back. I think this is a good spot for me. I like culture. I like you guys, the coaches.

    Koetter: “We like you, too. Don’t think just because I scream at you sometimes that it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. It means I want you to get better. When I stop screaming at you, that’s means I gave up. OK, I’ll talk to you. Good luck. I want you still here.”

    The following day, Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht was informed that McNichols decided to instead sign with the 49ers’ practice squad after he was not claimed on waivers.

    Licht, on the phone with Koetter: “McNichols got his feelings hurt. If he’s going to mope and complain about being taken out of the game when he just made one mistake, we don’t want that kind of (expletive) anyway.”

    A short time later, Licht received comfimation from Bucs’ director of player personnel John Spytek that McNichols was gone.

    Spytek: “He bailed.”

    Licht: “He did? All right. (Expletive!)”

    In the parking lot on his way out of the Buccaneers’ practice facility, McNichols stopped to explain his decision on camera before driving away.

    McNichols: “I decided to go to the Niners. Just think it’ll be a new start. Got a chip on my shoulder, so the only way to go is up.”

    Nothing personal, but I’d leave the Bucs, too. He’ll get good coaching here and there’s a good chance he could be in the mix for an expanded role next year. Or even this year if (or when) Hyde gets hurt. His chances with Bucs are probably slimmer.


      1. Sebbie… Fascinating! Recently some were harshly criticizing Shanahan for not yelling at players–implication he was being soft, encouraging loafers, and enabling poor discipline.

        1. Interesting. Screaming at players ranks right up there with cutting players on the team bus. I heard that Baalke was screaming at JH after that SB loss.
          The descent into irrelevance is what Baalke was solely responsible for, and I am glad that he was kicked back to the gutter so the stench of Baalke is dissipating. Too bad it is still strong on this site.

            1. Coaching does not entail only screaming at players. Bill Walsh was very cognizant of the fragile egos some players possessed. He thought positive encouragement got better results, and generally ripped his position coaches instead of the players.

              1. Sebbie… You should check back through your posts 4-5 weeks ago and check what you said about Shanahan not being vocally assertive, then complimenting him when it appeared he raised his voice and got after players.

                Set up your game Sebbie, you’re slipping.

    1. Koetter seems to think he can deal with players like he did in college coaching. That’s not the path to success in this league.

  17. One thing I don’t get is the release of Jeremy Kerley. The 49ers may feel like they have a really good player with Trent Taylor but isn’t Kerley a better option than Victor Bolden as a receiver and in the return game? Maybe Bolden is slightly better as a returner but undoubtedly Kerley would provide great depth on offense. I think Kerley is a quality player so cutting him is a little bewildering to me.

    1. Bolden showed that he is a good punt returner. Kerley seemed content to call for a fair catch, even when he had space to run. Taylor also did well on punts.
      I think Kerley was cut because they deemed Bourne superior.

    2. Kerley was probably the best ‘NFL ready’ slot receiver on the team; however, Kerley will be 29 in a couple of months which means, in WR land, he’s already on the way down. And by the time this team becomes a real playoff contender (vs what we hope) Kerley will in his early 30s.

      So they went with the younger, less skilled players with upside with the intention to develop one. That worked out for Bolden because otherwise he wasn’t good enough to make the team. That worked out for Taylor because he’ll get a lot more snaps and better chance of developing/succeeding than being shelved every game.

      And if it doesn’t work out, WRs like Kerley aren’t scarce commodities in the NFL. They’re guys you like to have, but they’re not that difficult to replace.

      1. Kerley is a journeyman WR, without elite speed. He has landed back with the Jets, who are desperate for better WRs.
        You are right, they went youth.

      2. I disagree. You can obviously find slot receivers off the street but Kerley is a quality NFL player. I understand the youth movement argument but IMHO you balance that out with having guys like Kerley who are professionals with experience. I guess you could argue Garcon & Goodwin are around to show the younger receivers how to be professionals but I also think you are telling players on the team – “we know we won’t be good this year so we’re going with the younger guy in hopes we will be good in 2 years.” Definitely a tough balancing act for a downtrodden team.

