49ers v. Broncos preseason live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ exhibition game against the Denver Broncos. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

8:16 Ricardo Lockette just converted a third-and-16 by drawing a defensive pass interference penalty.

8:20 Lockette just converted another third and long by drawing a defensive pass interference penalty, this time on a quick slant. First and 10 at the Broncos’ 26.

8:22 The 49ers’ 12-play drive ends when Lavelle Hawkins drops a pass from Tolzien on third-and-four. Dawson hooks the 38-yard field goal to the right, but the ball sneaks inside the uprights. 7-6 Broncos with 9:59 left.

8:24 Despite the officials calling two of Dixon’s long runs back, he’s gained 27 yards on 7 carries..

8:25 Daryl Morris missed Holliday on the kick return, so backup kicker Colton Schmidt tackled him at Denver’s 41.

8:34 After an 11-play drive, Skuta tackles Zac Dysert for an 11-yard loss. Good game for Skuta. 3:08 left. I’m going down to the field. Back at you shortly.


  1. Holliday won’t live down getting tackled by the kicker anytime soon.

    I want to see my boy Jason Schepler hit someone tonight!
    6’2″ 270 lbs FB will smash-mouth fool’s if given a chance.

  2. They just said Colt McCoy hurt his shoulder and Moody hurt his knee. Hope they both will be alright. NO more injuries please..

  3. They aren’t going to give BJ Daniels snaps at qb? So much for him being in the competition with Tolzien and McCoy for the back up job.

    1. Yea, really wanted to see some reps too but its still early in the preseason. I think with Tolzein’s work ethic & better grasp of the playbook..BJ Daniels is probably practice squad bound. Unless Daniels proves to be a weapon as a SAK.

  4. We’re lacking some serious depth at offense.

    I know we’re missing Crabtree, Mannigham, Kyle Willians, Gore, Kendall Hunter and Lattimore.
    So there are options at skill positions when some of them recover from injuries and/or are not save for regular season.

    But the OL depth really concerns me.
    Hopefully no major injuries there.

    1. When you waste draft picks on players who won’t even suit up for the 2013 season this is what you’re left with. But as some on here have said, At least we got the best play available. A lot of good that does in the win column.

      1. Relax, its the first preseason game. Waaaaaay too early to refer to Tank or Lattimore as possible wasted picks.

      2. I’d agree if we were discussing 6th and 7th rounders. I’m pointing to the 1st round pick of 2012, the 2nd round pick of 2013, the 4th round pick of 2013, and those discarded 6th and 7th round picks as just about any team would have.

      3. Nope, its silly to refer to Tank & Lattimore as wasted picks at this point. Sort of agree on Jenkins (1st round 2012), but i’m biased because i wanted Rueben Randle or Doug Martin in that draft. I’m losing patience with A.J. but i’m still gonna wait to see if he shows something this preseason with a starting job staring him right in the face.

      4. Nation, I don’t think it’s too early at all. I didn’t jump on the dump Crabtree bandwagon last preseason. I said back when we drafted Smith that we got stuck there. We couldn’t find anyone to trade out of the spot with so we did what we did this year. We took what we thought was the best player available. As a person, he was 100% worth the 1st pick. As a player though, No.
        It’s nice to be able to pick the best player available when you’re playing Madden. In the NFL, you have to address needs. Instead, SF went with college talent. That’s a mistake that bit them on the Defensive line last season. You couldn’t rotate guys on that line and the pass rush evaporated late in the season. (you can say injury helped, but injuries come from getting tired and sloppy technique).
        What we watched tonight was a team with NO Depth.
        They’ve hitched their wagons to Jenkins. He isn’t an NFL talent unfortunately.
        They didn’t address the CB issue in the draft, but instead today, they signed a guy who in all likelihood will start the season suspended.
        They didn’t address WR. Instead they picked up a RB who won’t play this season. (We lucked out though.) They appear to have a great pick up in Moore.
        Those mistakes are evident and were evident the moment they were made. It won’t take 4 preseason games to realize we have no depth.

      5. matt says:
        August 8, 2013 at 9:14 pm
        “What we watched tonight was a team with NO Depth”

        So? I never dumped on my boy Crabs either and wanted Rodgers over Smith but i’m way over that. What does that have to do with Tank & Lattimore? Did you read what i wrote? We agree on A.J. but to refer to Tank & Lattimore as wasted picks is just a early overreaction on your part. I would also not say we have “NO depth” at all just yet, Denver didn’t look that great either. I saw some inexperience & rust but thats to be expected. I want to see some more growth to the next matchup. It’s one preseason game my friend.

    1. He got steamrolled by a double team block on one play but otherwise he didn’t look horrible. As he said, he’s improved to “bad football player”.

      Love his story, hope he can develop into a player.

  5. Grant Cone’s reporting is weak… he offers nothing in the way of informing the reader, I have learned NOTHING in the past 2 years from this un-creative reporter…. He and Kevin Lynch are worthless scribes, worse than Ray Ratto.

    Tell us information we don’t know…. team insight, when might Eric Wright report ??? Terriable commentary …

  6. Matt,
    Yep, all is lost, we are in for a hopeless and miserable season. Woe is the 2013 49ers.
    C’mon bud, it’s our 1st preseason game after only two weeks of training camp.
    I thought our starters looked sharp in the opening series. A couple of big mistakes by non veterans cost us tonight.
    No biggie! It’s an opportunity to see some young players and find out what we have down the road.

    Lemonier, VMac, and Reid had respectable games, (vet’s) Parys Haralson and A.Collie looked good as well.

    BTW, there’s a reason why most football forecasters are choosing us as the SB favorite.
    We’re kinda “a big deal” around the league.

    1. AES, I was high on the starters tonight. I’m just not sold on anything we have behind the starters. I actually have ATL going to the SB. Steven Jackson is going to be huge for them. I still think SF has a great season. I just hate how they’ve reverted to the Carmen Policy days of trying to win it now and not being prepared for the future.

      1. Kind of a knee jerk reaction..we’ve had some pretty good drafts..future players..young players..im not understanding ya carmen policy analogy ??

  7. O-line looked week, but i think marquette, and killgore will be future starting linemen, killgore didnt play much for some reason, and marquette is on the injury report.

    Rookies that looked good:

    -Vance McDonald. huge target. he seems to get open.
    -Reid. had an impressive game, no worries here at all

    On the brink veterans:
    -Austin Collie is making this team at the cost of one of the rookies
    -Marlin moore is making this team

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