49ers v. Cardinals live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO —  This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 6 game against the Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

4:03 The 49ers face third-and-2 from their 19 yard line.

4:04 Kaepernick completes a 6-yard pass to Boldin on a sprint right option.

4:10 On third-and-10 from the Cardinals’ 43, Kaepernick completes a quick pass to Davis for 9 yards. Harbaugh is challenging the spot.

4:13 Harbaugh loses the challenge. Davis was short. 49ers have one timeout left.

4:13 Miller up the middle for an easy 3 yards. Mike Iupati was injured on the play. He jogs off the field.

4:21 On second-and-goal from the six Hunter runs up the middle for a touchdown. 29-20 49ers with 6:35 left.

4:28 Alfonso Smith fumbles on the Cardinals’ second play. 49ers’ ball at the Arizona 31. I’m heading down to the field. Back at your shortly.

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