        1. You’re right, and that youth movement strategy diminishes our expectations for this year. We may win 4 games instead of 7 with this strategy and be better in the long run with higher draft positioning.

        2. I didn’t say he wasn’t a good player. In fact I said he was the best of the three I mentioned. Only that he was at was a certain age. And since he’s at that age where, with rare exception, WRs decline he wasn’t going to be an answer for the future. So they went with Taylor and Bolden because, well, they’re rebuilding (though some would call it tanking) and are hopeful that one of them will become at least as good and be entering his peak when the 49ers become legitimate playoff contenders in the NFL.

          Also, players of his caliber are not as hard to find. He’s not an elite WR. He’s a solid player who can do a solid job. Which is why he’s a $2-to-$3 million a year WR instead of $12+ million a year WR.

          And there are lot of them in the NFL. Goodwin was one. Robinson another. In fact, this team is loaded with slot WRs even after releasing Kerley. And you can go to any roster in the NFL and find them.

          1. That’s kind of my point MosesZD. You can go to any roster in the NFL and find quality slot receivers. You can not go to any practice squad or off the street and find a receiver as good as Kerley. In my opinion Kerley is better than Bourne, Robinson, and Bolden and at this point in time he is better than Trent Taylor. Its not the end of the world. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I just don’t think I would have made the same decision in cutting Kerley. The depth and quality Kerley gives you is better than any one of those other 3 guys. You’ve got Marquise Goodwin, who I think is much better than Kerley, who has an injury history. I think keeping Kerley would have been prudent.

        3. this couldn’t have anything to do with “Ker’s” (Chip’s nickname for him) being Chip’s favorite rcvr last year. would it?

      3. Yes, Kerley is talented, and the fact that he was quickly signed is proof that he does have value. However, the Niners are building for the future, and the younger players fit into their plans. Bourne was turning heads in TC with his pass catching skills.

        1. So then you’re saying that its ok to tell the 53 guys on the ball club this year that you know they aren’t good enough to win this year. You expect to win in the future. Think you’re going to resign veterans if you purposefully throw a year of their career away by releasing better players for younger players this year?

          1. No, I just think that Bourne out competed Kerley. They signed Garcon, Goodwin and Aldridge, all better WRs. It was just a numbers game.

          2. Len Dawson : Superbowl Quarterback Hardcover – 1970

            I read that in 5th grade. I also read books featuring Paul Hornung and other Packer players . I read books on coaches like Paul Brown, Hank Stram and Vince Lombardi.

            And I learned a lot. One of the things I learned is that players and coaches, while optimistic, aren’t stupid and know when their teams aren’t quite there yet. Well, at least some of them. You always have a few going either way…

            I also know that, by-and-large, they’re going to go out there every week and try to win. Because they’re competitors. And they know that, basically, it’s going to be long, tough-road to respectability, consistent winning and a championship roster. And their goal, besides winning, is to be part of those teams. And they know that many of them won’t be part of those teams.

    3. Houston 9er

      I agree with you…I don’t understand how you can cut your leading receiver without a real good reason…Our receiver group was a disaster last year other than Kerley…he also caught the ball over the middle….

    4. Houston 9er

      I agree with you on Kerley/ Bolden …I can’t understand why a team would cut their leading receiver without a REAL good reason…Kerley wasn’t afraid to go over the middle either…I guess we’ll see….

      1. Ore, that was last season. Niners have upgraded the WRs, and I think Kerley did not catch a pass in the preseason. Maybe they saw him not getting open.

    5. Houston, I don’t pretend to know why they released Kerley, whom I believe is a very good receiver. It could be that they reasoned —
      — He’s limited to that position.
      — Bolden has the wherewithal to both play slot and deep threat, and the potential to become a dynamic play-maker at both.
      — While they are taking a risk using an inexperienced Taylor, they have Robinson.

