49ers use Diamond formation

I wrote a blog yesterday on the 49ers Full-House Pistol formation. It’s actually called the Diamond formation.

The Oklahoma Sooners run it, the West Virginia Mountaneers run it, and now the 49ers run it.

It’s a run-based shotgun formation. There are four players in the backfield, and therefore nine players in the offensive box. It’s supposed to confuse the defense with misdirections and multiple options. It invites the defense to play eight in the box in order to create one-on-one matchups for the wide receivers.

Against the Dolphins on Sunday, The 49ers ran out of this formation 11 times and passed after a play fake six times. I wonder if they’ll use it more and more this season to accommodate Colin Kaepernick’s and LaMichael James’ running abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about this formation, here’s a breakdown of 12 diamond formation run plays, and six play action passes.

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