      Apologies if these points have already been made.

      1. George, good points.
        Another factor may have been that the Niners knew that Bourne and Bolden would be picked up if they waived them.

      2. Not sure Bolden has the ability to be a deep threat. I seem to recall he really doesn’t have blazing speed. In fact, I think he’s relatively slow in comparison to other NFL receivers. I’m sure someone will correct me on that if it’s wrong.

        1. His mom holds school records for the 100 and 200-meter hurdles at Mt. San Antonio College, but he’s a 4.5 Forty guy that looks like he could be somewhat faster on the field….

          1. I do believe that if the Oline shapes up somewhat, we’ll have a run and pass game that’ll revive the old “speed kills” cliché….

        2. What you say is certainly true on paper. By that I mean that his 40 at the Combine was 4.54 (middle). But, what Razor said about his being a 4.5 guy that looks like he could be somewhat faster on the field, might be true. I’ll say it another way: his speed from 40 onwards might be faster than his speed from 0 to 40. Unfortunately, they don’t measure that, but it would be an interesting stat, don’t you think? The reason I think this might be possible is that when I compared his numbers to Taylor, they were equally fast from 0 to 20, but between 20 to 40, Bolden was faster. And when I look at his youtube highlights, his feet are a blur when he gets up steam. If you don’t mind, please take a look and tell me what you think. It’s certainly possible I’m deluding myself.

  18. Its time to start talking REAL football. I’m picking the 9ers plus the 5.5. I predict the 9er D will stick with the soft zone giving up lots of receptions underneath and keeping Newton in the pocket, forcing Carolina into long time consuming drives. This being the first game I see Carolina committing 2 TO’s and scoring 24 with the 9ers scoring 21. My first week prediction Carolina 24 SF 21. Anyone else ready to make their first week pick.

    1. Niners 24- 23. Niners will let the Panthers score more times, but instead of settling for FGs, the Niners score TDs.
      Yes, I agree with your scenario.
      The big question to me is if they can hold McCaffrey to less than 100 total yards.

      1. I think McCaffrey will be contained reasonably well. He’ll get some large gains, but he’ll be stopped on or very near the line more often than the Panthers would prefer.

        My question deals with 9er 3rd down conversions and good effectiveness in the red zone. Low scoring but we pull it out.

  19. CassieBaalke + 49

    Just read your SebbieCrockett melody…..Good work, needed a laugh before Grant’s next post….LOL !

    PS : When Seb takes on that cable car to save the lolipop, did that replace the bear Davy Crockett fought in hand to hand combat ?

  20. Both the Panthers and the Niners have suspect O-lines. The Niners actually have an edge here as they do pass protect decently. The Panthers D stops the run really well and so far the Niners can not run consistently. The Panthers O-line has problems with pass protection, but do well in run blocking. The Niners D, well lets just say not proven to this point. The Panthers have McCaffrey and the Niners have Jus, both are unknown (I figure both of OW’s are going to do well). I give the edge to the Niners receivers. The secondary’s on both teams are suspect. QB’s, normally I would give Cam the edge over Hoyer but with little practice and I am sure Cam’s number won’t be called to run, I think this position is a draw. Scheme, I give this to the Niners.

    Biggest drawback for the Niners – experience
    Biggest drawback for the Panthers – Newton didn’t get any pre season reps to speak of and they are on the road.

    I don’t see the Panthers as a dominating team as it once was a couple of years ago. This game the Niners win going away. 31-17.

      1. 5.5 underdogs at home which means Vegas expects the 49ers to lose by 8.8 points. I would absolutely love if the 49ers won by 14 points but I just don’t see it. 49ers won’t be able to run and I simply don’t trust Hoyer. I really don’t expect Kittle to be a factor as the Panther D usually plays TE’s very well. Panthers have Cam Newton going against Dontae Johnson and Rashard Robinson. That should scare any 49er fan. I am curious to see how the 9ers play Olsen but I expect Kelvin Benjamin to have a good day and maybe Devin Funchess too.

        Panthers will cover 24-14

        1. +1. There’s too much optimism about the Niners until they prove themselves. IMHO your point that they won’t be able to run is key.

        2. I’m intrigued that Shanahan has had decent success vs the Panthers defense when he was with Atlanta. That alone won’t bring success on Sunday, but it’s better than coming in without any meaningful experience playing Carolina.

          Can’t wait for Grant’s game grades later Sunday.

        3. Look, Newton is a great fantasy QB. Not so hot as an NFL QB. He’s QB’d the Panthers to two winning seasons (27-5), but the driver of those seasons were elite defenses. Give him an average, or worse defense, and he’s lead the Panthers to four losing seasons (24-35-1).

          And that’s what one, at as I see it, should expect out of a QB who is, frankly, a journey-man level passer that is an ESPN highlight machine but makes too many mistakes (glossed over as he posts his career 86.1 qb rating) and has only had one high-quality passing season in his career (2015).

          So, to me at least, the bigger challenge isn’t Newton, but the Carolina defense. If the Panthers get their defense back up to Championship quality, they could very well dominate our offense and give the Panthers enough short-field shots/chances to take apart our new and untested defense.

          1. Well said Moses. My concern is still Brian Hoyer and Carlos Hyde. If those 2 guys come to play we have a great chance of winning!

  21. TomD 49er/Carolina Preview (and why the 49ers win—-That’s right you heard it here 1st)

    1. No matter who continues to argue the point against it, (Moses, Seb, etc), Baalke was the leader, philosophically of the 49ers offensive attack. Baalke’s teams rarely displayed or were capapble of stretching a team 4-ways: North, South, East and West all in the same game, ie, they rarely struck gold with the deep ball, nor, as Grant points out, did they practice it.
    With a new Sheriff in town, that’s all the Niners have done–practice the deep ball, and we’ve actually seen it work in real games, not just practice.
    Quoting Hoyer from his very 1st practice: “chicks dig the deep ball.”
    So, instead of facing 8 men in the box like Baalke built teams of the past, teams will have to deploy that 8th man in the defensive backfield, meaning Shanahan can run; stretch the field horizontally with outs; centrally with Texas patterns, or flood an area then send Matt Breida down the sideline after the areas been vacated.

    In other words, Carolina can’t just strap it on all day with 8 men in the box, and ignore the deep half, we have that capability now.

    2. Defense: Can’t wait to see this 3rd and 8 defensive alignment:

    Aaron Lynch, Arik Armstead, Buckner, Mitchell, Thomas, Dumerville

    49ers win.

    1. Thanks Denise, via Gary Plummer: “I’ve got a secret for you. It wasn’t Jed who hired Shanahan/Lynch, it was his mother, Denise Debartolo.”

      Cam Inman‏Verified account
      Mike Shanahan on #49ers: “It was a perfect marriage when John (Lynch) and Kyle got together, and it will pay dividends for a lot of years”

      Kyle Shanahan ready to step out of dad’s shadows, into 49ers spotlight

  22. * “His dad’s best coaching tip: If you want to master offense, go study defense.

    Kyle did exactly that in his first NFL job, as a quality control coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004-05. Jon Gruden’s defensive staff offered ideal mentors: Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli, Mike Tomlin, Raheem Morris, Joe Barry and Joe Woods.
    Kyle still keeps those Bucs’ defensive plans in a filing cabinet in his 49ers office.

    “It was learning the defense that allowed me to know why I liked plays, what plays I didn’t like, and how to put stuff together if I ever got my own offense,” Kyle said.”

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing him play an entire game, where he will use his physicality to exploit a favorable match up, and emerge as a dominant force as the game wears on….

      1. Seb and Kap are not leaders. They are followers of bad people:

        Lets count the low bars to Seb’s Hero, Kap:

        1. Caught dating team mate Aldon Smith’s girlfriend, leading to a locker room melee
        2. Now hanging around racists

        Ray Lewis said the Baltimore Ravens chose not to sign Colin Kaepernick after the quarterback’s girlfriend posted a “racist” tweet

        We were going to close the deal to sign him,” Lewis said on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” on Tuesday night. “Steve Bisciotti said, ‘

        “And it never happens because that picture comes up the next day.”

        The Aug. 2 tweet by Nessa Diab compared a picture of Lewis hugging Bisciotti to a scene from “Django Unchained,” in which Samuel L. Jackson as a loyal house slave held Leonardo DiCaprio’s cruel plantation owner character.


            1. Read the article, not read the article – it doesn’t matter, not as it relates to schoolyard taunts like “I win”. What are we? 8 years old?

              BTW, if you think I am “allied” with anyone here, especially Seb – he will disabuse you of that notion.

              1. Seb, there’s a difference between liking and allied. We were allies with the Soviet Union in WWII. Like? Not so much. I’m in NYC, I like my NYC team rooting friends. Allied? Not so much.

              2. Seb says “Rib, I know you do not like me”

                Does anyone like you Seb? Strictly football speaking and a guy who does things just to needle people, how could anyone like you?

                I told you long time ago, you came on this blog with too much bravado and the wrong attitude!
                You never seem to learn

              3. I just hope Rib puts you in your place.
                Prime, this is not a popularity contest. I called the Xavier Cooper pickup, so they see that I do have more football knowledge than you.
                Of course, my cat has more football knowledge than you…..

  23. All 3 of Sebs friends brought out of hiding…..As I was hoping with the above ‘Kap’ posts.

    Know yourselves, racists…..


    any more Bob Lee statues being torn down in your state, or are you chained to one in protest….
    Maybe SebSirLoseAlot/Razor and Nessa can visit you in Texas so when they go for Longstreet and Stonewalls next, the 4 of you can chain yourselves to them in protest….Losers.

    1. A word for the wise: “As the saying goes that a man is known by the company he keeps. Good company can make a man whereas bad company can ruin him. ” – Sam Veda

      You guys really need to choose your pals better. Why not jump on board the Brian Hoyer ship with me, TomD, my invitation, maybe you can cleanse your souls:

      Brian Hoyer: ‘We’re all really excited to go out and see what we can do’
      5 minutes ago • 0 comments
      By David Bonilla

  24. Niners should expect the Panthers will stack the box to stop the run, and dare them to pass.
    How to beat that strategy?
    Spread them wide, put a man in motion so Hoyer can read the defense’s reaction, and attack the edges. Maybe another WR fake end around and a deep pass to Goodwin.
    Kittle, with his blocking skills, will be an important element to the game, and I sure hope Jusczcyk shines. They should utilize Juice like they did Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.

    1. Sebbie… You neglected to mention looking off the safety. C’mon man, if you want to claim credit for your brilliant offensive plan, ya gotta add that.

      1. Cassie, I was going to mention that in my 10 point plan that you like so much.
        Since you are so kind to remind me, I hope the DBs will use the side line as a defensive tool by letting the WR jump high to catch the ball, but picking up a leg and driving him out of bounds so it becomes an incompletion.
        Thankfully, they traded away Vance, so I am not going to advocate just catching the ball and securing it by falling down. If the TE can run over the DB, he does not need to run out of bounds, either.

        1. Sebbie… Remember to be specific–QB is to look 15 degrees off. Hey, I wonder if Hoyer took up playing darts–you seem to think that’s a great training regimen for QBs…

        2. One surprise is that the Panthers are not a unanimous pick. Two of the experts — Adam Stites and Joel Thorman — are picking the 49ers to win. The OddsShark prediction computer also has the 49ers beating the Panthers, which is pretty neat. In total, there are six experts picking the Panthers and two — plus the computer — picking the 49ers.

          TomD’s Take: That computer never lies, therefore TomD’s prediction…..Niners Win !


          1. The Bengals are the closest thing to a lock this week, according to our panel. They’re unanimous in being picked to beat the Ravens, even with Joe Flacco back in action finally. The other game with unanimity in the pick is the Colts-Rams tilt in Los Angeles on Sunday.

            Those guys aren’t so good in reading their own charts. Other unanimous picks are Buf over NYJ, Hou over Jax.

    2. Brilliant, Seb. How do you conceive of such brilliant and original strategies? I’m going to write that down. You should write a book of these dazzling “Niner should” concepts and market it to the NFL. You’ll soon be notorious..

      1. Sebbie could introduce a line of Sebbie bobbleheads and Sebbie plush figures–all looking like Sebbie of course. I’d put one on my dashboard….

      2. Well since you insist, I will present my 10 point plan for KS. It was first written in 2013 for JH, but seems relevant today. One part is dated, so I will amend number 5, and add some new points. Sure, these are simple concepts, and have all been thought of before, but a 2-14 team needs all the help they can get.
        10 ways JH (and KS) can improve.
        1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line, it tends to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across. ( Do not look pissed. Look unruffled and do not let them see you sweat). Channel Bill Walsh. Study his side line demeanor. Study the game winning drive before The Catch.
        2. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for (legitimate) challenges, and the last 2 minutes (of each half).
        3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep (Hoyer) that he could get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time. (However, if ahead, they should milk the playclock down to the last second).
        4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps (at times, to draw the defense off sides for a free play which should be morphed into a long strike down field). This will eliminate delay of game penalties, stop the defense from substituting, (and help create mismatches).
        5. ( Put a man in motion at times. This will allow the QB to read the defense’s reaction. The MIM could avoid the chuck at the LOS. The MIM will help over load a side for better run blocking, The TE in motion could pinch in the DE to allow the QB to roll out, The MIM could have the receiver at full speed at the snap of the ball. The MIM could be used for reverses and fly sweeps.)
        6. Use players so they maximize their talents. (Accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses.) Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense. ( Do not play players out of position, or play favorites.)
        7. Establish the running game, then use play action passes for long strikes down field.
        8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
        9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels. (Run plays like PA, misdirection, reverses, fake reverses, Bootlegs, fly sweeps and counters.)
        10. Niners will win if Kaep (Hoyer) gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands. Think screens, draws, swing passes, shovel passes and even the Statue of Liberty (and Hook and Lateral plays.)

        1. Sebbie… Have them listen to ‘If’ by Bread…

          If a picture paints a thousand words
          Then why can’t I paint you?
          The words will never show
          The you I’ve come to know

        2. Freekin Rudy Kipling again!!

          And YOU are going to show these guys how to improve-both of whom have forgotten more football than you will ever know.

          More poetry is on it’s way, I see…………………

  25. In the past two years the Niners have won their season opener and gone downhill from there. This year I think they lose the opener but hopefully get better as the season goes on. The matchups favor the Panthers in this game across the board. The Niners have no one who can cover Olsen consistently, McCaffrey will be a nightmare in coverage and Benjamin will outmuscle any CB who covers him. The 49ers have been inconsistent running the ball and the Panthers have a great DL. They also have athletic LB’s to cover the backs and TE’s. Biggest factor: 49ers are still learning new schemes on both sides of the ball while the Panthers have stability in all phases. Panthers will win this game by at least 10 imo.

    1. I am inclined to think that the Niners will lose — by anywhere between 5 and 14 points. But I think the Niners will make some big plays on offense and will sell out to stop the run.

      1. I have a lot of confidence in Shanny and I think it’s only a matter of time until he has this team competing at a high level. I just don’t think it’s going to happen early and a veteran team like the Panthers could expose the inexperience and unfamiliarity this young team is starting the year with. I always try to look at the team objectively instead of through the fans eye and when I do that, there are just too many obstacles in the way for this club to be successful early, but by the final third of the season they will be much better and ready to head into year two with a much better foundation to build from.

  26. Whether he’d played well in the preseason or not, Bears coach John Fox maintained throughout the summer that Mike Glennon would be the team’s starting quarterback once the regular season got underway

    Trubisky will be the No. 2 quarterback when the Bears host the Falcons on Sunday. “It’s not something we handed him. He earned it. That was the biggest reason,” Fox said


  27. Remember, the 49ers have been dealing with an ongoing hamstring injury to Jimmie Ward at the free safety position, which is where Hall saw time last season.

  28. I think this is a winnable game for a couple reasons. The first is the unknown. The reason we have won week one the past couple years is cause no one knows what our offense and defense will look like.

    The second is Shanny and Saleh seem to be in attack mode 24/7. This is what young players thrive on. They don’t want to think, they want to go 100 miles an hour. Both schemes on offense and defense seem suited to our personnel. Something Kelly and Tomsula never did well.

    As for the Panthers, they are on the decline. Their QB can be rattled. If we bring pressure and confuse Cam its possible to keep this game close into the 4th.

    I’m taking the Niners and will be there live to see it!

    1. I agree, week 1 is the surprise package and Shanny will throw them some surprises but I’m worried about going into the season with basically ONE QB. Hoyer is decent but CJ is not ready.

      1. I agree Dee Phiant. 2 critical mistakes this new regime has made. One is not addressing the QB position and the other was taking a defensive linemen in the 1st round again.

            1. Kaep was the last Niner QB to lead them to a Super Bowl, has a 4-2 road playoff record and has set playoff records rushing.
              How about them tricks?

              1. Kap was the first 49ers QB to lose in a Superbowl. That’s his legacy. That and a stupid idea to kneel down during the anthem. A stupid move that cost him a career in the NFL.
                No wonder you like him, he is dumb.

            2. Haha!!!!!!!

              Prime, you know he brought up Kap right after your post for no other reason than to mess with you.

              Seb-skov sees himself as a modern day Sun Zoo- clever, cunning, brilliant above all others-constantly out positioning the dullards-i.e. 99.9% of the human race.

              A rare combination of Zoo, John Lennon and Mao, we shall rue the day for crossing swords with…………..SEB-SKOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The surprises could be there, but the Panthers know Shanahan’s offense pretty well so I’m not sure he has much to throw at them that they haven’t seen before. Shanny isn’t even close to being able to call a game in SF like he was able to in Atlanta and that makes it tough when you face a team that knows your tendencies and you are playing with personnel that isn’t as good as you faced them with previously.

      1. Conversely, does Carolina know how to throw something at Shanahan he hasn’t seen before? He had a 3-1 record against Carolina during his time with the Falcons, the only team to hang a L on the Panthers during the 2015 regular season when the Panthers were obviously the much better team. So he does have the knowhow in going against them. The Falcons, a better team than the current Niners can take 3 of 4 from Carolina, maybe the Niners can take just 1?

        (rocket, from past experience I should know better than to make arguments against you regarding Niners chances. What can I say? I’m an unrepentant homer)

        1. Mike Shula vs. Kyle?
          that’s one for us at least. Saleh should be well prepared for CAR….it’s just down to executing his scheme.
          of course- Mc Dermott should be well prep’d too….and his guys’ll need to execute likewise.
          this could end up a defense showcase…but only if Cam is off or Anderson starts…

        2. Ha ha. Nothing wrong with being a homer Rib. I’ve said this before but I wish I could do that. It’s no fun being right in predicting a poor season for your team.

          In looking at the games against the Panthers when Shanny was in Atlanta, there are two big factors in those wins that he does not have here: Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Those two combined for 300 yards on their own in the first game last year when the Panthers were breaking in new players in the secondary. The second time around Carolina was playing out the string but did a lot better against those two.

          Here’s the problem with comparing those results to SF: We don’t have Ryan or Jones, the Panthers did a good job against the run in 3 out of the 4 games vs Shanny in Atlanta, and the Panthers figure to be a better team this year than they were last season.

          As always I will hope to be wrong and pleasantly surprised.

      1. Notice the come out of the word work like a flock of seagulls when popcorn hits the ground.

        Prime, I set a trap with that Kap/racisst Nessa article, and like “moths to a flame,” Seb and his allies/accounts swallowed it hook, line and sinker….Losers !

    1. As they’re about to take flight, let’s hope they’ve done a complete preflight check, including removal of wheel chocks. Hope they surpass the flight safety record of Aeroflot…

      1. Tupovlev – TU-154, fly the friendly skies, 3 turbojets at the tail end — imagine sitting back there in the 100 ruble eco class, with noise levels above 110 decibels, Aeroflot should have given out tarmac earcups for the Soviet eco flyer. And NO frequent flier miles- Don’t tempt fate! Russians do tend towards the superstitious!

        NATO code name for this guy was “Careless” True!!

    1. CassieBaalke,

      Seb has an away game question, your answer to be included on his 10 pt. 49er plan on away games:

      Do you remove the Jet Wheel Chocks 1st or hoist up the passenger stairway 1st before takeoff ?

        1. Well,

          At the Sebastopol airport, the runway runs down hill and Seb said he’d rather remove the wheel chocks while folks are climbing on the stairway for safety reasons.

  29. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 14m14 minutes ago

    Veteran move: Rookie Lorenzo Jerome said he’s not permitted to say whether he’s the backup FS heading to Week 1. #tuneinSunday

    Kyle Shanahan after being stingy with starter information. “I don’t mean to be a d—.” Then grabs microphone as a realizes he’s on camera.
    12:30 PM – 6 Sep 2017

    Matty49er‏ @MathsAnderson 24m24 minutes ago

    Replying to @mattbarrows
    He just won coach of the year. :)

  30. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 55m55 minutes ago

    Kyle Shanahan said he would tell us Hoyer and Staley are starting. He wouldn’t reveal much more. “I don’t want to be a (Richard)…but…”

  31. We all know McCaffrey was a helluva player in college. What I’m hearing here is that he is also somehow immune to the transition of the speed and intensity the game is played at the NFL level. What a rookie! He might singlehandedly do in the Niners himself.

    1. I wouldn’t say McCaffrey is immune to the jump from College to the Pros, but he is somebody that matches up well against most defenses in the passing game. The Panthers also have another similar weapon in Samuels who will be isolated on a LB at times during the game which will be tough to deal with.

  32. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 14m14 minutes ago
    N animosity between Ben Boulware and Reuben Foster after playing last 2 NCAA title games. ‘I’m glad he’s with us. He’s a dog,’ Foster said.

  33. As we saw during the preseason, Benjamin has already rebuilt a strong relationship with Cam Newton after the latter missed the entire off-season program following shoulder surgery. Having averaged nearly 1,000 receiving yards and eight scores in his first two NFL seasons, Benjamin remains Cam’s favorite target.
    It most definitely won’t come easy Sunday against a revamped and improved 49ers defense. That starts with a player in Robinson that this one elite-level defender thinks is the best in the NFC West. While that might very well be premature, Robinson allowed the third-lowest completion percentage in the NFL as a rookie last season. With confidence to go with this on-field ability, he could become the league’s next best shutdown corner. How the second-year player performs in Week 1 will tell us a lot about where he is at.


  34. Matt Barrows

    Based on quickie practice observation, it seems George Kittle (hamstring) stands better chance of playing SUN than Jimmie Ward (hamstring).

  35. To follow Undercenter’s wayward ways precedent:
    Greetings from Springdale, Utah
    (Comforting to see the status quo maintained in the blog with the Babble-on Brothers babbling on)

      1. Apparently not, since there aren’t any in this area. Although there is plenty of
        smoke back at my house; some from wildfires, some from Sebbie’s bong.

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